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Win XP - BSOD - Can't Replace DVD Drive

Q: Win XP - BSOD - Can't Replace DVD Drive

Am trying to replace an existing DVD - R drive with a new 8x DVD + - Drive. Thought would be plug & play. When I pull the old and put in the new, get BSOD. XP recognizes new device, starts to install, then blue screen hits. Have set new drive to Cable Select (as old one was). Have also pulled old drive and rebooted without it in PC to free up resources, then rebooted again with new drive. Nothing works.

Have XP Home on this PC. Any help would be much appreciated.


Preferred Solution: Win XP - BSOD - Can't Replace DVD Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Win XP - BSOD - Can't Replace DVD Drive

check the install document that came withe drive and see if they recommend anything regarding istalling as master or slave you may need to switch the cable plugs with the other drive

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My trusty pc runs great but my optical drive is starting to struggle reading and writing,  i gather it's easy enough to replace the drive but cant find anything about the drive online. what kind of drive do i need to replace it, sata etc. thanks

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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?

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Unfortunately my hard drive failed when I was out of town and had to have my family take it in. I had backup files I created with the spotmau program that had both the C and D drive letters. I now only have a C drive listed and am unsure what to do. I am not very experienced with the deep end of the partion stuff. I have been using the laptop for a month now and have transfered as much of the fileinfo that they were able to save. I don,t want to do a restore if it will mess up what I have now but I am concerned that I will not be able to save properly for recovery later. I am trying to get to a point that I can create a hd image to save for the next crisis. I have a 320GB HD in the Laptop and a 500GB external drive That I would like to create the image on and then set to the side for that day when I have to restore to a new HD again. I am looking for some guidance so that I will have the ability to do this stuff myself. The HD hardware is not reliable as you folks probably already know. Even with the warranty it still costs alot of money. Thanks in advance for your help. Beryla

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I disabled the optical drive from Windows System folder because it was faulty and slowing down my computer.

However, now, a virus has stopped from starting Windows.

Since this configuration of Windows on the Hard Drive, can I replace the Hard Drive with a new one so it can:

A. Reset my configuration to allow a Windows Installation disk to boot up from the "newly installed" optical drive,

B. Erase any prior infected files I may have had on the previous Hard Drive.

Thank you,


The computer is a Dell Inspirion 2200 Notebook.

A:I cannot boot my install cd from my optical drive? Should I replace my hard drive?

Go into your BIOS and make sure the CD drive is the first boot device
Use the recovery CD that came with your computer and boot to it

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Just bought a new z51 last month and I'd like to replace my Disc drive with a hard drive but I'm not sure which Caddy to get. There are several on Amazon for pretty cheap. Anyone successfully do this?  Thanks! Phen

A:Lenovo Z51 - Which Hard Drive Caddy would work to replace DVD Drive?

Any updates? Did it work? I got a 'universal' caddy, but it does not get detected on my Z51. Works on my hp though.

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My 750gb hard disk is failing on a HP laptop that came preloaded with W7 home prem. I have a SMALLER excellent 500gb, 7200 rpm hard disk that I'd like to replace the failing hard disk with. I've read that my W7 System Repair DVD will not restore my recent system image (on NAS) to a smaller partition. The C: partition on the failing drive is well over 600gb but can shrink to 300gb.
Can I restore a system image from my larger drive "as is". If not, and I shrink my C:\ partition (contain windows) to say 350GB will I be able to restore the system image to where windows will boot?

I have an old copy of (7.0) partition magic that I used to resize partitions on XP machines Can this old 32 bit partition magic safely resize my C: partition. If so, and I create a new system image can I restore it to the new disk?

Please help. Thank you.

A:Using System Image to replace 750GB Drive with s 500GB Drive

Download Macrium reflect free home edition, make a restore CD, and either backup an image or clone the drive directly. I haven't used their clone facility but have used their image backups dozens of times and it is good and fast.

Otherwise, with windows backup, you will need to defragment the partition, then shrink the partition, then defragment and shrink.... until you get a < 500 GB partition.

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I bought myself a SATA caddy to replace the optical drive on my Lenovo Z51-70, with a 2.5" SATA Drive.The caddy and the hard drive work, as tested on another HP Laptop.But on my Z51-70, the Hard drive is not detected, either in BIOS, or within Windows itself. I checked the Device Manager and Disk Management, but it is not visible anywhere like it is on my HP Laptop. Any and all help and suggestions will be appreciated!I desperately need this to work!Please Help! 

