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Dell Inspiron 15 5559 Audio - Right Speaker has low volume while the left speaker functions normally

Q: Dell Inspiron 15 5559 Audio - Right Speaker has low volume while the left speaker functions normally

I recently discovered a difference in the volume; the left speaker of the laptop has been functioning normally while there seems to be very low to no sound coming from the right speaker.

Any suggestions?

Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 15 5559 Audio - Right Speaker has low volume while the left speaker functions normally

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dell Inspiron 15 5559 Audio - Right Speaker has low volume while the left speaker functions normally

Hello.You didn't mention the headphone jack, so if you have not yet done so, plug in headphones and see if the balance is okay in them. If the headphones check out okay, then most probably it's a problem related to the speakers.
The test for speakers is the ePSA audio test. It is a hardware test, which means that if the test tones are very low in the right speaker, but normal in the left speaker, then there is hardware failure somewhere, related to the right speaker.
If both speakers sound normal during the test, then the problem is in the software. Do the usual things like re-install the audio driver, check the balance levels in the Sound properties, try different audio sources, etc.
Re-installing the audio driver resets the settings to their default configurations, so if you do it then you don't have to bother with things like volumes and balance settings, because they will be okay.(Also if the balance is okay through headphones, then it should be okay through the speakers too.)
Here is how to do a simple driver re-install:
1. Open the Device Manager.2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" category.3. Right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".4. Click "uninstall".5. Do not check the box to “delete the driver software for this device”. 6. Restart the computer. Windows will detect your device and re-install the driver. The driver is re-built from files that are in a folder on the hard drive. The reason this process fixes some audio issues is that it resets the driver settings to their default configuration.
If the laptop is still under warranty, remove all media players except Windows Media Player before contacting tech support, or you could be denied warranty service on the speakers.

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Got my new inspiron 7567 laptop yesterday and found out that i only heard sound through the left speaker everytime. Went through the audio test for left and right channel output on youtube and tried to windows test option in playback devices windows 10,still everytime even if the animation says it playing through left and right speakers separately i still get audio from the left speaker both times.Is there some setting i am missing out on or is it a hardware issue.please help 

A:Audio playing through left speaker only on dell inspiron 7567 laptop

sandy5837Is there some setting i am missing out on or is it a hardware issue.
Hello. This is the audio hardware test for the laptop's internal audio hardware. It works differently from the other tests. If no sound is heard through the laptop's right speaker during that test, then the cause is hardware failure. If it passes, then it's software.
If it is software, then download and install a fresh copy of the audio driver. Get it from your model's support page, or I can give you a link. Installing a fresh copy will re-set the audio settings, which would fix it if the cause is mis-configuration of the settings.

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I bought a new Dell Inspiron 5559 i7 6th gen Laptop on 1st November, I faced the distorting and crackling issue in the beginning but i checked the solutions here and switched the realtek driver to the windows default driver and it was working well until today. I have tested my dell speakers on various test videos available online and the general speaker configure option of windows, laptops right speaker is working good but left produces a crackling noise at high pitch sound. Please tell me what should i do? I have done multiple reinstalls of the driver but nothing worked. I have decided that its a hardware fault, just trying my luck here. 
Viren Kumar Gupta

A:Inspiron 15 5559 i7 6th gen, left speaker sound crackling on high levels

Hi virengupta13,Thanks for posting.If the noise is only coming through one of the speakers and it is not there when you listen through headphones, then the speaker probably needs to be replaced. If you are still under warranty you can contact Tech Support, but before you do remove all media players except Windows Media Player, or else you will be denied warranty service.

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my dell inspiron left speaker is not working even after whole restorartion.
I also updated the audio driver but no gain.
while testing with dell audio, when the screen show the audio output from left speaker but the audio comeout from the right side but that sound is very, and when it signals for right then fine.

tell me what should I do to resolve the problem.

