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Yahoo groups error can't view all groups

Q: Yahoo groups error can't view all groups

I can sign into my Yahoo groups account but can only see the first page of groups (I belong to about 70 groups). When I click on "View all Groups" I get the following message:
"We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request at this time.

If you continue to receive this error for more than 48 hours, please contact our Customer Support staff. We apologize for this inconvenience."

I have tried from various workststations(home and at work), made sure cookies were turned on, dropped the firewall, etc. I even went to the lost groups locator utility, no result.

Yahoo tech support does not respond, I have tried many times in the last two months (I got what I paid for).

Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Yahoo groups error can't view all groups

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Yahoo groups error can't view all groups

it's Yahoo,

there tech support are disgusting, I had major problems with one of the groups I run and you camn log a call but dont expect an answer !

example of an OXYMORON

TEch Support
Customer services

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I don't know what I'm doing wong. I have a new baby newphew, and my brother-in-law created an MSN group and uploaded all the new baby pics. When I go to the website, I can see all the pics small (thumbnails??) but when I click on one to enlarge it, all I get is a screen with an x in it?

Could it be from a setting in internet options or something? Not too sure what to try. It works for everyone else that has tried it.

Thanks for any help.

A:Cannot view pictures from MSN Groups

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Ok not sure where this belongs but here goes might get moved .
I use win 7  i,e, 11.0  and yahoo because my e mail is yahoo and i find the other browsers slow down a lot.
I have a yahoo group and when i try to get into manage members i get booted right out after 2/3 secs i can t stay into the group !
Yahoo help is worthless all they say is re set explorer and clean history they are cluelss; the annoying part is if i use abother browser
i can get in and stay in my group; so this begs the question how do i fix it what ever it is so yahoo works with yahoo groups ?
Thanks a bunch hope you can help .

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there seems to be a problem accessing yahoo groups..it seems to be a yahoo problem as it is theesame for my PC and for my IPad even after I removed the cache and the cookies.I can get onto the digest but not see anything in detail...just seems to be frozen..it has been going on for several days and lots of people seem to be having the same problem. How do I contact the yahoo people to find out what is going on and when it is likely to be fixed.

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I don't know if this is the right place for this question or not, but I thought it would be worth a try.
I am the Moderator of a Yahoo Group, on which I am having problems with a virus called Beagle. As part of my investigation of what is happening, I find that Yahoo maintains a log in the "Management" section called "E-mail Commands"
In that log I find many instances of what I think are messages to the moderator and they are all marked "Mailed to Owner" Well, I am also the owner of this group and I did not get these messages. Am I interpreting this correctly. I have sent a feedback note to Yahoo but I doubt that I will hear back from them.
There are also two "Unsubscribe Requests" from two e-mail addresses that are not members of the group.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Yahoo Groups

Moved to web and email area.
Welcome to TSG!

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I belong to one Yahoo Group and have my email for that group set up for "individual emails" for all group messages. I receive all messages daily from all other group members except one member. Can't figure out why I don't get his messages (makes no difference if it is text only messages or messages with pics attached). The only way I know this particular member has posted to the group is when other members have their group email settings set up to automatically affix all/part of posts at the bottom of their replies to same. As you see by my signature, I use Firefox 1.5.09 as my default browser. My other realtime running programs also listed there, but I don't think they could be a factor. Not sure whether Firefox is a factor with the blocking. I have asked this member to post a test message today and I am accessing the net exclusively via IE6 today to see if his test message comes through or not. Will report back my findings on that score. BTW, I do not use an email client. I read all my mail directly off the Yahoo Mail website. Only thought I've had, is once or twice my mail has "bounced" because my inbox was full. But my inbox rarely gets full. And this problem seems to be more persistent than just a few occasions. Anyone have any additional thoughts on what could be causing my dilemma?

A:Yahoo Web-based Email/yahoo Groups Problem

Don't know if it is the problem, but just realized I normally keep my mail options set to "automatically delete" bulk mail messages. Maybe somehow this group member's messages are being "perceived" as spam and Yahoo's spam filter is blocking his posts. I've gone into my settings just now and told it to hold those messages a week for me so I can test possible factor. Will post back my findings.

