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Visual Basic .NET Code Samples: Jan 3

Q: Visual Basic .NET Code Samples: Jan 3


ListBox and ComboBox

This sample demonstrates several different techniques for binding data to ListBox and ComboBox controls, and shows different ways to retrieve the selected item or items from the controls.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

- Microsoft Visual Studio. NET Professional
- Access to the Northwind database residing in SQL Server or the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)

XP Theme Support

This sample demonstrates how to enable support for XP themes in your application
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

- Microsoft Visual Studio. NET Professional


Automate Office

This application has three demonstrations involving the following Office components: Microsoft Agent, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. When referencing the various COM Office assemblies, Visual Studio .NET automatically creates COM runtime callable wrappers (RCW) so you can program against them from within .NET.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

- Microsoft Visual Studio. NET Professional or greater


Send and Receive Data

This solution demonstrates how to send and receive data using HTTP and streams using the System.Net classes.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

- Microsoft Visual Studio. NET Professional


Use Sockets

This demonstration shows you how to use Sockets in Visual Basic .NET.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

- Microsoft Visual Studio. NET Professional

Work with XML

This sample shows how to take advantage of the XMLDocument class built-in to System.Xml.dll. This class exposes the XML Document Object Model, or DOM, which can be used to manipulate XML data.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

- Microsoft Visual Studio. NET Professional




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Preferred Solution: Visual Basic .NET Code Samples: Jan 3

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



This sample illustrates how to create custom owner-drawn menu items

System Requirements

- Microsoft Visual Studio. NET Professional

Operating System - Windows NT 4.0 & 2000, Win XP


This download represents a master set of Visual Basic .NET code samples demonstrating various aspects of the language in the following areas: syntax, data access, Windows Forms, Web development and Web services, XML, security, the .NET Framework, file system and file I/O, interop and migration issues, COM+, ADO.NET, and advanced topics including graphics with GDI+, remoting, serialization, MSMQ, and Windows services.

System Requirements

- Microsoft Visual Studio. NET Professional

Note: some samples also require access to the Northwind database residing in SQL Server or the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)

Operating System - Windows NT 4.0 & 2000, Win XP




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Download these Microsoft Visual Basic samples to learn more about upgrading your application from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET. Each sample contains three projects - one in Visual Basic 6 and two in Visual Basic .NET. The two Visual Basic .NET samples show the range of options available in upgrading your applications.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

Visual Basic 6.0
Visual Basic .NET

Important: One of these samples also requires Code Advisor for Visual Basic 6.0. In order to install the Code Advisor, you must be running Windows® 98 or later, Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, and Visual Basic 6.0. Note that the Code Advisor relies on the VBScript and MSXML components distributed in Internet Explorer 6.0. Internet Explorer is not required to be the default browser.




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Hello everyone. Right now im doing a proyect in Visual FoxPro v. 6.5 where i am using a control names MAPX.OCX, this is used to display maps and its cordinates. I have already started to use this control, but im a bit stuck. I read in the manual of the control, but it is made for Visual Basic and C++ and I have very little experience using Visual FoxPro.

The instructions of the VB as the following:

Private sub Globessymbol_click()
Dim top20cities as mapxlib.layer
set top20cities = map1.layers("ciudades")
top20cities.style.symbolbitmapname = "x.bmp"
end sub

The Map1 is the name of an OLE object that identifies the MAPX.OCX and this also has some layers to put the name, icons, lines, etc. This layers are the ones i am having trouble codificating it in Visual FoxPro.

does someone here have any knowledge of how to do this? i'll thank very much the help.

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Hi Guys

Im trying to find some sort of Visual Basic application that allows me to query AD through a VB interface

I found this code :


Can some tell me exactly what im suppose to do with this code?

Essentially what i want to to do is Creat a Simple Text Box and a Button where i put say the USer or PC number in the text box and it querys AD and returns the result is it possible with the ^^ Above code?

