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T440p - Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN) support?

Q: T440p - Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN) support?

I have a T440p with Windows 10 Pro and have no problem with Wake on LAN (WoL) with an ethernet cord plugged, but have been unable to get Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN) to work. It has the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 which does support WoWLAN and I've got the appropriate settings for the wireless adapter selected. When I posted on the Intel board, they said that WoWLAN support is also dependent on support from the motherboard and suggested I check with Lenovo. Has anyone had any success getting WoWLAN to work?

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Preferred Solution: T440p - Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN) support?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My notebook computer is Lenovo thinkpad X1 yoga (20FQ), it can?t be enabled WoWLAN capability. The checkbox ?Allow this device to wake the computer? can?t be selected on the power management tab of the wireless network adapter (Intel AC 8260) properties page. Like this: But Wake on Lan (the hard-wired network adapter is Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM) is ok:Another X1 yoga of my friend has the same problem, but a X1 Carbon (with the same model adapter Intel AC8260) I found has no problem with this.The operation system of the X1 yoga is win10 pro 64-bit (shipped with the laptop by default), and the adapter is Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260. I?m sure that the adapter Intel AC 8260 support the WoWLAN function, I checked the documents of Intel. I restored the system to the Windows preload environment, and it not works. I checked the BIOS, the setting ?Wake On Lan? has been enabled, and I uninstalled and then updated the drivers of the wireless network adapter, it doesn?t work still. I googled some methods such as edit the Registry Editor, download the driver (Enabling Wake on LAN) at the lenovo support website, etc., but non-effective. I guess is there something wrong with the drivers or BIOS of X1 Yoga? Or X1 Yoga just simply doesn?t support WoWLAN? Or this problem is due to a hardware failure on some batches? Anyone has any suggestion? Thanks a lot! 

A:Thinkpad x1 Yoga doesn’t support WoWLAN (wake on wireless Local Area Network) ?

try this:

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I'm trying to setup WoWLAN (Wake on WLAN), but I'm stuck at part where i have to enable waking in device manager.

I have to enable "Allow this device to wake up the computer" on my WLAN adapter, but It's grayed out.

Adapter is Linksys WUSB600N with latest driver from their website.

I have also tried to use powercfg method, but it will tell me that i do not have permissions. UAC is turned off and cmd is running as admin.

Any ideas?

A:WoWLAN - Allow this device to wake up the computer is grayed out

mine is the same ? have you had a look in the bios settings?

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Even the official website says yes, i still can't enable the Wake on wireless LAN fetures with updated driver, why?
as the picture shows

but in this url, they says it support Wake on Wireless
Qualcomm Atheros :: Networking :: Qualcomm? XSPAN? :: AR9462

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Hello forum,  my goal is to find the best possible M2 SSD for a T440p TinkPad to use it as a system disc (OS and apps). I am going to run Win10 and Linux Mint on it.  From what I have researched, the T440p can only hold 2242 cards in the WWAN slot.  I am not sure about the next points.  - Is there a limitation concerning max. capacity for a M2 SSD for a T440p? (max. 256GB?) - Which interface does the T440p support? (SATA III, PCIe 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3) - Are there other limitations I have to consider before buying a SSD for a T440p?   Can you please share your thoughts?  Thank you and best regards 

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Hi,I have Lenonvo T440p with SATA HDD, i need to confirm whether it can support SSD using caddy drive?What is the max SSD drive if can be added? Best Regards

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I just picked up a t440p, and I am hoping to do some upgrades on it.  I got a Transcend 512 GB SSD for the M.2 slot.   It installs just fine, and Windows 10 sees the drive.  The only issue is that when the M.2 SSD is installed, there is no wireless adapter in the system.  When I remove the M.2 SSD, the wireless adapters are back. Is it not possible to have both in the system and functional?  I am hoping to make the M.2 SSD the OS drive, and use the other SSD drives (2.5") for storage. 

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Hi, I have a Thinkpad T440p and trying to install an AC wifi card. Getting the 1802 unauthorized card error. The new card is an Intel 7265NGW. I have read that only Lenovo branded cards are compatible. Anyone know a workaround for this or where I can purchase the correct card? Thanks

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I wanted to know if I can use this Card to replace my standard card? Intel Wireless-Ac 9260, 2230, 2X2 Ac+Bt, Gigabit, No Vpro or does someone know a better one ? My card I am using atm is  Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260. Any help would be great. Thanks

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My T440p wireless adapter cannot well connect to weak or normal signal. I sent it back to fix it. However, little improved. Any suggestion? Same signal, my old T61p can well connect to the same weak or normal signal without any disconnection. However, T440p has this problems time to time.T440p has been upgraded to Windows10. This issue exists all time.T61p has been upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 pro.

