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Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

Q: Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

I have three audio devices on my pc (ATI HDMI, Via HD onboard and steelseries usb soundcard) and through all devices I only get audio out of the left channel. I have tried two pairs on headphones and my tv speakers all with the same results. I have looked at all the balancing end everything is set to even on both channels.

Windows 7 X64 ultimate
M4A78 PRO Mobo Via HD audio
Steel Series Usb SoundCard

Preferred Solution: Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

As you have three devices, each one separately generates the sound. The only thing common would be the sound itself, such as a wav or mp3 file.

When you use the PC's sound chip (VIA HD) that is one hardware device and the wired on the motherboard output jacks. If you use a USB connected sound device then you are using that device to generate the sound and that device's physical jacks. If you use the ATI HDMI, most video cards have their own built in audio chip (unless this is an old video card that uses S/PDIF connection to the motherboard) and thus again everything separate for audio generation and connection.

One comment, if you have both the Via on board audio and the usb connected sound card enabled at the same time there can be conflicts and sound problems. Not the balance problem you have but there can be problems. If you want to use the VIA then physically disconnect the USB. If you want to use the USB, disable the on-board audio in the BIOS.

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hello, i have my gaming laptop, an asus g75 ,connected to a tv through hdmi as a 2nd screen and i also have my normal speakers plugged in through the headphone jack. i was wondering how i could split my audio? like if i want to have a movie playing on the TV for someone but i also want to play a game on PC with headphones in without hearing the movie thats playing on the other screen or hearing the game sounds over the movie, so far ive only figured how to get both audio channels playing at once through tv and speakers =/ what is a good program to use to do this? {preferably a free one)



    Hi, I recently purchased a HP Pavilion dv6974 Laptop, it came installed with Vista 64-bit. It works fine and all, just one thing I want to figure out.

    The laptop has built-in speakers, a built-in mic, 2 headphone jacks and 1 microphone jack. I plugged my headset into one of the headphone jacks, my headset microphone into the microphone jack, and my external speakers into the second headphone jack.

    What I wish to do is to set it up in a way that I can play music through my speakers, and Ventrilo through my headset.

    The way I did this before on my desktop was that there was this option in the Realtek Audio Manager called "enable playback multi-stream" that separated the two audio jacks on the computer (one in the back, and one in the front). Then I was able to choose a different audio driver for Ventrilo, and use the default one for music. This was on XP, and I only had one sound card btw.

    And now for Vista, I've tried looking through the Audio Device Manager and the Realtek Audio Manager but couldn't find anything that would help much, except in the Realtek Audio Manager there's this "tie up all input jacks something something, etc" that sounded like it was what I was looking for, but all it did was mess up my microphone.

    To add more to this confusion, there is actually another audio device in the Audio Device Manager, but it's the Digital Audio Receiver, and I don't really know what that does.

    I've asked about this problem elsewhere, and some peopl... Read more

    A:Multiple Audio Devices

    Hi, ForeverRen, and welcome to the forums.

    I think HP would be your best bet in this instance....as they would be able to tell you for sure if that can be done with their hardware or not.

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    My system has a sound card and two USB audio devices. I can click the speaker -> options -> propertied -> mixer device and select 1 device and reboot and play via that device. However I would like to have all audio devices work at the same time. Is there a way to do this? If not, is there a way to switch without rebooting? (Windows 2000).

    A:multiple audio devices

    ..................err? why do you need/want multiple audio devices from the one PC??????

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    hi, i'm relatively new here, so i'm not really sure how to do this but alot of my games are having problems i.e. ? has cause in invalid page fault in unknown. I am led to believe it is a soundcard problem, i use an onboard sound card with the VIA VT1612A 2-channel audio Codec and i look in multimedia properties under audio devices, i had two different ones, Audio for via Ac'97 Enhanced Audio Controller(WDM), and Audio for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM), i was told by a friend to uninstall the drivers and then reinstall to fix this, i did, now on top of those two devices i have a second Audio for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM). I also have three MIDI for WDM-based Device. ANd Mixer for VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller (WDM), along with two Mixer for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM),this may be normal, but like i said i'm relatively new at this and it doesn't really look normal, so can someone please help me? Thank You

    A:need help, multiple audio devices

    Look at the back of your computer. Do you have onboard sound AND a seperate PCI sound card? If so then you need to disable the onboard sound in the BIOS setup and use only the PCI sound card.

    Now go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall ALL VIA AC97, AC97, Vinyl audio drivers and anything else that looks like it goes to sound drivers.

    Then go to Device Manager and uninstall/remove all remaining VIA/Vinyl/AC97 devices listed under the Multimedia heading. Reboot only after all are removed.

