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Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)

Q: Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)

kindly let know about winRM services used in powershell
scenario WINRM service is stopped by default on all machines means WINRM is stoped? my understanding is just start WINRM service on the any workstations where running powershell script will conncet to all machines (even WIN RM is stopped on target
machines) it is right?

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Preferred Solution: Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


how do I download Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) PC music management client? AT&T Wireless- Sideload (Transfer Music) from a Personal Computer (PC) to a Samsung Flight II (A927) says that it needs it to download music to my phone.

A:Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) PC music management client

Your phone should be WMDRM supported. But you can try this update

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These documents provide an overview of the Microsoft Solutions for Management (MSM) patch management solutions, which are composed of service offerings on the following: Patch Management Using Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS), and Patch Management Using Microsoft® Software Update Services (SUS).

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000




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I managed to get winrm to work on my local network but when I try to go through the WAN using either my IP address or my DNS address it fails. I have ports 5895-5896 forwarded and I can get to the "enter password" prompt for both HTTP & HTTPS but after typing it in I get this for HTTP
"Winrs error:The WinRM client cannot process the request. If the authentication scheme is different from Kerberos, or if the client computer is not joined to a domain, then HTTPS transport must be used or the destination machine must be added to the TrustedHosts configuration setting. Use winrm.cmd to configure TrustedHosts. Note that computers in the TrustedHosts list might not be authenticated. You can get more information about that by running the following command: winrm help config."

and this for HTTPS "Winrs error:The WinRM client cannot complete the operation within the time specified. Check if the machine name is valid and is reachable over the network and firewall exception for Windows Remote Management service is enabled."

Has anyone else ran into this and have any suggestions?

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Hello everyone,
This is my first post, so I'm not sure if this is the right category.
I am a IT student and use Hyper-V on my laptop and desktop, I would like to remote manage the virtual machines so I can easily use my
laptop vm's.
I've tried a lot of tutorials, but none seem to be working. This is the error I get all the time:
"An error occurred while attempting to connect to server Check that
the virtual machine management service is running and that you are authorized to connect to the server"

I use both my desktop and laptop in a workgroup enviroment and have them connected over LAN. My desktop being (DAVID-DESKTOP)
and  my laptop (DAVID-LAPTOP)

I have added my desktop to TrustedHosts and vice versa if that is needed I have the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Machine Management service running on the laptop I have cmdkey from my laptop in my desktop, is that correct? I have added both the IP and hostname,
it didn't work either way.I have disabled the firewall on my laptop and desktop while testing this
I am not yet allowed to insert links/images, so they will come soon (I hope)
So with having tried all the above options, what am I doing wrong?

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I'm using yamicsoft windows 7 manager for the past 2 years.. its great and i'm having a doubt is yamicsoft windows 7 manager having any feature like remote management.

I'm having 10 Client pc's and one Server Pc.. i want to manage the Client pcs through lan & windows 7 manager..

or any other software's ? same like yamicsoft windows 7 manager with remote Administration feature ?

A:Is Yamicsoft windows 7 manager - Remote Management available ?

Welcome to Seven Forums reena0307. Have a look at Microsoft's own tool

Download Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) from Official Microsoft Download Center

A Guy

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Have a Dell Dimension 4600 - Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 - 512MB Memory - 60Gig Hardrive.

Recently had the virtumonde virus on my computer. Have tried several things to remove. Thought I had gotten rid of it, but now my computer is doing several odd things.

Cannot remove any programs, cannot start services, i.e. RPC getting error trying to start "service did not start due to logon failure", same with WMI.

Did a XP repair install and everything seemed OK, these services were starting and everything running OK.

Then did the update for XP2, and having same problems again.

Tried uninstalling SP2, and it gives me an error....the system cannot find the file specified.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Error 1068 1069 Remote Procedure Call And Windows Management Instrumentation

Are you 100% certain that the virus is gone? If it isn't, then all the fixing in the world won't make it right.

Tha being said (and assuming that the virus is gone), did you update your drivers to ensure that they were SP2 compatible BEFORE installing SP2? The two most common reasons for SP2 failing are 1) viruses, and 2) outdated drivers.