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I have a Windows 7 Home Premium x64 operating system. And I have an Acer laptop 5733z model. And I would like to know if this laptop has wake on lan compatibility. I go to my network card settings, and there I have a setting called "Wake on Capabilities." or something like that. But I do not have a "Wake on pattern match, or I do not have Wake from Shutdown options either. But my bios is very limited in settings, like no power management tab in it either. So I do not think that my Acer laptop does not have it.

And I also have an HP laptop model 2000-210us with Windows 7 on it as well. Now does this laptop has Wake on Pattern match, and I think Wake from shutdown. Now, I am sure that this laptop has Wake on Lan, because most of the HP laptops do have wake on lan. And the network adapter on my HP laptop is Realtek family controller. My Acer has a Broadcom lan adapter. I don't my Acer lan adapter does not have wake on lan adapter. But most of all, I am not so sure on how to set up my Wake on Lan. Like what ip address should I use. My internal or external ip?

My internal ip is or something like that. And what port number should I use. Port 9 or port 7 udp only, not tcp? And should I forward my ports in my router as well? I need lots of help please. And last but not least, I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with XP Pro. Now my Nic adapter is always lit in the back of my tower with the green and amber light. So that'sa good thing. Does that mean... Read more

A:I would like to know if my laptop has Wake on Lan support

To many questions all at one time and somewhat confusing, lets see if you can access the bios as from page 16 here Graphics - Acer Aspire 5333 Service Manual [Page 16] some models of the aspire have the wake on lan facility which you may need to enable in the bios ie tapping F2 on boot

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When I entered the bios I see the option for Wake On Integrated LAN however it is disabled and I cannot select it to enable it. Does this motherboard allow wake on integrated lan?

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According to page 102 of the Alienware 14 manual (EN-US), there should be an option for "USB Wake Support" in the BIOS so that the laptop can be woken from sleep by a USB device.  This is important when the laptop is connected to an external monitor and needs to be turned on.  
It's ridiculous to have to quickly open the lid, press power and then close the lid again.  If you don't do it fast enough, the external monitor is sometimes not enabled and you have to open the lid again to enable the external monitor from Display Properties.
The option is available in BIOS A00 (although I couldn't get it to work), but not A03, A04 or A06.  Why was this option removed?  I need this feature enabled and working otherwise I'm not sure if this laptop is going to meet my needs.
Could someone from Dell please confirm whether or not this will be possible?


A:Alienware 14 (2013) - USB Wake Support Missing from BIOS

Did this issue ever get resolved for you? I am having the same issue with A09 BIOS, It's ridiculous because I literally have two laptops in front of me, my Alienware 14, and my old Toshiba Satellite from about 7 years ago... I uninstalled any Logitech drivers from both laptops, plug in the USB receiver to the Toshiba, it plug and plays, then works fine, I switch into sleep mode on said Toshiba and the Logitech keyboard can bring me out of sleep mode instantly, I don't even have to fiddle around with settings. On the other hand, I plug it into my Alienware 14, it quickly says it's installing drive files, keyboard works, I put the Alienware into sleep mode, but when I use the touchpad, press any buttons on the keyboard, turn off and on the keyboard, press buttons on the laptop itself, nothing wakes it from its sleep (other than pressing the power button on the laptop). I read your posts on the other websites too (a forum I believe it was), and I think I am having the exact same issue. I am running my Alienware in UEFI boot mode, recently switched my HDD to my SSD so that it would perform faster, but I don't think that has anything to do with the BIOS not including a "USB Wake" option, does it? Is it only located in the BIOS when you're booting from Legacy possibly?
Hope you found a solution, because I have spent my entire day off trying to figure out a way to turn my laptop on from afar, but nothing has worked... :(
Thanks a lot.


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WOL>wake on LAN and WOWLAN>wake on wireless LAN if you didn't know.

Here's my situation ;
I got a desktop with win 7 pro upstairs witch is the only pc I need to boot remotely, nothing more needed just boot up like normal and that's it.
The other 2 downstairs are a old desktop with win xp pro and a wireless connected laptop with win 7 home premium.
So I just want to be able to boot the upstairs PC with bolt the others PC's.

