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Western Digital Passport Portable Drives

Q: Western Digital Passport Portable Drives

Has anyone purchased a Western Digital Passport portable hard drive recently? The reviews I'm reading are saying that they ship with software installed that cannot be deleted and that mounds a virtual CD drive when connected. I'm wondering if perhaps these reviewers just aren't savvy in deleting partitions using 3rd party utilities or if there really is something in the firmware of the drive that causes this behavior.

Or does anyone recommend another brand for a portable drive? I need a portable drive because an external power source is not practical in this case.

Preferred Solution: Western Digital Passport Portable Drives

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Western Digital Passport Portable Drives

DoubleHelix said:

Has anyone purchased a Western Digital Passport portable hard drive recently? The reviews I'm reading are saying that they ship with software installed that cannot be deleted and that mounds a virtual CD drive when connected. I'm wondering if perhaps these reviewers just aren't savvy in deleting partitions using 3rd party utilities or if there really is something in the firmware of the drive that causes this behavior.

Or does anyone recommend another brand for a portable drive? I need a portable drive because an external power source is not practical in this case.Click to expand...

I dont know about that but.............they have changed the interface to where it plugs in though.
So basically you cant take it out of the case...pull off the usb adapter and toss it in PC...or just toss it in your old enclosure.
I remember reading about it here in the forums a few months ago.
IMO this is a big deal versatility is now taken away.
My next purchase will be a seagate......only after a little research ofcourse to make sure they havent done what WD has.

For whats its worth..My hdd in my laptop right now started out as a WD passport...I took the seagate out and put it in the WD enclosure..complete with Vista still on it as well as the recovery partition.
I still use it to back up files...I just copy them over to folders I created myself....works great.

Also to consider in regard to seagate is people like the backup software if you decide to use it that is.
People really dont like the WD software

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Does anyone know how many milliamps this device draws?

The "Technical Specification" provides plenty of info but does not specify the actual current. All it says is that it is powered directly from the USB port. But I need to know exactly what the peak ma of this device is.



A:Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive

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Hello, i'm moving back to 10 recently. I recall on 1st version i tried, when i plugged my WD Passport, i was asked what to do. Now not anymore. There is an autorun app that's launching to unlock the drive (hardware encryption enabled). How do i fix that?

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Hi Guys
I have a Westsern Digital passport to back up my computer OS Windowss 10. It fails to update, and when I check it out via their support it tells me to disable Anti virus and antimalware!! Would this be OK to do when I'm accessing the internet?

A:Western Digital passport

Yes it is ok for the short period of updating while performing the update for the reasons noted by WD.Critical: The following precautions must be performed before installing the firmware update. b][Failure to perform these precautions may cause data corruption/loss and/or drive failure[/b]:All AntiVirus software MUST be disabledAll Anti-Spyware software MUST be disabledANY and ALL programs that would require drive access during the update MUST be disabled and/or closedDo not disconnect, or cut power to the drive during the update process for any reason durring the firmware update processHow to update the firmware on a My Book or My PassportIMPORTANT: The following precautions should be taken before installing the firmware update.During the firmware update, DO NOT disconnect or disrupt the power to the drive.All AntiVirus software MUST be disabled.All Anti-Spyware software MUST be disabled.ANY and ALL programs that would require drive access during the update MUST be disabled.My Passport firmware update for Windows users

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So I have a 6 month old WD passport 500gb external usb 2 hd. I have it partitioned into an ntfs and fat32 partitions

I plugged the hd into an internet cafes computer and it didn't recognise. Since then no computers will recognise the hd. I have tried several recovery software including the wd own software. Also tried a different, shorter cable. The light starts up as normal and the hd doesn't make any unusual noises but after a second or 2 the light goes dim like there is no activity inside

I also tried chkdisk from command and still nothing. If I could just get the hd to show up maybe I can use these recovery programs to recover data. Even if I lost the data and just got to use my hd again I would be happy.

