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Bitclocker doesn't unlock encrypted partition after Windows 10 Upgrade - No recovery key is available, only recovery password

Q: Bitclocker doesn't unlock encrypted partition after Windows 10 Upgrade - No recovery key is available, only recovery password

I have a laptop HP 450 G3.
The disk contains
a) Recovery partition
b) System partition
TPM is activated
The Laptop wasn't attached to Domain.
I was using this system for over 6 months without a problem and <g class="gr_ gr_25 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_disable_anim_appear ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="25" id="25">i</g>
was using only the <g class="gr_ gr_22 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_disable_anim_appear ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="22" id="22">bitlocker</g> password to unlock it.
My password is a 10 digit number, for example, 1234567890
After I attempted a Windows 10 Upgrade to the latest version and turned off the PC the system now asks for Recovery key, which I don't have because ? never used it before.
All my files are in this partition, including the operating system and ? cannot access it.
I have also tried to unlock the drive with the manage-bde command but failed.

I am confident that ? types the password correctly since ? was typing it for 6 months.

What can ? do to get back my data? Anyone that can help me please contact me

I also tried the repair-bde command but with no success.
C:\WINDOWS\system32>repair-bde h: x: -pw
BitLocker Drive Encryption: Repair Tool version 10.0.17134
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Enter the password to unlock this volume:
LOG WARNING: 0x8000002c
Failed to lock volume. (0x80070005)
LOG ERROR: 0xc0000030
Failed to open 'h:'. (0x80070005)

ERROR: Cannot open 'h:'. Check that it is not currently in use. To continue
even when the volume is in use, add the -Force option.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>repair-bde h: x: -pw -force
BitLocker Drive Encryption: Repair Tool version 10.0.17134
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Enter the password to unlock this volume:
LOG WARNING: 0x8000002c
Failed to lock <g class="gr_ gr_42 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar only-ins replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="42" id="42">volume</g>. (0x80070005)
LOG INFO: 0x00000003
The system cannot find the path specified.
LOG ERROR: 0xc0000032
Failed to create 'x:'. (0xc0000005)

ERROR: Could not create 'x:' as an output image.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>repair-bde h: d:\imagefile.bin -pw -force
BitLocker Drive Encryption: Repair Tool version 10.0.17134
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Enter the password to unlock this volume:
LOG WARNING: 0x8000002c
Failed to lock <g class="gr_ gr_126 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_disable_anim_appear Grammar only-ins replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="126" id="126">volume</g>. (0x80070005)
Beginning scan for BitLocker metadata.

Scanning boot sectors for pointer to metadata: 1%
LOG ERROR: 0xc0000033
Failed to authenticate using supplied recovery information. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc000003b
Could not validate metadata at offset 69779456. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc0000033
Failed to authenticate using supplied recovery information. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc000003b
Could not validate metadata at offset 1356271616. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc0000033
Failed to authenticate using supplied recovery information. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc000003b
Could not validate metadata at offset 3341025280. (0x80310033)
Scanning boot sectors for <g class="gr_ gr_150 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_disable_anim_appear Grammar only-ins doubleReplace replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="150" id="150">pointer</g> to metadata: 100%
Scanning sector boundaries for metadata: 1%
LOG ERROR: 0xc0000033
Failed to authenticate using supplied recovery information. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc000003b
Could not validate metadata at offset 69779456. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc0000033
Failed to authenticate using supplied recovery information. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc000003b
Could not validate metadata at offset 1356271616. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc0000033
Failed to authenticate using supplied recovery information. (0x80310033)
LOG ERROR: 0xc000003b
Could not validate metadata at offset 3341025280. (0x80310033)
Scanning sector boundaries for metadata: 100%
Finished scanning for BitLocker metadata.

ERROR: Cannot use a password to unlock the input volume. Please try a different
password or provide a recovery password, recovery key or key package.

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Preferred Solution: Bitclocker doesn't unlock encrypted partition after Windows 10 Upgrade - No recovery key is available, only recovery password

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi  ashish,
The drive must be unlocked by the recovery password or recovery key. But you lost it and haven?t print the recovery information or save it anywhere. No any other method to help you.
I am sorry for that. I suggest you consult professional data recovery company.
Best regards,
Karen Hu

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I had stored the PFX files once I had created the password, now I have formatted my windows. So how can I use PFX file to unlock my drive.

