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New V310-15IKB Laptop, battery doesn't charge after the update.

Q: New V310-15IKB Laptop, battery doesn't charge after the update.

I bought new V310-15IKB Laptop and I've been using it for three days. Today I turned it on like always (the battery was fully charged the day before, so without the charger connected to it) and a windows update popped out. But at the same time at the screen there was some weird message (I made a photo) So I clicked Enter and it turned on. I saw that the battery is 97% and connected the charger, but it wasn't charging at all to my surprise (it's written 'connected, not charging'). I reset the laptop and problem is still the same. When I disconnect the charger the battery is running lower (from 97% to 95% and so on), when I connect it it's not charging. It's a huge problem for me, I need laptop to work, so I asked my friend to help, but he checked the saving energy thing in lenovo companion and it's turned off, we have no idea why this problem with battery exists. I need my laptop for work, if I can't get it fixed in a few days I have to go to the shop and return the laptop and buy something else instead. I really like it, don't want to do that, anyone can help me with my problem? And sorry but English is not my first language, I tried to translate everything the best I could.

Preferred Solution: New V310-15IKB Laptop, battery doesn't charge after the update.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New V310-15IKB Laptop, battery doesn't charge after the update.

Looks like Windows Update is trying to update your BIOS. Maybe try connect device to power socket and repeat the update.

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I've been using a Dell inspiron 1545 from about 3 years now and exactly after 2 years of my buy, the battery failed and it started showing me to replace the battery and always notified me about contacting dell for a new battery.
I didn't take this of much concern so i just ignored the message and kept on using my battery with my adapter plugged in. After 4-5 months of such usage, My battery completely failed and doesn't even offer me even a minute of backup, when i remove the power socket. Then i realized the importance of a new battery and then bought a new battery from Dell.
Its the same battery with the same specs and also the same family type. After i removed my defected battery, I replaced my new bought Dell battery and realized that my battery is working fine. its charging well but at some time, it says "Plugged in, But not charging" Which is rare for any new battery, which is bought brand new.

This is how it looks now after i remove the AC adapter plug and when i depend on the battery backup. it is providing me a backup, but I see a yellow exclamatory mark beside it. Which I think should not be present. it also says "Low battery" when there's already 99% of battery left!
I've also followed some online steps
1) updated by BIOS to the latest  2) Followed some other steps like uninstalling the battery ACI in the device manager and etc...
i would love to get this problem solved. I'm using a PA-12 family adapt... Read more

A:Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge!

Hi Utkarsh. I Actually FIXED this problem months back. and I exactly want to help you on this so that you can fix it yourself too..
the problem which is creating your battery to show an exclamatory mark is your power settings.
so follow these steps to get rid of that sign and a perfectly working battery.
1) Click on your battery icon (left click) you should see an option called " More power options" at the bottom of the popup.
click "More power options"
2) Now you will be taken to your control panel where you can see all of your power plans and under each plan, you will see an option called "Change plan settings"
3) Click on "Change plan settings" for your active power plan. Now you will get redirected to another control panel window, where you can see two kind of power options to get adjusted. that is, when you battery is plugged and when your battery is unplugged.
4) Don't touch those options, just click on "Change advanced power settings" at the bottom left of that window. THIS IS THE AREA WHERE WE NEED TO FIX!
5)After you click on "Change advanced power setttings", you will see a POWER options popup, go to the bottom and then you can see something called "Battery" with a plus sign on the left. click it.
6) Now you just have to change the levels for the following values
                   --> Critical battery level ( you can change it to 10%)
&nb... Read more

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Dear all, I just purchase Lenovo V310 14-IKB with double battery. No problem with my main battery, but the problem are in my backup battery (the detachable one). I start to replace the DVD Rom with this battery and charge it, but after 80% it stop and said "80 plugged in and not charging". I want this battery charged to 100% too, same as my primary battery. I need it because I often work mobile and charge until 100% helps me to stay without charger for longer. I already searched for the solutions, read posts from forums.lenovo.com, install apps and drivers (Lenovo Utility, Lenovo Vantage, etc.) but there was no exact solution for this issue. Does anyone from this forum experience the same issue? If yes, is there any solution to make the Lenovo V310 14-IKB charge into 100%? Please help me. Thank you.

