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convert my text book into the pdf ebook

Q: convert my text book into the pdf ebook


i have a text book at home.
i want to convert it into an ebook, so that i also have it as a softcopy pdf on my laptop.

so , the question is ,

how do i make it into an ebook.

note: i dont want to type all its content into a word doc, and then use a pdf converter.
i dont want to scan all the pages of the textbook.

what is the way to store this book as an ebook .

Preferred Solution: convert my text book into the pdf ebook

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: convert my text book into the pdf ebook


If you don't want to convert it to electronic form yourself by typing or scanning, your only option would be to obtain it already published as an e-book.

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I've looked all over google for the answer..but still can not find anything.

I need to turn several physical books into a digital format, be it PDF..Word...HTML..anything works.

does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this..or where I should start?

A:Solved: how to turn a physical book into an ebook

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Hi, I have paint.net and am trying to add the text to the front of an ebook image cover, so the text needs to kind of twist etc to match the ebook cover. Anyone know of any freebie software that can do that? paint.net can't seem to do that, although I can import the image very nicely in paint.net .....

A:Looking for free software to make text for ebook cover

More specifics would help, but Photoshop, Illustrator, The Gimp or Inkscape should be able to do what you want.

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Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to scan a printed text document and convert it to a text document in WORD. I'm not sure I'm posting this question in the correct category.

A:scan text, convert to text?

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I am trying to convert an audio book for use on MP3 player. Trouble is that when I put the file on mp3 player I have to physically select each track one by one to play. This is roughly every three minutes. How can I combine the files to get a follow on run of the tracks


A:convert Audio book to MP3

you can use a wave program such as audicity or nero wave editor to combine them all into one track. All you would have to do is upload the tracks and place them one after the other.

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Hi!I have a vga data show to my classes.Allways I connect to my YOGA Book a micro hdmi to vga converter, the system does not recognize it.Any suggestions to solve this problem?Thanks in advance.   

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I have an audio book in MP3 format and I want to play it on my Ipod. Is this possible and
how do I convert it to proper format if it is possible?

A:How Do I Convert MP3 Audio Book to Play on Ipod

Our daughter has a video iPod and it has no problems playing MP3 files. If you are using iTunes to manage your iPod, are there any problems just adding it to your iTunes library?

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I want to switch to Yahoo Premium from AOL. What is the best way to do this? Does it cost anything? Are there any free tools to help me do this?

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My friends,

Please I need your help...

I need to convert PDF file to text or word...

The text is in Arabic.. So, how could I do that???

I'm anxiously waiting for your responses...

P.S. I tried it but the text appear as strange symbols..!!!

A:How to convert from PDF to TEXT??


Copy the text in the pdf & paste it into Goole translate: -

Google Translate

Paste the translated text into notepad or word on your computer.

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Is there a way to export/download/convert my emails in hotmail to MS Word?
Thank you for any assistance you may have to offer

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I have searched the forums and don't see a thread on this.

I have 5 floppies with saved Mac files and need them to be converted to PC in XP.

Is there a free utility to do this b4 I buy a conversion program? If I do have to buy, is there one that is better than the others? This is just a one time deal, so I don't want to spend a lot. THX

A:Convert Mac text on floppies to PC in XP??

I know there are some freeware methods, but here is something you might try with your current tools. If you have some sort of net connection with both the PC and the Mac, just email the contents of a file from one to the other.

That is, on the Mac, open your file, copy the contents, start up some email program and paste it into the body of that email, and send it.

On the PC, start up your email program, receive your email, and when you open it the text will be there. Just copy and paste it into whatever type of file you like.

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I'm looking for a program that will extract metadate from an audio file. Example, a recorded lecture, I want it to automatically be transcribed or extracted or converted into a text file so I can have a written transcription of the audio file.

I've already searched online, but can only find dictation/transcription software. I don't want that. There is a media program I found called VoicePro that will extract the metadata from an audio file and then I can copy and paste the words in a text, but it's only for Android or iPad. I want something like that for my pc. Am using Windows 8, but can also use Windows 7 software. Would prefer free, but am willing to pay for the software. Any ideas?