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hi there im a complete noobie to visual basic (although i'v started a program)
and now i'v come to the point of having to program My new work of art.
i will lay out the form setup and if someone could explain how to write the code for it. I would be extremely thankful. here we go , first i have a command button labled "start search" and a standard "drive box" aswell as a drop down "combo box"that
you may write text in at run time
the combo box i'v set up a list of ext example(.bmp) ect.......and i also have a
list box set up to display the search results. Well that is the basic form ,can someone help with the code for all this .

A:Visual BASIC code Pls

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Hi all, listen i got this question, is about visual basic, in part of a program i need to let the user move/grab a picture/label, i tried all the possible ways but no success, anyone knows how?
I tried something like this on code: Label01.Move, but no good.

A:Visual Basic 6 code...

I think you probably want this moved to Development, you'll get more attention there.

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I have made two Listboxes

One of them contains a list of sheets within a workbook. To do this I did the following:

Sub SheetNames()
With Worksheets("CALC")
For i = 1 To Sheets.Count
Sheets("CALC").Range("Z4").Cells(i, 1).Value = Sheets(i).Name
Next i
End With

End Sub

This placed all the data on the sheet. I then defined the name of the list and by using Data/Validation/List was able to make the list.

Is there a better way to make a list that picks up all the names of all the sheets in the same workbook and puts it into a listbox?

Now that I have the list and I am able to display the sheet I want to use.
How do I go to the sheet using the value displayed in the listbox and then copy a range of data.
I need to have formulae that will allow me to do the same regardless of which value I pick in the listbox.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

A:Excel Visual Basic Code

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Hi there

I work for a large hospital and am responsible for project training and support. I am trying to create a tool for users that allows them to enter a value in a spreadsheet and then a range of choices are presented to them as a result:-

Here's the gist- users have to record patient events on the system with specific codes which have behaviours, e.g. start, stop, ongoing, inactive. However, you can only use the codes in certain ways, depending on what code went before, e.g. "Inactive" can't go before "Stop" etc. Staff find this difficult at times and end up putting the wrong thing in- so I wanted to see if I could devise a tool to help them along.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I could create a simple macro to do this? I only have SQL knowledge.

Any help would be gratefully received!

A:Visual Basic code for Excel db

It depends on where the Inputs are made, do they enter the data in to a cell or on a User Form.
Any particular reason for using Excel for a database, when Access does the job so much better?

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I want to write this excel code in VB. How can I achieve this?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = 2 Then Target.Offset(0, 2).Value = Now()
If Target.Column = 2 Then
Target.Offset(0, 11).Value2 = Now()
End If
End if
End Sub
By creating an object for excel applications I want to achieve this.Any one to help ?

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I have a spreadsheet with a list of the months in 'Column A' with each month separated by two empty rows
(e.g. December = A1, November = A4, March = A7, etc.)

I need a code that will insert a new row two-rows below the appropriate month [i.e. when compared against the "=NOW()" month]
(e.g. if =NOW() equals 11-06-2006, then I need a blank row inserted at A6)

Anyone assist me with this request?

A:Visual Basic Code Needed For Excel

Is this matter allready solved?

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hey all...

this is my code that i have so far for the search button on one form.


Private Sub cmdSearch_Click()

''' initialize the holder fields on the directory form
frmDirectory.txtFirst.Text = ""
frmDirectory.txtLast.Text = ""
''' open the database
Set conn = New ADODB.Connection
conn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
conn.Open "c:\VB\Directory\Directory.mdb"

''' build the sql statement
Dim strSql As String

strSql = ""
strSql = strSql & "SELECT * FROM Directory"
strSql = strSql & " WHERE txtLast = '" & lname & "'"
strSql = strSql & " AND txtFirst = '" & fname & "'"
''' open the recordset
Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset
rst.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rst.LockType = adLockReadOnly
rst.Open strSql, conn

''' if a match was found then display the data on the form
If rst.RecordCount > 0 Then
frmDirectory.txtFirst.Text = rst!fname
frmDirectory.txtLast.Text = rst!lname

MsgBox "Not Found"
End If

''' close the recordset
Set rst = Nothing

''' close the database connection
Set conn = Nothing

Exit Sub


''' report errors -- not found condition will not get here
MsgBox "Error in search function"... Read more

A:Visual Basic data access code

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Hi All!

