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Win Vista Crashed,trying to install Win 7...getting errors

Q: Win Vista Crashed,trying to install Win 7...getting errors

Good Afternoon,

HP Pavilion Entertainment PC
Pentium Duel Core

My laptop running Win Vista crashed and wont startup. I was on facebook when it froze and when i restarted to fix, it wouldnt start up again.

I am trying to reinstall Windows using a Win 7 disk.

Win 7 installation fails during setup.

"missing bootmgs" - error in dos mode

windows could not format a partition on 0. the error occurred while preparing the partition selected for installation. error code : 0x80070057

Preferred Solution: Win Vista Crashed,trying to install Win 7...getting errors

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Win Vista Crashed,trying to install Win 7...getting errors

Hi green fairy and welcome to TSF,

I'm assuming you've already made a proper backup and that you're going to perform a clean install. If so:

Start installation again.
When prompted to choose a partition press Advanced drive options > Remove all partitions.
Create a new partition (or two if you'd like) of the Unallocated space > Format it.

Try again.

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My laptop was running Vista and has now crashed. When trying to use 'launch startup repair' option it hangs.

Cant find Vista disk to use recovery program

Decided to try and install XP instead and got 'STOP error : 0x0000007b (0xF78DA63C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Bought new HDD and tried to load XO still got above STOP error.

What is the problem - how can I resolve it?

I was PC support technician using Win 3.11, 95, 2000, role changed when XP came out. So fairly PC literate and can cope with BIOS changes etc

Using Toshiba Satellite with 160Gb SATA drive

A:Solved: Vista crashed want to install xp instead

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My situations seems fairly unique.

I have a Gateway with Duo (dual) pentium processors. It is only about 6 months old. Three days ago, I installed Vista Upgrade---the process took forever.

Finally, when it was all said and done, i noticed that the computer was kinda slow--and some things had been changed---looked like maybe some music files were missing.

Long story short--normally my computer goes into sleep mode, but after installing Vista--it would do this, but would not wake back up. So, i turned computer off--actually it wouldn't let me turn off, it would simply turn off and restart, so i unplugged it. then came the crash!!!!

So far--i can't get it to boot up at all!! It turns on cause i can hear it running---i hear the fans running at full speed, but NOTHING comes onto the screen!!!

What can i do?

A:Vista Crashed My New Computer Shortly after Install

Sounds to me like maybe you should do a reinstall. If it will not boot up thats all I can think of. Make sure you are booting from disk and you can click repair op. that will be in the bottom right hand corner. Vista will try to find the problem.

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Tried installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 (KAV) on a friends Vista machine and it crashed during the install. I was required to use the last restore point to get the machine up and running. Has anyone had similar issues w/KAV & Vista 64-bit? When I tried to install KAV initially it found Norton and would not install. I removed Norton but did not reboot before installing KAV. Does anyone think this might be the cause? I am reluctant to try again as the computer is for my friends business and he lost a few files when I went to the restore point. Thoughts?? Thx, reapersoft

A:Kaspersky crashed during install on Vista 64 bit machine


Did you use the Norton uninstall tool

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool

A reboot after removal is required

Hope it helps


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Try in install XP SP2 and after no sucess Vista but no joy. Had some problems in IE7 and Firefox I couldn?t fix. .So I formatted the hard drive and am trying to reinstalling Vista on the empty hard drive. I get through the first sections Ok during install. No problems loading first start up files, then it gets to the actual install and I get a green tick when copying Windows Files. Then between 7% and 11% of Expanding Windows Files the computer shut down. Tried to use another copy of the program. Same thing happens with XP. Bad sector on the hard drive. The hard drive was working fine last week I thinks its crashing while installing the driver.cab file. Any ideas?? Very stuck. Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Vista install crashed while expanding files.

and welcome to the Forum

You can test the drive by downloading and running the diagnostic that matches your drive manufacturer:

Samsung http://www.samsung.com/global/busine...ort_HUTIL.html
Seagate/Maxtor/Quantum http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/sup...oads/seatools/
Western Digital http://support.wdc.com/download/
IBM/Hitachi http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT
fujitsu/Seimens http://www.fcpa.fujitsu.com/download...es/#diagnostic
IBM/Hitachi http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT

I would test the memory also ( see link in my signature )

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Hi, I love this site and you guys have helped me so much, so first of all, thank you!

Now the bad news.... I got the WIndows Vista Repair virus about a month ago on my Acer PC. At first, it ran all of those warning messages and then it shut down the computer and reloaded as what appeared to be a completely wiped computer. The only icon on the desktop was the Windows Vista Repair. I tried to find programs by searching for a few minutes before trying to shut down (which the virus had also made me incapable of doing), and resorting to popping out the battery to shut it down. I restarted in safe mode with networking and tried to get on this site, but even in safe mode my browser was auto-redirecting me to sales sites. By following instructions for removal on this site, and downloading programs onto a flash drive from a different computer, I was able to get my computer in working order again, although it would still, at times, randomly shut down my internet browser (and the process and amount of time I spent getting it just to that state of operation was ridiculous, much worse than any virus I've EVER had...I can explain what all happened and the steps I took if necessary). A couple of weeks later, I left my computer on while I went to a friend's house for the night, and when I came back in the morning I couldn't get it to unfreeze. I shut it down and for the next two days, every time I tried to turn it on it would just run on a loop, booting up part of the way bu... Read more

A:Computer now completely crashed; started with a WIndows Vista Recovery virus, fixed it, then a couple weeks later it crashed :(

Hello, can you please let me know what version of Windows this is?

