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shortcuts malfunction program access malfunction

Q: shortcuts malfunction program access malfunction

i used comodo cleaner,,the wiper function,,what a mistake, all my shortcuts,, favorites, program access are disabled, all the desktop icons wont finish loading, and they dont work, cant use system restore either,, programs are still there in files , they wont load , all icons for programs will not appear , any ideas where to go to fix this, ?

Preferred Solution: shortcuts malfunction program access malfunction

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: shortcuts malfunction program access malfunction

did it give you the option to back up before wiping? if so you can use that, or try system restore in safe mode.

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I recently purchased an HP ProBook 450 G3. I am using two passport compact 1 TB drives with my laptop's two USB 3.0 ports. In normal use there is no problem. However, when I copy a lot of data from one to the other (or from one to the laptop's internal drive) the drives keep disconnecting. I know this because first I will get a copying error saying either the source or the destination is missing. Then I will hear the "chime" that Windows makes when a USB device connects or disconnects. Then the autoplay window for the Passport drive will appear. It seems that it spontaneously disconnects and then reconnects. I can continue using it for a time afterward, but it always spontaneously disconnects at some point, always when I am doing large data transfers.

I wondered if I have a poor physical connection---the USB plugs seem a bit loose. I checked if there is any vibration or movement that could break the connection, but so far there is no evidence that anything is moving. The disconnection always happens when a lot of data is being transferred, while the drives are sitting completely still.

Any ideas how to debug this?

A:Hard drive malfunction? USB port malfunction? Or just normal?

This is a hard situation to diagnose from a distance IMO. "Loose" is somewhat subjective, and barring serious abuse the only kinds of usb connectors & ports I've ever seen fail mechanically are mini and micro USB2 types.

I'd be inclined to suspect the drives first, especially if they are from the same family and were produced around the same time (the "bad batch" phenomenon). Have you tried to reproduce the problem on other machines, or with different drives on your machine?

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have 7 pro on my laptop. trying to install a program but when I install the disc in the drive it opens my photoshop elements program!! I've never seen anything like this. what's going on here.

I must add, because i'm sure this has something to do with it, the program is 32bit. family tree maker 16 to be exact. I wanted to try to load it in compatibility mode.


A:program installation malfunction

There is no need to load the program in the compatibility mode.
Insert the disc
let Photoshop open
close Photoshop
open Windows (file) Explorer
find/select the CD/DVD in the left pane

See if you see an EXE* file named setup or install. Use that to start the install.

*This info might help:
File Extensions - Hide or Show

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hi all
Hope I can explain this where you guys can figure out what I am trying to fix.
Well here it goes.
When I go to control panel and click on speech icon to open it I get this:

 SnapShot__1.png   88.98KB
When I click the OK on the pop up box I get this:

 SnapShot_2.png   67.46KB
When I click on New to make a new profile I get this:

 SnapShot_3.png   63.68KB
Here are the microsoft programs on the add and remove on control panel:

 SnapShot__4.png   25.16KB
I think the micorsoft speech SDK 5.1 is where the problem is but not sure.
Does anyone know where I can get a download micorsoft speech SDK 5.1
if I need to reinstall it.
I will be happy to supply any other needed information to repair this problem. Thanks Raner

A:Windows xp pro speech program malfunction

Try Here:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=enhttp://www.bumpersoft.com/Utilities/Voice_..._9426_index.htmYou can remove the current installation and install the new. You might want to look at the system requirements on the microsoft page...You may need to install a different version of C++ than the ones that you have previously installed to make it work properly but I'm not totally sure...