    Then download the latest VIA Vinyl drivers. When you first run the new driver setup program it will look to see if there are still drivers installed, if it finds any then it give you the option to uninstall them. Do that and reboot.

    Then run the VIA installation again and install the drivers, and reboot.

    At any point Windows may redetect the sound card and want to reinstall the drivers - let it. Do NOT click Cancel on the Found New Hardware Wizard. If all goes well prior to install the latest driver the sound card should be detected as a PCI Multimedia Device and that means all the drivers will have been removed.

    Here's the latest drivers: http://www.viaarena.com/Driver/Vinyl_AudioCode_v600a_M.zip
    They are in a ZIP file, once extracted you need to run the SETUP.EXE file to install the drivers.

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    I'm not entirely sure if this is a Windows Sound issue or a hardware issue, so I'm asking this question both here and in a Windows Community Forum. Is it possible to output audio to multiple devices (i. e., can one assign more than one "Default Device")?  For example, can I output to the USB-S/P-Dif device connected to my stereo and the bluetooth device driving my outdoor speakers simultaneously? I have an Envy dv7-7255dx, with the IDT Hi-Def audio codec, running 64-bit Windows 10 Home. Thanks!

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    I'm trying to use my speakers for everything except one program. I want to use my headphones for a chat program called Ventrillo. any ideas or suggestions?

    A:Trying to use multiple audio output devices

    I've tried just about everything I could think of and still nothing. Tried changing audio output settings on everything and still cant figure it out. Anyone know if its even possible?

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    I've googled this endlessly with no result and I'm guessing it isn't possible but I may as well ask.

    My laptop has one audio/mic port. I'm cheap and had a splitter laying around, my headphones, and a set of ear buds with a mic on it I combined to use as a headset.

    This works fine, however, since the sound output is being split to both my ear buds and headphones, it doesn't sound as good and some things are faint, which isn't good for gaming.

    Is there a way to manage my audio devices so that my ear buds is mic only and no sound, and my headphones get all the sound? I've found no options in Windows, just playback (speakers) and recording (mic). I assume because it's only one jack it isn't, but it can't hurt to ask.

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    Can someone please help me try and figure out why my audio isnt working the way is should be?

    Playing a blu ray disc (Tron Legacy) using PowerDVD 11 and there is no sound from the side speakers.

    On the weekend I hooked up my next door nieghbours PS3 and it played all 8 channels perfectly.

    I have been trying to figure this out for 6 weeks now and I am not getting anywhere at all.

    A:Audio Problem - 5.1 & 7.1 channel not working with Realtek HD audio & ATI HD4670

    Does this only Happen in PowerDVD 11? Have you tried Windows Media centre?


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    Hi guys. I have my TV connected via HDMI through my video card to my computer and also run sound through my computers speakers with the onboard sound. Normally I just change the audio device before opening a program depending on whether I want it on the TV speakers or computer speakers. The problem is that sporadically when I select the device for the TV speakers it doesn't provide any sound and no combination of turning the TV on and off, changing the audio device back and forth etc will let give sound on the TV speakers (but when i change to the computer speakers it works fine). I can't seem to reproduce the problem either, it just happens sporadically and the only solution is to restart the computer.

    I have vista 32 bit ultimate. Any suggestions?

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    I'll try to explain this as simply as possible... Currently, I have speakers, headphones and the headphone microphone plugged in. I'd like to record my Skype conversations using stereo mix, but stereo mix only picks up what goes through my speakers and not what goes through my headset. I've tried tinkering with the settings and haven't been able to get stereo mix to record what goes through my headset instead of my speakers.
    How do I get stereo mix to record headphone audio instead of speaker audio?

    For the past few hours, I've also been trying to get Audacity to record both stereo mix and my microphone. From what I've read, Audacity can't record two inputs at the same time, so is there a way to combine stereo mix and my microphone?

    I'm using the latest Realtek HD drivers, if that helps any.

    Thanks for your time.

    A:Multiple audio devices, stereo mix and a microphone

    You might want to check out VAC(Virtual Audio Cable). It is not a "free" program, so depending on you needs, it might help. here is a link to info about it:Virtual Audio Cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    and here is a link to download VAC:
    Virtual Audio Cable - CNET Download.com

    I used it myself to share music I was listening to over video chats. The program can be used in a number of ways. I no longer use, since I currently have a laptop with Stereo Mix, and that meets my needs just fine. Hope this helps.

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    Ok im not quite sure where this question should be posted but i noticed the problem when i was playin games so this is where i chose...