A:How to unlock Bitlocker drive using recovery of encrypted files

See if this helps: Bitlocker Data Recovery Agent

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Dear Customer Service of HP I want to inform you about all your tips about making the Recovery partition as active is not working at all. I have changed as active and nothing. Is there anything else that I can doI have pavilion dv9819wm with vista home premium. I've format drive C with windows 7 and now the F11 is not starting the recovery partition. I tried also with the makeing the recovery partition active and still nothing.I download recovery partition software from official HP site and still nothing. The instalation is starting but at one point of the instalation it says "The recovery manager setup has stop working" and there is no solution online.Please if you can help me to get my original software. Thankking you in advanced

A:Re: F11 HP recovery doesn't boot into recovery partition

sounds like you need to order a set of recovery disks from hp, you can usually find them online at www.hp.com/support

click Kudos to say thanks if I helped

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Hello! I'm a owner of a HP Mini 5101. It has a function to press F11 to return the system into the "out-of-the-box" state. But my problem starts here. When I press F11 I imediately get a screen that says Windows Boot manager on top and and error : 0xc000000e and required device is inaccessible. This started after I made a "clean" install with the DVD Windows 7 that came with the computer as I tried to avoid all the "crapware" that comes included with the new notebook. If I boot into Windows, the HP_RECOVERY partition is visible and the HP recovery image is on it. Is there anyway to get the F11 recovery back to working state? I have some BCD editing knowledge in that would help in any way with my problem..... Thank you very much! U

View Solution.

A:F11 HP recovery doesn't boot into recovery partition

Thank you very much for getting back to me so fast.I have to apologize as I did not explain my problem in the right way. Technically I am able to boot the partition, but the problem occurs when the partition needs to boot into WinRE or WinPE I guess so that the recovery can start. The loading process gets stuck immediately at the beginning even before anything "Windows related stuff" starts loading. So about five seconds after I turn on the computer and boot into the recovery partition, or pressing F11 the error that I'm describing shows up. Update: I managed to fix my problem. After setting the recovery partition to active, and booting from the installation USB with windows 7, I managed to fix the mbr that was corrupted and the partition didn't know what to boot. So after fixing it, i had no problem running the recovery. Thank you!

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Can I get some help with this please?

A:Recovery doesn't detect my recovery partition

What make & Model.

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

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<g class="gr_ gr_5 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="5" id="5"><g class="gr_ gr_15 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="15"
id="15">i</g>'m</g> having an issue with <g class="gr_ gr_6 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="6" id="6">bitlocker</g>,I enabled it in my windows10
due to some problems in my <g class="gr_ gr_7 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="7" id="7">pc</g> <g class="gr_ gr_16 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_run_anim
ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="16" id="16">i</g> changed my operating system to 8.1,after changing my operating system even <g class="gr_ gr_17 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling
multiReplace" data-gr-id="17" id="17">i</g> enter the correct password it didn't accept the password.after changing operating system <g class="gr_ gr_9 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace"
data-gr-id="9" id="9">i</g> lost the recovery key.
so please give me some tips to unlock my <g class="gr_ gr_12 gr-alert gr_g... Read more

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I have a computer with Windows 8.1 preinstalled. I want to install Linux there and to free some space I need to delete the recovery partition

I followed this [1] guide, created 3 recovery drives but Windows doesn't offer me to remove the recovery partition. Tried using diskpart (Windows doesn't let me either) or live GParted (which bricks windows). How can I remove the partition?

[1] How To Delete Recovery Partition In Windows 8

A:Windows doesn't let me remove the recovery partition

Mint 17.2 includes the Disks app. Have you tried using that to remove the Recovery partition?

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I delete all my partition in my SSD and I install a new operating system. before that I copy all files of recovery partition to external disk also hidden files. I thought that if I set a external disk as bootable,will work like recovery partition, but it did not work.
Now i create new partition named "Recovery" and placed it all recovery files. How can I make the new partition like the old. like this:

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I encrypted my laptop system drive using Bitlocker. I remembered the password but forgot to backup the Recovery Key.

Usually, the system will be bootup without asking for the Bitlocker password or Recovery key. But one day, when booting up the sytem, the "BitLocker recovery" blue screen pop up to ask for Bitlocker Recovery Key.

I forgot to backup the Recovery Key. But I remembered the password. I also connected the harddisk of this laptop to other PC, and tried to unlock the hard disk using Bitlocker password. But there is no password option to unlock the hard disk.

Is it possible to unlock the drive using Bitlocker password?

Thank you.

Best regards,

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I cann't reset my pc after windows 10 november update. I got an error massage that the pc couldn't find the recovery environment.

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Greetings Engineers of Microsoft! Here is a query for you to respond. I have lost my bitlocker drive recoverykey and password / 48-digit recovery key. But I have with me recovery key ID (6247A01D) and Numerical password id: 6247A01D-96BC-4006-B543-468COD31245C
and Password ID: 986F1E54-84EA-49A7-B4C2-7DCDA77AA1D3 as extracted with the help of manage-bde -protectors -get F:.  My OS is windows 8.1. 
Soliciting your answers to unlock the drive. 


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Hello every body
I have a serious problem
i have a external hard that i turned on bitlocker

when i was wanted turning off bitlocker, i removed password then disconnected external hard
and when i connected hard to pc i saw the drive is locked and i try to unlock 

the pc notify me just unlock with recovery key that unfortunately i don't have any recovery key.

pleaseeeeeeeeee help me

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I have upgraded to Windows 10 and plan to stay there.  My HP recovery disk uses 12.5 GB. 1 - What use will this partition be after 30 days from my Windows 10 install.  (not going back to windows 7.2 - Where does Windows 10 install installation files?3 - What happens if the Partition is deleted? Thanks,

A:HP Partition Recovery - windows 10 upgrade

@jvoracle?, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.