Any ideas from anyone would be HUGELY appreciated. I have spent hours on google trying to find a solution short of sending it away for repair ( which would cost more than its worth ). Also heard a trick of putting it in the freezer but I'm not sure about any of this!

Thanks for reading

A:Western Digital Passport not recognized

Anyone had this happen before?

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Earlier six months ago I bought from Saudi Arabia the Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB.
I connected it to my pc and it worked properly.
Today I connected it another PC, which recognized it as an "USB Device" and wasn't able to complete the installation.
I canceled the installation and from that moment the device is unrecognizable on any computer, including my pc in which it worked on earlier...
Now I am in India. can you guide me how to fix the problem?


A:western digital my passport no recognize my pc

Hi Jamalkh, Welcome to TSF. I am on the east coast of the United States so this might take awahile as our time difference is so large. However I am going to give you some links to some information that may help you resolve the issue you are experiencing. From what I have read about this particular problem It seems to be happening to people running Windows Vista more than to people using Windows XP However I don't suspect that the problem is so much with the operating system on your computer but rather with the external HD itsself. One solution to this problem that I have seen is to use a shorter cord from the EXT. HD to the computer. If you are using a cord that is 6 foot or longer that could cause the computer to not see the device. Another thing that I am wondering is if when you canceled the installation process you inadvertantly caused an issue with XP itself. Let's try something simple and see if this will solve the problem. I want you to do a system restore back to just before this happened, that way if it is being caused by a simple setting change or something it will restore the setting and fix the problem.
Make sure that the external hard drive is no longer plugged in and then perform the steps below.

Go to start - programs - acessories - system tools - system restore.
Click next.
select a highlighted date on the calender just before this problem occured.
select the system check point on the right.
Click on restore or ok or whatever it says at the bottom.

... Read more

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Hello, I have attached two photos to try and show what the hard drive looks like.

My hard drive stopped being recognized by any computer whatsoever. The drive runs, but doesn't connect. There is very sensitive data on there I need.

Does anyone know what type of connection this hard drive has? I want to try and hook it up to a USB from the hard drive directly. I have IDE/SATA to USB connectors, but nothing that can connect this hard drive. If anyone can help me figure out the connection, I can go to Fry's and purchase any needed hard ware.

A:Western Digital Passport Failed

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My Portable hardrive is not accessible, nor will it format. Windows 7 recognizes it, but it wont do anything else. When I try t format it it the process freezes. Sometime it comes up as not responding, but it never wirks, i tried it using DOS as well, the format command. nothing is working. any help or advice is appreciated. thank you.

A:Western Digital Passport will not format

My advice is to purchase a good quality enclosure and hard drive and build your own drive. It only take 10-15 minutes to assemble an external + the time to format the drive.

In many WD "My Passport" externals WD used a hard drive with a non standard SATA interface. If at some point it should become necessary to try to recover data from the non standard SATA drives WD used, you cannot do so in a conventional manner, the drive would need to be shipped to a WD repairer who has the equipment necessary to use with the WD non standard interface.

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Dear All,,

Pls. help me any one to solve my problem, I am facing problem after entering my password the drive is not enabling. At the same time I am not able to view my files. Pls. help me how to recover my files from this HDD.

S/N: WX41A3018986
Country: India.

Muthukumaran R.

A:Western Digital My Passport not deducting

Hello kiwijery and welcome mate what you can do is to download and make a bootable Ubuntu disk (DVD).

Download and save from here http://www.ubuntu.com/download when it has been saved burn to disk.

Set the BIOS to boot from the optical drive insert the Ubuntu disk and then when the Ubuntu OS boots up you will get an option the try or install -use the TRY option the other option will INSTALL it!! - it will then load the OS. When fully loaded in the bottom left hand corner you will find all the drives that are installed internally and externally.

Click on the on the drive you want and then proceed to open it out as in my pic. (It is a bit like opening it out in Windows) If you need to see (or save) docs pics etc plug in a drive of some sort and just copy / paste them to that - done!