    Basically i've got different sounds coming from my speakers and my headphones. I have teamspeak coming through my headphones but my game sounds and other sounds from the speakers. I cant seem to find a way to make them all come from the headphones.
    Using windows 7 32 bit

    Thanks in advance

    A:Sounds coming from multiple audio devices

    Have you tried changing any settings within the Windows Sound panel?

    Start > Control Panel >Sound > Playback tab

    Look for Speakers...right-click and Disable
    Look for the Headphones....right-click and Set as Default Device

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    Hi, I very much want to know the answer to this problem. My setup is simple. I am working with my Mobo's onboard sound card (Mobo is Asus M3A32-MVP Wi-Fi) and here's the thing. I see multiple devices in both Vista and Seven (have a dual boot) - I see the front headphone jack, the SPDIF, the rear audio port (it's 5.1 surround) and also an HDMI. I've just recently bought two bluetooth headphones and I have paired them and see them in the audio devices panel too.

    Now this is what I want to do. I want to hear the audio on all the devices simultaneously. If I turn on the audio system (connected to the SPDIF) then I should hear the audio there. If I connect multiple Bluetooth headphones, I should hear the audio from my comp on any and all of them.

    So, why can't I do this? Apparently this was the default behaviour for Windows in XP. That is, any audio played was available on all connected devices. Now, here in Vista and Seven we have a major downgrade in that we have to select a SINGLE audio output device as the "default" device and when a device is selected as such, the audio stream is SOLELY passed into it. THIS IS SO VERY WRONG! It is so illogical to do something like this in today's world of changing and evolving multi-media environments. I mean, what if my Mom wants to hear my music from the kitchen at the same time that I'm listening to it as I work on my desktop. She should be able to simply plugin and start listening to what I'm hearing! This is RIDICULOUS!

    I ho... Read more

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    I have a Dell Latitude E7440. I have attempted to use 3 different Bluetooth headphones on my laptop, When connected to the laptop, there is a very noticeable background hiss while sound is playing. When connected to my phone I have never had this hiss with any of the headphones.
    I have upgraded my Bluetooth and tried various audio drivers, and I have had no success.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have been trying to use my (win7.x64) Dell l502x laptop with my folk's new samsung lcd tv.

    I finally got the sound bit working (opening nvidia control panel refreshes the audio playback devices list), but I have several erroneous devices that appear (and disappear) when connecting the TV.

    I tried the same device (TV) with the same cable, with my brother's new toshiba laptop, and there were two playback devices (as expected) - speakers, and TV.

    Mine looks like this

    Can any l502x owners confirm (re driver install) if they did follow these instructions


    R300420 Video: (Do "Custom Install", Uncheck HD Audio) nVidia GeForce GT 435M, GeForce GT 420M, GeForce GT 445M, Stereoscopic 3D, GeForce GT 525M, N12E-GE-B(LP)-GT 550M, N12E-GE-B ( GT555M), GeForce GT 540M, v., A07 (155 MB)

    willing to try anything to attempt to get this configured "properly".

    also having issues with nvidia display driver crashing when external is connected, despite underclocking gpu as advised

    A:Dell l502x (NVIDIA 540M) HDMI Audio issues (multiple devices)

    I have multiple HDMI audio entries listed in the Sound Panel/Playback section. Mine are AMD HDMI audio as I have an AMD Radeon video card.

    You have an NVIDIA video card so the reason for the NVIDA listings. The Toshiba may only have the basic Intel Video, for example, and the reason for only one entry.

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    I have a laptop running both windows 10 and ubuntu. The audio worked just fine but since yesterday I couldn't hear a thing  on windows or ubuntu.. There is a red circle with a white 'X' on the speaker icon in the taskbar. When I hower my mouse over it, it says "No Audio Output Device is installed". 
    I tried to find solutions online but I couldn't solve the issue. I don't have the  "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" option under Device Manager. Sound/ Playback gives the message  "No audio devices are installed". I can't open the Realtek app. When I ran driver easy, it said that Realtek audio is unplugged.
    Please do help me. I've been working on this for a while now and have had no luck. Any help is appreciated.Thank you. 

    A:No audio from speakers or headsets

    theodorebear,Click the link below to choose your computer model and then the OS you have installed. Download and install the chipset drivers first and reboot. You can then download and install the audio drivers and install them as well. Reboot the machine. Depending on the system Dell may not have Ubuntu drivers.

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    Hi All

    First time poster... thx in advance to any of you technical wizzards who might be able to help.

    Just wondering if it is at all possible to have audio channelled through 2 usb ports on the same PC listening to the same audio. Unfortunately the headsets are different manufacturers. I dont know if that is relevant but i thought i would mention it.

