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s-video to BNC gives blurry monochrome image

Q: s-video to BNC gives blurry monochrome image


I have a dell D610 running XP with a SVG and a VGA output on the back. I need to display the screen on a cctv monitor that only has a BNC input. After some digging around I bought an s-video to BNC lead, full of confidence I plugged it in and got a monochrome, blurry image

I am a little confused, does anyone know what I should use to get a high resolution colour image on my monitor ?



Preferred Solution: s-video to BNC gives blurry monochrome image

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: s-video to BNC gives blurry monochrome image

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Whenever I try to scan metallic objects like jewelry with my Canon Lide35, the image always turns out blurry. Are there any settings to get a clear,crisp image? Especially for when the lid is slightly elevated.

A:Blurry Scan image

The scan will only be focussed for items that are in contact with the glass - the surface of the glass is the point of focus for a scanner, not the area above it.

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Hello I managed to fix my webcam but now the image is blurry. Can anyone hlep

A:Webcam image Blurry

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I am not sure if this will be of any use, but my image seems blurry compared to Windows XP. Maybe it is only my feeling, but the resolution and refresh are the same, ClearType was disabled and still I feel this. I am trying to find this driver, but it probably does not exist for Vista. Now I have it installed as Generic PnP monitor...

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Hey everyone,
Im new to the site but i had a question.
I have an ATI graphics High Definition card in my computer and it works great.
Sometimes I come across pictures that are to blury. Also there are pictures that are to small to see, so when i make them bigger, they become distorted.
I was wondering if there was any software (free if possible) to make these images less blury.
Thanks for any help i recieve,

A:How to make a blurry image sharper

Please explain what image? Are you doing post processing on a picture?

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I like to hook up my laptop to my 24 inch dell monitor via a VGA cable, but unlike my DVI connection with my computer, the laptop's output is fairly blurry. I assume this is because of signal degradation through the VGA cable. Is there any way to minimize this? an alternative besides DVI? my laptop doesn't have a port for it.

A:Solved: VGA cables producing blurry image?

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I made a desktop background in 3ds max and its of a robot standing on the moon. The actual image I is about 10k by 6k so I converted it to 1080p because I was having the same problem with the larger image. When I set it as my desktop background it becomes blurry. The stars bleed out whiteness around into the black space. The textures and reflections just look like crap on the desktop image. But on the real image you can zoom in for miles and it is just fine. Does any one know why my desktop background looks worse quality than say an image viewer?

A:Blurry desktop background for huge image file

Is this a JPEG? JPEGs get imported somewhat lossily. You can override the "JPEGImportQuality" to fix that.

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I'm not sure if this where I am supposed to post this or not. I am having a problem with every video I try to watch on the internet being grainy/blurry it is not just on one site (like you tube) but any video on any site and I have tried looking at the videos from another computer and they looked fine, if I play an actual dvd though it also looks fine. I have tried viewing the videos in both IE and firefox and have the same problem with both. Let me know any info I should post and if there are any suggestions to fix this.

A:Grainy/Blurry Video

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Ok I have Win XP w/ media player 8, i installed some codecs off the net, and now my .mpeg videos are blurry but, the .asf and .wmv still run fine.

I reinstalled MP 8 and even tried MP 9 still blurry, ran .mpegs in several other media players with same result.

However, .mpegs work fine in Winamp 3's media player.

Any Ideas guys?

ps. This is my first post here and I am not a computer whiz

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I just bought a new ATI Radeon 9250 128MB video card and installed it and it's drivers and everything, and my screen is a bit blurry, enough to make it annoying. I have concluded that it is not my monitor because my old graphics card worked perfectly fine with it. Help would be greatly appreciated!

A:New video card, blurry screen...

Have u tried adjusting the refresh rate and\or resolution?

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Ok I have Win XP w/ media player 8, i installed some codecs off the net, and now my .mpeg videos are blurry but, the .asf and .wmv still run fine.

I reinstalled MP 8 and even tried MP 9 still blurry, ran .mpegs in several other media players with same result.

However, .mpegs work fine in Winamp 3's media player.

Any Ideas guys on how to get my vids back to running on Win MP8?

ps. This is my first post here and I am not a computer whiz

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Looks good on external monitor.
Changed LCD with same problem.

Any suggestions?

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I want to record my screen and create tutorials.

I tried ActivePresenter but it is not working fine.

Video becomes blurry when exported with highest settings.
Following is screenshot of exported video
Following is screenshot of the same region using Snipping Tool
What could be the problem

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When I try to watch a video on MSN, the image is just a bunch of different colors. You can kind of tell what is being shown but it is all just different colors. I have high speed internet with Comcast and I use MSN. Everything works fine if I play a movie.