I know about the bios settings but do I just change it on the target pc only?
Security from outside connections , something to worry about? Some info please
Free-ware programs needed if you have no access to you modem/router settings (owned by ISP)?
XP machine booting a win 7 machine possible?
.net framework up-to-date btw.
I know about the settings in windows that have to be changed, just dont know how exactly.... Do I do it on all machines or just the target PC?

So I'm guessing you know what to say to me .
All 3 PC's have instant access for remote control with one mouse click and without confirmation from the target PC, I just can't boot them up yet and that's the only thing that's bothering me.
So I hope you can give me the most simple and user friendly way to do this without compromising my network's security from devices outside my LAN.

thanks beforehand.



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W7 PC wakes up from sleep every few minutes. It didn't use to. I am the builder / owner / sole user. Investigation done so far at the DOS prompt to establish the cause:

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
(no results returned)

powercfg -waketimers
There are no active wake timers in the system

powercfg -lastwakeWake History Count - 1
Wake History [0]
Wake Source Count - 0Other ideas to try and establish the cause with please?

Many thanks.

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Satellite P50-C
Model: P50-C-12Z

I run a dual booted Windows 10 & Xubuntu system, favouring linux over windows. I would prefer to use linux but could access the files I need from windows if necessary.

I use this machine as my main one and take a small Android machine on travels. This can send a magic packet to my toshiba via my router which has been set up to pass on the UDP request on port 9.

I would like to be able to contact the main machine whilst away and have been trying to setup WoWLAN.

The network card has a WoWLAN setting (g) but I am unable find out how to keep the network card powered whilst the machine is suspended or shutdown. WOL is enabled in the BIOS,

If I could do that I think I could achieve my aim.

Using a wire to the router is not practical in my situation.

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Yoga 720-12-IKB 81B5, setting up as remote machine for elderly parents with dementia, needs boot-on-timer and wake-on-AC-power options in BIOS because elderly parents can't be counted on to keep it running. BIOS is 5GCN20WW, no auto-boot options are visible. Machine is otherwise perfect for the task, but auto-boot capability is a must-have for the intended usage.

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I have Y530 and I want to turn it on with some remote control I searched about it and I found out there is WoL and WoWlan.I tried to follow some documentation on internet but it's hard to find it with lenovo Y Series.Is there anyone who use this function? 

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I'm struggling to get the wake on wlan to work on my G510. Standard wake on lan over ethernet cable works without any problems. I have changed the wireless adapter settings to "allow this device to wake the computer". I have also changed the energy options to allow the wireless network adapter work when laptop is sleeping. I have also found this bit of information from microsoft on editing the registry in order to enable WoWLAN: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee851581(v=ws.10).aspxStill nothing. When I send the magic packet nothing happens, meanwhile when I send it over lan laptop wakes up immidiately. Has anyone had any luck achieving it? Is it even possible with that model? My drivers are up to date and at the moment I have no more clues. I am starting thinking that it is not possible in G510 (even though the options allow it so theoritically it should work). Any help appreciated.

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Hi,  I installed the Lenovo Settings App as described here. The always on USB is not working correctly. In hibernate the USB does supply my Inateck USB-Ethernet-Adapter, but not pluged in USB devices as well as the female RJ45 connector. Therefore a WOL (wake on LAN) is not possible. On the other hand, in sleep mode everything works fine, because here the USB power supply is not cut. It shall be mentioned that a WoWLAN is not possible as well... Solutions?? --> hidden BIOS settings available?? Or is WoWLAN and WOL not possible with the yoga 2 pro My BIOS: InsydeH20, version: 76CN31WW Thank you in advance

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My ASUS P8Z68-Vpro win7(64) system will go to sleep manually (from the shutdown menu). I have power management set to turn off the monitor and go to sleep after one minute. After a minute the monitor turns off, but the computer fan keeps on going. (What used to happen is the computer would go to sleep, the fan would turn off, but then a second or two later the computer would wake up by itself. It's possible this has changed because I'm playing with various settings). In any event, I have never gotten it to go to sleep on its own and stay there. Even when I tell it to go to sleep manually on rare occasions it has also woken up unprovoked.

On the local area connection (Intel 82579) I've turned off all wake up things (Wake on lan, wake on link, etc.) I've allowed windows to sleep even when sharing multimedia. I've turned off wake on USB. The keyboard and mouse are now the only devices in the device manager that claim to have the ability to wake the computer up. I suspect the problem may be the D-Link DWA-556 wireless card (PCI slot), although it doesn't report that it has the ability to wake up the computer. But a few times when I have gotten the computer to go to sleep I was able to wake it up merely by screwing the antenna into the connector on the back ... even though the wireless connection had been disabled from the network and sharing control panel. Does this indicate that my wireless card is defective, or is there some setting on it that I don't know about.