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Hi Guys

A few days ago, my free Edition AVG showed a trojan alert (Trojan horse Generic10.PWU, which it allegedly fixed) after i unzipped and installed a program. Since then, I keep getting error msg's that AVG launcher and WLLogin.exe stops working, every half hour and sometimes other programs like msnmsger. Besides that i can't browse in firefox or IExplorer (i can still browse in Safari and use MSN). And furthermore when i open IExplorer, it opens up fans with this address (don't know if it'ill do any good)
which it can't display, fortunately.
Now the virus alert have shown 3 times for the same trojan as well as something in the virus vault, AVG calls "Virus found Lop". AVG found 4 of those yesterday when i did a scan of the computer, all in Temp internet files dir except the last trojan which was found in C:\Users\Tr?ffel\AppData\Temp
So i ran through the self help tutorial you have here on the site and it helped get rid of the "fan pop-ups" in IE, but my computer is exeptionally slow even though i just upgraded its RAM.
One thing i could not do in the tutorial was to do the online scan, though i think that it was the site that has crashed and that it does not have anything to do with my computer, so i have scanned my computer a couple of times with AVG and Ad-Aware from lavasoft for spyware.

So, I don't really don't know where to go from here, i've googled it but that didn't do m... Read more

A:Browser+program malfunction - Trojan horse generic10.PWU

OMG - Now my AVG antivirus is finding another sort of virus in the deckard directory that I just downloaded :S :S :S in this directory C:\Deckard\System Scanner\USER\Tr?ffel\AppData\Local\Temp\ my AVG has found to cases of Trojan horse generic10.QLH which is a different sort than the others found on my computer :( please help me! I think my computer is getting seriously violated in the backdoor, so to speak!

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Dear Sir/Madam

I get warning to check my disk due to some errors in it, however when i run check disk, the PC shows me a message of
"Cannot open volume for Direct Access" and then it aborts it checking.

I have tried googling this problem and could find some solutions related to some of the softwares like zone alarm or spyware doctor.however i donot have both of them in my pc. have tried using commands for checkdisk through command prompt but no use.

Would be grateful if you could help me in sorting out this problem.

with warm regards


A:Check dist malfunction-Cannot open volume for direct access

Is there more to the message?

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my computer just switch it's self on and it displays the HP logo and it switch it's self off again and it keeps repeating that..... need help please.... I can't work on it.

A:malfunction of PC

How about identifying your notebook with its complete product name or number. See the sticker on the box that it was delivered in.

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Trying to open mail from my home page I am asked for confirmation of my password. A blank white page opens with the address bar flashing(?) Can anyone help? It started when I upgraded to IE10 so I reverted to IE9. The problem still persists.Can I completely uninstall IE and start again?
Attached is the page in question.


A:IE malfunction

Make sure all Windows updates are marked "Successful". If your mail is Yahoo, AT&T or any SBC company they're having trouble with the new mail so the problem might not be on your end.

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While installing usb modem of tata i am getting a msg USB MALFUNCTIONED.


A:Usb Malfunction

Hi sunsandy4u and welcome to TSF,

Have you looked in the Task Manager to see if you have any Yellow marks by the usb hubs on the tree in the left pane? If so, that would indicate a driver problem.

My modem is usb and required a download into it for it to function properly. The software came with the modem. Also, try another usb port if you have one on your computer.

Hope this might help,

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Hello everyone, first time poster, so sorry if I mess up ^^

Anyways, I just got a new laptop, specifically a Lenovo 80XS0086IX Ideapad 320-15ABR. Initially it all seemed fine, but as I used it I noticed several problems: 1) it cannot remain in sleep mode for long. After a while, it just switches off abruptly. I have tried several combinations of lid closed/open, power cord in/out, but eventually the result is always the same. 2) When powering it on after these shutdowns, the trackpad does not recognize multiple-fingers gestures, requiring a restart. 3) The disk usage frequently goes up to 100% despite no ongoing activity. 4) Sometimes, pressing the power button to power it on results in the disk starting, then abruptly stopping, then restarting again several times, before the laptop finally starts. 5) The system sometimes freezes for several seconds, even the cursor stops, only to resume any input movement later.

I have tried everything in my knowledge: I updated the BIOS, the HDD firmware, installed all Windows updates, fresh-installed Windows, but nothing seems to work (although the HDD thing apparently solved the "always 100%" problem). I ran both Windows in-built check-disk and third party programs to check for errors on the HDD, but none showed up. I'd be really glad if it was something I can fix at home, since I really need this machine to study, so sending it to be repaired/replaced back at Amazon is my very last option due to time. Hope you guys can h... Read more

A:Possible HDD malfunction

LofB said:

I just got a new laptopClick to expand...

u mean....brand new???

