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How do I get realistic distance representation using GIMP?

Q: How do I get realistic distance representation using GIMP?

How do I get realistic distance representation using GIMP?

Thanks for your input to my postings. I am using GIMP 2.8. I am not an expert.

I have two images (image1 & image 2). I have same object in image 1 & image 2, but the object is displaced between images. I used GIMP to overlay both the images to figure out the displaced distance. Here is what I did.

I created the 1st image from clipboard, I open a new layer and placed the 2nd object. I adjusted the opacity to provide transparency between image 1 & image 2 . I find image 2 is layered on top of image 1, but the displaced distance is not representing realistically on layered image. I tried with zoom. Images look odd.

How do I make the images to be sync to displaced distance?

I am attaching the layered image for review.

Thanks for sharing.

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Preferred Solution: How do I get realistic distance representation using GIMP?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have seen many screenshots where the icons in Devices and Printers very realistically represent the device it represents, but mine dont.

Here is a screenshot:

I'd like to change the iPod to represent my Nano, make the display look like my Samsung, make the Printer look like my printer...

How can I accomplish this?

A:Make Realistic Icons More Realistic?

Right click on Icon>properties>change icon
Some cannot be changed
Others you must look under the last tab

EDIT: Sorry just checked the icons you want to change and it cannot be done the way I said

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Hi guys!

I have completely uninstalled GIMP via Perfect Uninstaller. However, when I right-click any image file (jpeg, gif), the context menu still has "Open with GIMP" line which I find really annoying. I tried various context menu editors, but I could not seem to get rid of it. I am a bit leery of tampering with the registry because I dunno where to look, to be honest.

Any help would be much appreciated. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

(It really annoys me when programs add items to your context menu without your permission.)

A:'Open with GIMP' still shows up in Context Menu eventhough GIMP is uninstalled

Hello cholito,
You could try CCleaner, it's as safe as they come.

CCleaner - Download

Backup your registry when prompted.
It may just be a redundant entry in the registry.
Give it a try, and post your results. Good luck.

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Can someone help me come up with an algorithm in which I could count the number of 1's in the binary representation of an integer?

Thank you for any help

A:[ASSEMBLY] 1's in binary representation

Can you tell me more about how the problem is defined with respect to negative values and what you want to know?
Do you want the sign extends or just one of the bits?
Is there a restriction to two's complement representation?
For example here's both pos and neg 32 (using a 32 bit int)

32 ==> 00000000 00000000 00000000 00100000
-32 ==> 11111111 11111111 11111111 11100000
The obvious and straightforward method for a positive int or a dword etc. could look like:

#include <stdio.h>
#define numIntbits 32

int main() {
int i;
unsigned int numbits;
int testInt = 32;

for (i=0,numbits = 0;i<numIntbits;i++) numbits += (testInt >> i) & 1;
printf("%i\n", numbits);
return 0;
--- edit :
Whoops - I just noticed you wanted assembler - but I'll wait on your response about negative values

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Hi all,

Without buying any additional software (other than the standard office suite) is it possible to have my data represented on a world map? I have lots of international contacts, and thought it would be cool if I could click on a map and see where they all were.

If this could be done via Excel it would be great, if not - Access could be just as good (although I'd have to set up the database)


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hi i have different match rate data for my different reconciliations.I want to show them on weekly basis comparison.Also as the data will be continuous so i just want to input data and the chart should refresh.I want to use pictorial depiction to make the data look good and sensible.Can you kindly help pls.thx

A:Excel 2007-Data Representation

do you have an example spreadsheet with dummy data in (remember this is a public forum, searchable by google)

and explain the data and show how you would like the end result if possible

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Which war game for Playstation 2 is considered the most realistic, not just in graphics but in game-play and everything?

A:Most realistic war game?

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I don't see any.

It does not seem faster.

Vista never uses more than 2 GB on my System, for all the 4 GB+ talk.
The virtual memory/page file is as big as ever.

