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Soundblaster audigy 2 help, trouble shooting, config. HELP!!!!

Q: Soundblaster audigy 2 help, trouble shooting, config. HELP!!!!

i bought a creative labs sound blaster audigy 2. Im not sure what model it is , because when i ordered it, it only came in a cardboard box with driver. I had soundmax integrated audio. That is onboard sound. I uninstalled that, and then shut down the computer. Then i put in my new sound card, which is a sound blaster audigy 2. Then i turned the computer on, and went into the BIOS and disbabled the onboard audi. WHen i logged in, and went to device manager, it showed up under video and sound etc with an exclamation point. When i put in the cd to install the drivers, the error message said that the system didnt detect the card, and that it wasnt put in. I double checked to make sure the card was in. It was. So the problem that im having is that i have disabled onboard sound, and put in my sound card, but when i try to install the drivers, they wont install and it will show an error. WHAT SHOULD I DO ? YOUR HELP IS VERY APPRECIATED. THANKS.

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Preferred Solution: Soundblaster audigy 2 help, trouble shooting, config. HELP!!!!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi, I use stereo headphones for gaming and want a good surround sound experience. The RX is 7.1 the Z is only 5.1, what would be the best choice?

A:Soundblaster Audigy RX vs Soundblaster Z

The Soundblaster Audigy RXhas a SNR of 106dB while the Creative Sound Blaster z is 116dB. since your only using stereo headphones the 7.1 vs the 5.1 doesnt matter for you

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so i built my new computer on sunday. it was my first time building one. its worked perfect but i have one problem. i had to test all the ports to see which one i had to plug my headphones into. now i put my microphone into the one with the picture of a microphon above it and it doesnt work. i tried every other one and it still doesnt work. does anyone have any ideas whats wrong?

A:soundblaster audigy 2 zs help

I'm assuming you're using the microphone jack that's either directly on the motherboard or on the audio card. If it's in the front of the case, it needs to be connected internally for it to work.
With that said..
Check your audio settings.
Doubleclick on the speaker icon on bottom right
If you don't see it, then go to Start:All Programs:Accessories:Entertainment:Volume Control.
In the new window you should see Microphone. If not, go to Options, Properties. Check the Microphone box.
This will allow you to hear through your speakers what the mic picks up.
There's more...
Next go to Options, Properties. select Recording. Make sure the Microphone has a check mark. Click OK.
In here is what allows the mic to be used in other programs.

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I wanted to switch headphones, so I unplugged my current ones and plugged in the new ones. No sound came out. So I switched back, and still no sound came out. I then tried my speakers, but the result remained the same. I don't recall being particularily rough when I unplugged them the first time, so I do not know what the problem could be. If anyone could shed some light on the matter I would appreciate it

A:Odd error - SoundBlaster Audigy

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i was running audigy gamer on win xp pro and it randomly locked up no matter what i was doing. i got fed up after downloading their latest drivers, and tweaking this and that, so i bought the audigy 2. that solved my problem as far as the lock ups and crashes, but now i can't hear my rear speakers no matter what i play. i have the klipsch 4.1. i have tweaked, used this sites tweak guide to no avail. i still hear nothing from the rear speakers. funniest of all, the rear speakers will test, hear them just fine in the test just no where else. what gives? i've also downloaded every driver known to man. need help.

system info:
xp 2100+
gigabyte 7vax mb
1.0 gb ram
aiw 9700 pro
window xp pro
120 gb hd
samsung 16x dvd
sony 40x burner

A:Freaking soundblaster Audigy

i think that the way the audigy2 drivers are, they won't output a stereo source (such as mp3s) to the rear speakers and will output only to 2 front speakers. it will still play 5.1 or 4 speaker surround audio sources (i.e. games), however. i had your same reaction when i first used the audigy2. i think you can go check on the cmss 3d box on the eax advanced hd control panel so sound will output on all of your speakers but it will also upmix you audio source. i don't know if you like the soundcard upmixing your sources. i have some altec lansing 641 speakers so i just have to press the stereox2 function on my remote to have 4.1 sound. laters

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Driver version SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0017

Anyone found a fix for the mic issues with this?
SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0017 Windows Driver ? No More Goat Soup
"Vista / Windows 7 microphone issues still remain (undocumended by Creative Labs, typical ? *Goat)"

The mic is Line-In 2.