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I have left my PC working continuously for 3 months now and everything was fine .. until suddenly I heard a weird ticking sound wich after the computer freezed and stopped responding .. then each time I restart the problem occurs again and again (about 5 minutes after res.) ...

any Ideas what the problem is ???

and thnx in advance ...

A:a malfunction ???

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It is dificult to type because as I'm going along, something causes my cursor to jump back in the middle of sentence. I am constantly having to go back and edit.

A:Key malfunction

Are you using a laptop ? Maybe the touch pad is too sensitive. You can adjust that in the Control panel I think.

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when I started up this am everything on screen was smaller, icons, print, and everything. When i shut it odd last nite I used same procedure I always use. Have ran a virus scan and was clean. Can you help , please?


sounds like your screen resolution has changed, try right click on desktop and then click on properties, click on settings and change the resolution to a lower size.


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I keep getting this error "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it". And if I leave my PC on to long the keyboard, mouse, and sometimes even the monitor stop working. I've tried unplugging the keyboard and mouse (which are not USB) and plugging them back in, but to no avail.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Edit: It's a Dell Dimension 8400

A:usb malfunction

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Can anyone help me here, my usb flash pen drive got malfunctions and i want to know how to repair or how to i get back my usb.
1.when inserted lights no showing
2.operating system says malfunction

so pliz pliz help

A:Usb malfunction

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down vote

DEP processing is flaky. Setting /noexecute=OptOut and adding HP digital monitor to the exceptions list does not cause DEP enable for all processes.

No 'restart needed' popup is displayed....
?? CHROME, AVAST, FIREFOX all show DEP (permanent). All others DISABLED.....
?? setting /noexecute=AlwaysOn works, all processes DEP'd, BUT disallows HP digital monitor (can print, cannot scan or retrieve printer info).
I do have Administrator privileges but thought I noticed a popup (IIRC) re two items (processes?) not functioning, CIMV2? perhaps and one other. WBEMTEST checked for DEP 3 (OptOut), verified it was set (I forget the Superclass now, under root/cimv2).
Is this a Startup issue of some kind? Something not loading? GPEDIT under XP not helpful unless DISabling access to various options.
Thanks.... :-/

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Results Found For: exe files start to open but instantly crash into a "run or save" downloads box, showing chopper pc as publisher for all exe files. I am chopper, and chopper pc is the name of my laptopp. if i hit run, its says "the
programs publisher coulden be verified. are you sure you want to run the program?            

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Hello all,

Well, to get right into it, my PSU conked out. I shut down my computer (Start > Turn Off Computer . . .), it didn't automatically turn off like it normally does. So, I tried the power switch, nothing happened. Finally, I flipped the switch on the PSU. Obviously, it was off now.
The next day, I went to turn it on, and it didn't. I tested the power switch, it was fine, so the next thing to check was the PSU. Took it to a computer service store, they tested it, it was dead. I sent it back to the company, they sent me a brand new one. And that brings us to today.

I installed the PSU in my computer, hooked it up to everything (mb, harddrive, video card, CD-Rom, fans). I pushed the power button, the PSU lit up (it has a lighted fan on it) and the fan went on, this lasted about a second, then it shut off. Well, then I went through step-by-step:
- Connected only the motherboard to the PSU - turned on, stayed on, beeped.
- Connected the motherboard and the larger fan - turned on, stayed on, beeped.
- Connected the motherboard, larger fan, and the harddrive - turned on, stayed on, beeped.
- Connected the motherboard, larger fan, hard drive, and video card - turned on, stayed on, did not beep. (apparently it was beeping because there was no video output.
- Connected the motherboard, larger fan, hard drive, video card, and plugged everything into the back of the computer - turned on, stayed on.
- Connected everything listed above, plus the smaller fan, turned an... Read more

A:PSU Malfunction

Although there are things like power surges and lightning strikes that could kill a PSU, there is really no reason to try to come up with a scenario for what happened. Often they just die and it can be without warning. I think you are saying that now everything works. If the new PSU suddenly quits then you may have a problem that needs to be figured out.