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I get a blue screen error when the install tries to "load windows for the first time" when installing vista64

xfx 680i lt sli
q9450 core2 quad
4GB ram
2x 9800gtx sli

any suggestions on a solutions?

Thank you, Sean

A:vista 64 install errors

If your install DVD doesnt have service pack 1 in it, remove 2 GB of your RAM and try again.

Only have 2GB RAM installed when trying to install Vista.

Let us know if this worked.

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It seems that some of my system files may have been corrupted because I get an error message every time I shut down (something about GDI+). And I can't seem to install my bluetooth drivers from broadcom, the setup.exe thinks my my computer isn't running vista.

All of my problems seemed to have started after I tried the sp1 release candidates. I tried to reinstall SP1 completely, but my computer recognizes SP1 is already installed and won't let me proceed.

Would a repair install be beneficial? (I still have the OEM disc.) Should I start from scratch with a fresh install of Vista? (I've been having some recent intermittent problems such as viruses, malware, etc. that I've had a difficult time removing. I could probably backup just about all the data I actually need.)

A:Vista- (Errors-Repair Install?)

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hi all I have a really frusterating Hard Drive problem. Essentially XP will install but when it comes time to reboot to finish the install i get a flashing prompt with a black screen. The hard drive is able to format and can be seen by the setup disk but it will boot to no avail. I'll admit i havn't done fixboot or chkdsk /p, but essentially this drive is not leting me access jack. I get two different results for chkdsk on xp and on vista setup cd. when chkdsk /r on xp setup it says that the volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems.

When i try to install vista it actually fails and tells me a file is currupt and to run chkdsk on the HDD.

for vista when i go into cmd prompt from the install cd and enter C: it says cannot access specified drive. when i try to do chkdsk c: /r /x or chkdsk c: /r or chkdsk c: /f it says the volume is locked and write protected.

I'm not trying to retrieve any data here i'm simply trying to install a windows OS
when i try to install vista it says that a file is currupt and tells me to run chkdsk. Now i know that no file is currupt because i've used this disk on other computers to install vista.

currently i am running the hitachi advanced HD test, this will hopefully tell me if the drive is dead or not.

overall just a really frusterating problem

*as a strange side note theres another HD in the computer and it is behaving almost exactly the same. When it tries to reboot the first time after the xp intall it goes t... Read more

A:HDD Chkdsk errors with vista install

Hi GnubbyaBush

Try scanning your ram as well.

Memtest86 - Download Page

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So I have a new computer that I just installed a new security software, CA internet security suite 2009. I had uninstalled the Norton Security that had come with it because i didn't really like it and the the CA ISS was on sale. Anyway to my problem...

Now I'm getting errors form Windows Vista that says Host Process has stop working, windows is looking for a solution.
CA has no help solution for this problem on their support website. I can't really see if this is effecting how my computer runs but I get the error all the time. I was just seeing if there was a something I could do to fix the problem.

Thanks Jen

A:New security software install, getting errors from vista

Hi, I did a google search and a similar thread on our forum was talking about this error message on new machines. Some people updated their video and HP printer drivers and added more RAM. They did not have the CA internet security suite.

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Hi all.. My Toshiba Labtop has crashed. I think a shared file was deleted. Labtop was operating under Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. It happened right after uninstalling Java; because the dang updates kept popping up and it was getting annoying. Now whenever i start it, it comes to a black screen and a minute later a cursor pops up. Safe mode does not work.

I have tried the recovery disk, but to no avail. I know im doing right because i purchased some Boots Disks off ebay and they come right up (PC wizard; Pc doctor).

So i bought Windows Vista Ultimate and tried to install and i cant get to install thru boot.

I ither need to know how to install windows thru boot, but id much rather just fix current windows. If anyone can give me advise on what i should do would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Windows Vista Crashed; Black screen with coursor: Cant install new windows

Welcome to the Forum

Did you try to restore to factory specs.

If it does not work using this old document, go to the website or the computer manual to find out how it is done

Laptop Recovery Instructions - Tech Support Forum

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Compaq Presario v6000, vista Home Premium

looking at my update history, updates were always successful until 11/15/2007, when a kb941600 update failed (800F0826). from there, occasionally an update will work, but most wont. there are hundreds and hundreds of failed ones listed. currently we have 59 important and 1 optional update that havent installed. one time i tried downloading them and it failed, then the next time id downloaded, installed, rebooted, then said they didnt configure correctly and reverted. I see no obvious trend in which ones work and which dont, and listing them could take forever. i could post screenshots of the list if that would help.
I can see that windows defender updates work
security updates for vista, or net framework, dont tend to, rarely they will...

i went through a bunch of the most recent errors, here they are, each came up on multiple updates

800F081F - service pack 2 gives this

i tried "microsoft fix it", not the "aggressive" one though
i tried the repair.bet thing on the microsoft site. other than that i have tried turning off my firewall.
we had a google redirect virus not long ago that we ran about a gazillion fixes and antivirus things for, so im thinking its not a virus problem... although i cant rule out that one changed something in 2007.