A:dell 13 inspiron 13 7000 2 in 1 left speaker is not working

IAMRAMKING not working even after whole restorartion.
Hello. A speaker that doesn't work after restoring with the Factory Image is because of hardware failure, either a loose connection or dead speaker.
If you want to perform another test to make sure, run the audio test in the ePSA utility (or PSA on some models). These tests are in motherboard memory and do not depend on Winows or drivers -- in other words it is a purely hardware test, so if you don't hear the sounds during the test, it means hardware failure.
IAMRAMKINGtell me what should I do to resolve the problem.
If the laptop is still under warranty, contact tech support to have it repaired.

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A couple days ago I noticed the sound coming out from  my laptop was horrible like a crackling sound coming from the speakers. I tried the diagnostic.. and it looks like the left speaker is not working and the right is doing that awful sound like a crackle or rattle sound. Using the bass makes it worse.  I used to have perfect stereo sound with nice bass  using Realtek Sound system configuration and Maxx waves.
what could have happened? could it be a hardware issue? I ran the test but that doesn't solve the problem. 
Please help!! 

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7547 left speaker not working

GiselaCI tried the diagnostic.. and it looks like the left speaker is not working
Hello. If the diagnostic tool you used was the audio test in the ePSA daignostic, and you did not hear the test tones in the left speaker, then it has either failed or become disconnected. Connect tech support to schedule a repair.

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I own a Dell Inspiron 5559 with a i5 6260u CPU.  
I have a problem with the right speaker. It stopped working properly, there is a constant buzzing. I tried to reinstall the driver, to troubleshoot it, I performed a sound card check, but everything showed up as being fine. The left speaker works perfectly, only the right one has problems. I don't know what to do with it, looks like a hardware problem.     

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Hello everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron M5010 that has a speaker /audio issue? The sound on the right speaker sounds fine and nothing wrong. The left side sounds blown, it makes a popping noise and crackles (the whole nine yards). Well I order a replacement speaker set. I put it in and did the same thing. Well I had them send me another speaker set. Sure enough it is doing the same thing. It is on a fresh install of Windows 7 64 Bit. I installed the latest driver off the dell website. I plugged in some headphones and the sounds fine. First time I ever had an issue like this. Any ideas or takers? I'm fresh out! I did some online research. The majority of the websites say blown speakers. I also made a video that I could post on Youtube if any one would like to see. Thanks in advance!

A:Dell Inspiron M5010 Speaker/Audio Issue?

Audio chipset fault feeding that one speaker.

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Hi guys this is my first post in a while. I wanted to ask the folks at BP to help me before i take it in, but i need help with my speaker problems: My speakers have been working weird lately i kept having to wiggle the line and it got worse and now you cant even hear the left speaker. I've reinstalled the driver and checked the cables but it's not working anymore someone please help.

A:Right Speaker Works But Left One Has A Very Low Volume

Sounds like a bad speaker jack. Is this a laptop or desktop?

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I have had a 5.1 speaker arrangement on my Vista x64 PC for some time. Today, the front left speaker decided to stop working correctly. When trying to plug my headphones in to a rear jack on my motherboard (onboard sound), I noticed that sound was only coming through the right earphone. I decided to give up with trying to listen through my headphones for the time being and plugged my speakers back in, only to find that now my front left speaker wasn't working correctly. I tried to adjust the balance on my speakers, as I thought I could hear a whisper of a sound through the front left.
The front left speaker is producing sound, but at a greatly reduced volume to the rest of the speakers, I have to set the balance to the following to make FL and FR speakers 'the same' volume (by ear).
FL volume: 100
FR volume: 0
I have my speakers plugged in to 3 jacks on my motherboard (out of 6).
The green jack for FL and FR.The black jack for RL and RR.The orange jack for C and SubW.I have been unsucessful installing Realtek (which is a shame, because on my last motherboard I was able to solve the problem with that somehow, but I can't remember how) as it states the drivers are not supported. Which I'm assuming means my motherboard doesn't support it.
My motherboard is an MSI Intel p35 Neo.
I have had this setup working fine for around a month.My speakers are labtec (but I don't see how that would matter).I am currently using the normal drivers that come with Vista.Any ideas?

Regards, Grah... Read more

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I was able to resolve my issue via the workaround described in this post: HT Omega Striker 7.1 and Windows 7 Problem

The only difference is that I used the newest Windows 7 drivers (at time of writing: http://www.htomega.com/new/s81738W7.zip), rather than the ones linked to in that post.