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Hi, I have a problem with yahoo groups ( possibly other problems too but havent located them ).

All messages in a particular group do not show up. For example if I bring a group up, the messages stop approx 3 days ago. The computer does not allow me to select next or last, but it will allow first or previous. If I type a later post number than that is on the screen, the later post will come up.

If I use another computer I dont have this problem and the latest posts appear.

I am running windows 2000 professional.

I received an update from windows late last week and downloaded it. It appears the problem may be from that latest download. ( Not sure only from my amatuer thinking ).

If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

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Using Win XP. I am a member of a Yahoo Group e-mail, however, it appears that my e-mail messages are not downloading.

When my monitor comes out of standby and displays my user account screen it says that I have (50 some by now) unread e-mail messages. The last post date on my Yahoo Group shows May 10th.

I did change my ISP but also changed my user profile. I've checked every setting I know how to check but cannot figure out where these e-mails are sitting or how to retrieve them.

My Outlook e-mail is working just fine.

Will appreciate the help.

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I've searched everywhere and asked everyone I still can't figure out why we can't use Hotmail or Yahoo mail on my machine.

It worked fine when this very computer was a stand-alone PC on dial-up, but ever since I set it up on a home network to share a DSL line, it won't work.

My wife reluctantly gave up Hotmail and switched to one of the POP accounts that came with the DSL, but sometimes we can't submit forms on Web sites -- it either times out or I get a "no data" message.

Now my wife is the moderator of a Yahoo!Group forum, and she can't even use most of the features of it herself.

My laptop does everything this computer can't, but it has XP and this desktop was still ME, so I plunked down the bucks and bought XP, but it still won't work.

Is it something in the privacy settings of the browser (IE 6 or Mozilla 1.0.4), the operating system or the network router's settings? I've already make sure pop-ups were enabled and made sure I late the latest Java and Javascript files and they were active.


- Steve

A:Can't use Yahoo mail/groups

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I am an owner of several Yahoo Groups. For some reason, on my computer, when I first go into one of these groups after booting or after loading up Firefox, both the Messages page and the Members page list in reverse order, with the most recent post at the bottom and working back to the oldest on the page at the top. If I click, "Sort by date" above the date column it reloads the page the way round that I want it, (most recent on top), but if I shut down the computer or Firefox, when I restart, it is the wrong way around again. It affects every Yahoo Group I visit, not just the one. "The Sort by Date" should remember the setting I choose, making it the default, and it used to do that, but it never does any more.
Anyone got any suggestions please?

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I am getting the following msg, it only happens in Yahoo groups:

"A script in the movie is causing Macro Media Flash Player 7 to run slowly. If it continues to run your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

I pick "Yes", my system does indeed become "unresponsive" for about 5-10 seconds, then goes back to normal. Then about a minute later the same thing happens again. This only happens in Yahoo groups!

I've run SpyBot, AdAware, AVG AV, and they haven't found anything. Any thoughts?


A:Weird Msg in Yahoo Groups

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I was a member of a Yahoo group that was recently just deleted for no reason. The group had been there for years. We never broke any Yahoo rules or anything and it was just gone! We had alot of important info on there! Well, is there any way I can get this info back or retrieve it or have Yahoo retrieve it??? Has anyone had this experience and got Yahoo to get you your info back?

A:Problem with Yahoo Groups

I would contact Yahoo and ask them what happened.

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One of the moderators on our Yahoo Groups group is suddenly having the following problem.....
He can get into our group site, and also other Yahoo groups, but
when he logs in, any pages he goes to on the group site are blank. It is related to his computer
alone as other mods have tried to help and, on other computers it works fine
using his or other logins, but on his computer with any mod's login, nothing.
The same thing happens whether he uses FF or IE. He has restored to an earlier date without it
solving the problem.

Other web browsing is fine; it is just Yahoo groups.

We are stumped. Can anyone suggest a likely cause?

A:A Yahoo Groups problem

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I am having problems ....help!

I can not get into any Yahoo groups or profiles..also I often use a chat room and have had no problems getting in until the other day when nothing loads..I know my freinds can access ok just not me!...I have done everything..deleted tempory internet files, cookies, done a system restore, virus sacn, spyware scan, but still nothing....

