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Laptop MOBO failed, transfer W8.1 to new computer?

Q: Laptop MOBO failed, transfer W8.1 to new computer?

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex Boguszewski. I bought a laptop, specifically the Samsung QX410-J01. The Laptop came pre-installed with Windows 7, and I upgraded to Windows 8 on 10/26/2012. I bought the Windows 8 Pro product key, downloaded, and upgraded to Windows 8.

Just last week my laptops Motherboard failed and my computer would no longer start up. The HDD works just fine though so all my files are safe. I decided I wanted to build my own PC and I am simply waiting on my case to arrive.

My question is I want to use Windows 8 on my new PC. The problem I am facing is I do not know how I am going to install Windows on my new machine. I do not want to purchase a new install disk and license since I have already paid for the OS. I can only think of two options and I am not sure if either of them are right.

1. Plug in my laptops hard drive into the new desktop. Run Windows 8.1 on that and use the new Terabyte hard drive I bought as a second hard drive.

2. Somehow put Windows 8.1 on a flash drive and install it from the flash drive onto the new blank hard drive. Then use the product key that I had purchased to activate the OS onto the new hard drive!

I really do not want to have to purchase Windows again, but if I must I guess I will. I believe there has to be a way I doubt after being a loyal Microsoft customer, switching to Windows Phone recently, and buying an Xbox One, that Microsoft will just say "Too bad, buy it again".

Thanks for your help!
Alex Boguszewski

Preferred Solution: Laptop MOBO failed, transfer W8.1 to new computer?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop MOBO failed, transfer W8.1 to new computer?

Couple of items to consider here:

-First off a laptop drive is generally built to be a little slower to conserve power BUT if you purchase a ssd for your desktop then the hard drive would be perfectly fine for generic storage. You will want to keep in mind as well the bay differences. Normally desktop bays are 3.5 and laptop hard drives are 2.5. So you will need to get some sort of adapter.

As far as copying over the license...generally no. There have been some rare situations where they have allowed it if you talk to Microsoft but the general consensus, is no, absolutely not. The license is supposed to be licensed to that piece of hardware and no other.

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I am trying to get files off a HD from a laptop whose MB died.

I was able to get the laptop HD via USB slaved to another laptop. The problem I am having is transferring some files. I have a folder where none of the contents can be viewed or transferred. When I click on the properties of the folder, read only is checked. I uncheck it and hit apply but it doesn't allow me to save it. If I go back into properties read only is still checked. Any idea how to fix this so I can transfer the files?

If I mouse over any file, it says they are encrypted. If I right click a file and hit properties, then advanced it has files are encrypted to secure data box checked. I cannot uncheck it

A:Laptop mobo died, can't transfer files

You can try this Microsoft Website
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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Hi there eightforums,

Yesterday I was transferring files from one internal drive to the other when the file transfer process froze, and then my computer froze. After 10 minutes I powered off the computer by holding down the power button. Since then windows cannot operate for more than 3 to 4 minutes. Same problem operating the computer on a clean boot. During this time disk usage in the task manager goes up to 100% and stays there. I can run the computer in safe mode without the problem manifesting. I have performed a system restore but that did not resolve the issue. I ran chkdsk on C: and D: successfully but the issue persisted. I also defragged C: drive (OS is on C with defraggler in safe mode. Tried to defrag D: next but got BSOD with error KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (spaceport.sys). Windows still freezes within minutes.

I've tried googling different versions of this problem but none of the suggestions (mostly to try and end tasks in task manager before windows freezes) have been successful. I'm at the end of what I can try and do via google-fu and I'm hoping someone here can help (please). SF Debug Tool files attached.

A:File transfer between 2 drives failed now computer freezes

I suggest you to open the case and make sure all the cables (power & sata) connected to D: drive are tightly connected then try running chkdsk again.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8072 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 464 GB (433 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0J3C2F
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

Is there a safe and/or simple way to transfer files from a laptop using Windows Vista to a desktop using Windows 10?

A:Transfer Files from laptop to desktop computer

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A friend of my wife at work bought a new laptop. She has an old computer, I don';t know what operating system yet (haven't talked with her) She wants to copy a bunch of files and e-mails from the old computer to the new laptop. What is the easiest way to do that? I have not worked with laptop much. Lets say she has windows 98 on the old computer. What would be the easiest way to do it for her?

A:Old Computer windows ?? to New Laptop transfer files, can someone help?

You'd start by telling us what types of files and what email client is in use on the old and the new systems. There may be a conversion involved...

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Well, i find out my laptop is broken. Now i went to a comuter store, and they gave me a red cable with a L shaped looking plug in. I connected the Laptop harddrive with my mainboard of my computer in the only slot that could match which says" sata2"

When i restart my computer, nothing shows up when i look for another harddrive ( for example: e, or f )

Now what did i do wrong?