A:Z51-70 2nd Hard Drive via SATA Caddy to replace Optical Drive.

Lenovo released a new bios update! Did you try it?

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I have an HP Pavilion N5420L laptop. It came with a nonremovable CD/DVD Drive. I wanted to know if it is possible to buy a CDRW drive and replace the existing CD/DVD drive in my laptop with a new CDRW drive?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

A:Replace CD/DVD Drive with CDRW Drive in HP Laptop

nonremovable CD/DVD Drive.Click to expand...

maybe not
but i dont knwo for sure i'll look up

seems to imply it can - why not give HP a call to make sure

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I wish to replace the DVD drive in my Pavilion 27-A210 Desktop All-In-One with a Blu-Ray player.  What model number Blu-Ray player will fit and work, and what else (e.g., driver software, Blu-Ray playback software) is needed?

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I would like to upgrade the hard drive that came on my Probook 430 G3 to an M.2 drive.  But when I install the M.2 drive the system refuses to boot (even with the old HD in place). Suggestions would be welcome. TIA

A:Probook 430 G3 replace hard drive with M.2 drive

Have you put any software on the M.2 drive? When I added an M.2 to my Zbook 15 G3 I removed the HDD while I installed the OS, got it working with the M.2, then put the HDD back in. 

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I have a Raptor 74Gig, 10,000 RPM that I couldn't get to boot past the Windows Logo. I through it in my other machine and chkdsk ran a check on it and repaired some sectors and I could read it find as a slave--through it back in the original computer as the master boot disc again and on startup my bios says its bad and to replace it. So I tried a Windows reinstall and it gave me an internal setup error. So then I run recovery console and try to run chkdsk and it say the "volume apears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems." Point is I might be able to get this drive to boot again, but I've been thinking of replacing it anyway because its only 74 Gig and its getting filled up.

So the question is what drive? I could get another Raptor 150 for $189 after rebate, but someone once said that an NCQ drive is just as good, but I don't see any for a reasonable price (under $100) except with an 8 Meg cache. I figure I'm better off with 16 megs than 8 with NCQ.

Anyway, I bought this drive a few times for lesser machines:


WD 3.0 gb Caviar, 250 Gig, 16 meg cache for $79, but no NCQ.

So my question is what drive should I get?

A:Think my drive is gone--what do I replace it with?

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When do you think is a good time to replace your DVD drive. For example, when trying to rip a CD to FLAC, using advanced processes and checks, often there are no problems. However, recently, in very rare cases, the drive has trouble with 1 or two tracks that my laptop rips with ease.

Does this mean that the drive is starting to go? Additionally, I barely use this drive. I think I use it a few times a year.

The drive is an ASUS.

A:Should I replace my DVD drive?

That doesn't sound like a drive problem. I've seen that with the discs themselves and not the drive. I have a recording studio and do a lot of recording for singers with Karaoke CD's. Its usually a dirty CD that is the culprit.

Some drives are more sensitive to dirty discs than others and maybe the difference. But, drives are cheap and you can get a replacement for about $25 at www.newegg.com

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I am working on a system that has been acting kind of funky. It was part of a domain and they have had some power issues. Upon restart it was going to scan disk and would get all of these error file unreachable etc etc. I took it home did a windows repair and it seems to be working better but after doing scan disk this is the log. My question to you is do you think it is time to replace this drive or should I wait? It does seem to start fine now.

Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.

One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You
may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended
that you continue.
Windows will now check the disk.
Read failure with status 0xc000009c at offset 0xc0090000 for 0x10000 bytes.
Read failure with status 0xc000009c at offset 0xc0090000 for 0x1000 bytes.
File record segment 576 is unreadable.
Read failure with status 0xc000009c at offset 0xc0090000 for 0x1000 bytes.
File record segment 577 is unreadable.
Read failure with status 0xc000009c at offset 0xc0090000 for 0x1000 bytes.
File record segment 578 is unreadable.
Read failure with status 0xc000009c at offset 0xc0090000 for 0x1000 bytes.
File record segment 579 is unreadable.
Read failure with status 0xc000009c at offset 0xc0091000 for 0x1000 bytes.
File record segment 580 is unreadable.
Read failure with status 0xc000009c at offset 0xc0091000 for 0x1000 bytes.
File record segment 581 is unreadable.
Read failure with status 0xc000009c at offset 0xc0091... Read more

A:Would you replace this drive

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I would like to replace the DVD drive on my HP laptop but I am not sure which DVD drive will be compatable.  Can anyone tell me which DVD drive I should purchase?  The Opeical Drive that is now on my computer is: TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L633J SCSI CdRom Device [Optical drive]. Thanks in advance for any and all replies and suggestions.

