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Switch User Disconnects VPN - How can we prevent this behavior?

Q: Switch User Disconnects VPN - How can we prevent this behavior?

We need a way to be able to "switch user" on remote PCs connected to VPN for those rare times we need to logon with admin rights to uninstall software. We use Remote Assistance most of the time to support off-site systems and it works for
everything except uninstalling since a UAC prompt will pause the RA session per Microsoft as expected behavior at https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee844127%28v=ws.10%29.aspx. If we RDP to a system that is logged onto VPN we can get logged
on, but during the process of "switch user" the VPN connection will drop. Windows 7 appears to treat the RDP connection (while someone else is logged on) just like a regular "switch user" -- these both drop the VPN connection.
A fair number of articles say the VPN connection needs to have its properties configured to "Allow other people to use this connection" so that the connection will not drop. Perhaps this worked years ago when Windows 7 was a little bit younger,
but it does NOT work today. Is there a solution to this issue that does not involved a 3rd party VPN solution?

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Preferred Solution: Switch User Disconnects VPN - How can we prevent this behavior?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I tried to google this and it seems neither is possible but I wanted to hear the truths from the horses mouth.

I have a Win 7 Pro x64 computer with 2 users who boths needs to be able (this really is a must) install software on the computer but they can't have access to each other's private folders (user folder). Basically I see 2 theoretical options:

a) make 2 standard user accounts and give these accounts the right to install software. Is this possible and if yes how?

b) make 2 admin user accounts and prevent them from accessing to each other's user folder. I can do this but not in a way that doesn't mess with windows (basically I would encrypt the file but then windows wouldn't be able to use the folder like it is built to use it and I'm pretty sure this would cause problems). Is there another way to do this which doesn't cause problems with windows?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.

A:Installing rights to standard user or prevent an admin user something

a) This may be possible in theory but it would not be easy. Don't go there.
b) All administrators are equal. Any restrictions you impose can be undone by another.
The only practical way to do what you want is to encrypt the users folders. Windows doesn't care about user folders so that is not an issue.

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Good day ! Please help!!
An example:

I have one Win7 ent x64 desktop that service several users for various tastings. They are connecting to it via RDP. All Users are belongs to Remote desktop users local group only.
And a problem is when one user has logged in to machine another user can kick him off while trying to log in to the same station via RDP. Of course he got and alerts that another user currently logged in to this station but he has ability to kick him of.
Previously on Windows XP Users who were belongs to Remote Desktop Users local group doesn’t has such ability and only saw message that some user are already logged in.
I've tried to search over the WEB but beside disable fast user switching (haven’t helped) I haven't find any useful info.
Any Information would be appreciated
Thanks a lot In advance!!!Alex Kaganovsky

A:Prevent user to disconect already loggen in user while loggin to Win 7 via RDP

Hi Alex,
I find a mothod that the second user cannot "kick of" the first user. 
Do you only want one user access the remote destop at one time? If so, you can set the Group Policy to limit the number of the connections.
Open the Group Policy Editor, Locate to:
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Connections
On the right pane, double-click Limite number of connections, click Enable, set the RD Maximus Connections allowed to 1.
In this way, the group policy restricts the second user to log on the remote desktop if someone is using the remote desktop.
If you want to allow more than one users to logon without permissions, follow my last reply to enable multi users logon.
MiyaThis posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. | Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps you, and to click "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer
your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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Ever since we moved into our new home, I have had problems with the wiring (I think) in the house.

Every time I turn on or off any electrical device in the house, the internet session disconnects in the ADSL modem/router. Fairly driving me mad!!!!

Can't notice it when downloading but the browser locks up when someone flicks a switch, irc disconnects, Instant messengers disconnects, totally stumped.

Tried surge devices, full UPS devices on the ADSL modem router, everything. Nothing makes a difference and I am stumped!

The ISP ran a multi hour trace and their traffic is unimpeded to me so it's at my end.

A:Light switch disconnects modem

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Windows XP Remote Desktop Behaviour is desireable. that is, when one account is logged in, if another account is tried to use to log in remotely from another computer, then the 2nd user cannot connect and it is indicated who is currently logged in.

Windows 7 Default behaviour is to allow the second user to try to disconnect the first user through a query message which has an idle timer.