A:How do i transfer datas from my broken laptop to my desktop computer?

Never had this question before, but did research and came up with this information. Hope that it helps
How to Backup Data from a Broken Computer to a New One | eHow.com

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My lappy is dying a certain death and I want to remove the Win7 Home Premium OS from it and install it on a new desk top that I am building. Can this be accomplished? I really don't want to spend the $100 for an OEM version when I don't need to.

Thank you in advance for the help.

A:Dead Laptop - Transfer Windows Home Premium to New Computer?

If it is retail then you can migrate it to any machine of your choice. OEM dies with the machine.

With Upgrade version, you need to have a qualifying retail XP or Vista on hand which you don't use again, but it doesn't have to be installed.

When you boot an Upgrade version DVD to clean install to a new HD, you need to wait until after install to insert the Product Key and activate so you can do a workaround given here: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version The Registry change is much easier I have found.

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The Problem: My computer had been running very slowly for a long time and now in the past few months it has done this: the date will randomly reset back to October 14, 2010 (a date earlier than i even bought this laptop). I of course correct the date & time, but within a day it's changed its time to some off hour. Also, in the past few weeks it's had an additional symptom: upon startup it will say something about a new dell system detect thing available..it's never given his massage before now, and the message just doesn't look quite right.
What I want to do but need help with..I wish to transfer my files (this includes mostly music and picture files, and a few other word or pdf documents) to a clean computer. I don't know how to safely do so, though. I don't have the option of a cd or dvd or external hard drive. My /only/ option is a USB stick or online transfer site, transferring it all little by little. I don't know how I got this virus or malware or whatever it is, though. I don't want to infect the clean computer by transferring these files, so I have no clue how to do this. I'm not a computer wiz, but if it's explained to me I can usually figure out how to do whatever it is pretty easily. I currently have the latest AVG Free version installed, if that matters. Is there some way i can check these files before transferring them? Here's what I have to work with:
an infected Dell Inspiron Duo running Windows 7 (no place for discs besides usb ports)
a clean... Read more

A:Badly Infected Laptop, Need to Transfer Files to Clean Computer and Wipe It

I've done complete computer scans on the infected computer and everything just turns up fine, it shows no infections which is bull, so I have no clue where the thing is & I don't know how to scan individual files before transferring or anything.

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I'm pretty sure I just fried my mobo and will probably be needing a new one. The issue is the model is a couple of years old and I can't find a replicate (I would prefer not to buy off ebay), so I'd have to buy a new model. My RAID 0 array contains some data I would like to have, but do not absolutely need. I run it using a Rosewill PCI RAID controller (I can get the exact model of this if necessary), and I was wondering that if I were to plug in the RAID array using the same controller on the new mobo, if I could at least maintain the data within the array. I dont really need to be able to boot from it, I just need the data to be there. If this were possible, I think I'll probably just reinstall Vista, since this would place all of my old files into a windows.old folder, and I could get to the data from there

A:mobo burnout RADI 0 transfer

The array will work and should boot just fine. Windows may BSOD, because the mobo is different, but you have better odds because the storage controller is the same.

Even in case you do not get the array working, you can restore the data from the drives by using software RAID (Linux, BSD) or special recovery utilities.

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What are problems to transfer my files from 4 year old 702X laptop to similar running windows 7 (bought through yourselves. EASY TRANSFER quoted within your software. Will someone send me an appropriate EMAIL reply with specification of new machine, price etc. How easy is it to connect  to broadband (as currently)
Still not convinced that I buy new dell. Possibly extend software for another year? hardware 4 year old!
I am considering what to do.
How long will windows 7 be supported?
prefer email to telephone support at present

A:New laptop ; transfer my files to it; easy transfer ;

Thank you for writing to us!
In this case we would suggest you to go online to the Dell website and configure the system at  your cost .
In terms of how long windows 7 will be support ? You will get support as long as the system is under warranty .
If the system is not under warranty you will still get support however it will be paid.

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My MSI-K8N Neo4 mobo has a fan to the right of the pci slots and it has stopped running. Is there a way to remedy this or at least replace the fan as opposed to buying a new mobo?

A:Mobo fan failed

Yes you can replace the fan

But confirm all plugs are secure first, and also vacuum out all dust too (power out)

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I'm working with HP Pavilion 552x with OS XP. I had to buy a new PSU and it seems to be working fine. But when i start the computer all fans work but nothing else does. It doesn't recognize the monitor, had drive and CD drive or the floppy. It's basically dead! I visibly can't see anything out of sorts with the caps on the mother board a P4S-LA. And I pulled out the CPU to make sure it was set properly. When I turn on the computer I am unable to shut it down by holding the button in for 5 seconds (I held it longer) the only way to shut down is by the button on the PSU. I am dumb founded and in need of some real good help.

