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microsoft office product key

Q: microsoft office product key

I bought the special edition HP 15-ay070wm 15.6" Realtree Xtra Camo Laptop from Wal-Mart, and it has a trial of Microsoft Office on there, but its asking for the product key. The other laptops I bought from HP always had the key on the bottom, or in the manual, but its not there. Any ideas where I can find it or contact somebody to get me one without having to pay?

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Preferred Solution: microsoft office product key

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


i have lost my product key for microsoft office 10 and need assistance getting it. my note book came with it pre-installed so i was wondering if hp has tabs on their product keys. if so plz give me contacts and if not thank you for your time.

A:microsoft office product key

When requesting assistance, please provide the complete model name and/or product number of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq makes thousands of models of computers that are all different. Without this information it may be difficult or impossible to assist you in resolving your issue. The above requested information can be found on the bottom of your laptop computer or inside the battery case.  Most HP consumer class computers come with a trial or "Starter" version of Office and not the full Office suite. If you purchased a CTO (configured-to-order) computer and paid extra money for Office, you should have received a disc and COA with Microsoft Office product key. Please refer to your invoice to see if you purchased Office with your computer.  Please click the white KUDOS star to show your appreciation

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A:i could not get the product key for microsoft office

Please explain...what is the laptop model? When and where did you buy it? Why do you think you are entitled to a product key?

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I have Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. The product key is NOT asked for when I open Word, or Powerpoint, but it asks for the other programs (Outlook, Publisher, Access..). I already purchased the product key and put it in months ago. Thankfully, it does not count the '25 trial uses,' but dealing with exiting the registration is annoying. Could it be some confusion with the trial product I had running before?

Thanks for any help

-Running Windows Vista

A:Microsoft Office Keeps Asking for Product Key Which I Already Put In/Purchased

Due to forum rules you will need to address your software licensing issue with Microsoft. If you purchased a license for the software, Microsoft should assist you with getting it registered and operational.

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My new laptop says that I have a one year subscription to microsoft office; however, when I attempt to activate my subscription, microsoft office is asking me for my "product key" code to activate. I cannot find the product key on the laptop or in the box it came from, etc. 

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I had a power cut the other day and now the microsoft Word won't work as Microsoft Office has encountered a problem with licencing. I have a pre-installed Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 and need the product code for this to re-install it. Does anyone know how I can find this.Thanks

A:Microsoft Office Product Codes

Paul-Hughes Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about needing to retrieve the product key for your Office 2010 Home & Student and wanted to help. A couple of apps that will retrieve the key are:1) Belar Advisor: http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html2)MagicalJellyBean Key Finder: https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/Good LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.

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Hi. Several Months ago I got a fatal virus on my computer. I took the computer into a computer repair shop to have it fixed. The person who fixed it said he had to re-format the hard drive to destroy the virus.

I have a copy of Microsoft Office 2000 professional, but I can not find the jacket with the product key, which means I can not install my Office 2000 onto my computer. I could realy use your wisdom and help in this matter.

Who or Whom do I need to contact to get the Product code for Microsoft Office 2000 Professional???

A:Microsoft office 2000 product key

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How do I get a lost product key for microsoft office 10?  Help!  Warranty is out Microsoft says contact computer company it was purchased from but cant seem to get any help.


View Solution.

A:lost product key for microsoft office 10

kdavis12508,When you say you lost the product key, does that means you lost the physical product case and disk? The actual product key label is attached to a paper card,  inside the plastic case. Open the case, remove the MS Quick Start guide to see the label. If you have MS Office installed, the key can be found with Belarc Advisor: http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html

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Specification of my product is:  serial No. 5CG5330P8P Product No. P4H02EA#ABV Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit

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i lost my package carrying my product key ,now am stranded.What can i do??

A:lost product key for microsoft office 10

Did the Office come along with the computer (preinstalled)? If the Office was preinstall, it would be a prial version and no key provided.If you bought the Office from Microsoft, then you will have to contact Microsoft.