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Hi,I would like to remove the DVD drive from my laptop and replace it with an SSD. Is it possible to connect a SATA laptop drive to this anyway, and if so how? my laptop HP 15-AC143WMAny help appreciated, Thanks Raj

A:Replace DVD Drive with SSD

raj98207 After looking through the Maintenance and Service Guide for your PC, I would have to say yes ... but ... Here is the link so you can read it for yourself : http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04653884 As I see it, there are three issues: space, connector, fixed mount. It appears that a laptop-sized hard drive could fit into the space left by the optical drive, so that is likely not a problem. There is no second set of SATA hard drive connectors, but since the DVD drive uses the same connectors as a hard drive, you could use those -- but since those are not designed to be used for a hard drive, they will fit, but they might not work. The worst problem is the lack of a fixed mount for the hard drive.  The optical drive is designed to fit exactly into the space and is held firmly in place with a screw through the laptop case.  There is no bracket for holding a hard drive into that space, and most likely, no way to secure it to the case.  You don't want a hard drive sliding around in the optical drive bay, so for me, that would be a show-stopper.  If you were willing to consider an SSD instead, that would not be such a problem. And last, but not least, this is my own personal view of your situation. I do NOT represent, nor do I speak for, HP -- so if you want to do this as an experiment, you are on your own -- any resulting damage will void any warranty you have and you will be on the hook to fix it at your own cos... Read more

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My hard drive has failed. Can i replace it with a SSD drive then change O/S . The desktop in question is about 14 years old and as i am a silver surfer i would like to keep it runnig if possible .

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the hard drive failed on my laptop so have got a new one and I had 2 system image back ups.
When I tried to reinstall the most recent one it did not find it from the external hard drive.
So I installed the old system image.

In the new one I am able to mount the .vhd file in Disk Management and see it is the exact same size as my c: drive.

Is it possible to replace the contents of of my c: drive with the .vhd contents?

A:Replace my C: drive with .vhd

Are these WIn7 backup images? Is it possible the one you want to use is named something other than exactly WindowsImageBackup and placed somewhere other than the root of the external? If not it won't be detected. You'll need to put the older image in a folder and place the newer one in the root.

If it's just a matter of the files then you can mount the image to copy out the newer ones to replace in each User folder: Virtual Hard Disk - Create and Attach VHD

In the future consider syncing your files to a backup HD or external, or to the cloud - MS Skydrive offers free 7gb with each WIndows Live ID. This way they are kept current in backup.

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I would like to replace my still working 80Gb C: drive with a new, larger drive. I would like to load all of the contents of the old C: drive onto the new drive and use the new drive as my C: drive with all the programs, drivers and Win XP SP2 os. What is the best way to do this. I have not purchased a new drive yet.

A:Replace my C: drive

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hi guys. help me plz... can i replace dvd drive with ssd sata III on lenovo g570? Western Digital Green PC WDS120G2G0A Internal SSD Drive 120GB https://www.amazon.com/Western-Digital-120GB-Internal-WDS120G2G0A/dp/B076XWDN6V?SubscriptionId=AKIAI...

A:replace dvd drive with ssd

Hi HesamElz,
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
It is possible but not all SSD on caddy have its success story like in this post.
A better set up can be replacing current HDD to a SATA SSD and placing the original SATA HDD in a caddy as done on this post shared by fellow member.
I hope this helps answer your query.

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i am wanting to replace my slow hard drive with faster and larger hard drive. I am thinking of putting in the new hard drive with the old hard drive at the same time so i can ...