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i have an Asus g75vw-t1031v. When i plug my laptop in the indicator light turns on, when i then turn on the laptop windows says my laptop is connected and charging but the battery stays at 0%, it does not turn off but doesn't charge either.

I used a software tool to check if it actually charges and it says the charge rate is 0. Any ideas as to where the problem lies?

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I am running windows 8 pro wmc on my HP laptop. One month ago I have bought a new battery. From last one week, when I start my laptop it shows that "plugged it, not charging". When I shut down down, it started charging the battery. After a full charge, my laptop performs good and battery worked for almost more than 2 hours.

Please help me. Whats the issue with my laptop. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:My laptop doesn't charge battery when it is on!!!

Maybe you need to Calibrate the laptop to the new battery: Calibrate Laptop Battery

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i have an Asus g75vw-t1031v. When i plug my laptop in the indicator light turns on, when i then turn on the laptop windows says my laptop is connected and charging but the battery stays at 0%, it does not turn off but doesn't charge either.

I used a software tool to check if it actually charges and it says the charge rate is 0. Any ideas as to where the problem lies?

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My laptop seems to be completely out of charge, and the only way to use it is to plug it in. If it becomes unplugged, then it immediately shuts off. I am running Windows 8 Pro on a Samsung Series 9 Notebook (P900X3B). It is not a fresh installation of Windows, it was updated from Windows 7.
The battery indicator in Windows 8 states that the battery is at full charge, but it really isn't. I can't remove the battery because it is built into the laptop. Is there any way to fix this?
Thanks, HB

A:Laptop battery always at 100%, doesn't charge at all

Hi -
Samsung does make some sacrifices in order to keep the Series 9 so thin and light. The battery, memory, and solid state disk are not user replaceable.
They’re sealed up inside the laptop case, and while you might be able to remove some components and replace them by performing minor surgery on the notebook, you’ll probably void your warranty in the process.
About all I can find .........................
See Series 8 >> Samsung ATIV Book 8 Review and scroll down to Battery life -

Is this yours ?? Or do you mean the Series 9 ??

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Suddenly my battery stopped charging to 100%. It charges only 80%.It displays the message 80% available (plugged in, not charging).

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mrb arkada?lar leptobu yeni ald?m ancak çok yavas ag?r cal?s?yor ve hiç bir ?ey yokken bir anda dnuyor bir resmi bile çok zor ac?yor acarken siyah ekran geliyor acil yard?m

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Symptoms: Dell Laptop (about 1 year old) only turns on when charger is plugged in. The second the charger is pulled out, the laptop shuts off. The laptop does not seem to charge as it doesn't even recognize a charger as being plugged in. I'd really hate to spend $150 for a new battery/installation already. It has been doing this for 1 day, since coming back from Vegas where I took the laptop with me.
Is there are fixes to this?

A:Solved: Does My Laptop Need a New Battery?? It doesn't seem to charge

Depending what type of battery, they can be pretty short-lived. If NiCad, they die fairly quickly if recharged when they are not completely dead. They need to be "cycled" and die before being recharged or they "remember" the point they are at when charged as being their new minimum and will not hold much charge.

Lithium batteries and NiMH should last a long time.

Check with Compaq for a battery calibration utility for your machine. It may be that simple. But if the battery still doesn't work right, it probably needs replacement. The chargers are almost never the problem.

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Asus u45jc-a1 laptop. My laptop charger cable is in pretty bad shape. You see the wiring broken in the wires on the top part, thus you see the grey wiring inside.

When i charge my laptop recently, the charger would go on and off. Such as charging then not charging. I then took a look and the green light on the laptop charger is green then dims then green again over and over again. So the only way i can fix this issue is unplug the other part of the 2 charger, theres 2 parts then put it back together over and over again then connect it to my laptop. Many times it has same issue. However, few times i would get it to work and thus it would be charging.