NB When you have one drive open the others will be listed at the top as well as the bottom. Some files it cannot open but mostly it can all.

Any queries post back

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Okay, i have a western digital my passport hard drive that i got back in august of 2009. so like a year and a half years old. well approximately 4 months ago all of a sudden it would start, windows would connect to it, then you would hear "click" and it would restart. and the process would repeat and repeat. then i've realized that it was the power, is there something i can modify in windows to fix this?

A:Western Digital My Passport won't start

Ah, clicking sounds from HDDs often are indicative that it has bit the dust. I'm rather confused what was meant by "... then I realized that it was the power,"

Do you have another computer you could plug the drive into to see if it works?

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I am having problem with my portable HDD. I'm geting I/O device eror while transfering data to HDD. It statrted suddenly. I have tied formating (quick format,as normal format was taking hours), check disc.It is not working. My file system is NTFS.I am using vista. Can anybody advise pls??rgds

A:I/O device error with western digital passport HDD

is this a e-sata/firewire link or usb link? also is it a portable HDD or a external enclosure with a internal HDD

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as many others i have had the dreaded usb of death problem now my drive is inoperable does anyone have detailed pics on where to solder to the pcb and sata port so i can try recover my data. ive read a couple of posts but have found nothing detailed enough to help me nut out what wire goes to what pin on the donated sata port, some detailed pictures or a tutorial would be awesome. thanks in advance. Hayden Waymouth

A:western digital HDD my passport usb port broke off.

You can easily just take the HDD out and put it in a caddy; you may even see better data transfer rates if you get a good caddy.

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Hey guys, i just bought myself western didgital external harddrive for all my music, the only problem is i cant acess it. It shows up in my computer as a HDD but when i double click it i get an error reading "Q: is not acessable, acsess denied." Can anyone help me out here, cheers.

A:Western digital passport 500gb errors

Can you give us a full screen snip of your Disk Management

Start Computer Management Disk Management

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I mistakenly plugged in my hard drive with the cable twisted and has hence not seen on any system I plugged it into afterwards,it sounds as though it is spinning inside with the indicator light on but wouldn't just come up, the light blinks but nothing is seen in my computer nor disk management,I have tried different cables, system but nothing.
Is there a way I can get my files back?

A:My 500GB Western Digital My Passport not seen in the system

You can try removing it from the enclosure. It will void the warranty, but if you are more interested in the data than the warranty it's worth a shot.

My guess is your physically damaged the plug when you forced it in the wrong way (the unit is keyed, so you must have used considerable force to do that), but the actual drive inside is probably undamaged. Remove it from the case and hook it up via SATA.

Actually - I did a little research on this and I guess it will depend on what version you have. Apparently the B8B version has the USB controller built into the drive itself, so you wouldn't be able to do as I suggested.

Check out this video - this guy explains why the B8B version is different.


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First off, let me just admit that this problem is wholly of my own making. It's my fault for futzing with a perfectly good working situation and screwing it up by messing with drivers. Yes, a cardinal sin in Windows world, I know. But just in case someone out there is an expert willing to help, I'd appreciate it very much.

I have a Western Digital 1 TB My Passport USB 3.0 drive, model number wdbbep0010bbk-03. The drive was working just fine on my self-built PC, running Windows 7 Professional x64. I perceived some slowness in the USB 3.0 transfer rate and decided that I needed to install the SES driver from Western Digital, which led me to uninstall the drivers for the device, restart the computer, plug the drive back in and let Windows find the drivers. Alas, this did not happen. Windows just said that it didn't find any drivers for My Passport 07A8. There was no mention of SES drivers. When I forced the SES drivers on the hard drive (downloaded from Western Digital), they installed but in Device Manager, Western Digital Drive Management had a yellow exclamation mark and nothing worked. During all this, the drive does not show up in Windows Explorer or in Disk Management.

