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Download Thumbnail Galleries (linked images)?

Q: Download Thumbnail Galleries (linked images)?

Is there an easy program to use out there that will let me download all the images in a thumbnail gallery without right clicking and saving each one? I'm not talking about the thumbnails themselves, but the big pictures that you get on a separate page when you click on the thumbnails. I have tried a few of them, but they only seem to get the thumbnails. I also tried using FlashGot but it seems overly complex.

Help is appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Download Thumbnail Galleries (linked images)?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Download Thumbnail Galleries (linked images)?

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Hi there,

Currently coming across an issue with Gmail where images I receive in various emails are treated differently depending on if an image has an href around it or if image maps are used.

If an image has an href wrapped around it, the image appears normally on mouseover. However, when an image map is used, for portions where a map doesn't cover a section of the image, an option to download the image as an attachment appears on mouseover.

Is there any particular reason for this? I assume it's something to do with when an image isn't linked, Gmail allows a user to download the image, otherwise it doesn't? Or maybe it's how the cursor action is interpreted? (i.e. if the cursor is forced to using the link scenario then the scenario for it to be treated as an attachment doesn't occur, so the attachment icon doesn't appear?)

Note that this happens in all browsers to my knowledge.

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.



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Hi there,

Currently coming across an issue with Gmail where images I receive in various emails are treated differently depending on if an image has an href around it or if image maps are used.

If an image has an href wrapped around it, the image appears normally on mouseover. However, when an image map is used, for portions where a map doesn't cover a section of the image, an option to download the image as an attachment appears on mouseover.

Is there any particular reason for this? I assume it's something to do with when an image isn't linked, Gmail allows a user to download the image, otherwise it doesn't? Or maybe it's how the cursor action is interpreted? (i.e. if the cursor is forced to using the link scenario then the scenario for it to be treated as an attachment doesn't occur, so the attachment icon doesn't appear?)

Note that this happens in all browsers to my knowledge.

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.



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I have a photo report which used to work and now it doesn't. My table has a text field which contains the paths to various images. There are six or more images for each report. Previously all images would display/print, now only the first few images will display/print, the others come out blank. I checked to make sure the paths are accurate. The same happens for every record, the first few images display and the rest do not. The report has a control for the PhotoPath field and an unbound image control. This is the code I have in the report:

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)
Me.Image0.Picture = Me.PhotoPath.Value
End Sub

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Access Report - linked images

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I can not see thumnail images of my .psd files in windows explorer

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I've set up a series of Excel workbooks with charts and linked them to Powerpoint to if I change the original data, the presentation gets updated. I was wondering if there is a way to convert the charts in PowerPoint to pictures so they arn't linked anymore?


A:Converting linked charts to images in PowerPoint

Found it! Right click the linked chart, click 'Grouping' > 'Ungroup'

This converts the chart objects to pictures of the charts, so no raw data can be found hidden within the object.

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Hello all,

I'm wondering if it's possible to insert an image in Word 2000 by link (URL).

I know that you can insert the image by link, but what happens is Word seems to download the image and insert the downloaded image into the Word document. This isn't what I want.

I want it so that the Word document opens up, and then the image is located and displayed (if it's not found, the little red cross should show). Similar to the way a webpage works.

I'm hoping this is possible so as to reduce the size of our Word documents. At this time, our header images are somewhat large and it's slow for users opening these documents on our VPN.

If anyone knows how, or can confirm that it's impossible (or an alternative method..), it would be much appreciated!


A:Insert linked images in Word 2000?

ok, it can be done but it's a bit fiddly. And your file needs to be an .html file rather than a .doc, but it's globally compatible of course, and still perfectly editable in Word.

Firstly decide where you want the graphic(s) to go on your word page, in the header and footer for eg?

Then create a new document, but it needs to be an .html document rather than a .doc.

in the place where you want your graphic to go, just type something like GRAPHIC 1 HERE.

Go to the 'View' menu and select 'view html source' so you can see the source code. (if you want to put it in the headers and footer you will find the code available from the document on the right-hand side of the code editing window).

scroll down (or find; Cntrl 'F') your GRAPHIC 1 HERE text, and highlight it.

Then enter the complete url in place of that text, eg:

<p><img border="0" src="http://www.url.com/images/picture.gif" width="220" height="220"></p>

Then close down the source view window and select 'Yes' to save the page. Your graphic should now appear on the page and it will ask you to save the file as a .htm.

