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Help Pl To Unlock Folder

Q: Help Pl To Unlock Folder

Hi Everyone,Can anyone help me, I download the software Priyan's Folder Protect and install it its work fine, but now i have a big problem, when trying to open locked folder i got the Control Panel and can't unlock any files.Please Help, and thk for replyingJo

Preferred Solution: Help Pl To Unlock Folder

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help Pl To Unlock Folder

This topic, Folder Protect _Errors Fixed, may help you.

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Hiii there, I have just locked my personal folder through Priyan's lock but unable to unlock it again. An icon of Control panel is being shown instead of default icon. and when I am opening it, control panel window is shown. What to do? ***email removed*** It will be a great help as this folder contain very important personal documents. Please reply asap.

A:Solved: how to unlock folder protected by Priyan's Folder Protect

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I bought a Sony Laptop from Fry's and it has a couple of users names on the C drive that are named Fry's and public... They are locked and I can't change the name. How do I unlock these or just change the name? I created a user name for me but now it has three users Me, Frys and public. If I delete any files or folders from the Fry's or public users it also deletes what I have in mine. Because all of the info is the same with all users names. Why is it duplicate I don't know. I don't see how or where to put password if it has one. It has W7 home Premium OS.


A:How to unlock a user name folder (W7)

If the account you have made for yourself is an admin account then i would just delete the other two accounts.... Start> contol panel> add remove user accounts> remove the other accounts. If you encounter problems try removing them in safe mode (f8 at splashscreen)using the admin account.

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One of the folders on my external hard drive is locked. I have been unable to unlock it. I get the message "Cannot unlock, some pocsses are still lockig it. The process seems to be "wmpnetwk.exe" I don't use WMP so will happily uninstall it if necessary but am a bit lost. Any help appreciated!

A:Cannot unlock a folder on External HD

I assume you have already tried disconnecting/reconnecting the external drive as well as rebooting?

I see that process running on my system but have not encountered the issue you are describing. What leads you to believe that is what's blocking you?

Instead of deleting wmp, click on Start, then type "Administrative Tools" then select Services. From there you can find "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service". Right-click on it and then you can click on Stop to stop for this session or you can go into Properties and disable it to prevent it from running in the future.

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i recently reinstalled windows 10 and when I went to open my videos file on my external WD mybook and it would not open I guess I got connect to my previous network I had via Linksys before I reinstalled from scratch so anyone who can help my id appreciate it ill post pics below to show the issues

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5600 @ 1.83GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1021 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1300, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 32796 MB, Free - 2910 MB; D: Total - 15688 MB, Free - 931 MB; E: Total - 32647 MB, Free - 6449 MB; F: Total - 3004 MB, Free - 1131 MB; G: Total - 14158 MB, Free - 680 MB; M: Total - 20002 MB, Free - 3281 MB; V: Total - 20002 MB, Free - 3666 MB; Z: Total - 11005 MB, Free - 391 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, MPAD-MSAE Customer Reference Boards, Not Applicable, Not Applicable
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

I accidently clicked on something which moved all the contents of My Documents folder to a folder called My Safe and I would like to retrieve those contents. When I right click on the My Safe folder I see an item called "Unlock My Safe". When I click on that a box comes up saying Swipe finger. No matter which finger I try it always results in "Bad quality" or "Too short". Is there any way out of this?

A:Cannot unlock My Safe folder

Some unfortunate soul with the same problem Here

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In Windows 7 I am trying to access my DRM folder to update a digital rights configuration setting but when I try to open the folder,  I find a padlock icon next to the folder icon and I get a message "C:\Documents and Settings is not accessible. Access is denied." How can I unlock the folder? When I go to properties for the folder and try to change accessibility, access is denied there also.

A:How do i unlock Documents and Settings folder?

You may have to manually reset the DRM rights: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-files/how-do-you-manually-reset-the-drm-media-rights/dbe7f17f-ece0-4067-a9cf-36c015d7ab1f

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Please help my boss. She was out of the office Friday, locked her files in a psd file folder on her desktop (windows xp) and has forgotten the exact password. She thinks it is one thing, we have tried every variation of that, but fear now it is not that and any possibility of deciphering now may be lost. We were on the phone with the company's IT dept yesterday and they do not seem to have the ability to do it remotely, restore her email with the files from as far back as a year ago, nor send someone to sit and crack it. Any suggestions on any steps we could take to solve this issue. They were important files, otherwise they wouldn't have been locked or given this much effort to unlock. We looked at Cain and Abel, as well as Brute Force, but cannot give the computer up for that amount of time for the program to crack the code. Thank you kindly for any help.