Uninstalled and re-installed driver.

When I first install the driver the mic works, but I get feedback through the speakers, if I try to change the settings in the recording device panel, Line-In 2 becomes unavailable.


A:Audigy Soundblaster 2 Mic issues

You need to mute the mic under playback, not in recording.

Also are you connecting the mic to the line-in jack or the mic jack?

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Hey, I have recently bought a Creative Soundblaster Audigy FX 5.1 sound card, however, although it is showing in my devices list, I can't select it as an output option in sound settings. Any help would be appreciated.

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I was using my onboard audio on my Gigabyte EG31M-S2 motherboard up until recently when it started to give me annoying distortion when I turned the volume up loud. I went and baught a soundcard from a local store I could find, which was a soundblaster audigy (yea its pretty old I know). The card has 3 line outs, and 1 line in. My onboard audio had 3 sound ports but it had a software manager that let you change whether a port was line in or out. I need two line in's on my Audigy soundcard, I was wondering if there was a program that could change what the function of the port on the soundcard was, of it Creative Labs had the same kind of sound manager Realtek (my onboard sound) has. IF possible, would I be able to use my line-in on my onboard audio and get the sound to play on the line out of my soundcard, or can you not cross two different audio devices like that. Thanks!

A:Soundblaster Audigy question

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So I got this new Soundcard and it was working fine up until an hour ago. I checked the divers and they're all up to date. System specs are in the pictures attached.

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I Installed the soundcard but I get no sound the mic works but the sound seems to be conflicting with the graphics cards high definition audio

A:no sound soundblaster audigy fx

If you installed a separate sound card, you must disable the on board (on the motherboard) audio in the BIOS. Both sound devices enabled can cause conflicts or the on-board to override the new SoundBlaster.

The Video card's HDMI audio is normally only active if an HDMI cable is connected, otherwise your SoundBlaster should be set as default audio playback device. With the SoundBlaster you should set your default recording device to "What You Hear" (what SoundBlaster calls the System Mixer).

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I have been examining my soundblaster 2 ZS and noticed the cable connection on the right side of the card. Can anyone tell me what cable will connect to this receptical and what it is used for? Appreciate any help/ Thanks

A:Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS

you're probably looking at the header for the front panel on the case or the CD-R drive connection

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I know this will have been done to death, but it's late, and I've been putting my new system together since 5pm (it's now 11.30pm).

I've upgraded most of my computer (motherboard, cpu, ram). I kept my old soundcard as I believe it to be quite good.

1. Is the soundcard any good?
2. Windows 7 refuses to acknowledge it's existence. I've tried the AudigySupportPack drivers linked to in a few threads on here, and some beta drivers from the Creative site but still no joy*. Is it likely that I've broken the soundcard during the change? There's nothing flagged in Device Manager, it's as if the card isn't plugged in to the motherboard (it is, I've checked. Thrice).

*I get an error message that 'setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system......'.

A:Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum

Did you install the motherboard's chipset drivers? One of the prime things the chipset drivers do is define (identify) the devices on the motherboard and in turn what is attached to the motherboard. If you have the correct sound drivers the chipset drivers could be the problem.

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i have fitted soundblaster audigy platinum ex sound card but cannot get sound

i think i need to disable the onboard sound card in the bios but am unsure how to do this
i think the sound card is integrated into the motherboard.
i am not 100% sure on the make of motherboard but think it may be ati n-videa

can anybody help me please?

A:No sound soundblaster audigy

Question. This may sound dumb, but are you sure you plugged the jack into the correct soundcard? If you left it in your onboard card's jack, you won't get sound no matter what.

As for disabling the onboard card, it depends on your BIOS options. On startup, there's usually a screen that says Press ____ for startup options and Press ___ to enter BIOS. It's usually something like Escape, Delete, or one of the Function Keys like F1, F2....etcetera.

Hit the BIOS function key and look around for where your soundcard options are. If you don't have any, you have to do it in the Device Manager.

Load Windows and go to Start >> Control Panel >> System >> Hardware Tab >> Device Manager. Once you're in there, find your onboard soundcard, right click it, and disable it or uninstall it.

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I seem to have misplaced my CD for installing my sound blaster audigy drivers. And the soundblaster site doesnt have the drivers.. only the update tp the CD.. which i dont have.

