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High pitched sound

Q: High pitched sound


If anybody can shed some insight, it would be most welcomed. I've encountered a few things in my computer life but this one well... please read.

My system first off...
P4 3.0GHz, 865PE, P5P800, 400W Power Supply, some mid size copper fan sitting on cpu, ATI x800 AIW, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse...
My cpu used to cook at high temperatures, that's prescott for you.

Went to the store, got a case fan, compressed air, and a new hd.

Cleaned it up, mounted fan and installed hd. Didn't really notice it at first, but then started to hear this high pitched sound. Rebooted, same thing..
Finally can't take it anymore, opened the case, and it seems to be eminating from near the cpu. It usually happens when it's taxed but the kicker is...
it always happens when i move the mouse. It sounds like crickets almost.

Anybody have any ideas? I cannot see it being the new hard drive, it is not in use yet. (original and new are SATA if it's relevant).

Thanks in advance,

Preferred Solution: High pitched sound

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: High pitched sound

Thats an odd one, I would say it was the HSF (heat sink fan) for your CPU but since it happens when you move your mouse, it must be either the mouse or the CPU itself... Try using a different type of mouse (ie PS2 or USB). If this doesnt solve the problem, check to see if everything is plugged in properly (actually you should do that before mouse)... And if that doesnt work, see if you can swap your CPU over with another one to see if this is the problem.



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the sound is crappier than ever. I have this quality loss for a while but now is repulsive. Ive reinstall windows 7, reinstall relatek drivers, get ones specified by my motherboad manufacturer, tried the latest ones.... put power management at high performance...etc

my motherboard ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5GC-MX/1333

A:Bad sound quality ( high pitched, almost acoustic sound etc.) integrat

My RealTek sound (on one PC) also has "Sound Enhancements" which include reverb, echo, chorus, etc. If you have this diable all sound enhancements and see if that makes a difference.

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Hello everybody,

I have been having a huge problem this last month with my computer, which I hope someone will be able to help me with.

The problem:
A high pitch ?squeak? sound is coming from ?inside? my PC. It appears to be coming from my graphics card or somewhere above on the motherboard. I am not a hardware geek at all, so in all honestly I really do not know. I am almost sure it is NOT coming from my fans or my PSU, though it does sound like a voltage problem.

Here is a VIDEO I filmed of my PC making the annoying sound:

The facts:
The noises are random ? and not related to anything. They will appear when I?m doing nothing, and they will appear when I?m doing loads of stuff.
The noises last between ~1-7 seconds
The noises started occurring AFTER I installed my new SSD: http://ocz.com/consumer/vertex-3-sata-3-ssd - I had never heard them before. I cannot RMA it, unfortunately. After installing my new SSD, I formatted my PC and installed Windows and that drive. Note: I am almost 100 % sure that the sounds are not coming from the SSD or HDD.
NO sounds during startup or in BIOS
People can hear the sound through Skype, EVEN WHEN MY MIC IS MUTED (!!) I find this very odd, and I hope it might be something to help locate the problem.
Some days there are sounds all the time, but I have tried going 5+ hours without sounds.

What I have tried already:
I have tried unplugging my secondary HDD.
I have tried disabling EIST... Read more

A:High-pitched sound from PC

It maybe somewhat related to the noises mentioned in this thread.


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ok i was messing around with the volume and sound then all of a sudden all the sounds that are played are very high pitched and so i went back and undid everything that i had done but the sound is still the same. any ideas?

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My dad was the last one to use the computer and now he's gone out so I don't know if this problem was there when he was on it, although he didn't say anything to me.

But now that I'm on it, I've noticed the sound output sounds different. When I loaded Windows, the traditional Windows login tune played...but it was all high. It's not the volume settings, it's actually a higher sound, and this is actually affecting every single piece of sound coming out of the speakers on the monitor.

I tried playing a song and the guy's voice is all messed up - high-pitched because of this.

I don't know why it's done this or how to solve it. If anyone can help I would be very happy! Thank you in advance!

A:Huh? My sound is all...different and high-pitched...

That's actually kind of hard to say what that might be. Believe it or not I've had my computer do the same thing, and after doing a spyware/viral scan, it straightened out. So it could be one of many things....just some insight.