A:How can I tell if it is the MOBO or CPU that failed?

Any beeps? If not then the mobo was probably damaged by whatever killed the PSU. See it all the time at work.

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I'm stuck in the installation of a new motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 - and the transfer of a Win7/64 Home Premium system SSD to it, and would appreciate some advice in how to extricate myself and get this working. The basic story is that a Sysprep'd SSD wasn't recognized as having an OS when I booted with the new motherboard and now it's not being recognized with the old motherboard either.

Update: trying again. Was able to restore Win 7 SSD from EaseUs backup and then make a System Repair CD and a Windows image. Hopefully, those will provide security if the changeover doesn't work again.

A:Transfer of Win 7/64 SSD to new motherboard failed

Folllow up: To get the Win 7 SSD to boot on the new motherboard, I had to restore a system image with a repair install, per Karl's instructions at Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer. Finally!

The problem now is no mouse, or really, no power to the USB ports, front or back. What's strange is that there was no problem all day when I was doing the Windows system repairs. Probably something simple, but all the USB controllers are enabled in BIOS and the front case cable is plugged in a board header, so I'm not sure where to turn next. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I recently purchased a WD Passport external Harddrive, and have attempted to use it with transferring files from a laptop running Windows 7 32-bit to a desktop running Windows 7 64-bit. Windows Easy Transfer won't allow me to do this, giving me the error msg: "Windows Easy transfer can't transfer files from a 64-bit computer to a 32-bit computer"

My question is...Is there any way around this OS conflict? (So that I can still use my external HD to transfer files between computers)

A:Windows Easy transfer can't transfer files from a 64-bit computer to a

If it's just document, pictures, music, etc. You could just use the drag and drop method and move them to the second computer like that.

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My old computer is running windows xp , I have purchased a new computer and bought an easy transfer cable usb port connection , I downloaded the program as specified , my new computer is a hp running windows vista the two diffent prots will see each other but when i go to transfer from my old computer to my new computer before i can select anything a window pops up saying migration fAILED when i click the ok button on that window it closes out the program.

A:easy transfer cable to transfer files to new computer


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hi (first post here) iv just upgraded my mobo, dvd rw, memory and hdd. I was running XP pro OEM so I new i may have a problem when it came to install time. My last hdd failed just days before upgrade time. Anyways my question is, now I get the FAILED WGA msg can I upgrade to vista UPGRADE PACKAGE instead of buying the full retail or OEM versions. I dont really plan on major upgrading in the future but you never now so I d rather stay away from OEM versions, and a full retail copy is pushing the old wallet far and beyond. Any advice would be great cheers.

A:Failed Wga After Upgrading Mobo

You are supposed to activate first? If that fails then you get a phone number to call and work out the mess with Microsoft, they may have to give you a new number, then you go to the updates and you should pass validation if you are legal.

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I just got a new dekstop with Vista HP x64. I tried using Windows Easy Transfer to copy my settings from a Win XP SP2 desktop. The transfer failed in the middle. It did copy some of the users setting over. The user account does not appear in the account list but if I try to add the user, I get an error message about invalid characters in the name. If I try to do a new transfer, the transfer says it can't creat the user because it already exists.

How do I go about removing all vestiges of the user if it does not appear in the user accounts? I deleted all the user files but this did not help.

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Hello All! I'm running Windows 7 64-bit Professional.

I was attempting to transfer files from one internal HD (WD 4TB) to another internal drive as a backup (same exact type HD). Neither of these internal drives are the OS drive. In the middle of transferring files my power went out multiple times. Then on startup I started getting the message "check disk for consistentcy" referring to the original HD I was attempting to transfer from. The check disk would run and never finish. It would simply go to a black screen and freeze. After multiple failures I gave up. I never could get the PC to boot up.

I then removed the original 4TB HD and booted up the PC. Everything worked. I connected the 4TB drive via usb with an external housing. It read it fine but the media files I was attempting to transfer would not open in any program/device. They have the correct file size and are all still present on the HD, but seem to be damaged in some way. So I then ran a "chkdsk" and it completed successfully within a few days. But it did not repair the files. These are all media files, from .wav audio, .mts video files, to .mov video files.

This is a years worth of work. I have talked to a professional recovery company and they seem to think the files can be repaired. I want to exhaust every effort possible before I fork out thousands of dollars on this, which I am more than willing to do.