The fan set up looks pretty standard.

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Hi, when i turn on my dell latitude 5430 i recieve a message on black background that says:

Fan malfunction
to continue press F1 key
to change setup option press F2 key
to run onboard diagnostics press f5 key.

I've ran onboard diagnostics but it did not find any issues. what should i do about the fan? the warranty is still up to date.

A:Fan malfunction

if it is still under warranty, you should call Dell to arrange for a replacement for the fan.

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My IE browser is erratic and doesn't show all graphics. Would you recommend a reset as a remedy? Have tried endless work a rounds with out success. Please advise

A:IE malfunction

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with XP Home Edition on it. All of my drives and devices connect externally and I access them through 3 different USB ports. A week ago I began having problems with my USB ports.

When I turn on my laptop, the devices (a mouse, keyboard and printer) initially are recognized and run well. Then I hear the noise from the comp as if I unplugged a device and my mouse, keyboard and printer are all no longer recognized by the comp. Sometimes I hear the noise as if I plugged them back in, sometimes I don't hear that noise but get an error message saying that my devices are not working properly and need to be replaced. All of my devices are in reality functioning properly. There does not seem to be consistency in when the USB ports stop functioning. During this time I am not touching the connections and at times am not even actively using the comp.

Do I have a trojan virus? or are my USB ports beginning to simply malfunction?
Any suggestions would be really appreciated. I can't do much with a laptop that cannot save a file to a disk or print a file. I have ad ware and spy ware removal tools (ad aware, spybot search and destroy, spyguard) as well as an updated firewall and antivirus (zone alarm suite) running on the comp. No major risks or problems have been found by these programs.

A:USB Malfunction

Try this: Go to start, control panel, system, click the hardware tab, and click device manager, click the plus next to Universal Serial Bus controllers, and right click and click uninstall on any USB root hubs. Then restart your computer and windows should detect your usb and reinstall the drivers.

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I wrote files to my 3.5 floppy disk in my xp's floppy dd and went to my friend's house and tried to read the files on her xp using her fdd. It said disk not formated!!?

Cause? Remedy?

A:3.5 fdd malfunction

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I have a current issue with my laptop that I would like some assistance on. When I go to play a computer game (such as DOTA 2), the CPU fan malfunctions a few minutes into playing the game and then intermittently switches off then on until I shut the computer off for a while. Is there any way to fix this issue? I have already updated my bios and it did not help.

A:CPU Fan Malfunction

Hi jdendrin,

First and foremost, please post your computer specs. Posting computer specs definitely helps us troubleshoot computer issues more efficiently. What is the brand/model of your laptop? Do you have warranty on your laptop? It's possible that the fan inside your laptop is dying.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 805 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8159 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 833189 MB; G: Total - 953857 MB, Free - 716403 MB;
Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group, N68S3B
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I am experiencing a malfunction where sometimes my screen will partially or completely become covered with horizontal lines. It can happen at any time. On or off line. It happens in my photo program sometimes blocking out whole or partial pics. I can roll my mouse wheel up and down and it will disappear. It happens completely at random. I uploaded a screenshot to look at. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I have a Atapi 6x/32x dvd-rom. Recently, when attempting to insert and install any type of software...dvd or cd it causes my computer to crash and I need to reboot. Sometimes, at that point a warning appears during the reboot process indicating...fatal exception OE: page fault and lists too many numbers to repeat. Could this be hardware or software problems? I have a 2 year old micron 450MHz Intel II that required a hard drive replacement last year (13.0 GB Ultra ATA66 Hard Drive) after emmiting the "sound of Death" Any one have any clues? Thank you

A:dvd-rom malfunction?

For starters, go to start/settings/control panel/system/device manager/ cdrom tab, is it listed correctly , does it have any error indicators. If not, try selecting it, hit remove, reboot and reinstall the drive and software that came with it.

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Please help!

Today I downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer and shortly thereafter I received a message "USB Malfunction...Device not recognized" I was not sure what "device" the message was referring to.