Give it a name and just save it on your desktop or somewhere you can easily find it.

That's it really, the graphic(s) will appear on your page and not be saved in the file.

All that aside, personally I wouldn't go down that route. There's always the possibility that a server will ... Read more

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Hey Guys,

What determines how a URL Thumbnail gets posted in a link to a page? Sometimes I will provide a link to a webpage for reference like on Facebook and there will be a thumbnail along with the URL link. I recently posted a link on Facebook where the URL posted and linked to just fine. The URL Thumbnail shows a picture of a little dog! The thing is, I can't find the picture of the little dog on the website to which the link goes. The website itself is a huge database which requires registration and I could not post the link here by example, sorry.


A:A question about Thumbnail Images

If this is what you mean, maybe the following can help a little:




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I have Windows XP. Recently, my video files do not display a thumbnail image of the video. Instead, there is a small graphic that says "wmv", "avi", etc. How do I get the video images back?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Missing thumbnail images

Sounds like your "View" choice got changed to "icons" somehow. Use the toolbar at the top of your photo folder, and under "View" select "Thumbnails." If that's not it, please post back with more details.

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When I click on thumbnail it opens an image editing program but no file opens
I have tried to tell it to open with ie photoshop7 but only the program opens no image???????????????

A:cant open images from thumbnail

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Many people post screenshots here, which I like. And sometimes those images are displayed as thumbnails, which I also like as it allow you to ignore the image if you want, or select it if you want to take a look.

The problem for me is that once I click a post's thumbnail image, it defaults to a "zoomed out" view which does not allow me to be able to see the text on the image.

Now, if I wait around a bit, wiggle the mouse around a bit, click right button (clear), left button (clear) and leave the cursor motionless for a few seconds MAYBE I might get an orange box with arrows aiming outward to appear.

Now *IF* I move the cursor SLOWLY to the box and click on it, THEN I get the "full" image so I can read the text. Sometimes if I move the cursor too fast the box disappears and I have to do the whole ritual all over again.

This is so aggravating and so stupid sometimes I change my mind and don't even bother to view the image. Stupid thing. Aggravating as all heck.

Seems there ought to be a right-click option to just view the image at full resolution, but there's not. Seems also there ought to be a tab at the top of IE to do the same thing, but there's not. Guess I should mention this is an IE thing and not Windows Viewer or anything else.

What is the deal with this ? Am I the only person that hates this stupid thing ? Don't even know what to call it in order to do a Google search.

Is there some way around this ? Some setting or som... Read more

A:How to Expand Attached Thumbnail Images

I have the same problem in Firefox, and I just close the thread and read another one
I thought it was my crappy video card.

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Hi to everyone & Hi @ THROOPER!

I am missing some icon thumbnail images.

Vaio SZ1VP laptop, Win 7 / Office 2007 / Bitedfender

- Fixed an Infineon/TPM driver problem - icon images still correctly displayed.
- Followed "blackviper" web page tuning advice to reduce active services - icon images still correctly displayed.
- Followed "blackviper" web page tuning advice to increase PC speed (Win7) for "best performance/best appearance". Amongst other tweaks I set classic windows' basic UI.

Problem started when I reverted to basic Win7 UI.

I already tried many forum solutions (including a few from this forum, deleting cache, reg modifications, MS file check/fix which took 30 minutes, right click on icon, properties, etc - but no option to change icon) etc... but none worked.

What does work is:
Open the file which has the missing thumbnail image and save it with a different name - icon's thumbnail image is restored!

Still can't work out a solution for programs' icons missing thumbnail images. Toolbar Outlook and Skype icons still missing correct thumbnail image but Firefox icon image is correctly displayed.

Throoper helped solve a case: ( http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/1024674-missing-shortcut-icons-pictures.html ) by offering 2 links & delete cache db.

I would like to try that, if Throoper has links for Win 7. Any other help/support greatly appreciated.


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It seems that ever since CorelDraw 12 was installed, I am unable to view thumbnail images. I can see the image icon, but no pic. I use win 2000 operating system. Has anybody got any suggestions about how to change the setting back so that thumbnail images are viewable again?

A:Unable to view thumbnail images

firewalker69 said:

It seems that ever since CorelDraw 12 was installed, I am unable to view thumbnail images. I can see the image icon, but no pic. I use win 2000 operating system. Has anybody got any suggestions about how to change the setting back so that thumbnail images are viewable again?Click to expand...