I have tried "restoring previous versions" of the files but there ... Read more


Hello and welcome Matt mate here are recovery softwares - I don't know if you have used any but Recuvva is very good and there are more Best Free Data Recovery and File Un-delete Utility if they are physically damaged then perhaps they might not be recoverable

One way of getting data from a drive is to us my little ditty
Make a bootable Ubuntu disk http://www.ubuntu.com/download
Set the BIOS to boot from the optical when the machine boots it will show you a screen with TRY or INSTALL > select TRY not INSTALL
When it is finished - it takes very little time you will get a screen like in the pic .
Open the drive you want > User and dig down until you get to the data / settings you may be able to copy / paste the material you want to an external source or other installed drive doing this.
I am not sure if it will but I have recovered tons of data etc using this method both on "dead" or just plain drives that you cannot get data from using Windows.
There is also the Linux Mint MATE way too but I find the Ubuntu is reasonably easy to use you will either have to keep the drive in the machine or hook it up to a different machine using the USN to SATA adaptor in the pic

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Bit of a weird problem i try to send a file to my computer less than about 300kb it transfers fine any larger it fails. I try sending it through MyPhoneExplorer, it transfers all of it but my point is I some times need files from other people not just my own phone. Any ideas? I am on windows 7 home premieum 64 bit i do have a uknown device listed as "bluetooth peripheral device" with that yellow triangle.

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Problem: Cant transfer files from PC or Android tablet to tablet.
Version(S): PC: Win8.1 64-bit Android tablet: android 4.4 other tablet: Win8.1 not sure bit version
Detail: Need to transfer file from CD to Win8.1 tablet.
Steps tried:
-extracted files from CD to .SFX archive and added a copy to PC and Tablet (android4.4)
-tried over cloud, cloud upload failed and retried multiple times for same result.
-tried direct file transfer from pc to WinTablet and from AndroidTablet to WinTablet with the appropriate cables, both times neither device detected the other
-tried file transfer over homegroup, gave error message about "access denied" even after giving access on both devices
-tried email but .sfx was too large (almost 800MB)
-tried over Bluetooth on both devices (PC and android) again transfer failed
-tried over WiFi connection, failed access denied
-tried over Ethernet cable but only PC has Ethernet port
help appreciated.
thanks guys.

A:Solved: file transfer win8 failed

sounds like you have file sharing turned off on one or all of the devices. they also should technically be on the same work group, but it's easy to get around that if you share a folder on all of the devices. it's pretty easy to do, you want to search for how to enable file sharing on the specific device. for the windows 8, you can go to the control panel and then network and sharing center. advanced sharing options are on the left side of the window, make the appropriate choice.

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I have alot of desktop shortcuts on my older XP system & wanted to copy them to my new Windows 7 PC. I successfully copied them onto my external hard drive, powered off, reconnected the external hard drive to my Windows 7 PC & powered on. I then copied the desktop shortcut file to the apporpriate place (C:\(user)\desktop folder. It looked like it worked but whenever I try to open one by selecting it, all I get is a blank IE 9 screen. There is no address for the website. Yet, when I look at the properties of a shortcut, it displays the full website address.

What am I doing wrong? Hopefully I will not have to enter each one in manually.

A:Attempt to transfer XP desktop shortcuts to Windows 7 PC failed

What are you trying to copy ? Favorites ?

You have to copy ( import ) your favorites from your user account in XP to your favorites in W7.

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My Vista Ultimate Windows disc image backups were going smoothly and then I got an error: the backup failed transfer syntax not supported by RPC server (0x800706C).

In the event log were two errors at the time of the backup being started:
Error during RPC serialization: (hr = 0x800706c2)
Backup started at '6/23/2008 6:11:16 AM' failed with following error code '2147944130' (The transfer syntax is not supported by the RPC server.). Please rerun backup once issue is resolved.

Any advice on how to resolve this issue? Others have encountered this issue in another forum but there was no resolution posted.


A:backup failed. transfer syntax not supported by RPC server

Did you try the backup again?

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I installed the latest round of Windows updates for my Win7 x64 install and it never completed (ran for about 24 hours) so I powered off the machine. Upon restarting, it said:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause" and has instructions for using system repair, then at the bottom:

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: Oxc000000f
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data
So I booted off a Windows recovery disk and figured Startup Repair would fix it. Alas, after it says "Windows found problems with your computer's startup options" and asks me if I want to repair, I click "repair and restart" and it says "Failed to save startup options".

The "repair details" are:
Name: {bootmgr}
Identifier: {...}

The following options will be added:
Name: Windows Recovery Environment (recovered)
Path: Recovery\...\Winre.wim
Windows Device: Partition=D:
I've tried running Startup Repair from the manual options screen and it says it cannot repair automatically. I have two partitions, the 100MB windows System partition, which Recovery Console mounts as C:\ and my main windows partition, which it mounts as D: and I can see all of my files on it.