However few times it would have same issue where problem arises again. But few times however if i make sure i dont move any part of the laptop charger cable... then it would always be charging which is good and thus working. So i figure it has to be my laptop charger as you see its broken the wiring part and its mainly at the top of the wiring near the place where you plug it into laptop.

Well i then read online that it might be the battery. So I then took out the battery and just connected my charger to my laptop without the battery. Obviously it shows no battery detected... however, the laptop doesn't have an issue with the power going out. Thus it shows green light all the time on the charger.

Does this mean i have to get a new battery as oppose to a charger? First thought was charger is bad since the broke... Read more

A:Laptop Doesn't Charge, Charger or Battery Problem?

The charger also provides AC power so doubtful that's the problem. It could be the battery or the charging circuit on the motherboard. Former is usually less than $100 to replace but the latter is much more.

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Hello I bought a V310-15IKB Laptop (Lenovo) and after installing all the drivers still no I got No Audio using a HDMI port on tv and there are no option for HDMI in sound playback devices Can someone please help me to fix this problem?

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I've got a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT250P laptop that I just recently got a new battery for. The old battery had reached the end of its life, only lasting for about 30-45 minutes if I was lucky.

Anyway, I got a new battery, but it was not the original Sony battery, it was a comparable one of a different brand for less then half of the price of the Sony. When charged, it lasts a good 2 hours no problem, but doesn't seem to charge when the laptop is off. Yesterday I turned it on, it said it had 5% remainng, I charged it for about 10 minutes and then it read 94%. Upon unplugging it, it again read 5%, but with another 10 minutes plugged it, it went up to 94% and stayed there when unplugged. I should also note that I've reformatted the computer, so it only has Sony drivers that the device manager said I lacked.

Was the lower priced battery too good to be true, or is there an easy fix to this problem?

Appreciate the help in advance,

A:Laptop Battery Doesn't Charge if Laptop is off

a bios update is often needed when using a different battery than what the laptop was designed to use, and since you bought a generic battery, i highly doubt that Sony will provide support of any kind for it.

Check Ebay for actual Sony brand batteries (not another generic), you can get them on Ebay for 1/2 (or less) the price that you would pay in a store or from Sony

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I have a new lenovo Ideapad 310-15IKB,i have noticed that the battery loses charge even i'm not using the laptop in two days from 100% to 30%  any help ? thanks 

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Hello, Lenovo Community, I recently tried updating my battery's firmware. It was going smoothly for about one minute until my charger disconnected and my laptop's battery died and will not charge. My charger has a long history of automatically disconnecting (two blinking lights, one white and one orange) so I cannot power my laptop through the charger itself. I really don't want to get the port checked, so I am looking to see if there are any other ideas from the community.  Here is what's happening:-My charger disconnects everytime I try to boot now (used to disconnect before loading Windows 10)-My battery is disconnected from the system (electronically, not physically probably)-I really cannot power on the system.  Thank you, Lenovo Community! [UPDATE] I'm (99%) going to replace the DC power jack! Any ideas about how to get the battery connected again?

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I have a problem with my Compaq Presario 2500 laptop power supply. It works fine on AC power, but the battery does not charge/kick in at all. As a result, it would automatically shut off if the power connection at the back is disturbed/loosened.

I have bought a new battery, but it would not kick in either (in case the AC power supply is disturbed/moved). Hence, I keep on loosing my work due to accidental switch offs.

Please help.


A:Battery doesn't charge

How old is this Laptop? Might be under warranty and the Laptop just doesn't charge the battery.

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I have an ibuypower.com computer, battalion cz-13, and i got it about 3 months ago and it now says 70% available (plugged in, not charging) and its been like this. ive replaced the battery, uninstalled the compliant control method and to no avail will it say charging and going up to 100%. it even says it decharged to 69% and charges back up to 70% at random times. HELP

A:Battery Doesn't Charge above 70%

Since you have only had it for 3 months return it to iBuyPower and have them fix it.

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My battery doesn't seem to be charging even though it's plugged in and the light of the adapter is on.
Not sure whether my battery is dead - laptop is only 6 months old-, or whether it's something else.
All ideas are welcome. Thanks!

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Blue light on front of chromebook is steady, no orange light.   Battery continues to discharge despite being connected to charger for past two hours without computer being used.