any ideas? =/
thanks in advance

A:60 Vista Updates wont install - errors and not configuring correctly

Vista Home Premium 32bit SP2.Well maybe not directly related but I checked my update history log the other day and there were 22 updates that failed. If you right-click on each failed update you can copy info and paste it into NotePad so you can read the info and paste the update link into your browser. e.g.Security Update for Windows Vista (KB2507618)Installation date: ‎14/‎04/‎2011 17:23Installation status: FailedError details: Code 8024200DUpdate type: ImportantA security issue has been identified that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise your system and gain control over it. You can help protect your system by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this update, you may have to restart your system.More information: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=212224I downloaded all the 22 failed updates and tried to install them but they all came back with 'Update does not apply to your system'

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I have first been getting these problems when I downloaded Comodo IS Pro. Apparently when I approached them for help,the technician did not reply to me after telling me to install.

Thus I did a system restore and the computer could load in normal mode(however the screen,etc loaded slow like hell.)

Yesterday, I downloaded comodo firewall and something familiar appeared

From Problem Reports and solution, these are the service that crashed:

4X svchost.exe
1X lsm.exe
1X sandboxie.exe
1X wininit.exe

But guard32.dll from comodo is the module causing it according to Problem Reports and Solution, but anyone knows why and how to solve it?

A:Svchost crashed, windows start up crashed, local session manager crashed

Have you tried uninstalling Commodo to see if it is causing the problem?

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PC (Asus P7P55D, i5-750 2.66GHz, Radeon 5870 1GB, 2x2GB DDR3 1600 ) is giving me BSOD with "memory management" and a BCCode of 0x1A.

No new hardware added and no USB devices connected other than keyboard. Only new software in recent memory is a codec for MKV video.

Ran memtest86. It had ~5 successful passes through my RAM. Sometime during the sixth, the screen became corrupted and all the text was more or less filled with some funky symbols.

I'm not sure how memtest works. Is this a symptom of bad RAM? Is it a symptom of something else? Currently re-running memtest and on pass 6 with 0 errors.

Should I be testing with only 1 stick at a time?

Also, I have an identical machine available (which includes that MKV codec). In theory, I 'may' be able to just swap HDs and see if the problem occurs on the "good machine." That would lead me to believe its a SW issue instead of a HW issue.

Any thoughts/recommendations? Thanks in advance.

A:Memtest crashed after running 3 hours with no errors

Also try Prime95: CPU - Stress Test with Prime95 - Windows 7 Forums (run the Blend test as well as the SmallFFTs test)

You could try swapping the HDDs. I have got a similar situation to work before, it simply required re-activation of Windows within 30 days (which you do not have to worry about seeing as the swap would be temporary).

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Hello Everyone,
I hope someone on this forum can help me out, because I am at the end of my rope with Symantec.
1. Norton Internet security 2009 crashed on me, and it shut down my broadband internet connection.
2. I tried to unistall it but when it was compressing the error message logs, I got an error.
3. I was able to run the uninstall tool from norton in safe mode, which uninstalled the program.
4. I tried to reinstall the program and got and error that it didn't install and to reboot.
5. I went into the device manager and found that under network the broadcom driver, if that is what you call it was there and functioning, but under that I have symantec network security mini port, and a broadcom symantec something or other. The both have yellow explantion points next to them. I then went into safe mode under administrator and tried to uninstall them. I got an error and was unable to. I also tried to roll back the driver, and that didn't work either. Finally I just was able to disable both of them, but it made no difference in my internet connection.

Does anyone know what else I can do. Tech support is giving me the run around, and I am losing my patients fast.
I really don't know anything about drivers, so if your suggestion is a little more than a basic thing to do, could you please try to give me simple step by step instructions.

Thanks so much for your help.


A:Norton Crashed, Can't reinstall, driver errors

Quite honestly at this point you may want to take it to a trusted local repair shop. FYI disabling your network adapter will PREVENT you from accesing the internet.

Before that use the Norton removal tool to completely remove Norton. Second delete all network devices and reboot so that Windows reinstalls your network driver. Also at this point you may need something like WinSockFix to repair your stack as well.

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Greetings. Got a virus from yahoo (redirected to another website and clicked on a pic) and our laptop couldn't get on the internet. Tried a few things and computer does connect to the internet but can't see video. If i go to youtube or any other video, i get like a sad faced lego piece and it reads "adobe flash plugin has crashed" Also when I first turn on the computer i get 3 application error pop ups. (Sorry... running Windows XP)

cvpnd.exe - Application error
The instruction at "0x0045e29d" referenced memory at "0x003575b4". The memory could not "read"
Click on OK to terminate the program Click on CANCEL to debug the program

CFSvcs.exe - Application error
The instruction at "0x00403726" referenced memory at "0x005f4f38". The memory could not "read"
(same as previous application error)

TAPPSRV.exe - Application error
The instruction at "0x005922f1" referenced memory at "0x005922f1" The memory could not "read"

Then i get 3 pop ups about programs that encounter programs and need to close and 1 about microsoft visual studio debugger. Lastly when I try to turn off the computer i get i last pop up. Here they go.