Are there an... Read more

A:Wireless wake on lan?

From personal experience I have never heard of this type of problem (learn something new everyday) usually it is the other way around were the wireless drops connection, or can't re-connect when the computer resumes from sleep. The Wake-On-LAN is for the NIC card, not Wireless. I am curious to see what could be causing this problem Event Viewer does logged those events and you can see what caused the computer to wake up.

Click Start Type Event Viewer in the search bar Select Event Viewer from the programs list Once opened select Windows Logs Then select the sub-category System Sort by Date or Source and look for Power-Troubleshooter in the source column. In the general details it should tell you what woke up the computer.

From this log the computer woke up from a USB Wireless Keyboard.

Brink also published a tutorial on this as well
Wake Source - Read Event Viewer Log

Hope this Helps,

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Im setting up a media server and when im not home it some times shuts down but its a wireless mb, I have read threads saying I need to create a "registry key" or "enable magic packets" but Im not sure if that would solve my issue.

any ideas?



A:Is Wake-on WIRELESS lan possible?

This isn't a bad guide: How-To Geek Explains: What is Wake-on-LAN and How Do I Enable It?

If you have enabled WOL in the bios try this and see if your adapter supports it if the option is greyed out in device manager Configure Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN)

If you can turn it and enable magic packets on you then need a program to send them - for example Wake On Lan app for Windows in the Windows Store

You will also need to enable port forwarding on your router How To: Wake on LAN / Wake on WAN - Step 6 - Configure port forwarding - SmallNetBuilder

I know it is a lot of links but basically you only need to:

Enable it in biosEnable it in Device managerSet up port forwarding in the router.

and then have a program to send the magic packet from your other device.

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  Hello, I have  Hp spectre x360 notebook running Windows 10 pro. I want to wake this laptop from my router by sending the magic packets. I've enabled "Wake on Magic Packet" on the Wirelss network adapter but it didn't work.Both Bios and Wireless lan adapter drivers are up to date.I have similar setup on my desktop that is connected to the router via cable and it works great. Please help ! Thanks you

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Im setting up a media server and when im not home it some times shuts down but its a wireless mb, I have read threads saying I need to create a "registry key" or "enable magic packets" but Im not sure if that would solve my issue.

any ideas?



A:Is Wake-on WIRELESS lan possible?

Unfortunately Wake on LAN only works with WIRED Connections. Because wired connections are always "connected" to the router even when the device is powered off, whereas a wireless device will connect and disconnect from the router and so can't be "woken" because it is not there to wake (think of it like a landline phone and a mobile phone, the landline phone will always ring because it is always connected to a phone line, whereas your mobile phone won't always ring because it can be turned off or out of signal and so not connected to the network, hence it is not "there" to ring).

Try modifying the advanced power settings to prevent it from going to sleep or hibernating at all, or set it so long that you will be home and using it before the time it is due to go to sleep or hibernate.

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Hello All,

Here's my problem. My Acer Aspire 5733Z-4851 had an Acer Update program on it. I downloaded the updates it recommended and installed them. I was getting blue screen crashes after that. I couldn't figure out what was causing it. Then, due to a router firmware problem (I didn't know it until i went into the router to change wireless password because I was getting ticked off I couldn't connect any longer, the update was done and I didn't change the password because after this update I was able to connect wireless again) I was connecting with a network hard cable. I noticed the blue screen crashes had stopped.

After the firmware update, I was able to connect wireless again so I unplugged the hard cable and resumed wireless use. After a couple of hours, I had another blue screen crash. The only thing that had changed was that I was back to using wireless to connect to the router. So I got a flash of insight that maybe conflicts with the drivers were causing the crashes so I called tech support and the tech walked me through uninstalling the wireless driver that was showing, Broadcomm.

He also had me uninstall ms miniport which was also listed in there. I read in an old post here or at another tech forum that it wasn't possible to uninstall it as it was part of Windows 7 in one reply to that post, another reply in that post said that it came with the person's wireless driver and he could just disable it.

