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Solved: My Acer 7750 Laptop SURVIVED a Diet Coke Spill

Q: Solved: My Acer 7750 Laptop SURVIVED a Diet Coke Spill

I wanted to "give back" and try and help someone else after getting so much good advice from this forum.

Last Saturday night I was working on my Acer 7750 laptop that I got back in April, I was on Facebook and just waiting for a pizza to be delivered, I had a full solo cup filled with Diet Coke and a good amount of ice sitting a bit further back from my laptop, but next to it, when suddenly I thought I heard a car door slam, and knowing that I have to put my dog away before I answer the door, I jumped up quickly and my hand hit the glass of diet coke, and suddenly before my eyes diet coke was flooding the center of my keyboard, I grabbed my laptop up quick, unplugged the adapter, and flung the pop off my laptop, grabbed paper towels and started blotting up the evil liquid. I got it as dry as I could and then shut the lid of the laptop, and placed the laptop on a chair since the pizza man was knocking on the door, neglecting to take out the battery. I was very upset figuring I just killed it, there was enough pop on the keys to believe it plus several years ago I had killed my hubby's laptop with the same substance and it immediately died.

As soon as I paid the pizza guy, I grabbed the laptop and I tried to type something and it was working fine. I STILL did not remove the battery, just shut it off!! I wrongly thought I was out of the woods so I happily ate pizza. About a half hour later I went back to my laptop and to my horror my keyboard was now typing gibberish, the horror started to set in. I shut down and went to my desktop and started searching for pop spill info and of course found that the battery needs to come out immediately! More horror as I took the battery out and started crying. I now learned to turn it upside down and let it dry, I used a low setting blow dryer for a while and it seemed pretty dry. I then took the back panel off and saw that the memory banks and other components around it were completely dry and saw no signs of liquid, also I had noticed that the liquid appeared to be gone right after I finished the wipe down, after having the laptop upside down I expected to see liquid on the screen, but it was dry so that made me feel some hope. I did not power up again that night.

The next day i went to the store and bought some canned duster and started to clean where I could. I did not power up for 2 whole days after that. I reluctantly powered up on the 3rd day in the afternoon and it booted with no problem but some of the keys were not working, in fact many were not, they were typing several letters and characters at once, and some did not work at all. I had read that cleaning may help so I cleaned a bit more and then let it sit again, still without the battery. I tried again the next day and more weird crap started, first, I powered up and there was a loud beeping noise, like about 13-15 short beeps for about a minute and then it booted up as normal and the beep went away. Some of the keys had come back so I was a little excited but that beeping made me think the worse, it depressed me big time. Then things just started popping up all over without me touching them, for example media player file folder, MS Word. It was crazy and made me think I had screwed up something major so I turned it off and then went to see if I could find info on beeping. The first thing I saw was something about it possibly being the motherboard gone bad and my heart sunk further, then I saw something that said it could be a stuck key and especially possible if there had been a sticky spill. So I decided to use the canned duster again on all the keys. I also pressed each key down. This worked because when I tried it the next day there was no more beeping, it booted like normal and some more keys came back. Now I was only having a problem with a few letters and the space bar, backspace and 1 number. I felt better and went to bed.

That brings me to today, I didn't touch it at all until about a half hour ago. I powered up with no problem, and THIS time EVERY key worked as usual. I was in shock and so happy. No more shenanigans on my screen either, everything worked just like before. I am a Christian and last night i prayed about it and believed that if God didn't let it get fixed,He would provide the funds for a new one. Well I definitely got a miracle on this. I wanted to write this to give hope to others, I didn't do everything perfect but still it seems to be ok, so do not give up hope!!!

Of course there will be no next time, I am now the owner of an adult sippy cup! I do give advice though, if you do have a spill, act fast, and make sure you remember to remove the battery right away!!!! I am lucky that my mistake of not removing it sooner didn't make things even worse. I dodged a bullet.

Preferred Solution: Solved: My Acer 7750 Laptop SURVIVED a Diet Coke Spill

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: My Acer 7750 Laptop SURVIVED a Diet Coke Spill

If you ever do it again take the battery out and quickly swill the keyboard with a little distilled water to wash the sticky coke away, Clean distilled water will not usually harm electronics providing there is no power until it has completely dried out.