I'm sure the more seasoned folks can help you more than I can, but I was just giving some insight.

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Hello, this issue has been affecting me for the past few months. Every time that I think I fix it, it will eventually come back.

What it is exactly is; I can be doing anything, playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music, or browsing the web. Then all of a suddenly, the sound will mess up, and go from a high pitch to low pitch, then back to high.

It's not OS related, it happened to me while using windows xp pro 32bit, then xp pro 64bit. Now it started happening again the other day, and I'm currently using Windows 7 32bit - Build 7100.

PC Specs:

CPU: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
Motherboard: Asus P5N-D
Ram: 4GB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
Sound: Using Creative Fatal1ty USB Headset

When I was using XP, I could fix it by closing out all running programs, but it would eventually come back.

I've been using windows 7 for the past few weeks. It only started happening a few days ago, after I installed some Logitech G15 keyboard drivers/software. After it happened, I removed what I installed, but yet it just happened to me again a few moments ago. Was watching TV, came back to the PC, put on headphones and hit play on winamp. Next thing I knew I was listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Full DxDiag below if anything in there will help;
System Information
Time of this report: 9/5/2009, 19:44:05
Machine name: WES-PC
Operating System: Windows ... Read more

A:High + Low pitched sound from headset

Figured out a fix to make it stop, but still trying to find out the source of it.

Fix was to go into "Speakers Properties / Advance", and change the default format of 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality) to another, then change it back.

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Hey, I am wondering if any of you can help me. Originally, I had a problem with my Nvidia GTS 250 graphics card, the cooling fan came loose and with me still persistently using it then after the fan fell completely off (stupid me I know). To prevent any more damage, I decided to unclip the mains socket from the graphics card (the 6-pin internal clip) so that my computer would automatically boot up with the on-board graphics that my motherboard (Gigabyte S-Series GA-G31M-ES2L) provided. The only problem I have got is that every time I switch the computer on there is a very high pitched, rather loud ringing sound. It's a brand new motherboard so I can't see how anything has broke on that. I haven't as yet changed any of the settings in the BIOS nor have I taken the graphics card completely out (it's still in the express slot of the motherboard) if that can help with the solution to my problem. Thanks for any help and if there is any threads relating to this I would be grateful if you could send me in the right direction. Thanks again,


A:High Pitched Ringing Sound?

Obviously the 1st thing to try is remove the installed graphics card.

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For the past couple days, my computer (out of the blue) will start making a really high-pitched ringing sound and seems to slow right down (eg. - if connected to the web, it acts like it's connected at 28,000 bps. There's a little green light on the front of the computer box that starts flashing (the icon above the light looks like little sun?). It's driving me crazy...any ideas on why it's doing this, or how to correct it?

My computer is a Pentium-S 166 mhz (yeah, I know, LOL!!), and I'm running on Windows 98SE, with 128 mb RAM. I was thinking of installing a new CPU to upgrade it, but now I'm wondering if it's even worth my time. I have a sinking feeling this poor old baby's had it. The computer was hit by power surges thru the phone lines a couple years ago, and I had to replace the modem, motherboard and sound card as a result.

A:High-pitched ringing sound

Check to be sure the fan over the cpu is spinning......does the case appear to be warmer than usual?

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On 3 occasions so far, and fairly recently, a short while after I boot up my notebook there is a high pitched (singular) beep. There are no indications of whether something is wrong and I can't determine what triggers it. What does it mean? And can I do anything about it? Thanks.

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When I run AVG or any other malware/spyware software or trojan scans, the PC starts to give out a high-pitched oscillating sound...similar to European police cars. It doesn't happen all the time, but more often lately. I have noticed that this sound occurs near the end of the run and stops when the scan is completed. The sound doesn't come out of the speakers, but out of the tower. I don't get the sound when I'm running anything else. I have found other posts about a similar sound, but the circumstances are quite different.
Is this some kind of a warning sound? What's happening???

A:High-pitched oscillating sound...

may be a temp alarm ......run a few apps like a media player , picture viewer , download something , etc ...and see if you get it again .