Can any of you smart people out there help?



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Hi  Can anyone help me here? For the past couple of weeks I have been unable to access my yahoo groups properly either on my PC (Windows7) or on my ipad  they just won't load up properly. I have cleared the cache and the cookies I have tried on Firefox and Chrome and on Safari on the ipad . I have contacted one of the groups administrators by email and she assures me there is nothing wrong with my membership but to be sure I unsubscribed and rejoined but it has made no difference. I am very frustrated by it all...I get the digest emails but that is all. So far no problem with my email. I feel the problem must emanate from Yahoo but there seems so way of communicating with them. Am I alone in having this problem ?

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I am being unable to open the www.groups.yahoo.com webpage on my computer since the past few days (My internet connection is working perfectly fine). This website is however opening fine on all other computers. Could you please advice what could be the possible reasons for this behaviour and how can i fix this problem. I have a dial up connection and have the AVG free anti virus installed. I browse the web through IE 6 and Opera.

Operating system: Windows XP Proffesional
Computer : Intel P4 1.7 MHz / 256 MB RAM / Intel D845GBV Motherboard

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I belong to at least ten, and probably closer to 15 or 20, Yahoo Groups, and I have the Group emails sent to one of my Gmail accounts. I'm still receiving all of my email, but today, when I tried to access the Group's Message Board, I got a message that said I don't belong to ANY Yahoo Groups! I tried using their Wizard that locates Groups, but it came up with zilch, too. I checked to make sure that I was signed into the correct Yahoo account, and I am.

The other weird thing that happened regarding the Yahoo Groups is that one of my Group emails had a link to one of her other Yahoo Groups. I clicked on the link because I wanted to join that Group, but I kept getting a message that told me I had to create a Yahoo name that I would be recognized by in the Group. I already HAVE a Yahoo name because I went through that process when I signed up for my very first Yahoo Group a long time ago. I tried entering that name in there, but I got a message that said that name was already taken. I thought maybe, for some reason, this Group wanted to have a different name or identity, so created another one, but I still have problems. What happens is that after entering in a name and clicking okay, I get taken to the Yahoo email sign in screen to enter my password, and when I do, I get taken to the Yahoo Home Page. The process just keeps repeating. I don't understand what could possibly be going on. Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much!!

A:All Of My Yahoo Groups Have Disappeared!

Try this.
Log into your Yahoo home page normally with the correct Yahoo identity and password. Instead of checking your group E-mails in the message centre (since you are still receiving them, at least something is working), click on "more Yahoo" at the top of the page. This should get you to a Yahoo Index page, or "everything Yahoo." Go down the alphabetical list until you find "Groups." Click on that.
The expected result should be that you will find your groups listed on the left hand portion under "My Groups."
The problem may "go away" by tomorrow, but if going this route doesn't work let us know.

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In Yahoo groups, I can't access adult groups in the UK or USA, although a small number in other countries appear under REGIONAL when I go through the browse groups menus. In general, the headings appear, but not the groups. I _definitely_ have the safesearch under general search options set to "off, do no filter adult content" and I cannot find any similar group-specific safe-search option. I am a member of a couple of adult groups, and these appear on my "my groups" page and I can access them OK. But if I seach for adult groups, the headings appear, but no actual groups. I am puzzled and would wecome any suggestions!
Many thanks

A:Yahoo - Can't Access Uk/usa Adult Groups

easy thing to try , control panel>add remove programs>remove yahoo messenger. go to yahoo site, http://www.yahoo.com/are you using version 7.0 or 7.5 (access this by selecting help>about) ?download the newest version (not ever a beta) and re-install. se if this helps first.generally, from what i assume your surfing habits would be like, sites from which i (again assume) you browse contain a ot of spyware and adware and have been known to corrupt, files,programs,reg keys. please try this first. and i suggest running an "adware, spybot" scan for malicious softare detection. you can download these from here----- www.download.comdave

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I send pics via Yahoo Mail, in the body of the email, using cut and paste. Some members of the group cannot see the pics when they open the message, others can. Help please?