Sticky drinks will leave stuff behind when they dry out so it is better to swill them out with (even) clean rainwater if you haven't got distilled water

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My brother opened up a pepsi bottle right next to his Acer Nitro 5 laptop, he wasn't careful and it exploded. Fortunately his laptop didn't get a huge blast, approximately 0,5-3 centiliters (~0.15-1 oz), only fraction of it going inside the keyboard. 3 cl isn't much, but from everything I've read, all kinds of sugary drinks like coke are extremely damaging to your electronics, even in small doses and they will harm them long-term, even if there's no noticeable initial damage. The laptop didn't shut off instantly or freeze or go crazy or anything along the lines.

Of course we shut it off and took the charger off right away. I googled what to do and everywhere taking the battery out was recommended as the number 1 thing to do. Nitro 5 has a built-in battery and removing it would require opening the laptop up and most likely voiding the warranty, on top of me not being comfortable enough to attempt it. We were thinking of bringing it back to the store to get it checked up, but it's closed already, so it would have to wait till tomorrow. We left it to dry upside down. I'm really bad with hardware. I don't even know a how to remove keys, let alone remove any of the hardware to be dried separately. We don't know how long to dry it for, before we turn it back on and see if the laptop still works.

So here are my questions:
1. Is an amount as small as <3cl of coke enough to worry about there being something seriously wrong?
2. Is ... Read more

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This is my Wifes newish Acer Aspire 6530, & still in it's first year warantie. Acer are almost uncontactable & we need to get at least one of our 3 laptops malware free as we are away from the UK in Greece. Did get through to Acer & they sugested a factory restore using the on board D2D recovery... Did that a couple of weeks back... Made a DVD recovery disc (2 Disks) then Conected to internet & updated Vista home premium. Downloaded MBAM & scanned, I also downloaded AVG 9.0 28 day trial & installed that along with the AVG firewall. The symptoms: To start with not many, other than slowness & some odd warnings. No Internet redirects as such. Then Windows defender started stopping working, I checked the history & found it had let through and allowed to install a registry [email protected]\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\internet Explorer\Main\\Start Page I did a web search & turned up very little info on this, but none good... I now have 2 new keys called: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3301625118-1092049821-1787829980-1000HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3301625118-1092049821-1787829980-1000_Classes Next day we had aquiered an adition drive called Q: This was inacsesable... This has since diapeared from "Computer" but is still listed when GMER is run. I opened a DOS box as Admin & did "netstat -abfno" to be greeted by lots of connections including some who's host service were ... Read more

A:persistant rootkit survived D2D system reinstall on Acer Laptop.

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:CODEmsconfigsafebootminimalactivexdrivers32netsvcs%SYSTEMDRIVE%\*.exe/md5st... Read more

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I want to shut off the Internal Laptop Display and use the external monitor only, how do I do it...

A:I have an Acer Aspire 7750 G and Im using a second...

press Fn+F5 to switch between dsiplays or turn both ON.

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my Acer aspire 7750 cannot restart or when the screen is off, and you tap any key it doesn't light up. what might be the problem and the solution? 

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Dell Inspiron 5100. My son spilled coke on his laptop 3 days ago. It was powered by the adapter, he unplugged it and turned the laptop open screen down. I removed the battery and wireless card. I let it dry for 3 days while cleaning the keyboard several times with alcohol and qtips. When I tried to power up...nothing. The power light will blink and then an orange light, then nothing. When installing the battery, the charge light will blink. Please help me! What more can I do? I have disassembled desktops before, but never a laptop.
I just powered up the laptop. I held down on the power button and it booted. The screen is very dim, I can barely see it and the touchpad doesn't seem to work. Can you or anyone help? Please?

A:Coke spilled on Laptop. Pls Help!

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I don't have the boot disk.  Any advice is appreciated!

A:ACER Aspire 7750-6669 PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel PXE R...