AVG Tray Monitor
AVG Tray Monitor has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience
If you were working on something, the information you were working on may be lost.
Please tell microsoft about this problem.
To see what this ... Read more

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I just purchased a barebones machine that came with a BIOSTAR A880G+ Mobo and AMD Athalon II X3 460 CPU. I then bought a 530W PSU and an Geforce GT 610 (2GB version) and a 4GB stick of RAM. Got home, installed windows 7 x86, updated and began installing games.
First off was F.E.A.R which ran splendidly for about 20 minutes. Then I started noticing tearing in the graphics and some FPS lag. This lasted for about 15 seconds and the screen turned black and the computer rebooted. A similar occurrence happened with BF2. Minecraft froze repeatedly in worlds with complex builds but did not crash. I had one instance of VLC causing the computer to crash when attempting to play a 720p resolution video.

A google search suggest increasing TDR delay, so I increased it to 8 seconds. This stopped the computer from rebooting but the games still crashed. The Nvidia graphics setting are all set to "performance". 3D vision, network service, and streamer services have all been disabled. Doing those things has helped crashes to a degree but it's still rather random. I can play for 10 minutes or 3 hours without a crash. I don't know very much about adjusting clock speeds or voltages with graphics cards so I've been reluctant to tinker around with that but I'm wondering if the graphics card is demanding more juice than my mobo is providing.

Here are the last errors from the event viewer:

Graphics Exception: MISSING_MACRO_DATA

\Device\V... Read more

A:Event ID 13 nvlddmkm errors, game crashed with GeForce GT 610

Additional information is required.

1. Download the DM Log Collector application to your desktop by clicking the link below

DM Log Collector.exe

2. Run it by double-clicking the icon on your desktop, and follow the prompts.
3. Locate the .ZIP file that is created on your desktop, and upload it here in your next reply.

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Hey all. My set up is:
Windows 10 Pro 64
Hero VIII mother board
500 gb ssd hd
16 gigs ddr 4 ram
Intel HD graohics

This is a new system I just finished building 2 weeks ago. Every so often one of the following occurs:
-I get a message on my task bar saying "the Windows 8 driver has crashed and recovered" Sometimes after this the cpu will freeze other times it wont. or
-My monitor screen will go dark. The power light is still on but the screen is dark. Sometimes I move the mouse and it will come back on. I can be using it and it will just go out and then come back on. or
-Sometimes when it turns black it wont come back on. I have to manually power down and power up the cpu to get it to work.

I dont know why I get the error message saying my windows 8 driver has crashed when I am not running windows 8 or using windows 8 drivers. Under device manager I see windows 10 drivers for video. I have done clean reinstalls of windows 5 times and the problem doesn't go away. Ive tried rolling back my drivers and it still wont go away. I really dont know what else to try anymore. This is really starting to get on my nerves. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thank you

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I am new, so I may have not posted this in the correct category and I may not be as specific/descriptive as I should, but here goes:

From first recieving my lenovo t61 , after logging in an error pops up:
"Error in C:\Windows\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\LXCFtime.dll
Missing Entry: Run DLLEntry"

Also, upon attempting to run System Restore, it rebooted and told me it did not complete succesfully:
"An unspecified error occured during system restore."
When I went into info it had no info regarding that error and the help site online didn't help much either. I tried different restore points, I tried the recommended restore point, and I tried creating a new restore point, but it still gives the same "unspecified error" message.

I had installed a Lenovo printer, driver and took my PC in for service (due to the error msg). The guy installed cjr730EN.exe to fix the problem, which went away for awhile, but has reappeared approx. 2 months later.

The guy didn't seem to concerned that restore didn't work, but I am. Any suggestions as to the problem....
I am considering reinstalling vista and wiping everything... do not want to.

Also, I have MSOffice 2003 which did not fully install. Word and Excel kind of worked (I haven't bothered with the others) but often the keyboard goes screwy (? becomes a weird E symbol, etc.) and I tried to uninstall it but it says these things:
"Error 1913. Setup cannot update file
C:\Windows\System3... Read more

A:Solved: vista business: system32 errors, host errors, cannot system restore, etc. Please help

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Hi there!

I have a problem with the AVG Free antivirus software. I installed it some months ago and it was working correctly, but I did something in the start menu (I don't remember very well what I did but I think Windows was saying that there were some apps that were launched when the system started and that it was more secure if a disabled them, so I did it.... and since there, the AVG stopped working. After that, I tried to uninstall it but the system didn't let me do it and I had to download a tool to do it. After that, I tried to install again the antivirus but now it has been impossible to do it because when the installation is almost done, the software sends me a message that shows the error "OxC0070643 Event exec_finished". So, what can I do?

I will appreciate your help!



PS. My lap's OS is Windows 10.

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Hi everybody.. Normally I am good at this, but right now I have exhausted all my normal possibilities and I could use some help. Anyway, I was installing XP on a wiped hard drive and the computer froze in the middle. No it will not start in XP. It just restarts. It will start in safe mode, but what should I do from there? I already ran repair, same thing happens. I tried to format and reinstall, same thing.. Can someone help.. PLEASEEEE!!!!!!

A:Computer Crashed On Install

Be sure that the install disk is free of any smudges, scratches, lint, dust, etc.....
If the disk is clean go to the hard drive manufactures website and download the drive diagnostics for your HDD model. Run the tools to see the if the HDD is good.

Do you have another XP install disk you could try?