A:Password unlock of psd file folder

Well, we can't really assist with passwords, so I'm going to have to close this one. Best bet is to continue to work with the company IT staff on this one.

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I am on the prowl for a SIMPLE way of passwording any file(s) or folder(s) in the computer file hierarchy. Casual visitors snooping in my files while I might be away is the focus here. I took the problem to another forum (http://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/lockingunlocking-folderfile?replies=26) and got an answer that is an alternative to what I am really hoping to find. Does anyone know of a passwording program that uses a file access request interceptor?

Here is an exerpt of the basic interest:

"I would like to be able to cruise through the file hierarchy in Windows Explorer or My Computer and right click on any file or folder, having the context menu give me a "secure" option. Clicking that would give me a password input blank which would be registered along with the file/folder name in the access interceptor's index. Upon entering the password in the input blank the closed file/folder would then become password protected. (Naturally, the "secure" option in the right click menu would have to be disabled when the password is input.) When the interceptor matched a request with an item in its index it would interupt the system from opening the item and present the user with password dialog. Successfully matching that input with the value in its index it would stand aside and let the system open or run the item. The last action is clearly exactly what Mylockbox does when the .exe is commanded to run. I guess a masterkey would also be required... Read more

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I need to gain access to the Application Data folder, specifically to replace Adobe CS3 Bridge's keywords file. I have the backup but I can't get into the app folder where the file is stored. I understand the need for security, etc etc, but there are legit reasons to go there - this is one. So, how do I do it? Thanks, EdB

A:Unlock application data folder

If AppData is locked, RMB > Properties > Security [tab] >Edit... > Add > Advanced... > Find Now > *your user name* > OK until all forms are closed. You should have access to it.Administrative rights aren't needed to access AppData, in fact, by default the ACLs look like this on my standard user account:SYSTEM (full)Administators (full)Pompadour (full)Edit:I wouldn't encourage trying this on the Application Data folder. I've never tried hijacking the links Windows created by default so I don't really know if they continue to function correctly after they've been taken over. That said, I wouldn't see why they would break apart... either way, you've been warned!

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It may because I instilled some software. after that, everytime I open the "display properties"-->>"desktop",my computer will read "My pictures"folder,and trying to load all the pictures in the "Background" list.which are almost 2GB pictures.
it is very slow, and my computer halted for a long time.

I searched google,only find someone want lock the list to other folder,not unlock it.

if anyone can help me, thanks a lot !

A:How to unlock Background list from My pictures folder?

abratross, It's a problem with XP and Microsoft never corrected it. A well known problem with XP is that images stored in My Pictures somehow get added to the list of Background Images. If it really bothers you make a new folder and name it something like Personal Pictures then move the ones in your My Pictures folder into the new folder and in the future store your new image files into the Personal Pictures folder and they won't show in the Background list.


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Hiii there, I have just locked my personal folder through Priyan's lock but unable to unlock it again. An icon of Control panel is being shown instead of default icon. and when I am opening it, control panel window is shown. What to do? ***email removed*** It will be a great help as this folder contain very important personal documents. Please reply asap.

A:how to unlock folder lock protected by priyans lpc

closing duplicate.

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Hi, I have set a password on a file using "Folder Security" software. I have formatted C drive and re installed same operating system. The folder security software was also formatted. When I re-installed the "Folder security" software and tried to open the previous locked files, the files were not getting opened. Please provide a solution to get back those locked files.

A:Solved: Folder security software - unlock

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What is that lock icon on my folder and how do I remove it or unlock it ?

A:What is that lock icon on my folder and how do I remove it or unlock i

Usually that's an indication of permissions/sharing being set on the folder.
What is the actual folder you are refering to?

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I have a folder with 70gb data (multiple folders & files inside). To restrict access to this folder, I changed the permissions by doing the following,
Right click on Folder -> Properties -> Security Tab -> Advanced -> Change Permissions -> Edit -> 'Check' Deny -> Apply.

Now to change the permissions back to normal, I followed the same to 'Uncheck' Deny and Apply.
But, only the main folder got its permissions back but all the files & folders are said to be locked.
That means, I have to unlock each & every file and folder (they are in 100's) by setting their permissions which is a horrifying task. I need help in unlocking them to normal at ONE GO. Please do the needful.