    I would love to be able to listen to music with my son at the same time while my little girl watches movies on my laptop... lol... You can see my dilemma?

    I'd be extremely grateful to anyone who can help...

    Windows XP Pro... C-Media Headset and Logitech Headset... both on USB... and i will download any media player the helps if anyone has a suggestion.

    Thanks everyone.

    A:Running Audio thru 2 USB Headsets????

    Anyone know????!!!!

    Im gonna guess its a no.

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    I have a Dell New Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (Intel) – 7567. Can someone tell me the size of the Mic/headset jack? I’m looking for some great gaming headset and short on USB ports? If I use my Buffalo Blu-ray on the right side it (uses 2 USB ports) all the available USB ports on the right side, so if I use the only USB port on the left side for a headset , I’m out of USBs??? Thanks


    Hello. The Inspiron 7567 Setup and Specifications document calls it a "headset (headphone and microphone combo) port", but gives no actual specifications. All Dell laptops up to now have had the standard 3.5 mm jacks, so you should be safe using that as a reference. Get one from someplace that accepts returns.

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    Hi Everyone

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

    Is it possible to play my music through 2 headsets plugged into 2 seperate usb ports in windows xp? They are different makes/models. I just wanna be able to listen to music with my son while my daughter watches movies on my laptop.

    Is there anything i need to purchase or software that can do this?

    Thx in advance.


    A:Can I play audio through 2 usb headsets?

    Im guessin its a no????

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    Hello everyone, lately I've been receiving issues with the audio coming out of the wrong place when im using my new headphones. I'm not sure if it could be a problem with skype because it only happens when im on a call with somebody.

    So every time im in a call with someone on skype, the audio from the call stays in my headsets just fine and usual but everything else starts coming out from my speakers. This is especially annoying because my headsets are noise cancelling and i cannot hear the audio properly from the speakers anymore.

    Also the headsets i am currently using are SteelSeries Siberia V2

    A:Audio comes out of both headsets and speakers

    Hi Electros,

    Skype has it's own Audio section in the settings iirc, open Skype, find the audio settings and in there you can chose from a drop down menu which device you want for playback and mic.


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    Alright here's my situation:

    I have a Core2Duo PC running Vista Home Premium 32 bit, hooked up to my TV using a HDMI cable. This has been working fine for 2 years now. Yesterday I decided to add some more RAM to this PC (4 GB instead of the standard 2 GB to be exact). I know 32 bit will only read 3 GB but I was thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit later.

    Anyway I booted up the computer, worked fine of course, even watched a movie or two without problems. Then this morning I booted up the PC and I suddenly noticed the volume icon saying that there were no audio devices detected! I checked under Hardware and there are no audio devices whatsoever! So my HDMI cable is still giving me picture but no sound! Seeing as I'm using onboard audio I immediately booted into the BIOS and although I couldn't find a specific option that said onboard audio I did see something audio related being "HDA" (I assume HD audio) on automatic, the other option was ACRealtek97 or something. However it was enabled so no luck there.

    Does anyone know how all of a sudden my HDMI cable isn't providing audio anymore? I even checked my Nvidia card which also stated that HDMI audio was enabled.

    I hope anyone can help me, thanks in advance.

    A:HDMI audio doesn't work, no audio devices detected.

    hi and welcome to the forum's

    Go to:

    Control Panel > Sounds > Playback

    Then click on HDMI sound and click on the Set Default button

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    I must say I'm a bit surprised that I can't seem to find a definitive answer as I would have thought they'd be plenty of people in my position.

    I simply want to connect two bluetooth headsets (would they have to be identical?) to my laptop at the same time so that my wife and I can either listen to music or watch movies together.

    I've seen a couple of answers on the web stating the Bluesoleil software will do it but they might be just saying that get me to buy the software. There also seems to be a device that you plug into the audio port (3.5mm) although not popular and that's not using the onboard Bluetooth chip.

    Obviously this can be done using wired headsets but I just want wireless.

    Thanks very much and hope you can help.

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    i recently bought a new mobo (MSI - p4m900m3) and everything is working fine apart from i cannot get my sound to work.... everything seems to be installed correctly in device manager ( no '!' next to any of my audio drivers) i have ALC888 on board sound. on board sound is enabbled in my BIOS. iv been compleatly stumped on this one for quite a while. if you need any more information just ask. any help would be very appretiated.