I'm creating an application where I have multiple levels of access. I have created a function using DLookup using VB:

Private Sub Form_Load()

'Retrives "HasAccess" Field from the table "tblHasAccess" where the AccessLevelID = Current users access level ID

If (DLookup("[HasAccess]", "tblHasAccess", "UserLevel = UserLevel" & "[FormName]='" Me.Name & "'")) = False Then

MsgBox "You do not have the permissions required to access this location."

DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name

End If

End Sub

Intended functionality:
So upon loading of this form, the "HasAccess" field from the table "tblHasAccess" is retrieved where the UserLevel (Temp variable from the login form code) and the current form is false meaning the HasAccess checkbox in the database is unchecked then close the form and deny access of the form on the program.
However, all users are passing through, when they shouldn't be. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have attached the login form code and DLookup function. I believe it could be a syntax problem with my DLookup function and the variable UserLevel.

Best wishes

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there are actually 3 steps for this to work perfect... no hard codes, so everyone can understand....

let's imagine that we are removing form border so set that to none, then rename form to fmrMain, after that copy and paste this code in your codes


Public Class frmMain

Dim vMoveForm As Boolean = False
Dim voldmx As Integer
Dim voldmy As Integer
Dim voldfx As Integer
Dim voldfy As Integer

Private Sub frmMain_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles frmMain.MouseDown
If e.Button = Windows.Forms.MouseButtons.Left Then
voldmx = MousePosition.X
voldmy = MousePosition.Y
voldfx = Me.Location.X
voldfy = Me.Location.Y
vMoveForm = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub frmMain_MouseMove(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles frmMain.MouseMove
If vMoveForm = True Then
Dim vmx As Integer = MousePosition.X
Dim vmy As Integer = MousePosition.Y
Dim vmdx As Integer = voldmx - vmx
Dim vmdy As Integer = voldmy - vmy

Me.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(voldfx - vmdx, voldfy - vmdy)
End If
End Sub

Private Sub frmMain_MouseUp(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles frmMain.MouseUp
vMoveForm = False
End Sub
End Class


that is basically it, I always say read before running debug so you know it's a legit code and won't mess aroun... Read more

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Visual Basic: Can somebody give me a code for a progress bar for WebBrowser1 please. It is for this free tool im making:

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I need a routine callable from either C or Visual Basic that can turn on and off 1 note at a time using MIDI code sent through a USB port. This is going to be used for a tuning program that helps tune a small Pipe Organ. I am using Visual Basic which could call a C routine to do this. I am using a laptop with windows 7 see details below. I have several caned programs that will play music from MIDI files through the USB interface and run the Pipe Organ. I could either modify one of those programs if I had the source code in C or Visual Basic or write my own routine. I do have a MIDI handbook and can figure out the code, in time. I have not found routines for sending information to the USB port. I am not good at navigating the Microsoft website to find this kind of information (I've tried!). I'm not as good as I used to be at digging through huge volumes of information to find what should be fairly simple routines.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4046 Mb
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6470M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 456223 MB, Free - 302679 MB; E: Total - 15291 MB, Free - 2285 MB; F: Total - 5103 MB, Free - 2126 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1618
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

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This is the sample code for Programming Microsoft® Windows® with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET (Core Reference), 0-7356-1799-6.