Assuming they are .jpg and not .cdr files I suggest you open the folder ( within explorer) the pic's are stored in, then choose view, then select Thumbnails. See if that works.

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Can someone recommend a replacement for Explorer that gives thumbnail previews of images

I've tried Xplorer2 and Explorer++ - both are awesome... but I don't get the large thumbnail preview


A:Explorer replacement that gives thumbnail images

In xplorer˛ go to Tools > Options > General tab, where it says "Thumbnail size (pixels)", the default is 96, increase that to whatever you like.

You can also use the preview pane to look at individual images.

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When using gmail via FireFox, images that are attached are also shown as thumbnails.

When you click an image, it opens in a new window. No problem w/ that.

However, it will appear very very large, and there is no manner in which I've quickly found to make them just fit the screen...

Any ideas?


A:Viewing gmail thumbnail images via FF

Forgive me if you've tried this already,

in Firefox options->Advanced,

is the option "Resize large images to fit in the browser window" checked?

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hi all - id like to know how i may add my own thumbnail images to files / folders ....
example :
i have a few folders with movies - i would like each file or folder to display an image of my choice of a relevant dvd cover or movie poster for easy navigating & aesthetics.
thanks all, as always for any & all help!

A:how to add my own thumbnail images to files & folders?

Hello Xdash,

One workaround that you could do is to have that folder with only the image or video file that you want to show as the thumbnail, then create a new subfolder in this folder for the rest of the files so that they will not be included with the thumbnail of the main folder.

Another workaround is to create a shortcut of this folder, and change the icon of the folder shortcut.

Hope this helps some,

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We run Microsoft Publisher 2000 on several computers in the office, including mine (Windows 2000) and a couple of others (Windows 98.) The Win98 computers have trouble displaying the graphics in Publisher files -- some of them don't show up at all. As said in the title, these are all embedded images, not linked. The images display fine on my own (Win2k) computer.

Any ideas? Last time it came up I did a work-around by changing to linked instead of embedded pictures, but doing that for 40 or 50 brochure pages will be a massive pain...

A:MS Publisher 2000: images don't always show up (NOT a linked image issue)

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After installing Irfanview to XP Pro I lost this functionality.


A:Irfanview Won't Display Thumbnail Preview Images

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how to create thumbnails when you have a few hundreds to do? what free software do you use?

A:Fast way to create hundreds of thumbnail images

Irfanview batch thumbnail mode. Batch process as many as you like

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So I have tried every trick and tweak that I read on the internet. From registry to folder options to administrative tools, I have tried everything but I still dont see thumbnails for my image files. I found a lot of people with this problem. For some of them, even a fresh install isn't helping.
Irfan view is the defaul program for images which I removed and added again but that too doesn't help. My AVG free does not detect any malware or virus. Do you have any suggestions or you want me to refresh my PC?
Any inputs will be appreciated.
OS - WIndows 8 Pro 32 Bit

A:No thumbail no thumbnail images. No tweak is helping

Are you talking about the thumbnails in Pictures?
Were you able to see these previously?
If you were, what did you do to make the thumbnails disappear?
If you were able to see these previously try doing System restore.  Pick a date prior to the missing thumbnails.

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Hi. I have a lot of You Tube video downloads I search through, but my current player is not furnishing an image on the thumbnail icon. Actually, SOME .mp4 files show film image snapshots, but other .mp4 do not with my current VLC player. And NONE of my .flv downloads will show an image.

It seems to be hard to determine whether certain players will produce images or not....at least with my limited computer knowledge.

Can you advise me of a relatively safe player that will do what I'm seeking?

Thank you!
Oregon high desert

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, AMD64 Family 15 Model 67 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 381451 MB, Free - 327401 MB; X: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 137964 MB; Z: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 458582 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., NODUSM3
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Need thumbnail images on video icons

Where are you wishing to see the images? If you are referring to Windows Explorer or File Manager, those icons are not based on the media player. They are based, in part, by WMP support.

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Hi Guys
Having installed an SSD and cloned Windows 7 + Apps to it, I've come up against a couple of problems using Outlook 2010 and I'd be grateful for any help please. The pst file is on another HDD that was not involved in the upgrade.

1) Search function no longer works. either says not found immediately or carries on searching for ever. Clue may be in Indexing? Click on Indexing Status and get "Outlook is currently indexing you items. 2129 items to index" Problem is, this number is increasing, not decreasing! Started around 1600. Should PC be left on and Outlook open, and just be patient, or is something awry?

