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Voice sync issues

Q: Voice sync issues

hi i have recently had a problem with the voice sync being out when i recode video with nero, it does not happen with all video formats i choose to re-code but nor does it happen to specific types. for example i have recoded avi files with no voice sync issues and i have recoded other avi files and the sync can be out by upto 6 seconds. i am at my wits end, please can someone suggest some sort of solution.

p.s. i am using nero specifically because i need to create a menu at the start of the disc, so using winavi for instance would not be a viable alternative

Thanx in advance

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Preferred Solution: Voice sync issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi. I opened my 2017 .pst file in Microsft Outlook. All 11069 emails in the file are showing as "sync issues". The sync issues are coming with a couple different error messages depending on the email. Below is an example of 2. Please help! I have
used the scanpst.exe file already but it did not show that the .pst file was corrupted.

Example of 1 error:
8:56:20 Synchronizer Version 16.0.8625
8:56:20 Synchronizing Mailbox 'My Name'
8:56:21 Error synchronizing folder
8:56:21                   [8004010F-501-8004010F-0]
8:56:21                   The client operation failed.
8:56:21                   Microsoft Exchange Information Store
8:56:21                   For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
8:56:21                 Link to microsoft error: err=8004010f-501-8004010f-0
8:56:21 Done
Example of another error: ... Read more

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I have a Dell Optiplex gx100 running Windows XP Pro. It has 512 Mb of memory. I use Pot Player for my video viewer. I like Dr Who so I found a site where I can download which ever episode I want from any season I want.
The problem is that after downloading and watching the video the sound and video are out of sync. The audio plays first then the video catches up. Is there anyway to fix this?

A:[SOLVED] video and voice out of sync

Hi Satisfier.

How are you downloading these videos? Are you doing it via iTunes, or via some other website?

Just to be clear - (I'm not throwing any accusations about);

TSF RULES - QUICK REFERENCEYou may not ask for assistance with P2P programs
As stated in the Community Rules.

Just making sure you're aware of this.


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There's an audio recording device I use, called Cenix Digital Voice Recorder. The installation CD has the setup, which installs Power Voice II onto the computer; there's also a folder called "Driver" which contains two files: CenixFMC.inf (3KB) and CenixFMC.sys (19KB).It usedto work fine but now I cannot get thepc link setup, i.e the device cannot sync with the pc.I have already tried usbdevice clean but no go.Please advice urgently.

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There's an audio recording device I use, called Cenix Digital Voice Recorder. The installation CD has the setup, which installs Power Voice II onto the computer; there's also a folder called "Driver" which contains two files: CenixFMC.inf (3KB) and CenixFMC.sys (19KB).It usedto work fine but now I cannot get thepc link setup, i.e the device cannot sync with the pc.I have already tried usbdevice clean but no go.Please advice urgently.

A:[SOLVED] cenix power voice recorder sync problem

With the device in, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager are there any devices with yellow marks? or is there an Unknown device under USB? If so, right click and uninstall it. Then Right click any device and choose Scan For Hardware Changes. This should start a new Hardware Wizard. If it asks for a driver lead it to the Driver file, and the CenixFMC.inf file in it. That should reinstall it.

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For years I've used a 32" flat screen TV as my PC monitor. Recently I bought a new 55" TV. It works great as a monitor except the mouse pointer lags and when looking at a video, say on YouTube, voice and video aren't in sync.

The resolution is 1920x1080. The problem still exists if I lower the resolution.

My computer is old. It has a 2core processor and 6 GB of RAM. It runs Windows 10 64bit. See specs below.

It's not a problem with the mouse itself. I changed the battery and that didn't help.

PC specs:
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer HP-Pavilion
System Model RX887AA-ABA a6030n
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU RX887AA#ABA
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+, 2500 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 5.05, 3/9/2007
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Embedded Controller Version 255.255
BIOS Mode Legacy
BaseBoard Manufacturer ECS
BaseBoard Model Not Available
BaseBoard Name Base Board
Platform Role Desktop
Secure Boot State Unsupported
PCR7 Configuration Binding Not Possible
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.17134.858"
Time Zone Central Daylight Time
Inst... Read more

A:Mouse pointer lags and voice and video aren't in sync

first I'd make sure you windows is up to date....from your posted specs, you're 2 updates behind. Once the OS is updated then check for your issue.

How is your TV connected to your PC? Check the port for specs on what type of cables version you need to use. Then check what cable version you're currently are using.

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I am running XP on a Dell 1150 Inspiron Laptop. It has a Sigmatel C-Major soundcard. I have a working external MIC. (I use it frequently on my desktop). I cannot get any any audio from this mic on my laptop. I go into the CHECK HARDWARE feature and recite the whole ""i am testing my microphone to verify my voice is detected...." It shows the recording meter is detecting my voice and my voice shows on the recording meter, but I cannot hear anything out of the speakers or it will not record anywhere.