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Cannot open odt files. W7 Premium, IE, Open Office org., Can convert odt file?

A:convert odt files to text or doc

Options include Google Docs, OpenOffice, or an add-on for older (than 2007) versions of Word. See How to Open .ODT OpenOffice Files in Word for more info about these three.

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Came across with this need - convert some text that i have in image format to a format that winword will recognize.

I've tried an application but it converted rubish - not even a single match (that is very annoying)

So i've turned to you experts - hoping you can teach me the name of a program that will do this task for me, clean and efficiently.

A:Need Convert pic to text Software

You need to get hold of some OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.
There are no decent free ones that I know of - but there is usually one bundled with a scanner.
I like Abbyy Fine Reader

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I know, probably a really stupid question.

A friend of mine scanned a booklet for me and saved it in PNG format. Now all the pages are just pictures.

I'd like to convert it to some sort of text file so I can download it to my ebookwise device.

Is this possible?

A:Can I convert photos to text?

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Im atempting to learn VB through doing.

How do i convert a text sting (eg: "Hello world") an equivilant numeric value? what function should i use?

A:VB: convert text to numbers

firestormer said:

Im atempting to learn VB through doing.

How do i convert a text sting (eg: "Hello world") an equivilant numeric value? what function should i use?Click to expand...

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish. You can't convert a phrase like "Hello World" to a numeric value or you will get a "Type Mismatch" error.

You can only convert a text string to a number if the text string is comprised of digits.

For example....Let's say you have a textbox on a form and you enter a number into it. Even though what you entered into the textbox looks numerical is will still be a text string because texboxes hold text not numbers. If you debug your code and check the value of the textobx you will see that the number has double quote marks around it because it is text. You can convert a text string such as "1234" into a number 1234 by using any of the following commands. Just replace what is inside the parentheses to your variable or value to convert .

CInt (converts to Integer)

CDbl (converts to double)

CSng (converts to single)

CLng (converts to long)


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How do I convert some code of text into an image?

I need it so I can post it properly on forums. Take this code for example:

// Security() is called from the main aLife module and
// may test for conditions that are never supposed to occur,
// but for which there ought to be contingency plans in place.
function Security() { // ATM 2aug2002; or your ID & date.
HCI(); // Human-Computer Interface with checkboxes.
if (t > 40) nonce = (t - 40); // for use in Troubleshoot().
if (t > (cns-64)) Rejuvenate(); // When the CNS is almost full.
if (life == true) {
document.forms[0].ear.focus(); // Display blinking cursor.
fyi = ("Security: t = " + t + "; CNS size is set to " + cns);
if (t > (cns-32)) { // Fewer than 32 engram slots are left!
fyi = "WARNING! Consider clicking Refresh. ";
fyi += ("Only " + (cns-t) + " spaces are left.");
} // end of test for fewer than 64 engram spaces remaining.
Voice(); // display the Voice:brain fyi message.
if (inert > 25) { // As "inert" builds up in Audition(),
Ego(); // call the Ego() function for a self-ish idea.
if (tutor == true) Tutorial(); // One meme per buildup.
inert = 0; // Reset "inert" to build up again.
} // End of crude method of calling Ego().
} else { // If "life" is not "true"
fyi=("<font color='red'>"+... Read more

A:Convert text into a image?

put it into word and change the colour of the font
Then do a print screen of the document on the screen and put into paint

heres how to make a screen shot and load here for example - you will need to use an editor to make the background transparent and save as gif format - irfanview.com or http://www.gimpshop.com/

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.

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I tried searching a pdf for a word and it didn't find it. I then realized it's not actually text just an image of text. How can I convert the pdf to have text and be able to search it?

A:Convert PDF images to text

Try Foxit Reader

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Dear Sir,

We want to convert mp3 format files into txt format. Is their is someone knows about some software that will convert these files into txt and save time.

Please tell us that software we will be thankful to you

With Regards
Mandeep Kaur

A:Convert MP3 file to text?

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I am in need of an Algorithm to convert text to hex.
For instance: Hello World! = 48 65 6C 6C 6F 1 57 6F 72 6C 64 21

Or perhaps there is a .dll for this?
Or a routine written in Assembler language.