If you can access bios with F2, check thee boot tab that the HDD is the first to boot. It sounds like network is trying to boot first.Or try F-12 and pick HDD.If you still have the Recovery, hold down ALT and F-10 and see if Recovery will start.

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I accidentally spilled some coke on my Acer Aspire laptop keyboard. I opened it up and cleaned what I could but now the keyboard either doesn't respond or presses buttons at random.

It is a chiclet keyboard.

What options do I have? Will it help if I completely remove the keyboard and try to clean it completely or do I have to order a replacement keyboard?

A:Spilled coke in laptop keyboard..

I would remove it and soak it in distilled water and wipe it down. Allow plenty of drying time. Then try again to see if it's still sticky. I say distilled because tap water has minerals in it.

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A:Solved: Solved: Ever have a coke machine still your quarter? Well, my computerjust stole my DVD!

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I have an aspire 7750-6669 laptop and just upgraded to Windows 10, from Windows 7 Home Premium( or Premiere) yesterday. I got the error message that the Dolby Advanced Audio? v2 was not working. I went to the drivers listed under my product, aspire 7750, and reinstalled the Windows 8 audio file, because no option for Windows 10 was there. It still didn't work. So then I went to the Realtek website and downloaded the driver for Windows 10.  I now get the error message "the current Dolby audio driver is version 7.2.8000.17 and the software application expects driver version 7.2.7000.7. Please install a valid driver and software application combination." Any suggestions on how to fix this error message so that I have the correct Dobly audio driver?  I would appreciate any help - otherwise I guess I'll go to my previous Windows version. Thanks.

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HiSpilled tea on laptop now won't turn on it is less month old. What do I do?

A:Spill on laptop

Spills not covered by standard warranty. What model, please?

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I spilled something on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 5160). At first it would only turn on for half a second now the computer turns on (green lights on and fan is on), but there is no display and no sound (such as a beep or the windows chime).


A:Spill on laptop

Take it to a repair shop and let them give you a price estimate. The diagnosis work will probably be sth like $100-$200

Assuming that miracles don't happen.. At minimum you will need to have the motherboard replaced. In additon, keyboard, power supply, hard drive, battery, pretty much anything that could have been shorted out or corroded. You are probably looking at a repair cost of $500-$1000

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Me and my hard drive managed to survive my house fire. The computer was destroyed but the ram and hard drive are still good. But i am wondering should i take the hard drive apart and change the filter so it doesnt suck all the smoke residue in, or should i just leave it alone and not risk taking it apart. The house burnt to the ground but the metal case saved the hard drive. the hard drive is completely black now. I can wipe the smoke off with a little rubbing alcohol though. Im worried that the rubber seal between the pieces of the hard drive will not reseal after taking it apart becuase of the heat. Could the smoke residue in the filter even affect the hard drive? And if i do decide to change the filter should i just clean the filter out or buy a new one. And where could i buy a new one

A:Solved: Hard drive survived fire

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Hello everyone, i have a laptop that sucked up some water through the bottom. Not sure how much got up in there, but now there is no power. No power with just battery or just AC. Push the power button and nothing happens. I removed the Ram Hard drive and battery and let sit for a few days and still nothing. Did the motherboard just fry or possibly the CPU? Its a HP Omnibook xe4600. Thank You.

A:Water Spill with Laptop

not even the bios came on. nothing. flatline. to me that says, fried mobo. that thing is dead mate. if i were you, i'd get a new mobo and see if the other parts are still working. and if you can't determine that, or do it easily, then ask a professional to test the processor and the graphics chip and other parts. if they still work, you can save some money and just get a new mobo hopefully. otherwise...you're kinda screwed.

by the way...if you can, try to avoid hp. they are seriously going down in terms of quality and warranty support. gateway, lenovo, acer, and a few other brands are now the way to go.

but that's a side note...yeah...get a new motherboard first. sorry about that...not exactly a very pleasant thing to have happen to you, let alone to have someone tell you what you feared most....i wish you the best.