    A:No Audio Device shown in sounds and audio devices

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    I have just installed the audio driver for my motherboard, restarted the computer and it seems that driver doesn't do anything at all. I have the speaker icon in the tray bar with a red 'x' on it, and it says: "No Audio Output Device is installed". Why is that? I tried the driver that's on the motherboard CD and also the one from Realtek's website, and while they are different versions, the problem is identical.

    Please advise.

    A:Solved: 'no audio devices' after installing audio driver

    You have posted in Windows 7 forum but your spec says
    OS: Windows Vista
    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P35C-DS3R
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    RAM: Kingston 2GB DDR2 667Mhz
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD2400XT
    2. Is it the same system please but with 7, if NOT please post the spec
    3. What does device manager show please for sound - on the entry there

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    I'm gonna try and lay out my problem very simply, and then tell you what I have tried/done.

    PROBLEM: When I plug in Headphones, I can not hear anything, and in the playback devices, nothing is shown to be plugged in. This goes the same for my other audio device which is a bose sound dock (for ipod but I connect using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable)

    Okay, so here goes. When I first build the system and installed windows, i wasn't thinking much of the sound as i was installing updates and video card drivers and what-not. I did, at some point, connect the bose to the computer using the 3.5mm jack on the front panel of the computer. It worked fine, I heard the little sounds the computer makes when logging on. Since then I have had troubles with my network card and ran windows update and various other things.

    Now no sound works at all. When I realized this I tried:
    -Changing the actual front panel cable that is connected to the mobo from hd audio to ac 97 (and changing the setting in the bios)
    -Searched for many hours online trying many different solutions such as:
    -updating drivers
    -rolling back drivers

    Other things i've tried:
    -system restore
    -update bios
    -install audio drivers from mobo disc

    I have moved past being extremely frustrated and I now just dont know what else to do.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback what so ever :)
    Ask me any questions you want

    A:Realtek HD Audio/Motherboard Not recognizing any Audio Devices.

    Try this.


    Then this.

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    i have checked the device manager >audio inputs and outputs, but there is no line in audio. i had also gone to sound in settings and this cannot be found in disabled or disconnected devices. i connected my headphones with microphone to the system and still i cant record my voice. the inbuilt recorder of my laptop is only working. i have a combo jack. please help so that i can get input line audio using aux cable.

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    Hi Everyone,

    This forum has been fantastic for helping me with a virus issue, so hopefully, you all can help with an audio issue. I think I put this in the correct forum, if not please move.

    I recently updated my nVidia graphics drivers, but somehow it messed up my audio as well. I have heard that this can happen for some strange reason. Before this issue, I had my audio coming through my 2 logitech desktop speakers and sub perfectly. Also, when I would plug in a USB Headset and Microphone the USB Port would stop any future audio going to my speakers, and instead, put them into the headset. I would typically be playing a game having the sound coming out of the speakers, but if I wanted to listen to a little tunes, I could plug in the headset and listen to some music but still have game sounds on the speakers. Now basically what the issue is, when I plug the headset into the front USB jack, I hear myself breathing (never did that before). In addition, the audio does not go to the headset on 1 of the 2 jacks. Also, now when I use the application Ventrilo, it will not recognize my headset.

    It may help to provide what I have as far as hardware:

    WinXP Home 32 bit
    Intel Quad Core Q9300
    ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo Mobo
    Antec 900 Case (two USB in front)
    EVGA GeForce GTX460

    Not sure if there is anything else that would need to be provided. Also, I checked the device manager, and there are multiple instances of: nVidia HD Audio, so I am not too sure what that is all about. In f... Read more

    A:Audio Issue - USB Headsets and Monitor Speakers

    Drivers at http://support.asus.com/download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=P5Q%20PRO%20TURBO&p=1&s=22&os=17&hashedid=c19zNYHCAXhCqBPq .

    I would install the 1st chipset driver package...and the second audio driver package...after uninstalling all items currently reflected in your Device Manager for audio controllers.


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    I have the X-Fi SupremeFX PCIe card that comes with the Asus Rampage II Extreme. Its hooked up via Digital Coaxial to a 5.1 HTS Receiver.

    I don't have any issues with 5.1ch Dolby Digital when watching DVDs that support it. But all my other audio only comes out the 2 front channels as PCM. On my older computer with a Sound Blaster Audigy card, I was able to get 5 channel stereo through PCM by hooking up through the digital out mini jack and out again through a Digital coaxial cable into the Receiver.

    Is there any way to be able to send the 2ch audio to the surround speakers using the SupremeFX card cabled directly to my receiver?

    Thanks for any input.

    A:Faking a 5 channel signal with 2 channel audio?