After obtaining the newest Windows 7 drivers and the Vista drivers listed in the post, I followed the instructions exactly and now have the ability to control ALL of my speakers via the system volume control.

If anyone else experiences this issue, remember to delete the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\HsMgr.exe file prior to reinstalling the drivers.

I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I was unable to find information related to my problem.

When I adjust the system volume, the change only affects the left speaker. That is to say, if I lower the volume all the way (not hitting mute, but setting volume to 0%), I still hear sound from the right speaker as if no change was made.

Some things I have checked:
1.) Balance is set evenly in Driver Control Panel
2.) Balance is set evenly in Speaker Properties - Levels tab
3.) Speakers are configured as Stereo speakers
4.) Changed the sampling rate in the Speaker Properties - Advanced tab
5.) Changed the sampling rate back to default
5.) Checked all of the connections
I have tested the speaker on a different computer, and the function perfectly. I have tested in my Ubuntu 9.10 partition on this computer, and everything functions pro... Read more

A:Changing Volume Only Affects Left Speaker

I have a Striker 7.1 that I used in my main PC for several months. Have you tried reseating the card? That would be the first suggestion, also check the front panel connection to the card to make sure the plug is fully seated.

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I have just bought a lenovo ideapad z510 and i found that the right speaker is louder than the left speaker...... I made sure that the balance is exactly the same but still the problem exsists ......... any help

A:lenovo z510 right speaker louder than left speaker

Hi Heshamelmilady,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that the Audio balance is not as expected from the internal speakers. Hence, I suggest you to re-install the Audio driver and also check if the issue is same with the external Speakers/ Headphone connected.
Hope to hear back soon
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Im having a problem with my old pair of Yamaha speakers. Im un aware of the model but it is an old one. Ive been having a problem with the left speaker giving no playback at low volume. The right plays fine all the time but the left speaker only starts to make sound once i got the a medium volume level. I tried using the balance nob but all it does it lower the volume of the right speaker when im at a low volume so that doesnt help. All the plugs and what not are in correctly and audio drivers are up to date. Ive tried lowering my default windows audio volume so that I have to put the speaker volume higher to achieve the same level of loudness but it doesnt work well either. Any fixes?

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(Ubuntu 9.04)
There were one or two threads about this in the Ubuntu forums, but they did not have suitable answers.
Sound, no matter from what source (VLC, Flashplayer, Rhythmbox, etc) is only playing from the left speaker. It has not always been like this, and I am nearly certain that it is not a hardware problem because this also happens when I try headphones, and both the speakers and headphones work when I use them playing music from my phone.
When I go into the audio settings and turn down left channel for PCM and Front all the way, audio still plays, very quietly, from the left speaker. Upon very close listening on headphones, there is actually barely audible sound coming from the right (obviously this is not good enough, lol).
Any help is appreciated.
(This is the first time I've ever been to this site or these forums, so if I'm doing anything wrong or if I posted this in the wrong section, sorry and feel free to tell me.)

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i have bought a set of new speakers but the audio only comes out of one. the problem is not the speakers as it happened to my old ones as well but it was not as noticeable also i plugged in an iPod to the speakers and it worked. any suggestions?

A:Audio only coming out of one (left) speaker

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The audio fades in and out on my left speaker only. It worked fine and then all of a sudden didn't work anymore. I thought it was my daughter messing with the sound but I have fooled with it a little today and it is definitely only one side. I am no computer techie. Any suggestions?

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Just bought a new set of desktop speakers.

The volume and tone controls are on the right-side speaker.

As I use my mouse, right handed, and the volume control more or less together for some work, this is a bit of a pain.

I can, of course, just move the speakers, but my son objects; for some videos and games, I guess it is important to have right-right, and left-left.

I have the Creative/Soundblaster audio setup.

If I do interchange the speakers to the way I like, is there any option, anywhere,
where I can have the left channel sound now going to the right speaker, and the right channel sound going to the left speaker ?

Creative, and the MS Audio options doesn't seem to have a way.
I don't want to re-wire any plugs.

Any simple way of accomplishing this ?


A:Right Channel Audio To Left Speaker: How Please ?