- take all data off of old drive and put it on new one
- make new drive my main and only drive

i don't want to mess up my comp in the process so some directions on how to do this correctly would be appreciated

A:Replace (C:) drive

1. Save an image of your C: drive onto an external e-sata hard drive (or usb) by using something like Acronis True Image;

2. Turn off your PC, unplug the old drive (leave it in place since you want to keep it in later) and install the new HDD;

3. Reboot with Acronis boot CD; restore the image onto the new drive and boot to check all is okay;

4. Turn off your PC again, reconnect your old drive and reboot in BIOS where you will set the boot sequence with your new HDD as the boot drive. Save and exit. Reboot in safe mode; in safe mode delete the old partition C: which will have another drive letter by now anyway.

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Windows XP Pro, SP 2

... because the new D drive is much bigger.
HOWEVER... the new D drive was in use as a boot drive (obviously, designated C on a different computer.
I plan to TEMPORARILY connect this drive as an external USB-connected drive first so that I can look at what is on it, and see if I might want to copy anything from it before I start any reformatting. I have connected (temporarily) many drives this way, in the past. I know how to do that without problems.
Here's the question:
Considering that the drive in question is designated C: is that going to cause a serious problem when my computer "sees" two drives both labeled C?
Let me know what to do.
Thank you.
Mike B

A:The goal is to replace old D drive with new D drive

It won't be a problem at all, in fact it won't be C drive anymore as thats only a designation applied when you boot from it not when its attached to another system to be viewed. It will still have the boot info on it but that'll be fixed when you reformat it.

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want to change hard drive --took all screws out but can't figure how to open--it's all 1 piece . the laptop is not going on. had it since christmas last year . It says boot device not found  .  please install an operating system on your hard disk.     hard disk (3FO)   computer was freezing up  alot--then  it went into system diagnostics until it found this, now I can't do anything.  somebody please help    

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Can someone explain to me how to replace an install.wim file on a usb drive please.
My company uses Windows 7 Enterprise version and we install them from a bootable usb drive. But I need to replace the install.wim file on the usb with a new updated install.wim file.
But when I delete the old install.wim file from the usb drive and copy over the new one, I am unable to boot from the usb drive.
Thank you

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Hi guys! My optical disc drive (dvd) has broked. I'm not familiar wich must i have to choose, found one but not sure if its fits in my ideapad, with proprer screw/bolt/plug:Here are little of the specs of the seclected device (in one online shop): LG DVD-RW GTC0N SLIMDimensions (W x H x D) 128 x 12.7 x 127 mm;net weight 0.145 kg;Burns DVD + R Double Layer media, supports all current popular focal formats (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD + R, DVD + RW);Device type: 12.7mm Slim internally;.......... 

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I've been supporting this Power Mac G4 since it was new in June of 2002.
Other than installing a SCSI card for the photo printer and the occasional cleaning, it's worked flawlessly.
It's in daily use for editing and annotating Aerial photos.
Yesterday I had to reinstall Illustrator for a weird parsing error I've never seen before, and it got me to thinking that the HD has been used heavily for nearly 6 years.
This machine is the backbone of this small business, and they're willing to do what's necessary, so my question is whether it's a good idea to preemptively replace this HD.
6 years seems like a long run to me, but I've never replaced an HD based on age alone, so what do the experts think?

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I need a little help I am upgrading my hard drive, I bought a 60 gig hard drive to replace my 12 gig.Which is the best way to take everything from my 12 gig and put it in my 60 gig without losing anything.My 12 gig has about 6 gig used on it .My 12 gig will go in another machine after and my 60 gig will be in the new machine.I am running windows 98 se on a p4. Hope u can help.

A:hard drive replace

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My kids use a 2.5 yr-old Dell for games - the wife for e-mail. Need the CD drive for the games, the RW to offload pics. It won't open and has been making scary noises for months. Is replacing it a big deal? If not, how? Dell wants $100 for their replacement. I figure I'll have to get a new computer altogether sooner than later. Open to suggestions - THX!

A:Replace CD-RW drive - easy?

Piece of cake. A couple of screws, and two cables. If you don't want a CD-RW drive, you can have a dirt cheap CD drive, WAY less than $100. I think I have a whole box of them in my closet, and I'll bet a lot of other people do too. Here's one for $14, probably about $20 shipped. If you shop around, you're likely to find a CD-RW for not much more.

