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My game launcher will not start

Q: My game launcher will not start

Background: Hey guys! I play a free to play game called eurogunz, website is euro-gunz.eu . I have always been able to play this game just fine on my Dell Optiplex with Windows XP. No problems at all since the summer of last year. All you have to do to start the game is start the launcher, then hit start game. Well, recently I have been pressing the start game button and nothing comes up. The launcher will just disappear and my computer screen will just stay normal as if no command was given to it.

What I have tried: Uninstalling recently downloaded programs especially free anti-viruses which could be the cause of this. I have also made an exception in firewall for this game. When I went to my "C" drive and tried putting everything related to avast antivirus, it won't allow me to saying something like I don't have a sufficient disk or something. My friends have told me to uninstall eurogunz and redownload it which I have done numerous times and still does not work. To be honest though, when I go to control panel -> remove programs, eurogunz and avast anti virus isn't there. Is this supposed to be happening?

How you can help: post here to help me !

Date problem started occurring: 2/4/12

Preferred Solution: My game launcher will not start

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My game launcher will not start

ok, im no pro, so this may be a shot in the dark and false hope.

you said that it used to run fine on XP, so what operating system are you using now, vista, windows 7? if so that may be your problem. from what i have seen eurogunz looks as though its a european port of a Japanese game (please do correct me if im wrong), meaning that updating it to windows 7 may be a bit tricky.

also if you are using windows vista or 7 it may be having problems with UAC (user account controls). thats the box that pops up asking for permisions to run a program, but sometimes it just wont pop up, and it wont run the program. if this is the case, type UAC into your start bar search bar, and change it to a lower setting. if that dosent work change it to its lowwest, if that dosent work, put it back to where it was before.

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I have an ongoing issue where I log onto the glyph launcher, log onto my server, play for a while, sometimes hours with no issue but then BOOM, the game just closes on me and I'm booted back to the launcher. I have to push the PLAY button again, log into the server again, but it seems once the game boots me out then the crashing becomes more frequent.

I at first reported it to Trion support (useless) all they do is copy and paste previous responses from previous games sometimes not even removing the other game titles from it, but all in all I have spent over a month with them and I have:

1. Expanded my paging file to initial size of 1X RAM size max size 2X RAM size (to handle the memory of the game)
2. Switched from DirectX11 down to DirectX9 and back again. (in game)
3. Lowered my FPS (frames per second) to 100 (in game)
4. Switched off Multithread rendering and VSync (in game)
5. They have also had me change the priority of the game archeage.exe to high to see if that helps and it doesn't
( I would start the launcher, log onto the game and the server, go into the character screen, then cntrl + alt + delete into task manager and right click the process and set the priority to high then go back into the game)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Can not get a game to start? Error of Game Launcher has stopped working...reloaded the game and it still does the same...any help....running Vista....

A:Game Launcher

which game? can you post the exact error message that appears ?

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I loaded assassins creed revalations, then for some reason uplay stopped working. I had put activation code in as well. Now I deleted game launcher and reinstalled and it works, but when I put activation code in again,it says it is already in use in another application!! how do I rectify this problem? not too much of a computer fundi! PLEASE HELP!!

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Every time i start it up it does the following
i dont know what to do
i've redownloaded the game and it went right back to having this problem

A:Game Launcher Issues

Well one thing is that you can take a screenshot by doing the PrintScreen button for the whole screen or ALT+PrintScreen if you want to get the selected window. Just paste it in MSPaint (or your favorite image program)

As to the issue, has it ever worked? Have you tried Windows compatibility mode?

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I am getting the error message "Game Launcher has stopped working" when I try to play a downloaded internet game of


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game launcher. games that have been previously loaded on computer will not work. Vista--dell.

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I have successfully installed Sonic Heroes PC game on a Windows 7 32 bit Aspire one laptop with a external disk drive, but when I try and launch the game from the computer or disk, it does nothing. I have tried compatibility mode and made the screen resolution smaller but nothing has worked.


I have another game of Sonic DX Adventure and works like a charm, even for a tiny laptop, it is fast.