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Yesterday I spilled about a cup of coffee with milk (no sugar) on my Pavilion DV6. The spill was directly on the keyboard. My laptop I'm guessing short circuited by itself too quickly for me to turn it off first. I'm not very good with hardware and whatnot so I'm not sure if my laptop short circuited but about two seconds after the spill the screen and all lights died so for now I'm assuming that was a short circuit.

I immediately removed the battery and tried my best to tilt my laptop in a way that would get as much of the excess liquid out as I could. After, I used a hair dryer's cold setting on the laptop for a few minutes.

I then (now I realize, stupidly) tried putting the battery back in and immediately pulled it out again upon hearing ominous soft popping noises from below the keyboard.

I left the laptop to dry with a fan overnight and took it apart this morning. I took off the back "ProtectSmart" cover, the keyboard, and the CD drive to clean under them with rubbing alcohol as best as I could.

After leaving it to dry for a few minute I tried putting the battery back in. This time I heard no noises and am unsure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing...when I plug in the charger the battery light flickers for a half second then dies out and after I pull the charger out the light comes back on for about two seconds then dies out. My laptop did not boot up so I tried the holding the power button down with the battery out tri... Read more

A:Coffee spill on laptop...

Likely not. If it's a newer model, you can try taking/sending it in for service.

Otherwise, I'd pull the HDD (to save your data), and buy a replacement.

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Hi!I spilled juice on my desk and the juice traveled to the bottom left of my laptop where the vents are. I powered it off immediately and unplugged it. The battery was not attached to the laptop at that time. After wiping away the liquid on the case with tissue and a bit of isopropyl alcohol, I opened up the bottom and inspected to see if there was any leakage. There was no liquid found inside the laptop. To be sure, It's now drying in front of a fan. Any recommendations or advice to possibly salvage my laptop?

A:Liquid spill under laptop

Katara93 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about liquid spilled on your laptop and wanted to help. Best thing to do right now is NOT turn on the laptop.Here are some steps you should take:  You Just Spilled Water Or Coffee On Your Laptop - Here's What You Should DoGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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HI guys, i need a solution to my laptop.i ordered my laptop in November which makes it not up to 3months with me. The issue here is that i accidentally spilled liquid on the laptop keyboard and i immediately turned the upside down so that the liquid could come off but I noticed that it had already spread to the screen. i don't know what to do  as the shift key is becoming sticky but the laptop still works fine with no issues except for the sticky keyboard and the liquid mark on the screen.  Any solution provided would be helpful

A:Liquid Spill on Laptop

For the long term, It will need to be cleaned. A liquid, especially one containing sugar can be quite lethal to a notebook or desktop PC. I highly recommend that you do not use the notebook until it is repaired. Contact HP for warranty service. http://support.hp.com/us-en/checkwarranty/

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Earlier this morning dr.pepper spilled all over my laptop. AT first it was fine ( should have turned it off immediately) but then the screen went black and eventually the power went off. Since then I have taken everything out, dried all parts, and tried to turn it back on. The power is now on but the screen is completely black. I noticed when i took the keyboard apart there was a wire coming out from the screen thats not connected to anything. Not sure if thats a problem, but im just putting it out there. Please give solutions on how to fix it! Obviously if it can go on its not completely fried

A:Laptop and Dr.Pepper spill

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure what section to put it in.
I've just recently spilled water on my laptop keyboard. It wasn't a lot and I instantly got paper towels to help clear it up after I quickly turned the power off.
I made sure to keep cleaning with the towel and pressing on the keys gently to put more water out for it to be absorbed.
It's turned on fine, and so far I've not noticed any keyboard issues.
Will my laptop be fine, or should I do something else just to make sure?
The water mostly spilled on part of the speaker, the power button, and a few of the keys. There's no water anymore and everything feels dry, and like I said it was a small amount of water.

A:Laptop water spill

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Well,as I have decided not to kill myself, yet, here is what happened. I accidentally spilled hot chocolate milk on my laptop keyboard. Toshiba satellite A505 S6981

I didn't know at that time, one week ago,that I had to take the battery out..I just took the ac power off...instead I did it like 4 hours after, in the meantime I put the laptop on a side in order to let the most quantity of liquid outside the laptop.