Drivers take for ever to come out, and are usually last.

You'd need an electron microscope to notice the additional features in 64 bit editions of games versus their 32 bit counter parts.

Am I completely missing the point of 64-bit Vista?

What percentage of Vista installed today is the 64-bit edition? Is it increasing?


A:Is there any Realistic Benefit Using Vista 64 vs 32?

For me,the 64-bit version just Felt that little faster than the 32-bit Version.

If you are using 4GB RAM then u have to use X64 to make sure Vista uses all 4GB (Even if its not using it currently,with newer apps taking lots and lots of RAM,4GB will become a standard sooner rather than later).

Driver problems are more Vista Related (i.e both 32 and 64 bit) ,than only X64.
Yes the percentage of people using Vista X64 is increasing,In fact most people jumping onto Vista are getting the X64 version.

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Hi , can anyone recommend any modern warfare type first person shooters please.

Ive completed Cod4 already on veteran , ive also played BF2 , delta force and expansions and Americas army.

Im more interested in single rather than online multiplayer games , so games with a good story/background intros would be cool. Also games with reasonable graphics , I know theres not gonna be much that compares to Cod4 on that front at the moment but something closeish will do

A:Recommend realistic fps games please

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I am thinking about giving an old Fujitsu lifebook B110 a new lease of life, I have it since new and although it's old I am quite attached to it.

It has a Pentium 233MMX processor, and 160MB ram.It currently runs Win98.

The hardware meets the minimum specs for XP, but seriously, would it be usable? Or would it be like watching paint dry? The most it would do is a little light web browsing and maybe some email.

Also, I wonder if XP home would be any less demanding than say, Pro?

I know I should just go ahead and give it a try but I can't do anything at the moment until I get an external CD drive, so I am just thinking ahead.

if it's not up to running XP; I might give Puppy Linux a try.

A:XP minimum specs realistic?

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Can anyone recommend a good Photo Realistic Printer?
Enlight 7237 ATX 300W PS|Gigabyte GA7DX DDR w/ Sound|AMD T-Bird 1.4 GHz & 266 FSB|Thermaltake DUO462-7 Socket A CPU fan|256MB DDR|40 Gig WD 7200 RPM|Hitachi GD-2500 DVD-ROM|TDK veloCD 24x10x40 CD-RW|GeForce2
mx400|SupraMax 56i Voice PCI Modem|Windows ME

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Ok I see

this picture and all and i don't remember that hurricane which led me to beleive it was computer generated as a prank or something.

Regardless of whether it is real or not is it possible to computer generate an image like this using a program like photoshop? i could have a little fun *evil horns*

A:Creating Realistic Hurricane Images

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Hello everyone!

I am about to buy a 21 inch monitor. A secondhand one from yahoo auctions in japan.
There are many options, but as a foreigner here in tokyo I prefer to go safe and get an old usual hp.

I intend to use it for spreadsheets and every pixel space counts for me.

The question is,
My first option, Hp p1100 model does not support 2048x1536 at flicker free refresh rates. Is around 100$.

hp p1110 or later support 2048x1536 at 72hz or more. around 150$.

Can one use 2048x1536 with a 21 inch monitor for spreadsheets or general use? I mean realistically. If it is an unrealistic resolution then I will not bother about it and get the cheaper one.

Your experiences would be appreciated.

A:21inch monitor 2048x1536 realistic?

If $50 critical for you go ahead and get the 1100 .You can run the CRT at a lower resolution and still have the extra territory.
But get the 1110 if you can. Remember, at the higher resolution ,spreadsheets may be too small so you might have to increase font size.but the letters will be nice and crisp.

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Hi all. I need a little help making photo look more realistic. I have been asked if it is possible to remove the door, gorilla and extra kids from this photo so only the boy playing the marimba is left.

Using Corel PhotoPaint 11 I have managed to do the following:

Basically I cut out the kid and his marimbas. Then I created a wall using a portion of the original wall as the "paint" and the same with the carpet. It all looked too "smooth" so I fiddled around and eventually settled on adding noise which seems to make it look better. The kid had very straight edges so I used a thing called feather to blend him in a little better.