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my 3 year old computer's hard drive crashed. I replaced it; reinstalled my 8cd,s system recovery disks. The problem is I no longer have my microsoft office product key #. Microsoft is giving me the run around and so is H.P [its an hp computer].What can I do beside delete it? I need the program

A:Missing Product Key For Microsoft Office

Have you considered an alternative?Open Office

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Now havent got excel but need a spreadsheet application go to microsoft downloads page change it from usa to uk and then put in microsoft office 2007.
Then download the student suite package it gives two mirrors to download do that and then try and download it, which it works fine although takes forever.
Then when it comes to put in the 25 character product key which the download page gives it never works.
Have tried it 3 times and it wont work have typed it exactly how i says sorry this product code isnt correct.
Why wont it accept it the code is 25 characters and is exact every time.

A:microsoft office download product key nightmare

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I was given some days to activate my office but I didn't have the product key,now it stopped working. It needs activation.

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Hey, so this message keeps popping up everytime I open any office applications. 
I did torrent my copy of office 2010 so is there any way of removing this pop up from appearing ? 
I have already tried going into C-Drive and look for the OGA dll file but it appears that its not there. Any suggestions ? 

A:Microsoft Office: Product Activation Failed

The only way around this is to enter a valid product activation key. Is this a legitimate, licensed copy of Office 2010?

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I bought an HP Compaq Presario CQ62 6 weeks ago and it's got Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit pre installed.
Also preinstalled is the Microsoft Office 60 day trial - online, with Office 2007 on it. Not having had any problems with Word on my previous pc (also must have been preinstalled) I was unaware that they now put trial versions of microsoft office on these pc's.

What I'm getting at is that I now find that the product key won't unlock Office 2007 and if I want to use Word I'll have to pay for a new download or disk. The retailer said nothing about this.

I just checked out Microsoft's prices for the full 2010 suite and it's about $150. No way.

I checked a site (kattrax.net) and they're offering the Office Standard 2007 Full version for $70.
1) How can I tell if it's really genuine?
2) If it is, do I just go ahead and download it, and what do I need to uninstall before doing that, if anything?
3) Product Key. It says on their page "After purchasing Office 2007 you can download software or use only Microsoft licence key for activation Office 2007 and pass Microsoft Genuine Advantage".

What does that mean after "......use only Microsoft licence key for..............."

Would really appreciate some info/advice about this.

A:Newbie question about microsoft office product key

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Hi I have a Satellite L300 and it has Windows Vista. When I use home office thing it always asks me a for a product key.

I put it in but it falis to recognise it? Why? It says I only have 18 goes left. Will I lose access to word processing then? if its pre-installed though why does it keep asking me for the number?

Anyway it taken me ages to get herre to write this. Why cantToshiba just have a simple email answering service for customers queries! I bought it in aug last year and this is the first time I've needed help but you would have thought they would have made it easier to support customers!


A:Satellite L300 - Microsoft Office keeps asking me for product key


> home office thing
Nice description ;)

Anyway, I think you mean the Microsoft Office version that is preinstalled on your notebook. As far as I know that?s only a trial version of it and that means you have to buy a Office version if you still want to use it.

If you don?t buy an Office version, you can?t use it anymore.

Last but not least if you have several problems you have to contact an authorized service provider instead Toshiba directly.

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I have an old computer (and when I say old, I mean dinosaur) that was given to me by a friend. It has Windows XP with no service packs (imagine how much fun it is to use that ), but it also has Microsoft Office 2000 on it, and I wanted to find the product key for it. I found WinKeyFinder, but that only supports Office 2000 SP2, and I don't have the time to install SP2 (it currently has no service packs). Microsoft said they wouldn't be able to do it, so does anyone have any ideas on how I can find it? Or will I have to just install Office 2000 SP2?