Then I dissasembled and clean it with isopropilic alcohol, and let it dry open for several hours. After that I reassembled, it boots but sometimes said :battery disconected, a few minutes after, battery showed 100 percent full, and then battery disconected again.
So I turn it down, and try to boot...and never went on again. It shows two system icon lights (outside) the power light and the battery light, both on and white. But it wont boot.

When I disassembled it I looked for the cmos battery and I realized it is one of those soldered ones.....urggg

What I wanted to do was to change the cmos and see if it by doing that the pc boot again. I don't know. I am lost, and have no money to take it to a repair center.

What would you do? Should I consider it dead or do I have some hope?.......thanks

A:Laptop died after milk spill...please help...

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Can I get a tool that plugs into a USB port for sound?

A:Liquid spill on laptop now sound is gone

Hi, There are many USB-Sound adapters around, such as:      https://www.startech.com/au/Cards-Adapters/Sound/USB-Audio/USB-to-Audio-Converter-External-SPDIF-Sou...     http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/USB-2-0-to-3D-AUDIO-SOUND-CARD-EXTERNAL-ADAPTER-VIRTUAL-5-1-CH-MIC-Headph... Regards.

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My grandson spilled a glass of milk on the keyboard of his laptop. I had him turn it upside down and remove the battery. He left it sitting this way for a couple weeks. That was about a month ago and so far, it seems to be working fine. I'm wondering if there is anything I should do to try to clean out any dried milk?

Thanks for any advice.


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I accidentally spilled water on my laptop with Windows 7. Is it salvageable?

A:Windows 7 laptop - water spill

Turn it upside down, take out the battery, disconnect any peripherals and/or cables, and open it up.

Leave it this way for 48 hours.

After the 48 hours, plug in the charger cable and try to boot the machine up.

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Hi everyone, I think I'm out of luck here. Let me explain what happened in detail.

I have a laptop which model is pretty similar to the MSI GT80 Titan, except it's sold and built by CyberPower PC. And no, they aren't the problem. I was playing a game two days ago and I spilled Kool-aid over my keyboard. It mainly hit the leftmost side, so naturally I didn't really panic because I thought that the keyboard (because it's mechanical) wouldn't be able to get into the components. I kept playing after the spill but then I decided I should do something, so I wiped it off and took it apart.

I cleaned it all up, and nothing managed to get into the core components. I wait a day, boot, and the keyboard is a bit broken. I grab a blow dryer and I revive it apart from sticky keys. So, I use the straw method to fix them, but in the process I may have shorted out the red LED strip above the keyboard. No big deal, right? I guess not. Another day passes, today, and I notice the escape key is still sticky so I perform the straw method again. I dry it via blow dryer, take off the back cover, blow dry that for a while, and then proceed to unscrew the whole bottom cover to expose some of the keyboard to check for more damage. In the process I pull up near the battery, it moves up, but that's no surprise, because it sits on a metal frame that holds it up. So I inspect the keyboard, it looks fine, and I screw everything back together.

I press the power button a... Read more

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HELP!! I spilled some Mike's Hard Lemonade on my HP G6 keyboard last night. I immediately turned it on it's left side (in the direction of the spilled-on keys so as not to spread the mess) and dried it off with paper towels. Now, this morning, the F, G, and Backspace keys aren't working. Nothing happens when I press them. I don't feel any "stickiness" when I press the keys and everything seems to be dry now. I've watched some YouTube videos on how to REPLACE the keyboard but I'm wondering if I should take the keyboard off as is shown in the videos and just clean it or something. I'm afraid to take it apart and ruin it (it's only 6 months old!!) or make the warranty invalid but I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have a tip for me? Thanks

A:several keys not working after liquid spill on hp g6 laptop

Hey PhancyNancy,  I'm so sorry to hear you had a spill! It's always a terrible "stomach in your throat" feeling.  You may be able to take it apart and clean it without voiding the warranty. I'll need to know your full product number to know whether the keyboard on that particular model is considered "customer replaceable" (in other words, can you remove it and put it back on even just to clean it, without voiding the warranty). You can find your product number on the bottom. It could be abbreviated 'P/N'.  Hopefully it is only your keyboard that is affected. It's tough with spills because you can always see the effects that spills have on some components in the computer and they may not fail immediately, but could fail in the future. You did the right thing though by putting it on its side. Let me know your product number and I can give you lots more information on part numbers and replacement procedures if the keyboard is "customer replaceable".   