Running "bootrec /repairbcd" gives me "Total identified Windows Installations: 0"

I'm not sure if there might be something fishy with the way it's detecting my partition table... Read more

A:Windows 7 update failed and laptop won't boot. Startup repair failed

Have you run bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot?
Then, if it doesn't boot, run bootrec /RebuildBcd (from this KB article: How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows )

c0000005 is STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE - which means it can't find File: \Boot\BCD

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This first started out as a problem installing some of the larger programs such has Adobe CS3 and Microsoft Office 2007. I had a seperate thread on that located here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic123304.html

After a lot of troubleshooting, I believe that my problem exists in the RAM. I ran the memtest for both sticks of ram individually and they both failed. The first stick will cause my computer to reboot in the middle of the test. The other stick, I will get a message that says 'unexpected interrupt halting CPU0'.

So here's my question: Is the memory sticks at fault or my mobo?
I want to go ahead and ask for advice so I know if I should buy new RAM or get my mobo replaced.

These are my specs for my computer:
AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core Processor 2.71 GHz
GIgabyte GA-MA770-UD3
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition V2002 SP3
Corsair Dual Channel TWINX 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2 x 2048MB)

Can someone confirm that I'm using the right memory? It's not listed on the Gigabyte's website as one of their supported ones, but it also says that many are not listed.

Any help on this would be great. I've tried testing the memory on other slots with same results and tried cleaning it with an eraser.


A:Memtest failed, Mobo or Memory Sticks at Fault?

Your board specs say PC2 9600 or DDR2 1200 memory, like this:

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Hello, first post here.

Thanks for all the info, great tutorials.

I have a boot problem with my bit of kit and I ran Checkdisc from the OS DVD (Command Prompt option) as part of the t/shooting. The checkdisc worked a treat, no bad sectors found, but I get this message at the end....
Failed to transfer logged message to event log. Status 50.

I have no idea if this is significant to my boot problem. Can I ignore it with regard to boot problems?

Thanks again.

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After transferring my Windows 7 account with EasyTransfer from my old to my new installation all my Windows Live Mail settings and mails are gone.
All the folders have been transferred but are empty. And when I open Windows Live Mail it creates a new, empty folder for each account with a ?(1)? behind it.
So while all the accounts are there, they are empty as if they had just been created. Also all the mail rules I had set up are no longer there.

Any ideas why this happened and how to fix it?

A:EasyTransfer failed to transfer/activate my old Live Mail acconts

OK, I tried it a few times now and it seems for some strange reason EasyTransfer isn?t capable to transfer my e-mail accounts correctly.

So I tried it manually.
From my old installation I copied the folders and registry entries listed below. Then I deleted these folders and registry entries on the target account and replaced them with the copied ones.

From C:\User\*user account name*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\ the following folders:
- Windows Live Contacts
- Windows Live Mail

From the Registry the following keys including all sub-keys:
- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts
- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

So far it looks like this has worked perfectly but let me know if I missed something.

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I have some software that I really want to use, but refuses to install on Windows 7, even in compatibility mode. So I was trying to perform a dual boot install with XP as a secondary OS.

When I attempt to install Xp I get the blue screen of death with the error message which google tells me is in relation to XP not having SATA drivers. The problem I have is locating the particular SATA drivers I need.

I have an HP G62-A27SA laptop with what the BIOS tells me is an Insyde F. 23 motherboard. However it doesn't seem they have a big website like ASUS to type in the model and find what you need. Any help appreciated.

A:Need help finding SATA drivers for my Insyde Mobo after failed XP inst

Hello mate, have a look through this tutorial linked below.

SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

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Hello ,

I am facing a problem with my pc during the last week, I worked in connecting PCs for 2 years , and I know what I'm doing.

its my own pc I had 5 years ago,

problem begun when I tried to start my pc one day , and it failed to start no fans activity and dead slience , played with the vga card , rams, processor's heat sink , nothing , so I removed the only pci card I got "a modem" , unplugged all power plugs from HD and cd, floppy , left just the ATX power and the aux ,cleared cmos nothing happened still dead, so , I got the Motherboard out of the chassis , and after some trials , its back to life , so I got it back to the chassis , and it worked , from that point , my pc always fail to shutdown or restart , when I try to shut down it stops responding on windows is shutting down , even when I hit the restart button on the chassis, the display don't come back and I hear random beeps out of the chassis speaker ;not sign to anything just random and no POST, so I have always to unplug the powerplug from PSU coz it has no power switch, and even after I unplug power , and replug it and i press power button sometimes fans goes on with no POST, and no display and sometimes nothing like no fans activity unplug the power from PSU and replug again and I make a lil surge with it while plugging and then fans are back working with no POST and no display.

continously trying gets no use , what I am doing currently is to unplug the power plug from ... Read more

A:Pc failed to start, leave it for 30 mins it starts.Powersupply, Power Button, Or MOBO

i think it has to do with either mobo or PSU.
power button alone i don;t think would be the issue because your computer starts at 20-30 mins afterwards... if the power button is out of order, i don't even think you could start the computer..

so.. basically i could say that your pc is quite old., 3-5 years old perhaps.... which indicate that psu might be gtting bad....
try to swap a new PSU and see whether it works...

or rather wait what some people comment about this...
anyway, welcome to techspot!!