Well, it seems that it is possible to uninstall it, a... Read more

A:BSOD with wireless, tech support killed my wireless

sorry to bump this post but I'm having trouble locating any information on this problem. Is there at least a way to remove all the drivers I installed and start over, maybe use find new hardware to reinstall the correct drivers and ms miniport? I have used the technique in other posts to activate miniport and it isn't showing up in device manager under network stuff like it had been before

I'm just wondering if miniport is necessary for wireless connection for some reason, maybe how they had it set up by Acer. I used recovery just to reinstall the factory drivers, but no joy. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Fresh Win7 install on new SSD following SATA OS drive failure.
Logitech wireless keyboard (K800) and mouse (M310) plugged in to case (not hub)
drivers updated
no issues on previous W7 installation
Machine does not wake on keyboard or mouse. If I plug an old wired USB mouse in the machine wakes, but will accept no input from wireless keyboard or mouse.
I've toggled all the windows settings I can find that allow the devices to wake up the machine. Mobo BIOS is set to wake S3 with USB.
There are many threads on the topic and I have read many of them - including the tutorial.

A:wireless USB keyboard fails to wake

Roger if you used the Windows driver feature (not a fan) it isn't that goodand I always get drivers from the manufacturer where possible and I think thisis the one for the keyboard that you want


This is the one for the mouse http://www.logitech.com/en-au/support/wireless-mouse-m310?crid=398&osid=14&bit=64
Try and let us know how it goes if it doesn't do the trick then maybe you might have to reset the BIOS to a default one - I am not sure on that though.

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I have laptop x230 with win 10 and a wireless keyboard rii mini i8.
When the laptop go to sleep I can't wake it up from the wireless keyboard.
I have a desktop thinkcenter and the keyboard work just fine with it.
I tried to set it up in power option that the usb selective suspend seting will be disable and it dosen't help.
Moderator edit: Added detail to Subject.

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Hi, all. New here.

Brand new Asus U20A running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

This problem only occurs when the laptop is unplugged from AC power, so far. If I close the lid to hibernate or sleep, my wireless connection will not reconnect upon reopening the lid. I change the Power Saving option to keep the computer from turning off my wireless adapter. To no avail. Changed the lid-close settings to keep the laptop from sleeping/hibernating, but that doesn't solve the core problem.

After reopening the lid, as well, the FN+F2 key that would ordinarily toggle a connect/disconnect option on the wifi adapter does not help. Both the on-screen option and indicator light on the laptop respond, but it does nothing for my connection.

I can't even figure out in Windows where to turn on my wifi adapter without Troubleshooting, which doesn't help most of the time, aside from telling me to "plug in an ethernet cable". Well, duh. It won't even give me the option to connect wirelessly.

Ultimately, rebooting gives me my connection back. But this is not a solution. I should be able to reopen the lid and be connected, whether waking up from hibernate or sleep.

There is nothing wrong with my wifi service, so I can rule that out. There are multiple desktops and laptops that are working fine on the LAN.

My adapter is the Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) with an updated driver.

Please help! This is a fearsomely annoying problem.

A:Wireless connection dies after wake up

There's a place to change how power management controls the adapter under control panel. Go to Network and Sharing, then Change Adapter Settings. Look for the adapter then right click on it and select Properties. Click the Configure button and find the Power Management tab. Try disabling the option that allows Windows to turn off the adapter to save power.

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Hello all,
I am having a couple issues with my computer. First, I can completely shut it down and after a while it will start back up all on it's own, sometimes within minutes after shutdown, sometimes hours. I have to unplug my tower to keep it from turning back on during the night. Second, sometimes I have problems with it connecting to the internet wirelessly. Sometimes it will be fine on bootup but then shows I have an internet connection but won't switch web pages and comes up that I have no internet when I do. Other times on bootup it will show no internet at all and no connections. Sometimes I have to reboot it 3-4 times before the wireless works right. I don't have a problem with any other wireless device in my house so I know it's a problem with my built in wireless. Any suggestions?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

A:H50 - Unwanted wake up and Wireless issues.

For the random turning on issue, try to disable wake on LAN. To do this: 

Open Device Manager. Open Win+X menu and select Device Manager.
Scroll down to network Adapters and find the networking device. Right-click on it and select Properties. Under the Advanced tab, in the Property box, you will see Wake on magic Packet. From the drop-down menu, you can make your choice.

For your wireless issue, try to reinstall the wireless drivers: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/Desktops-and-all-in-ones/Lenovo-H-Series-desktops/Lenovo-H5...
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

I'm a Lenovo advocate, part of the Lenovo INsiders program. I'm a volunteer; I don't work for Lenovo.

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My new Dell Inspiron 5000 Series is used with a Microsoft Wireless 800 Desktop. This comprises a Wireless Keyboard 800 and Wireless Mouse 1000. I have installed Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center(MouseKeyboardCenter_64bit_ENG_2.7.133).