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ok ive been trying to figure out my dilemma for 4 days now. it involved: 4 reinstalls of runes of magic. re downloading and uninstalling internet explorer. downloading a new game warhammer and still keep getting the pesky error everytime i launch a game -- any game:

internet explorer script error

an error has occured in the script of this page

line: 158
char: 1
error: object expected
code: 0
url: http://us.runesofmagic.com/us/launcher/index.html

do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

no matter if you say yes or no the game wont launch

i posted on the game forums already and submitted an support ticket but no cure is available. is someone out there who caN HELP A SISTER OUT. THANKS

A:game launcher internet script error

Please do not post multiple threads on the same topic. If your thread needs to be moved, you can report the post and request a moderator move it.

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dosent do it straight away but after it has been running for a few minets please help

A:BSOD while neverwinter launcher patches game


Please go to Start and type in "msinfo32.exe" (without the quotes) and press Enter.
Save the report as an .nfo file, then zip up the .nfo file and upload/attach the .zip file with your next post.
Also, save a copy as a .txt file and include it also (it's much more difficult to read, but we have greater success in getting the info from it).

 Clean bootTroubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
Reduce items at start-up. No software except anti-virus is required plus doing this improves the time for logging into windows:How to Change, Add, or Remove Startup Programs in Windows 7

Run the System File Checker that scans the of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible:Click on the
Type CMD on Search
Left click and Run as Administrator
Type SFC /scannow
Full tutorial here:SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Temp Monitoring

Check for heating issues using Speccy or HWMonitor.

Speccy - System Information - Free Download
HWMonitor CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

Upload a screen shot with either of the tools: Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I tryed playing AC2, it launches the Ubisoft Game Launcher for the DRM. It gets to logging me into the servers, then the PC hangs. Shortly after the PC restarts. I then purchased Splinter Cell: Conviction and the same thing happened, so it must be the launcher is the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled the games and the Launcher. The patch for both games and the Game Launcher updated automaticly. I got the same problem. I installed the games on another PC with no problems. I updated my video card and DirectX drivers with no effect. Please Help!

My DxDiag report is the attached .txt file.

According to "http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/" my PC passes the minimum requirements for both games.

I have always played AC2 without any issues untill now and all other games work fine.

Any other questions, please ask.

A:Solved: Ubisoft Game Launcher Crashes

Just to add, I suspect the Launcher's directory on the C drive may be corrupted. If this is so, how do I fix it or how can I install the Launcher to my D drive? The games are located there but I don't have the option to put the Launcher there.

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Every time I try to play assassin's creed 2 on my PC, it updates my game launcher. This is fine with me, but it downloads 3/4 of the file and then it crashes. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game and installed the latest patch. Still the same problem. Attached is a screenshot of the game launcher updating, when it gets to the red line it just crashes. Please help!

A:Solved: Assassin's creed 2 game launcher crashes

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Issues w Java Web Start Launcher continued multiple starts slowing/ freezing processer.
Simple fix? Java not listed in Control Panel >Programs. Thanks. M.

A:Java Web Start Launcher multiple starts

Go here javaws.exe*32 infection - thousands running in task manager The OP in the post was able to fix the issue. Hope this helps.

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Last night, system running fine. Woke this morning to login screen, aka MS sent an update. Boot up but the start menu is stuck. This has happened before, a simple reboot usually fixes this and its good going forward. Not this time, restart it might work but will eventually stop again. Looking at task manager I have Service Host: DCOM Server Process Launcher (6) taking up 26-30% utilization. Boot into safe mode and everything is fine however.

I don't know what was in last nights update but it appears to have really screwed up my system. The only thing I added yesterday was CPUID CPU-Z, I really don't think that is the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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When I start a game of solitare from the program Pretty Good Solitare a dialogue pops up trying to install a DLL for Paperport. I cancel this and all runs fine after that; it doesn't happen until a game is selected from the menu and then only the first time.

I have tried updating the solitare game, no change. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, no change. I have not done anything to Paperport for quite sometime, other than use it that is.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this and how did you resolve it?

Thanks for your help

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I have Windows XP. I play chess. The screen started to flash then the games I was playing disappeared. And i had to start all over again. Sometimes the game freezes and I can't move my chess piece.

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I tried to clean-up my PC a year ago and ever since then I get two error messages every time on start-up.

1. "Error starting Autosync Launcher. Autosync Launcher could not be launched. Please make sure that Autosync Launcher was properly installed and try again". I have no idea what this is. Please help!