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I wish to to install a larger hard drive in my DV7.  I have read the forum related to the Pavilion 15 replacement (which I also own and will replace). I have also accessed the manual for the DV7, but it doesn't give the exact size of hard drive.  Please confirm the size of the hard drive for the DV7 and a suggestion as to what make/model & where I may purchase.  Thank you!

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Hello, I have an eMachine M6809 laptop and want to replace the non working dvdrw drive with a new one. Can someone please tell me how to do this? I read the manual for the machine, it tells me how to replace everything but that. Thank you.

A:Can anyone tell me how to replace my dvdrw drive?

Do you mean how to physically replace the drive? In that case it's pretty easy as far as I know. You remove the screws for the drive (on my laptop there are two on the outside and one under one of the bottom panels of the laptop. The drive should slide out, and then you slide the new drive in, make sure that it's in correctly, connected up, and put the screws back in.

That's what I did with my laptop's DVD drive anyway!

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I am getting error messages saying Windows has detected a problem with my hard drive and the drive should be replaced. I have purchased a new, larger hard drive. My question is, should I "clone" the hard drive, or create a system image? I need to move all of the Programs with the change as the computer has MS Office 2010 on it that was factory installed and I only have the verification number on a sticker on the computer cabinet, not a disk with the software.

A:replace C: drive on Win 7 computer

handiman1010 said:

should I "clone" the hard drive, or create a system image?Click to expand...


I'd create an image backup just in case, but then try the clone.

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I need to replace one of my two HDD drives with an SSD. When I remove the service panel on the back I can see both HDD drives plugged in and I'm not sure which one is the primary drive. The secondary drive is not in use when I look at my computer usage. My guess is that the secondary drive is plugged into the second solt where the SSD slots are also located.  After I remove the old HDD will I need to do any special things to make my computer start using the new drive to improve performance? I run a lot of Adobe programs as well as AutoCAD. I want to improve my start up speed with an SSD. After I install the new SSD what is the best way to accomplish this? Do I need to move programs to the new SSD or just change settings so that everything runs through the SSD and the HDD is just storage space.   

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Hello, I'm looking for 'Dummy' instructions on how to replace the DVD drive that came with the computer.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Go to Solution.

A:ATC-220-EB51 - how to replace DVD drive.

I sent you a private message.

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Hi, Can I use 2nd HDD Hard Drive Caddy for SSD disk? And Can I use this SSD for operating system?

A:Re: Want to replace DVD drive with second HDD on pavilion DM...

You can install a 2.5 inch hard drive or SSD in an optical bay caddy to add storage capacity.  https://www.jacobsparts.com/items/HDDBAY-02/ Your Service manual: Manual See p. 45 for optical drive removal.  2 things you should know: 1. The optical drive SATA port is slower than the main hard drive SATA port. So if you put a drive in that optical bay it will run slower. Makes it kind of a waste of money to put an SSD in there that will not run at full speed.2. A drive in that bay will not be bootable and cannot be the operating system disk. The only use of it is to add a big storage type hard drive.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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My old IBM thinkpad 390 no longer sees the cd drive in config or in windows. When I push the eject button nothing happens. I have be building desk tops PCs for years, I have never opened a laptop. How do i get to the cd drive to replace it?


A:replace cd drive in laptop

I don't know your specific model, but it's been my experience that most laptop CD's and floppy drives are held in place by a screw(s) on the bottom of the laptop. After removal, the drive may slide out without incident.

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This is a PURELY physical problem - up until I dropped my laptop on it's side on a table the other day, my DVD/CD drive read disks beautifully.

It opens and shuts smoothly and fine, but when I try and start up sims or play a DVD, it says there is no disk. I restarted my computer, and it is not responding accordingly. I will attempt this again, but first I would like to know if fixing it without replacing is even possible. I examined the disk holder bit and nothing seems crooked or broken. If it's misaligned, how do I tell?

If I can't figure out how to fix the damn thing, how would I go about ordering a new part?

The laptop is a Gateway M-1626 with a AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 with 2.00 GHz. 32 bit processor and 4GB of ram

A:Broke my Cd-Drive Fix/replace?

with most laptops the type of connection to thte board is via one plug affixed to the back of the drive (not like a desktop with power and then data) so if you're getting power to open the drive you probably have the connection you need. The lens that reads the disc is probably broken or way off line. Surely someone has a broken one of those laptops that you can get the drive pretty cheap used off ebay

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Both the C and D partitions of my 80GB hard disk are full (Compaq desktop with Win XP). I'd like to replace the internal drive with a much larger one. But I don't want to reinstall all my apps. Is it possible to replace the current hard drive, make it the bootable drive, then move everything from the old drive to the new one, including the registry? If so, how can I do this?