How to I unlock my primary folder, including all the sub folders and files inside my primary folder, at one go ?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a folder with 70gb data (multiple folders & files inside). To restrict access to this folder, I changed the permissions by doing the following, Right click on Folder -> Properties -> Security Tab -> Advanced -> Change Permissions -> Edit -> 'Check' Deny -> Apply. Now to change the permissions back to normal, I followed the same to 'Uncheck' deny and Apply. But, only the main folder got its permissions back but all the files & folders are said to be locked. That means, I have to unlock each & every file and folder (they are in 100's) by setting their permissions which is a horrifying task. I need help in unlocking them to normal at ONE GO. Please do the needful.

How to I unlock my primary folder, including all the sub folders and files inside my primary folder, at one go ?

A:How to unlock permissions to 'Allow' access to a Folder that has multiple files

You should have put a check in the box in the bottom of the Permissionstab window. Include inheritable permissions from the objects parent. Try Denying the whole folder and then change the permissions back to Normal and be sure to check that box.

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i have 1 T external Hard that is encrypt by Bitlocker tool .... when in plug in my hard into my computer and enter unlock password it doesn't open it and shows responding error ...i try with the others computers and in shows same error...i have a very very
important files and information in my hard...and i didn't save my recovery password ...please please help me...

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Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Western Digital WD My Passport 2 TB external hard drive
Western Digital's security software allows a password to be set on the external drive, encrypting it. When the drive is connected to a PC, a virtual CD (VCD) partition runs (via autorun) an unlocker utility WD Drive Unlock.exe, that allows password entry.
When I connect the locked drive to a Windows 7 PC (that does not have any WD software installed), the autoun popup appears and I select "Run WD Drive Unlock.exe". At that point, User Account Control (UAC) elevation prompt appears, requiring Administrator
password in order to continue.
WD Drive Unlock then lets me enter password.
Because of UAC elevation, the unlocker can be used only by an Administrator user or by a standard user account who knows the Administrator password.

Is UAC elevation prompt truly necessary?
Is it appearing because Western Digital hasn't coded the unlocker exe correctly, or would any such utility require UAC elevation?

I'd like to find a way that a standard user account can run the unlocker to enter passsword and access the external drive, without having to know the Windows Admin password.

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1st of all, im not sure in which topic i have to post this issue,
sorry if im post it in wrong page

unlock.exe <-- using this software, its locked all the access, and unable to unlock,

/me if this software run has admin, we can unlock it back,
but, the rite click was disabled,
to repair registry, locked too,
to access C:, locked too...

Its all checked - have to unchacke

Ubah - Change
Keluar - Exit
Settingan yang diubah - changed settings
Tambah Toolbar - Add Toolbar
Hapus History - clear History
Tidak ada autorun - No Autorun
Jam Taskbar - Taskbar Clock

The Software -

Please Guide me,
Thanx alot...

- NavinS

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Hey there,

I installed a program on 15th March 2009 called MyFolder Manager, which allowed me to password protect particular files or folders on my computer

It was a free program, and their help section lists this as their website, though it doesnt seem to be of any real help: http://virtual-protect.com/

I have a folder which contains ALL my passwords for accounts here there and everywhere, be they bank accounts, online casino/betting accounts, or just email accounts.

I've never had a problem with the program, but when i tried opening the folder today, i was met by a message reading:

"Location is not available
C:\Users\Zazkad\Desktop\Important Documents is not accessible.
Access is denied."

I've tried my best to find other ways at getting around this problem, but regardless of what i try to do, it won't let me access the files within that folder in any way. And i REALLY need access to that folder soon, it's really important to me!

I would greatly appreciate some help on this matter

Hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year.


A:I used a program called "My Folder" to lock folders. Now it won't let me unlock them


Answer you do not want to hear, I know....but our Rules say we do not assist with passwords or workarounds for same....

I advise you to contact whoever you can to help you. You may indeed find a forum with someone who can help you, and Google things, perhaps you will find more help. Closing your thread.

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Hiii there, I have just locked my personal folder through Priyan's lock but unable to unlock it again. An icon of Control panel is being shown instead of default icon. and when I am opening it, control panel window is shown. What to do? ***email removed*** It will be a great help as this folder contain very important personal documents. Please reply asap.