Quote: Originally Posted by Robert11


Just bought a new set of desktop speakers.

The volume and tone controls are on the right-side speaker.

As I use my mouse, right handed, and the volume control more or less together for some work, this is a bit of a pain.

I can, of course, just move the speakers, but my son objects; for some videos and games, I guess it is important to have right-right, and left-left.

I have the Creative/Soundblaster audio setup.

If I do interchange the speakers to the way I like, is there any option, anywhere,
where I can have the left channel sound now going to the right speaker, and the right channel sound going to the left speaker ?

Creative, and the MS Audio options doesn't seem to have a way.
I don't want to re-wire any plugs.

Any simple way of accomplishing this ?


I know exactly what you mean. On my media PC the on board audio was backwards so I reversed the connections so it sounded correct. I then put in a Audigity 2 and that was wired correctly.
The only suggestion I have is to check out an electronics store or Amazon for a couple of cables so you can reverse the wiring.
and then one of these if your speaker system has a socket on it, if not search for a cable with a socket on it.


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Hello, I have a problem with any Realtek driver since I updated from Windows 8.1 to 10 (x64).
On every boot, I have no sound on the rear speakers : the black pin switches automaticaly to "side". I have to reconfigure the black pin to rear every time !

Did someone had a similar issue ?

Here's my config if it helps : Asus Sabertooth Mark 2 and Logitech Z906 5.1 speakers.

A:Realtek Audio 5.1 configuration : rear speaker switch to side speaker

Up !

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and I suppose like a lot of forum newbees, I found this site and registered because I have a problem.

I'm getting a very very low volume out of the right channel/speaker. This issue started with a hard drive problem where my MBR and Partition Table was corrupted. I got a new hard drive, ghosted a saved winxp system partition image onto the drive and I was ready to go, except my right speaker volume was extremely low.

Some other info is that my left speaker had gone out a while back but the right continued to work fine. This was a definitely a speaker problem. After the hard drive problem that right speaker volume was very low even at max volume and it had been fine before. I was suspecting a driver issue, but my ghost image should have had the correct drivers.

I loaded the most recent Realtek AC'97 drivers, but no change. I had been wanting to get new speakers anyway so I bought some Logitech Z-10 speakers with both standard and USB connections. I thought that maybe my problem was the onboard integrated audio and my perception was that USB would bypass that integrated audio, so I thought maybe that if it was an integrated audio then the USB would work. Well no luck the left channels is great and the right channel sucks with both the USB and traditional plug, and I know the speakers are fine because they sound great connected to my laptop.

So back to the drawing board. I thought about getting a sound card, but if ... Read more

A:Audio Problem, very low volume in 1 speaker

Try doing an XP repair. You can find out how to do it here:


I don't trust Ghost images at all... Acronis Home is much more reliable. Good luck

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If the volume is low everything works fine, but once you turn it up using the volume button, the left speaker stops working. This only happens when I use the button, and not when I adjust the system sound.

I tested it with the audio configuration, and I can hear what's supposed to be the left speaker sound coming from the right speaker. Once again this is only if the volume button is turned up high enough, and it works just fine otherwise.

Another strange thing is that everything not only works right when the volume is low enough, but also when it's high enough. So the problem is not that the left speaker can't handle that much sound or something. It's only in the middle where this problem occurs. Does anyone have an idea what's going on?

A:Right speaker thinks he's a left speaker

Hi welcome to the forum.

Have you tried the speakers on another system or another set of speakers on yours. Try reinstalling the driver.

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Hi,I have a HP-Pavilion m7-1015dx. It's 5 yrs old. My speakers were working just fine when suddenly I saw that the beats audio left speaker suddenly started crackling. I then checked and I found out that when I increased the bass in the beats audio control panel,the crackling increased. I tried troubleshooting and disabling and enabling the audio driver but nothing happened. What should I do?P.S. The right speaker is working just fine. 

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I finished a new build today:

ASUS Z170 Pro-Gaming Motherboard
i5 processor
etc. etc.

When I plug my logitech 5.1 Surround speakers into the rear line-out audio jack of the motherboard, it only produces sound in the left speaker (I am only using the front left/right speakers, not the full 5.1 surrount). However, when I plug the same speakers into the front headphone jack of my computer case, both speakers work!