BTW: Welcome to TSG

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I recently had to perform a repair install of windows xp on my computer. But after it began, and was at the part where it was "installing devices", it crashed to a blue screen of death saying BAD_POOL_CALLER, and something about a memory dump. I restarted it and the repair install started back up again, and finished normally. But then my computer wouldn't boot up, it give the options: start normally, safe modes (and other safe mode options), and the last known config that worked. I tried each of them but every time i did it, it would take ne right back to that same screen. I can't even get into safe mode.

So evrytime I try to repair install again, and it crashes again to the BAD_POOL_CALLER blue screen (stop code 0x000000C2).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:XP Crashed during repair install

A kernel-mode process or driver incorrectly attempted to perform memory operations. Typically, a faulty driver or buggy software causes this.

See how to use Recovery Console to disable a faulty driver: http://support.microsoft.com/default...US;244905&FR=1


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i had a computer freeze today , i rebooted and it wouldnt get past post , just went to a black screen with no operating system start up , i rebooted again and tried to get into safe mode , but it stalls at a point where it says;
multi(O)diskrdisk..etc etc Sys32drivers\Mup.sys

rebooted again with different BIOS setting and it goes through post , lists USB devices , PCI devices , IRQ settings and then stops after the last line where it says ACPI controller.

i went back in to BIOS and checked all boot priority settings , i tried to reinstall the operating system , but it goes through the windows installation dialogue , then stalls at the point where it says " Setup is starting wondows " and just hangs

i thought the HDD was faulty , so installed a brand new HDD , tried to install windows on that but get the same problem ., it just hangs and wont start windows.

any suggestions ,it is obviously a hardware issue , it cant be the HDD as i replaced it with a new one............... ???
Win XP
gigabyte 945GZM S2
duo core CPU
kingston RAM 512 Gig
Seagate SATA 80 gig drive
using onboard VGA

A:crashed system cant install OS

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Was installing service pack 2 and system crashed now can not even get back to my old vista.

Seems to be loading and then I get:

!!oxc 0190005!! 9293/45274 (registry\machine\schema\wcm.//microsoft-...)

Then it freezes. I let it stay here for 18 hours and nothing. Tried to boot with my old vista windows disk and can not get a fix or get back to loading anything. Latest error said windows can not fix problem. Frequant black screen of death after bios or it goes to above point and stops.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:System crashed during install

Originally Posted by johnjosiah

Was installing service pack 2 and system crashed now can not even get back to my old vista.

Seems to be loading and then I get:

!!oxc 0190005!! 9293/45274 (registry\machine\schema\wcm.//microsoft-...)

I think your system have trouble with unload Schema hive - it is only temporary hive and after restart system never use it.Download MEPIS Bypassing Log-in Passwords to Access Folders on Drive
burn,boot it and navigate to folder C:\Windows\System32\config ->in this folder find SCHEMA file and rename to SCHEMA.OLD ,next run system normally.

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My Vista machine crashed and I had to reinstall Vista. I was able to create an old windows version which is stored on my root drive. The problem is, that I need my emails from Outlook 07 that where on the old Vista. They are not on my mail server.

A:Vista crashed and need emails from old vista

I figured it out. You need to install a new version of Outlook on a different Vista machine. Open Outlook go to file and open. Open the old .pst file from the old vista machine. Make sure you have that personal folder selected in Outlook and search for any emails that you are looking for.

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I have Vista Ultimate 64bit. The screen shows "reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot device in selected boot device & press a key. Does that mean I will have reinstall Vista? Which means I will loose all my data. I do have most of the info backed up. We had a power outage for no apparent reason. Probably a squirrel or something like that. It is on a APC battery, which closes down the computer after a period of time. Thanks in advance John

A:Vista Crashed

Hey John, welcome.

It seems that the boot loader was lost or corrupted, but we can repair that. If you have a Vista install disk, then put it in the drive and boot into CD. Then, choose the Repair your Install option, and then find the option for Startup repair. That should fix it.


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Alright, well I installed like 20 updates for Windows on my Acer Vista computer. After it finished, I restarted it and now it says that Windows Explorer has encountered an error and restarts itself. I can not do anything because it freezes, I tried rebooting it from last week through F8 and that did not work. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or why it happen?

A:Vista Crashed

Do a system restore to a point you are sure is well before the updates. When checking for dates make sure you have "show more than 5 days" selected.

That should remove all the updates. Make sure none of the udates that you installed are showing in the Control panel

Test before installing more, and just install a few at a time.
If this hasn't worked, try "clean boot" troubleshooting >>

First, restart in Safe Mode if necessary -- (tap the f8 key promptly on startup and choose the Safe Mode option from the boot menu) or Normal mode


Run msconfig and select the "Services" tab. Check "Hide Microsoft Services" and then disable the rest. Also uncheck "load startup group" on the general page.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135 << written for Vista, but applies equally well to XP

Now restart and test the issue at hand

If no problems, run msconfig and recheck half the disabled items on the Services tab. Test again. If the problem recurs, UNcheck half the items you just checked to narrow down the culprit.

If the problem didn't occur, check the other half, so all the Services are enabled -- proceed to do this on the startup tab as well.

Get the idea? You want to isolate the problem to a specific startup if possible.