I plugged the hard drive into a W7Pro x64 machine at work today to see what happens there, and Windows Update automatically installs the hard drive in two places in the Device Manager, one under Disk Drives listed as My Passport 07A8 and then under Western Digital Drive Management as SES Device. The driver... Read more

A:Yet another Western Digital My Passport driver problem

Just my view. Plug this WD HDD in some other computer. Use Double driver app or any other driver backup tool to backup that driver, and put it in your PC. ((Did this for my scanner and it worked)).

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Wasted quite a bit of time on this already. I called Western Digital , who was clueless.

I'm using Macrium Reflect to backup to a WD Passport 2TB drive , with the drive password enabled.

The problem is, when you use the Windows PE environment to restore, the "WD Drive Unlock.exe" which is normally run from the "psuedo CD" the Passport creates, to unlock the drive, throws a nasty error.

"The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present"

So you can't access your data for a restore!

I have found very little about this on the net, other than one person having given up and just removed the password, which works, but defeats the whole purpose of the security.

I'm thinking there must be a way to get the unlocker to run from within Windows PE, but am stumped. If you really couldn't unlock from PE, then not only would a password be near useless, but it would be causing people additional grief.

A:Western Digital Passport, Password , and Windows PE not playing well.

Personal view:
I would always treat WD external HDDs as just plain drives and not use WD software.
You can encrypt Macrium images with a password but you need the paid version. If encryption was a big deal for me I'd spend the money on the paid version.

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I have an external 120gb western digital passport drive with a bunch of movies stored on it. I was wondering if playing movies directly off this drive is bad for it and if it will significantly decrease the life of the drive??

A:Playing Movies off Western Digital Passport Drive

Well any use of a hard drive decreases it's life but they are built to be used. Everything ever built would last longer if never used but that's a bit pointless. You may as well not have one.They are built to last years. External hard drives in theory may last longer because you can actually turn them off when not in use as opposed to internal ones which are always spinning away merrily. But don't worry about it, turn it off when not in use and play away happily.

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I have used the Western Digital Passport (120 GB External drive) to sync up my Dell Dimension 4400 hard disk (also a Western Digital). Unfortunately, as it seems now, I have used the "Sync" option to get all the data on the external hard drive. My Dell Dimension hard disk drive got corrupted, and I am not able to use it as a secondary drive as well to retrive the data, the system is not recognising it during bootup. My only option is to use the synchronized data in the external drive to retrieve the data. However, when I try to sync the data (from the external HD) into the new internal HD, I get an error message saying that the disks not match (not the same disk where I had synced the data from). Is there any way I can work around this? Would appreciate any help.

I had contacted Western Digital as well, they say that the SyncData function should not be used as a backup mechanism.

A:Copy and sync function in Western Digital Passport - please help

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Please help me. I have a 1 TB WD external hard drive. It is of my passport series. Its age is 5 years old. It was working fine, one day when browsing through it, the cable came loose. And then the problem has been persistent all of a sudden. When connected, if I open disk management, it says "you must initialize a disk..." But MBR and GPT both styles fails to initialize. In disk management, my disk in unknown, not initialized, unallocated. I dont care much about the data in there, but I want to make it working again. If possible, recovering data is best, but if not, losing data does not trouble me much.
I tried using MiniTool Partition Wizard but it is not much of help. It says (Bad Disk).
When i connect to pc, the sound beeps and I can feel the spinning sound from the hd. But its not shown in file explorer. Previously, when i connect my hd, it used to say "you must format the disk" and used to be visible in file explorer. But after i tried formatting(but with no gain), it is not visible in computer.
I will be posting all the screen shots.
Thanks in advance.

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hello friends

I am from india and 2 months back i bought an usb 250 gb external hard drive "my passport series from western digital" with bill and warranty. Now the sad thing is that by accident i placed my hand over the drive and just a little of my weight went on top the drive, it then made screeching sound, since it was connected to my notebook live. Probably the head scratched the plates inside and crashed. well all that hapnd just within fraction of a second and i believe the loss would not have been much(i mean the physical loss, not data).