Is there any way to change the behaviour back to windows xp, where 1) disconnection of the 1st user session is not possible, and 2) it is indicated which user is signed on?

Also, even one out of 1) , 2) is better than nothing...


A:Remote Desktop disconnects rdp user when 2nd rdp user tries to log on

Hi Rnj,

You maybe able to do this within group policy.

All Group Policy Settings for Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2

You can set an option to 'Deny logoff of an administrator logged in to the console session' or 'Set time limit for active but idle Remote Desktop Services sessions' etc.

I suggest that you make a note of what you do so that you can un-do it if needed

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I am looking for help from anyone with intimate knowledge of the group policies.
I have switched off all the power management settings which allow the O/S to switch off a device to save power. I am still getting disconnects and some times this affects the mouse and keyboard such that my only resolution is to switch the whole machine off and reboot, sometimes losing current information.

I have two identical machines one running Win 10 and one Win 7.
Comparing the power management in both shows that Win 10 allows more devices to be switched off than Win 7. I am now very fearful of switching both my machines to Win 10 in case this problem causes me to lose important information.

Is there a group policy? that affects all devices.

I can understand MS including this for tablets, mobiles and laptops but it should not happen in PCs.

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I am looking for help from anyone with intimate knowledge of the group policies.
I have switched off all the power management settings which allow the O/S to switch off a device to save power. I am still getting disconnects and some times this affects the mouse and keyboard such that my only resolution is to switch the whole machine off and reboot, sometimes losing current information.

I have two identical machines one running Win 10 and one Win 7.
Comparing the power management in both shows that Win 10 allows more devices to be switched off than Win 7. I am now very fearful of switching both my machines to Win 10 in case this problem causes me to lose important information.

Is there a group policy? that affects all devices.

I can understand MS including this for tablets, mobiles and laptops but it should not happen in PCs.

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I have a Win8-64 system hosting a Win8-32 VM. A physical Wifi adapter provides Internet sharing, and a virtual switch provides Internet access to the guest VM via "internal network".

However, the Win8-64 host seems to be confused as to which adapter provides Internet access. If I delete the virtual switch, the Wifi adapter works fine. If I create a virtual switch, the system works initially fine with both host and guest accessing the internet. However, on wake-from-sleep the host loses Internet access while the VM still retains access!

My "layman diagnosis" is that the virtual switch bypasses somehow the host. I am getting rather desperate about this behavior, and I haven't been able to find any advice via Google. Can somebody enlighten me on how to instruct the host to always poll the physical adapter for Internet access?

many thanks in advance!

A:Weird Hyper-V virtual switch behavior

I should mention that of course I could connect the VM through an "external network". But then I would have two different IP addresses for guest and host - which is OK in my home network, but horrible anywhere else. In a hotel, I would have to buy two access codes for guest and host! Hence, NAT is my only viable option.

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Here's the scenario:
We have 4 users on a home pc--1 admin, 3 limited users. XP Pro.
Administrator logs off. Limited user logs on. Limited user logs off. Administrator attempts to log on but screen goes black and appears to loose signal. Monitor displays loss of signal. Eventually a single limited users icon will appear on a blue screen and the system is locked. Must do a hard restart to reset. Also, Task Manager appears to not function. Ctrl Alt Del does nothing except put icon in task bar. Have checked to make sure it isn't disabled. Have run Nortons, AdAware, Spybot. All systems appear clean. All systems are updated. I have searched but cannot find any help on this.
Any suggestions would be greatly apprreciated.

PS...I just discovered i cannot shut down from the start menu...have to use hard shutdown.

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I use windows 7.
When I turn on laptop (acer Aspire 5742) cannot connect to internet until I switch user and log in again. Soon as I touch any browser icon the rest of computer stops responding as well. It's only me on computer. Have virgin media security/ spyware/ virus protection. Tried CCleaner. After I switch user everything is fine.
Additional info; On 16th October had great difficulty getting my emails from Yahoo. Sometimes sign-in box appeared without my security signature and different style of writing for browser remembered log-on details.



A:Solved: have to switch user to continue after switch on

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A client has a strange problem in that when his PC is connected via a network switch (gigabit) to the ADSL router (A BT Professional thing) his download speed is fine but upload is almost non-existant, even to the extent that working on websites can be impossible because of timeouts.