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Sorry if I didn't post on the right section.

So basically I spilled liquid on my laptop keyboard and now it doesn't work anymore.
I turned it upside down for a while, I blow dried it and yeah at first it worked but after like... 2 minutes it stopped working forever! Guess the liquid short circuited the keyboard.

Should I just send my laptop in to some store and get it fixed?
Or should I remove the keys (which sounds really complicate and a delicate work)
Maybe I should uninstall the keyboard driver and re install in?

For more info I'm using a COMPAQ Presario v6000

***P.S: The weirdest thing is that when I open my laptop, it makes a loud beeping noise and then I kinda freezes on the startup screen (shows COMPAQ, and tells you to press ESC for config)
So I press ESC hoping it works and yeah it does. I press ESC again and windows starts up.
-> Does it mean that only the ESC button on my keyboard work?

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I spilled about half a cup of water on my laptop keyboard. Immediately unplugged, soaked up visible water with towel, propped laptop upside down to let the water drain out. At first, in my frantic state of mind, I thought I should leave the battery in to keep the fans running and blow evaporated moisture out. Read an article that said I should take out the battery, turned around, and saw that the screen had gone black. I took the battery out. I now have it propped upside-down with fans blowing on it from above and below.

I've read some articles, but they just tell me what to do right away. What I really want to know is, assuming I get it all dried out, what are the odds that the laptop will be okay? I mean, it's just water, not coffee or soda or anything.

UPDATE: Just checked the ingredients on another bottle of the same water. Purified water, calcium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate. Hopefully residual calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate will not destroy my computer over time.

A:Chances of a Laptop Recovering from Water Spill?

I think the odds are pretty good. Just let it dry naturally for a few days.

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My wife spilled half a glass of water on the laptop Toshiba 7020ct.
she cleaned it up.

after this incident the keys are typing the wrong letters for eg. if i
type H i get G and some times two or more letters for the same key.

She says she has pressed the keys vigorously during the cleaning i was
wondering if she activated some key or compressed some key which is
causing the problem.

i cleaned the keys by removing the keys but it did not help

I noticed some thing else when i switch on the computer it gives me a
message saying update EC / KBC . Where can i find this and how do i

I can use external keyboard and mouse with out any problem.

I am a computer illiterate please help

thanks in advance


email address

[email protected]

A:Water spill on laptop - keyboard problem

Go here and see if this will help ya out.


Good luck.

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All the keys arnt working except for a, b and a few others... help! I turned the labtop to the side and wiped it down...

A:several keys not working after liquid spill on hp g6 laptop

Lilly20100225 wrote:All the keys arnt working except for a, b and a few others... help! I turned the labtop to the side and wiped it down...There's not anything you can do other than replace the internal keyboard OR use an external keyboard.  Hopefully, the keyboard was the only part that was damaged by the spill. If you want me to locate the part/price for you, please post your HP Product Number (P/N) so that I can be accurate.

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Hi all. I am looking at trying to make this PC last a bit longer as its for my brother who JUST wants to play World of Warcraft. I know its a low gpu usage so thought I could just stick in a okish gpu and get him running. I am not sure though if it has the correct power?

Here is a link to the spec. Please tell me if it will take one or not. If not, any ideas what I could do? One slight change is it now uses XP and not Vista.

Also http://www.foxconnchannel.com/ProductDetail.aspx?T=motherboard&U=en-us0000346

Edit: Also, if it can run the 7750, which one do I pick? I am in a head spin trying to work out which is best...
This is what i have my eye on

A:Solved: Can my OLD computer run a Radeon 7750?