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Hello, Lenovo Community, I recently tried updating my battery's firmware. It was going smoothly for about one minute until my charger disconnected and my laptop's battery died and will not charge. My charger has a long history of automatically disconnecting (two blinking lights, one white and one orange) so I cannot power my laptop through the charger itself. I really don't want to get the port checked, so I am looking to see if there are any other ideas from the community.  Here is what's happening:-My charger disconnects everytime I try to boot now (used to disconnect before loading Windows 10)-My battery is disconnected from the system (electronically, not physically probably)-I really cannot power on the system.  Thank you, Lenovo Community!

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Hi everyone!I have the V310-15ISK Laptop. I need to install the second battery for increase battery life using the DVD lector cage. In the Hardware Maintenance Manual , page 92 says I need to install the 2nd Battery, V310 CP/C L15C2P01 7.6V35Wh 2cell bty (PN:5B10L04162) or the 2nd Battery, V310 SY L15L2P01 7.6V35Wh 2cell bty (PN:5B10L04211) and the assembly Second Battery Board Q 80SY (PN:5C50L70682). THe question is if I need to buy this assy or maybe it is already installed on the computer. Is there a way to check it?. Or maybe be only necessary getting the battery and not the assy? My Machine Type is Model: 80SY02CKLM. All replys are welcome.THanks.

A:V310-15ISK Laptop - Adding the secondary (external) battery

Hi Jose,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
This system is configured with Optical disk drive (not a dummy) which needs to be remove first in order to use 2nd battery in your system. Also you have to purchase the Second battery board as system was equipped with ODD here, which contains the ODD board. 
You can check the components of your system by using Lenovo Parts lookup
I hope the above information helped you. 
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
 Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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I am dual booting Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu 17.10). I was on Windows 10 when I was updating my battery firmware using the Lenovo Battery Firmware Update Tool. It prompted me to update my battery and I confirmed and clicked next. Immediately, my screen turned black. I waited 10 minutes and then did a force shutdown on the computer by holding the power button. Now my battery won't charge. It is an official 55+ Lenovo battery and last week Ubuntu's acpi said that the battery was at 67% capacity and could run on battery for an hour and a half at full charge. Now all of a sudden, after the failed firmware update, my battery will not charge: whether the laptop is on in Windows 10, on in Ubuntu, or while the computer is turned off and plugged. When I do connect the AC cord the battery indicator blinks with a steady green, to a stready orange, to a rapid orange, and then off within a span of ~10 seconds. I have tried deleting the battery drivers on Windows and restarting and it does not work. I have also tried to update the battery firmware again using the Lenovo Update Firmware Tool but it repeatedly gives me the same error "The tool was unable to update the battery firmware due to an internal error." I have also updated to the latest BIOS to no avail.

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I have recently bought a new Thinkpad AC ADAPTER and a new 12 cell battery to my "Thinkpad T60 1953" notebook.

After i received them I pluged both new devices into the notebook but battery cant get charged!!...

Whenever i plug the new ac adapter to the notebook when is not turned on the lighst start blinking like: 1. orange battery and green litle plug lights appear, after a second shuts and apear green batery and green litle plug and after a second just apears the litle green plug lightened, this cycle continues until i take the plug of adapter from the wall socket.

ehn I turn on the notebook with the ac adapter there is always a beeping going on like the notebook is switching on and off intermitently with some seconds between the beeps. Here first theres a orange light with a green light when the notebook is switched on but after a second appears a green battery light then lighs go off and start all again. its very noisy.

I made two litle videos on cell phone i order for someone see whats happening when the notebook is turned off with ac adapter plugged and when is turned on with acadapter plugged:



I dont have the original lenovo software but windows 7 so i dont have maintanance battery check software but the battery is new bought on eBay and carger new as weel bo... Read more

A:ThinkPad T60: New battery doesn't charge!

Can you explain briefly what was happening that promted you to buy a new battery and AC adpter. Why did you think they both needed to be replaced?

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I have a Macbook Pro (2006 model) which doesn't charge the battery, but functions normally when plugged in to an external power source.