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I bought those speakers a week ago, plugged everything into place and I noticed an annoying high pitched sound when there is no sound output (I can also hear it when the speakers are on low volume). I gave them back and got a new pair. Sadly, the new pair has the same problem. The sound persist even when not connected with an audio cable. Tried switching power outlets and connecting in other rooms but it's still there. The only solution is to mute the speakers (press both volume up and volume down) Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey, I'm getting some sort of feedback from my speakers. It seems to only happen when there is no music/sound playing. Where does this come from? Is my sound card picking up feedback from moving parts inside the box? Is there a conflict with the onboard sound device (if so, how do I disable this or even check to see which one is "running the show")?

Things I did since the last time I can remember not hearing feedback:

Upgraded motherboard ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Added wireless headphones (nice ones from Sony - about $180 - but not sure of the model)
Upgraded to WinXP Pro from 2000

Anyone out there have ANY ideas?

A:High pitched sound from speakers?

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My HP Pavilion x360 (11.6") makes a high pitched screeching noise when i turn up the volume.Recently I messed with the settings to get my headset to work.I reset all sound settings and still have a high pitched screeching noise.Please help me asap.

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Accidental double-post. Sorry.

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Hey everyone,

I started hearing a high pitched sound from the left side of my laptop.

This occurred when I connected my 2.4Ghz Logitech MX Performance mouse via the USB extender and my Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard.

Before connecting these peripherals, everything was silent..I am totally stumped now..

A:High Pitched Sound from Laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by RunOrDie

Hey everyone,

I started hearing a high pitched sound from the left side of my laptop.

This occurred when I connected my 2.4Ghz Logitech MX Performance mouse via the USB extender and my Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard.

Before connecting these peripherals, everything was silent..I am totally stumped now..

Hi RunOrDie,

Does noise stops when you disconnect the both mouse and keyboard. If possible then directly connect them to the system without using the USB extender and let us know if the noise occurs.

Also, if it is whirring noise then it could be from fan and you should check for vents to clear any dirt blocking the fan.

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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On the system startup, my speakers suddenly produced a high pitched beeping noise. I've tried using a different set of speakers, but the result was the same. I'm not sure what exactly is wrong, but I had recently installed a more updated video driver and a wireless keyboard/mouse.
I've tried uninstalling both the video driver and the wireless set (switching back to the old keyboard and mouse), but there was still the beeping noise.
Surprisingly, when I mute the master volume the beeping noise stops. Also, the noise applies only to the input speaker (the speaker which has the cable connecting to the computer) and not the other one. I am able to listen to music using the other speaker, but the volume is drastically lowered.
My guess was that there was something interfering (such as the wireless mouse and keyboard) with the sound card(?), but since I have uninstalled them (now using again because it is obviously not the problem) and there were no changes, I have no idea what could possibly be wrong.

Is there a solution to this problem? Help will be gladly appreciated.

A:Sound Problem (High Pitched Beep)

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I have an eMachines M5312 (crappy laptop, I know). It still works fine, except that it emits a high-pitched hum when I have the battery in. If I remove it and just use the power cord it is fine, but it's annoying to not have any battery power. I can hear that the sound is coming from the area around the battery, but I don't know if it is a problem with my battery or something with the internal power.
Any ideas?

A:EMachines high-pitched sound with battery

Every M5312 we have seen with that high pitched howl failed soon afterwards... and was not repairable.
eMachines no longer makes laptops, I am told.
Good luck.

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Ok,so basicly,the problem is that I keep hearing a really annoying,high pitched sound coming out of the desktop computer.I don't hear it until I play some games(not all of them) for like 1 hour.Okay,so today I was playing my football game on the computer ,when I began to hear the high pitched sound.I pressed ctrl+alt+del and I found out that my CPU usage was at 75% and after I stopped the game it went down to 5 %.The game consumed only 458mb out of my 4gb ram .I think it has to do something with my CPU,but could you help me and try to explain me what's the problem of my computer?Please,if you have any misunderstandings regarding my problem,tell them here so I could relate more about it.I'm not much of a computer wizzard and nor am I a good english speaker,but I'll do my best to try to communicate with you.I really want to know what's causing this sound.

A:High-pitched sound coming out of my computer.