I am still not happy though. It still looks a little cut and paste to my liking. Particular areas of annoyance is the "halo" above his head and the flat look of the front marimba.

Is there anything I can do to make this look a little more realistic?

I have only ever cut out logo's before and worked with text. I do a lot of work with vector graphics, but this is a bit new for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: help making photo look realistic

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I've gotten the OK from the CFO (wife) for my new computer. The funds will be in place next week. Does anyone have an idea of a realistic timeframe for the P51 release date? In my estimate, I figure it will be at least a few months before I can spec one out and order. Perhaps another month for delivery. Does this sound about right?

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Hey, I have been using Tux Guitar to compose music, mostly kinda Alternative Rock/Punk Rock sounds. I have a friend who i can send my .midi files to, who runs them through 'Logic' mac software and makes them sound alot less like some crap ringtone, It's still not entirely realistic but it sounds a heck of alot better, and from that point it's alot easier to show my friends and say "play this" when we're jamming


I was wondering what kind of Windows PC software i can achieve the same results with - close to, if not better. Just something i can run my programmed midi's through, and substitute the polyphonic sounding beeps for more effective digital instruments. any improvement is good... so it doesn't have to be ULTRA SOFTWARE 80000!!!!111one!!one!! that does a whole bunch of other things too, but it would be great if i could achieve something similar to what Logic does to my music. And if it's all expensive, is there something atleast free to use that I could improve them with even a little in the meantime?


A:Midi Files: Improving the Realistic-ness?

Give this link a look, and see if it may be something that could help

FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec

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Here's Mine-

Koolance PC2-601BW Full tower Liquid Cooling case $300

INTEL Pentium 4 XEON 2.8GHz 512K 2 of them. $1,000


6 of them- Crucial 512MB DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • Registered • ECC • 7.5ns • 2.5V • 64Meg x 72 $1,200

RAID Contoller:
Promise Fasttrack 100 $70

Hard Drives:
8 of them: Western Digital 200GB Special Edition. $2,800

Zip Drive:
100 MB and 250 MB. $150

DVD/CDRW Drives:
Memorex DVD+RW and Pioneer DVD-R. $550

Thermal Paste:
Artic Silver 3. $10

Floppy Drive:
Mitsumi $9

3 of them: Apple 23 inch HDTV widescreen LCD Flat Panel. $10,500

Sound Card:
Sound Blaster Audigy2 Platinum $150

Video Card:
Matrox Parehelia $250

It may cost a year's salary, but it'd be sweet wouldn't it

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I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could refer me to where I could find a high quality falling snow simulation. It can either be independent (transparent and active on all screens), or associated with any background. It will most likely be found as part of a holiday screensaver or animated wallpaper, but I'll take it any way I can find it. I've searched extensively and can not find any very realistic simulations. Most use conspicuous and common symbols as snowflakes, seriously lack assorted effects, and just look too artificial and unrealistic.

At one time I had installed and used a screensaver associated with the attached desktop picuture (and this one has even been modified from the original picture with a superimposed Santa, snowman and snow puffs), but I somehow have lost it thru many computer changes. I have been unable to relocate it since, although the desktop picture alone was recently found on some sights. That screensaver had the best falling snow simualtion I've ever found, with shifting winds and speeds, and also a realistic snow concetration and depth perception. If you know where the that original screensaver can be found, I'd truly appreciate it.

Thanks for your interest......

A:Seeking most realistic falling snow simulation for desktop/screesaver

Are you looking for something free? If so, do be careful. I do not recommend free screensavers on the Web 'cause they come bundled up with adware and spyware.

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Hi all,

Just a quick question here, does anyone know of any software that can render and animate creatures with flesh and skin that move realistically? Not just with a shape following a bone but where the flesh squeezes out around bending joints and is effected by gravity etc. They use it all the time in films e.g. to create dinosaurs. Is there any software like this generally available that wont break the bank? Or is it only available to film companies etc.