If he connects his PC directly to the ADSL router then the problem goes away.

Use of the network via the switch shows no problems (i.e. transferring large files from one machine to another) and the problem is the same using a different computer. All this is working cabled.

Any ideas what is going on? I'd not have expected the switch to have any real part in transfer speeds. Has anyone seen this behavior before?

Static IP addresses are in use but I've tested it with dynamic and the same symptoms occur. It's using IPv4 but I've not turned off IPv6. I'm intending trying a different network switch just in case it's faulty.

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Earlier today I turned on my Toshiba laptop (Satellite P855-S5200) and got some sort of error screen, and then it brought me to a screen asking if I wanted to do a system repair or start windows normally. I chose system repair, but then it seemed to get stuck in that process (It was taking forever and nothing was happening), so I turned off the laptop (I know, big no no), booted in safe mode, and did a system restore to a restore point from about a week ago. The "starting Windows" screen came and went, no problem. Everything seemed fine till I got to the User Selection screen (the default blue one with the little hummingbird or whatever). Then it just sat there on that screen. I could see the hummingbird and the little squiggly lines, but there were no buttons to click my user. I just let it sit there, and after about 5 minutes, the user names popped up, and I was able to continue using the computer without any problems, no other speed issues whatsoever. It now makes me wait every time, always about 5 minutes, before the user names pop up. It does this when I restart the machine and when I try to switch users.

It is a Pentium Core i7
2.3 Ghz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Let me know if you need any other specs.

Any ideas?


A:Windows 7 takes forever to load the select user/switch user screen

Work through these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

The steps begin with disinfection from Safe Mode or boot disk, since if Win7 is badly infected it may not repair until cleaned up. Then everything possible to start it is sequenced.

I would also do the hardware tests provided before rescuiing the data to run Recovery or get the superior Clean Reinstall.

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On windows 7 professional 64-bit sp1,
if a current user is screen locked, the lock screen indicates the current user name and account is logged on and the computer is locked. I am using Classic Logon in group policy,
and under local policy-security options-interactive logon i have it set to display username and account info (the option with most information).

the problem i have is say a user is logged in and then I need to use the computer,
at that point the lock screen says so and so is logged in and locked,
I do a switch user, log in and do my thing, then log out.
Now the screen goes back to the base login screen saying 'ctrl-alt-del' not saying any user is currently logged in.
Now if that original user does log back in, all his stuff is still here and everything acted like a basic screen lock happened so no problem there... but what i want to happen is after a switch user logs out the screen goes back to the lock screen displaying who has the computer locked. is there a way to do that?

A:Switch User then logoff, back to ctrl-alt-del login not previous user

At a guess, I'd say Classic Logon is the culprit here, as I do not have this issue with Windows 7 64-bit SP1 with the default login screen. Changing this is likely impractical next to the simple solution of ditching Classic Logon (It's an ancient artifact by now)

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Interestingly on boot up I see "another user" but the picture is blank, with a frame around it (I can see through it to the boot wallpaper that I have changed to prove) ..

Who is another user?

Please help as I have been on the 2 days now

A:Created admin User but can see on 'Switch User" cntrl/alt/del

Sorry to bump but things have changed somewhat, and yes could start a new topic but will try the edit function as I am not here often. I see 110 views and that's promising

Please advise who is this "another user" icon/picture is blank, with a frame around it (I can see through it to the boot wallpaper that I have changed to prove) .. on control /alt/ delete.

I now have admin rights back (previous problem) but this "another user" can't be found anywhere (I know of) except at login. I am stumped..

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Here's my issue, I would like to RDP to a Windows 7 laptop. Even with Administrative privledges, it will tell me "Waiting for user to respond". I would like to either switch users via RDP, or force them to log off without prompting.

Server is SBS 2008. I already have "Set Rules for remote control of Terminal Services user sessions" to Full Control without user's permission.

A:Forcing user logoff/switch user with Remote Desktop


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Running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Why does iTunes and other sounds keep playing even when that user who initiated it logs off using "Switch user?" The sounds and iTunes keep playing even when another user logs in.

A:iTunes & sounds keep playing even when user logs off using Switch user

Could be because of Fast User Switching. That really doesn't Log Out the other user. It just Switches users, as in both are still logged in.