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Windows 10 is downloading to my win 8 recovery partition and before it's complete it tells me the recovery partition is full, which it is. I've run disc clean up and still no luck. Any way to get win 10 to download to another partition?

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On my Windows 7 64-bit system (prior to the upgrade), I had a 696.58 GB OS (C:) and a 2.00GB RECOVERY (D:) drive, plus a 55MB OEM partition without an assigned drive letter.
After upgrading to Windows 10 (Enterprise) 64-bit, I now have

OEM Partition [55MB], no drive letterRecovery Partition (450MB), no drive letterOS (C:) [696.14 GB]RECOVERY (D:) [2.00 GB]
The 55MB OEM Partition and the RECOVERY (D:) drive appear unchanged, although Windows 10 configured its virtual memory to use the D: drive. 

The 450MB Recovery partition appears to have been created by the Windows 10 upgrade process (from the space originally allocated to the C: drive); and the OS (C:) drive is now a bit smaller.
Question:  Can I safely delete the original D: drive?  The timestamps on the folders, etc., appear to be unchanged:
 Volume in drive D is RECOVERY
 Volume Serial Number is C4EB-85DD
 Directory of D:\
03/11/2008  11:20 AM    <DIR>          dell
11/02/2006  04:32 AM    <DIR>          Program Files
11/17/2006  09:44 AM    <DIR>          sources
03/11/2008  11:20 AM    <DIR>          Tools
11/02/2006  04:32 AM    <DIR>  ... Read more

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I get this message.   Will this prevent me from upgrading to Windows 10.  I think when Dell had to reload windows 8.1 on my new computer that they might have left it out.

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Hi ,
after windows 10 anniversary upgrade installation i ran Disk Management and found a new created Recovery Partition as shown in picture . 845 MB , Healthy (Recovery partition). Is it necessary or can I delete it ?
The Upgrade installation has been absolutely successful , no problem at all.

A:windows 10 Anniversary upgrade created a recovery partition

You can check which recovery partition is registered with the command reagentc /info from elevated command prompt. You'll see something like this:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /info
Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and system reset configuration

Windows RE status: Enabled
Windows RE location: \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition1\Recovery\WindowsRE
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifier: 3d8f8337-bc56-11e5-a7c5-85493d747884
Recovery image location:
Recovery image index: 0
Custom image location:
Custom image index: 0

REAGENTC.EXE: Operation Successful.


To find which partition the number above you need to check diskpart as disk management doesn't show all partitions (the MSR partition specifically which is partition 3 normally). Again from elevated command prompt:

Microsoft DiskPart version 10.0.14393.0

Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: WIN10

DISKPART> select disk 0

Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

DISKPART> list par

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partition 1 Recovery 500 MB 20 KB
Partition 2 System 200 MB 500 MB
Partition 3 Reserved ... Read more

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Dell Windows RT tablet from someone. It had the problem of not starting anymore. I managed to get my hands on a Windows RT 8.0 Recovery USB Image for this type of tablet. I used a Imaging tool to install this image on a USB drive.
I booted with this and I could access the Advanced recovery options. I started the Command Prompt and launched Diskpart. I saw all of the partitions where gone. So I used Diskpart to re-install all of the partitions using the Microsoft standard.
It looks like this:

convert gpt
create partition primary size=450
set id=DE94BBA4-06D1-4D40-A16A-BFD50179D6AC
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows RE tools"
assign letter=T
create partition efi size=200
format quick fs=fat32 label="System"
assign letter=S
create partition msr size=128
create partition primary
shrink minimum=4200
gpt attributes=0x0000000000000000
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows"
assign letter=W
create partition primary
set id=de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
format quick fs=ntfs label="Recovery image"
assign letter=R

All went well. After recreating the partitions, I used DISM to deploy the *.wim image on the USB drive to the Windows partition and installed the bootloader afterwards. The tablet was fixed after this :) I installed Windows RT 8.0 and updated to Windows
8.1... Read more

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Immediately search great solution-Atom TechSoft 7z password unlocker tool to Repair & recover corrupt, damaged, erroneous zip file data without losing internal items. It completely
helps you to combat with all these possible errors without involving data loss. This 7 password unlocker utility is the mind-blowing technique for repairing 7z file password & also Supports Zip recovery of password protected zip files.


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Requested sir
                        first when i stored my all data in my seagate hard drive then i used to put a password in my hard drive and in that
similar moment my laptop was discharged and closed and due to that now i am unable to open and access my seagate hard drive , also i have with me the correct password and the recovery key with me . but yet its not working . please do help me to open my bit
locker encryption to open my hard drive .