Is there any place i can get these drivers. (not all the programs that come on the CD.. just the drivers.) Is there anywhere i can get it?

You help is greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance.

A:SoundBlaster Audigy Drivers

Hello =),

It is not fun when you don't have drivers for hardware =/.

What sound card do you have ?

- Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
- Sound Blaster Audigy MP3
- Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum
- Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX

creative.com does not have the right drivers ?


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I use my comp to watch dvds...I'm using powerdvd 5, and whenever I use headphones, in the left speaker, every 5 seconds, theres a beep. It also happens on some of my dvd's title screens, like if theres alot of white coloring, it'll beep and whine...I've set it up for headphones, and gone through every setting to troubleshoot. I'm at my wits end here..
Anyone know what this is and how to stop it?

hmmm, had my specs in my sig, I wonder what happened...

amd athlon 1500+
biostar m7vig pro motherboard
768mb sdram
nvidia geforce fx 5900 xt
soundblaster audigy2 zs platinum
samsung dvd rom-cd/rw combo
windows xp pro sp 1

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I just installed Win 7 64 bit and before I was using Vista Ultimate 32 bit with no problem at all but now the system cannot find my soundcard ??? I try to download the driver on Creative but I fot an error message that the card is not detected on my system ??? Someone can help me please ? THANKS !

A:SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum and Win 7 ?

You failed to fill in your System Specs, but on many PC's (especially Dell's) if the motherboard chipset drivers were not installed many devices including the sound device or card will not be detected.

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Hi all,

I've recently purchased a new soundblaster Audigy SE sound card on my aging XP system.

When I run the installation disk it tells me that the install was successful and on reboot the creative autoupdate software detects the card and the driver version.

However the PC does not! It displays the 'New hardware discovered' message and prompts me for the drivers.

If I look in control panel->audio devices it says none installed. If I look in the device manager it's shown as a yellow question mark and says it is not configured properly.

The steps I've taken so far:
Flashed the BIOS,
installed latest chipset drivers,
Uninstalled old drivers via XP and Driver cleaner PRO
Installed drivers via disk/autoupdate/ let XP find them / directly from device manager.

I'm at a bit of a loss?!

My system comprises:
AMD Athlon 2400+
Asus A7V8X motherboard with Via KT400 chipset
1Gig Ram
NVidia 7600gs

Any ideas guys?

A:Soundblaster Audigy SE install not recognised

Couple of quick ideas (I'm sure confirmed)
SP2 ? (obviously yes)
Exact Driver for your system:

The only other option is remove any sound in Add/Remove programs
And remove all sound drivers from Safe mode (sometimes you see more in there)

Pls download the above driver

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was listening to wmp & internet radio, heard loud screeching, mouse froze & so did pc. hit power button to turn off & when restarted message new device found, please insert cd to complete installation. it's a pci bus device and apparently has something to do with my sound card. now i can't hear anything. have uninstalled all the audigy & creative components, reninstalled & now it says i have no sound card installed! the diagnostic suggests i take the cover off the tower, disconnect all plugs & cables and unscrew; then gently remove the audio card from its slot, align & reinsert. i'm not comfortable doing that. isn't it likely that for whatever reason the sound card has petered out? should i just go buy another one when i can afford it & is it easy enuff to replace myself or should i pay a technician to do it. i live in a rural area so either way it's gonna be a chore thx for any advice!!!

A:Solved: creative soundblaster audigy 2

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I recently upgraded my computer (new MoBo, processor, ram, and vid. card). I have a Sound Blaster Audigy LS, and it used to work fine, but now it does a little stutter thing every few seconds. It does this regardless of what application I'm using (games, music, video, etc.) Also, it seems to slow down the performance a bit when playing games. If I take out the Audigy and just use the onboard MoBo sound, these problems disappear (it just doesn't sound as good).

I am running Windows 2000 SP4.
I checked in the Device Manager and the only (possibly) weird thing I noticed was that I have a large nubmer of things on the same IRQ:

SB Audigy LS
NVIDIA GeForce 6800GS
NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator
NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management
NVIDIA nForce4 Inter Edition Serial ATA Controller (x2)
Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller
Standard OpenHCD PCI to USB Host Controller
VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller

I'm not sure if it's related, but the USB ports on my new Motherboard are also finnicky. My USB mouse works fine, but if I plug in my iPod to charge on another USB port, my mouse just freezes and I have to reboot for it to work again. I've also had a couple other USB-related problems.