System Requirements

To use the Companion Content you'll need to be able to compile and run Microsoft Visual Basic .NET programs. The system requirements are as follows:
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000, or Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft .NET Framework SDK -- can be downloaded from the link provided above (Minimum)
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (Preferred)
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (Best for multi-language development)
To run your Microsoft Visual Basic .NET programs on other computers requires the .NET runtime (also referred to as the .NET Framework redistributable package) to be installed on those machines. The redistributable package comes with the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The redistributable package can be installed on the versions of Microsoft Windows listed above as well as Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me).

Operating System - Windows 98, NT4 & 2000, Windows Me, Win XP




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well i'm not sure where i should post this since Development seemed to concern problems on creating codes and Windows OSes didn't seem like the right place. anyway i've been having alot of problems with Visual Basic 6 and Learning Edition. each time i try to view the code window (double clicking on objects,right click>view code,etc) and even when i try to Run the program with nothing on it, it gives me this error:

i tried searching around Google and one site said that it might have something to do with the computer.i'm using a Hewlett-Packard Pavillion 753n and from the sites i've seen they say that HP computers don't work well with Visual Basic.

i've tried multiple reinstalls and also deleted any previous Visual Basic 6 files and folders before each reinstall, but i'm not completely sure if they are all deleted.

can anyone help me on this issue? thank you!

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OpenGL I: Quick Start Sample

This article describes GLEasy, a simple OpenGL program. OpenGL is a three-dimensional (3-D) graphics library included with the Microsoft? Windows NT? version 3.5 operating system. GLEasy is a Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) application that provides a good starting point for investigations into the Windows NT implementation of OpenGL.

GLEasy Sample

This article describes GLEasy, a simple OpenGL program. OpenGL is a three-dimensional (3-D) graphics library included with the Microsoft? Windows NT? version 3.5 operating system. GLEasy is a Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) application that provides a good starting point for investigations into the Windows NT implementation of OpenGL.


GLPal sample

If a program written for the Microsoft Windows operating system needs more than 16 colors and is running on an 8-bits-per-pixel (bpp) display adapter, the program must create and use a palette. OpenGL programs running on Windows NT or (eventually) Windows 95 are no exception.


Easy GL Sample

If a program written for the Microsoft Windows operating system needs more than 16 colors and is running on an 8-bits-per-pixel (bpp) display adapter, the... Read more

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System Requirements

Visual Studio 6.0

Operating System - Windows 98, NT4 & 2000, Windows Me, Win XP




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I guess my question can be asked in two ways, the short way and the long way.

Here's the short one:

Can you do everything that you can do with VBA with VB?
The long one is:

I need to be able to write programs that conceivably invovle web forms/web services (VB right?), Microsoft SQL Server 2002 (VB again right?) but also Microsft Office applications like Excel and Access (VBA??). Does that mean I need to learn both Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications? In my initial research into Visual Basic I've learned that Visual Basic for Applications is a subset of Visual Basic, so shouldn't that mean that Visual Basic, being the parent and more powerful than Visual Basic for Applications, is capable of performing all of the functions that Visual Basic for Applications does?

Thanks for your help,
([email protected])

A:Solved: Visual Basic vs. Visual Basic for Applications

I do not know VB at all, only some VBA. The main difference is that VBA has words specifically for the applications, a classic exanple would be the
both range and .End(xlUp) are for use in Excel.

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A collection of sample files that support Visual Studio .NET white papers available on MSDN

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Pocket PC Software 2002, TabletPC, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows XP Media Center Edition

.NET Framework versions 1.0 and/or 1.1 depending on the sample.


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Do any of you know where I can find an excellent and massive code sample database on the web? Need samples for Word and Excel.

Many sites have a few samples but I need a database of samples to re-learn what I have forgotten.

A:Need VBA Word and VBA Excel Code Samples

Have you taken a look at www.vbaexpress.com? The site is dedicated to VBA and contains a good knowledgebase. The regulars there are also very willing to answer your questions and help develop/refine you code.