Now the drive is not functioning. let me assure u that the pressure on the drive was still not much, may be the angle made it worse. So now the drive is though not working but looks perfect anyway. there is no sign of tampering as it has not been tampered. Will i get the replacement for the drive under warranty. if they dont can i argue or sue them. please advise me. i have filed the warranty replacement and courier person will come in next 48 hours to take my drive. But not sure whether i shall get the replacement. Do Reply.


A:Western digital 250 gb external my passport drive died.. please reply

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So about a month ago i purchased a new WD my passport 320GB drive, while undertaking the most recent firmware update the drive ejected itself and is now not recognised on any machine = warranty replacement.

Western digital refuse to pay for or do the data recovery. I obtained permission for two service firms here in NZ to look at the drive and recover any data if possible, except that WD has changed the setup of the drives to prevent people using them for other purposes (see here, http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/888253-sata-more-than-one-type.html). this then prevents companies accessing data on the drives as the usb connection is BUILT INTO the drive itself so no adaptor can be connected.

currently it looks as if all my data is going to be lost including my priceless photos etc.
im writing this so that people will be aware of the cunning plan WD has executed which has meant people cannot recover data!!


any help you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated! is there even anything i can do???

A:Western Digital My Passport 320GB HD failure - a warning for all and advice wanted!

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I had bought a WD portable HD of 1TB storage about 8 months ago. It has worked fine until yesterday when I tried to plug it in to my laptop, the pop up read "You need to format the disk in H:\ before you can use it". Formatting it is obviously not an option - not now that it has 8 months worth of data on it.

I tried assigning a different drive letter to it using disc management - but the same pop up shows up every time.

So in short, when I plug it in, an icon for it does show up in the explorer but I am not able to view its contents and get that wretched pop up that I am sick of seeing by now ..

Any help would be greatly appreciated since the drive has *very* important work related documents that I do not have a backup of - ironically the copies on the drive are supposed to be the backup copies

A:Western Digital portable HD - not recognized on Windows 7

If you have only one copy, then there is no backup regardless of the name you apply to the media on which it resides.

Try connecting the drive to another computer. If the result is the same, then try removing the disk from the enclosure and connecting it internally to another computer as a secondary drive. If the result is the same, you may need $professional$, $pecialized help.

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hello iam hoping some body can help i need to but my western digital portable hard drive back to either FAT32 or default FAT so i can use it to back my playstation up

but every when i go to format it there is only 2 options wither exFAT or NTFS

does any body now a way of sorting this

thank you

A:western digital portable hard drive

1) Open a command window by going to Start, then Run and typing in CMD.

2) Now type in the following command at the prompt:

format /FS:FAT32 X:

where X: is the drive letter assigned to the external drive.

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On this page is a picture that looks just like the Back up Drive I had gotten a couple of years ago.

I am very computer illiterate, but my computer repair man back then had told me to buy it. I lost the stuff that hooks to it to make it work.

If I went to a computer shop, would I be able to buy just the stuff (cord, etc) that goes with it? and how can I find out what I would need to buy?

My computer seems to be about to conk out on me and I need this perhaps right away.


A:Solved: Western Digital Portable Backup System

All you need for that drive is the correct USB cable, any local store would have one; just take the drive with you to get the right one as there are different ends for the back of the drive. The USB 3.0 drive you linked too is unlikely to the be the same one as you bought several years ago, yours is likely a USB 2.0 drive with a USB Mini connector like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812226055

Also, having a backup drive and not using is a bad approach. The purpose of a backup is have it current and to use it as you use the computer and before the computer fails. In many cases you do not get any warnings when your hard drive will fail and you will lose everything.

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Sorry if this has been posted already, but if you have a Western Digital Drive Acronis for free can be downloaded here

A:Western Digital Drives and Acronis.

Seagate's DiskWizard has the same thing (for a couple of years now),

DiscWizard | Seagate

Will work with any drive as long as a Seagate or Maxtor drive in the system.