    Dolby Pro logic supposedly responds to the directionality of a signal, and that's how it synthesizes(or perhaps extracts) the 5 channel info. Well that's great, but I have found that it sounds like s*** on a 2 channel music source, So, I just use the surround modes and allow myself to be entertained with rear channel surround. If the front channel speakers are imaging correctly, there is no need whatsoever for a center channel with music.

    Plan "B" is obviously a brand new receiver with discreet 5 or 7 channel inputs. And that pins you to 1 specific listening position, or the effect is lost.

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    The audio quality of our built-in Beats Audio speakers is very good. Quality of audio played through BlueTooth is fine. However, the quality of the audio played through any device connected via the audio jack is terrible. The sound comes through as though the speakers or headset have blown cones when they sound absolutely fine connected to other devices (mobile phone, tablet, other computer, etc.). We have ensure that our Realtek drivers are updated and have seen many other complaints about this with no definitive means of correcting it. Has anyone learned of a way to fix this audio problem or should we simply plan to never play audio through this laptop to any speakers or headphones connected via wire? Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. 

    A:Poor Audio Quality, Crackling Speakers or Headsets

    Hi!, Joyful-Life: Welcome, to HP Forum !.  See ... http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04973149  

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    my computer's sound has stopped. I have searched through lots of websites looking for help.
    I first noticed this problem when I tried to open iTunes and it came up with the message 'iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/video playback may not operate properly'. I also cannot listen to music or things online either.
    I have looked at my computer's device manager and can't find any catergory such as 'sound, video and game controllers', which one site suggested to try and check the sound card. I have also tried to update quicktime but that did nothing. I have also tried looking at 'sound' and under both the playback and recording columns it says that there are no audio devices installed. THis appears to be the common phrase along a problem with the audio configuration.
    This has not ever happened to my computer before and I have had it for about 3 years now. It is a toshiba laptop with windows 7 home premium.
    Please help guys, I am really frustrated.

    A:Audio configuration no audio output devices?

    If its not being detected at all in the Device Manager, it will not show up anywhere else.

    When you boot up your PC, enter the BIOS (could be called "Setup") and check to see if the sound is disabled. If it is disabled in the BIOS it will not show up in Windows. If its showing as enabled in the BIOS, do a BIOS reset (to factory setup) and see if that makes a difference.

    If its not disabled in the BIOS there is a chance the hardware has failed.

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    Hi there,

    first i'll give ye the spiel about my laptop audio setup

    I spilled a pint of vodka and blackcurrant all over the keyboard a few years ago, all this has damaged is how my speakers work (despite the wireless card and under the keyboard being covered in sticky sugar crystals)

    (a) the two embedded speakers emit faint crackling when music is played at max volume.
    (b)the embedded subwoofer works fine
    (c) the headphone socket only works when a jack is inserted halfway in a very particular manner (giving audio to one desktop speaker only)

    I've been using cheap "Trust SP 2750p" stereo usb speakers for the last few months (not interested in spending money on a proper external soundcard setup)

    My question is: Can I configure windows or some application to allow audio playback through the usb speakers and the laptop speakers simultaneously? The internal subwoofer is pretty powerful and should sound quite nice combined with the usb speakers at reasonable volumes.

    I've tried googling this but to no avail

    Realtek AC97 soundcard, Acer 2003 wlmi,

    TL;DR version:

    Is there a windows xp config or software available that'll allow me to play audio through my usb speakers and internal laptop speakers simultaneously?

    many many thanks if you can help me out

    A:Play audio through two audio devices simultaneously?

    First thing you should do is clean the sugar and gunk off the inside. I can't believe the keyboard still works

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    I have an Acer E1-571 suddenly I have an X on my audio controller icon on home page and no audio devices in control panel. I have tried installing sound video and gaming controllers and then tried to install update but it says best already installed and still no Audio.
    Any and all help greafully appreciated and many thanks in advance

    A:Audio Disabled no audio devices windows 8

    Look for audio drivers on the motherboard CD delivered to when after purchasing your system. If you can't find it or don't have mobo CD around, navigate to manufacturer website and download driver for audio device from there.

    Good luck!!

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    In Mac OS Quick time does this (I can have 10 audios all playing simultaneously). WMP nor VLC seem capable of this.

    I need a solution to this for both Linux/ubuntu and Windows 7. Maybe there's a way to customize vlc or wmp?


    A:I need an audio player capable of playing multiple audio files simul

    Multiple instances of MPC maybe?

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    I've been stuggling with this for a few hours now and am at the end of my wits..

    I've got two audio devices that I would like to link to my PC at once.
    I've got one plug connected to the back panel, and one to the front. But one always cuts off the other. In my sound devices, the system registers them both as: "speakers, VIA High Definition Audio, Standard device"

    Is there any way that I can connect them both at once, and still have both of them outputting audio?