Does anyone have any ideas about the sound problem? Thanks.

A:SoundBlaster Audigy stutter problem

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Hi, ive recently brought a soundblaster audigy live sound card ( it only cost me 3 quid) but cant seem to find the drivers to run it, ive downloaded, tried to install using xp, vista, vista sp1 & sp2 protocols but no joy, i believe i can install drivers for this sound card onto win7 but am starting to have doubts can anybody help me as im running out of ideas. thank you

A:Solved: soundblaster audigy live

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I've tried everything to get my soundblaster working in windows 8 by upgrading drivers etc but haven't found a solution...Has anybody else had problems with this?

A:Creative Audigy zs soundblaster problem

Are there Win 7 drivers for it? I'm using the Win 7 drivers for my Audigy 4 and it is working fine. With the default Windows drivers it sounded crackly, but the ones from Creative are fine.

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In this review http://www.techspot.com/reviews/hardware/audigy2zs/audigyzs-7.shtml

Thomas McGuire says "As before, 2 Speaker output mode is acceptable, with most competitors offering superior 2 Speaker output modes" Which competitors offer better 2 speaker mode as I'm mostly going to be using headphones or 2 speakers. I currently have a Fortissimo 3, but loose a lot of FPS in UT2004 when I use Hardware 3D sound or EAX. It sounds much better with the high sound settings but the frame rate drop is just too much.


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Soundblaster Audigy DirectSound issues [updated problem not limited to SB Audigy]

Hi spose I'd best start with my specs

Abit IT7-Max2 mbrd
Intel P4 2.8GHz
1024MB RAM
Nvidia GeForce 6600 from PNY
Soundblaster Audigy Platinum (the cause of my woes)
120 GB HDD
Windows XP Home (Legal version!)

So my problem

Last week I tried to install Sim City 4 with no luck at all - the installer kept hanging, in trying to prevent this I played around with selective startup from msconfig.

This caused me an even bigger problem.

When I rebooted I got a message saying that the hardware in my PC had changed significantly from when I had first activated windows and that I needed to reactivate it. however I seemed to have lost all access to the internet and could not do so. Also Norton internet security no longer started with windows, nor would it start from the programs folder.

So I got my windows disk and reinstalled over the top of the damaged version of windows, then reinstalled nortons as well.

However when I reinstalled windows I had a problem installing the soundcard drivers as it was asking for the drivers to be in a different location than they were on the disk and in fact I could not find one of them on the disk although there was one very similar (i figured I must have updated the driver at some point) anyway I logged onto creatives website today and downloaded the driver that the webupdate reccomended (Soundblaster Audigy, Audigy 2 series and Audigy4 se... Read more

A:Soundblaster Audigy DirectSound issues

also just to make things more confusing, whichever card I try to use shows up as working ok within device manager

and I am now getting an error message on startup saying that the sound card in the system is not properly installed

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I just installed a driver update for a soundblaster Audigy 2 PCI Audio card it all installed correctly but when it asked for me to reboot my Windows xp and started back up Now my mouse witch is usb does not work as a matter of fact none of my USB ports work now what do I need to do to correct this issue...

A:Installed new driver for Soundblaster Audigy

Could someone please answer this issue please it would be greatful thank you

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Hi all,

I have 2 Audigy Platinums that when used on an abit bh6 or VA6 cannot be installed because the Creative CD says there is no Soundblaster present. One of them is also not recognised on my BX133. Both cards function, when the drivers are forced in Device manager, but obviously I cannot use the couple pieces of SB software that I want.

I have installed the software on the BX133 with an "acceptable" Audigy Platinum, replace the card with one of the two that have problems, and get errors only with the EAX software.

The Diagnostics report wave failure in the worst of the two cards, and midi/soundfont failure in the other.

I repeat, bith cards function fine (Wave failure?)

I have been reading for the last four hours and can find no reference to this, other than the XP problems.

Add'l info Retail SB 090 Audigy cards. BX133 is WinME, BH6/VA6 are Win98SE.