Try Logging out the other user.

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Hi everybody
My computer has just started this one in the last week or so. Not sure of the exact trigger or exactly when.

I can be logged on as any valid user on the system. When I try to switch user using the standard methods, after selecting a user account it says that there is already a user logged in and that I can only have one user logged in.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and have been running it successfully (and being able to switch users) for several years now.

Is there anybody that can point me in the right direction as to where to look for this one?
Many Thanks

A:Switch User does not permit additional user to be logged in


Take a look at this guide and see if Fast User Switching is enabled?
How To Enable/Disable Fast User Switching In Windows 7, Vista, XP


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Hi Guys,

I had this issue:when the fast user switching is disabled and someone already login to the computer, I can not unlock or switch to another user to login. Only thing I can do is power off.( I don't have that user's password to unlock the computer).
Can please advise is there anyway do unlock the computer without power off?

Thank you.

A:How to switch user when fast user switching is disabled?

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The title sums it up. https://photos.app.goo.gl/5wNJuFfFYFOcKxxm2 I have an RMA for a refund in progress, but wanted to see if anyone has any ideas before I ship it away. I have verified it is the lid switch, because I can get it to stop if I hold a magnet just right around the switch, which is to the left of the webcam and mic. Right out of the box, "L" key was bad on the keyboard; it doesn't register unless it's hit just right. I was dealing with it for now and was going to get a warranty part to fix it, but now this happened... 

A:12-day-old T470s failed magnetic lid switch, causing erratic behavior and rendering system useless..

I would set a small screw on the palmrest to see if the magnet is really in place.  (center, at the front right below the place the lid switch is)  I wonder if the box was dropped in shipping affecting the keyboard and dislodging the magnet.

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I've searched the forum and could not find an answer to this problem.

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise machine where at the login screen the "Switch User" button is missing and so I am unable to clear the last user.

Just about all the results I got back on this topic was how to re-enable the "Switch User". This doesn't help because I can't login to make the change.


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On my new laptop, everytime (almost) I switch user I have the BSOD ) Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap. BSOD, then reboot.
No freeze but just reboot and lost all

Attached is the zip file

BIG thanks for your help

A:Computer is crashing when I switch user to other user

Hi again,
Im adding a new zip file as it just crashed 5mins ago _ minidump included.
Thanks for your help

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I have a computer in the breakroom at work, which is running Windows 8. We normally don't use W8, so I am new to it. Apparently an employee logged into the computer with their personal account, then left the company. The screen shows her account logged in, with a blank password box, and no option to switch user. A reboot of the machine comes back to the same screen.

I was able to get into the Advanced Boot Manager and go into Safe Mode, but the same user login screen comes up in Safe Mode also.

I just need to get this user logged out and get back to the main login screen so that anyone can login to the machine. This is a simple step in W7, just can't seem to get it done in W8.

A:Cannot Switch User or Logout User, no one else can login

Hello kc5hwb, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Do you have a back arrow in a circle button at the top left of the user's picture on the sign in screen?

Signing in to Windows 8

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How do I prevent someone form accessing my computer. To get the access all they have to do is map a drive to my c$ and they are in.

A:Prevent a user from accessing my computer

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How i can prevent users downloading big files such as movies.

A:Prevent from user to download big files

what operating system? on your computer or on network?

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I'm the manager at a restaurant. The program that we use to ring customers and punch-in/out is based off the windows clock and time. It has come to our attention that employees are changing the time on the clock (by double clicking it in the windows xp taskbar) and then punching in or out. Does anyone know if there is anyway through windows or a secondary program to disable the clock from being changed without a password or similar security measure. Thank you.

A:Prevent User From Changing the Clock?

I haven't used it, but you might check out Clock Guard.

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How do I do to prevent a shutdown from being initiated by means that was not my own action?

I have already had multiple issues with programs that work with DB's on my computer (including my own) that become partly corrupted from being given the order to shutdown and then the process is killed (those 2, just being killed is no issue as they are ready to recover).

Some programs seem to have made thinking they are in a sandbox of some sort where they initiate the shutdown sequence without me confirming it. It annoys me.