Other than that, I'd have to suggest backing up your data and reinstalling Windows from scratch with your Dell system recovery CD's

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When using the Computer Management console to remotely manage another Windows 7 computer, I get an error message whenever I try to view the WMI Control properties.  The in the General tab of the WMI Controls Properties dialog box, there is the following
error message:
Failed to connect to \\THE_PC because "Win32: Access is denied."
Does anyone have any thoughts what could be stopping me from viewing the properties?

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I want to be able to remotely manage gpedit and registry on two computers in my home network without any fancy domain networks without having to use Remote Desktop. There is something called remote managment and remote registry but how does that work?

A:Remote management


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A small question can someone help out in this.

I am using MMC to control a remote computer everything seems fine only the disk management can't seem to work it always says you need administrative permissions to carry out this operation although i am the network administrator and i have checked at the other end i have also set the permissions to myself , why is it so that i still can't connect

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Im kinda a newbie, hope i could explain it clearly and, hope anyone could help me or clarify me on this matter...
(Server - Windows 2000 Advance Server )
(Clients - Windows 98)

here's the setup there are 4 servers (eg.. Server-A, Server-B....) w/c are deployed on specific area(location)... for each server there are clients.. DC are setup per server as well as DHCP...
my question is...
Is it possible to setup a trust relationship from all servers? If yes, can it be managed remotely using this setup? if not any suggestions would be appreciated....

A:Remote Management

Are the servers within the same domain? If they are, there is no need for a trust relationship to be set up. If they are on seperate domains you can set up a trust relationship between any server you like between the two or more domains. I am not sure what you are referring to as far as managing. If you want an trust between domain controllers you can manage accounts and pretty much all other services yoyu want.

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I have a small home network. My mother?s computer skills are worse than mine (which is saying something), therefore I get the ?its not working? or ?I have lost my work? whenever something happens. However I am away from home a lot (but normally have assess to an internet connection which I plug my laptop into) it is rally difficult to give her instructions over the phone. Is there a easy to use remote management software which is free. I currently us tight VNC on my network when there is a problem when I am at home. But to don?t know haw to access the home computers when I am away

Any suggestions, thanks

A:Remote management

I use RealVNC, which I assume works similar.

First, you need your external IP address provided by your ISP. Then you need to open a port on your router that forwards to the IP address of your wife's PC. That port should match the port that is configured in tight VNC. When you are away from home, you would remote control using the external IP addressort number.

A couple of things to reduce hacking and snooping:

1) if possible, I would change the default port that tight VNC uses as a precaution, in case someone knows your external IP address and knows about the default port
2) I assume tight VNC has password protection - use it!
3) Since you plan to use it to help your wife, implement the option to only allow the connection if the remote end user is given prompt to accept the connection (if tight VNC has this feature)
4) implement encryption on the connection. I had to purchase the RealVNC license to use this feature - it's not available with the free version

The above four items depends on what level of security you want.

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Service Management Functions (SMFs) provide operational guidance for Microsoft technologies employed in computing environments for information technology applications. SMFs are a core part of Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), which provides guidance through courses, services, guides, and other media that enable organizations to achieve mission-critical system reliability, availability, supportability, and manageability of IT solutions.

System Requirements

Windows operating system

Operating System - Windows 2000




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Any time I try to open the certificates mmc and connect to a Windows XP machine and try to delete a certificate, I get a pop-up error message that says:
The certificate could not be deleted from \\<COMPUTER>\Personal.  The procedure number is out of range.
The weird thing is, if I connect to the same machine from a Windows XP or Windows 2003 box, I can delete certificates.  Whats the problem here?
Thanks in advance.