After that, I noticed my LINKSYS Wireless Icon was missing not allowing me to log on to the internet. There are two other PC's on our wireless network which are working fine.

How do I fix this and get my LINKSYS Wireless Icon back???



A:USB Malfunction???

go to device manager

in the device manager uninstall all listed usb
shut down

unplug all usb plugs
reboot twice
after that replug and check it.

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My IE browser is erratic and doesn't show all graphics. Would you recommend a reset as a remedy? Have tried endless work a rounds without success. Please advise.

A:IE malfunction

What version of Windows & IE?

Try resetting IE to the defaults.
In XP its Control panel - Internet options - advanced tab - reset button at the bottom right.

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I have a laptop with a F1 key Malfunction, when Windows XP loads and my desktop appears it then loads help and support continuously, finally locking up the system.
My question is how can i stop F1 from running help, is there some windows service that i can turn off permanently? So that the F1 key means nothing? Replacing the keyboard is not an option for me at this time!


A:F1 key Malfunction

You can disable the Help and Support service from the Services management console (Start > Run > services.msc), or from a cmd prompt: sc stop helpsvc, then sc config helpsvc start= disabled.

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My wife's comp uses an I-Inc TW191 monitor. We just came back from vacation, and the monitor has problems. It does not come on automatically when the computer is turned on. I checked power and vid connections, all are tight etc. If I turn the monitor off, then turn it on, the screen "displays" but only for about 5 seconds, then goes black. I tried the manufacturer website, it said something about doing a "factory reset" then provided no clue on how to do it. Anyone with any ideas??

A:Monitor Malfunction

I looked around a bit and also found the manufacturer site next to useless even after reading the manual.

I've never touched one of those but you might try simply unplugging the thing for a while and see if that does anything.

Other than that you'd need to get into the menu and look at the options in there though five seconds doesn't make for a lot of time to do that.

I noticed it has an "Auto" setting so if at all possible I'd try to use that one.

Besides that if I don't have a manual I try stuff like holding down buttons on the item for a few seconds or a combination of two buttons.

Might give you something to try if nothing else.

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Hello all,

I just recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my desktop computer. I had had 32-bit installed and working fine, but I decided to reformat and throw on 64-bit for increased performance.

Unfortunately, when I finished reinstalling the OS and compatible drivers, I noticed something strange in my system logs and in my device manager.

In the device manager, I have this error message for my processor:Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)
I right-clicked each processor entry for my Intel i5 processor and clicked on Uninstall. After doing so, I click on Action -> Scan for hardware changes... Then all the processors reappeared, with the same error message as before.

In the system logs, I noticed warning messages errors for event ID 219, source - Kernel-PnP.

The error message for the event is:
The driver \Driver\intelppm failed to load for the device ACPI\GenuineIntel_-_Intel64_Family_6_Model_30_-_Intel(R)_Core(TM)[email protected]_2.67GHz\_0.

I tried downloading the latest driver chipset from Intel and installing, but nothing has helped me. I am having strange issues that I did not experience in Win 7 32-bit:
- Digital output from my Soundblaster Audigy is intermittent
- Desktop Manager (Aero) stop working and the theme ch... Read more

A:Intel i5 CPU Malfunction in 64-bit Win 7

Welcome to Seven Forums jcaum. Did you download your 64 bit version and burn the iso, or is it a Retail or OEM version? If you downloaded it and burned the iso you need to burn at the lowest speed 2-4x otherwise sometimes you can get a bad burn.Fabe

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I have a home version of windows 7 and i use a sony laptop.I dont know weather the problem is with my laptop or my windows.

the problem is that when i insert a usb device,all the files in that device are shown as links!
i can't even open any of them from the windows explorer.i tried to copy them into the desktop but an error message pops up saying the file does't exist.
when i insert the same flash drive on my friends computer it works fine!

Please help!

A:usb devices malfunction

Are they shortcuts to files downloaded from his computer?