I can't find any Power Options tabs in which to enable one of these devices to wake the computer from sleep. The PC normally sits (almost) closed in a drawer, so it's a bit awkward to use the power button. I use an external monitor.

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I found some old posts about this but no answers that helped me. I'm using the P52 mostly as a desktop- plugged in, monitor plugged into mini display port, logitech mouse and keyboard wireless via logitech unifying receiver. Laptop is set to go to sleep after 30 minutes when plugged in. I have changed the setting in device manager for the keyboard to "allow this device to wake computer". But the computer will not wake up. I tried every key and every combination but nothing works. What am I missing?

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i didn`t find my answer here or on googlee so I hope you could help me
How can I wake-up my inpiron 15 7000 with a wireless keyboard connect through a usbb dongle.
thank you.

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Hi there, I have an Asus F50SF with an Intel wireless NIC. I am running Vista Business x64. It originally came with Vista Home Premium x86 but I switched it to x64 because it came with 4GB of RAM.

I have noticed that I am having issues reconnecting after I wake the laptop from sleep mode. In order to fix the problem I have to disable and re-enable wireless NIC. I have this issue at home and at school with my school's wireless network.

I have already set the card to not be shut off to save power. I also updated the driver to the latest version

Any suggestions will be good as to what is the issue.

A:Laptop Wireless Card Fault after wake up

Not sure what setting you changed, but make sure both places prevent the adapter from shutting down.

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Windows tells me that I am connected to the network but I do not get internet access after turning the pc on, waking it from sleep or restart. However, if I disconnect from the network and reconnect I have internet access immediately. Thoughts? please and thank you.

A:Won't connect to wireless network after reboot or wake up

Sometimes when wake from sleep the PC doesn't reconize the modem properly, but is nothing to worry about.

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On my Vista computer, my wireless keyboard/mouse wakes the computer.

But on my Windows 7 computer, it doesn't.

Is there some setting somewhere?

A:Setting Wireless keyboard to wake computer?

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Hi I have a Logitech DiNovo Edge Wireless Keyboard and a Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse.
I have a problem though. I already searched EVERYWHERE and I cannot find and answer.

I can't get my laptop to wake up by pressing keys on the keyboard or by clicking the mouse. The only way I can get it out of standby is to press a key on the actual laptop or click something with the laptop's built it touchpad.

I already tried looking in Device Manager but there is no Power Management tab for the keyboard or the mouse. There is only a Power Management tab on the laptop's built in keyboard and touchpad.

It's kind of annoying not being able to use the wireless devices to wake up the computer.
I've read around that maybe it's because since the computer is on standby, the wireless keyboard and mouse's USB receiver aren't being powered by the laptop.

I have no idea what to try now and it's irritating. Does anyone here have a solution?
It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for reading.

A:Make Laptop Wake Up With Wireless Keyboard?

Go into the Power plan by searching for power options.

In your power plan, go to change advanced settings

You will find in this list, a section called USB Settings

Disabling the Suspend should allow the USB devices to continue working when the computer sleeps

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Sorry, I posted this first in the Windows XP forum...

My wife has a COBY 10" netbook running Windows X home SP3.,
we use a NETGEAR N150 Wireless Router and for some time now, whether she boots from a cold startup or "wakes" this laptop, it has lost the network connection. It gets the "Wireless networks detected" message, sees our Security-enabled wireless network, but instead of automatically connecting, it always asks for the network key.
I have a second laptop (Toshiba Qosmio) that I only use some othe time, primarily for vacations, and when I turn this on it always connects right to the network, even if we've been away and connected to a hotel network. I never have to use the key for our home network once I get back home.

She's getting pretty fed up having to constantly put in the network key on the COBY, this should be a "set it once" and it should remember it should it not? I'm sure it used to, have I missed something?

A:Solved: Laptop not connecting to wireless on wake up

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hey all,

i have a wireless keyboard and mouse (combo) plugged into my netbook (acer aspire one 522) and can't get the netbook to wake from sleep mode with either of them when the lid is closed (i always keep it closed other than this for this workaround).

i had set the power options to 'do nothing' when the lid is closed (only for when it's plugged in), and when i try to wake from sleep, the power and WLAN lights on the netbook flash whenever i move the mouse or press keys but nothing else. i have to open the lid, then press a key to wake from sleep, then i close the lid again.

i checked Power Management settings for both keyboard and mouse and they both have the check box ticked for 'Allow this device to wake the computer'.

i'm using Windows 8 Professional 64 bit.

any ideas?