2)Since SSD installed, all emails with images have lost them. Applies to ones I already have and new ones when opened first time. Red Cross and message in each image frame "Linked Image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed or deleted. Verify that the link points to the correct file and location".

Firefox is browser.

If I forward an email that is not showing embedded pictures to another PC the images are present again.
Presumably the images are stored somewhere and the link has been broken by the upgrade?

I've tried a few things suggested on MS forums without luck. Settings in Outlook seem correct.

Thanks for any suggestions!

A:Linked images "lost" in Outlook 2010 after SSD installation

Further to above post, have also noticed that when doing a search Programmes and Files from Start button, the only items found are those within Windows, nothing from my data files which are on a separate RAID 1 pair of discs.

Now wondering whether to set old HDD (that still has Windows on it) back as boot drive, check that everything is as it should be booting from that drive, then wipe the SSD and clone again? I used Easius ToDo clone tool so will use another programme next time. Any suggestions on which to use?

Is this the best way forward?

Thanks for any comments.

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How-to Fix This Problem ? Thumbnail Is No Response When I Save Pictures Into That Folder

Example Few Minute Ago I Save One Picture But Folder Used Old Pitures Thumbnail

A:My Folder Thumbnail In "My Pictures" Not Recent Saved Images


Lets just make sure it is set up properly. Go to the the pictures library and right click on the folder. Now click on "Open Folder Location". Go to the customise tab on the far right. Make sure the drop down menu is set to pictures. Then click restore default under the folder pictures heading.


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Hi. I want to send my info to this forum, including info I get from task manager, when i send in my help request, but I don't know how to get a pic of the task manager. For myself, I've been able to use prt screen and paste into ms paint program, but the pic is stretched out on too many pages AND I don't know how to create a thumbnail of it anyway from that. How do I create a thumbnail pic that can then be downloaded by someone on this forum to help me? I will also attempt hijack this log. As I've never done that, any quick info on easy way to get that info to this forum as well? thanks in advance.

A:Solved: how to download thumbnail of task manager results for this site

Hi skyfox

After you paste the picture into Paint, do a Save As and save the picture as a .jpg.
There is a size limit and .bmp files can become huge, the forum will not be able to accept them.

For the HijackThis log after clicking on: Do a system scan and save a logfile highlight/select all the contents of the logfile and paste it in your post.

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And yes, there are some new looks.

A:Vista RTM Screenshot Galleries

Yup. I personally think that he writes the best reviews about vista.

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I'm looking for a program that can download entire galleries from websites, saving me the time to click on each photo individually. I understand there are a number of these programs. Any recommendations?

A:Program for downloading photo galleries

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how do i do that? when I right click all i get is Setting & about macromedia flash payer 7

A:How to copy pics off of Macromedia flash 7, photo galleries

bumP unit

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I am using windows xp with ie6.0.2800.1106 and it will save images only in bmp format. I am getting very frustrated with it.
I have emptied the temporary internet files, deleted cookies and increased the amount of disk space to use.
I have clicked on tools, internet options, settings, view objects: and there are no uninstalled, corrupted, or unknown files there. But I removed everything there.
I check my settings under HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\jpeg, HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\jpeg,
HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\gif and they appear to be correct.
I went to Start, Run and typed in: regsvr32 /i shdocvw.dll, regsvr32 /i shdoc401.dll,regsvr32 webvw.dll and regsvr32 thumbvw.dll (for upgrades). and "regsvr32 /i mshtml" .
I rebooted and tried again and again, and when I try to download an image that is either gif. or jpeg format it still will only save as untitled bmp.
I would kiss the ground that you walk on if you can help me fix this. It has been going on for some time, and every article that I have found says to do I just did.
Thank you for your time and any help or solution that you can give me.


A:IE6 will only download images in bmp

Rightclick IE on the desktop, select Properties. Then delete your Temp. Internet files, including Offline content.

This is the standard procedure, that you followed, but it did not help.

The only solution for the moment is, to install Firefox from www.getfirefox.com and use that instead. You should do so ANYway.

Perhaps someone else has a better idea?