A:Need help finding the product key for Microsoft Office 2000

There is the Belarc Advisor that may be able to display the Product Key but since Office 2000 support was discontinued some time ago the program may have also dropped the older things. Actually, Microsoft has dropped support for Windows XP and Office 2003 and earlier versions.
Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

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Hello, How do I retreive the Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key which was installed on my Envy 14 when I purchased it new from HP? My hard drive has failed and must be replaced. Thanks in advance

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Do to a catastrophic virus attack I had to reload all of the software that I purchased with the computer. It came with the software factory image on a hard drive partition. None of the product keys were provided with the computer when it arrived. None are shown on any of the machine tags and labels.  Now I cannot use the MS office package that I bought with the computer because I do not have the product keys. So far no one from hp or microsoft has been willing to help.

A:Lost product key for microsoft office stuff when it became n...

This "MS office package that I bought with the computer" is in what forum?  If it is a disk, then there should be a sleeve with a key printed on it.  If you cannot find that sleeve, then now you are most likely going to have to purchase it.  The SUPPORT PAGE for that model says it could have come with one of the Microsoft Office 2007 choices.  If that is what you wish to continue to use, it might be available from an "old software dealer" at a discount.Had you used a keyfinder before wiping out the virus infected software, you would have been able to reinstall.  Or use a backup to return all the purchased software to service.

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Yesterday i had formatted laptop to factory setting. Microsoft office asking for 25 digit product key.as below latop sticker is not clear now. So i cant enter correct number.  when i ask hp they informed that microsoft will provide. when i ask microsoft they inform that we had sold to hp so hp will provide product key.So anybody help me to retrieve product key.

A:Microsoft office 2007 25 digit product key.

Hello joshichirag, I just sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your forum messages, this post has instructions.

I worked on behalf of HP.

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hi there, my laptop hard drive was completely dead. so i've have a new hard drive put into my laptop and microsoft office inst installed on my laptop and i cant find the product key to recover it as i dont have any of the original packaging so microsoft cant help me, so i was wondering if somebody could help me as microsoft want 120 to buy and install microsoft office! please help me...... many thanks

A:how to reinstall microsoft office, i cant find my product ke...

jontry Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! You will need to contact HP Customer Support about this issue, as we have no way of providing you any product key information.If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836Good Luck

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please help how do i find it

A:lost my product key for microsoft office 2007

Assuming you have a legal version installed on your PC (perhaps it was pre-installed), you can retrieve the key by using produkey
(the download button is 3/4th of the way down the page)

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Now havent got excel but need a spreadsheet application go to microsoft downloads page change it from usa to uk and then put in microsoft office 2007.
Then download the student suite package it gives two mirrors to download do that and then try and download it, which it works fine although takes forever.
Then when it comes to put in the 25 character product key which the download page gives it never works.
Have tried it 3 times and it wont work have typed it exactly how i says sorry this product code isnt correct.
Why wont it accept it the code is 25 characters and is exact every time.

A:microsoft office download product key nightmare

case of getting in touch with microsoft for this one.
get them to produce you a new working key.

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i lost the 25 digit product key  to activate the pre installed microsoft office of my acer ASPIRE E5-571, please help me

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Ok so I'm planning on re-installing Windows, which means I need to download Office 2010 again. However, I simply can't find the correct email that Office is tied to. I've tried the only 4 emails of mine it could possibly be tied to to no avail. The computer/Office were a gift from my parents for graduation, but their work/home emails don't have an account tied to them. So I'm at a loss.

I ran into this problem before, trying to switch from click to run to MSI. However, I was able to work around it by, I think, downloading the 30 day trial or whatever, and activating from there. However, I can't seem to find a 2010 trial anymore. A Google search for it takes me to where it would be, but then I click on "try it now" (as seen here Try Office 2010 - Microsoft Office) (Home and Student version, if it matters), and it redirects me to the new 2013 version, which obviously isn't what I want.

Any thoughts on how to work around this? I could always try customer service, I guess, but if there's some alternate source to get the trial from that would be great. Thanks.