The biggest problem is the fact that the Software does not recognise them as SB cards. I feel like if I could get past that one, the others would probably be solved as well.

Is there a component on a Retail card that sets it apart from the non-gold oem variants that is prone to fail?

-- waiting with little remaining hair left to pull out --

A:Partially dead Soundblaster Audigy

Have you tried going to Creative and downloading drivers for the cards from there. If you somehow got the wrong disc, you might have the wrong drivers for the version of the card you have. Creative's support page will help you with that.

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How do you disable the annoying Audigy music that plays at startup? I disabled the splash screen, but the music is still there.

A:soundblaster audigy annoying music

startup tab

it should be one of them in the list.

don't recall the name.

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Hey, I was looking into getting an audigy and the logitech z680 speakers.

As some of you may know, the logitech z680s have inputs for optical and coaxial. So my question is, will I be able to use the s/pdif output on the audigy to connect it to the speakers digitally?

I've read in some reviews that the output on the audigy is only compatible with creative speakers. I've also read that it could be used as a regular digital out (meaning it could work on any speaker system) by using some sort of mini-jack to RCA converter or something of the sort.

So what I need to find out is if I can use a regular coaxial cable to connect the soundcard to the speakers or use some sort of converter if that doesn't work.

The audigy I'm looking at is just a regular OEM card and doesn't include the external box with all the extra stuff. It does have that s/pdif thing so I'm just wondering if I could use it. Thank you for your time.

A:Soundblaster audigy and digital output question

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I am not sure if this is the best forum for this issue but here goes.
I have the Creative SoundBlaster Audigy sound card installed in my PC. I have had it for a few years now and no problems. Recently I noticed my music was sounding a litle funny coming out of the speakers. In the past I used the Creative Surround MIxer (included in software with CD) to get different effects (EAX). Now for some reason my EAX effects do not work. I cannot change them and it seems to be stuck in one of the modes.

Does anyone know what may be the problem and what I can do to fix this? As always any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi guys,

My problem is this;

I recently formatted my computer before I went to university to clean all the crap my parents had on the computer off. Before I did the format, my Sidewinder Gamepad worked fine as I used to use it for Tony Hawks.

After the format however, I plug it in, the light comes on, but the computer does not detect its presence. In Game Controllers it does not appear on the list, I tried manually adding it using the Sidewinder Auto Detect function. It adds Sidewinder 3D Pro to the list and says
its Not Connected. I'm not totally sure what model the Gamepad actually is, its not a 3D Pro I don't think, it doesn't have force feedback and just says Microsoft Sidewinder TM on the back. It looks exactly like this:


To connect the pad to the computer I'm using the Gameport on my Soundblaster Audigy, as I always have. I have installed the same soundblaster drivers as were running before (to my knowledge anyway- I used the ones on the disk it came with).

If anyone could help me out in getting it to work it would be greatly appreciated. As I said, the Sidewinder did work before I formatted, so I must have just deleted some driver or not set some setting back the way it was before when I reinstalled everything. What that is though I cannot think.

One thing I have tried is looking at the I/O range of the Gameport. Apparently there is a similar issue with Soundblaster Live cards and Sidewinders in ... Read more

A:Problem using Sidewinder gamepad with Soundblaster Audigy on XP

PS. Pasted a few snippets that I thought might be useful from DXDiag into the About Me section of my profile (as much as I could fit). Dunno if it will help which is why I didn't post it here...

Thanks again!

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No Stereo/Wave out on Creative Audigy Soundblaster SE 7.1 and possibly many other cards of this produce

Yes, this is a topic that has been volleyed all over the place.
and no its not the simple "Show hidden devices problem"

its the actual problem that the drivers are not supporting Wave/Stereo out for recording on Vista and Windows7 (This is to counter Piracy...Too bad it fingers a vital feature which I require)

After attempting to find drivers which enable this feature on a "Creative Soundblaster Audigy SE 7.1". all I could find were the the modified Soundblaster drivers by this so called Daniel..
( SB P17X Series Support Pack 2.0 (07/31/2009) - Aud... - Creative Labs )

Although good, this will not allow this kind of recording either...
And yes, apparently this card does support Stereo/wave out...

I and possibly alot of other people would like to collaborate and have any workarounds or fixes to get this kind of recording since it really makes my life alot easier when audio editing.