I have tried multiple audio drivers from the ASUS product support website, still doesn't work. I have tried uninstalling all drivers, and allowing Windows 10 to automatically install the driver. This doesn't work either.

Any ideas?

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This laptop has Beats Audio but it barely puts out any volume to the speakers. We have the  volume turned all the way up, everywhere we can find a volume control -- doesn't do any good. How do we fix? 

A:Low Speaker Volume on HP Envy Laptop with Beats Audio

Hi @Qbert58  I understand you are experiencing an low audio difficulty with you notebook.  Please remember when posting to provide your exact model and not just the notebook series  for someone to assist you more efficiently.  How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? Have you done all your Windows updates? Have you ran the HP Support Assistant ? Here are two links that may also help. HP Notebook PCs - No Sound from Speakers (Windows 8) HP PCs - Beats Audio Console (Windows 8) Best of Luck!   

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There is something wrong with the green slot in the sound built into my motherboard (posted below), its AC'97 on a ASUS M2N4 motherboard, the drivers are up to date and im sure its not the stereo, or the speakers. Its a faint eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sound with no fluctuation, and it gets louder when i turn up the sound on the speaker or the computer. Any ideas n what might be the issue? here the mobo:http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowI...IDIA+nForce4+SLI+ATX+AMD+Motherboard+-+Retail

A:Audio Problem: High Whine on Left Speaker (ASUS AC'97 onboard a m2n4-sli)

i had this when i had a magnet near my speakers. Are there any phones or anything like that near the speakers?

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I bought a new Dell Inspiron 15R about two months ago now, and since I got it the sound has been messing up.

Whenever I use headphones, some sounds still come out of my speakers. It seems that if I'm listening to one piece of audio, for example a skype call, it's fine. However, if I start doing something else at the same time, for example watching a video, the audio from that video will play from my speakers instead of my headphones (looks as if some programs have priority to play out of headphones, and everything else will play from laptop speakers)

Please help, for the moment I've disabled my speakers so sounds are forced to play out of my headphones, however this disables the sounds for some programs (Minecraft, Spotify etc)

I'd love if somebody could shead some light on my problem

A:Speaker/headphone problem Dell Inspiron 15R, please help!

Hi Ryank94,
Welcome to the Community. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your audio drivers? To uninstall, click on start, right click on computer, click on properties, click on device manager, click on the symbol next to sound video and game controllers, right click on IDT High Definition Audio Code and click on uninstall, and confirm it, once it removed use the below link to install it. Let us know if this helped.
Thank you

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Here says it gives waves MaxxAudio but sound is very less.
but it's sound like speaker is cut... worst sound .
it can not be a problem by drivers,so i request to do something about my laptop as soon as posible.
i am interested in watching movies without headphones but cause of this i can't.
i bought this laptop 1 month ago and i can't listen songs with friends i fear what they will think about my new laptop.   -_-   .

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Hey there,
I've tried all the normal things - online troubleshooting through Dell and Windows (running 64 bit Win 7 Home Premium), plus updating drivers, uninstall/reinstall device, checking through media software settings (VLC, iTunes) - and cannot seem to figure out why my LEFT speaker is playing at what sounds like 10-20%, versus the RIGHT one playing at 100%. No major update or change predated this issue. Simple Windows Update stuff, but I purposely don't let Windows touch my "manufacter" drivers etc.
Anyone with a clue as to what else I can try?

A:One speaker is SUPER soft, other working at normal volume?! Dell Pavilion dv6

See if this HP fix helps!

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I have a 3520 that was upgraded to Windows 10.  It was giving just 3 beeps on post and nothing else.  I replaced the system board as per Dell, and now it boots up but the right speaker is silent.  The left one works fine though.  I tried headphones and they work normally with sound out of both sides.  I replaced the speakers but it did no good, same issue.  I checked all the audio settings and they are correct.  Any ideas?

A:Dell Inspiron 3520 - sound not working on right speaker only

Thank you for writing to us!
We would like you to perform one more test before we conclude a hardware failure , please run the PSA ( LCD test ) and confirm if the same this happens.
Also private message the service tag and email address .