A:Blurry images in color watching video

Hello-oo-o-o-o-o-o-oo-o--is anyone out there?

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I have a radeon 8500 and connected it to my tv the first time using the S-video out. Everything is great, my divx movies, and video games look good but I could barely read any text from the tv. If the text are large then I could see some of them, but blurry. I think I adjusted every possible setting on my video card, and on the tv. IS this the was it is suppose to be, or are there any other options and hidden sitches I can configure? Thanks to anyone that can help.

A:Blurry text on video out, from radeon 8500

This is normal, because the highest resolution a regular tv will do is 800x600, and generally 640x480. So it will always display text very very bad. Unelss you get a high definition tv that has the capabilities of doing 1024x768.

Sorry but there is nothing you can do about this.

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Purchased a 3010 SFF from the Outlet.  Installed Win10 and everything else I needed and assigned it to my user.  She is using Dual Monitors, one via Onboard HDMI and one via Onboard VGA.  The VGA side is "blurry"
I have tried:New CableUpdated DriversUpdated BIOSDifferent Monitor
No matter any of those, the onboard VGA is blurry.
So I decided to drop in a PCIe SFF Add-in card.  With this card installed, the system does not boot at all.  The system will turn on, full fan, then off, Then on again and sit there with no video.
If I connect the video cables to the onboard WHILE the add-in card is in, I get the usual "Unsupported Video..." error.
I have no idea what to try next.

A:Optiplex 3010 Blurry VGA No Boot with Add-In Video

Do you know that add-in video card actually works?
Is it in the PCI-e x16 slot? And have you tried reseating it in the slot?
Have you tried clearing BIOS with that card installed?

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reinstall battery
Close up and reboot

Using onboard video, have you tried changing the resolution for the VGA monitor? Does Win 10  correctly identify the VGA monitor? Does it need its own driver?
Did you install all the right Win 10 drivers from Dell's site, including the chipsets?

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Looks good on external monitor.
Changed LCD with same problem.

Any suggestions?

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I have a weird issue where my screen will get all light colored and just really crappy quality - blurry. I'm not sure if it is Windows, Nvidia, the HDMI cable, my monitor or what. I apologize if this is the wrong forum.

This usually happens coming out of full screen from Windows Media Center, but sometimes after a reboot.

I can turn off my tv (Sony Bravia - 52" LCD - KDL-52W4100) and turn it back on then the problem is fixed. Sometimes I can go full screen and back out again and that will fix it.

I have HDMI connection - Windows 7100 - I have the latst Nvidia drivers 186.. - I have tried a different HDMI cable also

Here is the rest of the build.

Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor
GIGABYTE GA-E7AUM-DS2H LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 9400 HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
A-DATA 4GB (4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 Media Center Kit Dual TV Tuner
Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s

Anyone else have this problem - or perhaps point me in the right direction?

A:exiting WMC full screen - video turns to crap/blurry

ok - I think I fixed it. It's been a few hours now and all is well.

Nvidia was set to 60 Hertz
Sony was 60
but Windows was 59.

Screen Resolution - Advanced Settings - changed that to 60 and so far all is well.

Hope this helps someone else.

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i watch a lot of live audio/video streaming of a newscast(http://www.whdh.com/video/). the picture is ok but somewhat blurry.
if i buy and installed a graphics card or something,can i improve the picture?

A:installing a new graphic card to stop blurry video streaming pictures

Probably not, it's not the video card, it's the resolution and bitrate the video was encoded at.

Correction: definitely not, just saw the video, it's very low resolution.

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Dear all,

I am not sure whether this is the right forum for my question. Excuse me if not.

Anyway, my question is - is it possible to change the whole Windows XP interface from color to monochrome on a "regular" laptop computer? If yes, then how? In the old days, it was possible to do it under the display settings if I remember correctly; but now in my present computer, there are only two choices: 32 bit vs 16 bit.

Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Just because. There is no particular reason.



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I'm having trouble saving monochrome bitmaps.
Is this a 'known malfunction' ?
Or am i doing something wrong ...