2. "AppleSyncNotifier.exe - unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because CoreFoundation.dll was no found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem". I have no idea what this is or how to fix it. Is there a simple way to get CoreFoundation.dll back on the computer? I tried to do it myself online with a free download but nothing seemed to happen as I still get the error message every time on start-up.

Both these error messages have been going on for about a year now so I'm reluctant to do a system restore going back that far as I'm not sure what other programs I might lose that I've loaded up since then. The system I'm using is Windows XP. Any help on either or both of the above would be much appreciated.

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So heres the deal. i got this game called Dark Messiah Might And Magic. i've installed it and everything went fine. then i launched the game and the logos and the video comes up.then i go to the main menu and i click on new game button and choose combat difficulty and when i've done that i click on the ok button but nothing happens. i can click on all the other buttons on the menu exept that one. i've googled around but i cant seem to find anybody with the same problem so please help me if you know the answer

A:I can't start new game

Bump..... please answer

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I've been playing Eragon, intel finally put a patch out that allows that game to run... sometimes. Sometimes like now it won't even begin to load. Its not freezing or anything else, just not running. But then other times it runs just fine.

My computer is windows xp home service pack 2 , hp laptop
my dislplay drivers
Mobile intel(r) 945GM express chipset family
.99gb ram
mb is 173 ghz
Has anyone run into this with their games, do you know what it is or have found any solutions? Thanks!

A:Sometimes game just won't start

I ran into this problem with Battlefield 2. I could only run the game once and if i exited out of the game i couldn't fire it up again until i rebooted. The latest patch for the game took care of that issue though.

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So heres the deal. i got this game called Dark Messiah Might And Magic. i've installed it and everything went fine. then i launched the game and the logos and the video comes up.then i go to the main menu and i click on new game button and choose combat difficulty and when i've done that i click on the ok button but nothing happens. i can click on all the other buttons on the menu exept that one. i've googled around but i cant seem to find anybody with the same problem so please help me if you know the answer

EDIT: I'm using Windows 7 btw, but the administrator there locked my thread and told me to post here.

Pls help thanks

EDIT 2: Nevermind, just found out that my thread is already moved into this section.Pls reply here: http://forums.techguy.org/games/991734-i-cant-start-new-game.html and remove this thread.

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So heres the deal. i got this game called Dark Messiah Might And Magic. i've installed it and everything went fine. then i launched the game and the logos and the video comes up.then i go to the main menu and i click on new game button and choose combat difficulty and when i've done that i click on the ok button but nothing happens. i can click on all the other buttons on the menu exept that one. i've googled around but i cant seem to find anybody with the same problem so please help me if you know the answer

A:I can't start new game

Bump..... please answer

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So heres the deal. i got this game called Dark Messiah Might And Magic. i've installed it and everything went fine. then i launched the game and the logos and the video comes up.then i go to the main menu and i click on new game button and choose combat difficulty and when i've done that i click on the ok button but nothing happens. i can click on all the other buttons on the menu exept that one. i've googled around but i cant seem to find anybody with the same problem so please help me if you know the answer

A:I can't start new game

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So heres the deal. i got this game called Dark Messiah Might And Magic. i've installed it and everything went fine. then i launched the game and the logos and the video comes up.then i go to the main menu and i click on new game button and choose combat difficulty and when i've done that i click on the ok button but nothing happens. i can click on all the other buttons on the menu exept that one. i've googled around but i cant seem to find anybody with the same problem so please help me if you know the answer

A:Can't start new game

Computer specs would help.....video card...memory...operating system...maybe make and model if pos

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hello hope someone can help me . i had to reinstall windows the other day all ok now (i think) i play battlefield 2 ,i installed it played it ok ,now i am getting this message - please en sure battlefield 2 install disc is in the drive,select ok and restart the application . i tried to reinstall bf2 again same message. help me please

A:Game Will Not Start

Sounds like the CD drive isn't seeing the disk. Check Event Viewer to make sure the drive is recognized. Make sure the disk is clean without any scratches. The lens on the drive could possibly be dirty. They sell a CD cleaning disk where music CD's or CD media is sold I've used one with some success

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Since a few days ago I've tried to start the game - Continuum .38
however, once I click the icon .. the hour glass appears and continues to stay there and never loads
when I hit ALT+CTRL+Delete, to look at the processes I see Continuum .38 multiple times..