Edit: Also, I really want it to be the MSI version, not click to run, so I think that would affect what to download. Thanks again.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 - have product key but not correct email

Follow this link and scroll down to the Office 2010 download. Install it, then activate it with your product key:


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I just got a new laptop that came with a sampler version of microsoft office (microsoft office tools, I believe). This only provided a 60-day trial version of all the applications (Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.).
Anyway, I had a version of MO from college that I tried to install over it and the computer said the product key was invalid. I tried many times, same result.
So I asked a buddy for his 97 version of office (I know, I know, I'm a horrible person). His installation also failed, once again with an invalid product key.
So my girlfriend buys an academic version of MO from her university and brings it home tonight. Same result. Invalid product key.
Anyone have any idea what's going on? Is it my installed version that's preventing me from installing a standard issue of MO?
Please advise. Thanks everyone.

A:Trying to install Microsoft Office, product keys don't work!

Has your 60-day trial period expired? If so I would attempt to uninstall it, and then install your own version.
There is a viable alternative to Windows Office, which is free and open-source, found at OpenOffice.Org, if all else fails.

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I did a  factory reinstall   on a laptop running windows 7 everything went fine until i tried to open a word document then it asked for the Microsoft Office 2010 Product key which was pre installed  i thought that it would have just activated just like windows did but it is not i have heard of ways to get it  before the reinstall but it is to late  i look on the bottom of the lap top no luck 

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Product key after factory reinstall

Hi, Probably that is Microsoft Ofice 2010 Starter. Please try:     http://www.techspot.com/downloads/6255-microsoft-office-starter-2010.html Regards.

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I lost my product code for Microsoft Office 10 which was installed with my HP notebook at purchase.  Is there any way I  can retrieve it.  Thank you for your help. Carol28

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Windows 10 crashed while updating OS because the power went out. The drive will no longer boot up.

I have connected the problem hard drive to another PC's USB port so I can see my files. I am now able to view all of the files.

I will be formatting the problem hard drive, installing Windows 7, then upgrading back to Windows 10. I have my Windows 7 CD but have misplaced the Product Key Code. I would also like to find the Product Key Code for Windows 7, now upgraded to Windows 10 that's NOT Working.

A:How to find Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Product Key

Use one of many keyfinders which you can download from the web.

Showkey Plus



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hey solve your problem easily with these sharing Microsoft office 2017 product keys. Microsoft office 2017 has included so much addition that was support 32 and 64 Bit. It has too many support to for the betterment of users line and diffident the compatibility of more and more data.
The functionality of Microsoft office 2016 has also an ability as well as updated shapes, templates, and styles. It improved maintain for teamwork. You can save your time and money to use working only students and many people are needy persons can download from this site hashmipc.net

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I purchased a laptop with bundled software in Dec 2003. Part of that bundled software was Microsoft Office 2003 Student & Teachers edition. It allowed 2 or 3 installations (I'm not sure which, but I know I have one installation remaining.)

My problem is this: My son has misplaced the paper CD case which the Microsoft Office 2003 Student & Teachers edition came in. When I attempt to install this software on a newly-purchased laptop, it asks for the 25 character Product Key. This is shown on the back of the paper CD case which is gone.

Can anyone tell me the exact procedure to find the Product Key for this software?

Thanks in advance for any help I get.

A:product key needed for microsoft office 2003 student & teachers addition

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I am getting "Microsoft Office Professional 2010 cannot verify the license for this product. You should repair the Office program by using Control Panel." error this morning after booting up the system.

There was a MSFT update that ran last night, and I'm suspicious of it being the trigger of the error.

I have tried the "repair" option for MSO 2010, and have also re-entered the "key", to no avail.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any other ideas?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3493 Mb
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 401466 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DH61BE
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2012, Updated and Enabled

A:Microsoft Office Professional 2010 cannot verify the license for this product ERROR

Hi there, welcome to the board!

Have you tried uninstalling the update? Do so from the Control Panel. There's a button which will toggle showing updates. I'm not aware of any updates which will do this though. I'd start there, maybe trying to open in safe mode, but that seems like a stretch.

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microsoft office can't find your license for this application.  A repair attempt was unsuccessful or was cancelled.  microsoft office will exit

Please do help me for the same.  I have a valid license even updated the same today itself.