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Hello everyone,

So; I'm kind of in a very frustrating situation right now. This past week has been absolutely stressful in terms of trying to troubleshoot this problem I've been having with my custom rig. About two months ago my power supply died and in result shorted out and burned one of the chips on the motherboard. Now, I got both parts replaced and all is fine. Everything functions, turns on, and is running smoothly.. except for the fact that 3 out of 5 attempts of booting up my PC it will fail to start and begin "Loading System Files" (the black screen with the white rectangular load bar underneath) and ask to continue normally or run startup recovery, safemode, etc. I have of course tried to use start-up recovery and windows repair from the disc (haven't used the command prompt though - not very knowledgeable on that), but it fails and continues to produce the same error message.

Additionally, every once in awhile the computer will boot up and let me in. The error message isn't consistent. This is where I got lost and am just absolutely confused as I've never encountered a problem like this before. Furthermore, aside from the additional windows failed to start due to a recent hardware or software change message, there are times when it will say certain files or drives are missing (winload, system files, or even the checksum has an error). It's all very mind boggling to me and I'm honestly just out of options and have no i... Read more

A:Windows Failed to Start & missing files after MOBO + PS change (clean install)

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I'm in a complete PANIC right now because this is my work computer and I don't know how to get my email now.

Here's the deal: My old laptop died. Deader than dead. Won't even boot. I'm on another laptop now and I need to know how I can set up another windows mail account and, most importantly, transfer all of my email, contacts, etc. from my old windows mail.

Please help! I can't lose my emails and contacts!!!!

I had my old computer backed up with carbonite.com and I **think** my mail should've been back up. I hope so. If not, am I screwed? I'm lost. Somebody help please.

A:HELP!!!! Laptop died. How do I transfer Windows Mail to my new laptop?

If you used Windows Mail, it is just a matter of setting that up on your work computer, which mail provider did you have set as default mail handler ?
For example, i use Windows Mail, but, i have comcast.net set as my default mail, so, i can go to Tools, accounts, and go through those tabs after the default mail is selected. So, without putting your whole email here, what comes after the @ in your email address, mine is @comcast.net.

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Hi all,

Question is as per the subject line but the reason I ask is that although each laptop is visible to the other in Devices and Printers when I try to send a file from the Vista laptop to the Win 7 laptop I get a message failure message. On the Win 7 machine when I click the the bluetooth icon in the systray the option to 'Allow a Device to connect' is greyed-out and there is no alert that a device is trying to connect. A far as I can tell the bluetooth settings on both laptops are OK, adding a device was OK with the passwork handshake completed without problem.

Is this a driver issue, settings issue, or summat else?


A:Can I transfer files from Vista laptop to Win 7 laptop via bluetooth?

Quote: Originally Posted by kanangus

Hi all,

Question is as per the subject line but the reason I ask is that although each laptop is visible to the other in Devices and Printers when I try to send a file from the Vista laptop to the Win 7 laptop I get a message failure message. On the Win 7 machine when I click the the bluetooth icon in the systray the option to 'Allow a Device to connect' is greyed-out and there is no alert that a device is trying to connect. A far as I can tell the bluetooth settings on both laptops are OK, adding a device was OK with the passwork handshake completed without problem.

Is this a driver issue, settings issue, or summat else?


Couple of questions

Are you using "homegroup" for networking?

Is there no other way you can transfer like wifi (its faster)?

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....OR laptop - PC for data transfer.

Please give me all hardware n software details for this.Request for a step-by-step guide.
I hear there r some chages to b made in the IP addresses of both devices also.Please give details about that.


A:How to connect laptop-laptop for data transfer?

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Hi guys,

I just learned how to crimp straight cables and crossover cables. =^.^=
(Sorry for the shallow things that make me happy haha.)

The green one is the crossover cable, the white one is the straight cable.
In class, we were told cross-cables can be used to transfer files directly between laptops (generally 2 computers) without any intermediary device (like a flashdrive). We were only able to test the cables by pinging, since we ran out of time.

I found this post, which outlines what must be done nicely, but unfortunately does not explain much further on how to do it.

If anyone can explain the outline above in a step-tutorial, it would be much appreciated.
Thanks guys!

A:Laptop to Laptop File Transfer via LAN Cable

I have never learned how to crimp. But I would really like to see a tutorial on it.

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Okay I have sort of a series of related questions about this let me start by explaining the situation:

My laptop is fried and I've pretty much given up hope trying to fix it. I know it's a hardware issue and I tried disassembling/reassembling it to no avail. At this point I'll be happy if I can recover the files from the HD assuming it's not the HD that is faulty in the first place.