I went to the dell website and installed the latest drivers and still getting the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can post screen shots if needed

I have turned the volume up as high as possible. I can hear anything else out the speakers except the mic.

I went into the Recording Control. It has stereo mix or Microphone. I can only select one at a time. I have check marked each, and still the same. The advanced options gives me "microphone boost." Which i have check marked and still the same.

My control panel has a sigmatel audio icon, but it just has an option for battery power management, but nothing else.
just went to the Speech in control panel and changed the audio input device to SigmaTel Audio from "use preferred device" I even tried a new speech profile, where it asks you to say "I am using the Microphone Wizard, It is adjusting the volume of my microphone" The volume meter moves and detects my voice, but I c... Read more

A:Microphone issues (cannot hear voice)

I can hear anything else out the speakers except the mic.Does this mean that you can play audio files and hear them on your speaker but you're neither able to hear your voice through the mic nor able to record through it?

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The voices often become muted in NOLF 2. It happens on and off. I can't think of what might be wrong. Could NOLF 2 be in conflict with my sound card I have a Santa Cruz Voyetra Turtle Beach sound card, or at least that's what it says in the Device Manager. It doesn't get any more specific than that. At any rate, it is whatever sound card comes with the Dell Dimension 4300.

A:No One Lives Forever 2 voice issues

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After following the instructions as best I could I've noticed that my problem butts its way all the way into the possible resolution of the issue.

I was able to run D.D.S and got the proper files, however gmer didn't run at all in normal, or the various safe modes. So I'll go into detailing what I've noticed these past few days.

Lately my computer has been terribly bogged down, or prone to freezing rather frequently. (This is what happens when I leave for college...) I've done a considerable job repairing the computer to it's (mostly) normal running state, but I still have a weird problem. Occasionally (with no provocation at all) These ghost voice ads will start playing on my computer as if someone from a past life of mine was watching "The View". From searching the task manager I identified Iexplore.exe and ended the program, as such the voices cut themselves off. I watched the task manager patiently for the return of the program and just as expected it did return. It self-manifests itself every so often and runs in the background without much warning. After it has been running for some time the voices will begin for a random period of time and go away and come back and go away... rinse repeat. So I've done some research and have updated all my programs but here comes the bigger issues: I can't install anything. Strangely enough whatever is going on in the background (even while iexplore.exe has been terminated) doesn't allow me to install anything (whether... Read more

A:Iexplore.exe and ghost voice ads along with other issues

Hello and welcome to TSF.

Your DDS.txt is incomplete. The header is missing. It's important that we have the complete log. Please post the complete DDS.txt in your next reply.

Also, for GMER, let's try this special version.

Download GMER Rootkit Scanner from here to your desktop. Double click the exe file. If asked to allow gmer.sys driver to load, please consent .
If it gives you a warning about rootkit activity and asks if you want to run scan...click on NO.

Click the image to enlarge it

In the right panel, you will see several boxes that have been checked. Uncheck the following ... Sections
Drives/Partition other than Systemdrive (typically C:\)
Show All (don't miss this one)

Then click the Scan button & wait for it to finish.
Once done click on the [Save..] button, and in the File name area, type in "Gmer.txt" or it will save as a .log file which cannot be uploaded to your post.
Save it where you can easily find it, such as your desktop, and post it in reply.

Rootkit scans often produce false positives. Do NOT take any action on any "<--- ROOKIT" entries

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Hello all! So last night I started having some issues playing my .mkv files for some unknown reason. First Media Player Classic HC would not even play any .mkv files, so after some frustration and uninstalls/reinstalls I finally got it playing, however with the sound there is an issue that I can't seem to fix. I've been using Sandbox lately because the sound difference is astounding through my 5.1 but it only works properly on the TruSurround XT setting. When I switch it over to WOW HD which I prefer, I can hear all the background noises and effects and music and whatnot but when someone talks, you can't hear their voice...like at all. I did turn it up all the way during dialog and was able to get some robotic sound faintly heard with my receiver and computer volume maxed out. If i switch it back to TruSurround XT during playback everything plays as normal, but I prefer the WOW HD sound instead. I am using the latest version as far as i know - and have uninstalled/reinstalled it as well. Also I do have to use VLC to play .mkv files now as Media Player HC will play them but the volume is drastically low for some reason... any help would be MUCH appreciated! .. Oh yeah also in VLC when Im playing a movie, Transformers for example and switch the option under "Audio Device" to stereo, everything works fine, but of course thats only 2 channels, if I switch it back to 5.1 then thats a no go...