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it has been just 2 months i bhought it and the speaker of left side is only working. i am nervous with this problem, the speaker on right side did not work at first time and again worked after few minutes. but whe n i open my laptop next day i started playing song i recognized that only one speaker is working please 
help me somedbody!!!!

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So the other night I heard some crackling noises coming from my laptop and then the sound just stopped working altogether. I pretty frequently plug and unplug a set of external speakers in the headphone jack so I figured this might be the issue. Sure enough, when I apply pressure with my finger over the headphone jack opening the internal speakers work fine. When I release the pressure the internal speakers stop working. I kind of smacked the laptop on the side a bit and it seems to be ok for now but I'm guessing the only way to fix this permanently if the issue returns is to open the laptop and secure anything that might be loose near the headphone jack. I have never opened up my laptop before, if I do have to do this are there some precautions I should be taking to ensure I don't completely mess it up?

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I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 5567, Service Tag: <Service tag removed>. This is a newly purchased laptop (Dec'16).
Now after using this laptop for some time, i came to know that there is some problem with one of my speakers.
Now when i am playing some music files, i am just getting sound from one of the speakers.
I updated all the audio drivers and even checked by changing the music players but still no use.
As i said before, for this laptop there are two integrated speakers. My laptop right side speaker is not working.
Can anyone help me out with this issue...?

A:My dell laptop (Inspiron 5567) right side speaker is not working

Narendranath,Click the link below for troubleshooting sound issues on your computer. Within the link is information to run diags on the sound/speakers.Sound/Audio Problems in Microsoft Windows

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No audio output device installed dell Inspiron  5559  here is what i've done

installed latest realtek 
installed and reinstalled after uninstalling
scanned and hard ware in device manager only intel device audio is there nothing else

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Hello Jimco,
I have a Dell 5548 with a 1080p touch screen, Core i5 &12GB of Ram. After updating to windows 10 I have had a number of issues with this laptop.
1)The most annoying of all is that the speaker volume fluctuates from high to low at any given setting which is extremely frustrating. One time its loud then all of a sudden it reduces then a few seconds later its up again. Is this a hardware issue or a software issue as this didn't happen on windows 8.1?
2)The Headphone Jack is too tight. If I try too insert any earphones or headphones it will go in to a certain degree then i have to apply force but it still wont go in. If i try to apply more force it seems that it will break as there is a creaking sound. sound from the speakers isn't fine and i cant even use earphones :(
3) My laptop has a real sense camera and it just stops using its infrared sensors or depth sensors when setting up windows hello. It tells me to place my face in the centre of the screen and then no response even though i can see what the webcam is showing me. 
I hope you can answer my questions as it would be much appreciated.

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Hi my dell xps 13 right speaker seems to be making this weird static noise at medium (50) to high volumes (70-100). For example, when I am changing the volume of the speaker, the windows 10 default sound is made followed by this weird static noise that accompanies it. This issue is not seen below 50, is there a fix?

A:Dell XPS 13 (9343) Right Audio Speaker Problems

What happened with this? I just had my mobo replaced and I get NO sound out of my right speaker at all right now. Waiting on tech support to see what the story is.

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I have Dell Optiplex 3020 desktop running on Windows 8.1. The inbuilt speakers are not working but when connected with head phones, the audio is available. Please help 

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Hey guys, we'll see how good a post this is...

On vacation in October, spilled a *little* water in the keyboard of this laptop. Powered it off IMMEDIATELY and flipped it over.
For about two days it refused to boot.
On the third day it rose again; all was well except... no audio. (In the speakers or headphones.)
Naturally I assumed it was kaput.

But lo! Occasionally we'd hear a system sound. Rare, but not often. And very quiet.
After fiddling around for a few weeks I gave up on minor fixes and reinstalled Windows.

STILL the rare-and-very quiet audio. Actually, only the speakers are very quiet; IF I get sound AND I have headphones plugged in, they're just as loud as ever.

My FIRST thought is that it's a hardware issue. But that doesn't explain why a system "click" or login sound will play, and then two seconds later nothing... does it? Sometimes the sound will work for hours, and sometimes literally only for one system sound....