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I'm trying to re-install Windows 8 as it is not working properly, but did not make a copy of the  Dell software image when I bought my Dell XPS 8500. I can not now make a copy of the software image.
When I use Dell Backup and Recovery, it says "it can not detect the recovery partition on this computer it may be missing or corrupt. To recover your computer to the original factory state and restore the recovery partition please use your system recovery discs"
In the past I would have just re-installed the OS from the provided discs and I'm not sure what to do next. At the moment the OS is not working correctly.

A:Windows 8 Recovery with no OEM DVD or USB drive or recovery partition

Dell made a software called "Dell Backup and Recovery" to help it's users to backup or recover the Operating System, Factory Installed Drivers and Applications and Personal User Data like Music, Videos, Photos and documents etc. To do so, Dell creates a Hard Partition called Recovery which contains an image of the Operating System, Drivers and Factory installed 3rd party applications like Mcafee Anti Virus which are all together known as Factory Image. Dell recommends it's consumer to backup this Recovery Partition in USB Flash Drive or Multiple DVD's as soon as they Fire the PC for the first time. Now, as you mentioned that you're recovery partition is corrupt, and you don't have the Recovery Media Disc's, none of your data could be recovered. If you PC is covered under warranty, you can call Dell Technical Support and request for the Windows 8 Media Kit & License Key and can simply do a full Operating System Reinstallation. If your PC isn't covered under warranty, you might need to Purchase the Retails Version of Windows 8 Media Kit with License Key for a $100. Remember that you can't use any other Dell Windows 8 Media Kit that didn't not came with your Dell PC as each Dell Windows 8 Media Kit has a Unique System Specific License Key for Windows 8 which is Injected into the System Bios and can't be retrieved by the User.
Next Time if you purchase a new Dell PC, Always remember to make the Recovery Media using Dell Backup... Read more

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I have a Lenovo laptop running Windows 7 Professional and I need to somehow use system recover to sort out the multiple problems. The OS was installed when it was new and no WIndows OS DVD's were issued with the laptop.  The WIndows install is 100% legit. The problem is only the failure of Lenovo to give customers the OS DVD's with the new laptop. The Lenovo warranty period has expired and their help/support is less than useless.
The recovery method in the Lenovo instructions does not work! I press the Novo key and F11 and get to the start of the recovery process where I select language and then when I click Next, the process stops with an alert saying I need to log in - see system administrator.
So I am unable to use the built in Recovery method.
I read there are several other methods of recovery and two of them I have explored:
1. Mircosoft website has a software-recovery section where I can enter my Product ID/Key and language and download an ISO for burning to be used as an install disk for fresh WIndow 7 Professional install.  The required 25 character Windows Key (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) which I obtained using a registration key app but is not accepted by Microsoft so I cannot proceed to download an ISO. I believe the Key is correct as it matches what I recorded one year ago and is same using two different Key recovery apps.
2. The Lenovo website gave instructions for burning DVD's to be used for restoring the laptop to as released from factory s... Read more

A:about Recovery Partition/Recovery methods - Windows 7

The site that you inputted your key does not accept OEM keys. Right click Computer > Properties. At the bottom of the page you will see your PID. If it has OEM in the PID then you cannot download an iso from Microsoft's site. You can input your key into the Ultimate PID checker and it will tell you the key is Valid.
If you created DVD's using lenovo's utility then you should not need to enter any key. It will be pre-activated.
When it asks you to login does it have a user and password box? Can you post a screen shot of the window?

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I've tried upgrading to Windows 10 twice with this notebook.1st attempt:It tried downloading to D:Recovery partition, failed upgrade, luckily I made a Windows 8 recovery USB including the entire recovery drive before I ran the upgrade, after several steps and issues I restored to 8.2nd attempt:Again, it tried to download and install in D: partition and failed, second recovery was quite a bit more difficult than the first.My question is, would removing the recovery partition completely before running the upgrade solve this and if so, would the Windows 8 recovery USB still be enough to recover if it fails even after completely removing recovery partition?If upgrade is successful, would I be able to make a Windows 10 recovery USB then recreate a recovery partition then transfer the recovery USB to that partition?I'm doing this for someone else that isn't technically proficient, if it were mine I'd be doing this differently(that is if I would actually ever own this little thing).My goal here is to get them upgraded then make as close to 100% certain as I can that they can not only recover but that they won't have to worry about keeping track of a DVD or USB recovery media if all else fails and can recover while keeping the valid product key without them ever needing to buy, find, use or type a product key.

A:Windows 10 upgrade/Windows 8 recovery partition issues

I would remove the Recovery partition and try the upgrade. As to the question of it working after removing the partition that may depend on which type of Recovery USB you created. There is Windows 8's version-which I've never used & am not sure whether it works without the partition. Then there is> HP Recovery Media- which works with/with out the partition and even on a new hdd. Windows 10 does also have an option to create a usb recovery drive but I don't think it will transfer to a recovery partition- at least not a bootable one. Windows 10 has the Reset this PC option that uses files stored on hdd.You must also consider that if the hdd failed it would take the recovery/reset partition with it so having a stand alone installer- either usb or dvd is always a good choice- to install on a replacement hdd.Of course many of use use Imaging to take a full snapshot of the Windows install to easily restore either to original or new hdd. Imaging is also covered in the link above.