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Whilst cleaning the back of a computer (whilst it was on), a cable was pulled out. I've not been informed if there were any noises but apparently it was the main power chord. When the computer was turned back on, the typical black screen came up with options. Pressing any of the options led to the loading screen of windows and then froze returning eventually to the black options screen.
I've tried changing out the RAM because I thought it might have ben damaged (and would explain the computers inability to load) but because changing it didn't rectify the issue I'm a little confused. Is it the Chipset (processor which is pentium 4 intel), could it be the hard-drive?

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Hope you can help repair torn out hair?---
5 Machines, I linksys wireless router WAG 160N..
Canard- XP Hpro SP2 - cabled
Mallard- XP Hpro SP2 - cabled
Swan - XP2 Hpro SP3 - cabled
Flying - Vista HP SP1 - wireless
Tufty - Vista HP SP1 - wireless

All are capable of accessing internet. LAN set up for sharing and all in WORKGROUP. Used to using remote desktop from all computers to Swan
Originally new computer "Tufty "had sporadic connections to LAN only some showing not others. Others were seeing each other and
Router was new and setup (apparently) OK.

LAN stopped working with computers showing as "unknown" and WORKGROUP computers not accesible - saying path not found.
Many, many hours trying web help and support lines! Many hours then spent with Linksys - good help - reset router a few times, went through setup and changed a few things I wouldn't have dreamt of and finally appeared to have cracked it with internet and LAN ok and remote desktop ok! -


Switched on yesterday and LAN all but disappeared, working on "Canard" and could remote desktop to "Mallard" but not "Swan"!
Then LAN not working on any computers - well - Network not showing anything but some allowing access to WORKGROUP and thus to folders etc but not all - and right now can't access network or WORKGROUP from anywhere.

Tried turning firewalls (AVG, Windows disabled) on and off till blue in face

Any help gratefully rece... Read more

A:Internet OK, LAN malfunction

Are all systems connected at the same time or just a few and then others boot and shutdown (by the user) randomly?

Conjecture is that two systems might have the same IP address which can only
occur it YOU manually configured the tcp settings. Is this true or do you always use
the DHCP feature?

I would update the firmware to the router regardless; out-of-the-box routers almost
always have down level firmware that needs updates.
While you're at it, if/when you do get connectivity, update the drivers for all network

Lastly, can you correlate your problems to activities while running (ie you're on Canard and Mallar does xxx) or ONLY to no connectivity after booting?

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HP keyboard, HP Computer, windows x64, keyboard stops working sporadically, what's up.

A:Keyboard malfunction

Wired or wireless? How old is it?

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Running Office 2000 in Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

All Office modules have been running successfully for a few years. Today however when starting Word this error message is received:

Windows Word has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

All other Office modules continue to run without problem. The installation disc was inserted and the installation correction option chosen, which appeared to execute without problem. But Word continues to fall over:

There was a problem sending the command to the program

Can anyone advise? There is a strong desire to curl up in a dark corner and weep ....

A:MS Word malfunction

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Whenever i run some games the screen goes black. The game does load, i can hear the audio from menus and such, but i get no video. This problems didn't exist until i updated to windows 10, and all these games run normally on it. I used to many of them in this exact computer. I really don't know what to do, feels like i updated and lost all graphical capacity.

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Yesterday, my computer worked perfectly. However, as of today I get a very peculiar situation. The startup seems to work well until I access my desktop, where the computer inexplicably freezes after one or two clicks and everything becomes unclickable. Sometimes, the screen turns white. During the freeze, I am still able to move my mouse around, but absolutely nothing responds past that, including my fervent attempts of using ctrl+alt+delete. When I use safe mode, the computer works well. So far, I have used a disk cleanup, defragment, and spyware search and destroy without any change. I have rebooted multiple times. Please help?

A:Odd startup malfunction

Hi -

See what, if anything installed in the last 24 hours -
START | type perfmon /rel

See if system restore can help - choose restore point prior to yesterday -
START | type rstrui

Run - Driver Verifier - sysnative.com - MVP

Driver Verifier must run for 24 hours minimum or until BSOD. If system BSODs, please run -

BSOD Posting Instructions

Regards. . .