Thanks a bunch...vmars316

A:Algorithm to convert text to hex

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I have a series of lectures on mp3 that I would like to convert to text form.
Is dragonnaturally speaking the only way to do that?

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I have an .exe file which is fortran program that compiled and get to exe file.but i lost the source fortran code. So my question is how do I open the .exe application and extract it?how can i read the exe file? is there some program I could use?

A:reading .exe applicatian and convert to text

Hi vahid1981, and welcome to TSG.

The original human readable source code does not exist inside of the compiled executable code. You could try finding and using a FORTRAN de-compiler that will attempt to create new source code from what it finds in the executable. The new code would have arbitrary names for things like variables and sub-routines. The only original text from the source code that would be recovered would be any fixed text messages the executable to print or display to the operator.

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First of all, my apologies if this topic has been covered in a previous thread. I looked through various threads as well as did a "search", but did not locate one that was on point with my issue.

{I am working on a Gateway Netbook with an Intel Atom processor N270, 250GB HDD, 1G memory and running Windows Vista 32bit. I have (3) internet browsers right now: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome- I just downloaded FireFox/Google Chrome a couple of days ago. I am trying to figure out which browser works best for my needs but for now, I am running FireFox.}

So, here goes...

I have (4) .wma files that have people being interviewed that make up a total of approx. 6hrs of audio on them. (don't know if that info would even be relevant, but there it is anyway.

I need to, ultimately, have their words typed out in a Microsoft Word Document.

The above is the bare facts. Now...I am, obviously, needing to transcribe these audio files into a Word document (convert the .wma files into text files)

Here's what I think I know thus far...

* This is, virtually, an unobtainable task to accomplish.
* My financial situation will not allow me to purchase any software/products.
* Text files, such as Word documents, cannot be opened by Windows Media Player
* Audio files such as .wma files can ONLY be opened with Windows Media Player and NOT in Word

Here's what I wish to know...

* Is there someone out there reading this that may know of a way to do the... Read more

A:Convert .wma file to text (word doc)

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I've a question with Excel and appreciate all help given.


How do I convert an 100-row Excel 2003 Worksheet ( see attached Sample1.xls) to a text file where each column is separated by a new line (see attached Sample2.txt) ?

Thanks for your reply!

A:Convert excel to text file

I can't think of a simple single step solution but this two step process should do the trick ...

Save the Excel file as a "Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)" file.

Open the text file in MS-Word (or other editor that allows find and replace of special characters in an entire document).

Find and replace all of the Tabs with Line Breaks.

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I'm using access 2010. I have a field in a table called net_total_amt which is text format. I need to convert to currency I'm thinking? It comes is as $257.87 but I need to say if it's less than $3.00 remove it. I have searched and I just don't understand some of what I read.

A:Solved: Convert text to currency

I mostly use excel, so it may not be the same - what happens if the field is not empty and you multiply by 1? Can that be compared? I use that sometimes to convert from text to value in excel.

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Is there a method to convert a screenshot image to text.

A:How to convert screenshot images to text?

Make a Google search on Image to Text Converters and you'll find a bunch.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with software called S Note it is supposed to recognize handwriting and convert it to text; however, it will convert the first one or two words and then nothing. Does anyone have any experience with this software and how to use it properly? I am not sure if this is the correct place to post my question. If not, please advise where to post it. Thanks.

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I need a simple way to convert text files (.txt and .doc) to JPEG. I have Printkey Pro and it does it very well. But it only does what is presently on the screen. It will not do files longer than one page. Most Graphics converter programs will not accept text files as input.

A:convert text file to jpeg

Scan it in!! Most scanner software will save in iny format you like. There are even sheet feed scanners for large jobs.

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Months ago, I posed a question about converting .pdf files to plain text. I received a couple of replies, including a method of sending the file to an email address at Adobe. That works, but usually formats rather haphazardly.

Is there another way (I recall something about emailing yourself the .pdf file, but can;t recall the steps).

A large file (any file more than one page, actually), requires cutting and pasting into text each page seprately...far too time consuming.