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I was thinking of getting a Western Digital 750 GB Green Power hard drive. Does anyone know if they are any good? One of the main reasons I'm thinking of getting one is they are supposed to run cooler since they are supposed to be energy efficient. The cooler it runs, maybe the longer it will last. One thing that worries me, though, is that the energy efficient features might make them more complicated and thus more likely to break.

A:Western Digital Green Power Drives

I just bought a 500 a couple days ago. It uses 40% less energy. Otherwise, it is indistinguishable from any other WD drive. All drive manufacturers strive to reduce power consumption, especially for laptop drives. It just so happens that this is now "PC" and they can advertize that they are socially responsible while doing what they would have done anyway. It's like all the soft drinks that added "No Caffeine" to their labels when reducing caffeine became popular--most of them never had caffeine in the first place (fruit sodas, in particular), so why not make a standard feature a selling point?

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Countering the rampant development of fast and expensive solid state storage, Western Digital has officially released the fifth generation of its VelociRaptor hard drives. The series itself hasn't changed drastically from 2008, but it does include new 450 and 600GB models, along support for Sata 6Gbps and a larger 32MB cache. According to WD, the updated drives can load data up to 15% faster than their predecessors with the same 10,000RPM spin speed.

Source -
Western Digital launches new VelociRaptor drives - TechSpot News

A:Western Digital launches new VelociRaptor drives.

Very nice drives. Can't wait to see some benchmarks.

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Which do you think is better? I'm just wondering because I've recently been looking at both the Western Digital 2 TB external hard drives and the Seagate 3 TB external hard drives and trying to compare them in terms of features, benefits, reliability, and price.

I'm traditionally a Western Digital loyalist and have been using them for years, but lately I'm considering trying Seagate due to the fact that at the moment they are higher in capacity than the Western Digital drives.

A:Western Digital vs Seagate Hard Drives

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Dear guys,

new thread.

I just returned from Best Buy, looking for a simple 2 TB drive.

I gave up.

Looked at Western Digital, SeaGate, Iomega and a few others.

Boiled it down to one manufacturer, to keep comparisons possible.

So i looked at Western Digital Drives , 2 TB. This is what they had stocked:

WD 2 TB "Elite" : $ 199

WD 2 TB "Essential" : $ 179

WD 2 TB "Element": $ 169

I stood there for 20 minutes, with two other customers, and a clerk (who actually appeared to have a clue) and based on the micro-small-font on the box, accompanied by the micro-small font on the Best Buy shelf label, it was not obvious what the differences were / are.

I discovered a 4th flavor of hard drives , WD 1 TB "Passport" and was eventually able to figure out that "Passport" means that the USB cable between the laptop and the external drive does dual duty as the data link *and* the power , where as the "Element", the "Elite" and the "Essential" all have separate power lines that you plug into your wall. OK, that's good, i get it.

But as for figuring out the differences between the "Element", the "Elite" and the "Essential", all WD 2 TB external drives, we all (all 3 customers) gave up and decided to go home and buy it on Amazon (which i plan to do next, after i conclude this rant !!! - ps why is the g** d*** font so small and why can't the manufactu... Read more

A:Western Digital Drives: Elite vs Essential vs Element

It would be nice if they made it clear on the packaging what the differences are. Here's a link to the WD website that shows a table of the features. Looks like the major differentiation is what software is included. External Drives Overview

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Hi everyone, I'm using Vista home premium 32bit SP2 and also have 3 Western Digital my book hard drives. The ones I have are old versions but now there are new version drives so if I buy the new drives will they be compatible with Vista?

The older version drives which I have work fine with Vista. They are ones linked below.


I want to know if the newer version drives will work with Vista? They are linked below.


A:Western Digital hard drives compatible with Vista?

According to the technical specs section, it's compatible with Windows 7 and 8 and 10.

Are you aware that Windows Vista SP2 goes "extinct" next month?