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pendrives malfunction for xp

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Hey.. i have a old compaq presario and i tried to install memory on it my self..
For some reason it was working fast then all of a sudden it crashed..
It will start up and go pass the welcome screen..(also i have installed XP on it) then after goin past that is goes to a blue screen saying hardware malfunction

Any help guys

A:hardware malfunction

Could you please provide the hexadecimal error code in the BSOD? Assuming you are talking about RAM, I'd say your best bet would be to run a Memtest, which can be found here http://memtest.org/

Memtest is a bootable program which will test your memory for error.

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I have an HP j5780 all in one printer and my computer is a

Dell Dimension E310
Win XP SP3
P4 2.80GHz
512 Ram

The issue I am having is I get an error when trying to instal this printer. It pops up.

USB Device Not Recognized
One of the USB devices attached has Malfunctioned.

I have replaced the USB cable and tried it on another computer.
Dell XPS
Win Vista.
Intel Duo 2.20GHz
3gm Ram

The Same error comes up for both computers and the cable makes no difference. I tried installing from CD, but when it comes to the part that asks me to plug in device the installation hangs up and never completes. I also attempted calling HP but they were of no help so any suggestions would be well appreciated.

A:Printer Malfunction

Ok, TO fix this Goto http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=3301296&rule=11435
and follow everything what the page recommends (its for your specific problem in windows XP).

You might need to download and install the latest drivers at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?swlinkmsg=100&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=3301296

But first complete step 1


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In the MY MUSIC folder,under MUSIC TASKS the PLAY ALL selection does not function. Anyone know how to fix it?

A:MY MUSIC malfunction

Same problem here :(

Tried resetting WMP11 as default App; checked percievedType is OK for .mp3; disabled other context handles; and a couple other registry tweaks, still nothing. It just comes up with an error beep.

Any other suggestions?

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Hi:) I'm having a problem with my keyboard. The keys are switched and spacebar types zero when pressed.
I scanned my PC with dozens of spyware, malware and antivirus software but nothing.
One guy told me to make HiJackThis scan and put the log on this forum,so there it is.
I would aprecciate any kind of help
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 4:01:22 AM, on 9/22/2011
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7601.17514)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent\BitTorrent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\MagicDisc\MagicDisc.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Acrobat\acrotray.exe
C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastUI.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\plugin-container.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HiJackThis\HiJackThis.exe

R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=69157
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R0 - HKLM\S... Read more

A:Keyboard malfunction :(

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I Had connected intex USB mouse,and the device driver is malfunctioning frequently,causing mouse stopped working.
Tried driver update but its showing driver is up to date,help me find solution....

A:Driver Malfunction

Hi there .. Intex Website states that no Driver is required by Windows 7 .. Could it be a problem with your USB ports ? Have you checked with other Devices .. Is it an Optical Mouse does the light underneath come on when plugged in ..

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This was not due to a storm or power outage like many others I have read about. My computer is three years old, it is a Gateway GT5028 and has seven USB ports. All of which are no longer to register: digital camera, printer, external harddrive, iPod, so on. BUT the speakers that came with the computer are still up and running fine. [knock on wood]
I have tried these few solutions:
Uninstalling and Reinstalling the drivers
The PC has been shut down and turned on many times [this matter has been since one month ago]
All of the instructions from the Microsoft Solutions page
System Restore
My warranty is expired
My device manager detects no problems/changes/updates
The local PC shop is $50 an hour
So, any other suggestions on how to fix this incredibly odd problem, let me know.
My next step is to re-format my harddrive myself and see if maybe it will bring them back.

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Suddenly my Excel 2007 no longer adding figures correctly. We have tried rebooting and looking for updates, but nothing has fixed the malfunction. Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you fix it? Thank you

A:Excel malfunction

no longer adding figures correctly.Click to expand...

can you explain a little more please?

give maybe some examples and attach a sample spreadsheet

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On my HP photosmart C7280 Printer the Cyan color element does not function and I get an error message Print Alignment Failed and I have cleaned the print heads many times. I get imperfect color printing due to the lack of the Cyan color element not functioning.

A:Printer malfunction.

Did you replace the ink cartridge? The cartridge contains the print head. Incidentally, the cyan will have to work because that's the color the alignment light in the printer is looking for.


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