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Messaging Service

Q: Messaging Service

Hello Everyone, I'm back!

This is my first problem with my laptop - it's the messaging service when connected to the Internet.

I keep getting invited by messages to chat to people. My friend gets it on his computer as well. All I need to do is shut down the messaging service and then hopefully I'll stop getting junk pop-ups inviting me to chat to people!

Any ideas on how to switch the messaging service off, or to fix the problem without switching it off.

Thanks for any suggestions or help anyone may offer.

Preferred Solution: Messaging Service

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Messaging Service

It depends what messaging service you are talking about. If it is an instant messenger, you will need to look through the privacy options to turn off invitations.

If it is the spam-like message that pops up from the Windows Net Send messenger, go to Control Panel, Services, and double-click the Messenger Service, disable it, and stop it.

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A:is there a network messaging service in xp pro?

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I know that the newer OS'es require messaging service to be on for net send to work and I know they suggest to not have that service enable if your connected to the internet. The question is is that stated for security reasons and if so if your behind a router firewall does this negate having it open on your internal LAN?

A:Net send and messaging service.

At least one reason to disable it is that spyware and Trojan programs are using that that services. This would be regardless of whether you are behind a firewall or not.Generally, unless you need it, I recommend turning it off.

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I get a pop up now and then from windows messaging service, I don't even have to be on the internet for it to come up. Sometimes it pulls me out of games or my work. I tracked the file down to CSRSS.EXE and found its dependencies are on CSRsrv.dll, it would'nt let me end the task it said "this is a vital windows process" is there anyway to stop these advertisements? and if not do you thing hex editing the file so it no longer functions would be a bad idea?

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated,
-Mitch Rapp

A:windows 2k messaging service

Hi. Have a look here:


Messenger Service Window That Contains an Internet Advertisement Appears


1. Click on the Start button -> Settings -> Control Panel.
2. Double click on Administrative Tools.
3. Now double-click on Services, then scroll to Messenger.
4. Double-click Messenger and click Stop to stop the service.
5. Change the startup type to Disable and click Apply at the bottom.
6. Click OK to exit window.

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This service works great. I forward my cellphone and office line to DictoMail. Then I receive all my messages as text on my Blackberry and I can forward messages to my office workers or save them on my desktop email application. I use DictoMail also for receiving survey results. Then I can see each vote just by reading my Blackberry. Is there a tool for parsing email messages from inside a Blackberry so that I don't have to go back to a desktop in order to manipulate text?

The dictomail demo is located at

Any advice is much appreciated.

A:DictoMail voicemail to text messaging service

Perhaps I'm out of line, but I think your choice of username might be a bit misleading to other members here. I think it would more respectful to choose another since you only have one post at this point.

Believe me, I know how tough it can be to pick a name...
Well, I can't make you change your name, but I can give you my opinion, right? Right. Okay.

I can't help much with your question, but you might want to search. I did see somebody saying they use Excel on their Blackberry, I think. That could potentially parse email messages.

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There is a flaw in the Winsock Proxy service in Microsoft Proxy
Server 2.0, and the Microsoft Firewall service in ISA Server 2000,
that would allow an attacker on the internal network to send a
specially crafted packet that would cause the server to stop
responding to internal and external requests. Receipt of such a
packet would cause CPU utilization on the server to reach 100%, and
thus make the server unresponsive. The Winsock Proxy service and
Microsoft Firewall service work with FTP, telnet, mail, news,
Internet Relay Chat (IRC), or other client applications that are
compatible with Windows Sockets (Winsock). These services allow
these applications to perform as if they were directly connected to
the Internet. These services redirect the necessary communications
functions to a Proxy Server 2.0 or ISA Server computer, thus
establishing a communication path from the internal application to
the Internet through it.
Maximum Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software:

Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0
Microsoft ISA Server
Download locations for this patch
Proxy Server 2.0:


ISA Server:






http://microsoft.com/downloads/deta...D2-A888-4603-84B7-1053C8663... Read more

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I want to have e-meetings, but I am having trouble finding the following software. Please help if possible:
1) Some kind of teleconference via the internet (mic), preferably one that records the conversation.
2) Some kind of chatroom software that includes what is in #3.
3) A light system as follows: each person on their own computer may turn on a light (options of blue, yellow, red, green, for example). Everyone sees the light, and it used to signify certain things (ex. if the group is voting, Green is Yea, Red is Nay; If one wishes to speak, blue is used; etc.