A:Looking for animation application that handles realistic flesh and skin movement.

Oh yes, and being able to handle clothes would be useful. But that is less important.

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Don't know which is the appropriate place to post this so I try in in General.

Here's the deal... I am looking for a solution that allows me to create virtual representations of files in a designated folder on my HD that allow me to open the file as if it was right in the folder.

lets say I got a folder with 1000 Music files. Now I want to sort them lets say in genres. Usually I got two options to do this.
a) create a folder for each genre and physically move each file to the appropriate folder
b) use a mediaplayer that allows me to tag the files and sort them inside the application

But I don't want any of these options. What I want is something like this:
Create a folder and drag something like a shortcut for each file into the folder - BUT I want to be able to "open" this shortcut from within ANY program or Mediaplayer - just like if it was the real file.

A few Programs have this kind of functionality built in - they ley you create virtual bins/crates/folders and if you want to you can have the same file inside of several bins without the need to copy them several times. BUT the problem is that this works only inside of the specific applications.
I am looking for a solution that can be used with any program.

I'm not quite sure that if this description was understandable... but I guess for the first try it might do ; )

I hope to get some suggestions.

A:Virtual Files / Virtual File representation

Hello Robin,

You might see if this below may work for you to have them all accessible from the library location like that.Sort the files how you like in the main music folder wherever it's saved at first.
Include that main folder in your Music library.
Either "Group by" folder, or "Arrange by" folder in the Music library.
Hope this helps,

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How far apart can 2 PCs that share the same 10baseT hub be placed? is it 100 or 200 meters please? I appreciate your help.

A:Solved: Distance

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I have no problem faxing local, but unable to fax long distance. i have one phone line, it has long distance capablities. Whats wrong?

A:cannot fax long distance

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Ok so after a lot of headaches getting my previous network to work i have been thrown a curveball.

I currently work for a small business with two locations. These locations are about 15-20 min apart (or about 2 towns).

I run a program called "FRAZER" (http://www.frazer.biz/) it is our used car dealer software and a very important part of our business. This program does everything for us, from sales, to payments (we are a buy here pay here). The more important on the networking side being the payments. I need to be able to have a copy of frazer on my computer that will send real time updates as to who has payed on their vehicle.

What options do i have for networking between two locations that are so far away?

The one option i know i DONT have is "remote access" i cannot be fiddling around with whats going on, on my co-workers desktop @ our other spot.

Ive heard VPN? But these are completely foreign to me, do i need a host computer? if not , i heard without a host its really slow? Does really slow mean i will slow my co-workers pc, or does it mean info will travel slow to update on her comp? if this is so ... whats slow? 20 min. 2 days?

any suggestions as to making this eaiser on myself would be much appreciated, ive had problems in the past and you guys have always had a helpful answer.

thanks a lot!

A:Networking ...from a distance?

A pair of VPN routers would do the trick, and you don't need any host. The Netgear FVS318 is one such router that's not all that expensive.

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Hi folks, new to the forum. Please forgive my ignorance, but that is why I joined ... to learn. I have an N router that I use for my wireless at my home. I can pick up my DSL wireless about 100 feet outside of my house very well. I live in a rural area and have a shop about 850 feet away from my house and I would like to be able to pick up my wireless there if possible. Are there any boosters or antennas that I can use to do this ? Cat 5 would not go that far and fiber optic might work but probably needs to be buried and would be costly also. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Wireless distance?



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I would like so information about equipment needed to send a wi-fi signal from one building to another about 550 feet away My father in law has dsl in his house and wants to receive it in an out building. i cannot run a cable. What wireless router and/or equipment do I need?

A:Long distance Wi-Fi

802.11n (300 Mbps) is supposed to be good up to about 1,400 feet, so that should work for line of sight.