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I'm trying to rebuild a system, there is a recovery partion on drive F, when I hit F10 on startup (which is the PC's key) it gives me 'boot edit options' rather than the chance to reload to defaults.

I tried F8 and had a repair option, this gives me a blanck login (proper vista login, not a DOS login) whioch the administrator password does not work

Any ideas how I could get hte recovery partition to run? The PC is an Advent PQD6002


A:Recovery Partition password?

The key choices are not displayed at power on? If they are you can hit the Pause key (quickly!) so that you have time to read.

No instructions on Advent's web site?

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My company is updating our windows, servers, desktops nearly every thing. we were asked to back up all our data on external drives, but we were forced to encrypt the drives with Bit locker, after the immigration to the new hardware and windows 10, I opened
my external HDD and USB Drive using the passwords I set earlier, and as I don't need the drives to be encrypted anymore, I right clicked the drives then choose "Remove password" which I thought it will decrypt the drives and no passwords will be
required anymore. I was surprised to find that my drives are still encrypted, and all what happened is that the password unlock option for my Bit locker encrypted drives was removed. it now only displays to option to unlock (another USB drive or recovery key)
and I don't have both. all what i have is the passwords that I set to the drivers, but the unlock with password option vanished.
can i return that option back so i can unlock both my drives using password? can you please advice?
thanks in advance.

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Hi guys: My problem was started by crashing my windows 10 soon after Logging windows password.?First of all  I tried Recovering by F11 method. But an error showed up saying Your device needs to repaired and not connected kr cant be acessed (Code: 0xc000000f).?Then i tried Repairing windows from bootable windows 10 USB but again it failed too (Error was startup repair cant repiar your system).?After trying this when i pulled my usb out,  i was not able to start my windows because on startup ,before windows 10 logo ,every time an error showed up saying (No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key)?So i thought i could help my self by formatting c: drive and installing new windows from usb. But again i failed , error saying (your partition is of GTP type) after formatting c:?So To get rid of (no bootable device) error on stratup i thought i can get rid of it by formatting MBR partition and another very first partition labelling System. Both of them were 26OMB and 128MB respectively.But nothing happened after formatting both of them too.  I forgot to tell that apart from builtin windows 10... i had installed windows 7 too in my system long before all this story.when everything was Alright.?At this moment following Partitions are on my Hard drive.?Partition 1:  260 MB , Typeystem , Name: MBR, ( Currently formatted by me, mentioned above)Partition 2:  120MB, Typeystem, Name: (I dont remember lable , but i formatted i... Read more


Yes. Send a picture of the partition layout. I fear you have created quite a mess here and I wonder if maybe there is a problem with the hard drive. Have you run an F2 diagnostic scan on the hard drive? 

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Now running Win 10 Pro 64bit. Just did an in-place upgrade from Win 7 Pro. Seems to have worked fine - but I'm still testing....

This is an HP PC which came with Win 7 and there is a recovery partition on the system disk.

Is this recovery partition of any use now that I've upgraded to Win 10?
If I used it would I go back to the factory version of Win 7?

Should I just ignore that it is there?

-- Larry

A:After Upgrade to Win 10 - Is Recovery Partition Useful?

Originally Posted by larrymcg

Now running Win 10 Pro 64bit. Just did an in-place upgrade from Win 7 Pro. Seems to have worked fine - but I'm still testing....

This is an HP PC which came with Win 7 and there is a recovery partition on the system disk.

Is this recovery partition of any use now that I've upgraded to Win 10?
If I used it would I go back to the factory version of Win 7?

Should I just ignore that it is there?

-- Larry

It may depend upon the procedure HP [or other maker/vendor] uses to access that partition to restore back to the day it shipped from the factory. If it was Windows-based that feature is gone. There was a prompt early on, usually in the setup phase, that suggested making the discs for doing the restore, those would be useful if having to replace the HDD/Hard Disk Drive because it failed. You'd restore using the discs then do all the required updates such as Service Pack 1 then do the free Upgrade to Win10.

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Hi, I've been having a lot of problems with corrupt system files on my Windows Home Premium x64 system, so I decided to restore my system to a state it was in a month ago. I better explain how I got here, boring as it is, otherwise you may wonder why I'm tackling this problem the way I am.