A:unlock folder lock protected by priyans lock

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The general method to change ownership is not working
Please suggest some other method

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Hi, I am working on a laptop with Win 7 x64 Home Premium, SP1.

It was recently pretty badly infected, but has been thoroughly cleaned, and all additional bloatware uninstalled.

I am unable to unlock the taskbar, nor able to pin any shortcuts to it. There's also a strange folder that keeps appearing on the desktop, called %localappdata%, with a subfolder called 'elevatedDiagnostics'.

I enabled gpedit.msc. I have tried using the sevenforums supplied bat file to restore all Group Policies, to no avail. I searched inside of gpedit to the location that controls the locking of the taskbar, and it appears normal, as 'not configured', as are all the other entries under 'start menu and taskbar'.

I am trying to repair this without doing a full re-install of windows. I'd actually rather know *why* this is happening, and fix it manually.

thanks for any help!

A:Can't unlock Taskbar, Can't Pin to Taskbar, odd folder on desktop.

It often isn't enough to clean up a badly infected PC so I would strongly consider doing a Clean Reinstall Windows 7 especially if this is factory-installed Win7 which is the worst install of Win7 one can have anyway.

Otherwise run a full scan with Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware followed by SFC /SCANNOW Command.

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My friend (we'll call him David) created for some sick and twisted purpose a folder path that contained 107 (no joke) folders within folders, something in the order of, "C:\folder\folder\folder\folder\..." David is now unable to delete the folder directory. When he tried to delete it, it says "Are you sure you want to move the folder and all its contents to the recycle bin? (yes, yes to all, or no)." He clicks "yes to all" or "yes", and it says, "The folder contains items who's name is too long for the recycle bin. Do you want to permanently delete it?" He clicks "yes" or "yes to all" again and it says, "Cannot delete z: Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and filename."

Anyhow, does anybody know how to delete this file? Any assistance would be greatly apreciated.

A:How do I delete very long folder directories? (C:\folder\folder\folder\...)

open a command prompt,
type rmdir c:\folder /s

(assuming "folder" is the name of the main folder)

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First, please forgive me if I have overlooked this issue in the many searches I have performed thus far.

I would like to know if anyone has a way to change all folder icons within a single folder to one specific icon without performing each one individually. I have over 1,400 folders within a master folder of which I would like to change the child folder icons. I really don't wish to perform this on a folder-by-folder basis.
This is not a Default Folder Icon Change inquiry. This is simply all child folders within a single master folder. I would also be interested if the change would affect all folders of a specific type. Windows 7 does allow the 'setup' of a folder to be distributed (details view with selected details, order, and column size for example) but the icon did not distribute as well.

Any suggestions?

A:Bulk Change All Folder Icons in Single Folder or Folder Type

First, a little bit of theory. What happens when a person sets a custom icon for a folder in Windows 7?
1. Attributes of a Folder change to Read-only (of the folder, NOT content!).
2. A hidden system file created inside that folder, which contains a link to the icon.

Thus, having such file as model, it is possible simply copy it across desired folders, and change attributes of those folders correspondingly.

Secondly, having this idea in my mind, I have put all of my little knowledge of Batch files together and created a script.
BEFORE script is started the following is needed to be done:
Master folder needs to be selected and a custom icon applied to it.

1. Script is placed inside that master folder and launched.
2. First, script checks if hidden system file with custom icon settings is there.
3. Secondly, script looks for subfolders and start changing its attributes.
4. Thirdly, script copies this settings file to all subfolders of current master folder, including all levels of subfolders.

For 100 folders it took about 21 seconds, for 200 folders with different levels of subfolders it took about 57 seconds on my laptop.

I have included remarks (comments) in the source code for better understanding what is going on.

UPDATE: Original file deleted. Script was not meant to be applied to system folders.
Please check a newer FIXED version at this post.


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As with prior versions, in [Windows] Explorer's main window, you can enable hovering to select and single clicking to expand the folder (but that is a pain in the rear when working with files). Windows XP folder view nicely allowed single clicking the folder name to expand the folder. Was that removed from Windows 7? Looks like the only way to expand a folder in folder view is to either click on the small plus sign or to double click on the folder name.  Or is there a switch somewhere I am missing? Thanks.

A:Single click folder name to expand folder in folder view?