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My family is currently building a Garage/Apartment building and we would like to connect it to our current LAN in our house. The garage is roughly 300 feet away from the house, and so is right at the maximum range of cat5. I need advice on a cheap way to connect the two buildings reliably.

I have heard of several methods, including both Ethernet extenders and wireless bridges, but I need advice on which is cheapest and most reliable. There is already a trench dug between the two buildings for the sewer line, so we can bury a cable between them, and the buildings have line-of-sight for wireless.

This connection will be used for things like online gaming, so it will have to be good enough for that.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Long Distance LAN

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how far will the router reach? will it reach about 100 yds. i have a buisness behind my house want to pull off one hook-up.will a basic router work or do i need to look for something specific.

A:router distance

That's the maximum range for 802.11g--line of sight, no obstructions, perfect conditions. You'll probably need a high-gain antenna on one or both ends if you have line of sight. If obstructions, depends on what they are.

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I was wondering if there's any capability WITHIN Windows XP to troubleshoot somebody else's computer by getting their desktop and programs to show (and manipulate) on your own machine. I'm not talking about things like "PC Anywhere", but rather a capability NATIVE to Windows XP (HE) that will allow you to do this.

The reason I want to do this is because I am going to try and troubleshoot my Sisters machine and she lives in Southern California and I am in Arizona.

As many of you probably know, troubleshooting via phone or email is at best tedious and likely futile with someone who basically is computer illiterate (that would be my Sister)

If I could sit down in front of her machine, I probably would be able to solve her problem (I don't know what it is yet) within a half hour or so. But trying to talk her through some diagnostics is going to likely take days, with both of us getting frustrated and angry, especially me when she says something like "What's Control Panel" when I first start into this. And telling her to "click on this and then click on that" will probably not work.

So, this is why I want to see if there's any way I can do it at a distance myself.

I know there is something like "Remote Assistance", but my suspicion is that that's what manufacturers use to troubleshoot their own machines . . . like if somebody has a Dell, then Dell can connect to that particular machine, or HP can do HP... Read more

A:Troubleshooting at a distance . . .

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Hi there,

I work for a small airline. At one of our airports we're attempting to connect a thin client & printer at our boarding gate to our check-in counter (where our DSL & Sonciwall are located that maintain the VPN to our server located off-site). At the back of our check-in counter there are RJ-45 jacks hardwired in that go to the server room in the airport basement.

Sweet I thought, all I need is to jump from our sonicwall router into one of those and bridge it to a line strung to the boarding gate counter, one of which already existed in place.

So I called the airport electricians in to check the lines and see if one at the boarding gate went to the server room. They found one connected all together and it checked out ok. So I set up my equipment and couldn't pull an IP. Seemed like signal degradation as I seemed to be getting intermittent activity on the switch I set up.

So I called the electricians back, they checked the line again, seemed ok, so we took the switch downstairs and used it to bridge the two lines in the server room. It got solid link to the router and the outgoing line was mad with activity, but still no IP on the thin client at the other end (either of them). So I grabbed my Sonicwall and brought it downstairs having bridged my DSL modem straight into the line. Think client pulled an IP (barely), but extrememly slow and RDP connection to the server timed out.

We all figured that there was obviously alot o... Read more

A:Cat 5 over distance Issues

if you have the RJ45 in place, you can just plug directly into it w/o the sonicwall to
test the connection and system access.

if that works, then the sonicwall is getting in the way and it needs to be reconfigured.

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I want to run a series of extension cords from my computer to my webcam. IM talking about some serious distance. Ive seen extension cords for usb. Whats the limit on those if any?

A:USB 1.1 cord distance limit.

16 feet is the limit

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I am using a Motorola Surfboard 5100 Cable Modem & a Netgear RP614 Router on a 3 Meg connection & cannot keep any speed on a cat5 cable over 20 feet long.