Note: if you already have items unchecked under msconfig > startups and are in &#8220;selective&#8221; startup mode &#8211; you should note what these are before begi... Read more

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have a acer aspire 5920 with vista only had a few days havent made a recovery disc but a box jumps up today to install service pack 1 then it just freezes halfway in like its counting numbers then it stops and only says !!0xc0190002!! 2802/90735 (avifi132.d11)have tryed power off reboot acts like windows is loading then it goes to repair windows but after a few minutes goes right back to the same message have downloaded the vista recovery disc havent burned it yet will the disc help or what can be done if anything

A:sp1 crashed vista

When it goes to the repair window tyr to use the restore to a prior time entry and reset it
to a time prior to the attempted Sp1 install.

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This morning why i tried to get into my laptop there was a problem and it would not start. Widows started a scand and when it ended it returned my laptop to year 0 or its original state when i bought it. So i seem to have lost all my data. Does anybody no how i can recover it back to what it was before. If you could make your reply simple, cause i come from an age of no computers and i am new to all of this.

A:Vista has crashed

Hi -

Look for a folder named Windows.old in the root of the c: drive

Path = c:\Windows.old

If it exists, your files should be in there. You'll have to reinstall programs.

Regards. . .



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Help!!! Never done this before so please bare with me, and not really technical either.

My daughters sony vaio has crashed she was talking on facebook and msn with itunes open and everything froze. Tried repairing never worked, message flashed up something about physical memory dump!!! and now several hours later the only message i get is Operating System not found on a black screen. i made a disc when we bought the computer last year, should i use this? She doesn't want to lose all here college work off the laptop.

Thanks in advance

A:Vista crashed!!!

Pop the disk in, Reboot, "Boot from CD" if it asks, and choose Repair in the menu.

If it only gives you the option to "Restore" or "Install" DO NOT CONTINUE

Return to this thread and we can give you indepth methods to get the data off the computer first, so that its not lost.

However the repair, if offered should only check and replace core operating system files to get the machine working again.

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Hi all,
My dad's Dell Laptop (Inspiron) apparently got infected with a virus and as a result became very slow. (He currently has Vista Home installed). We attempted to "re-set" (not sure of the technical term) the laptop to an earlier date (a week prior to the infection), but it didn't work. It's giving a message that it was "unable to perform that action" (not the exact message, but to that effect).

1) What's the best to fix this?
2) If I'm to reformat, is it advisable to install XP Home instead of Vista?
3) Are there any driver issues (or any other) involved if I install XP?

Of note, my dad's not sure if he received an installation disk when he purchased it from Dell a few years back.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Vista Crashed....

Hi. . .

If keeping your current installation of Vista, I suggest that you proceed to to our Security Center, Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help Forum, to have your HJT logs reviewed by a Security Analyst.

Be sure to follow THESE STEPS carefully before posting your logs in the Security Help Forum. Please be patient as the Security Analysts are very busy and one will get to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to re-install Vista, there should be a recovery partition on your system that you can boot into - usually by pressing F10 during boot-up. Select option for restore to factory default/settings.

As for XP, you will need to make sure you have drivers for all devices that will run under XP SP3.

Regards. . .



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im not sure what happen but i was playin warcraft 3 online i joined a game n right after the map load my vista crashed n restarted and it would keep goin to the blue screen of death and restarts again.. so i tried to do a system recovery for few days ago and still no different. i can only run the computer under safe mode. and here is my hijackthis log. it wouldnt let me run my antivirus scan.. so i only have the hjt log.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:14:00 PM, on 12/27/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18999)
Boot mode: Safe mode with network support

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\hijackthis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=69157
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=69157
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R1 - HKLM\Softwa... Read more

A:Vista Crashed

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I have a friend who has a Win 7 Pro X64 disc. That is what is on my ASUS G74. My computer is just a mess, so I would like to do a fresh install. I have the SN decal - can I buy his copy and use it?

I also have the backup discs that I burned, but they are not working. I changed the boot order, its just not reading them. The current install is from teh Digital River ISO, but I can't find that disc.

Or can anyone point me to the legitimate iso?

A:Win7 Pro crashed. No ISO. Can I buy/install from Amazon, etc?

I found a copy of the iso on Google Drive, but I am a noob and have no idea if that's safe to use?

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Downloaded and installed Win 10. Live Mail would not open. Uninstalled Win 10 and reverted back to Win 7 so I could export contacts. All Live Mail files have been corrupted. Can not uninstall, repair, or reinstall Live Mail or Essentials. Trying to get contacts so I can install Win 10 and bring contacts into Outlook.

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Hi joined up to the forum today as I am need of help. I wanted to update my Sony Viao Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10. Hasn't been used much recently and full of older software I don't use so decided to fresh install Win 7 prior to the Update. I pressed f10 on boot up to start fresh install mode but after about 10 minutes into the process it seems the laptop has crashed.
The screen is frozen and is showing INSTALLING ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 45%.... I thought about switching the laptop off and on again but instinct told me this would be a big mistake, if I did this would the fresh install restart and proceed normally? Hoping you guys on here can help out.

A:Windows 7 fresh install crashed

Hello Ronnyfrew22 and to Bleeping Computer
The screen is frozen and is showing INSTALLING ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 45%.... I thought about switching the laptop off and on again but instinct told me this would be a big mistake, if I did this would the fresh install restart and proceed normally? Hoping you guys on here can help out.
I am confused here. Are you trying to install Windows 10 or Adobe Photoshop Elements?