A:Can I replace my C hard drive?

Its possible for sure and not too hard either.

Once you have the drive you want to install it will either come with software or you can download free software from the manufacturer of the drive to clone the old hard drive to the new drive. Once cloned just disconnect the old drive and connect the new drive in its place and everything should be as it was but with more space.

You can then add the old drive back in a secondary drive for additional storage.

As a example if you buy a Seagate drive you can use DiscWizard from Seagate to migrate your system over to the new drive: http://www.seagate.com/ww/v/index.j...toid=d9fd4a3cdde5c010VgnVCM100000dd04090aRCRD

You can also use third party paid programs with a greater range of options such as Acronis TrueImage or Symantec's Ghost to clone the drive.

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My girlfriend recently dropped her laptop while the dvd tray was out which bent it and it won't open now. Is it possible to change the DVD-Drive on a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5874. If so where I can purchase the part from so I don't have to pay the heinous repair costs. I have done a lot of work with desktop computers and some with laptops I just don't know where to locate this info.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

A:Can you replace a DVD Drive on this Laptop

Yes. There are several available on eBay... Most of the drives are of equal quality and work well, but you may have to change the peripheral hardware to fit... If handy with small tools and logic, you can do it yourself... otherwise find a talented tech friend.
You should totally remove the optical drive and partially disassemble the Toshiba to make sure nothing else is damaged that will make repairs difficult.
Any impact damage great enough to bend parts in an optical drive, could have done other very severe damage.

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My HD died on me (ran into a bad cluster while doing a complete scan and then failed to reload, etc.) and I need to replace it with a suitable substitute that is the same capacity. The old one was a Maxtor D540X 60GB ATA/100, I think the most appropriate replacement would be a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus-9 ATA/133 60GB, but I wonder if anyone could confirm this. The OS is Windows Me.

A:Need to replace Hard Drive

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Hello community.  I have a new M710Q tiny PC.  It has a M.2 drive.  I want to replace this M.2 drive for a regular 2.5" SSD.  I am thinking that all is need is the sata drive cable & drive tray (already have SSD).  this sound right?  they would be # 18 & #20 in this picture.  Let me know peeps, thanks mucho. 

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I have a Dell inspiron 1150. I have been having problems with the OS not booting up. After running a diagnostic on the laptop, I got the following failure .....DST short test FAIL.......code 1000-0146. A google search leads me to believe that this is a hard drive problem.

1. What type of hard drive do I need to replace it (found many on ebay) the original is 30 gb.

2. Is there any problem with replacing it with say a larger hard drive (60 or 120 gb)?

3. Will it come with windows xp already on it or can I simply load it from the disk that came with the computer?

It seems fairly simple to replace......or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


A:Replace the hard drive?

Sounds simple enough, thanks

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want to change hard drive --took all screws out but can't figure how to open--it's all 1 piece . the laptop is not going on. had it since christmas last year . It says boot device not found  .  please install an operating system on your hard disk.     hard disk (3FO)   computer was freezing up  alot--then  it went into system diagnostics until it found this, now I can't do anything.  somebody please help    

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Hey guys,

I currently have a RAID0 with 2x 1TB drives. I believe one of them is failing. (Oscillating humming sound when I start up those drives).

Is it possible for me to buy a new 1TB drive, go in Ubuntu and dd the failing drive onto the new one, and reconfigure the RAID0 so the new drive is in the array instead of the old one?

I'm running Windows 7 64bit and the array was configured with the Disk Management module of the Computer Management Console.

I'm very comfortable opening up my case and all, but I don't know how Windows manages the RAID, so I don't know if I just DD the old onto the new one, unplug the old, if the data that says "this is the nth drive in the array" is on the actually drive, or it's in windows.

I know a RAID0 is a bad idea, no fault tolerance.

A:Replace a drive in a RAID0

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Just had replaced hard drive 250GB Sata, but know Norton 360" asking for more online storage space. Why?

A:Replace hard drive.

Have nothing in my files and it's asking me you need more online storage space. Is it because of my games we online.

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