A:Pics sent to Yahoo Groups via email

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I am a member of several Yahoo Groups but recently I cannot log on to any of them.  I get this message:
The page isn't redirecting properly
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.
I have tried both Firefox and IE and get the same result with both.  I have checked and I have "accept cookies" checked so I don't know why it won't work.  Can anybody give me some ideas of what to do?  Thank you.

A:Having problem accessing Yahoo Groups

 I am able to log into my account with Yahoo with no problem.  What accounts are you trying to log into?

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I'm trying to access Yahoo Groups via Gmail.

The Gmail address is set up in Yahoo Groups [not as my primary Yahoo email address but as the second named address if it makes any difference].

My Yahoo account has sent a verification email to my Gmail account.

From my Gmail account I've returned the verification email and Yahoo confirms that the Gmail account is valid and verified.

The Yahoo group is set to send individual emails to the nominated email address but I still can't get Gmail to pick up my Yahoo email.

I've tried emailing the Gmail helpline but all they do is send an automated reply saying to look in Gmail's FAQ, which don't seem to cover the issue at all.

I'm running WSP2 in WXP on IE6 with Norton 2005.

Has anyone else had this problem?

A:accessing Yahoo Groups via Gmail

Does it send the info to the primary email address on the account and not the secondary?

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Here is the problem. I am the owner of several Yahoo Groups. I've been able to upload files just fine for over a year now.

However, a couple of days ago I went to upload a file and I couldn't. It timed out after 2 minutes and 5 seconds. I tried with Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox and Opera. All time out after that amount of time.

I can upload to other websites like Sony's Imagestation, just not to Yahoo Groups.

I have Verizon DSL 3.0/768 and a system running Windows XP Pro, P4 1.7 GHz, 768 MB Ram.

Anyone have any ideas on why it times out now. It's never done that before.

BTW, my friend in another state was able to upload fine to the Yahoo group if that helps.

A:Trouble Uploading files on Yahoo Groups.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

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Lately, it seems whenever I try to login to my Yahoo Groups id (web access), it takes more than 5 minutes to get the login screen and about another 10 minutes to get to the groups.

Anyone else suffering these problems?

-- Tom

A:Solved: Anyone having problems logging in to Yahoo Groups?

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I need to move my contacts to yahoo groups for sending emails to every one in the group.
I have made a csv file from my outloock contacts and when I was trying to import it in my yahoo group it gives me this error:"Sorry, we can't read this file format. Please try again."
What's the problem ?How should I move my contacts from outloock to my yahoo group?


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I am using Firefox and Firefox Nightly, and the extension "Simple Tab Groups" (STG).

After installation, STG functions properly for some weeks, but eventually then there is always some database error.

I could create a database backup of this extension, if I would know where its database is located.

I was not able to find out, how to contact the STG developers.

Can anyone assist?


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I've got a legacy program I'm trying to update. When the application starts it would check to determine if the user was a domain admin by using My.User.IsInRole("Domain Admins"). Now it appears that UAC screws up IsInRole for AD groups. If I start the program normally (UAC running the program as a standard user) My.User.IsInRole("Domain Admins") returns false (even though I'm logged in as a domain admin). When I run the program as administrator, it returns true. I can test non-admin groups (such as My.User.IsInRoll("Domain Users")) and it works fine, and I can test local administrator group just fine.

Any thoughts? I think if the code actually tried to do something that required administrator permission it would prompt me to elevate, but I don't see a way I can initiate that prompt myself to elevate to check role then lower again (because I'm trying to be a good Vista programmer and keep my users standard).

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I manage a group at MSN Groups ~ I cannot post there, however. I may be able to post 1 or 2 threads, then the site freezes up and I get a pop up saying ~

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must shut down. I click on the error reporting button to send an error report, but I have no idea who I'm sending it to or what they're doing about it.

I've been having this trouble for a few months and nothing that MSN tech support tells me to do is helping at all.

I'm using Windows XP home and I have dial-up internet service if that helps.

A:MSN Groups

Try dumping all your cookies and temp files. Have you checked with any other group hosts to see if they are having similar issues?


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I'm just trying to set up a contact group for tennis players in my local park. The idea being that we can find opponents quickly, meet other players and hopefully make a bit more use of the facilities. At some point I'd also like to set up a tennis ladder as well but that might be later. At some point I'd also like to encourage them to join the local friends group that supports the common but that's probably a way off.