So here are my questions. I already searched the forums here and had one of these partially answered but I need a bit more info. First, as I understand it it would be possible to connect the laptop's HD to my desktop but I would need an adapter to do it right? If I had this adapter, would it be possible to run the laptop HD like an external or would I have to boot directly into it to get the files? My tech knowledge is only mediocre here and I don't know exactly how the hardware all works together.

Second, and this would be most convenient if it works because I could skip the adapter, I want to know if it would work to simply swap the laptop's HD with a different, fully functioning laptop and move the files onto an external HD from there, assuming both laptops use the same connector type (I believe they do both use the same size SATA drives). Again this is really just a question of whether or not the new laptop's hardware would be compatible with the old drive and that there wouldn't be any time consuming formats involved or any data loss or anythi... Read more

A:Laptop HD file transfer to desktop or another laptop

Better and much shorter question: What is the best way to move files from the hard disk of a failed laptop to another computer?

Remove the hard disk from the failed laptop. If it is SATA, as you state, take it to any desktop computer with SATA connectors. Connect it there as a secondary drive and burn your files to a DVD.

Or, you could get an external drive enclosure (laptop size), place the drive inside that and connect it to any USB port.

If the old drive is bad/unreadable, none of your or my solutions will help. In that case, you'll have to send it and a lot of your money to a specialist.

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My old Acer 4745G got broken and I had my Crucial MX100 256GB SSD salvaged from it. It had Windows 10 from the free upgrade that was offered to my old PC.

Now, I'll borrow my friend's laptop (while saving up for a new one) and I plan to continue using my old SSD. Is there a way to continue using Windows 10 as if I'll not do a clean install? Or do I have no choice but to re-format?


A:Can I transfer my Windows 10 to a new laptop from an old SSD of a previous laptop?

When Windows installs or upgrades on a computer, it takes a snapshot of the hardware, chipset and motherboard and loads drivers specific to that hardware during the install. If you remove that SSD/HDD or clone it and put it into a different computer with different hardware, Windows loads it looks for the previous hardware and does not find it and it will not boot and probably BSOD.
Also. the Windows 10 Update is reserved for that computer that it was reserved on.

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Hello, I have pics and letters on my laptop that i sold and need to get them off, and my laptop writer cant seem to write today, is there any way i can transfer them by other means? usb to usb, something like that.. both have xp 2 thanks

A:how do i transfer pic from laptop to desk w/o cd writer in laptop

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So basically like the title says, I can't charge the laptop, I know the charger works though because I tried it another laptop that's the exact same as mine and it works on the other laptop but not mine, is there any inexpensive way I can fix it?

If not then can someone guide me through how to transfer the data over to another laptop?


A:Can't charge laptop, how do I fix or how do I transfer data over to a new laptop?

To transfer data, remove the disk and connect it to the other laptop using an adapter such as this or put it in an enclosure.

Once connected, the laptop will see the HDD as a removable storage and you can click and drag files from one to the other.

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i've filled my hard drive on one laptop with television shows and i don't have a dvd burner on this computer so i would like to transfer them to my other laptop that does. i planned to do this with a 2gb flash drive, so i loaded about 1.9 gb of .avi video files (episodes of a television show) on to the flash drive and transferred them onto the other laptop. the problem then arised. i found that when i tried to open these video files on the new laptop (using windows media player which is what i used on the other computer to play them) they played as audio files with no video at all...i don't understand how or why this would happen please help if you can....i have a lot of files to transfer. i also was curious what would be a good free software i could download for the burning to dvd-r process, and should i shrink them also...i'm new to the dvd burning process as you can tell.

A:large file transfer from laptop to laptop both w/ xp

maybe you need to update the codex on the computer you are transferring the files to.

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Ok, firstly I will give my computer stats.
Asus motherboard M2N4-SLI
EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS 320 MB
Athlon X2 5600+ dual core
2GB corsair ram
Creative X-Fi extreme gamer card

My computer is about 3 weeks old and has been running just fine, playing all games properly. The only small problem i had was my motherboard cpu fan not working in its cpu fan pin, so instead i have it hooked up to a case fan pin. I am not sure if this means i have a faulty mobo or not.

Just yesterday I installed my brand new Creative sound card, I installed its software and drivers all fine and the PC restarted fine. Next creative wanted to update the drivers and I let it. After it was done installling the new drivers it needed a restart. On restart I could not even get to the post screen and was displayed with an error saying USB over current, PC shutdown in 20 seconds. At first i could not get past this error at all, so i tried taking out the sound card and putting inserting it again. I did not get the USB error now and was happy. I played Battlefield 2142 for a few hours then shut it down. Now today when i get home from work and turn it on i saw that USB over current error again and got quite frusterated. After taking the sound card out and putting it back in I had some new problems. I only saw my Asus Splash screen saying "press delete to enter setup" although pressing delete did nothing, it just hung on that screen.