A:Cable Distance Problem

have you checked the cat5 for damage? do you have another devive that you can plug in on the down stream end of the cat5? this could help clarrify if you have a bad cable. the distance alone should not be problem

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i want to control the pc from a small distance. sometimes i watch videos, and then im not near the (wired) mouse. i certainly wont replace the wired mouse with a wireless mouse. i still need something to control vlc player.

any solutions?

A:control the pc from a small distance

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Can anyone advise how far you can go using FibreOptics? Using Cat5 copper, you can go as far as 100 meters but I need to know about FO. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.


A:Maximum Distance for FibreOptics

Now, you can put your space to better use with fibre cables that can run as far as 550 meters away from the switching station, and still meet the technical requirements of gigabit specificationsClick to expand...

Taken fro ma 3M canadian website -


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Now it still won't run..Booting from the CD starts but then the blue screen says Windows has detected an error and will be shut down to avoid damage to your computer. After going over a few things last night it seems she has too many drives. A, B,C,D,E. So I guess what we formated is only part of the drive. Her computer must have had partitions which she was not aware of. Now I am thinking I need to run partition magic but I really don't know how especially when we can't get it running. Very hard to do over the phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Long Distance Install..Is it possible?

To get rid of partitions, use delpart (http://www.russelltexas.com/delpart.htm). Put it on a bootable floppy disk and use to delete any or all partitions from a drive. (Use with extreme caution!)

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Has there been any standard developed so you can tell how far a
wireless signal can travel from your wireless router....?

A:Wireless Router and Distance

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I currently have a Toshiba laptop (Satellite A305-S6872) for home and some business use for my husband. I have a wireless router that allows me to move about on our boat. I need to set up a wireless network in my hobby shop which is approximately 600-700 feet away from the boat. My current router will not support more than about 100 feet. We have a garage in between the boat and my hobby shop. My husband plans to temporarily set up an office in my hobby shop with a Dell Optiplex 755. The Toshiba operating system is Vista and the Dell is Windows XP Professional. My internet provider is our cable company. It has been suggested by the cable technician that I place a wireless router in the garage (l/2 way inbetween both locations) and get one with very good distance strength. The garage is of concrete wall construction. Placing the router in the garage means I will need to cover about 300 feet in either direction. Does anyone have an suggestion regarding a router than won't break the bank?

A:Long distance router

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One of my desktop computers is about 50 feet from my router. I don't have any other place to move it to that would be closer. I also don't want to run it wireless. If I run a 50 foot Ethernet cable this far, can I still expect to get pretty good speed or is this just too far? I have a 20 Mbps ISP connection.

The desktop computer is an i5 with 10 gigs ram and plenty of HD just in case this would be important.


A:Solved: Cable distance run - will this be okay?

50 feet will be fine. I think the theoretical limit is 300, but I've got a run into my current office that's around 380 or so.

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Yeah, how do i find out how far away i am from mine? I'm on Sky.
Apparently its ment to be no further than 5km or something. But i don't know how people find out
Thansk guys

A:Internet Exchange Distance

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i am trying to get internet and i can set up a wireless router at my grandpas house the prob is that i live a few acres away with pine trees as interference i am wondering if i can get a wireless router what do i need to look for as in signal stregnth and do i need a signal booster and if so where do i get one.
btw this is leagal b/c i am getting this signal from my grandfather or from what i have been told it is leagal

A:wireless signal distance

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Hello, I've been having this problem for a long while now and it's really bugging me. I have a windows 8 laptop and use it for personal use and for work as a developer. Every time I go to a certain distance (about 5 feet away from the modem) the wifi connection all together either goes incredibly laggy for me, or just gives up on trying and not work at all. What gets me is that it can't be the modem, other people who live in the household can be at the very same distance, even one of my friends have the same exact model and processor as my laptop, and works completely fine with them. They don't get wifi fails or lags. For the majority of the time, I don't have anything running in the background to cause the loading to fail.