I was thinking of using a yahoo group that people can just sign up to but wondered what other options there were. I personally don't use twitter or facebook but obviously if there was a huge advantage in taking this route then I might. I also have full access to the (word press) web site for the friends. I wondered about setting up a small forum on the site but haven't done this before. I also have a Unix based web server of my own but I'd prefer this to be separate.

Any ideas?

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I'm trying to determine if a user is a member of a specific NT Security group from within a VB 6 application. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Thanks for your help.

A:VB 6 and NT Groups

Goto http://www.geocities.com/timcottee click the downloads page and look for the NT Users/Groups information sample project. This will enable you to retrieve the groups that a user is a member of. You simply need to check for your specific group membership and away you go. You may alternatively be able to download this sample project from http://www.geocities.com/timcottee/downloads/NTUserInfo.zip

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ehi. a hypothetical. let's say i call my friend fred. he uses a service called groups.io. for some reason, he trys to subscribe to a few groups, and is banned. does not know why. so, he has tried to contact the owners and moderators. they do not want to contact him, and tell him to go away. he is determined to find a way to rejoin the groups, and tries under a number of different e-mail addresses. but they find him and send him a e-mail, saying that he is using a fake address. but the addresses from gmail, yahoo, aol, apple are all legite. so, he wonders, if there is a way for him, to be a admin, even though he is banned. is there a way for him to do this. if so, how? so then he can get back at the mods, who are ignoring him. to teach him a lesson, and then hhe wants to block them out of being an owner or mods, and if he becomes an admin on this service, is it only for the one groups, or the entire site? just a brain teaser. any thoughts.

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Can someone please help me with this scenario.

I have active directory setup and want to organise user and computers per department.
I have created a OU called Dept1 and want to add users and computers into this OU without permanently moving them from their defaul containers (USERS/COMPUTERS).

Firstly, is it possible to apply a GPO to a group within a OU? and secondly can someone give me a sample structure on how to separate users and computers per department and how to manage gpos per department.

Also, how do u add a user or a computer to multiple departments?


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Is there a way to list and/or print out all the domains and groups within a network?

I most interested in seeing all the available groups within my network.

I can list all the groups by doing a search under the 'add new group' function. But I would like to be able to pull up the list or print for easier documentation.

Any help would be great.

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Hope this the right place to post this?

How can you find out who started a group on facebook?


A:Facebook Groups

This guide will show you how to create a group on Facebook: Almost any person can create a "Group" on F/book -Facebook Groups | Facebook Some more general information -I am not sure how you find who started the "Group" unless you ask one of the group -

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Can any one tell me how I can give all users administrator rights on one machine?

A:user groups

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When ever i try to send an email to group i get bn error message. I know a lot of ppl have this problem, what is the solution?

Thanks in advance

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In the groups folder of the computer management program of XP pro, a bunch of different groups are listed, including "Power User". If I go to control panel's User Accounts, I only have the choice of Administrator or Limited. I added one user to the power user group, and then in control panel user accounts it says "Unknown Account Type" and I think that it acts the same as limited. Is this because my hard drive is formatted as FAT32 and not NTFS?
I ask this because I usually use the administrator account and Windows help file says:
Running Windows 2000 or Windows XP as an administrator makes the system vulnerable to Trojan horses and other security risks. The simple act of visiting an Internet site can be extremely damaging to the system. An unfamiliar Internet site may have Trojan horse code that can be downloaded to the system and executed. If you are logged on with administrator privileges, a Trojan horse could do things like reformat your hard drive, delete all your files, create a new user account with administrative access, and so on.

I have a firewall and a virus scanner. Am I really at such a greater risk because I log on as administrator?

A:User Groups

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Hi. I am researching user groups and web forums on the web. Can anybody point me to where I can find general information about user groups and web forums, e.g. how many there are, how many people subscribe, etc. Thanks.

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Your Groups Tell Hackers Who You Are.

A malicious site can find out what social-networking groups you belong to--and then figure out your identity.