Any handy dandy tricks here?

A:Convert .pdf files to text (easy way?)

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Hi, I'm looking for something that can help me scan in some text from about 20 photos. I've typed a few pages on my own, but I'm already fatigued by the amount of data I've typed, and I'm making typos. Is there anything that can help me convert my 20 pictures to plain text, without paying a premium fee to do so?
I want to place this "text" inside Evernote for safe keeping.

A:scan picture and convert to text?

You need some OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software for your scanner.  Even with that, you'll need to do quite a bit of editing.

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Good Day,

I have a column A that I would like to convert to text and autofill 0(s) if the number is less than 100.

Column A

Desired Result
I want to concatenate this another cell.

A:Convert to number to text conditional

=IF(A1>100,""&VALUE(A1),IF(A1>10,"0"&VALUE(A1),"00"&VALUE(A1))) will give you the results as text.

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Ok, I need a formula in Excel that converts a date field (i.e., 7/29/04) to the name of the day that represents (i.e., Thursday). I don't care what form the day is, it can be text or date displayed with just the day.

A:Need a formula to convert a date to text

Actually you don't need a formula.

Just format the cell as Custom, with a format of dddd.

That will display only the full day (Thursday), without "destroying" the underlying date data.
ddd format displays the shortened version (Thu).

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Good Day,

I have column A, that has text values and I need to convert these text values to numbers. Is there a macro which can do that.

A:Solved: Convert text to Integer

I figured out a way to achieve this.

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It's my first time posting on techguy but I use it regularly to help solve lots of problems with my access database - but this one has me stumped and I can find a solution out there!

I have an Access 2010 database table and related query and report that contains payment types, i.e. 1 represents credit card, 2 represents cash, 3 represents cheque etc. I am trying to create a report to tell me how many of each type of transaction I have made each month. The report is looking great, but I can't change the 1, 2, 3 etc to be credit card, cash or cheque to make it easier reading! At the moment, the sub footing is just reading Payment Type 1, and I need it to read Payment Type Credit Card.

I am guessing I need to use some sort of conditional formatting or something!? Or am I missing something really obvious!!!
Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance


A:Access convert number to text

spicey80, welcome to the Forum.
Am I correct in assuming that you are using a "Combo Drop down list" to select & display your payment method?
if so where does the Combo get it's list from?
A list you typed in or from a table?

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I have a strange problem, I have a book which I purchased and downloaded on line. I have accessed this boot several times with no problems but suddenly now, when I try to open it, all I get is what looks like program code. The book uses WRAR and Adobe reader which I have, I have tried downloading from the original link and the publisher has also sent it to me again as an email attachment and the results are the same in all cases ie double dutch. Anybody go any ideas?.

CPU: - Intel® Core 2 Quad QX9770 Extreme
CPU Cooler: - Thermaltake Golden Orb II
Motherboard: - Asus Striker II Extreme (nForce 790i Ultra chipset, 3-way SLI, DDR3)
Memory: - 2.0GB Corsair DDR3 1333mhz XMS3 DHX CL9 (2x 1GB)
Hard Drives: - Velociraptor 300GB S-ATAII 10,000RPM
Optical Drive: - 5x Blu-Ray ROM S-ATA DVD±RW
Graphics card: - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 1GB
Sound card: - Onboard 7.1 Audio
Operating System: - Microsoft® Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit
Accessories: - Floppy drive
Accessories: - 30-in-1 USB Media Card Reader
PSU: - 1000W Thermaltake ToughPower Modular
Case: - Coolermaster Cosmos Type-S

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If this post is in the wrong area, please let me know and I will move it. Also, if anyone can help and needs a sample of the spreadsheet, let me know and I will post it.

I have a large database that is coded in MS Access. One of the fields that we need to do an analysis on is selected in the database as a lookup list. It is stored as text in the dbase.