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i spilled a glass of wine on my dell xps. i seemed to have done all of the right steps by shutting it off, removing battery, cleaning keyboard externally but then i noticed some keys were still sticking so i took it apart, with manual carefully, and there was only a wee bit of spots on the keyboard internally so cleaned with alcohol. all seemed well but when i reassembled the monitor isn't working. i can hear that it is starting up and working properly but the monitor is black. i was very careful with the cables, i didn't remove them or anything...does anyone know what could be happening?


A:Saved laptop from spill but after taking apart monitor not working?

The LCD requires two cables, one for power, and the other the display connector.

It is likely the display cable which is probably ribbbon style, has come out of the back of the LCD's circuit connector block.

Either that, or one of the inverter leads has been slightly pulled out of the connector block and isn't making proper contact.

My advice would be to strip the display surround off, and remove the plastic trim running across the top of the keyboard and then check all the connections and with it in pieces, run it up again.

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I have the Acer Aspire E15, and recently I spilled milk over the keyboard and some keys don't work, including the powerbutton, aka the only power button on the whole laptop, is there a way to turn it on without it, or atleast a quick way to fix it, or long way either is fine I just want to turn it on.

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I spill water on my laptop earlier it showes automatic repair preparing, and its restating again againwhat could be the problem can i do it myself or i need to go to shop?

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I replaced a GTX 550 with a Radeon 7750 video card. It seems to be a little better card but it displays Office 365 weird. I attached a snippet of the not fixed display problem with a snippet of two of the problems I was able to fix. Maybe they are related. Anyway if you look at the snippets I think you will be able to see better.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 1 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 16330 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 259063 MB, Free - 47659 MB; D: Total - 46022 MB, Free - 11763 MB; F: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 1350343 MB; H: Total - 2861575 MB, Free - 1205748 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., M5A97
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Thank you for taking time to consider this problem.

A:Solved: Radeon 7750 card makes Office 365 display weird

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I just wrote a post but i missed the model type. Which is T580-After a coke spill on my work computer some keys are working poorly.  How do I remove the keybord and clean it? And put it back together! I would really appriciate some help. I think its the suger that is the problem..  Best regardsE

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All of a sudden, I'm no longer able to use any kind of sites with Java, regardless of whether I'm using IE or Firefox. I always get the error "Applet (whatever) notinit" and then "Loading Java Applet Failed..."

This is a sudden problem, never had this problem before. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Java twice, to no avail. Java's website says that I have Java installed fine, and that if I want to install it, I need to uninstall Java and then reinstall it.

I have Java logs from it happens, if they're of any help.

A:Solved: Java took a spill!

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When I start my Toshiba satellite laptop, this message appears in black and white and nothing will load unless I hit the backspace key or have a CD in the drive from the time it was previously "on." What is causing this: <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe? Also, I spilled Diet Coke (so, no sugar) on my keypad. Although I salvaged it by flipping it over and turning it off, my Ctrl (control) key seems to stick-- not physically, but a short somewhere. I adjusted my sticky/filter keys settings so that my computer ignores repeated key strokes so I can type b/c before it wouldn't even let me type. Everything else functions perfectly fine-- would a new keypad fix my problem since the motherboard itself appears to be fine? I realize these are complicated questions to answer without looking at it, but please help me! This is a fairly new and expensive birthday/Christmas-for-the-next-five-years kinda present and I'm an idiot!!

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I bought my laptop from a school that will cover any accidental damage to the machine for 4 years, replacing it with a newer model for a deductible.

My friend planned to replace her machine, so she had it up and running a hard-drive hogging program while she sloshed Coke all over the keyboard. The tech support ruled her computer a "total loss" and will replace her computer.

I would like to get a new computer (everyone does this at the end of their senior year!), but my computer simply isn't working. It goes to the start up screen but won't boot the hard drive at all. If I were to spill Coke on the machine but the hard drive isn't running, what's the chance that everything will be ruined - not just the motherboard? Tech support will only replace the whole computer if everything is damaged, and this computer isn't worth replacing only a piece if you're not getting the whole shebang.

A:Spilled Coke, Hard Drive not running?