How do I do so that I can give the order to windows to consider all shutdown orders as unauthorized or not allowed unless they come from me, by my own actions?
I have already tried what appears in the first 3 pages of results of this search:
Nothing helps. The closest one is shutdownguard... but it only prevents itself from closing, not the computer, not to mention it doesn't prevent a forced shutdown sequence which seem to be the norm for these programs.

A:Prevent shutdown when not initiated by user

Explain please:

A shutdown of just a program ?

or a shutdown of the machine itself ?

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I would like to know if there is any way that you can Prevent the last logged-in user name from being displayed in Windows XP Home Edition. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

A:Prevent the last logged-in user name from being displayed

I user XP Pro but this should be the same.
Go to Start, Run, type secpol.msc
Then look under the Interactive Login header
and set the Do not display last username to Enabled.

Good Luck.

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I put in a password for my account and after 10 minutes of in activity, the user is locked out and I have to enter my password.

How do i prevent this? I need the password because I am using LogMeIn (free remote computer access) and i am required to have a password, not a blank one.

A:How do you prevent auto user lock out on Win 7?

is this a question about Windows 7 the OS
meaning you the user is locked out???
can you give us more info...???

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I feel like such a ditz! Don't even know how to ask this question... vocabulary-wise.

When I'm involved in long downloads, how do I prevent XP from putting me "to sleep", "running me in the background" and bringing up the list of Users defined for my machine.

Depending on which connection I choose to use, and I have a lot of them, when XP puts me in the background the connection will be lost.

Is there a way to adjust the logged-on-user timeout? If not, is there a way to temporarily force XP not to put me in the background?

I appreciate all the help you guys have given me!!!
I apologize for not using the correct vocabulary in describing this... if I knew what terms to use I might have been able to find the answer in Windows Help.

A:How to Prevent Logged-on-User Sleep?

I think you have two separate things here. The "sleep" you describe and the bringing up of the list of users is controlled by your scrensaver and power settings. Right click anywhere on your desktop, choose Properties, go to the Screensaver tab, and uncheck the box that says on resume, display welcome screen, and better still, use "none" as a screensaver.
For stopping the connection being dropped, go to Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections tab, Settings, Advanced, and uncheck the two "Disconnect" boxes. That is the proceedure for Dial-up Connections, which I presume you are on.
Hope this helps.

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Since Microsoft has decided to not develop a Windows 7 version of Steady Sate. I have been following their documentation Creating_a_Steady_State_by_Using_Microsoft_Technologies.doc, Group_Policy_Settings_for_Creating_a_Steady State.doc and Windows SteadyState Reference Spreadsheet.xlsx.
We have a number of Public Access PC on our network. With Steady State I was able to prevent these PC from browsing our network, or viewing any files or folders on the PC itself. I have all the group policy changes suggested above plus a bunch more, so far 135 total.
The Public Access PC is set up with autologin the user localmachine\PublicUser with only user permissions.
How do you prevent a user from accessing tools under Internet Explorer 9 and/or View Downloads?
Example why I want to block this access.
Under this user you can go open IE9 then access to Tools by either Alt + X or clicking on the gear icon next to the Home and Favorite icon. Then open up View Downloads or jump straight to View Downloads by Ctrl + J in IE9. Once in the default download location the user then clicks on options on the bottom left of the screen. This brings up another pop up and if the user then clicks on the Browse Button he gets a nice little notice that reads
?This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.?
Now the crazy part.
When the user clicks OK for the notice they get a new Windows Explorer window. In the Naviga... Read more

A:How to prevent a user from accessing tools under IE9

No matter what you do, consider setting up LUA+SRP as well.
Software Restriction Policy

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Hello everybody,

Does anybody know how I can prevent windows 10 from logging in into the latest user when I start my pc? I already searched and found a registry fix for windows 8, but I does not work anymore after you install new windows updates. I just want the login screen as it was in windows 7, where you click on the user account you want to use (like this: http://cloud.addictivetips.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/AdministratorAccountWindows7_thumb.jpg), instead of directly logging in to the latest user.
Any suggestions?

A:Windows 10 prevent last user login?

If you set a password for each accounts it wont do auto login when you start your PC and you will get prompt to enter password to log in. You can set a small easy to remember passwords for each accounts in your windows 10.