I ask you to keep cost in mind, preferably low or free.

e-mail [email protected]


Closing another duplicate!


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Hi guys,
I'm trying to figure out messaging in the cmd prompt. I type 'net start messenger' and it responds with
'the service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.'

any ideas?


XP SP2 disables the messenger service.

You have to go into your services thru control panel and restart it.

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Hey I'm using windows vista and I need help with messaging I tryed going to services.msc or whatever and was looking for messenger but it's not there. Can anyone tell me how to message my mom we are connected through our wireless network. Thanks in advance.

A:Messaging Help.


I use skype. I don't know about any other apps. but if you and your mom have it it works great. if you both have web cams its perfect. its also free. http://www.skype.com/

good luck

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I was wondering if there was any programs or a way of sending messesges to people over the internet when you only have their ip address?


A:ip messaging

I wonder why you should want to do this because the number of IP addresses if limited, and that's the reason why a lot of people don't have a fixed IP address. (it will cost you)
Your ISP allocates a dynamic IPA when you log on and even when you stay on-line 24h/24h your IP will probably change over the time.
It is possible to directly address an IPA but I'm not inclined to look this up for the reasons I mentioned.

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I get this sos.messaging not working on my computer. Also my laptop freezes up a lot and I have to using task manager to end the task. Why does windows 7 stop working? Also, I will be typing along and suddenly the cursor will be on another line without my doing anything. This is very maddening. Can you help? I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.



Take a look at the following thread. It may help with your problem.

[SOLVED] "SOS.Messaging has stopped working" every time I start Win 7...

As for the typing problem you may have adjust the Touchpad sensitivity settings.

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I'm looking for a good, preferably free, method of doing inter-office messages. Something along the way of sticky notes that can be sent from one computer to another but they have to be saved so they aren't lost in an event that a system goes down or that by accident the message isn't closed and lost.

A:LAN Messaging

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Please help. We just purchased a New Dimension 2400 computer on August 18th. My son likes to do AIM Instant Messaging. He receiveds a message from a buddy but when he tries to reply the message just sits there on the screen. Then an error message comes up that say Error 3 something with the server. Has anyone ever experienced this problem??? Please reply if you have. I don't know very much about computers. Thanks so much!!!

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I am new to the XP operating system and having so trouble finding things that I had with Win98 like the INBOX!!
Where in the heck is it and how do I get in to Windows Messaging? Thanks


What program were you using to access the Inbox in 98? Did you just double-click on the Inbox icon on your desktop? If so are you on a network, as that was the MS Exchange client. That program no longer exists any more in that form.

To access email now you can use either Outlook Express which is always installed as part of Windows, or you can install your own email program. There are loads to choose from including Outlook itself, or one from MS's competitors like Netscape or Opera.

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How can I send a text message to someone using their phone number? When I try to enter a contact, it demands an email address, which I don't have. Thanks for any help.



If you know what network they are on, you can usually use that networks email to text gateway. For instance, Verizon's is vzwtext.com.. you would mail <number>@vzwtext.com and it would text them, when they respond back it would email you back.

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Hi, i have a problem here, i have three comps in my house. it's all connected via an access point. I usually use it for sharing my internet connection and my files. The problem is, i can't send messages to my other computer. I tried to use "net send" from the command prompt, i always display error message. i also tried to use messaging program, but all of itu requires somekind of domain. my network does not use a domain. just a simple computer networking. can anyone help me? Thank you.

A:Local Messaging

Start run "winchat" may work!!!!

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I have Instant Messaging Service setup on my Exchange server. It had been working just fine since last December but lately the clients have been complaining. Sometimes the contact list is absolutely wrong as far as offline or online and I know it has to update but the lists are sometimes wrong all day. Some of the messages are sent with no errors but it never shows up on the receiving end. When replying to a message it states that the message could not reach the person that just sent the message and they are both logged on. Lets see, mmmmm, ok the changes I've made since this started have been SP3 for Exchange not Windows, and the only other one is a Helpdesk from Tom Rizzo's Programming Book. Has anyone else had problems like this and how did you resolve it? Could it be that I changed the directory security on the default web site and how are your directory security authentication settings set up? I have my server setup as an IM Virtual Directory. I edited the client installs so that they cannot connect to the internet for IM (MSN, Hotmail), they can only connect to Exchange Server.