A:Remote Certificate Management

Hi Novak,Turning off the firewall did not cause items to show in the Personal store.Tim, I went to add a certificate to another store, in which I can see entries, and it never showed up in the MMC session, leading me to think that perhaps it is not looking in the proper place at all (e.g., using the the wrong user or something).  Notably I'm not seeing any username/password prompt.  I do have the same username and password defined for both systems, but what if I didn't?I'm hesitant, without understanding just what I'm looking at, to delete any certificates that are already there.-Noel

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Hello! I am new here, in hopes that someone a little smarter than I can help. Here is my scenario:
I have a teen who spends too much time on the internet. Yes, I can turn it off, but that is not what I want to do. I have searched for a router with parental controls that will allow me to block certain devices at certain times, and I have not found one. I did find a service called Web Curfew, that allows me to do just that. Which brings me to this problem: I have an internet service called Mountain Broadband. I have a receiver on the outside of my house, and a cable that comes from it, running into the house. That cable is plugged into a POE, and a LAN cable is coming out of the POE, then into my Netgear router. I have set my router to remote manage, but Web Curfew cannot connect to it because
"your router is not currently holding your public IP Address (the one we would use to contact you). The receiver device in front of it is. This is a common configuration and you need to “bridge” the receiver so that it acts a simple dumb modem rather than the MODEM + ROUTER it is currently acting as (you effectively have 2 routers in your home although you don’t know it).
Can you call your ISP customer support and ask them how you can “bridge” their POE adapter so that your router can obtain the public IP Address. They should be able to help you as lots of people want the ability to remote manage their router.
I called my ISP...and as told by the owner...why don't I just... Read more

A:POE adapter and remote management

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Hello all,

I'm trying to find a good remote power management doo-hickey, for our five or so servers at our co-lo.

Well, I'm trying to find a basic one actually. I need one that I can work with over our LAN, and that can shut off and return power to each machine individually.

That's pretty much it. The co-lo has 24/7 constant power, so I don't need anything that has anything to do with a UPS.
I also don't need anything that monitors everything there is to know about the power going here and there.

I don't need alert beeps and emails. Hell, I don't even need alerts.

When one of my users here tells the server over there to shut down instead of reboot, I just need to be able to sit in my chair, cut the power, and bring it back on.

So if anyone knows of any sort of thingy-mahoo like this that they've used, seen, or read about, please PLEASE let me know.

My users keep getting dumber and dumber, so I just want to work smarter. Is that so much to ask? Is it? Hello?
I'm ready to go home now.

A:Remote Power Management?

AMD does have a freeware for WOL ( wake up on lan) which i assume that you need. I would give a link but unfortunately at this time the amd site is down.
Or might want to check out Intel ( not free ) which have a similar program.
On the other hand if you need a power-up and power down program well it will cost "boocoo "money

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How do I set up a remote desktop connection with the other computers on my network? I've been trying to figure this out and am hitting a brick wall everytime i try. The computer i'm connecting to has XP and my main computer that i will be connecting from has Vista. I also want to know how to connect to my computers at home from a different location if i'm not home.

Please help me. I'm new to all this and will greatly appreciate your help.

A:Remote Desktop Management

You have a couple options
1. If you have a computer which run XP Professional or Media Center Edition, Windows already has the software "built-in" that will allow you to get to the XP computer (but the reverse isn't true. You cannot use it to connect from XP to logon to Vista)

2. There is freeware available that allows you to go either way

It might be simplest (at least to start) for you to first try/configure remote logon to your XP computer.

First questions are:
1) What firewall product are you running on your XP computer you want to login to?
2)What firewall product and Operating System are you running on the computer you want to logon from?
3)To connect to your home computer from outside your home, you must also open the firewall on your home router. What make/model is your router?

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I'm evaluating Remote Management solutions for my employer and I'd like to know what security holes exist with the following products:

-VNC in its various iterations (e.g. RealVNC, TightVNC, etc)

-Microsoft Windows XP Remote Desktop

-Novell Zenworks Desktop Management Agent

Put another way, which Remote Management solution(s) currently in existance are most secure.

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I want a program to completely manage my computer when I am away, such as starting it up, shutting down, files, etc etc. I have used teamviewer but i find it very unstable, after starting and ending a few sessions.

A:COMPLETE remote management

Have you tried www.Logmein.com?. You can create a free account. TO turn your computer on (remotely) you will have to check to see if your motherboard will support "wake on lan"

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I posted this in 'Networking', but I'm not sure if I needed to post it here instead, so...