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Been trying to migrate a user profile from one computer to another (both W7 Ultimate).
Outlook settings don't get copied and the most annoying thing is it copies the admin user by default also which ends up creating a second admin user on the destination computer.

I can live without Outlook settings, so is there a way to just migrate the user account or another tool that does? Looked at USMt but it says I need the Windows DVD etc.

We have some staff that need to work on another computer hence the requirement. Would love to have Active directory but cannot afford it.


A:How to prevent WET from migrating the admin user

Can you see and deselect Admin profile if you click "Customize"?

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Hi, i just wonder is that anyway we can prevent someone to enter safe mode or how do we make it just like only administrators have the rights to enter safe mode ? I used a software to block some website so the student unable to go to certain website, but if they log in to "safe mode with networking support" they able to go any site they wish to.... is that a way to prevent this ? Thanks.

A:How to prevent user from enter safemode ?

Follow the following steps to disable the Safe Mode :

?If you have installed the operating system in Windows in C drive, just type this command in run menu attrib -r -s -h -a c:\ntldr. If you have installed the Operating system in D drive, change the command to d:\ntldr.
?Then backup the NTLDR file in C drive with another name. You can do that by copying and pasting to the same location to get a new file ?Copy of NTLDR?.
?Download this free portable HexEditor.(http://newdata.box.sk/neworder/disedit/hexedit.zip)
?Extract the HexEdit.exe and run it.
?Then go to file > Open and choose C:\ drive on the right hand side and look for ntldr file on the left box. Select the ntldr file and click OK.
?Scroll down and look for the line 00000770 and change the values 0f 85 09 to 90 90 90.
?Click file and save.
?Then close the HexEdit.
?Then type this command attrib +r +s +h +a c:\ntldr in Run menu.
?All it is done.

Before you are doing this, you have to remember that you can?t access the keyboard; therefore, you can?t select an operating system from multiple Operating systems. If you want to enter the safe mode, use windows installation disc for recovery console and rename the ?Copy of ntldr? file to ntldr. This way you can use the F8 key again.

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I am using firefox from last 5 to 6 years.

How can i prevent clearing the history or temporary files or cookies etc ?

A:prevent clear the history by the other user

I'm using Firefox 2, so you might need to tweak these instructions if you're using the latest Firefox 3.

Go to Tools > Options > Privacy tab and remove the checkmark from 'Always clear my private data when I close Firefox'. Then click the Settings button and remove all the checkmarks from the boxes. Restart Firefox.

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Is there a way that you can prevent a user closing a program down, we have PC's which are used by the public and we do'not want them to be able to close program, is this possible.

It is a database application.

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I have a user who keeps changing the time on her Win7 workstation. The PC eventually resets the correct time automatically, but I would like to find a way to prevent her changing time manually. I've looked at various ways to prevent users from changing time (local security policy, GPO), but they all prevent not only the manual time-change but also the automatic reset of the time. What I seek is a way to prevent the manual time-change that still allows the automatic. I'm open to a third-party solution as well.


A:Prevent user changing time manually?

Change the user instead!

Sorry couldn't resist

Hope you solve this.

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The user account is automatically logged off from my PC Windows 8 though the antivirus program is still running. Thus, I have to reenter the password to check the program running status. How to prevent user account to be automatically logged off in windows 8? I have already selected Never in the option of Put the computer to sleep. Thank you for your answer.

A:How to prevent user account from automatically logging off

Hi there. Are you confusing “automatically logging off” with the screen locking? The screen locking is different from an account logging off. If using a password to log into an account, the locked screen demands a password.

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How to prevent user from running portable software?

I'm running windows 2003 server and let about 10 people connect through remote desktop as only a user.
But they still can use the portable softwear and takes up a lot of CPU Usage. So is there anyway to prevent that? (from using the portable)
Thanks for all the answer

A:How to prevent user from running portable software?

Using Software Restriction Policies to Protect Against Unauthorized Software: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/bb457006.aspx

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Dear All,

We are planning to deploy EMET in a large organisation, but there is 1 thing where i can't get a solid answer. After deploying EMET 5.5 , how can we make sure that users will not amend the configurations on their own pc or laptop ? How can we lock down EMET
Chris Tam

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Is there a way that i can prevent the computer from turning off the screen while switching user? My screen reacts really slow when it gets turned off, then on again by the computer, so its just turns black for ages.