Its looks as tho the game tries to start, and something else is hindering it from actually starting up

So in the processes window I see (for example) 3-4 Continuum .38s running at once

I've ran ad-aware, norton anti virus.. I've even done Start>run>regedit ... and deleted all Continuum .38 related files + tried reinstalling it multiple times

Anyone have an idea?

Here is my HJT log -

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 4:23:17 AM, on 12/29/2005
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Stardock\Object Desktop\WindowBlinds\wbload.exe
C:\Program Files\CursorXP\CursorXP.exe
C:\Program Files\Stardock\Object Desktop\RightClick\RightClick.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components\talkback.exe
C:\Program Fil... Read more

A:HJT Log - Game won't start please help

This is the "SubSpace" Continuum.38 version?

Have you looked through SubSpaceDownloads website for any updated files? I see there are a number of them available and might want to check to see if any of these address your problem.

Have you gone through their "Help" page and "SSDL" Forums to see if anyone else had a similar problem and got an answer?

This 1998 online game is still very popular but it's specs are P200 and might not work with it unless you change the compatibility setting. But then it might. There are alot of pre 2000 games that will work under WinXP (like my own game "RUNE") but might have to be tweaked.

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Does anyone know how to get return to castle wolfenstein and soldier of fortune 2 to run on vista home premium sp2.Both won't start in single player although rtcw multiplayer does.I've tried various compatability setting's but no good.

A:old game's won't start

Hello snook,
Are you getting the opengl error ?, if you are i think it's to do with the resolution, pure coincidence, i have just installed it and have that problem, so I'm going to re-install and try a lower resolution.
Will post my results.

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i just reinstalled my system (frm linux to vista), it meets all the requirements n performs very well too with a game like PES 2008, but when i try to start games like gta vice city or liberty city the mouse shows its activity icon for like 2 seconds n nothing further happens-as though i havent done a thing.
this is what my dxdiag says:
System Information
Time of this report: 11/25/2008, 00:00:51
Machine name: ******-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista? Home Basic (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_gdr.080917-1612)
Language: *********
System Manufacturer: OEM
System Model: 671
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 550 @ 2.00GHz, ~2.0GHz
Memory: 1916MB RAM
Page File: 1084MB used, 2972MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 10
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 6.00.6000.16386 32bit Unicode

please assist me where you can
thanx in advance

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i have installed grand theft auto vice city on my computer.it was installed correctly.but when i click the game ikon,it gives me the following message

GTA-VC caused an invalid page fault in
module GTA-VC.EXE at 016f:00677e78.
EAX=00c4fdd8 CS=016f EIP=00677e78 EFLGS=00010283
EBX=00b50480 SS=0177 ESP=00b4ffa8 EBP=00b503b0
ECX=0000000b DS=0177 ESI=00b5049c FS=4d27
EDX=00000000 ES=0177 EDI=00b50480 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
51 8b 03 50 68 f0 f7 6d 00 8d 85 f8 fb ff ff 50
Stack dump:

some times the message is:
GTA-VC caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0000:bff76840.
EAX=00b501cc CS=016f EIP=bff76840 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00b501cc SS=0177 ESP=00b50000 EBP=00b50014
ECX=00b50098 DS=0177 ESI=819165ac FS=2ac7
EDX=bff76855 ES=0177 EDI=00b500c0 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
ff 75 0c ff 75 08 ff 55 18 83 c4 10 64 8f 05 00
Stack dump:
00b500dc 00b50098 00b501cc bff76855 00b501cc 00b500a8 bff87fe9 00b500c0 00b501cc 00b500dc 00b50098 bff76855 00b50284 819165ac 00c4e510 00000000

i bought new CD of it,but the problem persits.

A:My Game won't start

hi guys!i solved the problem!the vendor in our locality was selling pirated CDs.i bought the orginal,now it is working fine.

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Can anyone out there please help..Am running XP X800 3.4 pro 2Gig Ram..
Have installed Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 but when i click on desktop icon all i get is the hourglass thing for a few seconds then nothing...have uninstalled it a few times..still nothing..begining to think i have a faulty disc..there does seem to be a small mark on it...