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Hi there
I'm just messing around a bit with Visual Basic - I just want to use EXCEL (mainly) and a couple of really simple Windows stuff. I can't be bothered with C# or .NET -- I'm not (nor intend to be) a professional programmer -- but would like to have a go with some small applications and get to grips with the Basic in EXCEL.

I've got the old Ms Visual Basic 6 disks -- is it worth while messing about with these on W8 (Ms believe it or not is going to support the platform through W8 releases !!!) or should I just bite the bullet and download Visual Studio express which seems a bit overkill also for what I'm really trying to do.

As I'm running a 32 bit version of Office it would seem that most of the VB6 stuff could run quite simply in EXCEL 2010 (32 bit) even though my OS is x-64 --or I could even run it in an XP VM.

Any suggestions as to which is the better way to go -- I just want this for casual use -- not as a professional.


A:Visual Basic 6 or Visual Studio for EXCEL use

Doesn't Office 2010 still support VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)? I think that is what you mean by Basic in Excel?

As far as supporting VB6 in Win 8, VB6 apps do run in Windows (32 bit), though we've had issues at work with some 3rd party components. I'm pretty sure 64 bit is out for VB6! I couldn't get any VB6 executables to run on my Windows 7-64 box, though they will run just fine in an XP VM.

I think your options are VBA in Excel if you want to stick with classic VB...

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Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get my feet wet in creating a .vbs file from notepad to do a basic function. I wanted to be able to run .reg files remotely but also interactively. This led me down the path of simply finding an example of a .vbs that would open anything remotely at all. Notepad is what came up with the most results and the Win32_ScheduledJob object appeared to be what was needed.

I researched many different places but this is a decent walkthrough. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa394601(v=vs.85).aspx

I grabbed the code below out of the website and changed the date parameters to run in a couple minutes from my current time. I could see the task in scheduled tasks but when the time had come and gone nothing would happen and this is just trying to get it to run locally so far.

strComputer = "."
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" _
& strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
JobID = "Test"
Set objNewJob = objWMIService.Get("Win32_ScheduledJob")
errJobCreate = objNewJob.Create _
("Notepad.exe", "********143000.000000-420", _
True , 1 OR 4 OR 16, ,True, JobId)
If errJobCreate = 0 Then
WScript.Echo "Job created successfully: " & VBNewLine _
& "Notepad.exe scheduled to run repeately at 14.30 (2:30 P.M.) PST" & VBNewLine _
& "on Mon, Wed, and Fri."
WScript.... Read more

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I am trying to download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 x64 and x86 but everytime I try it, it gives me this message:
Setup Failed
One or more issues caused the setup to fail. Please fix the issues and then retry setup. For more information see the log file.
0x80240017 - Unspecified error
Here are screenshots of the log file: 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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We have a performance monitor application that creates CSV files. This was part of a legacy design and changing the CSV to BLG will break many of the other dependent tools in the application. To assist the other teams in viewing the data as one single file,
we decided to use Relog to convert each CSV to corresponding BLG and join all the blg's to one single blg file.
however, while doing the second step I keep getting this error message 
"At least one of the input binary log files contain fewer than two data samples."
Two questions:
1. How can I resolve this problem. The solutions that are provided in the blogs ask to change the account type to "Remote" from "System" but that does not seem to relate to my problem. My problem is merging all the BLG files to one single
file which can be done using Relog and I tested it but in some cases it fails with this error
2. Has Microsoft documented the error codes with which Relog fails.? How can I handle the possible cases of failure.?
3. Unrelated questions: Can Relog join more than 30 files together to one single merged Performance file.
 I found online at some places that Relog had a limitation that it cannot merge more than 32 separate performance file to one single performance file.

I suggested to use Relog but Relog has been disappointing so far with a lot of unknown errors. A detailed documentation of the error codes in not provided by Microsoft.

Finding answers to som... Read more

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I have Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. I have successfully built a project. Is there some way that I could put my program on a website so that whenever a user accesses the website, the program will run?