If I go into control panel -> sounds, the little "levels" meter next to "Speakers" dances around happily when something should be playing...

Last bit of information: when I have the headphones plugged in, I can tell if I'll get audio or not, because it seems like power to the jack must cut on and off (power saving feature?) since sometimes I'll hear a quiet hissss (and know that audio will work) but most of the time there is no hisss and no audio.

Any thoughts besides "get a new laptop, the Mini 9 is from 200... Read more

A:Intermittent/random audio (speaker&headphones) [Dell Mini 9, Prof x32)

The water has caused either motherboard damage and/or damage to the connector for the speakers (and possibly other connectors). The PC will have to be disassembled and the motherboard and connectors cleaned (at a minimum).

Considering the age and what type it is (mini), time for a new one.

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This is the last time i'm ever buying dell products, this is what i have currently form dell.
dell 5748 laptop
Dell laptop bags
dell speakers, mouses, keyboards, wireless mouses, desktops x2
2 latitude laptops
dell 7559 16GB Ram 1T+128SSD 4GB GTX 960m,
Hissing noise from speakers, black objects appear in menus and other places in low resolution (specifically tested on 1600x900 and lower), stuttering sound/video problem
I think i have locked on closer to were the stuttering problem is coming from, so i have noticed that when fan speed goes up and down the stuttering occurs but it may not have to do with fans themselfs, so to test that i installed SPEEDFAN software and enabled dell notebooks support, when the software is running without me changing or the software changing fan speed the video still stutters and like a lot after 3-4 seconds, a 1 second stutter, so what exactly the SPEEDFAN is doing at that moment? its recording temps and fan speed at the moment using sensors, so i think it may have todo with those fan sensors being on, just may be, what do you think? My second theory is that those sensors or consuming power and leaving less for HDD, thus the stuttering, maybe replacing the HDD with SSD will solve the problem but i will not bother myself with that all that ***, i'm done with dell, second product i'm having problem with, and these are not like those twinki problems that can be fixed by driver updates but on hardware level. i hav... Read more

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My dell inspiron 14z 5423 no longer have sound from both the speakers and the earphone jack.
This happened after I replaced the Battery and also the hard disk from 500gb to 1TB and upgraded to windows 10.
Before this, I was using Windows 8.1 and everything was working well. I have returned it back to windows 8.1 but the no audio problem still persist.
Also, my speaker symbol on the task bar shows a "cross" sign with "no audio output installed" displaying when I hover on the speaker icon.
Please I need help. have tried all options i can think of including driver updates.
One more thing, the sound driver are not showing up on the device manager window where other drivers are displayed.


A:No Sound From Speaker & Headphone Jack On my Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 After Chnaging BAttery and Hard Disk

pizzz4allthe sound driver are not showing up on the device manager window where other drivers are displayed.
Hello. Download this Win8.1 IDT audio driver for the Inspiron 14z 5423. There are two versions there -- get the one that says "File Format Hard Drive". Follow the installation instructions and see if the driver shows up in Device Manager.
If it doesn't, perform the PSA or ePSA sound test. If no sound during the test then there has been hardware failure. Could have happened during parts replacement.

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After i completely dignosed the issue it seems to me that there are problems in BIOS, Drivers and thermal management as when I start playing a game (GTA 5, Battlefiels 1) i runs smooth for 5 minutes but after that i starts lagging and freezing. I have also run some benchmarks but results are similarly as there is the issue of cpu thermal throttling. And audio distortion is due to unstable and poor compatibility drives. In dell forms i read people saying that all this is caused due power management issues which i have also noticed as when CPU is idle is consumes around 20 watt at 50°C but when put under load it once reaches 50 watt of peak usage at 100°C but with in few seconds it thermal throttles and used only 15 watt at 80°C which is even less than idle speed which causes many problems and freezing also all with in few minutes of gaming or proper use. Many uses are facing same problems as i have read on reddit and dell community form but not all the systems are affected as the review units that some YouTube channels and Websites like Laptop Mag reviewed did not exibit such problems or otherwise the reviews are fake. I don't know why dell is not solving the issues and sending me the same problematic Laptop again for the third time.