A:microsoft office can't find your license for this application. A repair attempt was unsuccessful or was cancelled. microsoft office will exit

Try to restart SOFTWARE PROTECTION service.

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Hi ..i bought a new sony laptop which has Windows 8...after installing it , when trying to open the microsoft Office , it requires the product KEY , which i do not have it when i got it but have heard it is encrypted in the windows 8 ,,,,,do not know how to configure it.......anyone can help? thank you

A:Windows 8 Product key and Windows 8 Microsoft office key

Did you order your Sony with MS Office, & pay for the option.

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Please could one of you give me a valid PosReady 2009 product key as the one Microsoft provided me with was invalid according to the installer.

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My product ID listed for Microsoft Office Pro 2016 is not the same as my license number.

Microsoft automatically enabled/activated Office 2016 and I was not asked to enter my license number. I think the wrong license number was added by mistake. How can I fix this? 

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Microsoft office home and student 2007 came with my computer.  I need the key because I reinstalled windows and then upgraded to windows 10.  Can I give you my service tag # and you could look it up for me?  Thank you.

A:MS Office OEM Product Key for MS Office 2007 (home and student edition)

The only location for that code would be on a card that shipped with the system - if you have lost that, you're essentially out of luck and will need to purchase a new license.

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well my cousin convinced my mom that she needed microsoft access so he brings over microsoft office 2000 and installs it... including everything im pretty sure, i wasnt here when it happened. but he installed word outlook excel powerpoint and access, but we already have the 2003 version of everything except access. and now the old microsoft outlook (2000) has taken over all email rights, as in the links from start menu and internet explorer. So is there a way to get rid of all of microsoft office 2000 except for access? Because when i tried uninstalling microsoft office 2000 it said are you sure you want to uninstall all components? so i wasnt sure so i clicked cancel, well hopefully that made sense, and please help!

A:microsoft office 2000 + microsoft office 2003 = bad idea

Check the Tips & Trick area for a thread I wrote on removing MS Office completely....
all versions...
Then reinstall.

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When I sent a message and when I was using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, I had an option that enabled me to add a photo following or preceding my text. This option enabled me to put a photo in the text area and place text under or above the photo explaining the photo. I am now running Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 using Windows Home Premium 64 bit and I cannot find this option. If this is no longer an option, how can I place a photo in the text area and then follow with text explaining the photo? If this is not possible, I guess this new version is a downgrade!
Thanks in advance and I will appreciate an answer.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 problem when using Microsoft Office

Full details about inserting pictures or clip art into Outlook 2007 here:

Insert a picture or clip art - Outlook - Microsoft Office

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I had to perform a clean install of Windows Vista on my Dell Inspiron 1720. I purchased the computer in 2007 with MS Office Home and Student 2007 preinstalled. I recieved no CD or product key. I need the product key to reinstall MS Office 2007. Microsoft does not supply product keys for the OEM software. 

A:MS Office OEM Product Key for MS Office 2007

Hi Preppie01,
The MS office disk is shipped with the computer at the time of purchase. Kindly private message me the service tag. I will review your account and take the case forward.
I have added you as a friend. Please accept my friend request by clicking on my name highlighted in blue and then click on ?Friends? tab at the top and then click on ?Request to Review? and finally click on ?Accept? button.
I am sending you a private message as well. Click on ?Inbox? to respond to the message and provide system?s Service Tag and contact details so I may access your system records and check for further course of action. You could also click on Start Conversation to send a private message.
Awaiting your response!

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I ran a scan with Clamwin yesterday on my Clevo d480w and it found the threat mentionned aboved. I searched it and deleted it.

Any comment on this particular virus or on the process to identify then to get rid of it welcome.


A:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MAKECERT.EXE: Trojan.Menti-213 FOUND

Wrong forum mate -- queries about, and help with, malware should be posted here: http://forums.techguy.org/54-virus-other-malware-removal/

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After much messing around I have discovered that if you use Windows 7 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program' to set default programs for file types, it breaks the File Types selection within a given program (in my case Microsoft Office Picture Manager) and you are no longer able to use the program itself to set file types only the Windows 7 function. You can tick/untick file associations all day long within Microsoft Office Picture Manager and nothing gets associated/unassociated. The File Types option is basically broken. I have also noticed this occur with 7-zip which actually causes a more serious issue. By default .zip is not listed in the Windows 7 list of 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program' window but is listed if you associate .zip with 7-zip's own file association option. BUT if you then subsequently use windows 7 to re-associate .zip with Windows Explorer, the .zip vanishes (because by default is is not listed), breaks 7-zips file association options and you can no longer associate .zip files with 7-zip, EVER. Basically I am curious as to why Windows 7 own file association options would break software's own internal file association options so badly to the point they are essentially useless and if there is a fix. I even tried completely reinstalling Microsoft Office and removing all references of it within the registry, no luck. Its not a big deal but I just found it odd that a fundamental piece of Windows 7 would harm the integrit... Read more

A:Microsoft Office Picture Manager - Office 07 - Broken File Types

I don't believe it has anything to do with Office 2007/ Picture manager I use it myself,
I do not use 7-Zip but that seems the likely bug,
Windows handles Zip folders just like any other folder so 7-Zip is something I don't understand why people need or want it but I don't need any or need to make any Zip folders either
If your still having file association issues use this,

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MS Office 2007 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning is not able to recognize the scanner.
Every time when given scan its giving error message "Scanner not responding".
But scanner working fine when using MS Office 2003 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning. Also it works with software called Desktop Bind V2.

OS: Windows XP 32-bit
Scanner: RICOH IS200e Network Scanner.

A:Scanner not detected by MS Office 2007 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning

check if you have installed all the office updates.
check if there are any latest scanner drivers, update the drivers for your scanner.
run office diagnostic and check if there are any errors

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Hi all

I am using Windows XP and office 2003. I am using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to view tif files.


1. I open a tif file.
2. I make an annotation change eg: Use the hightlighting tool to hightlight some text. Fine, no problem!
3. I save the document.
4. I close the document and try reopening it:

I get this error:

"The file selected is not a valid Microsoft Document Imaging file"

I recreated my Windows XP profile and this resolved the problem

That was two weeks ago........now the problem is back!

Any ideas?


A:Problems with Microsoft office document imaging in Office 2003

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I have Office 2010 Standard Open License Version installed on 7 XP Pro machines. We discovered, when trying to open a .tif file, that Document Imaging has been removed from Office 2010. I found and followed instructions in KB982760 from the MS web site. I got lots of parts of Office 2007, including Word, but still no Document Imaging. I tried going through Add/Remove Programs to add the feature; still no luck. Has anyone been successful getting Document Imaging from a previous version of Office to run under 2010?


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I recently installed the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, but this morning its intro screen stays stuck at "Starting Microsoft Office Click-to-Run." Googling it resulted in only two threads, neither of them having the answer.

I'm back to using Office 2007, by simply setting my Word and Excel documents to open by Office 2007 by default, but now my Word and Excel icons have become much less pretty, such as my Word icons becoming a very plain "DOCX" icon instead of the normal "blue W" icon. I checked, and the file types are still regular Word documents. Is there a way to get the pretty icons back?

A:Office 2010 Problems: "Starting Microsoft Office Click-to-Run" & Unattractive DOCX icons for Word documents.

Regarding changing the icon:
Go to either My Computer or Windows Explorer.
Click Tools, Folder Options, File Types tab.
Scroll down to the DOCX file type (file types are in alphabetical order), click on it one time to highlight it.
Click the Advanced button.
The "Edit File Type" screen appears.
There is a Change Icon button in the top right area.
Click the Change Icon button.
You should have other icon choices to pick from.
Side note: If you don't like any of those icons, you can always hit the Browse button,
and browse to where other icons are, (you can assign any icon to any file type that you want, it is a matter of personal preference).
Icons are found in .exe files (executables), some (not all) .dll (dynamic link library) files, and .ico files.

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