I guess this school does not have a class in ethics.
I am going to close this thread; it falls under the "Other illegal activities

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My son has an Acer Aspire Laptop 5630. For some reason when you try and turn it on nothing happens, this will happen 2 or 3 times then it will start to boot up. It then goes to the blue screen where it starts to check the Hard Drive after it has finished checking the drive it starts again to check the drive and just keeps on repeating this action has anyone got any ideas as to what is happening. The OS is XP home sp3. Any help much appreciated.

A:Solved: Acer aspire laptop

try to boot into safe Mode tap F8 as it boots up

has this happened since SP3 installed ?

the not being abloe to switch on my be a secondary problem

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Does anyone know how I can connect my laptop to my tv. I have an Acer 5735 with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD graphics card inside.

I've tried to find out if the card will let me do TV-out but I can't seem to find any information on it.

Thanks for any help

A:Solved: Connecting Acer laptop to TV?

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I have been struggling with my dependence on Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) and the demise of my old laptop. I am pleased by the improved accuracy of version 10 and was chagrined to learn that it would not install on the beautiful, new ACER Aspire 6930G with it's gee whiz 64 bit Vista operating system. Nuance promises their commitment to eventually supporting 64 bit OS so I liked the solution I found on-line of installing a new hard drive and XP Professional while saving the new drive with its installed software for the day the update is released when I can unleash the 64 bit CPU. So far so good. I am embarassed now to admit that I cannot figure out how to (nondestructively) remove the hard drive and have been unable to find service info on line. Can someone point me in the right direction?


A:Solved: Insides of an Acer laptop

I'm assuming that you've been to Acer's support site but in case you haven't here is the link: http://www.acerpanam.com/synapse/fo...m/us&siteid=7293&areaid=7&formid=3390#results

This is for the Acer Aspire 6930 (No G listed) however it will at least get you to their support web site and this model has to be close.

BTW, most HD's in laptops now days are SATA so if you purchase a new HD make sure it is the correct one.

Good Luck.

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Hi Friends,

I am Using a Acer Laptop 1.6 Ghz Speed with 1 GB Ram. The Laptop is in Perfect
runing Condition with No Complains. However, when I need to go out on my calls. I try
to put the Laptop on Standby and go. But now .....??? when I put it on standby, it just
gets stuck and does not move.

Fyi, I have noticed that on the Taskbar, there are some windows updates that needs to
be updated, which are pending. Could this be the reason for the laptop to get stuck on

Your Help on this matter will be apprecaited. Thanks

Best Regards

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We have a Acer Aspire 5520 series laptop.Left on for a while and when came back it wouldn't come out of 'sleep' mode but hitting ESC and then the power on button just cause it to cycle, click on click off but never restarting. Even removed battery to see if that would 'reset' things--no change. Is this completely fried? Sure hope not; got lotsa stuff on it. HELP!
I have posted this on the 'Vista' place, hope one of these is right. Tnx KJ

A:Solved: Acer laptop cycling on/off

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I want to upgrade my CPU, Hard drive, and Ram for this computer. I need to know what other Socket 754 CPU's i.e. 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 or 2.6 GHz processors I can go to without problems. What is the maximum amount of PC-2700DDR Ram I can use? What the best 100GB-200GB Hard drive would be good to replace my current Toshiba Hard drive. I have had this computer for 3+/- years and the Hard Drive just started having problems so I just want to upgrade everything at once.I attached a .doc file with my current configuration. Thanks for any help. George

A:Solved: Upgrade my Acer laptop

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G'day Guys,
My Acer Laptop when I turn it on I receive a POPUP saying In blue eRAgent and under that An invalid encounter
I click OK and it goes away. Anybody knows what it means?
Cheers Aussie Pom

A:Solved: Acer Laptop With Windows XP

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 510 14AST laptop. It's still under warranty. My laptop was on the bed and i had coke in my hand so while opening the cap the fizz came off and got spilt some on the trackpad and the keyboard. What is to be done next? I also have a ADP (Accidental Damagae Protection Warranty)

A:LENOVO YOGA 510-14AST Coke spilt on keyboard

If laptop was damaged by spill and you have ADP call support to have laptop fixed.  Is your laptop damaged?  Or you just wonder if its damaged what to do?

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