A:@@@ Visual Basic Help @@@

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I'm trying to learn VB. I have a picBox and some optButtons along with chkBoxes.
I can't figure out how to name font styles and apply them to the text in the picBox.
IE. I want Comic Sans as my default font with Arial and Courier as optButtons. What is the syntax to do that? my picbox is called picDisplayBill
Do I need to create a sub procedure to do this?

A:Visual Basic

Why can't you just change the FontStyle property in the Properties box? I'm not quite sure I understand the question.

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Hey Guys, It's me again... I am a Computer Engineering Student and working on our thesis now... I wonder if you could help me in my problem.

I Want to print a receipt from the form in visual basic 6.0... If it clicked a button, it will print automatically... I want to know what is the code for that.. thank you!

Hoping for your immediate replies.. Thank you so much!

A:Help! Visual Basic 6.0


Printing a form In Visual Basic | Visual Basic 6 (VB6)

Print VB Form Using cmdialog Control in vb6 - Toolbox for IT Groups

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Where can i download the program that is discribed in this tutoral. I have googled it but cant find a suficent download. And also if i can get it for free?

A:Visual Basic

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I am looking to learn one of these languages.

Basically I want to create simple windows applications. The first application I want to create will be a simple mp3 player with a playlist.

I am very good with PHP and web development programming, but am bored of it and want to move on to creating simple but very useful windows applications with GUI's that use the default windows buttons etc.

Would Visual Basic be better than C++?

What are some disadvantages of using Visual Basic in this day and age?

A:Visual Basic or C++?

Basically I want to create simple windows applications. The first application I want to create will be a simple mp3 player with a playlist.Click to expand...

Thats not a "simple application". Also, iirc, being able to support mp3 files requires the sdk which costs money.

If you are just wanting to create simple windows applications though, I would probably go with Visual Basic over C++. Anything more advance (or portability) then I would go with C++...it all depends what your goals are.

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I'm trying to run an SQL INSERT INTO statement in a macro in Microsoft Access. This is the general line I'm trying to run:


INSERT INTO [2004Q27] (TrainingID, Count) SELECT 1, Sum(IIf([Q27_1]=1,1,0)) FROM 2004Data

It basically tallies up the count in the Q27_1 field. Note that this is just one instance of this line. I'm running it in nested For loop to run it for every year and for questions Q27_1, Q27_2...Q27_i. This is the actual code, with the variables for the year and the Q27_<counter>.

adoRS.Open "INSERT INTO [" & Trim(sYear) & "Q27] (TrainingID, Count) SELECT " & j & ", Sum(IIf([Q27" & Chr(95) & j & "]=1,1,0)) FROM " & Trim(sYear) & "Data", adoConn

I'm getting a "Syntax Error in INSERT INTO statement", and the only problem is the underscore. I have this statement for other questions, such as Q1, Q2...Qi and it works perfectly, but question 27 contains multiple answers, and so the field names are Q27_1, Q27_2, etc. Any suggestions on what to do?

A:Visual Basic / SQL help!

Nevermind, I got it to work.

Apparantly "count" isn't a good word to use for a field name. Once I changed it to "tally", it worked like a charm. And the underscore wasn't a problem at all.

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hey. prolly shudnt paste stuff twice but im told this really isnt that hard, im just way out of time... and desperate.

at 6:00 i have to submit an interface game for a major project... ive prolly messed this up, but im still hoping.....

anyway, i have a circuit board with 12 LEDs (6 red, 6 green) and 12 buttons. its basically a really small version of a roulette table... and i have to write a VB program to control this.... so you click a button to start, pick one of the numbered lights with a button, and then the game picks one of the random 12 lights. If it is the same then you win... a 1 in 12 chance game

does that sound simple to anyone? cos i just cant learn it and produce it in time and im facing failure.

id appreciate any help so much, even if you just know someone else who mite know...