When an excel spreadsheet is exported with this data, one of the fields called ShortHandNotes contains all of the text items from the original database, in alphabetical order. For example:
ShortHandNotes [Column Name in Excel]
Ant Capsular fibriosis (see notes);Chop;Dense;Maloney;RB in OR (see notes);Vannas (see notes);VB

Now, the delimiter between the text items is a semicolon. I know how to use the neat function in excel "Text-to-columns" to separate these items into columns. Here is where the problem lies: I need to get each of the text items in the above list (for example, Chop) into a column named "Chop". The issue is that every record (77,000 of them) could have a variable amount of shorthand notes. For example, another record could be like this:

Dense;FIS;Maloney;Small Pupil;VB;Viscodilate

The only commonality between these lists is that there is finite amount of notes (I think there are only 25 possible shorthand text items) and that they are alphabetical. So, right now I would have to extract the text to each column and then create new columns for each of the text items (FIS, Dense, Cho... Read more

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Hey everyone,

I love Windows Journal but I can't convert my writing to text ... it says:

The requested command cannot be completed because required components cannot be found. If this problem persists after restarting, contact your system administrator.

A:Tablet PC Windows Journal convert to text help

Quote: Originally Posted by ironslave

Hey everyone,

I love Windows Journal but I can't convert my writing to text ... it says:

The requested command cannot be completed because required components cannot be found. If this problem persists after restarting, contact your system administrator.

Hi Ironslave,

When starting this program try right clicking on the .exe and selecting Run as Administrator.
If that doesnt work right click select Properties click on the compatibility tab and select to run as XP service pack 2

I hope this helps


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Oh boy here we go again! I have PAGES of documents that were scanned to pdf and I need to convert the data on those pages to text to put into an excel file. HELP!!!

Anything is appreciated. My hand is cramping up just thinking about typing it all in word by word.....


A:Convert scanned pdf documents to text for excel

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I have a column of about 10,000 different cells that are all coded in HTML. I want to strip the HTML from these cells so I can work with just the text the HTML would create. Please help! I started doing it manually until I realized it would take me about a month!

A:Convert HTML to Text in Excel Cells

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Hi There,

I am trying to convert a *.dwg file to pdf. Once the conversition is complete I am not able to search any text from the pdf that were originally from the dwg drawing file.

Used the ghostscript GUI and noticed that the fonts are missing as soon as the drawing file has been convert to postscript itself. However this does not happen if I were to convert a *.doc file.

Appreciate some assitance to keep me going on the above.


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I want to batch convert the content of emails to text for editing on my computer.

My main email client is web-based msn.
I also have a gmail web-based email account.
I have used Outlook Express but do not have a pop3 account.
I installed Mozilla Thunderbird and know how to import or pick up emails in Thunderbird.

How can convert a mass or batch of emails in Thuderbird into text for editing off line using MSWord or some other kind of text editor?

A:Want To Batch Convert Email Content To Text

Here is sort of an update.

I was able to set up Outlook Express and copy/download emails from msn over to Outlook Express.

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Suddenly today my Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional Program will not convert existing Word or WordPerfect documents, although I can create a .pdf file by scanning a hard copy. I used the repair function in the 8 cd, but it did not fix the problem. Any suggestions?

A:Adobe Acrobat: Can't convert text documents

Uninstall, then reinstall the program. In the meantime, you could get a free program called CutePDF that will allow you to print to a PDF file. It installs as a printer.


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Hi there, I can't seem to find a way to get the Lock screen alerts to show in a brighter color. Right now, it is black and illegible, but the clock date and time is white on a dark blue background I'm sure there is something simple I am missing.... Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi all!

Does anyone know how to convert multiple AOL saved mail to text files? I need to convert several hundred saved messages and there are far too many to do one at a time.


A:Batch convert AOL saved mail to text files

Perhaps you would like to download your AOL email using a standard email client. From there you are likely to have more export options. Refernce my AOL IMAP instructions in this thread:


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I have a long dictionary of technical words which is arranged in the format of 1 word per line in the text document. I want all the words to appear together in a single para with one space between each word.
for example-
my list is like:

I want it like:
and for just 123 enter

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Convert text doc with 1 word per line to a single paragraph

There is a free lite version of one of my products, with no payment ever required, that can help you here. It's called AlomWare Actions and I just wrote an example action for you to consider, that does what you want:


There are also other ways to do this without downloading an app, such as using a batch file.

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