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computer is an old compaq presario sr1000
i just used D-BAN succesfully to wipe the hard drive then on installing windows XP it crashed it was stuck on 31% for hours so i turned it off and now there is no signal going to the monitor so it is dead in the water right now
i tried another monitor and same thing when i press a button on the monitor it says it is in power saving mode
i tired pulling out the power cable and holding the power button in for 1 minuite then putting the cable back in and powering up but that didnt work either
computer seems to boot up normally fan is on green light is on makes the usual noises also tried it with bootable usb in the computer and a dvd but nothing
what do?

A:install crashed now no signal from desktop

If you don't get video (especially so early in the boot process), and you've tried another monitor, then the next thing to test with would be another video card.
Beyond that, I'd post over in the Internal Hardware forums for more expert assistance:    http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/7/internal-hardware/ 

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I'll try to be brief but still give all the relevant info. A friend has a laptop that was infected to some degree by the ThinkPoint virus. They asked me to help, so I found the instructions listed here and ran through the process.

Malwarebytes found 60 infected files, so I clicked remove. It said it needed a reboot, so I let it and it rebooted fine. I then tried to install Avast antivirus as they had requested; I foolishly selected to include Google Chrome (seems foolish now anyway). It was running through the install, got to the point where it said it was at 100% installing Chrome, and it crashed.

Now I can't reboot, even in safe mode! When I reboot in safe mode with networking, it stops and hangs at: DRIVERS\isapnp.sys

When I boot normally it hits a very quick blue screen of death that's gone before I can read it.

Thanks in advance for the help. I'm going to look like a real bozo if I return his computer doa...

Appreciate it.

A:Computer crashed during and install - now won't reboot

I THINK I MANAGED TO FIX IT. Following the info found here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic288949.html/page__st__15and more succinctly here: http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/golden-orbit-blog/windows-xp-hangs-at-isapnpsys-37891I was able to make a Hiren's boot CD, rename the 0 size file and it rebooted. Will see of the next few hours if everything goes ok. Will report back if issues still persist. Here's a summary:Hi there,I may help you with this, because I have solved similar problem.I downloaded "Hiren's Boot CD". I burnt the ISO to a CD, booted from it and lunched the Mini XP.In Mini Windows I went to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers directory and renamed all files that had a size of 0 kB.I think you may delete them as well. Anyway, after this action I just removed the boot CD from my drive and rebooted as usual. And everything is OK for now...I hope it helps, I wish you good luck!Furthermore, I found this solution here...http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/golden-orbit-b...isapnpsys-37891I just still don't know why that error happened.Best wishes,Alesh

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Dell Studio XPS 435MT

I was just surfing youtube when my cpu just turned off unexpectedly. There was no warning that the computer was shutting down or anything, and we had power because my monitor was still on, so it wasn't the power going out.

When I turned the cpu on again, my computer will go through where you can press f2 and f12 keys. After that it's stuck on the "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD......" If I press a key before the final dot, I can boot from the installation disk... If I don't have the installation disk inside, it's just stuck with a blinking cursor. I've tried to wait it out for 10 minutes or so and still nothing happens.

I tried to do the start up repair from the installation disk but no errors were detected. I tried multiple system restores and it wouldn't get fixed. I tried to remove all USB connected because maybe it tried to boot from that but it didn't work. Without the installation disk in, I can't go through safe mode when I press f8. With the disk in, when I try to go through safe mode by pressing f8 it'll go to the screen with the options but if I choose any option from there it just does the same thing like what it does with the installation disk but it has Safe Mode written on the sides of the screen.

I tried googling solutions (which led me to this forum actually) and didn't really feel like going through their steps because I don't think I had the same exact problem as those people.

I've always fixed my own computer by ju... Read more

A:Vista crashed then won't boot.


I'm wondering if this is a hardware problem. The way you described the computer suddenly shutting off lends a lot of credence. Try running a couple of bootable diagnostics, starting with SeaTools for DOS: SeaTools for DOS | Seagate

After that, boot up the installation disc and pull up a command prompt. Enter:
chkdsk c: /r
Note the results of chkdsk, see if any bad sectors were found.

Also, shut down the computer for several hours, and when you turn it back on, immediately boot to a Memtest86 CD or USB drive and watch it for about 10-15 minutes. If you see errors, go ahead and stop the test, but if not, leave it running overnight or for 7 passes.

Get what info you can from here: RAM - Test with Memtest86+ - Windows 7 Forums

For directions on burning the ISO from your mom's Macbook, see here: Mac Tip: How to burn an .iso or .dmg file to disc

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Hi I am wanting help I was removing programmes from my add remove programmes , which seemed fine . The next day I switched my Acer laptop 7730 on and windows corrupt file kept coming up quite a few , then the thing just went off and it would not reboot again. I could not do a system restore there was no point . I purchased a repair recovery disk for windows vista and put the bios on play cd/DVD it would not play.
i then tryed command prompt and it did go through recovering files then stopped when it finished , I didn't put in exit I just restarted it . Tryed to reboot again nothing had also tryed last configuration it did not work . I would like not to loose my files any help would be most appreciated.
I was able to read the blue screen that says why it won't come on this is the following below :

Stop:c000021a (fatal system error)
The verification of a knownDll failed. system process terminated unexpectedly with the status of Oxc000012f ( ox951d3c20 0x00000000) .
the system has been shut down.