Some liquid was spilled onto the computer, which most likely caused this problem. In any case, I believe I've narrowed the problem down to either the left I/O board or the motherboard itself. I can most likely obtain a used and functioning I/O board to replace the old one.

So, I was wondering if there is some way if I can find out for sure which one it is ? And since the computer can properly use the power adapter when plugged but just doesn't charge the battery is it still possible that it is the I/O board ?

Thanks in advance,

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The battery is not working at all it keep changing but its 0% nothing when i insert it the small LED that is beside the power change cable start to blink red colour then blue red then blue but when i remove the battery nothing its just blue there is no any red blinking

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I have purchased HP 15-AF114AU Notebook about 2 months ago. For the past one week, the battery doesn't charge beyond 90%. Once the bettery reaches 90%, the indicator shows "plugged in, not charging".Initially, it used to charge upto 95%, then it dropped to 94% and now 90% in a span of just one week. I have tried recalibrating the battery by draining it completely and charging it again, run tests using HP Support Assistant and the component test from BIOS, all show the battery to be OK. But still the battery doesn't charge beyond 90%, no matter what I do. Please help.

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i have
V310-15IKB Laptop (Lenovo)
And I want to know how to disable the boot from DVD ROOM
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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Hi, What is a good 256G M.2 NVMe SSD good to be used on a V310-15IKB?BTW, I tried WD Black PCIe WDS256G1X0C and V310 could not detect it.

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My company bought these notebooks for some of our products and we install Ubuntu 12.04LTS on them.  When we shut them down and try to charge them it doesn't work.   The light beside charging port is on (like it is charging), but cannot turn on computer after hours of "charging" because the batteries are drained.  It looks like it charges fine when the computers are turned on and charging, but not when we try to charge them without turning them on. We are wondering if this is some known issue and what would be correct procedure for charging these netbooks?

A:HP 210 G1 notebook with UBUNTU doesn't charge battery

Hey, Bit of a late answer, but I'll submit it in case anyone else has a similar issue. There is an issue with one of the BIOS version on the 210 G1, BIOS version F.03. If this is not updated to the most current version you'll find your batteries will drain quite quickly and will not charge properly. Also as your running Ubuntu, you may need to use the UEFI tool from HP to update the BIOS, here it's called the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics 3 in 1 USB Key: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/hpsupportassistant/pc-diags.html?jumpid=va_r602_us/en/any/pps/pl_... Best of luck.

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I have a ZBook but the battery is showing not charging when I have it plugged in.  

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Hello, I have a much-beloved Flex 3 maybe 10 months old.First question: The battery says it's charging, but it's not actually charging. I"m guessing the battery's shot? I don't have the tools to open the thing up and try disconnecting the battery yet. Second question: Assuming it's dead, is there any problem with runnning the laptop just on the power adaptor? I did see that for other models this seems to be ok. I'm outside the US right now and have little hope of getting a new battery until July. Every day the battery decreases 1%, and eventually it'll be gone. I can wait until I get back if I can run on a dead battery. Currently at 57%.In case it's relevant, I'm in West Africa in 220V land.(As a side note, I dropped the thing when I first arrived and the screen cracked, but it hasn't lost any functionality so far, so kudos to Lenovo for that!) Thanks in advance for any help or advice. I do appreciate it.

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Hi all!

I had a probelm with the battery of this laptop. It wouldn't charge, so I bought a new one.

Surprise: it doesn't charge too!

The system recognize it for a little while and just after 20 second or less the battery disappear into the battery manager.

What happens?

Do you have suggestions?



A:Battery doesn't charge on a Tecra 8000

Possibly there is something wrong with the power supply electronic.
So maybe you should ask an ASP for a check.

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i have no error messeges but the computer battery will not charge. sometimes i will cut the computer off and back on and the percentedge will go from itwas at 100 to 25%. itwillnot run on the battery but the whole time it says its chargeing and doesnt

A:my battery will not charge it says charging but doesn't char...

Run HP battery test from HP support assistant software.Let me know the results: cell voltages, cycle count, capacity etcWhat is the age of battery?