I'm trying to find a good remote power management doo-hickey, for our five or so servers at our co-lo.

Well, I'm trying to find a basic one actually. I need one that I can work with over our LAN, and that can shut off and return power to each machine individually.

That's pretty much it. The co-lo has 24/7 constant power, so I don't need anything that has anything to do with a UPS.
I also don't need anything that monitors everything there is to know about the power going here and there.

I don't need alert beeps and emails. Hell, I don't even need alerts.

When one of my users here tells the server over there to shut down instead of reboot, I just need to be able to sit in my chair, cut the power, and bring it back on.

So if anyone knows of any sort of thingy-mahoo like this that they've used, seen, or read about, please PLEASE let me know.

A:Remote Power Management?

Closing duplicate, please don't double post........


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I need a little help from someone familiar with the HP ProLiant DL145 Servers - or more specifically, their remote management processor.

I've been trying to access the web-based interface for the remote management - but no go.. I've done a port scan on it, and the only one running is the telnet. I can log in to the telnet side no worries, but im not all the familiar with it, and not sure how to enable the http side - I've been told it can be disabled through ipmi but i can't find any info on it.

The server is running Windows Server 2008, has the HP SIM software installed, but the fans in the unit are spinning flat out - I've heard that the http interface has an easy option for slowing the fans down..

Any help there would be a big help

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I've been told I need to have a static ip address to perform some odbc data management on some tables in a database. Cleaning up records and so forth. I cannot notify the application on the fly what my ip is (dynamically allocated)

I know I have to have a SSH connection, rather than getting a real static IP address can I do port forwarding and set my own up, or use on eof the dynamic dns Services.

Appreciate the advice.



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Computer Management 
Connect to anoter computer
Storage (Disk Management)
Windows xp Error windows show(The RPC Server is unavailabe) 
Windows 8 Error windows show (Disk Management could not start Virtual Disk Services(VDS)

Ehtisham Iftikhar

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Greetings, I am new to the boards here, and I have attempted to search for an answer to the following question, but have not had much success. I have seen other people complain about it, but I'm looking for some rationale...

Does anyone know why Microsoft removed the ability to access the advanced tab when connecting to a PC via remote computer management?

Thank you

A:Advanced tab in remote computer management

Anyone know?

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I would like to be able to run a report which will indicate a PC's disk capacity, and how much free HDD space it has. This would need to be done for all of the PC's on a network.

I would then like to be able to remotely run a disk cleanup of temp files, etc, if needed.

Is there a way to do this using built in tools within WinXP Pro?

I would be doing this on about 500 PC's. Of course, budget is a concern, so anything that is built-in would be best, but I am open to suggestions.


A:Remote disk management and maintenance?

Is this something you want to run automatically or when needed? You can use mmc to remotely manage disks on a pc on a one off basis. You could setup a scheduled task to run disk cleanup on each PC. Maybe check into roaming profiles if you want better control over user's folders. Or a logon script my be what you are looking for....

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I have approximately 120 workstations imported and properly registered to its Novell/Zenworks server. The novell client and ZfD4 agent are installed in all the workstations. In ConsoleOne, I can generate any report (software inventory, hardware inventory, etc.) except for the RMAudit report. The report comes up blank each time. I need this report to tell me who and when are remote sessions are taking place. Spent a few days researching and can't find an answer. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

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Hello All Seven Gurus, (I'm back)

I got off to bad start a few weeks ago with somewhat of rant about Microsoft and Windows 7. Hopefully with and after my apology you all have forgiven me and will help me? I have information to share and need some help.

One of my complaints was with regard to the advanced tab having been removed from the remote computer management properties. I found a solution which I have posted at the bottom. It is not completely functional but I am well on my way. I have played with PowerShell and "shutdown -i" however would love to get the computer management (a GUI interface) functional again.

When I remotely connect via computer management to a remote Windows 7 system and try to view events, I get the following error message:

"Unable to connect to the computer "ZEUS-3B" (my new build). The error was:
The Network path was not found."

If anyone has a solution to this problem coupled with the instructions below much of what I use computer management for would be functional again.