A:prevent screen-shutdown when switching user.

Welcome to Seven Forums skogs. Sorry, this is normal behaviour when switching User or Logging off. Is you monitor an older one or a CRT?

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I want to prevent users from login a computer that is disabled in AD, also when the computer isn't connected by LAN.
When I disable a computer in AD a user can still login on the portable computer (who is not connected to the LAN) with his cached credentials. Afterwards he can connect to the LAN and can work like before. How can I prevent that?
remark: When the computer isn't disable in AD a user must be able the use cached credentials.
any ideas?


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I have Windows 8 home with IE 10. I want to DISABLE selective browser history deletion (open history, right-click-delete certain websites). I don't have gpedit.msc but I believe it falls under the "Prevent User from deleting websites visited" or something along those lines. I found a registry key edit "CleanHistory" and I have changed the value back and forth from 0 and 1 but it still hasn't stopped me from being able to selectively delete. Can anyone help me with this? I found the registry key on multiple websites so I imagine it's supposed to work but it just isn't. User error, perhaps? Thanks.

A:Prevent user from deleting websites visited

I'm not sure if this answer will help you and I can't seem to duplicate your history right-click for some reason; however, I downloaded the .reg file to disable the "delete browsing history on exit" and the "delete" button shown on the screenshot below:

It worked for me Win 8 Pro x64. Here's the tutorial if you can use it.

Internet Explorer Delete Browsing History - Enable or Disable Access - Windows 7 Help Forums

I apologize if I'm not in the right area.

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Hello everyone! Can anyone please help me with this annoyance I have?
How can I prevent standard users from closing certain processes in task manager? I don't want to restrict them from using task manager, but I would like to prevent them from terminating processes that I want to be always running.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit btw.

It would be awesome if I can hide certain programs and processes in a standard user's task manager, but still be able to see the processes when I click the "Show processes from all users" button which comes with an admin password prompt.

A:How to prevent standard user from terminating processes?

What processes are beining terminated?
Are you the Administrator?

It would be awesome if I can hide certain programs and processes in a standard user's task manager, but still be able to see the processes when I click the "Show processes from all users" button which comes with an admin password prompt.

I'm not at all sure what you're asking for here... Is the "standard user" online along with you, or are you both using the same computer at the same time?

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This problem has been troubleshooted by Netgear, Acer, and myself and is still a mystery.

Problem: Internet connection works fine while physically connected to the Ethernet line. Once disconnected, wireless network works and disconnects after is moved a few feets away from router. Signal strength is 100% and unable to connect to internet. If brought into original range, is unable to connect to the internet.

Troubleshooting: The router has been replaced with a brand new Netgear WRN3500U. Router firmware has been updated and all other wireless devices connected to this network work. The wireless card has been updated with the latest drivers and physical connection works. Netgear troubleshooted the router, connection type has been troubleshooted from WEP to WPA2 an channels switched and antivirus and firewalls turned off. The router is not the problem. The wireless card is not the problem. Acer troubleshooted the computer and suggest, an operating system re installation.

Specification: Operating System System Model Windows Vista Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 2 (build 6002)
Install Language: English (United States)
System Locale: English (United States) Acer Aspire 3810T V1.10
Enclosure Type: Notebook Processor a Main Circuit Board b 1.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Not hyper-threaded Board: Acer Aspire 3810T PSMBOU-1234567
BIOS: Acer V1.10 07/20/2009 Communications

Anchorfree HSS Adapter Atheros AR8131 PCI-E... Read more

A:Connects and Disconnects - Not For The Average User

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How to prevent a regular / limited user from installing USB driver?

A:How to prevent a regular / limited user from installing USB driver?

Hi Stuckfree,

Here is the link through which you can allow a limited user to stage drivers for a specific device: Configure Computer Policy to Allow Non-Administrators to Install Specific Devices

Below given link have steps to Allow or Deny All Access to Removable Drives: Removable Drives - Allow or Deny All Access

Please perform the steps mentioned in the above links and post the results.

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Hi, I would like to know how to prevent video play on my shared folder, i am shared folder so that other can copy video file that i want they have, but usually they play video directly from shared folder, its make my computer very slow.

any help would be thanks


A:How do I prevent user play video on my shared folder

Unshare your folder.

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