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I have a Fujifilm finepix 3800 camera. I am running windows XP. I am having a problem downloading photos from my camera in the manner that I used to download them. Normally I would connect my USB cable to my camera, then my computer, then power up my camera and I would get an options window that would allow me to preview my pictures, download my pictures into a folder, print my pictures or do nothing. I would check the download into a folder option normally but not always and then I would be promted re: the location I wanted my photos downloaded and then they would download. Now when I connect my camera I still get the initial options screen but when I check "download my photos to a folder" nothing happens. I get no further prompt, there are no processes running and my photos do not download. The same with the preview or print option. If I click on my computer it will show my camera as connected, I can open up the storage drive from my computer and transfer my photos to a file in this manner. My USB ports are all functioning, they are recognizing and interacting with all my other devices. They recognize my camera and I can download thru my USB port but only if I go to "my computer". I have un-installed my Finepix software, rebooted, re-installed my finepix software, re-booted two seperate times now and I still get the same result. I have not added any new software to my computer, I have not manually reconfigured any settings, I have no viruses, worms adwar... Read more

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my browser don't download all the images in a page...I have made a reset... in temporay files, history, cookies but still fails sometimes specially in forums...
What can i do, I have internet explorer, can anybody help me????

A:don't download all the images in a page

Are you using Dial-up? DSL?

It might depend on the speed of the site

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When I receive an email from sombody with pictures, Gmail does not download the pictures. I have to tell Gmail to download them. Yes I do have the "Download pictures option checked" in settings.


A:Gmail does not download Images

Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but what happens when you try Google's own Chrome?

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Hi, i've just gone through a major debugging with the help of one of the analysts on the Hijackthis log. But I have had a preceding problem downloading images from the web. I click 'save as' and the window comes up asking where I want to save it--I select the destination, click ok, and when I go to the location, the image isn't there?
Hope you can help me.

A:Using XP and can't download and save images from web

IE or FireFox? If you have more than one browser installed: try an other. Still having problems?

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I am having a problem right clicking and doing "save as" for images. I saw this topic (
Running Windows 7 home premium on a Dell Optiplex 780. What next? Thanks in advance for the help.

A:cant save or download images

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Hey, I just had a simple question for you all. Is it safe to download images off the web? I'm used to just downloading whatever images tickled my fancy, but i was thinking that maybe this practice isn't as safe as i might have thought it was.

Thanks for any input.

A:Is It Safe To Download Images?

As with anything from the web be cautious. Download from reputable sites, as much as possible. If in doubt, look elsewhere for that image. Images can contain malicious code. If you do download, download to a specific folder. Then run all your scanners on that folder before doing anything with the image.

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I am using a DELL Studio 1555 with Windows Vista Home Premium and Mozilla Firefox 3.5. Whenever I download an image, the download status shows the correct status of the file e.g. img_xyz downloaded-53Kb but when I double click it then nothing opens. And when I check its size it shows 0 bytes.

The same thing's happening with even IE and Google Chrome! please help!

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Hey guy's new to these forums! First Post, I'm not sure if I've asked for help on this issue before but, I need some help with this this and symantecstore.com are the ONLY pages that does this. And it is not the web server... obviously. Also, I've repaired my computer and still get the same result. I don't want to reformat my CPU, but I need some help on what is causing this. I also checked all the settings in IE and restored to default. Yep, you guessed it same thing! Here are the ONLY 2 pages that do this (that I've came across).

A:Download.com Problem Images?

hmm i really wish i could help you there but.. i don't know thats really odd.. maybe consider trying to use a differant broswer like firefox? thats what i use and it's great! http://forums.techguy.org/t292604.html to read on what some other ppl think, it might slove your probleum, i never really like IE anyway.. so here if you want to give it a try.. http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ (this post was in assumtion that your useing IE.) hope this helps some. btw: welcome to TSG!!

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Hi, I hope someone can help mewith this. I've been trying to download Macromedia Flash 8 images, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've tried 5 different ways - Download Helper, Image Save, Flash Got and Download Embedded Firefox Extensions, and I've saved the html - although there are images visible on the website, Image Save and Flash Got says there aren't any - so it doesn't save anything. The two download extensions and the html give me an swf file that neither my Flash Movie Player nor browser is able to read - it says its loading the image, but never does - I assume because there aren't any there. If someone could help me figure this out, I would greatly appreciate it. By the way, my OS is Windows 98SE. Steve

A:How do I download flash images

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Using a Dell insprion 4100 laptop, Firefox, Opera 9. and IE 6.0.29. Neither FF or Opera will down load some images from a web page. For example, on EBay the thumbnail of the item for sale does not load nor will the counter icon in the middle bottom of the page. Even when I click the empty image box, the underlying picture does not come up. In Google Image search all of the thumbnail download and are visable. Sure would appreciate any advice for correcting this problem. I tried FF forum, but what advice I got did nothing to remedy the problem.