Many thanks out there...

A:Game will not start

sounds like same problem I am having check your task manager and see if there is another program ~e5d141.temp also running this is some kind of Adobe program and it keeps certain games from starting if someone helps me with my question I'll post their fix here for you to try as well.

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so hello! i'm a newbie, so try to be patient.

my problem is that after installing(which went fine) i can't play the game.
it has all the files and data, everything. and the game is Heroes of might and magic 4.
so there is no error message.

The icon on my desktop however seems to be missing(never were there), it just displays the .exe icon(the white box). and gives me a message saying "Access to the specified device, path, or file is denied."
So what am i supposed to do?, oh guru's of computer wisdom.

might this probably be a windows issue?

A:game won't start up, yet does not tell what's wrong

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Hi All
The above problem started a few days ago for no understandable reason.
I'm running XP Pro on an AMD Athlon 2.1Ghz with 768mb ram and an Nvidia GeForce FX5200.
It first started when I tried to run Far cry, a game which I've previously had no problems with. Since then the system BSODs whenever I try to run any game. This doesn't happen when I run any other apps, movies, etc.

Initially thought it could be overheating caused by stuck fan or some such, so I cleaned the PSU, processor fan, etc (plenty of dust bunnies in there!)

Didn't help so I installed the latest gfx card drivers (after first uninstalling older ones). Didn't help either and now I'm running out of ideas

My system is virus, ad and spyware free (thanks to Zone alarm, ad-aware, Giant AntiSpyware and Spybot respectively).
If this helps The BSOD is displaying this message after a crash:
Stop: 0x0000008E (0x0000005, 0x0000007A, 0xF36B7CC8, 0x0000000).

I suspect I could have a dodgy PSU, gfx card or ram but hope this is not the case.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:BSOD when trying to start ANY game

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I downloaded stranded 2 from the official site and i start it up and it says unable to load graphics plz check directx and gfx drivers i dont know wat to do HELP

A:game wont start

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This is my first post...I know there are a few threads about the "132 error" but I think mine is more unique. I posted my "dxdiag" in an attachment. I just upgraded everything on my computer, new RAM, Memory, video cards, new cooling fan and hardrive. It's pretty much a new computer. I'm confused on why when I installed WoW and it says everything is installed and working fine the game will not startup. I get the cynical "132" error. The game doesnt even load or start.

I have the latest directx is there any other problems that I have that I may have overlooked..Possibly a forgotten driver..

Please help it is very much appreciated.

EDIT: " Display Tab 1: The system is using the generic video driver. Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer. Direct3D functionality not available. You should verify that the driver is a final version from the hardware manufacturer."
I overlooked that in my dxdiag...How can I fix this..I'm very newb when it comes to drivers.
Supposedly I need a new graphic or video card. meh.

A:WoW. error#132, game won't start up.

What kind of video card is it? I didn't see it listed in the DXDIAG.

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I am able to login but when I press Play...The whole game dissappears. There are no error messages. Does anyone know why it does that?

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game, and also checked to see another game was working properly-that game was fine.

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I'm currently using Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 (Fully updated, specs below). After installing the drivers and such, I can start games and such, i.e. Counter-Strike. But soon after I join the game, without warning, my pc suddenly turns off. I believe this may have something to do with my gfx card/power supply;

Here are my specs:
650W Zephyr Power Supply
MSI P7N SLI Platinum
Intel Core 2 Duo 775 CPU
WD 750GB 7200 RPM
CoolerMaster Cosmos S Case

Although initially my power supply didn't have enough 8-prong plugs, I got suggestions for a new PS, although I have little to no suspicions about any possible hardware errors.
I'm almost positive that this isn't a software issue, being that I only received my pc yesterday... I've also tried closing nearly every process that could be interfering with my pc, and still nothing. I'm thinking this is a lack of power issue, but I have no real experience with anything power supply related.

Thank you for any help!

A:PC Crashing at game start

Received it yesterday from who?

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I downloaded Medieval: Total War via bittorrent, and installed all the files. Now, when I try to start the program, it opens a window asking me to "insert the correct CD and restart the application". I don't have a CD and the game is saved onto my harddrive. How do I get the program to run properly without a CD?