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I built a PC with Gigabyte MB and Athlon II X4 620 Processor, with 2x2GB DDR2 800 RAM (Drives: 120GB Fujitsu 5400RPM, 0.5TB WD Black, 1TB WD Green 1TB WD Black. I am facing the following issues

1. Firefox is not responding and slows down the PC for a few minutes, after every 10 mins of browsing. Using Chrome now. When the system slows down, any music in the background plays well, and other programs seem to be functioning fine. I can move the mouse around.
EDIT: IE and Chrome also are not responding now.

2. Western Digital Caviar black (1TB) disappears after the PC coming back from Sleep. This happened many times and I sent back the drive (under warranty) and got a new one. This problem reappeared today again.

Any idea what is going on?

A:Western Digital drives : SMART errors, disappears

Hello, Welcome to SF!

Have tried updating your hard drive drivers?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox?

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Look no further than a solid state drive for breakneck speed. If a large-capacity drive for storage is what you're after, however, traditional spinning hard drives are still the best bet in terms of price per GB. And if you...

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A:Western Digital 'Green' hard drives now available in capacities up to 6TB

On a more interesting note, Seagate is already shipping 8TB HDD-s to its select customers, with 10TB ones to follow.

Besides, nothing beats the current 6TB Enterprise offer from Seagate anyway, in terms of price+performance+capacity. Let Western Digital lag behind as it does

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Hi everyone, I'm using Vista home premium 32bit SP2 and also have 3 Western Digital my book hard drives. The ones I have are old versions but now there are new version drives so if I buy the new drives will they be compatible with Vista?

The older version drives which I have work fine with Vista. They are ones linked below.


I want to know if the newer version drives will work with Vista? They are linked below.


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Hi everyone, I'm using Vista home premium 32bit SP2 and also have 3 Western Digital my book hard drives. The ones I have are old versions but now there are new version drives so if I buy the new drives will they be compatible with Vista? The older version drives which I have work fine with Vista. They are ones linked below.My Book – High Capacity External Hard Drive | Western Digital (WD)I want to know if the newer version drives will work with Vista? They are linked below.My Book - External Hard Drive | Western Digital (WD)

A:Western Digital hard drives compatible with Vista?

Both the drives listed are USB 3.0. You Vista computer probably has USB 2.0 ports. The drives will work but at USB 2.0 speeds. The Software available may work with Vista but you should contact WD support with the question for verification.
From the tech spec sheet.
 Operating System: Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks & Sierra • May require reformatting for other operating systems

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For a while now, I've been curious to know what the differences are in the Western Digital Caviar Series.
So far as I know, Black is high performance, Green is eco-friendly and slow, but I'm not sure what the Blue series has to offer, other than a lower price tag.
Can anyone clearify what the techinical differences are between Black and Blue? For high performace reasons, I bought the Black series for my tower, but what would I have been missing out on had I gone for the Blue series?

Thanks in advance.

A:Western Digital hard drives: The differences between Black and Blue Series

In theory, the Black is supposed to be the faster drive. In actuality, there isn't much between them. Speed rather depends on platter size and cache - The Black drives are either 32 or 64Mb cache, while the Blue drives top out at 32Mb.
Black drives carry a five year warranty, while Blue drives are three years which is probably of more significance.

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Users of Seagate, Maxtor, or Western Digital HDD can download Acronis True Image for freeClick to expand...


A:Download free Acronis True Image for Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor hard drives

thanks for that helpful link ravisunny2 :grinthumb:

I'm going to bookmark your post so i can refer others to it in the future. Thanks again! :approve:

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Hi, I want to buy a new hard drive for my desktop PC, and I was wondering if the western digital black 250GB hard drive or western digital enterprise 250GB hard drive would work better for such a PC. Both of the HDDs I mentioned are SATA, in case you're wondering.