A:Can't wake netbook with wireless keyboard/mouse

Hello Matt26,

This issue of a wireless keyboard/mouse combo not being able to wake a computer seems to pop up frequently. However, there is not a clear-cut path to a fix as every situation is unique so I would suggest we start off as follows:

First off, when you say

i have to open the lid, then press a key to wake from sleep

are you referring to the built in keyboard or the wireless keyboard?

In any event, please open an elevated command prompt, type/enter "powercfg -a", and provide a screenshot of the results as shown below:

BTW, you opening post was well written and clearly explains your issue. It would also be great if you had a wired mouse and/or keyboard to do alternative testing as well. If so, please test and report those results.

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My wife has a COBY 10" netbook, we use a NETGEAR N150 Wireless Router and for some time now, whather she boots from a cold startup or "wakes" this laptop, it has lost the network connection. It gets the "Wireless networks detected" message, sees our Security-enabled wireless network, but instead of automatically connecting, it always asks for the network key.
I have a second laptop (Toshiba Qosmio) that I only use some othe time, primarily for vacations, and when I turn this on it always connects right to the network, even if we've been away and connected to a hotel network. I never have to use the key for our home network once I get back home.

She's getting pretty fed up having to constantly put in the network key on the COBY, this should be a "set it once" and it should remember it should it not? I'm sure it used to, have I missed something?

A:Solved: Laptop not connecting to wireless on wake up

That Coby 10 has the following wireless card
WLAN Type 801.11b/gWLAN Solution Atheros AR5007EG

Presuming that you are still using that and IT IS on xp
Go Control Panel network connections, and check that the LAN network connection is disabled.
If it is it will say disabled. If not right click and disabled the LAN connection. Then right click the wireless adaptor
and click Properties.. On the window that opens click the wireless network tab. Now look and see the networks listed in the small window. Using the Move up and Move down buttons to the right of that window, place the one you want to connect to at the top of the list - presuming that there is more than one listed. As you will see that it says connect in the order listed.

If there are others shown that you DO NOT use, click the remove botton, having highlighted the entry concerned.
Before leaving that window - is the small box - use windows to configure my wireless network settings checked
if not check it.
See if when you leave as below it will accept that setting - it depends on how the setup is configured.
Now having again clicked to highlight the one at the top of the list - OR NOW the only one click the Properties button. On the window that opens and presuming that your other details will not need changing, click to check the small box -connect even if the network is not broadcasting.
Enter again the network key and confirm the key

Now click the connection tab at the top of the window and click to check the sm... Read more

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Could someone please help me with this strange issue?
When my machine was waked up from standby I found my wireless network was not connected. And I also found that wireless adapter was missing from my network connections window.
After I did a reboot of my laptop, wireless adpater was back in network connections.But wireless network was not connected and I found that Power management tab was missing under device manager tab of wireless adapter. I understood that this is in someway related to S3 issue, but not sure how to get my network back.
Kindly help me in resolving this issue.
Thanks in advance.

A:Wireless adapter issue after laptop wake up from Standby

Quote: Originally Posted by Nandhini

Could someone please help me with this strange issue?
When my machine was waked up from standby I found my wireless network was not connected. And I also found that wireless adapter was missing from my network connections window.
After I did a reboot of my laptop, wireless adpater was back in network connections.But wireless network was not connected and I found that Power management tab was missing under device manager tab of wireless adapter. I understood that this is in someway related to S3 issue, but not sure how to get my network back.
Kindly help me in resolving this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Are you connecting to the network via a router?

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I have read many threads on this, but I cant seem to get my laptop to wake using the wireless kboard/mouse. I have a HP pavilion dv4 with windows 7 x32, and a logitech LX710 Kboard/mouse. I am beginning to think that I will not be able to wake on this laptop.

Allow this device to turn on computer is greyed out in device manager. I have accessed the bios, but did not see anything that looked like it pertained to this issue. I am far from a computer expert, so any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

A:Can't wake laptop from sleep with wireless Kboard/mouse

Try Using a standard usb keyboard & mouse. If they work then yes, wireless is your problem.

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hi there,
everything in my bios (dell inspiron 1720) is enabled for wake on lan.
only thing is this option is greyed out: 

how can i have wireless wake on lan with my Intel 3945ABG adapter ?