The 'shading' function gets lost and turns to black.
Its ok til i save it, then it loses the 'Shading'


A:Help req with monochrome bitmap

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I`ve had a 2x 27" monitor setup ever since I got my laptop about a year ago. One monitor is connected via Displayport, the other one via VGA. I keep the lid of my W520 closed so I only use the two external monitors. Today I had my laptop unhooked from my workstation and now when I try to hook it back up again the screen that is connected via VGA shows up black and white.  Here is what I did while my my laptop was unhooked from the monitors:1) Took it to work as usual (it didnt drop or anything like that so I dont think it would`ve got physically damaged)2) Installed a new battery (just arrived today, Lenovo original) Here is what I tried to get the issue resolved:1) Update both integrated and Quadro 1000M drivers2) Switch monitors (the one that is connected via VGA is B&W always)3) Switched to a brand new VGA cable4) Restarted my PC multiple times5) Fiddled around with the settings under "Screen resolution"6) Checked VGA port - cosmetically it looks like it always has (no damage or anything like that)7) Switched back to old battery and tried everything again Please help me out! I would hate to have to take my computer to a hardware specialist because I am just out of warranty and I cant really afford professional servicing. Since I`m pretty sure nothing got physically damaged, what other software fixes could I try?  Thanks in advance!

-----------------------------------------------------------------W520 4270CTO, i7-27... Read more

A:Monochrome external VGA monitor

Check in the NVIDIA driver control panel under color settings. It might have saturation set to zero.

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I'm pretty colorblind, so a 32-Million color palette is, well... it's silly.

I want to set up Vista to run all black monochrome. I imagine this would also save compute cycles for my graphics card and, thus, electricity.

So, has anyone run across a black-and-white system palette anywhere?

A:Looking for an All Monochrome system setup

hm... haven't seen one.... tried making one yourself?

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When I try to print a photo, I check the settings to make sure it is in color, but when I select color, it reverts to monochrome when I go to print. This happened before and I cannot remember what I did to fix it. I think it has something to do with photo
viewer or paint that is messing it up.

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Hi TechGuys,

I have the following question:

Is there any software which could replace the background in my webcam (if I get a mono-colored backdrop) with a photo or a repeating video of my choice (RealTime)?

A:WebCam: Replacing monochrome background?

Nobody having any idea?

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I am looking for a method to run my system in black and white; not all the time, but only during certain circumstances (i.e. when focusing on writing or dedicated reading). Is there any way of doing this on a computer running Windows XP that does not require any programming knowledge or implementation of difficult solutions? Any solution that requires significant extra memory usage or WinXP visual themes probably isn't going to cut it. I'm looking for a way to do this that converts my entire user interface to monochrome temporarily. Is this possible or is it just an anachronistic pipe dream?

I am using a Dell Latitude D400 laptop running WinXP Pro SP2, with Integrated Intel Graphics.

A:Looking for obvious or creative way to run OS in monochrome (black/white)

Hello shoeshinesally and welcome to TSF !

Depending on your video drivers you may be able to play with some color saturation settings in the advanced display properties, but I don't think you'll have much luck with an integrated intel video.

You may find something that suits you in the high contrast modes in the accessibility options :
Click settings to access different color schemes.

Or some shell replacement utility could have a black & white color scheme. Be careful when installing one of these, make sure you've got the right one because they can be a pain to remove.

Maybe you'll find other clues in this thread :

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My problem: the Cancel button is stuck in the depressed position. How can I free it up so I can continue to print? The problem occurred when I attempted to print the reverse side of a double-sided print job. I've cancelled that job and two others I tried as a test, so there's nothing in the queue now.

A:Samsung ML-2510 Monochrome Laser Printer

get a flat head screw drive out and pry the button out...
take it apart and get the button out.

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I used a monochrome ribbon in my datacard sd260 printer and when i put the color ribbon back in its stilll only printing in monochrome.help!!!!

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HI Everybody..
My name is shan and iam new to this forum.
i have a issue with my images and video not on the whole computer but the images which is transfered from a mobile. the message what i get is "this is not a valid image file" and "no preview available" with any image editor.
i erased the data on the phone and i have the data only on my hard disk.
i tried to upload but could not upload the files since it give an error as invalid image file or mp3 file.
Please, I need your help in fixing this issue...
let me know how to post those files and guide me in fixing this issue.

Thanks in advance

A:images and video dosent display(image & video corrupt)

what is the file type? if you right click on the file and click on properties it should pop up a screen and it would should something like this.(check my attachment for a visual aid =D)

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I need help finding Video editing software compatible with Vista/Win7 that can do the following:

- Remove watermarks from videos.
- Put your own created watermark on a video
- Blur out faces
- Cut parts of the video image
- Edit and draw on the video, replacing the cut piece with a still image, or even another piece of a video

So I guess basically I'm looking for all-out video editing.

I'd prefer freeware. But anything will do if that's all available.

It's no problem if I have to use different programs for each thing.

My current system is a Dell XPS 430 and can handle video editing pretty well.


A:Need video editing software for altering video image

I don't think you will get any help here to remove someone elses watermark from a video that doesn't belong to you. The watermark is put there to discourage copying. Helping you I believe would be against forum rules.