A:please someone who knows visual basic! PLEASE!

Hi, Brad.
I'm really sorry to say that it's highly unlikely that you'll get anyone to help you out. Most people will not assist you with homework, much less when you have not taken the responsibility to do it on time.

I'm sorry, but please don't hold out hope for it. I have to lock this thread, and I'm gonna delete your other duplicate.

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Where can I download Visual Basic 6

A:Visual Basic

Nowhere. You have to buy it. It's an old version, so you might have trouble finding it. Check eBay.

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Is there a freeware (opensource) version of Visual Basic? There are a boatload of good powerpoint templates and games that require VB but my school does not have it. My administrator is hesitant to buy something that she doesn't understand, so I am trying to find a freeware version of it to show her and the rest of the teachers how useful it can be.

A:Visual Basic and Win 7

Delphi Open Source

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A stupit question to most of you but can some one tell me step by step how to program in a clock know basic fetures just the programing side i am having trouble with chears!

A:New To Visual Basic (VB)

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I have this assignment where i have use case blocks and if statements and I'm so confused on how to do it. I have to make it where button 2 will calculate the total charge that also tells that there is a $30.00 deposit. and my label control i have to enter 1,2,3 for the item and "F" or "H" for day rental. I have to make it to where i can put either upper or lower case.
Someone please help me. I dont know where to start. This is what i have so far

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Hello All

I don't know if anyone can help me but I'd really appreciate it if someone can.

In MS Access 2003, you can right click on a table, select export and save it as an XML file. You can then unselect Schema etc. I want to replicate that feature through code in VB 6.0 but can't process it efficiently. The code I have written is:

Dim OLacUpload As New Access.Application
Dim PWD As String
OLacUpload.AutomationSecurity = msoAutomationSecurityLow
OLacUpload.OpenCurrentDatabase DATABASE LOCATION, False, PWD
ExportXML acExportTable, "TABLENAME", "FILENAME"
Set OLacUpload = Nothing

The code above works but it asks to open Access and sometimes errors if you delay the click 'Open'. What I want is for the user to click a button and just create an XML file. Is this possible? My database is password protected too if that helps?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

A:Visual Basic 6.0 XML

Just read the database, and write the object to XML. If there is an export function built in to do everything, you wouldn't have to write a query to do much. You just have to configure an until loop to write each iteration of the read. I use a list to pass between the read and the write.

I too have used your export trick to make sure my XML was properly formated. But, in the end, you need to understand every character in an XML markup to properly program for it.

If you're trying to format a dynamic table structure, you'll have to build the tables to be constructed to fit your XML schema. XML is a bit particular. Example: If I need to take in an unknown.length set of dollar amounts, they need to be placed in the same element and reconstructed with a split("Delimiter goes here as string").

I found out today that XML predates the HTTP standard.. WhaWha..What?
XML was designed by NASA in the late 70's to track parts. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?


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Hi everyone,

I have a relatively simple question. I have a ms access database app written in vb6. I have a function in the app that allows the user to edit a record. The way i'm currently working this is by using the adodata.recordset.addnew method which writes an new record to the database and then i'm going through using SQL and deleting the old record. I was wondering if there is, and i'm sure there is, a way to bring up a record and edit it and save it as opposed to writing a whole new record and deleting the old one.

Thanks to all who read!

A:visual basic 6.0 ADO


As you are using ADO then you have the ability to Update a record:

With ADOData.Recordset
.Fields("MyField1").Value = "My New Value"
.Fields("MyField2").Value = 400
End With

This updates the current record with the new field values. Now this appears very simple (and it can be) however you do generally need to consider a few things. Firstly you need to ensure that the recordset (table) that you are updating has a primary key. If you don't then you will either get spurious results or you will get an error message that may say something like "insufficient base information for updating".