Remove the left side of the case and watch/listen to identify where the sound is coming from.
HWmonitor http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/hwmonitor/1.19-setup.exe should show you the cpu fan speed.

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My wife's Samsung LCD computer monitor (which has a laptop attached to it) recently started making a high-pitched, mosquito-like sound. It comes and goes, but is there most of the time. If we shut the monitor off and back on, the sound goes away for a minute or so. We've moved the laptop away from the monitor, in case it was some sort of interference noise, but that didn't help. (I do plan to swap her monitor with another in the house soon.)

Is her monitor going bad? Something else going on here?

A:LCD monitor making high-pitched sound

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

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i wasent sure were to put this so i put it in here.

ok this morning when i went on my computer it was ok but then after i got back from school and went on it, i turned it on, got up to windows and then as windows loaded i had a high pitched sqweeking coming from the speakers, i have tried everything from installing new sound drivers and checking all the cables and still i keep getting this high pitch sqweek.

does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and what i could to to resolve it.

i have a tevion 5.1 surround sound system.

A:high pitched sound coming from speakers.

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So my computer is a few months old. I have had issues with the sound stopping working randomly and the only way to reboot it is to restart the computer. That has been going on as long as I have had it. Reciently however, it has been making this really high pitched beebng noise when I am playing videos on it. The beep seems to get louder as I turn up the sound and it only happens when the speakers are working. I thought it may be the computer over heating but a fan on it hasn't stopped it yet. Any ideas? I really like this computer but I'm afraid there is something wrong with the speakers.

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It starts when I open a window or a program, but when I minimize it it stops or becomes almost non-present. It is not all the time though. The problem is that I don't know if this is a problem and should I be concerned?

Never mind, I found a simple thread on another forum and one of the replies sugested it was from improper refresh rate. And that was exactly it. Few days ago I played GTA: San Andreas and it usualy changes my screen refresh rate to 60 hz but I forgot to change it back to 85 hz. Problem solved, thank you for this forum.

A:High-pitched sound from system(almost inaudible)

Turn off or unplug your speakers first. All sorts of spurious responses to whatever is going on can cause odd sounds from sound system. Then use a piece of 1 inch rubber hose or tubing to listen (as in a stethoscope) for noise from the power supply fan, or cpu fan. Check also the video graphics card if it has one.
Take a can of difluoroethane gas (dust off, or similar) and clean the cpu heat sink and fan of dust and hair.
Look over your wires inside the case to be sure none are hanging loose and intermittently touching the inside wall of the case.
Look for sound or video changes from some of your installed software, and particularly with games.

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I hear a really high pitched sound coming from my computer, specifically my PSU.
I can only hear it from certain angles, but it is really annoying after a long time of putting up with it. How do i diagnose where the sound is coming from and if it's the capacitor or the fan?

The sound goes away when the PC is off.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Annoying high pitched sound coming from my pc?

This sort of high pitched noise is usually a vibrating coil. Unfortunately coils (aka inductors) are common components on motherboards, graphics cards and PSUs.

Are you 100% sure it's coming from the PSU ? If so there's not much you can do except try to ignore it or get another PSU.

It could also be a worn fan bearing. Try to locate it exactly.

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The laptop in this case is a Acer Aspire 5050 (bought at Walmart about 3-4 years ago).

I turn the volume up and when i get close to about half way on the volume bar, i start hearing this high pitched whistle-like sound which gets louder the more you turn it up. The sound is continuous so I am not able to turn up the volume up higher than 50% or so which is not loud enough.

So what is the problem here and how can I fix this? Please Help...

A:Getting a high pitched sound when i Turn Up the volume?

The whistle is either heterodyne noise or your picking up sound from a microphone type source.

Do you have a microphone plugged in? If so try tapping on it and see if the tapping comes across the speakers.

Try taping the unit, do you hear the results through the speakers?

You may be picking up cross-talk through a poorly filtered circuit, this may be caused by poor circuit design.

Try going to your audio properties and adjusting the line-in volume to see if this noise changes in pitch.

Make sure you do not have any wires or devices close by that are connected to or in the direct location, that can be causing the white-noise issue.

Broadcast Radio stations or continuous carrier devices can cause this issue to happen, it is RF interference.