A:Downloaded Game Won't Start

Lol I probably shouldn't be answering questions about pirated software but ....thats why the post has been edited and that content removed.

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That about sums it up. I have a legit copy of the game. (Medieval: Total War) I have the latest Directx. I have the latest driver for my video card. But when I try to start the game, it only works until the intro video, which doesn't play at all. The computer stays on black screen until I shut it using the task manager. I don't think that my computer fails at the minimum requirements because I've played this game on this exact system before, sans windows XP.

A:Game refuses to start

its probably not the exact same system, those tw games take lots of memory and stuff, my bet is its ur ram or vid card..

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Okay, so i just got this game, Might and Magic Heroes V. Download was fine. Added DirectX 9.0c and that was fine. The game will stat up and i can go to the first mission. But right as it finishes loading the first missioon it closes it self. And the Error message pops up. It seems that the file:
is causing the problem, but i dont know how to fix it. Any ideas? i already uninstalled and re-installed everything. Didnt work.


A:Game Start-up Problem

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Hi, I have installed a "black hawk down" PC game in my computer. When I finished, I click start game but it's not working.
I would much appreciate if anyone tells me why it cannot play?

A:Why game don't start after install

Read and do everything in this thread. If nothing works, post back with your dxdiag report using the instructions in that link.

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I got this BSOD whenever I tried to play any game. It also happened when I tried to open the NVIDIA Control Panel to find the problem.
('Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.' nvlddmkm.sys - print screen attached)

I just reverted back from Windows 10 to Windows 7 when this problem appeared.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the NVIDIA driver, but didn't seem to help.

I'd really appreciate any help/tips.

Thanks a lot!

A:BSOD when trying to start any game

try this test to see if the actual video card is to blame or not:
Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark

P.S possibly unrelated, but your BIOS is out of date as well, if you know how to update it do that. if not here is some help:
How To Update The BIOS Of Your Computer's Motherboard In 5 Steps

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How r yas??

I know its every gamers dream to be part of a game company.

So where do u start?

Ever come up with a super game idea in your head and wish that someone would make it?

Anyway if someone wants to start one then im in!!!
lol ( but im serious )

A:So where would u start to design your own game?

yea it would be great im planning on going to ITT technical institute for game design....i would be very interested only if i had money...lol

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I didn't used my laptop for gaming for about a year, but since my gaming computer broke, I had to come back to my laptop for a while.

Yesterday I came to play a game on my laptop, and I just got a BSOD like 20 seconds after I launched the game. I've tried again with other games and the same happened, even with flash games (even with agar.io it is happening).

My laptop is an ASUS N55SF.


CPU: Intel Core i7 2630QM @ 2.00GHz
RAM: 6,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. N55SF
Graphic Card: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M
Storage: 596GB Seagate HDD

I've attached the dm log file.


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I recently purchased Ashes Cricket 2009 but I am unable to start the game. I'm running Windows XP on a machine with a 3ghz processor and 2GB RAM. My Dr Watson log shows the following:

FAULT ->*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Ashes 2009\Cricket2009.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Ashes 2009\Cricket2009.exe
01072e02 8501 test [ecx],eax ds:0023:0308293c=00000000

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:Unable to start game

Did you install it from a proper game disc.....did you install it on the C drive and have you checked for any patches for that game on the manufactures site?

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hi there, first timer here.
Have Iron man pc game, using vista.
Game is installed and European patch installed (just found US patch 1.1 and downloading as we speak).
Game on launch asks me to put correct DVD disk in drive but I only have the install disk! Help.
(am brand new to vista)
laptop is a sony vaio VGN-FW15G
Thanking you in advance

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have been trying for weeks to get a game called sniper fury to come on line will crash on start up internet suggestions have been no help most times just mess some thing else up would like to play again it seems to be in the connection to the internet will load up to the point of internet connect if i take internet connection away but will crash on start up if connected if that makes sense any help would be appreciated thanks Dan

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hi, i recently installed nhl 2006 to my computer after it installed correctly i ran the game and got this message "your 3d accelorator card and/ or your video card could not be initialed properly please update drivers..." my drivers should all be up to date but im really not sure what a 3d accelerator card is. any help? thanks

A:game wont start

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