A:Solved: western digital black 250GB vs. western digital enterprise 250GB

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i cant open the device, its updated and it says it has no problems when i go into properties. it also is fine in device manager (no yellow triangle thing). no auto play pops up, the device runs and lights up and comes up in my computer as G: drive but when i try to go into it it comes up with a green bar at the top of my cpomputer like its loading only it never reaches the end and never opens. i have tried a different computer, different usb ports (my other hardrives work) and a 2.0 usb cable instead of 3.0. i have also taken off the outer cover and plugged it in that way

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any one return a western digital hard drive to them by mail i was wondering if anyone knows if i send the box with the drive or just the drive it self sorry if this is the wrong place to post thanks for any help

A:western digital

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Hi , I am trying too reformat my WD hard drive to ntfs  it is currently fat32  but i keep getting access denied , i think it is about allowing permissions could anyone tell me how to do this on my vista ultimate  64 bit PC , thanks for any help.

A:western digital HD

Which partition you are trying to format ?

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I have a question. As all you techies probably know, when you turn on a pc that has an external western digital HDD connected to it, the HDD turns on and off with the computer. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Reason being, I only back up to it seldom, and I often play loud music; I don't want my HDD on all the time when my computer is on. Is there some kind of workaround vs turning off the HDD right after it turns on with the PC every single time? (It's probably causing wear and tear when I do that).

Thanks everyone!

A:Western Digital HDD USB 3.0

Does the Ext HD have a ON/OFF power switch ?

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I have a problem...

I'm running a Celeron 2.0ghz cpu on a ECS mainboard, a Western Digital 60gb HD, running WinXP.

This morning, as I was booting up, I got the POST...but as soon as the Windows logo popped up, the system shut down and re-booted.

That is all that I am getting and I haven't a clue what is going on.

Anymore specs required to help me diagnose this, just ask and I will see what I can supply.

Thanks in advance.

A:Western Digital HD

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Quick question. What are western digital like for their hard drives?

A:Western Digital

I have a 30 gig and also 60 gig both made by WD and have not had a probem with them.

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I've been a loyal WD customer since 2002, but lately I have lost confidence in their drives.

First drive to fail:

WD800. Bought in 2003 brand new, used in a athlon xp machine every day for a year. when i built my amd64 machine it was only used from time to time. The tower was never pushed over, kicked, etc.

When the drive turns on it spins up then ticks off immediately. it will do this about 5-6 times before it just stays off.

This drive had important pictures on it that i may not have back-ups of.

Second drive to fail:

almost a month later, the WD 80gig from my dads dell 8200 crashed and would not allow windows to be re-installed.

it was quickly replaced by a WD 320gig drive.

i brought the dell 80 gig back to life somehow as a storage drive.

Third drive to fail

WD 200gig

bought new in 2004 for my athlon 64 system. was never abused or swapped out. Last week it pooped out and no computer/ external enclosure i put it in will recognize it. I tried taking the dell 80 gig and installing windows on it for my new pc, now it is doing the same thing.

After this I will no longer buy WD drives, seems like they have a 3-5 year lifespan which is ridiculous.

I have a hitachi 250gig drive in an external enclosure that i bought in 2003 also which has been dropped, knocked over, kicked, punted (accidentally of course) and it still works fine.

I have a maxtor 2 gig drive which is useless for xp but it still works perfect.

What are some of your... Read more

A:Done with Western Digital

One of my PCs has a 9 year old Seagate that`s hardly had an error on it.

So based on that wealth of anecdotal evidence,I`m saying - Seagate.

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Hi All,

I have a slight problem and was wondering if anyone can help.

I guess a few years ago I installed a WD 250 GB HDD model WD 2500JB

Now all of the sudden 2 things are going funny.

1) WHen ever the drive reaches 117gb free it decides not to go past this point

2) It doesnt show up in my computer

I at one time formatted it but alas it is now doing the same thing, when I look at device

manager it see it under the dives section and reports that the device is working properly

What gives ?? I did disconnect it and reconnect it, selected from bios to AUTO

detect it but it seems that nothing I have been trying lately isn't working

Does anyone have any suggestions ??



A:Western Digital HDD Help

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I just bought a new western digital hard drive and it has like a rubber coat on it and I was wondering if anyone has bought this same one and if it is really safe to leave that coat on? Anyone?

A:Western Digital HDD

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