(And yes...Creatives support was THAT bad)

A:No Stereo/Wave out on Audigy Soundblaster cards

use a vmware virual machine with old os in your w7.

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I have done a quick search and found a few topics on this, but none of them really covered what i was after.

Basically i have Win 7 Pro, x64.... All my other drivers installed lovely apart from my soundcard. If i use Win7 to update my soundcard drivers i can't get any Bass, although i can still hear sound.

I have downloaded, installed and uninstalled every driver thats on the web, including the ones from Creative but still no luck.

Could some one point me in the place where a driver WILL WORK. I have 5.1 surround sound (Although this wont effect the driver)

Many Thanks

A:Soundcard Driver - Audigy Soundblaster SE 24Bit - ERROR

No guaranteers, but try downloading this freeware utility ti wipe out all the driver

Driver Sweeper]Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

Now try re-installing the latest drivers from Creative

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Beta Driver
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Driver (Beta)
Filesize : 40.42 MB Download

Release date : 4 Oct 12
File Name : SBAX_PCDRV_WIN8_BETA_LB_2_18_0017.exe

This download is a beta driver providing Microsoft? Windows 8 support for Creative Sound Blaster? Audigy? 4. For more details, read the rest of the web release note.

Take note of the following:
THIS IS AN UNSUPPORTED BETA DRIVER. There is no technical support for this driver.
We recommend that only experienced users install this driver. Do not install this driver on a system used to perform critical tasks.
Users who are looking for stable drivers should wait for the final release. When this happens, user should install the latest Sound Blaster Audigy 4 driver available.

This download supports the following audio devices only:
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4

Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit
Sound Blaster Audigy 4

To install this driver
Download the file onto your local hard disk.
Double-click the downloaded file.
Follow the instructions on the screen.

Beta Driver
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit Driver (Beta)
Filesize : 44.53 MB Download

Release date : 5 Oct 12
File Name : SB24_PCDRV_WIN8_BETA_LB_1_04_0090.exe

This download is a beta driver providing Microsoft? Windows 8 support for Creative Sound Blaster? Live!? 24-bit. For more details, read the rest of the web release note.

Take note of the following:
THIS IS AN UN... Read more

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I'll just use this form and add some info.

Please provide the following information:

* Make and model of your computer (assuming the PC was purchased at a retail store, etc)
Dell Dimensions 4600
* When you access Device Manager, what audio device is listed?
Quite a few..., not sure if this could be the issue

* When you access Control Panel -> Sounds, what is your default audio device (if any)?
SB Audigy 2 Audio [FEC0]
* Have you made any recent hardware changes?
* Have you made any recent software changes?
Yes, I have tried to uninstall the consoles/and tried updating the drivers. (Through Creative and through Windows)

Alright so this computer is pretty old, but works pretty damn well, besides the audio of course. When I got it, it came with the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 sound card. Couple days ago I turned my computer back on (after it not being used for a long time) and found the sound was gone. (I can't recall if I did anything to hinder this)

I've tried to update/reinstall the drivers and any consoles associated with this, but no luck. Could it be possible that another sound driver is being used at this time instead of the intended Audigy 2? Looking at the pictures and everything, it looks okay.

Mute is unchecked, SB Audigy 2 is selected as my audio device.

How ... Read more

A:Solved: No sound problem, Windows XP Dell Dim. 4600 w/SoundBlaster Audigy 2

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i have a sound blaster pci 128

for the last six months i have been trying to get it to work with roger wilko---for gaming

i have updated my drivers
checked all the relevent configurations to do with the sound card

tried recording--------successfull

but it still will not record sound on the test part of roger wilko

before this problem came about

i downloaded a driver for it
and it worked a treat
untill i had a problem with my pc

so i had to f/disk and format----my pc

reinstalled everything-----blah blah

the point is i have tried the drivers at creative labs
but none of them can get it to work with r/wilko
only this driver i found on the net
but after f/disk and format

all my info on were i got it has gone

do any of you peeps have a soundblaster pci 128
and use roger wilko with no problem

if so could you help me out
as it is driving me bannanas

my setup is

pent 2 400
384mb ram
52x24x52 msi cd-rw
16xliteon dvd player
win 98
nvidia geforce mx 440 tv out
ntl 600 cable modem
old ethernet card
sound baster pci 128----is this card anygood (creative labs)
10gb master h/drive and 8.5gb slave h/drive(ashamed) both maxtor
100mb iomega zip drive(usefull)
once again any help wolud be greatly appreciated


if you dont ask--------youll never knowClick to expand...