A:Some images from a web page will not download

Right click on those images which are not downloading and select Properties.

Copy/paste some of the addresses here.

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Hi All,

I am running Windows XP SP-3. It is clean of any viruses and malware. When viewing photos in a slideshow on Facebook on the lower-left side where it said "Download This Photo", after I get the "Open" "Save" or "Cancel" prompt, it says, "Internet Explorer Cannot Open This File From the Internet Site.................please try again later." Is this an issue with Facebook's new slide-show format, or some security thing that they are using that was not there before? After a few attempts, I was able to right-click and save my friend's pictures to my desktop like normal. What's going on?


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IE and FF are both insisting on downloading image links such as JPG and PNG instead of viewing them in the browser. How can I make it view in the browser without having to download the image?

A:View images in the browser instead of having to download

anyone? Its rather annoying.

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Is it possible to batch download Bebo images? I want to close the account but would like to download all my images first but there's so many it would take ages doing them one at a time.


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At certain websites I can log in to my account but I can't save changes, for instance:
at library website, I can place holds on books, but cannot renew books I have checked out nor cancel holds I've placed, even in the same session;
at some shopping sites, I can put one item in shopping cart, but if I continue shopping and put another item into shopping cart, only the last item shows in View Cart;

At an art gallery website where I have artwork posted, I cannot view individual artworks or enlarged views--I get a little [AD] marker, or for enlarged view a gray background but no picture (their tech support could not help, last year I solved this problem through popup settings in my firewall, but this year that fix is not working);

Trying to view or download a pdf document, in Firefox and Netscape browsers I get message "This object has been blocked", and in Internet Explorer 6 "You are not authorized to view this page".


I have Windows XP, and this does not happen in safe mode, only normal mode. This happens in all browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Netscape and Firefox. My firewall is set to accept session and persistent cookies.

I tried disabling firewall (Zone Alarm Pro) and tested library website, no success. I tried disabling antivirus (Grisoft free antivirus), and tested the library website, no success.

I tried disabling all add-ons in Internet Explorer 6 (including java, google), and tried to cancel a library ho... Read more

A:Can't Save Changes, View Images, Or Download

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Ideal would be to: Enter the URL> select images only> download all images from site into a folder. The site I am working with uses frames. I have a few apps, and the Chrome Ext, but the site has so many pages/frames it is near impossible to keep track without an all encompassing app.
The images are simply needing to be counted for what shows up on the user/browser side.

A:How do I download images from a website within frames?

Ace Winscreen will copy anything on screen, and it has a free version.
Depends how many you're dealing with whether this is a realistic option, though.

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Hi All,
I have Windows Pro 7 SP1 32bit English 1pk DSP OEM DVD. I am trying to download the ISO files (I need 64bit) but

We encountered a problem with your request. Please visit Microsoft Support Contact Us page for assistance. Refer to Message Code 715-123130 and Transaction ID 28a8d414-86b1-42f9-94cc-bc703e67870e.
I have tried so many times. how to solve this and how to download the ISO file
Babu Nair

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Adguard is a third-party web service that allows you to download Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office ISO images from Microsoft services directly.

Microsoft makes it quite difficult for the average user to download ISO images of Windows or Office.

While you can grab some ISOs from Microsoft directly, it gets quite complicated if you need ISO images of older Microsoft products.

One of the better options to get those is provided by the Windows ISO Downloader program for Windows. You may use the program to grab ISO images of Windows or Office versions or editions straight from Microsoft servers.

The program is available for Windows only however, so that you cannot really use it if you happen to use a different operating system.

Adguard: Download Windows and Office ISO images

The Adguard website offers an alternative. If's biggest advantage over Windows ISO Downloader is that it is a web service. You need a modern web browser to access it, but don't need to install programs or plugins to make use of it.

All you have to do is pick an interface language at the top, and select the product that you want to download using the menus provided.

The following five menus determine the product:

Type: Windows RTM, Windows Insider, Office, Other.
Version: depends on type, includes Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2011 for Mac, and recent Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.
Edition: depends on type and version. Windows editions include Home, Pro, Ente... Read more

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