You could have the device near a televison or other device with is emitting RF interference.

Make sure the electrical wiring in the house is polorized and grounded properly.

Kind regards.

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Hi there,

I just installed a new motherboard today, with a new graphics card. Everything seemed absolutely fine until I noticed a very high-pitched sound coming from the tower itself. I can hear it better when I go to the back of the PC and listen up close. It seems like it's not coming from the PSU (It can't be as I've swapped another one in and it still makes the sound) but from the motherboard itself. When I unplug the LAN cable from the back of the PC, the sound decreases in pitch. When I turn off the computer, the sound stops. As soon as I power back on, the sound starts again.

I can live with the sound, it's not too audible over the fans, but I just want to know if it means my motherboard is imminently going to fail.

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and the motherboard is this: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/131187

The new video card is a GeCube Radeon HD 3850pro.

A:New Motherboard, constant high-pitched sound

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*2.93 GHz celeron
*Intel PERLX mobo
*WinXP Pro
*Nvidia 6200 GPU
*Usually 3 HDDs (only 2 work)
*Used as media center PC run by SageTV

I have had this setup (3 HDDs) for 1+ years with no issue. Then one day I went to the PC and it was frozen with a high pitched sound coming from the audio - the last image was still on the screen and there were no error codes - no keyboard response at all. I had a set up of IDE1=boot HDD and CD drive, IDE2=2 storage HDDs.

so, i removed one of the storage HDDs, and it became stable again. So to troubleshoot, I put in a new IDE cable on IDE2, added the drive, but got the freezing again. Replaced 500W PSU with another 500W PSU - still freezes. Got a SATA HDD, and left the one drive on IDE2 (Ithought for sure this would fix it) - but again it freezes (BTW, I confirmed all storage HDDs are fine on another computer).

No other hardware or software changes were made. Why would it work fine with the 2 drives (1 storage) and not with 3 drives (2 storage, either PATA or SATA)? Any ideas?

A:Computer freezes with high pitched sound-2 HD ok, 3 HD bad

Quick bump to see if anyone had a view, thanks.

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There is a high pitched sound when the volume is turned up or when the laptop is being closed. When the volume is muted there is no noise at all.

Fujitsu Lifebook
Model T4020D
Windows XP

Anybody familiar with this?

Thank you.

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I have a PC windows XP Home.

My sound jack at the back of my computer doesnt work at all. My jack in the front of the computer changes all the sound that comes from the speakers and makes it very high pitched.

Please help me fix if not both jacks, then just one. I really need the sound.


A:Sound coming from speakers is very high pitched

The computer specs in your profile only show a laptop computer. I have never seen a laptop with audio jacks front and back. Can you please clarify?

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Ok, so around Christmas of 2015 i had my graphics card die on me and in a mixture of me not understanding that it was the graphics card that was dying and being slightly frustrated i shut my computer down by pulling the plug. This resulted in an almost useless PC as i guess i interrupted something important. I spent countless hours reviving the computer and finally saved it by rebooting the BIOS through a USB-flash drive. However i've had a tiny but annoying problem since then. All sound i record or input (skype, discord and other chatting sites) is now high pitched and the overall recording sound is generally bad. How did this happen? Was there something wrong with the BIOS is loaded? Can i have damaged the internal sound card in the motherboard while tinkering in the machine, might there be anything wrong with my drivers or is it some other issue?

I should say i have a stationary PC with Windows 10 and the BIOS version i now run is: American Megatrends Inc. 1203, 24.05.2012. I am also terrified to go back into the BIOS in case i ruin the PC again so i hope there is an easier solution. Thank you in advance to every helping hand!

A:High pitched sound on all sound i input?

Wow... quiet a story there.
Have you tried removing the dead graphics card and if you happen to have a sound card, try removing it and re installing it ? That's what I would do first as its a result of brute force damage...lol

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This notebook (less than 3hours out of the box) emits a very faint but annoying high-pitched noise.

A google search suggests this is not uncommon in Toshiba's notebook range but I've not found any 'fixes'.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

A:Satellite Pro S - High-pitched sound from left of touchpad


What Satellite notebook you have exactly?