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30 students in a classroom performing an online assessment, and three of the students contacted you by phone due to endless buffering issues not allowing test page to go into next screen, how would you assist in troubleshooting the issue

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Hi to all members. I am a newbie at Techspot but have some experience with IT hardware and software.

Have been having problems with my PC - first noted file corruption (caused by some hardware fault - not software or malware). Chkdsk revealed bad clusters but later scans showed hard drive 100% in good state. Tested RAM and also found no problems. Physically cleaned PC hardware, checked component seating - found PSU fan damaged and replaced whole PSU. Possibly overheating cooked some other component. I also change IDE cable.

Now system is more stable but I am getting random BSODs on shutdown and I probably something is still wrong. My prime suspicion is that the mainboard has a fault................

Attached is system info and dump from latest BSOD on shutdown.
Would appreciate some guidance.

A:Got fed up trouble shooting

See if installing the following makes any difference. Post a few more dumps if it doesn't.


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My laptop is not playing the videos and its having problem with internet it is not connecting i need help.

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I had windows 10 on my pc before, took it out, but now that I am trying to reinstall it window10 wont work?The system I had it on was windows 7, the problem has to do with nuida

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hey, my laptop is messed up it says ''we appolpgize for the inconvienience, but windows did not start up succesfully. a recent hardware or software change might have caused this. and it says highlight a choice safe mode, safe mode with networking, safemode with command promt, last known good configuration and start windows normally. ive tried them all and none have worked and it also has a 30 second timer in which it just goes back to the same screen. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

A:trouble shooting!

Can we have your laptop specs? Model, operating system, memory and CPU type? Have you downloaded some new game, software or driver before this error message appeared?

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i bought Hitman Blood Money on EBay about a month ago, and i got it, and installed it, but i dont know if it plays on laptops. pls help. if it doesnt play on laptops, is there some way to make it so it can. any help is apreciated.

A:Help with trouble shooting pls!!! :(

Can you read the sys spec for the game and post them, without it theres no way to see if it should run

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hello all, (first post)

ok so i just bought att dsl and i am like crazy retarded excited to try it out. everything is going smoothly, all lights on router are green(by the way its a 2wire 2701). i get to the welcome page. it asks me to click next. on this next page i am instructed to wait until a pop up window appears. here is where the problem lies. after about 3 seconds that page redirects me to a page that says internet explorer cannot connect.... help help help...

A:at&t dsl set-up trouble shooting

If this is the initial set up of the AT&T dsl service, I would call them. Sounds like you are using a set up disc that came with the equipment, but you don't have a connection yet.

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Well one of my frnd has bought a new internet connection 3 days ago from BSNL. He has broadband connection. The light glows properly. But when he opens IE and types www it says you are working offline. So Please tell me within tomorrow how do i get rid with the problem. I am urgent need of internet.

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I know that there is something wrong with my computer cuz the error sound comes up but never any message if any one knows what is happening or has had this problem im in need of desperate help.

A:trouble shooting

There is not enough information in your statement to discern what the problem is. Are there any error messages? How do you know it's an "error" sound? Is your computer running badly, what happens just before this sound and what happens directly after it? Go to Start/Run and type eventvwr.msc and press enter. Click on Application, and System on the Left side, scroll down and see if any instances have a Red X. If so, double click it and post the results here.

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I have a problem with my other desktop pc by cisnet my pc was unpluged and stored now that i try to start it is not working i am in the restore process but it stay at 2% and it pops up windows can not be open but it shows it is extracting file i am clueless on what to do

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hi my old HDD was corrupted it was a WD10EACS SATA 1.0TB HDD. I hvae had a new one to replace it same size. I have the option to add the old hdd giving me 2 hdds. i need to retrieve the data off the old HDD. When i connected it the OS would not boot. When i disconnect the old HDD OS boots normally. How can i Run Windows to recover the data off the old HDD?

A:HDD Trouble shooting

Your problem is complicated by the fact that you are already having problems. Lets see if Ubuntu can help
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer - How-To Geek
If not successful, download and try recuva.

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