After that i manually powered off and now i was receiving no screen a... Read more

A:Video Card post error, USB overcurrent error, possible failed mobo

Welcome to TSG....

First thing I would do is get the cpu fan working. usually they have several screws the hold them to the heatsink, I hope you did not take the heatsink off the processor because there is usually one of two things between the heatsink and processor, either a white goo called thermal compound or a little white square material that is thermally conductive if either of these have been disturbed or damaged it can cause the processor to overheat very quickly.
I would get a new fan assembly and remove the 4 screws and mount the new one on top of the heatsink and get it running.

Then worry about the rest of the things afterwards.

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Hi There,
I'm getting the errors below and but I have not got any BSOD.
The errors I'm getting in eventviewer are Pku2ulog failed to start 0xC--35, Negolog failed to start, IDListenLog failed to start, P2PLog failed to start and HomegroupLog failed to start, all with the same failure code 0xC-- 35.
This is what the logs files says about each error.
Unknown( 10): GUID=c36a26fb-03a9-d591-3984-dc17e4a48527 (No Format Information found).
Unknown( 89): GUID=fc9d5ca5-e6c8-627c-be74-e6e0a98bbf57 (No Format Information found).
Unknown( 37): GUID=2553184f-6f2a-3198-ddb7-93ab1ad2d125 (No Format Information found).
Unknown( 10): GUID=418a567f-b393-1423-26aa-123149ef8882 (No Format Information found).
Unknown( 12): GUID=96f7a94a-4343-6ede-ff2b-dd1dafeed500 (No Format Information found).
However, the 'Unknown(xx)' number changes times to times.
Could you help me please?

Thank you very much for your attention.
Best Regards.

A:Errors Pku2ulog failed to start 0xC--35, Negolog failed to start, IDListenLog failed to start, P2PLog failed to start and HomegroupLog failed to start, all with the same failure code 0xC-- 35.

If you have Home group set up, please go to Control Panel ? Network and Sharing Center. Choose homegroup and sharing options and click ?Leave the homegroup?.Juke Chou
TechNet Community Support

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My son has a compaq presario the laptop will not stay on it is faulty.

The laptop hard drive has lots of his data on that he wants to keep. Thesis, music files etc.,

I have loaned him my second laptop that I keep for a spare which is a Dell Latitude CPi.

Would the hdd from the Compaq work in the Dell. I know it will fit what I want to know is if it will read the hdd or will it only read in another Compaq machine.

Is there any way of geting the data off of this hdd?


A:Can I transfer laptop HDD to another laptop, and will it read it ok?

No it will not read okay. The only way to do it is to get the exact same laptop and install it there. The Compaq HDD has drivers for that specific mother board.

Maybe installing it as a slave on the good laptop?
Will it stay on at all? I have transfered files by networking a laptop. The only way it would stay on was if it wasnt touched at all.

sorry not much help

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My wife has just bought a new Acer laptop running W8.1 to replace her ancient laptop. I had installed my 2nd copy of Office 2010 onto the old laptop and want to move it to her new laptop.

I was told today that this is not possible and I would need to buy a new copy, is this right?

If I can move the main copy to a new PC I do not see why I cannot move the 2nd copy to a new laptop!

Any suggestions?

A:laptop licence transfer to new laptop

It is my understanding that if you bought a retail copy (not OEM and not previously installed, it came with the computer), you can use Office on the second machine, as long as it is removed from the first. You may have to contact MS, by phone for their help.
If you cannot do this, there is software equivalent to Office, that can be downloaded for free

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Hello Everyone,

I had some problems with my laptop and then i bought an external hard drve so that i could restore it. then i copied all this stuff into another laptop and got rid of the external hard drive.......now that my laptop is back in action after restoring ........is there a way out that i can transfer data just through cables from the other laptop to mine without using an external hard drive????

Please help me ........your help would be greatly appreciated.



A:How to Transfer Data from Laptop to Laptop!!!

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We are buying a new laptop and need to know how to go about transferring the data from the old to the new. Is there a special cable or software program that we need to use?

A:Transfer data from old laptop to new laptop

There's a program called LapLink which allows you to pass files from one laptop (or desktop PC) to another using the LPT port. Your regular printer cable won't work though, you'll need a special parallel cable for that (can't for the life of me remember what type though...male to male i think).

There's probably other newer ways of doing it that are faster than the LPT port, so I'd look around and see what's out there.

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may i know how to transfer data or file through lan frpm laptop(window 7) to laptop(xp).

A:how to transfer files through lan from laptop to laptop

You connect to a provided share on the destination laptop and then copy your file to it.

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