It?s not easy to say what the reason is for this but sometimes that sounds are caused from the HDD. So maybe you should check the HDD using Drive Fitness Test or you start the notebook without HDD and go in the BIOS. Do you hear the sound without HDD too?


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Video recorded with the odd sound. you may need head phones and a lot of volume to hear it clearly. The dominant sound is just the GPU fan spooling up.

Strange sound from my GPU during ATi tool run. - YouTube

I know its something electrical but other than that I have no idea. It doesn't seem to hurt anything but it is annoying. Its also exclusive to ATi tool and [email protected] Games and graphic benchmarks don't produce the sound.

A:PC making an odd high pitched sound during ATi tool test.

To me it sounds like a bad fan bearing.
I would open up the case and run the test again to make the sound start again, then go to the case and listen around the case for the source of the sound.

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I gave my old XP operating system PC to a friend of mine for his use. It was working fine until a couple of days ago, when the speakers quit working. I was able to get them to function, but the sound that came out of them, whether it was from youtube, a CD, or Tech Guy, was high-pitched and tinny. I put in a new set of speakers, but it had the same results. The high-pitched sound is not TOO high--it's not the chipmunks--but it definitely is not normal (Tech Guy sounded like Tech Girl). I Googled the problem but could find no one who has had this type of sound distortion out of their speakers. There are no conflicts with the hardware. Is it the sound card? Thanks for any and all help.

Here's the info on this computer from the TSG SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+, x86 Family 15 Model 12 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1471 Mb
Graphics Card: VIA/S3G DeltaChrome IGP, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 78152 MB, Free - 26916 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., K8V-VM
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Sound from speakers high-pitched and tinny

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i just had geek squad set up my netgear g router (wgr614v9) because i cannot do that sort of thing. seriously

so im walking around and this high pitched sound catches my ear. i seem to be the only one hearing it. the only thing i can compare it to is a specific sound that i used to hear when i was a kid whenever i walked through the jewelry dept at macys. it's giving me a headache!! before i call them (netgear, bestbuy or geek squad) are there things i should try??? like real simple things.......


A:new wirless making high pitched sound only i can hear??!!

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Hey folks!

I just purchased myself a Radeon HD 5870 graphic card and previous from that I've been running a Club Nvidia GTX 8800 card. As I had montaged my new graphic card into my mainboard(Asus P5P43TD) and was going to boot up the mainboard immediately begins to play an ear numbering high pitch sound. My first guess was that I had forgotten to plug in the power cord to the CPU but that didnt seem to be the root of the sound. Im unsure if it was actually the mainboard or the graphic card, my main thought is that I need to get myself a new PSU since I think I currently run with a 450W or 550W, accordingly it was said in the manual it only required a 500W. Since Im running two hardrives, a cd player, 6 fans and the mainboard I think that might be the concern but I am quite uncertain in this so I came to consult you folks. Any suggestions?


A:Mainboard emits very high pitched sound upon boot

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Hi, i just bought some new logitech x-240 speakers and The trouble is, the sound pitch is too high. we've just connected to the Internet and even live radio sounds as though it's being spoken by Pinky and Perky (famous in the UK as two talking puppet pigs who delighted generations of children by speaking in speeded-up voices)if i go on youtube and put on a song, the sound of the musik is fine but then when the singer/artist starts singing, ther voice is squeky and if they have a high pitched voice already then i cant hear them at all Does anyone know what the problem is, and whether it can be fixed? Many thanks. I'm an IT Trainer and know how to teach people MS Office etc., but I know nothing about the elves and goblins who live in that box . some one please help meee!!

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Hey there, I'm having this problem with my computer. Sometimes it will randomly go black and freeze up and also high pitched sound similar to a tv but louder emits from any and all speakers that are on including headphones. I think this is a problem with the sound card but I dont really know what the problem is so I didnt know what to ask support. BTW my card is the Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX 24bit.

If you want the rest of the specs..

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
MSI K8T Neo 2 Mobo
ATI Radeon 9800+ Pro
Thermaltake 400w PSU
2x 512 Kingston ValueRam
Windows XP Professional SP2

I hope someone can help me on this because this has happened to me once or twice while I was playing Counter-Strike, and CAL is coming up. I don't wanna get dropped in CAL.