    I hope the internet will save the day!

    Many thanks in advance!

    A:Multiple audio playing devices, playing the same sound at once

    If you use realtek,
    Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
    Otherwise You're pretty much screwed, only other way is to use Virtual audio cable, but you'd have to set it up every time you booted (and it costs 20$)

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    I have a laptop which has 2 external speakers connected to it. Lately, I noticed that sound in the right speaker was missing. (Left channel is OK.) I took the audio amp and speakers to another PC, and the sound was fine, so it's not the speaker or hardware. If I listen to just the laptop's internal speakers (unhook the external ones), that sounds mono also.

    Investigating further (after I attached the speakers back to the laptop), I found that the right speaker didn't work (it has just a tiny hum) when I was listening to internet radio, CDs, mp3 and wav files. But it did work when listening to midi files. For all listening, I use Windows Media Player.

    The volume control shows Balance set correctly, and will turn off the left channel when moved to the right. Just to be sure the problem wasn't the MediaPlayer, I updated from WMP 10 to WMP 11. Same results. Just the left channel heard.

    Anyone know what could be the reason? Is there a setting somewhere deep in Windows that somehow changed from Stereo to Mono?

    A:Audio Out In Only One Channel

    I have exactly the same problem.

    Does anyone have a solution???????

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    good day experts!

    i have a simple question:what does 6 channel audio mean?

    i have an ecs board K8T800-A (1.0) with that kind of on board audio capabilities,and i'm planning in buying a creative inspire 6.1 speaker system.

    would that work,or would i need to purchase another pci
    audio card from the same company.

    thanks for your help!

    A:what does 6 channel audio mean

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    I have a laptop (Win XP SP2) which has 2 speakers connected to it. Lately, I noticed that sound in the right speaker was missing. (Left channel is OK.) I took the audio amp and speakers to another PC, and the sound was fine, so it's not the speaker. If I listen to just just the laptop's internal speakers (unhook the external ones), that sounds mono also. Investigating further (after I attached the speakers back to the laptop), I found that the right speaker didn't work (it has just a tiny hum) when I was listening to internet radio, mp3 and wav files. But it did work when listening to midi files. For all listening, I use Windows Media Player. The volume control shows Balance set correctly, and will turn off the left channel when moved to the right. Just to be sure the problem wasn't the Media Player, I updated from WMP 10 to WMP 11. Same results. Just the left channel heard. Anyone know what could be the reason? Is there a setting somewhere deep in Windows that somehow changed from Stereo to Mono?Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

    A:Audio Out In Only One Channel

    Have you tried updating your sound adapter's driver?

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    I have two USB audio devices that I cannot seem to properly install drivers for.
    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 & KORG MicroKONTROL

    I am in communication with both product tech support teams but so far they have not offered a successful solution. As the same issue is occurring with multiple devices I thought it might be an OS issue.
    I run Win 7 Home Premium x64

    The problem is as follows:

    The product drivers install correctly without error. However, instead of showing up in the Device Manager in either USB Controllers or Sound Controllers they both show in Other Devices with a yellow exclamation mark.
    I have tried the following fix from this site (USB Driver - General Fix for Problems) and this actually enabled me to access a portable HDD that wasn't working, but it didn't fix the issue for my 2 audio devices.
    I have also tried right clicking on the devices in Other Devices, selecting Driver Update. I then find the correct drivers listed but when I hit install I get the following error message on both:
    "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time."

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    A:Audio USB Devices showing under Other Devices in Device Manager

    Could it be the two devices are competing with each other and the driver installer gets confused? Details on the devices and the needs to use two of the same type probably would be helpful.

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    hello, just purchased Acer AX3950-U3022, trying to determine if 5.1 channel audio is put out. It's a refurb from SenecaData; two requests in to seneca data tech support ; so far, they cannot tell me. Other than one HDMI output, the only audio output is what looks like standard green analog jack; one on rear, one on front panel; plus blue and pink on rear. front has a mic input jack.
    This pc is replacement upgrade for original purchase Acer AX3910, which did have separate channel audio output jacks on back panel; 6 of them. i believe it also had s/pdif; and HDMI output. But imaging problem meant they had to repair all of this model, and they replaced original with upgraded ax3950, assuring me it had all features and more of original AX3910 i bought; and i specifically asked about 5.1 channel audio out, that tech support rep said yes it had it.
    the AX3950 has upgrades; 6 GB ram instead of 4; i3-550 dual core processor instead of E5800; hyperthreading; but 3910 has HDCP support, 3950 doesn't list yes or no; both models have one pciexpress x1 and x16 slot.
    Realtek HD Audio Manager on board; if 5.1 audio out is selected, it shows Analog outputs but hovering cursor over three rear jacks shows front speaker out, rear speaker out, center/subwoofer out. If stereo audio is selected, same three jacks just show standard settings of mic, line in, and audio out.
    there is not product manual for either pc! just a 30 page setup manual.
    please can you advise me what the AX3950 is capa... Read more