Here is a link to the originator of the text below. I wanted to give him his due credit.
Skatterbrainz Blog: Enabling Windows 7 Remote Management via Group Policy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enabling Windows 7 Remote Management via Group Policy

I?ve been searching for a comprehensive article/blog-post/kb, etc on this for a while but have only been able to find pieces of the overall solution I was looking for... Read more

A:Remote Computer Management configuration help - please

Hi All,

I figured it out on my own. Event viewer now works fine. Logical Disk Manager as it turns out is a no go. That service does not exist for Windows 7. I hope didn't cost anybody a lot time trying to help me. Now if I could just get/convince Microsoft to include and a truely standup advanced search with there next service pack Windows 7 would be awesome.

Thanks again,

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Good day, everyone.
I hope someone here can help me with my problem.

We've got 4 computers at home and I'm trying to find a way to remotely control the bandwidth that's being used by each computer. All computers are running on Windows XP Home SP2.

I've tried using Netlimiter on 2 computers to test if it's going to work but I keep on getting
"Access is Denied" error when I try to remotely access the other PC.
I've already setup the username and password.
I don't know where else I can setup permissions when I've already configured the settings on permissions editor of netlimiter.

Our router is a Netgear WGR614 v7. It doesn't have QoS management feature so I was hoping to find a bandwidth management tool that can also allow me to remotely control the bandwidth being used by 1 of the computers here since Netlimiter's remote management doesn't seem to be working for us.

Thanks in advance to those who can help.

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well its blowing my mind...
im not able to do any thing in computer management-disk management page
my account is an administrator but format, extend and delete volume optiones are grayed (disabled) even when i want to shrink a drive ( not the one with the Vista installed on) i recive an error saying you are not allowed and access is denied .
[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Farzad/Desktop/Capture.JPG[/IMG]i dont understand whats the problem... can anyone of you folks help me?
there two pics attached below one is the error it self and the other one is the disk management snapshot.
thanks before answering

A:computer management-disk management problem

Hi farad4me

Windows is using this drive for page filing, DO NOT DELETE.

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Networked, distributed computing environments require continuous maintenance, including the application of patches and fixes. The need to apply patches is not necessarily the result of flaws or deficiencies in operating systems or applications. Patches may be required to maintain a viable IT environment in the face of software updates, to block opportunities to exploit extended technologies, or to neutralize emerging security threats. These factors exist in all development and production environments. The critical question facing IT managers is how well their organizations will manage the inevitable patch management process.
This solution accelerator is designed to help consultants, partner organizations, and internal IT support staff develop a comprehensive patch management solution for their organizations
System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

Microsoft Word is required to view the content.



A:Patch Management Using Systems Management Server 2.0


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I'm having problems trying to get remote management to work on a friend's Netgear DG834Gv2 wireless router modem (firmware version 3.01.31).

The router has a dynamic IP address but is permanently powered on so it only changes occasionally, but in addition I have set it to e-mail the status logs to me on a daily basis and can usually monitor any changes to the IP address when the lease expires or if a power outage occurs because the logs include details of port scans by source and destination address.

I can use VNC to access the desktop machine (XP Pro SP2) connected to the router from my PC (also XP2 SP2) by setting port forwarding on ports 5800 and 5900 to the desktop's reserved local IP address ( so I know I'm using the correct WAN IP address.

Remote management is enabled using port 8080 and for testing purposes is set to accept communications from any remote computer. The router is password protected (not the default p/w).

However, when I enter the IP address in to my browser (IE6) the router management console log on screen is not displayed (Page Not Found). I've tried entering the IP address (xx.xx.xx.xx:8080) with and without the http:// prefix and have also tried it with Google Chrome but the result is always the same.

I've looked on several other web based IT help forums and have seen the same problem posted but no working solutions offered in response so I've come back to my favourite forum for help Have also looke... Read more

A:Netgear Router Remote Management Problem

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Hey all,

I just set up PCAnywhere 11 and it's working great for me as far as accessing my PC from the internet using my laptop. For some reason, though, I can't seem to figure out the Remote Management options.