A:Computer freezes up, screen goes dark, high pitched sound

Check the fan on your processor and video card. While the system is powered down, you should be able to spin the fans, and you should feel no real resistance. If they're tough to spin, then there's your problem.

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I just installed my new EVGA GeForce GTX750 1G G-Sync video card and it works great, but I'm getting a really high pitched whining sound from it.

I know the older versions of this card had noisy fans but this one is quiet except for this high pitched noise. I saw threads in the EVGA forum for similar problems on other EVGA cards.

I think I'm going to return it but would like to know what is an equivalent card for a similar price. I paid $102 for it and I now see it for $109 so something in that price range would be great.

I'm not a gamer, just wanted a decent video card with a DVI output so I could use my DVI KVM switch with my two Desktop computers.

A:High pitched whining sound from new EVGA GeForce GTX750 1G

Back in 2007 I had a noisy fan in a brand new desktop. And (after considerable angst) the source was the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. Turned out there was a white wire touching the GeForce fan under the card, and that was the source of the noise. I moved the wire and restarted the machine. It was totally quiet. Perhaps a quick look at your fan to make sure nothing is touching it?

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i have a really big problem.
my sound is realy high pitched and i dont get any sound on the internet
whats wrong and how do i fix it...ty

A:High pitched "chipmunk" sound

ive been going through my control panel and it has become slightly better but its still chipmunk...ish!

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I have been reading around about other threads I didn't quite get an answer... ok I just got a brand new vaio I have been having various problems with it just small trying to work it out... just about everything is fixed except when I run a program I get a high pitched noise... I don't mean just any program I mean programs such as counterstrike, or sometimes a virus scan, I know it's the fan speeding up to keep cool, but is it supposed to make a high pitched noise?

A:CPU fan high pitched

The smaller the fan you have, the higher its pitch.

And a high RPM 80mm fan is pretty high pitched.

The 40mm ones are just unbearable, as I found out today. But I can't remove it as its in my new 24port switch.

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Whenever I record through my line in socket on my sound card there is always a high pitched squeeling noise in the background. Ive used programs to remove it but that also reduces the quality of the sound.
I thought it might be the cooling fans causing it. that is the only thing i can think of other than the card is no good.

A:High pitched

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ive moved this to hardware, sorry!

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Does anyone know what would cause my hard drive to make this high pitched shrill sounding, almost alarm-like, noise???? It does it occasionally and I cannot connect any certain action to it's happening. It definetly is coming from my hard drive, not the speakers. Sometimes it occurs and then overything kind of freezes up and I can't even shut it down, I have to just hit reset. I recently had a new hard drive installed with more space because my pc tech friend told me that was probably the reason, not enough room. But, now I have 30 GB with only 1 GB used, so that's not it. I also had a new fan put in but that wasn't it. Like just now--it started again--out of the blue--my cursor just hesitated and I knew it was coming and then it started. Any ideas? It's driving me crazy!! It's loud and makes you want to scream! Even my dog leaves the room! Help! Thanks! Angie

A:high pitched noise!

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Hi, I'm getting a ridiculously annoying high pitched buzzing coming from my speakers. The buzzing seems to mimic how hard the hard drive is working at the moment. I'm prety sure its not the speakers because i get the same sound if i plug headphones into the slot, but I'm pretty sure its not the built in sound card either because I still get the buzz (although not as loud but still annoyingly audible) from my other USB sound card.

I use an MSI K7N2g Nforce 2, and my harddrive is a 160gb hitachi (cant remember exact modeL)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:High pitched buzzing

Sounds like the speakers may need to be shielded or you need a new set of speakers. Could be the EMF noise is originating from inside the PC as well if the sound card components are not shielded well enough.

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I have a brand new Spectre.  The AC adapter makes a high pitched hum when plugged in and connected to the notebook.  Should I be concerned?  Have it replaced?  Thank you.

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I have a ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics card, when i boot the computer it starts to make a very annoying high pitched noise which just doesnt stop which has force me to remove it. Any ideas on how to fix it?

A:High pitched noise

That is a sign of a defective or dying capacitor.

time for a new graphics card.

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