A:inspiron 1720 wireless wake on lan intel 3945abg

I am just writing to express interest in this topic.
Can the Inspiron 1720 wake on lan?
If so, does it need to be a wired ethernet connection? Or can it be woken on a wireless connection?
Under power management in the BIOS (Ver. A09), it appears that you can set it for a usb device to wake the computer, but I don't see an explicit setting for WOL.
Did you end up having success Josh12345?
TL;DR Can I wake the 1720 on lan? If so, what conditions must be met?

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Not long installed win7, now i find that when its in sleep mode the usb hub / wireless mouse and KB are sort of "disabled" and i cant wake up the pc unless i plug an ordinary kb in the usb on the pc itself.
ive tried plugging the wirelss receiver directly into usb port on pc but it still doesnt wake up as the mouse is disabled.
Now ive set the pc to never go to sleep,

any other options? what else can i do?
the wireless mouse and kb are both MS and ive downloaded the v7 drivers - Intellitype and I/point.

thanks for any help!

A:wireless mouse/KB wont wake pc from sleep mode

Hello Cavair,

You might see if plugging the wireless USB receiver directly into the back of the computer instead of a USB hub to see if may work for you instead. Afterwards, check in Device Manger in the Mouse and Keyboard "Power Managemet" properties tab to make sure that the "Allow the device to wake the computer" option below is checked.
Hope this helps

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I apologize for asking this question yet again, because I know a lot of people have had the same issue before. I made this account specifically to ask for help.

After my computer wakes up from sleep mode it takes 2-5 minutes for it to successfully connect to the a wireless internet connection. However, when it's a fresh boot-up (whether after a shutdown or restart) it connects automatically. I know it's not my router because it happens wherever I am, not just at home (i.e. college campus, friends' houses, etc.). I have reinstalled the drivers for my computer (Intel R Wifi Link 1000 BGN), deleted and rediscovered all of the wireless profiles, and played around with permissions for the Wlansvc file (someone said it fixed their problem?). I'm still getting the delay. I'm at a loss and would really like the issue to be resolved.

I've been dealing with this since Aug. 2011 and I've only had the laptop since July 2011. If anyone has any suggestions, they're much appreciated, and if you need additional information I'll supply what I can.

A:Windows 7 64bit, delayed connection to wireless internet upon wake-up?

I actually had the same problem on my HP laptop at home. I solved it by updating wireless driver to newer version, but I see you've done this.

I recommend you try different driver versions, even if they are slightly older. Also check windows optional updates to see what it offers.

You can also take a look at your power options and turn off the ability for the OS to put the device to sleep. Also check device manager and look for the WLAN adapter. There should be power options there.

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Windows 7 continues to revert back to the old wireless profile despite me deleting all old wireless profiles.
Wireless adapter is Edimax EW-7128g, newest drivers for Windows 7 64bit
First set up a WEP profile the usual manner by connecting using the bottom-right wireless networking widget; "Save this connection", yes.
Works right off the bat, first time
Needed to switch to WPA on router for better security. Same router. Done. Entered new credentials using the same wireless networking widget. Works fine first time, right off the bat.
Computer enters sleep mode overnight.
Upon a wake (or restart, or cold boot) - Windows 7 reverts back to the old WEP profile.
I go into "Manage Wireless Networks" I select the profile from the list, hit DELETE. Removes it from the list. ADD new profile, supply proper WPA credentials, "Save this connection". Works fine. Manage wireless networks displays proper information (WPA security)
Restart, or reboot, or logoff. BOOM. Back to using the old WEP profile!!!
Tried this using Administrator account and user account. Same behavior.
Workaround is to change the security type / credentials or delete & create a new profile every time windows is rebooted/logoff/restart.
I cannot for the life of me figure this out. I am not using the vendor's connection utility. Windows cannot remember the new connection profile and despite me deleting the old one ... continues to revert back to it.

Any ideas?

A:Windows 7 reverts back to old wireless profile on reboot,restart,wake

Try to manually create a new network connection from the start instead of trying to mod the old profile. I did this just last week and it worked for me.

Create or modify network profiles

If the network that you want to create a profile for is not in the list, click Set up a connection or network, click Manually connect to a wireless network, click Next, and then follow the instructions. If you save the network, a profile for the network will be created and stored on your computer. To select specific authentication and security settings, click Change connection settings.

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Hi, I own Dell Vostro 2520 with Dell Wireless 1704 802.11 b/g/n. Recently I upgraded my home wifi to 5G. I am unable to connect my Dell Vostro to Wireless as it does not supports 5G. How can I upgrade my Dell Wireless so that it support 5G Wifi connections? Do I need to change my Network Adapter?

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