Whenever I try to log in to remote management it asks me for a User Name, Password, and Domain, but I can't find anywhere to set these up on the host computer. I've tried using the log-in name and PW I set up for myself but then I don't know what to put in for the domain. Anyone have any suggestions?

Both machines are Windows XP.
EDIT: Just screwing around with it now and noticed something else noteworthy. When I connect to Remote Management a password box comes up that I put my normal login info into. This box just wants a Login/PW. After I put those in a different box comes up asking for Login/PW/Domain, so it's obviously two different accounts - I just don't know the info for the second one.

A:Solved: PCAnywhere 11 Remote Management - Domain??

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I've got a friend of mine who uses visionapp remote monitoring software. It seems pretty slick, and as I've always just used the snap-in, I've forwarded to my HQ for evaluation to see if we wish to purchase it.

In the meantime, any of you guys know of any solid freeware apps that do similar tasks as to visionapp?



A:good and free remote management apps?

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In light of Spectre, Meltdown, and just other exploits out there I'd like to know if there's a way to permanently disable Remote Management on the P71, this will be a personal workstation machine anyways, so no need for Intel AMT or ME or Vpro either way.   I saw that someone on reddit had posted this article regarding the concern over the topic and how other vendors are offering solutions to permanetly disable remote management since it seems rather insecure: https://www.zdnet.com/article/computer-vendors-start-disabling-intel-management-engine/---Can anyone verify if there is a viable solution from Lenovo or otherwise for this on the Thinkpad P71? TIA.

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I am wondering if someone knows a way how to manage windows 7 remotely, i.e. Computer Management ( win logs, services etc) from Windows XP host.

For example there was administators kit for winsows 2000 / 2003 that I could install on XP machine and remotelly manage AD/ Logs etc...

so anyone have idea how to do it ?

Thanks in advance...

A:Remote management of Windows 7 from Windows XP

Do you mean from XP mode or a separate PC Welcome to The Forum BTW.

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I need to remotely access computer management of a computer that has a different user name and password than the administrator accounts on my local machine.
When I looked this up, I found this suggestion:
"C:> net use \\computername /user:computername\localadmin The password or user name is invalid for \\computername.
Enter the password for 'computername\localadmin' to connect to 'computername':
The command completed successfully.
Now you can launch compmgmt.msc to manage the remote PC."

However it doesn't work.  The net use command completes successfully, but when I run compmgmt.msc it still opens it up locally connected and if I try to connect to the remote computer through the mmc, I don't have any rights to view anything just
as if I never ran the net use command.
How do you use the remote computer management mmc when the administrator accounts are not the same on the local machine and the remote machine?

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I am looking for a good free remote management/control tool, such as LogMeIn that will not force me to be dependent on a web interface.

A:Good Free Remote Management/Control Apps

Just about an flavor of VNC will do.

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Its another great article, this time on how to make a secure connection over the net to your windows 2000 box for means of remote administration. As this is a very current interest of mine, I've posted a link to the article here for your enjoyment....

Remote Management of Win2K Servers: Three Secure Solutions

by Mark Burnett
last updated September 25, 2002


It's a common scenario: your company has an IIS Web server sitting 300 miles away at a high-bandwith, air-conditioned and power-regulated co-location center. The network is stable and the price is right, but you must completely manage the server remotely; you can't just go sit down at the console whenever you want. Remote management presents several problems, the most obvious being that the traffic between you and the server is travelling across the public Internet, available for others to sniff. Another problem is that remote administration normally involves installing software and opening ports, both of which increase the attack surface of your server. The goal when selecting a remote administration solution is to make sure that you (and only you) can do your job without exposing the server to additional risk.

In particular, the concerns when administering a remote server are:

Access Control
Access Control

Access control is making sure that ... Read more

A:Remote Management of Win2K Servers: Three Secure Solutions

SSH2 is a great solution for UNIX administration whether it's remote or not. I disable telnet, ftp, and similar on all of my systems. SSH2 with X-11 tunnelling works great with either Cygwin, Exceed, or similar!
On the other hand, I haven't had good results tunnelling VNC over SSH2. I've tried it between my RH 7.3 workstation and my Win2K laptop using a D-Link 10/100 Switch. The problem that I had was that the client would lock up and/or miss screen updates from the server. Direct VNC between the two worked great. I tried both the regular VNC and TightVNC with the same results. TightVNC did work a bit better (it lasted a minute before locking rather than 30 seconds).