I had used some software bundled with an external hard drive (Nero Backitup 4 essentials) to backup the entire hard drive, but when it came to using it I found I couldn't. The boot disk nero produces refused to work, it claimed not to be able to find the installer software even though it can be found if booted up on an XP (probably something to do with x64 incompatibility?). So I downloaded Nero 10 trial version and made a boot disk expecting a current incarnation to work fine. This time the boot disk found the restore software, but the linux software still refused to work. So I decided on a hard drive to hard drive copy, Backitup 4 would not select drive D so I had to use Nero 10, but because I'd already downloaded nero onto the drive I wanted to fix, I had to try and clone on another drive. I used the same type of hard drive and it seemed to work fine, but there were boot problems which I had to fix using the win 7 installation disk and the repair computer option. This seemed to work fine, but then I noticed that the hidden recover partition (D) WIN_RE was no longer hidden, it can be seen but has its capacity bar is in red for some reason instead of green. So I decided to test the recov... Read more

A:Restored my hard drive but the Recovery Partition Doesn't Work

Try using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks you made.

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Since the Windows 10 upgrade, I've periodically experienced a problem with the machine unloacking after it goes to sleep.  The spinning wait indicator comes up and the screen starts flickering.  I've waited several minutes and it never completes.  The event viewer is filled with things like: "Activation of app Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy!WindowsDefaultLockScreen failed with error: The remote procedure call failed. See the Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational log for additional information."  I'm not sure what log that's refering to - is it in event viewer also?  I don't see it.  I've found a similar report athttp://windowanswers.com/windows-8/login-lock-screen-flickering-with-wait-image-and-black-screen-lot... but that didn't help. Because the loptop is locked I can't use the usual diagnostic tools.  Any ideas?

A:After Windows 10 upgrade, laptop sometimes doesn't unlock

Hi @bmm9o, Thank you for posting at HP forums! I have read your post and understand that the laptop does not wake up from the sleep mode after upgrading to Windows 10. I wanted to help. Please review the document below for troubleshooting:HP PCs - Sleep and Hibernate Issues (Windows 10, 8) Let me know how it goes. Click on the "Thumb Up" icon for "thank you". Click on "Accepted as Solution", if your problem has been solved. Regards, 

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I have just upgraded my wife's Acer 4810 from Vista to Windows 7 using the free upgrade. It all came out OK and is working just fine.
The recovery partition will still be Vista so is no longer needed, I do have the recovery DVDs I burnt when we received the machine.
I use Acronis True Image 2010 and I'm thinking of removing the recovery partition and replacing it with the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. If that is OK, I'm not sure how to delete the Vista partition, as I can't see a way of getting to it.

As an aside, does the Windows 7 upgrade disk 'behave' in the same way as a standard disk? Can I do another instal from it if this machine has serious problems?

Also, when I make a repair disk for the Acer, what will that allow me to do? I'm aware that I can repair any startup problems but I don't know what else it will do (apart from allowing me to restore an image or do a system restore point restore and memory test. Beyond that I don't know what it can do?
Obviously I am concerned about the lack of a full Windows 7 disk, as in XP I used to do a repair instal 'over the top' of an existing installation to get out of trouble.

A:Recovery partition after upgrade from Vista

The Acer Upgrade Kits contain a white Win7 DVD which is a full bootable installer with the repair console on the second screen. It should have a product key insert; save this in case you decide to do a clean reinstall. The green CD has apps/drivers to choose from.

The Win7 installer is the same for full retail as it is for the Upgrade version - only the keys differentiate the version. You can do a clean reinstall by booting the DVD and it will scan the HD to see another OS to allow use of an Upgrade version key. If you pre-format or have a new HD, use a workaround given here: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

However, reinstalls are never again necessary if you save a Win7 backup image, which can reimage the HD or a replacement in 15 minutes from the DVD repair console. I store a copy of the backup image in a primary partition on each of our computers, with a copy on an external HD. The DVD reimaging app autodetects the images on a primary partition or in the root of the external.

Repair Install in Win7 is done from the desktop, while the DVD Repair console has the standard repair tools you mention.

If you'd like to remove the Recov partition, post back a screenshot of your full Disk Management map so we can advise you better. Use the Snipping tool in Start Menu; attach file with paper clip in reply box.

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I just bought a new SSD, San Disk ultra II 960GB. I want to install it in my Samsung Ativbook. The computer originally came with windows 8 but I did the free upgrade to 10. Ever since I upgraded, the computer is running much slower and takes a lot longer to boot. As a result, I bought a new drive to speed things up. I'm going to do a fresh install. One reason is that I read somewhere that a fresh install could help speed up my machine. The article stated that there was a difference between an upgrade vs. an install. Not sure if there is any truth to that. The second reason, is that I bought the laptop used and there is a file called MPStigstub that is in a strange folder in the C drive. When I do an antivirus scan it comes back with a warning about this file. I was already suspicious of it but with the warning, I now want to play it safe and start fresh. Apparently an Avira warning means the file can't be scanned because it's in use. I know that it's a Microsoft file but.... The third reason is that I accidentally clicked on a site that did a redirect. My computer crashed and now Avira is coming up with like 200 warnings but no detections.....