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Is there any reasonably priced software that will take a video clip, such as mpg or avi, and capture images out of it for making photos?

Thanks for any help. Ron H.

A:Image from Video?

Here is a program that you can use


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Used this computer for years, a Compaq 4550. Moved it upstairs and now when I turn on the video monitor reads No Video Input. I opened the computer and tried all board contacts and they seemed OK. I'm ten seconds from throwing this beast out. Help.

A:No Video Image

Hi Hopkins98
There are couple of things that can create the problem that you have:
a. if there is no "beep" at the start of the computer , most likely the cpu took a "dive" as in ,either is burned, possible that the fan /heatsink moved from the location
b. possible that the RAM came out of the socket thus making the pc unable to start
c. check the video socket and see if you don't happen to have something " stuck " in it ( as in a pin from the monitor)
d. i would recheck the connection in the back of the monitor ( in case that you had moved the monitor as well)
e. if there is no noise what so ever comming from the computer while you are trying to start it , then it's really possible that the power supply is fried ( specially if the fan in the back of the power supply is not spinning)
f. in the same category ( no sound/no fan spinning) might wanna check the pc cord and see if that is ok ( try a replacement one if you can)
and welcome to TSG board....
Hope that helps

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Is it possible while playing a video with Windows Media Player to pause the video at a certain point and save that paused image ? If so, how do I do that ?

A:Solved: Still Image from Video ?

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I am trying to watch a video from www.dailymotion.com but for some reasons there is no video Having said that the sound system is working properly as I can heard people talking. I do not appeared to have any video problem as I can watch anything else.

Can anyone help me resolving this issue please.



A:video or image problem

This forum is for posting pictures. Please read the various forum descriptions before starting a thread. Your problem is website related so I am moving this to the Web & Email forum. I also don't know why you marked it solved when it hadn't yet received a reply.

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having an odd problem....any .jpg or .mpg file that i open/play is horribly pixellated. i've installed all of the updated drivers for all my hardware. this has only been happening since i upgraded my motherboard/processor. the new one is a k7vat motherboard with a 950 amd athlon. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

A:video and image display

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i use my computer for media i want to know what graphics card is the best for video and picture qulity also in specs what spec is the most import for video quality and image quality

A:gpu help image and video qualiaty what is the best

Welcome to Seven Forums
When it comes to a video card the GPU "Graphics Processing Unit" is the most important part of the card, in the same way that your CPU is to your computers overall performance.
The next things to consider are the amount of memory and type GDDR5 being the fastest.

Memory clock speeds Core clock & Shader clock, you want these to be as fast as possible.Memory Interface measured in bits 256 bit can process twice what 128 bit can in the same time.
Stream processor cores, the more cores the better.
Direct x11 and the Open GL 4.1.
These all determine the speed and rendering capability of the Graphics card.

As for what is the most important for video quality. Just about any of the cards that have DX11 and Open GL4.0 or 4.1 will give you quality video playback.

What is it your looking to do with your graphics card?

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I have a video that I want to put an image over a bit in the video, and move around with it.

(example, a person walking down a sidewalk, I want to have a different shirt on them, or a different face on them, and follow them around and move with the video)

I know it will look fake, kind of the look I'm going for.

What software would I use for something like that?
I have access to practically every program.

Any tutorials on something like that?

A:I want to overlay an image in a video

It should be very easy to impose an image on any multi-track editing software like Premiere Elements for example. Automating movement to match location of a moving target may be tricky or require a more sophisticated program. You can do it manually of course but at 30 or even 24 frames a second...that's a lot of manual.

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I have just built a new computer for a friend and we find with some games the video image is upside down. Programs like MS Office work correctly without any problems.

I was wondering if this is due to the quality of the video card we purchased rather than being an actual fault.

I have installed all the drivers that came with this these components, including those for the motherboard, but still the problem persists with some video games. We are running Windows 98 Version II as an operating system.

The system is a PIII 800 on a Microstar MSI Intel 815EP LITE Pentium III Motherboard(MBMS6337EPLE) with the new Intel 815 Chipset, 128MB of SD RAM and a 32MB TNT2-M364 Eagle Video Card.


A:Upside down Video Image

When you play a game where the video image is upside down, try inverting the monitor. Make sure all air vents are clear though.

p.s. Sorry about the above suggestion. I get impulsive sometimes. The only serious suggestion I can offer is to try contacting the game vendor and see if there is an upgrade of patch.

[Edited by ETS on 03-12-2001 at 01:12 PM]

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I have an AVI video file and I want to make an image out of one of its frames. Any ideas on how to go about doing it?