If you're using OpenSSH I recommend the following: 1) Disable root logins, 2) Use shared key authentication over userid/password, and 3) Disable SSH1 protocol. You might also consider the added support/security of a non-open source SSH2 distro like F-Secure if you're in a corporate environment.

I'm not really sure about the advantages of using Zebedee over SSH2, if there are any. I don't see any known expoits for Zebedee while there have been several found for OpenSSH. You could look at this as either good or bad.

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It's impossible to even understand how unbelievably pissed off I am right now. You know, when you tell a network administrator, that "access is denied" to his own home PCs? Hmm? Do you? You can't even imagine. I DO NOT take kindly to my computers giving
me an error saying "Access denied". With that said, let's continue.
Enter computer name.

This is not difficult. This is standard functionality in Windows. All admin accounts. Forced login via "net use" before connecting. Stored credentials. Same passwords and logins on each. Everything. Exactly. As. It. Should. Be.

3 computers, all cannot manage each other. 2 Win7 Pro x64 and 1 Win7 Home x64.
Comp1 -> Comp3 [FAIL]
Comp3 -> Comp1 [FAIL]
Comp2 -> Comp3 [FAIL]
Comp3 -> Comp2 [FAIL]
Comp2 -> Comp1 [FAIL]
Comp1 -> Comp2 [FAIL]

All firewalls are disabled. No matter what, if I do it from Computer Management, or from Services, or from Regedit... EVERY SINGLE ONE fails. I simply CANNOT ACCESS these remote services and it's pissing me right off.
And above all, how the hell has nobody on the internet ever even tried using this functionality before? How? Please tell me. There are zero relevant google results for this situation. Not a single person using Windows 7 has ever had this issue before. Has
nobody even tried? Does nobody use "Connect to a... Read more

A:Cannot access remote computer management (MMC) between two workgroup Win7 PCs

The last few posts in this topic (using Easy Transfer from a good system, export Shared Windows Settings only, import on broken PC), worked to fix the DCOM issue,
but I still... yeah, still couldn't access Services on ZBOX. 

error when trying to access COM+ applications under Component Services

Then, with the help of some virtual machines and fresh installs, I got it nailed. UAC.

I set up identical Win7 RTM x64 Home Premium virtual machines* and I saw exactly the same behavior there too, on brand new systems. So I knew it wasn't a problem with my system. And, recalling the event log from auditing failures, it seems that my user
account was being denied access to the services DB. As it should be with UAC without elevation.

See, when UAC is enabled, the "admin user account" is not an admin. The system utilizes "UAC virtualization", which basically "RunAs"'s a process with elevated privileges as needed. Since network access uses the local user account, that's why you don't
get (and never will get) share access to your Program Files and Windows folders.

So, on the test virtual machines, I set them both to "Never prompt". Then rebooted. Then tested it. Both ways connected successfully to the Services manager. OK. So I enabled UAC on the first VM and left it off on the other, and rebooted. Now the second
VM (UAC disabled) couldn't access the first (UAC enabled) anymore. But the first (enabl... Read more

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Hello HP community, I've been upgrading our organization's laptops to Windows 10 and turning on BitLocker for TPM-enabled machines. We have a decent volume of the 6460b model (around 75), and I have gone through well over half of them without issue. I've had to turn the TPM on for several of them, but that's no problem. However, last week, I was getting two more of the laptops updated and suddently encountered an error message when going to the TPM Management interface within Windows: "Cannot load management console "Loading of the management console failed. The device that is required by this cryptographic provider is not ready for use. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090030) Try again." The TPM shows in the device manager, but not in Speccy. The option in the BIOS for TPM controls is greyed out. I've tried the following and seen no change in symptoms:Uninstalling the TPM from the device manager and letting it re-install.Checking for any additional Windows updates.Updated the chipset drivers directly from the HP support site.Modifying the permissions in the BIOS to ensure that TPM options are set to "Change" rather than "View" or "Hide."Updating the BIOS with files from the HP support site.What other information could I provide that would help identify the issue here? It seems like the TPM is there because it continues to re-install itself after I remove it from the device manager. Further, the error indicates that it's not ready for use, implying ... Read more

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This management pack module has been updated since the release of Microsoft® Operations Manager 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and is now supported for use in international-language configurations.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000

MOM Software: Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 with Service Pack 1



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I bought this router because of favorable comments here and because of its VPN capability. But first I want to setup remote management and that's giving me a headache.