I would strongly recommend that you avoid using the ADO Data control and create your recordset(s) in code as this gives you much more flexibility in terms of setting the cursortype/locktype of the recordset which governs whether it is updatable etc.

Another method that you can employ is to use a standard SQL statement to perform the update (though here again a primary key is strongly recommended to avoid odd results) and do something like this:

ADOData.ActiveConnection.Execute "Update MyTable Set MyField1 = 'My New Value', MyField2 = 400 Where MyKeyField = 123456"

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I am completely new to this but I would like to start writing small little programs... just for my self. For example maybe a little reminder program, no fancy graphics. I would like to be able to take this and run it one any computer with windows without having to download other software to run this. Is visual basic the way to go, if so what software do I need and is there any good online tutorials for this.

PS Years ago I took a course in BASIC computer programing and did well at it... will this help me now days?


A:visual basic

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Does anyone know where I can learn visual basic? I've read several books on it and they have tought me the basics (variables, data types, arrays, controls, etc) But I want to learn how to take my programming to the next step.

I want to be able to create programs that can communicate across the internet/local network, maybe some visual basic gaming. Anything.....
I'm really eager to learn visual basic, as well as other programming languages.

Please Post


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Greetings all,

I am constructing a macro that will allow me to have my summary sheet open, hit a button to browse for a .xls file then import the values from it and add them to any existing values. File location and the amount of files are a variable so adding the one at a time is fine.

So far I have been able to get Excel to open the browse window, allow me to select the desired file and import the values from the specified cells but I’m having trouble with getting it to place the values into the same cell co-ordinates and add them to any existing values that may be present.

My coding experience in Visual Basic is limited to what I have learnt in the past few days trying to get this working. What I have constructed up until now has been done so primarily through salvaging bits of code from other macros modifying them and basically putting them together through trial and error, so it’s entirely possible I have made simple mistakes.

Here is what I have so far…

Sub Compile ()

Dim x As Long, z As Variant
Dim bk As Workbook, sh As Worksheet
Dim sh1 As Worksheet

Set sh = Workbooks("DTS09.xls").Worksheets("DTS Totals")

z = Application.GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:= _
"Excel files (*.xls), *.xls", MultiSelect:=False)
If Not IsArray(z) Then
MsgBox "Exit?"
Exit Sub
End If

For x = 1 To UBound(z)

Set bk = Workbooks.Open(z(x))
On Error Resume Next
Set sh1 = bk.Worksheets("Trigger Info")
On Error GoTo 0
If Not sh1 Is Nothing Th... Read more

A:Visual basic help please.

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I have tried installing Visual Basic 6.0 Pro on my computer using Windows 10 64 bit. I run into the problems with the install of this program. I have had to manually reboot my computer to finish up the install and install MSDN libraries, instead of the program doing this automatically. Then it doesn't install all of the libraries that go with this version such as Active X creation. It also gives an error that the object library for a blank program is not registered.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this program installed, so that I have no problems with the install and when the program runs???

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Well I think I'm definately going to start learning more about IT and make it my profession but I wanted to start learning some Visual Basic but I see that the pricetag is pretty hefty but yet Express is free. Is Express even really the same or just elements of VB 6? Just curious also anyone have any recommendations on the order of learning types of code? I was thinking to go with C++, I know quite a bit on HTML now, and Visual Basic to start and then moving onto Java, XML, SQL, and .net. Any suggestions on the VB prices(ebay is expensive too, I looked) or a partial pack and coding let me know.

A:Anyone know or have Visual Basic 6?

FWIW, if you're serious about learning more about programming, VB is probably not the language to start with. Basic allows too many sloppy programming practices. I'd consider just starting with C++, it's the major language of most larger applications are programmed in nowadays.

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ok im new at this stuff
can anyone please tell me if visual basic is a freeware or shareware or do i have to pay for it
if it is a shareware were can i download it please i really need this
Thanks in advance
and i googled it too

A:Visual Basic

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