We use IM as a flash to let people know they have another phone call, so a quick response would be very helpful.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated,

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Hi, I'm using Windows 8 Consumer Preview .

I can't open the Messaging Metro App. Also can't get help with the Get more help link provided there.

Here is the error screenshot:

Any help would be appreciated

A:Messaging Cant' Open


I've found an answer to your problem kindly give it a try if it is working..

- Settings > Change PC Settings > Users > Switch to a local account

Source.. Windows 8 Metro App&#39;s "Can&#39;t Open" - Super User

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My windows 8 messaging is linked to Facebook and it looked like windows or msn messenger, and I an getting some unwanted chats from some strange people, as soon as I turn on the pc, I cannot find an option to disable this chat or better still block the person.
can anyone tell me if there is a way to block, I don't want to uninstall the app, thanks fro any suggestions

A:Windows 8 Messaging

If you've linked your accounts, it's linked. You can always unlink your FB account and not use your live account, but if you want messaging but no messages, currently you don't really have many options. You can stop it from running in the background by changing permissions from the settings charm, but that won't stop people from being able to contact you when it's open.

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Hello all,
I have a home network setup,one pc is running win98 (server) the other is XP. To be able to send instant messages between the two pc s, I know on 98 I can install Netmeeting and on XP I
can run "config". Can someone just give me a quick walk through to set this up? Anything special that I might have to do? I have a DSL setup.
Thank You

A:Intranet Messaging

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The newer versions of AIM instant messaging has a typing indicator, but it doesn't seem to work for my son and I.

Both my son & I have the newest version of AIM instant messaging. He had Windows XP Pro and I am using Windows XP home. We use IM often as we are in different parts of the Country.

The help mentions that the other person you are talking to may have disabled their preference to allow other users to see their typing status! I can not find anywhere in preferences to able or disable this function.

My IM was upgraded about a month ago from an original install last Oct. My son's was just downloaded as a new install after installing XP Pro. Everything works fine except the typing indicator. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your time in advance.

A:AIM instant messaging

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I'm trying to figure out how to add windows messaging to my Win2000 workstation??? I have a new program that won't communicate with my email program (Pegasus) and I've tried installing a program adding mapi to my email program but I'm still running into problems??? I need to set up a profile and I use to do that by the mail icon in the control panel, but it's gone??!! HELP!

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Word for Windows would not load unless I included Windows Messaging. Frankly it is a pain in the neck as it usurps my regular browser. How do I get rid of the blasted thing?

A:Windows Messaging

I saw a segment on Tech TV last night about Windows Messenger....here is the link to the show notes


Hope this helps


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Baffled with this. Older version of Yahoo Messeger (IM) let you send a "text" message to people that used certain carriers. Newer versions call it "SMS" short message service.
I send text to friend via my cell and he receives it as normal cell to cell text
I send him "sms" via Yahoo messneger and he receives it and it shows my my yahoo id
The problem or question is when he recieves it he has to go to different area of his cell to read the ones sent from IM. It comes in from web or something? Then he replies to me and sometimes I get it sometimes not. Never know where the replies are some I get in IM and some I don't.

Last night I went to my yahoo mail which I never use. Occassionally just drop in there to empty bulk folder and the mail in general. What do you know. All the messages I did not receive , 80 of them, are in my yahoo mail.

Anyone know why some will go into my email and sometimes it is in my IM where it should be? Is there something I need to tell him on doing this right?

A:Text Messaging

Looks like your friend is choosing the option to "Send Mail" and not "Send IM"

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iI am a windows xp user and i have a dsl connection

i have started getting some really annoying random pop up messages from people who are trying to market stuff.

is there a way to stop the ability to do this by changing an windows xp config setting ?