I have Windows 8. AMD E2-3000 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 1.6 GHz. 4 Gigs of RAM. 64 bit Operating System.
The specs look somewhat ok, but keep in mind that my friend has the very same model, including the specs I detailed, and it still works for her

I'd love to get this working again. It hasn't done this when I got the laptop, it was when I update to 8.1 where to had issues.
Thank you

A:Problems with Wifi at a certain distance.

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For over two years I had two computers here at my house doing wifi to my daughter’s house, about 450 feet away through some trees, but with a fairly clear line of sight. She stopped her DSL service. I started one with same company (BellSouth) and brought her modem down here to my house. Now I have two machines doing wifi to that modem, about five feet away. Mine works beautiful. We can’t get either of her machines to work. Can’t get a signal.

Modem: Westel Versalink Model 327W
LAN cards: Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter Model WMP54G
O/S: Win98SE and WinXP

Doesn’t make sense to me. We have merely flip-flopped where the modem is. Distance is same. Potential obstructions are basically the same, i.e., two walls to pee through, etc. Yes, at 450 feet I know I am pushing the limits, but if it worked before, why won’t it work now?

Thus far I have tried a couple of homemade cheap solutions, a parabolic reflector and an omni directional one. Neither helped. Am about to try a homemade waveguide antenna.

Obviously I know little about what I am doing. Would sure appreciate some input from someone that perhaps does.

A:WiFi Distance Woes

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Given the following scenario: two houses about 500 feet apart wish to use the same internet. The houses are in a rural area with no neighbors close.

What would their best options be for sending the signal from one house to the other. I.e. router, access point, antennae??

Any help you can provide will be appreciated.


A:Longest Distance Router?

802.11n router with something like RangeBooster, or D-Link's "Xtreme N" line, and an 802.11n card on the other end, and/or a high-gain directional antenna on the router.

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I have been trying to help a friend of mine with a problem he has been having with his sons wireless connection. It seems that the wireless router that is upstairs is not sending a strong enough signal downstairs to his sons bedroom.

His son has one of those USB wireless recievers and I was wondering if the only, better alternitive would be to get his a PCI wireless card to put in hte PC or is there another option that we should look into?

A:Long distance Wireless help

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My parents just got a phone bill for four calls to the little African country of Comoros. The calls were apparently made by their grandson's computer, without his knowledge. Thie link below is to an FCC document that describes how this scam works. But briefly, you are surfing along one night and click on a link, a box pops up, you click it off, and you just downloaded a program that disconnects your modem and redials a phone number in Chad, Guinea Bissau, Comoros, or some other country where the primary industry is fraud and scam. If you are using dial-up to access the internet you too could be scammed. Anybody else heard of this get rich scheme? I'm thinking SpywareBlaster would have prevented this, anybody know?


A:Long Distance Scam

Sorry to hear about that.

Get spybot and adaware and run them to clean up what ever.
Spyguard and spyblaster help to keep thing from getting on your PC so all of these are good to have.
Also a good firewall as that should of popped up something asking if you if you want the program (that dialer) to get online.

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In the summertime I move my computers into a converted barn office space. I am using a dlink wireless router (DIR 601). I would like to use my notebook in the house at night so I need an antenna of some sort to extend the range from the barn to the house. The distance is about 100 feet and the house has steel siding on it. The house and the barn connect to the same electrical box at the pole but have separate breaker boxes. The lights can go out in the house and stay on in the barn. So, I am assuming the plug in whole house antennas that are advertised would not work. I have one dsl modem from the ISP and I do not want to pay the ISP for another modem. Win 7, 64 bit.
Any suggestions? Thank you.

A:long distance wifi

you can buy range extenders that basically accept a wireless signal in range and re broadcast it again. not sure if this will work for you. you need to find a spot safe from elements, with power within range of router and that will broadcast to your barn. or, pass a long ethernet wire to another router or range extender.

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i have lenovo y500 laptop.it wil have inbuild blutooth device working range 1 meter only.i need 15 meters working range what can i do pls help me

A:bluetooth working distance

Here are some ideas
How to Improve Bluetooth Range | eHow.com

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