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My left speaker didn't work . I bought it a little while. please hepl

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Hey guys,

Just for reference, I am running Windows XP Home, SP2

For the longest time, only my left speaker (and the bass speaker) played sound. If I turned it up really loud and put my ear close, I could hear sound coming from the right speaker.

So I just figured the left speaker was broken. Found some different speakers around the house, plugged those in, and same thing. Only the left speaker works.

I have tried numerous things. When I put a headphone set into the speaker jack in the comp, the right ear is all distorted and soft. I have checked my speaker settings to make sure they are set to Desktop Stereo. I have opened Volume Control and made sure everything is balanced.

I have no idea what to do now because obviously it is not the speakers themselves that are the problem.

Anyone have any ideas?


A:Only Left Speaker Works

try this
click start, then run, type mmsys.cpl
click on speaker volume button underneath
make sure left and right are to full or high
click ok
make sure the device volume is alow high.

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This ones got me currently stumped. When playing vid files and mp3's, I'm getting a harsh crackling sound out of my left speaker. This occurs in Media Center, WMP and VLC.

It's not my speakers or amp because Vista / DVD / 360 is perfectly fine.

I have tried installing audio drivers WITH and WITHOUT compatibility mode with no difference. I have installed / uninstalled Vista Codec Package with no difference. I swore at it with no difference

On my Old PC, I had no crackling problems in 7. With my new mobo I do. I have also installed the Asus mobo chipset drivers under compatability mode (wouldn't work otherwise)

So basically I've temporarily run out of ideas, however I'm leaning to a mobo chipset issue. Any ideas?

A:Left Speaker Crackling???

wow, I'm not the only one? i even re-arranged my wires thinking it was some sort of interference.
It stopped...

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Ive come to the conclusion ive blown my right speaker as it is hardout crackling and nothing ive done changes it. I was wondering how can I send all my sound to the left speaker. I tried changing the levels but all that does is turn off the right speaker i dont get the sounds that should be going to the right speaker coming through the left which is what i want to do. Is there a way to do this please help.

A:How do I run all my sound through just my left speaker

You can configure through the sound manager application of your system. For instance, if your system uses a Realtek HD Audio, you can configure the speaker using Realtek HD Audio Manager.

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My right speaker and the big thing its on is working fine but my left speaker is not working, which means i cant hear anything just a buzzing sound. How do i fix this problem?

A:Left speaker not working

I assume you have a 2.1 speaker system (two small speakers and one bass speaker). First thing, check the connection to the PC. If the plug is not fully inserted or not making good contact you could only get one channel. Reseat the plug (unplug then plug back in making sure it's fully inserted). Same way check the other end of the cable at the speaker system (probably goes to the bass speaker). If that is not the problem, it sounds like either a bad internal speaker system connection or a defective speaker system. If it's a defective speaker system and you are still under warranty contact HP or the speaker vendor, if it's not in warranty look for a new speaker system as they are not repairable.

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed I was only getting sound from the left speaker. I have a 3 piece altec lansing speaker system (2 speakers and one sub). I could make sound come from both speakers if I pulled the cord going from the computer to the sub out of the sub a little bit, but it was just the sound coming from the left side being played on both sides, so I was still missing sound supposed to be playing on the right side. I just bought another set of the same exact speakers, and the same thing thing is happening, so I'm assuming there's something I need to do with the computer, not sure what though. I have a soundblaster live sound card, any help would be appreciated.

A:Only getting sound from left speaker

Open the volume control and make sure that all of the balance controls are in the middle.

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I got a new 17 r4 a little over a month ago and have noticed that the left speaker has always sounded rather tinny.  Today I decided to mess with the balance and see if it was just me being weird or if something actually sounds off and it's definitely an issue.  The left speaker has zero bass compared to right speaker.  I realize that due to them being laptop speakers the drivers are very small but the difference in audio is pretty substantial.  I've made sure that I don't have any kind of audio enhancements happening so it isn't a software issue.  Also, when headphones are plugged in via the 3.5mm jack audio is totally normal.  It almost sounds as if the speaker is damaged. Any help would be much appreciated! 

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