The way I prevent history stealing is to use the Stanford University Firefox add-on named SafeHistory. Although it appears to be for earlier Firefox versions, all one needs to do is unzip the .xpi file into an isolated directory, then edit the maxVersion value (in the install.rdf file) to equal or exceed the current version of Firefox, and then zip up the contents into a new .zip file - and then rename it to a .xpi file. I do the same with the SafeCache Firefox add-on also from Stanford.

-- Tom

A:Your Groups Tell Hackers Who You Are

How do you know you aren't inducing the possibility of conflicts into FF browser addons?
I used both in the distant past, but they were turned off by Mozilla as being incompatible with one of the browser updates.

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I have a Windows 2000 Server machine. It does not have Active Directory installed. The problem: Groups do not seem to be taking effect. Steps:

1) I created a group called GroupX and added UserX to it.
2) Then I granted GroupX full permission an NT folder.
3) When I try to access the folder as Userx, I can't.

However, if I grant UserX (the user account) permission to the folder, then I can access it. So, why don't groups work? I have tried this on other machines and it seems to work. Any suggestions?


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I am running W8 Pro upgrade from W7 and have synced W8 mail to my Gmail account. I have had no problems with the mail and my contacts synced over as well ....all except my contact groups. I have searched W8 and the net and forums and cannot find out how one can create contact groups in W8 People. I tried several formats for entering multiple email addressed in a W8 People contact but nothing works. I am wanting to buy a Surface but need to resolve this issue first since most of my emails go out to multiple recipients. Thanks for any help!!!

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can anyone tell me what a dependancy group or service is in relation to internet sharing. it ? i tried to share but it keeps failin cos of this.....
I been pickling my brain with this all afternoon


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I am having trouble posting pictures in MSN GROUPS. I have windows XP. I click on the little mountain icon, browse for my pic, click upload, it takes a few secs like it's loading the pic but then my post comes back blank. Any ideas why this is doing this??


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Sending an email to a group of people who have signed up to receive emails from a church resale shop. I have over 300 recipients. Each time I send I get a message similar to the one below for about 75 names. Some of which I know are correct. What can I do to prevent this from happening each time. I realize there will always be a few do to mistakes and changed emails.

"Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain aol.com by mailin-03.mx.aol.com. [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 5.1.1 <[email protected]>: Recipient address rejected: aol.com"

Would really appreciate your help. It is for a good cause. Thanks, Sadiegirl

A:Groups in Email

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I am the only person using PC. I have a Cable Modem plugged in plus printer,mouse & keyboard.

Somewhere in my PC info it lists me as Workgroup yet there is a Homegroup listed in Library.

I'm completely lost, don't know if it makes any difference, just don't want any problems due to having both listed. Would having both make a difference in what Updates MS decides to send me?

Since I don't "share" anything with anyone do I even need reference to either group.

A:I don't understand Groups

I'm like you, no one else uses my PC.

There is a registry edit that can be used to delete Homegroup from your Explorer tree.

Homegroup - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

I used the tutorial to get rid of Homegroup years ago and don't miss it.

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I have a DSL connection and do alot of downloading from news groups ie.(Free Agent). I used to be able to see coplete files in the groups with the exeption of some(of course). For the last month, all of the files are incomplete. I can't find any complete files at all anymore. I have compared them to alot of other peoples groups that have the same conection that I do and they are getting complete files like I used to, but I cant get them anymore.
I there something in the settings that I might have changed?

Please help!!


A:News Groups

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Hi, I am unable to edit and save a file in c:\program files (x86)\ (e.g. if I open the file in UltraEdit, make changes and try to save the file).
After a bit of googleing, the problem might be down to me not having the correct permission for this folder. When I look at the folder properties - security, it list several groups but not my user name. So my question is, where can I view/change the list of groups that I am a member of.
Also, do I just give myself 'full control' of this folder to be able to save edits? Or should I set the 'read only' attribute for this folder off?
I am on Windows 7 home proffesional.

A:what user groups am I in?

Hi Spiderplant and Welcome to the Forum

First off it would be helpful if you completed your system specs then we would not need to ask for details every time you posted a thread.
Can I ask what file you want to edit in your Programs folder. Dabbling here can cause your programs not to function properly unless you know exactly what you are doing!

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