A:How to grab an image out of a video

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Ever since 12/26 i've been having problems with images on the internet coming up distorted and off color and videos on the internet either being blurry and then stopping, or staying on a black screen where I have to refresh 2-3 times just to make the video work along with sometime loading a page and just having lines of code all over the page instead of text and pictures (i'll include pictures at the end). I once thought it was an issue with my laptop, but the exact same problem happens on both my laptop and my desktop. I've tried 3 different browsers, i've connected directly to my modem, power cycling my router and modem and nothing has helped in the slightest. Does anyone know whats going on?

A:Image and video distortions

Its been happening more often lately: some help, please.

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I asked this question(s) somewhere else too though didn't get any satisfactory replies. Perhaps, I should have asked here in the first place.

I want to embed the following sources into this post:
1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuyQQD-EAOQ
2: http://imageshack.us/photos/nature/13/nature07412tp.jpg/

For the video, I get this embed code:

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="510" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/MuyQQD-EAOQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For the image I get this code for "Forum" embedding:
Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I don't if any one the above embedding codes work. In case they don't please would you tell me where the problem lies? I'm computer lay person.
Disclaimer: I'm not the owner or uploader of the material linked above. I have used those links for learning purposes only.

A:image and video embedding

As you can see, this forum has the feature to render the UTube link into an embedded video automatically. But you would know there are many forums where this 'automatic' is not available, then how do I get that embed code get worked (which seems isn't even working here).

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I'm using internet explorer 8 and on some sites the videos and images will not show, it only shows an empty box with a small box wilh shapes in the upper left corner. on other sites though there is no problem. my computer is a xp. one of the sites that works is gametrailers.com but one that doesnt is swtor.com. does anyone know how to fix this? i've already tried going to tools -> options-> advanced and checking the show pictures but that didnt work.

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After video taping I notice that my videos seem to look like the video is dripping or to be streaking at the bottom of the video image if that makes any sense.

The lens is clean and clear, I use good lighting.

The camera is almost 2 years old and just recently started doing this on
new or old tapes. I have tried using the mini tape cleaners in it to clean it and there is no difference unless there is some special one that should be used?

The camera is a Samsung digital camcorder, SCD70 ntsc, mini DV.


A:Poor video image quality.

Have you cleaned the heads of your camera since your purchased it----Usually the kind of degradation you are describing is caused by dirty or clogged heads---

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I want to "capture" and print out or save a still image from a WMA/V video clip. When I pause the video and press print screen button it doesn't show the full image and the quality, when I go to print the partial image is poor. Anybody know how to get a good quality image without buying capture software?


A:Still Image from Windows Media Video

Hit ctrl-I tne paste it in any still image editor. If you don't have one use paint.

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Just like going to a Youtube video, you see a image and when you click on it, it becomes a video.
An acquaintance did this for me and posted it for me in an ad. I didn't want to show my ignorance on how to do it, but he just said: "I posted it as a picture that then was a link to the video" I would like to know how to do that. I have the image and I have the link, but don't know how to put it together.

A:How do I make a image clickable to a video

Is this for a webpage you have? Or are you trying to post it on a forum, this forum? Or an email, or a document, or something else?

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Hey computer experts

I would like to build a PC for photo editing using Photoshop and Lightroom together, and for video editing using Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Platinum Ed. I prefer that the CPU setup be $1000 or lower if possible. A little more than $1000 is OK as long as it's worth the investment in the long run and will speed up my workflow.

So here's some components that I have in my mind:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, either 2.4GHz E6600 $223, 2.13GHz E6400 $187, 1.86GHz E6300 $164, or should I go with a slower one if there's any? As long as it's not Pentium D.

Motherboard: Either ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Intel 975X $200, MSI 975X Platinum $150, or MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel $145.

RAM: Since I've read great reviews from Tomshardware about Corsair, I want Corsair. I guess FSB 800 would do since 1066 is too expensive? I'm thinking of getting 4Gig if possible. Otherwise, I need 2Gig minimum.
What option will make my workflow faster:
1. 2Gig Ram of 1066s,
2. 4Gig Ram of 800s, or
3. Invest on faster CPU and/or graphic card rather than RAM?

Graphic card: Nothing I have in my mind. Any recommendation? My monitor will be LaCie 321 (21") with a native of 1600x1200, supports VGA, DVI-I and DVI-D. My long term plan would be to use dual monitor. So I'm not sure whether to get a card that supports dual monitor, or to get second card in the future and put it in another slot for the second monitor.

Harddrive: I would l... Read more

A:PC for image/video editing under $1000

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