So my question is: what's the way to setup my new SSD. Is there a way to only clone the recovery part of my old drive? Also, the old recovery drive will just reinstall 8 correct and then I have to do the upgrade to 10 all over again? Is there a way for me to create my own W10 recovery partition and use the old Windows 8 activation co... Read more

A:SSD upgrade, cloning W10, and recovery partition

You've already done the upgrade so your PC was registered with MS Server. You need not to re-install 8 and do the upgrade again. Just disconnect the old drive, connect the new drive and do a fresh install of Windows 10. Once installed, Windows should be activated.

If you don't have the Windows 10 installation media. Download the ISO from here and make sure you select the correct edition of Windows 10:
Windows 10 Download - Tech Bench

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My X1 Carbon (3rd Gen), shipped with Windows 7 & I've subsequently updated it to Windows 10.

Does the recovery partition still serve a useful purpose?
Can it be safely removed?
What is the proper procedure for creating a recovery USB drive if the recovery partition is no longer useful? 

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Hello everyone,
I upgraded to windows 8.1 from windows 7 and my recovery partition not being recognized.

How can I fix this?

Here's the screenshot from diskpart and it seem not showing my recovery partition:

A:Recovery Partition not recognized after upgrade

not sure if windows 8.1 will recover from the windows 7 images partition

windows 8.1 uses primary partitions

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I upgraded a HP notebook to Win10 Home from Win 8.1. I would like to remove the OEM recovery partition. The Disk Management console shows the EFI partition, then the system partition (C), then a recovery partition of about 7GB. There is no Delete or resize option available on the latter.

I have Easus Partition Mgr and can use that to delete it and expand C. My question is, is it safe to do so? I don't want to break my installation. The HP docs said the partition can be deleted from the Recovery Mgr app in the (Win 8.1) Control Panel, but this doesn't seem to be available in Win 10.

A:Delete recovery partition after upgrade?

Yes, you can safely delete it. You definitely won't be able to go back to the factory Windows 8.1 if you do, but you probably couldn't anyway because most of the manufacturer's recovery partitions require the factory software to restore from it anyway.

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Hello, I recently inherited a Lenovo Ideapad U310 Model 4375 and it currently has Ubuntu installed with no sign of any Windows partitions.Because of this, I can no longer make a recovery disc (if it was even possible to make in the first place). I've looked up the serial # on Microsoft's website for Windows and the windows product key is to be serviced by OEM (so can't download a Windows 7 ISO).Also, when trying to go through Lenovo's contact us page, the laptop shows warranty has been expired (whcih is fine). However. I could not find a page where I could purchase the recovery disc. Other things I've tried is pressing the Recovery button on the side and selecting "System Restore" from the boot menu. As expected, this does not work as the partition no longer exists. My questiopn is, where can I get a recovery disc to restore this laptop (Ideapad U310 Model 4375) to factory settings?   Thanks,Jon

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I am working on my sisters Toshiba L655d-S5055 notebook. windows 7, 3gb, amd v120 processor, 250gb drive. Started with error msg at boot "encountered a problem communicating with a device at startup......". Couldn't get by this error. took out drive, inserted into usb-enclosure, and tested. numerous sector errors. She has also lost the recovery disks I made for her. I used partition software to scan just the recovery partition, and there are no errors reported there. What I would like to do, is to copy to a flash drive, or make new recovery dvd's from this recovery partition; then I can use the coa from the back of the notebook (if necessary) for full install onto a new hard drive. However, I can't use the toshiba notebook for this; I can only use my desktop pc for the xfer; using the toshiba hard drive as a usb external drive, and the toshiba media creator software will not install onto my desktop pc (doesn't give me a reason). I would prefer to go the dvd-route, but flash drive would be ok, too. Any info is appreciated. thanks.

A:how to create recovery dvd's from recovery partition mounted as usb-external drive

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Will Vista Recovery Disk Work if there is No Recovery Partition?
Thanks all.

A:Solved: Will Vista Recovery Disk Work w/ No Recovery Partition?

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Hi everyone,

I'm stuck in a pretty bad situation right now and I have no idea about how to help myself..So recently I've been wanting to 'reset' my Windows 8.1 laptop, & I just cannot because my recovery environment is missing..
First when I got this problem I thought there would be an easy-intermediate level fix like every other problem. (and I love fixing stuff.)

But this one doesn't look like an easy fix or I'm not even sure If there is a fix. So the big mistake I did was, I deleted my "System Recovery Partition".

I have searched everywhere possible and I'm not getting a fix.. I would really appreciate IF YOU GUYS HELP ME!
and another problem is that I don't live in the USA or Canada.I've got a Dell Inspiron 15R 5521, 8GB RAM, intel i5 3317u.

and Dell provides Backup Media to only the people who live in the US and Canada. Please guys, I need a solution.