I just updated the firmware and it says the level is V1.0.7.2_1.1.93.

In the Remote Management setup dialog (via routerlogin.net) I clicked the box to turn on remote management. I told it to allow any ol' IP address. And I gave it a port number which I don't think is blocked by my ISP (let's say 12345).

The router is installed at NewHouse and I determine the IP address by asking my browser " what is my IP address?"

If I direct my browser to NewHouseIpAddress:12345 I get an immediate error message "This site can't be reached."

Thinking I might have chosen a port blocked by my ISP I also tried NewHouseIpAddress:80 (a port which my IP claims to block) and ... I got into the router's login dialog!!!

I don't expect anyone here can explain why my ISP is not blocking port 80 which they claim to block. But I hope someone can explain why my specified port for remote management does not work.

I will appreciate any help/ideas/sympathy/pointers.

Thanks, Bob

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This is nothing new to me, that is to say, managing shares from the Computer Management Snap-In. What is "new" to me is why on certain machines on the network the "Properties" and "Stop Sharing" items are not listed int he context menu when you right-click on a share. Is this a permissions issue? I can't see that it would be seeing as how the "Computer Administrator" is ticked in the "Users" control panel. Any ideas? I've actually wondered about this for a long time, but now it's essential that I know.

A:Share Management via "Computer Management" Snap-In

Yes this is permission issue. You have to give user file sharing permission and security permission.If you give premission to user to use files or share have to check your security permission.Also make sure users power user permission on local computer.Check your GPO for users instead.

You can also try SFC scan:

The System File Checker tool scans system files and replaces incorrect versions of the system files by using the correct versions.

To run the System File Checker tool, follow these steps:
1. Click Start and then type cmd in the Start Search box.

2. Right-click cmd in the Programs list, and then click Run as administrator.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click Continue
3. At the command prompt, the following line, and then press ENTER:

sfc /scannow

4. Hit Enter.

The SFC scan should replace the corrupted files.
I hope this helps you, Good Luck.

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I'm hoping someone who has done a bit of network administration can figure this one out. Take a look at this post, in which I tried to get an answer on the subject in question.

A:Share Management via "Computer Management" Snap-In

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Hello folks, My y510p is painfully slow after bootup, highly annoying.  I have tried researching it and see several references to lenovo power management possibly being the issue.  When I look in startup via task manager, I see both lenovo battery management and lenovo energy management.  What is the difference?  Should I have them both?  Can I uninstall one or both, and if so, how?  I do not see them in control panel or elsewhere. ThanksChad

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I'm having an issue where when attempting to create a local port, on a remote PC via the Print Management Console in Windows 7, I get an "Access Denied" error message.

All machines are domain joined.Tried with W10 and Server 2008 R2, too - same issue.Firewall (all three states) off.AV solution completely removed.Tried with highest domain admin account.Tried with UAC turned off and on.Ran as admin when launching console.GP - Point and Print Restrictions - Disabled.GP - Allow Print Spooler to accept client connections - Enabled.Print and File Sharing - On.Network Sharing - On.
To clarify, it is simply creating the port element that fails.

Can create TCP/IP ports OK.Can create Local Ports on the local machine OK - just not on remote machines.Can install printer if an existing local port is used, so drivers install OK.Using PowerShell, can use the Add Printer Port command to add the local port, no problems there.
It just seems to be an issue where the console attempts to verify if the said port exists, that the issue occurs.  If a put in an invalid port name in, it will bring up the correct response of "the network name cannot be found".

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