A:turn off messaging pop-ups

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Hi everyone
Just need some advice please.
My 12 y/o son has just been introduced by friends to instant messaging and i have not got a clue about it
I run a tight ship as far as my pc goes with all av, firewall and anti spy/malware running and ive never had a problem with any "nasties" before.
What i need to know is -
Are these things safe (instant chat software) and what in your opinion is the best one to use.
I presume they are all free to use and would like to keep him and my pc totally safe from nasties of all kind.
Any opinions on this would be most appreciated.
ps, his buddy has told him to use MSN messanger !

Thanks in advance,

A:Messaging advice please !

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Hey Everbody,

Sometimes I will be in a game or doing nothing and a windows messaging program box pops up with a advertisement in it. I traced the program down and found out its called CSRSS.EXE. I tried to end the process but it says its a vital windows process, then I traced its tree down and found it was related to CSRSRV.DLL. If I stop the program from running will it damage my windows 2k? and if not do you think I can hex edit the exe and the dll to make it stop functioning?

ps. hopefully posted this in the right section, because its an internet orientated application.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated,

A:Windows messaging

Welcome to TSG!
I am moving this to the security forum because there is a good chance of an infection and there you will get the attention of the virus doctors.



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I'm curious, since I never had a mobile device that used text messaging...I keep seeing ads for various charities asking for donations, and they say text "Haiti for xxxxx". How does one do that, when he only has email?

A:Text Messaging

You can send an SMS message to a cell phone via email. Most cell phone providers have a special email address or domain that you can send a message to. This then gets forwarded as a text message to the cell phone. E.g. with Verizon in the U.S. (IIRC), you can email ##########@vtext.com, where "##########" has to be replaced with the 10 digit cellular number, and that message will get sent as a text message to that phone. Other carriers also probably have some equivalent.

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Can someone help me. Everytime I start an Instant Messaging Service *(YIM:AIM)* a browser comes up and says.....

Yahoo! Messanger/AIM has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the in convenience.

Can someone please help me?

A:Instant Messaging Help

By The way=I am using Windows Xp(home).

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Hope I'm in the right place with this one In any case I remember back in high school messaging friends' computers with a little built in windows program. I think it might have been in the system32 folder. If anyone knows what I'm talking about I'm wondering in XP still has this program and if so where I can find it on the computer. thanks

A:old school messaging

Are you referring to WinChat or the messenger service.

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Someone told me that it was possible to create and instant messaging system with asp, but then when I search the internet, it seems C# is what is needed to create it. what other languages can be used to make it?

A:Instant Messaging

I am sure you could probably code an Instant Messenger App in any language.

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A while ago, I received sinister private messages through my trip advisor account. The odd thing is though, the messages were received showing times between 7.30 pm and 8.30pm then suddenly changed to between 10.30pm and 11.30pm. Why would this happen? Could they have changed it so I didn't know what time zone they were in?
I know this sounds like an odd question, but I have valid reasons for asking.

A:Anyone know anything about private messaging

I don't think that would be the case. It sounds like its a bot sending the messages if it's spam (like advertisements). If that is the case, or if it's someone sending nasty messages, then check this page out if its from 1 person.

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I have 3 computers in my house, 1 Win2K, 1Win ME, 1 Win XP Pro. How can I just send an instant message to one of the other computers in my house?

A:network messaging

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i've seen an advertisement once for a minature looking labtop that is used for sending,recieving e-mails,text messaging(aim), a few can do more, but mainly it was a device for people without desktops or labtops, but wanted to send and recieve instant messaging, text, e-mails, (i saw something that took pictues and was a phone too, but i definetly don't want it to be a phone. my teenage daughter keeps telling me about this text mesaging, aim, etc and how she has also heard of this , something similiar to "ogo", "sidekick 2", etc...... please help me, her birthdays on the way and dad's looking to win over a huge beautiful smile. where, or what are these potable instant messaging devices called, where do i find them??????/ thanks...

A:instant messaging!?!?!?

My daughter drove a semi for several years and "Pocketmail" is what she used to keep in touch via email. They have a website by the same name.