It seems that you are talking about the navigation pane (the left pane) in Windows Explorer. Is that correct?
The feature is not present since Windows Vista. When we click on the item, the sub windows will be displayed in the main pane (the right pane). In the navigate pane we can only click the plus button or double-click on the folder to open it. Arthur Xie - MSFT

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I do have PC based on Gigabyte 970A-DS3P motherboard, I bought it already assembled, and out of the box it had this 3TB Hdd Unlock program installed. I would have to reinstall my system soon and I was wandering what exactly this software is for? What is it do? Will I need it when I'll reinstall my system or not really?

A:3TB Hdd Unlock

It's most likely intended to allow you to see and be able to use all of a large drive.

Windows can only see and utilize about 2.2 TB on a drive that is initialized as MBR. If you had a 3 or 4 TB drive, the portion above 2.2 would be useless and not even visible.

The standard way around that is to initialize as GPT, rather than MBR. GPT doesn't have that 2.2 TB limitation.

BUT--some motherboard manufacturers have provided downloadable software that can overcome the MBR limitation. It tricks Windows, so that you can see and use the portion above 2.2 TB. I'm not sure if it's usable on drives larger than 3 TB. I'm pretty sure that's what Gigabyte has provided to you in this case. I'd guess you have a 3 TB drive and the builder knew of the limitation, so used this special Gigabyte download.

It doesn't have anything to do with installing Windows per se. If your drives are under 2.2 TB you don't need it or if you can initialize the drive as GPT rather than MBR, you don't need it. Otherwise, you do need it, unless you don't care about not being able to use all of a large drive.

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hi to all hope someone can help asap last night i was messing around with settings on pc as it wouldnt shut down ,got it to close in end but now when i start up it has gone to adminstater log in screen which happens to be the person i brought the pc off few months back off ebay i dont no password and cant contact him obviously how can i get my pc back i have work on there i need to finish can i put it into recovery or something plz help ......................

A:Need To Unlock Pc

I can only offer 2 suggestionsleave it blank and hit EnterTry ADMIN-admin-or AdminAny other suggestions violates BC rulesNo subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences.SorryTopic closed

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I have an Inspiron 2650 and the Fn key is locked.....my cat sat on the keyboard.I have tried everything I can think of to unlock but to no avail.  I have to use the Fn key for all keys that have both characters/numbers or letter/numbers.  Anyone know how to unlock?? There are 3 indicator lights at the top of the keyboard....1 is CAPS lock, 1 is  NUMS lock and the third is what is lit and apparently controls this function but I have no idea what it is called.   Sorry if I am not explaining myself properly.   Thanks.  

A:Unlock Fn Key

hold down the fn key and tap f12. (or scroll lock if it isn't f12)

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Q: Unlock

How can I unlock the hard drive


Hi, and welcome to TSG.

That would depend on the details and specifics about the hardware, operating system, and how the drive was locked; none of which you have shared with us.

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I have locked my usb with password and it gets unlocked in my dell laptop. But I have recently changed my laptop with no access to old laptop. I have forgotten the password for usb. I don't know how to get the recovery key of my old laptop. I was using dell Vostro 14 series with windows 10 in it. And now I am using Lenovo notepad with windows 10. Can you help me with a way to unlock the usb as it is urgent.


A:unlock usb

What USB
a flash pen
a usb connected hard drive

What is on the USB whatever it is , anything you need

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Hey guys, i'm currently running a system with a p4p800 se m/b and a p4 2.4Ghz proc. with 1.5gb of ddr 400 ram 2 X 512mb and 2 X 256mb. The problem i'm having is that, my bios sets my fsb at 133 and my ram speed to 266mhz, what i'd like to know is if there is a custom bios or something that can help me unlock the multiplier. I have overclocked my processor to 3.2Ghz and it's running cooler with my cpu cooler but that only pushes my ram to 333mhz. Can you help me?

A:P4 Cpu unlock?

P4s are multi locked. There are hardware hacks to unlock however I never recommend doing so.

If it is just that your ram speed increases and you do not want it to, just use a lower divider or ram speed. When you raise the fsb, it is back to where it should be.

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Q: Unlock

I have an ibm laptop, and it is locked.
I would like to know how i can unlock it?


if it is bios locked only ibm can tell you and they will need you to prove ownership first

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My number will not unlock on the number pad, they work well with number above the letter, I have hit the unlock too many times and it will not unlock, can you help?