I have a separate Windows 8.1 Installation Disk, but what I'm scared about is If I install my Windows from the disk, my Dell features would be gone and I don't think I'd be able to have a proper Recovery Environment in the future because this Disk's installation files are nothing related to Dell. Its just a clean Windows installation disk I got from my friend a while ago. I've tried the repair my computer option from the disk and it does not help...

Thank you

A:Recovery Environment Missing -System Recovery Partition Deleted.

Hi ahmedrahamathulla,
Please private message us the system service tag and region you are located so that I can check the available options and assist you further. To send a private message, click on my name and send private message.

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Product Name and Operating system: DV6 21124el (windows 7 ultimate 32bit)
I have this laptop for the last 3 years and never used the recovery option as I didn't need to, the recovery partition is there never been formated, now my windows is too slow and wanted to restore it to factory install settings but when i press the F11 button in the start to boot in to recover mode it just take me to windows boot screen without giving an error, I did some research and found out that i have to make the recovery partition as active partition but the problem is that i couldn't do it as there is no such option to make the partition active in WINDOWS DISK MANEGEMENT and couldn't see the recovery partition in DISK PART (in windows).
images will be attatched if needed actually there was no error so that's why I didn't upload any image.

thanks in advance hoping i will get a reply here.

A:Recovery not working and couldn't able tomake recovery partition activ

100+ views and no reply ... seems like an over rated windows forum

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Hello, I've used the recovery media creator to create a USB flash drive recovery media.

If i then use that to restore the Windows 7 installation onto a new hard drive (as SSD) will that drive itself have the recovery media partition on it?

So if I then lose the USB stick could I restore again by holding down zero when powering on?

Or does it recover the Windows partition and nothing more?

Thank you

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I have an old machine i am giving away and decided to use the free upgrade disk sent to me back in 2007. It installed fine and I got SP1 on it and cleaned it up.

After everything was done I noticed the E-Machines recovery partition was wiped. Is this because I now have the Vista upgrade disk with the # on that for the COA? Not the sticker on the machine.....I had to activate it with the # on the upgrade disk. I can't figure out why it would wipe the recovery partition with the factory XP image on it. Will this disk work if the next owner needs to do an install? Guess so..

Have you heard of this happening with OEM upgrade disks? Thanks.

A:Free upgrade disk deleted OEM recovery partition

Lol you can answer my question from my other post...If put backup files in my backup partition, and re-install vista on my current partition will it delete those files in the backup partition?

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I have a Compaq Presario CQ62 417NR having problems. It was bought used and at some point started having  cd-drive malfunctions where it no longer detected hardware and the drive didn't work. I reloaded completely from the recovery partition, it worked fine several days and I was able to install office but after that it stopped working again. I have tried an external usb cd drive but that doesn't work either. At this point, I'm thinking it has driver issues from the recovery and I'd need to buy the disk from HP but I'd like a second opinion as they are not free.
Does anyone have an idea of what the problem is? I've never had this happen on a fresh install...

A:Driver issues on fresh HP recovery from recovery partition

could you check on device manager does any yellow or red exclamation?

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(I know it's a redundant thread but I think I'm having a different scenario)
Specs: (nothing's changed except I did reinstall win8.1)
- win8.1 x64 single languange
There was a time when I want to resize my drive C to smaller partition:
I used Easus Partion Manager to do so (to dumb I was). After rebooting my system could not start
The BSOD showed up:
PC needs repair (blah3x)
Error code: 0x000225
I was able to manage to repair and I came back up fine using a tutorial in youtube
using bcdboot C:\Windows /s (any drive letter): /s uefi
At this point, I downloaded a new copy of windows8.1 SL, thru "mediacreationtool" (as a legit copy i suppose)
and then I reinstalled using the ISO from MS, now I'm totally OK, at least at the moment.

Seems like everything's working as it is now, but as soon as I try to press F9 upon boot up, same error popup
Error Code: 0x000225, and again I got used to doing the bcdboot method.
NOW, this "Restore" partition the size of 20GB, and appeared and it had something in it (some files I think).

This wasn't there before and after reinstallation of win8.1 SL. IT ONLY appeared when I pressed F9 then I repaired
it using bcdboot.

If there's a way that I could restore my notebook pc back to day one: Or am i that close? (close enough)
If this could be fixed? I know its risky but I will take it as a n... Read more

A:Unable to fix recovery partition ASUS / Lost recovery

So Im not entirely certain on what you are asking here. Your computer is unusable right now, or you cant get the recovery partition to work correctly?

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i tried to use the recovery wizard on my SONY VAIO VGN-A250 Laptop and the error messaged i receieved was "VAIO Recovery Wizard cannot find recovery partition" please restart computer. I restarted many times and still get the same message. I also have used the F10 key method and no luck. It wont even open the wizard. I am able to boot. Im out fo warranty and tight on cash and really need my laptop to work fast. Want to remove all from the pc so i can use for school. Please i saw a thread about same problem i had but the thread was closed. if anyone can help please do so.


A:VAIO Recovery Wizard cannot find recovery partition??

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