    A:pls do I have 5.1 channel audio output?

    hi and hello to the seven forums

    just had a look at the pc specs AX3910-U4022 | Product Model and it states what you ask (see my snapshot)

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just noticed that i hardly get any sound out of the left side of both my speakers and the headphone/line out. I checked the volume control panel and it is faded to the middle. Is there anything else I can try, otherwise i guess its hardware.

    A:Low Left Channel Audio

    Try turning the speaker wire, assuming it is a 3.5 jack. Also, try pushing the cable in a bit, not were the metal bit goes in, but where the wire goes to the plastic bit, which then goes to the metal bit. You may just have to adjust the balance.

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    I recently upgraded to Vista (something that I still don't know if I regret) and I am having problems with recording. I am using audio recording software to record in real time through the mic i/p. However only one channel is recording. I know that the problem is not with the software because I used "sound recorder" in applications and that had the same problem.
    I tried both the front and the rear mic i/p and checked everything in:
    control panel>>Sound>>recording
    and it seems fine.
    Any ideas?
    I would also like to hear what is coming through the mic through the speakers. anyone know how I do that?
    Thanks guys

    A:Only one audio channel recording?!

    Is this software made for XP or Vista?

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    Hi guys,

    I'm new here and I need some help with Windows 7. I have a HP Pavilion dv5-1234ca. I'm using IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. But if I go Properties > Levels > Speakers > Balance, when I want to listen to only the left channel, even if I turn down R channel, the audio i get from the left channel is a mix of left and right audio.

    Sorry if it's really confusing, here's a scenario:
    When one turns down right channel, you should be hearing 100% left audio on the left speaker.
    but when I turn down right channel, I hear 50% left and 50% right audio on the left speaker.
    I hope you guys get what i mean.

    I want it to work because, for example, I want to listen to karaoke videos (this is a chinese karaoke video YouTube - ??? - ?? ktv)that has a left channel of music only, and a right channel of music + vocal.
    right now it isn't working for me because no matter which channel i choose, it plays a mixed audio of both channels ):

    please help me thanks!

    A:Audio Left/Right Channel

    It sounds like your driver/software isn't able to differentiate from left and right channel sound. Are you sure that you have your speakers set up for this? You may want to check for the newest drivers via the HP website.

    This driver is from September of 2009, it's version 6.10.6225.0
    IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver HP Pavilion dv5-1234ca Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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    hi. my left channel plays both left channel and right channel while nothing comes out of the right speaker. it is not my speakers fault because i used headphones and same thing happened but when i used the headphones on another computer sound came from both channels. when i go to the 5.1 surround sound speaker test when the picture of the front left speaker lights up the voice says front left and it comes from that speaker, but when the front right speaker picture lights up the words front right come out of the front left speaker. this happened a few days ago and i didnt change anything. i tried system restore and updating the sound drivers but no luck. i would really appreciate it if someone can help me with this.

    A:left and right channel audio

    anyone? i just want to know why my right channel sound comes from the left speaker instead of coming from the right speaker.

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    i am looking for a audio channel mixer so i

    covert stereo to 5.1 or 6.1 is there a plungin

    i have been working with a member who told about foobar2000

    and a 3rd party plungin channel mixer but vista must have a compatable issue

    or maybe i do

    anyhelp would be great

    A:audio channel mixer

    no response by anyone


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    i have no idea why, but whenever i listen to music or use headphones on my speakers, i only recieve one channel. I checked device manager and everything is installed properly.

    A:audio only playing on one channel

    First check your audio properties and make sure your balance is centered. Then look at the connector. Maybe it's not plugged in all the way?

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    Anyone here have a motherboard with a Realtek Codec and has 6 channel audio working?

    Oddly the driver from the Microsoft Windows Update installed OK but then when launching the Control Panel it came up with an error that the Realtek driver is not compatible with Vista. The latest 6201 driver from Realtek installs fine but only the 2 front channels work in WMP and Winamp - all 6 work during Vista's speaker test though...

    Seems a few people are having this issue with no apparent solution.

    A:Realtek audio, only 2 channel

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