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anybody knows how can i unlock my pc if i don't have the password.

A:unlock my pc

Is it when you start the computer or when you login. Here is the login password reset.

Reset User Account Password

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hi guys i have 3tb+unlock it says available drivers 2048gb but i cant click on create,recover or parition. what should i do? i have window 10. please help

A:3tb+unlock need help please

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Q: unlock

when my computer first comes on there is a box in the middle of the screen that says locked and i press on that then I can use it how do i get rid of that box so i can turn it on and it goes straight onto windows I have vista thanks


Take a look here.

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Well I never thought I would be here. I was doing regular check-up on all computers when the
wife gave me her Dell Inspiron Mini, forgot the password I was told this problem is new to me./ No clue
Dell Inspiron Mini  OS XP
What do I do

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I spilled something on mouse the other day and as a result I cannot right-click. Instead, I press shift and click. For some reason, lately, I have not been able to do this. I also notice that the function key is not doing anything and the F1-12 buttons work without it, as if the Fn is locked. Does anyone know how to change this back? I can't right click at all anymore and its kind of annoying.

A:How to unlock Fn key?

A 5 button mouse costs around $15. What's your excuse for trying to fix it? Just replace it.

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In Windows XP if a user locked their pc I could simply unlock it using my user name and password because I am the network administrator. This does not seem to work in Windows 7. Is there some setting to return to the way it used to be in XP?

A:Unlock pc

unfortunately; i do not believe there is a way to do such a thing because windows 7 is pretty much a updated version of windows vista whereas xp was completely different in terms of the architecture of the operating system as vista and 7 I would say are more secure than xp by a long shot.

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Q: unlock

my computer had a system recovery and i want to find out how to get all my stuff back from my hard drive disc D but it has a lock on it and it doesnt let me open it what do i do


what is the exact error message you're getting?

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my friend juz get an AMD 550 BE on hand recently and plan to unlock the other 2 core that are disable.( hope he is lucky enough to unlck it successfully). im curios about the 2 disable cores.

1) if the 2 core successfully unlock, is it run on the same clock speed as the 2 normal cores, thats is 3.1 Ghz ?

2) how about the cache it have ? L1, L2 and L3 ?

3) will the heat generated be greatly increased if the other 2 cores are unlocked ?

4) will this void it warrenty ?

5) how bout the power comsumption after the 2 cores are unlocked ?

thank you.

A:unlock amd phenom II 550 BE

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I have recently downloaded some blank census forms ,from Ancestry, which are in pdf format.

My intention was to extract data from the census relevant to my ancestors and fill in the blank forms and store on my hard drive, rather than print the form fill in by hand and keep a hard copy. However I cannot type any data onto the form as I suspect the form may be protected.

I downloaded a trial version of abode acrobat pro but I wasn't able to do what I wanted. The nearest I came to it was by using the "typewriter" tool. But this was rather long winded as I had to open the tool , type in the information in the relevant field and reopen the tool before I could type in the next field (unless I was doing something wrong).

Is there any way I can unlock the files to be able to type in the relevant fields.

The forms can be found here http://www.ancestry.co.uk/charts/ukcensus.aspx

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:unlock pdf files

Does the site want you to pay for the form first or is it supposed to be all free to take and modify?

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After much struggle I took the computer in for repair and now an administration box pops up and requires a passwrod that the repair tech states he did not create and i did not create one either, can you help me unlock or disable the password?

A:Unlock Password

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I'm having a problem connecting my laptop to an external monitor. I've encountered this problem a few times now. My external monitor will just stop working one day, and the only way I've found to fix it is to delete the keys located in the EFI partition.

After the keys are deleted I can reset EFI in the BIOS and the monitor will then be detected by Windows. It's getting to be really annoying having to reset EFI every couple days. So, I decided to see if I could unlock the EFI partition and try to remedy this problem.

So far I managed to set the partition as a basic data partition using SET ID=ebd0a0a2-b9e5-4433-87c0-68b6b72699c7

Next, I assigned it a drive letter. But if I try to explore the contents I get an error saying "I don't have permission".

Does anyone know how to assign the correct permissions??

A:Unlock EFI Partition

Not sure the EFI partition is related to your situation. But would you describe how you are "Deleting the keys" and what type of keys they are?

Are you running Windows 8 in the Secure Boot mode? Are you referring to the keys associated with that?

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