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Ok this might be easy..it might not (COMPAQ M2105)

I ended up replacing my motherboard for a model with more features (SD readers blah blah).

I took it all apart and put it all back with the new board in...now when i go into windows (and even before while booting)...the orange lights would come on for a second...then beging to flicker

while in windows...it just will either not charge the battery..or flicker from AC to battery

i CAN power the unit on with the battery alone, and i CAN power the unit with the cord alone...

lastly, my old motherboard (which had a HD connector problem)...still WILL charge the battery...so i'm sure its not the battery...i don't think...

i also dont' think its the AC adapter since it is the same piece I used on both motherboards.....

what to do................

A:compaq M2105 laptop - battery will not charge, flickers from AC/battery

Hopefully you are experienced in working on and repairing laptops/notebooks... and you carefully handeled the replacement motherboard and didn't damage it. Repairing laptops takes considerable skill and caution.

It does sound like the "new" motherboard is bad unfortunately. How did you handle the "old" operating system restore to the "new" motherboard?

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My hp laptop had its battery flat for 12 hours. After that the laptop can nolonger boot up or charge. Please help

A:HP laptop cannot boot up or charge battery after battery went flat for 12 hours

What is the model of your laptop?

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Good day, I am the owner of a Lenovo laptop having the following specifications: Product Code: 80T30127RIMotherboard: LNVNB161216 (U3E1)Processor: Intel Core i7-7500 uRAM Memory: 8 GB DDRAM 4 2133 MhzStorage: WDC WD10JPCX-24UE4T0 1TBSATA Type: SATA-III 6.0Gb/s I want to replace the HDD of my laptop with one of the following SSD models: 1. Samsung 850 EVO, 2.5", 500GB, SATA III- Dimensions: (W x D x H mm) 100 x 6.8 x 69.85 2. Samsung 850 PRO Basic, 2.5", 512GB, SATA III- Dimensions:  100 x 69.8 x 6.8 3. Samsung 860 EVO, 500GB, 2.5", SATA III- Dimensions:  100 x 69.85 x 6.8 Please note that I want to remove the WD 1TB HDD of my laptop by replacing it with one of the above mentioned Samsung SSD's. My questions is: The Samsung SSD's mentioned above are compatible with my laptop?  Thank you.

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Well, since no one had replied to my previous question, i will ask again.Firstly, how many time do i have to start a new topic to get noticed?My 1month old laptop freezes constantly, i don't know what is happening, checked everything related to the updates, drivers, errors, viruses, scans and that stuff, laptop doesn't have heating issues, app crashing, slowdowns... Did the lenovo slution center scans, it is all good. I heard from the other members that replacing motherboard wont solve the problem, so dont try that, i am asking you what else can i do? i cannot even browse the internet, play YT videos,I simply dont have time to waste, reinstalled win10, updtated to the latest bios and even that wont help, so i' am assuming that my device is faulty. How am i supposed to do my job, when i have unstable laptop? I am wondering will you replay this time, and please don't tell me to run lenovo solution center, or to update drivers, or to reinstall windows for the 4th time. I've had enough of it.Looking forward to your reply,Kind regards

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I tried to replace the ODD with an online purchased HDD caddy. After installation, during boot up, it took long time to boot up and when login to windows, the second hard-disk cannot be found. What special caddy do I need? Or some thing I missed out at the bios (I did try all the order option in the bios)

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Hi, I just got a new V310-15IKB notebook and I would like to use it with Windows 8.1. I installed the system but I cannot  find the Win8.1 drivers at the download page:http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/cz/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-v-series-laptops/v310-15ikb/d... Suprisingly, Win7 drivers seem to be available, but there are no drivers for Win 8.1 listed. Where can I get the appropriate W8.1 drivers? So far, I have managed to get some of the things working (e.g. the wlan and camera) by intalling either the W7 or W10 drivers. However, the driver for the graphics chip seems to be troublesome. I tried installing the driver provided by Intel (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26836/Graphics-Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-45-?v=...) but it refuses to intall and claims that minimum requirements are not met. What should be done to get around this issue?