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hello all, long time no type!i'm hoping someone here can tell me why i've suddenly developed this weird problem.i've had msn instant messenger forever...or at least since i've had my 'puter, which is 3 1/2 years. yes, i have plus! onboard, also...WITHOUT the sponsor program. in the last few months, i've been having strange problems with it. when i click on someone's name, the border of the window appears...and a..."ghost"...sits on my screen for about 15 seconds...then it finally fills in and becomes whoever's window i've clicked. alternately, when someone sends me an im, a "ghost" appears on my screen, letting me know that someone is trying to im me...and while this "ghost" solidifies, my mouse freezes, i get thrown into super-slow time, and about 90% of the time, i'm booted off whatever site i happen to be at. once the window forms completely and opens, everything works fine again. this process can take anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds.a few notes:since i disappeared and resurfaced, i've moved...and consequently, gone from cable 'net to *gasp* dial up, the ONLY service available in the area i've relocated to. however, this didn't happen for several months AFTER i connected to the dial up service (and it occurs even on a T1 connection, as i recently took my 'puter to my son's home and connected with his cable service).i have already uninstalled and reinstalled both the... Read more

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Im on the school newspaper, and we have computers set up in multiple rooms, but they are all loged onto the same server. So if im in a room and someone is in the library (other side of the school...) and they need me to exit an application because they cant open it on their computer, they'd have to walk all the way over to to room and close it themselves, then walk all the way back. I was hoping to find a messenger service that would send a message to all computers loged onto the same network. I know there is windows messenger, but it isnt on these computers. anyone have any ideas?

A:network messaging

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is there a way to message a computer on ur network without installing na software?

ps both comps are windows 98

A:Network Messaging

Not on Windows 98

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I am about to install Google Talk and wanted to know how interoperable it is with the other applications. Any advice on this entire area is most welcome.

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Ask a teenager you know if they've used Jott to connect with friends and the chances are good that they'll say yes. The next question is, why another messaging app?

Read more

A:There's a new messaging app (yes, another one) and teenagers can't get enough

So no need for an internet connection? Sounds awesome.

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undefinedHi to all,

I am on win xp and i want to send a message to another computer on the wireless network, which is windows 98. is this possible and what can i use to do it? any info would help.

Thanks ahead of time,


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Many years ago i took a keyboarding class in which we were tought or at least shown an internal program in windows that would allow you to chat with other members on the network. It's a small chat program and it already comes with windows. I'm trying to remember the name of the program but i can't. Any takers???

A:network messaging.

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My Email service provider allows me to send out an automatic email reply to all addresses that send an email to me. They call it vacation messaging.

If I activate this feature wouldn't I be telling all my spammers who send me their adds for rolexes, investment opportunities and pills that they have reached a legitimate address? That would be bad for me. Right?

Is there a way to tell real people that I'll be away for a while with out telling salemen that mine is a good door to knock on?


A:Vacation messaging

I think putting a vacation message is OK to do and this is why I say that:

1.) Spammers would know if your email is a legit e-mail because they will not get a email back stating that the e-mail address can't be found

2.)Also I have found out on my AOL email account if you leave the away message on it gets spammers mad and they take you off of there mailing list.

3.) It lets your friends and family know that you are not around to answer your e-mail, so it will take a while to get a reply.

I use the vacation message 3 times for over two weeks and have not got any spam and i have had the email account for nearly a year.

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Hey, Today my messaging app is not working. All I see is the purple loading screen. It won't get past this at all. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem?

Thinking about uninstalling and then reinstalling, however when I go to uninstall it says that it will uninstall the people app and calendar app as well. Can I reinstall all these back from 'Your Apps' in the store easily?

EDIT: Never mind, it decided to fix itself

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When using instant messaging real time windows on certain websites,when you close the conversation window,is the conversation stored on your computer somewhere,or is it deleted? any help please?

A:Instant messaging

you can set them up to record the message - what service are you using
in MSN
> tick the automatically keep history - you can then also decide where to save the messages

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When I double click on the Windows Messaging icon, the splash screen will appear and then disappear. The program does not want to run. Also when right clicking the icon to obtain the properties, windows returns an error saying that there is not enough memory to do this. The machine has 32mb of ram and has Windows 95 installed along with Novell Client 32

A:windows messaging

What are you using Windows Messaging for?

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Ok, I'm kinda stumped on how to send an image or share photos in a conversation, anyone figured this out yet?

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