A:My windows vista crashed

You may wish to try Windows Vista Forums

Your message though indicates your recovery disk is corrupt.

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Vista crashed and won't reinstall My laptop crashed while working on a presentation so i tried to reinstall Vista using the OS disk. I get to the screen to install now, click it and then it when it asks where to install windows I get this:

............Name..................................Total Size.......................Free Space...............Type
Disk 0 Unallocated Space.................... 0.0MB..........................0.0MB....................N/A

the required partition requires 6757 MB of space

I don't know what to do to get past this step.
Please help.

A:Vista Crashed won't reinstall

Have you tried Startup Repair...using the repair Option.....??

Your Hard drive may have gone faulty

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Hello everybody,

I'm busy to reinstall Vista on a pc with Vista pre-installed on a recovery partition, But everytime i get a blue screen error. A have the last 4 minidumps right here;
Does anyone know what is wrong, because i get very frustrated. I'll be tempted to throw the pc out of the window

Ronald Vink

A:Vista crashed steeds

Per our rules, all posts must be in English.

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Hello, my son's pc crashed and will only boot to the black screen with green loading bar, then quits. Monitor keeps going to sleep.

I tried everything: system repair (which says it can't do - corrupt registry). Restore (can't - no restore point was set.) Go back to last known good config - won't work it crashes.

I ran a memory test and all was good.

So, I saw on this site where it was advised to do an upgrade/repair, but I can't because the option is grayed out and disabled. I tried starting with the disc in, and also by starting and then putting the disk in. If I wait until the machine starts and put the disk in, it will not work. It crashes. If I put the disk in and then start the machine is when I get to the install screen and eventually the 'update is disabled' screen.

I'm really trying to avoid a new install. I wonder if there is a way to get around the disabled thing in my case?

Any help, MUCH appreciated!


A:Vista crashed, cannot repair

Hello cooncatz,

Welcome to the Forums!

As you have access to another computer, you may want to
take a look at this Tutorial at the link below.

Create a Recovery Disc

I hope you can find what you are looking for.
Keep us informed.

Later Ted

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Here's what happened.

I recently tried installing Vista SP1 via windows update. I let it sit for a while and it went through the endless "configuring updates" reboot. I fixed that with some help by google search and finally got back into my computer. When it starts now it doesn't recognize the keyboard, mouse, or won't let me connect to my wireless network. I downloaded also the "standalone" version of SP1 but it said "installion unsuccessful". I've spent about all day trying to figure this out and want to just finish backing up my files to my external HD and calling it quits with vista. I want to upgrade to Windows 7, but am wondering if the upgrade version will work on a vista that isn't cooperating with me or if I have to buy the full retail version?



AMD Athlon X2 Dual core 2.81ghz
4GB ram
geforce 9400gt
320gb HD

*also note*

System restore and start up repair didnt work either after many attempts

A:Vista crashed during SP1, now ditching and want to go to win 7

Hi -

Vista SP1 should have installed on your system ~ 2 years ago followed by Vista SP2 just under 1 year ago. Interim Vista Windows Updates to date number in excess of 150.

If your system had problems running Vista, it will have problems running Windows 7.

I would suggest that you re-install Vista first before embarking on an upgrade to Windows 7. Your call, of course.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor --> http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...e-advisor.aspx

Regards. . .



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My laptop just unexpectedly gets an error:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 00000003
BCP2: 862E5030
BCP3: 862DFC00
BCP4: 852D6C60
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement:

thats the error code i got...it just randomly went into a blue screen and restarted...
NOTE: i've only had this laptop for about 2 months.

my comp specs are:

Thanks in advance,


A:Windows Vista Crashed


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hi there,

I am having trouble with my girlfriend's Vista notebook. It worked quite fine for a couple of months, but suddenly I cannot access the internet and my home network. It's for about two weeks now. I did not change anything. I am just able to reach my DSL router!

Firstly, the only way to reach computers in the home network was to state expicitly the IP. Double backslash and given network name wasn't working anymore. I didn't care, i know the network's IPs. But I believe it was the first step to misery.

I tought it was an issue with the wireless NIC. I deleted it out of the device manager and let it reinstall again. Sure, it didn't work out. Then I remebered that something with the DNS seemed not to be right because of the computer's network names. I went to the WLAN's connection and went to it's properties by right clicking the mouse. Fine. Next step was to change the IP from the internet protocol TCP/IPv4. I clicked on it and... it's properties are greyed out!!

Why is this fundamental button greyed out?? Hey, I'm logged in as admin!! How comes that Vista just disables this function by itself? I followed some tips from the net ans tried things with netsh and similar to reactivate it, but no chance.

I'm quite sure that this is not a NIC's issue, because I'm having the same issue with the LAN NIC. It's Vista refusing me to change and set the IP. Can anyone help me to defeat this f*** OS,... Read more

A:Network crashed on Vista

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Oddly enough, Just after this thread
my laptop started having rebooting problems. Now I reboot it & if I can get it to the login screen, it auto fills the incorrect password in. If I have to revisit this thread http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/using-decrapifier-on-a-vaio-vista-home-premium.196619/
& set it back to factory settings, I'll do so.I'll try to post a picture of one of the screens I had.

A:Out of the blue my Vista has crashed


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