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Hi there I have recently purchased a V310 15IKB notebook. It is working fine, but I am unable to update monitor driver to the latest one. It is always showing "Generic PNP monitor". Driver date is quite old: 21.06.2006. Generic PnP monitorCan you pls adivise how to update it? Thank you in advance S 

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Hi! I installed a SSD in my laptop and replaced the ODD with a HDD/SSD caddy with a WD HDD. There were issues like the laptop couldn't recognize the 2nd drive. Then I installed the Intel RST driver and now the laptop can read/write the hdd but it just sometimes can recognize it. When it does it works fine but after reboot, it doesn't shown up in Windows. In BIOS I allways see the two drives. If I enter BIOS before start the Windows allways sees the HDD until I reboot it. The controller mode is AHCI.Any suggestions? Regards,Imre 

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Hi. I bought a V310-15IKB (80T3). It was easy to upgrade the parts with my old Lenovo since all I had to do was remove the screws under the battery and the lid would come out. Now I want to connect my SSD to my new laptopn but I couldn't figure out how I can remove the back lid. I removed all the screws but I can't find a handle to grab. There are tutorials on Youtube for 15IKB, but on all of them, there is another hatch for HDD, but not on my model. I am adding pictures of my computer. I'd be glad if anyone can tell me how to remove the back lid.

A:How To Upgrade SSD On V310-15IKB (80T3

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Are you removing the optical drive first if so equipped?  By removing it will allow easier removal of the base cover from the top half.  Page #32 of your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual will explain how to remove the drive.  Starting on page #35 explains the base cover removal.  Here is a link to that manual for your reference......
There is also a Lenovo Training Video for the V510.  Although it is a slightly different model, the technique for removing the base cover should be the same.  Here is a link to that video series....

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Hello, I need some help with my problem.

Here's what happened, my laptop just turned off by itself while I was surfing the net. Now my battery would not charge even if the ac/dc adapter is plug in (the ac/dc indicator light on my laptop is on when it's plug in). I've tried to turn on my laptop without the battery and just ac/dc plug on but it wouldn't turn on.

Additional info (idk if these are relevant or not):
I've recently updated the bios, sound and video drivers like 12 hours before this happened
My laptop randomly reboots when I play games like grand theft auto 4 and I'm sure it's not an overheating problem.

A:Satellite A500-17X - The battery doesn't charge anymore

Hi doowee01,

And now your notebook doesn’t start anymore or what happens now?
Maybe it works and if not you must contact nearest authorized service provider in your country.

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I ordered a new, higher capacity battery for my Toshiba laptop (Satellite A85-S107). The original battery was a 14.4V, 2000mAh model and the new battery is a 10.8V, 10400mAh model. The new battery installed fine and the computer worked fine with it but the charge status did not seem to display correctly, showing at first a 22% remaining charge, then upon a restart, showing 74% charge. Connecting the AC adapter did not show the orange charging indicator and the charge status did not change.

Following some advice on another forum, I restarted the computer in safe mode, let it operate without AC power until the battery discharged (3.5hours) and the computer shut down. I then connected the AC adapter, restarted the computer and this time the charge indicator flashed about once every couple of seconds, the charge status showed 2%. I turned off the computer and let it charge overnight, started the computer in the morning, the charge status was still 2% and the adapter was cool. Upon unplugging the adapter, the computer immediately shut down. How can I get the computer to recognize the new battery so it charges correctly?

A:New battery for my Toshiba Satellite A85-S107 doesn't charge


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I purchased a used Toshiba Satellite L305-D, it did not come with a power adapter. I purchased a new power adapter but soon learned the battery wasn't very good so I purchased a new battery. I shut the laptop down, put in the new battery and let it charge overnight. In the morning, it showed 100% charged. In an effort to "condition" the battery, I let it run on battery power until it shut down, then plugged it in to recharge. It first charged to 40% when I noticed it was not charging any longer. I unplugged it, plugged it back in and it started recharging again. It stopped again at 62%. I can't get it keep charging to 100%.

The system shows that it's plugged in, but not charging. When I unplug and replug back in the battery charge light will come on for a short time, then go out. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Battery doesn't charge very long when plugged in

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