A:SRS Sandbox sound issues, no voice...

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? It would be much appreciated

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I am having issues with voice quality on my system. I use voice on Skype and on a program called Second Life. There can be several people in a voice call that is working just fine and once I join the call ... everyone hears echoing. They can hear their own voices when they speak. I, however, do not hear distortion at all. I had a cheap microphone so I bought one that was more expensive and it did not resolve the issue. I have a Logitech headset and have Windows XP Pro OS. Any suggestions on how I can resolve the issue?

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I'm having a small dilemma. I am running and home automation computer with Windows 7, BVC (bills voice control), Active Home Pro (X10 home control) all to voice control my television, stereo and cable box as well as some household appliances and lights. Basically I speak to the computer, it transmits an infrared signal via a USB UIRT to what ever I want to control. My issue is happening with the Windows 7 voice input program. When I get the TV a command such as "mute" the computer doesn't know it's not for it so it deciphers the command as a command for Windows 7. What I'm curious about is is there a way to disable the voice input program that comes with Windows 7 or is there a way to tell it to listen but not perform any task within Windows. I hope I've made myself clear and not just confused every body? I think I can use myself! I was doing this with windows XP and it was working very well with a download voice engine.

A:voice entry issues with x10 home automation

Hi Vanner, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Isn't it enough just to stop the Windows Speech process? If not, you can find the speech recognition in C:\Windows\Speech\, the application itself is sapisvr.exe in C:\Windows\Speech\Common.


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I've been using Google Voice for years without a problem. I accept my GV calls at my landline using Fusion? Voice Services provided by Sonic Telecom via my ISP, DSL Extreme. I'm told Fusion/Sonic uses ATT lines. I don't use GV for any other phones.

Suddenly on July 21 of this year I noticed that my voicemails won't play. My computer receives sound correctly for all other applications. When I click the black triangle, the GV graphic changes to play mode, but does not proceed, and I can't move the little white circle that appears.

Shortly afterward I noticed that my incoming GV calls don't ring my phone.

More recently, I've discovered that I can hear voicemails if I bring them up on the archive at https://www.google.com/voice/b/0#phones. The same voicemail that is silent as per the second paragraph above will play if I use the archive.

My primary concern is that, as the phone won't ring, I can't receive calls made to my GV number. I can make outgoing calls with or without GV, without a problem. When I make an outgoing call using GV, GV, as you know, will ring my phone, and I will hear that ring. I can receive calls (and hear the ring) on the same phone, as long as the caller uses my original phone number and not my GV number.

Clearing my cache and cookies has made no difference. Google and its GV forum have been no help.

I use an up-to-date 64-bit Win7 computer, with the current standard release of Firefox.

A:Google Voice--issues hearing rings and voicemails

Prior to this issue, do you recall making any changes to your computer? Either software (drivers, updates, etc) or hardware?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit, Build 7601, Installed 20190518000225.000000-420
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3540M CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9, CPU Count: 4
Total Physical RAM: 8 GB
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
Hard Drives: C: 297 GB (65 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc. 07Y85M, ver A01, s/n /755YNX1/CN1296138L03C8/
System: Dell Inc., ver DELL - 1072009, s/n 755YNX1
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

My computer recently has hanged for a minute or so every so often, but it seemed normal up until yesterday.
Yesterday, it hanged for a minute or so about five times in an hour, and im seeing higher RAM usage at times. On one such hang, the computer beeped four times. Keep in mind it was still on, booted into the OS, this was not a POST error code.

And the occasional random CPU spike.

And my laptop has played a weird one second voice through my speakers, that is a high pitched voice, and it sounds like "Discordka", or "Disorka" or something like "Discover", somewhere around there. Maybe its in a different language, no idea. It started up at random.

Voice has been happening recently, usually happens once every one to two days, has been doing on for... maybe four days to a week. Maybe it happens more, I have my volume on silent alot so I dont always hear it, probably.

Found out today, I went to install a Fire... Read more

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A friend of mine recently started to have speaker/microphone issues (sound would cut out at times for her speakers and mic, had to position herself perfectly) and eventually the speakers completely died. She got a new set (Earbuds + microphone on the cord) and that worked fine for a few hours. Eventually, there was a buzz on her end and her volume (voice) got considerably lower. The buzz wasn't that bad, so we just changed the volume/mic volume to fix it, and the next day it was gone.

Sadly, at the end of the next day, the mic started to buzz again, except worse this time. It was nearly impossible to hear her over the buzzing sound, but we both went to bed soon after that. The next day was the same thing, but again it got worse. This time her voice would sometimes distort into static/robotic sounds. When it was loud enough, it was at least somewhat understandable.

On day 5, and her mic started off buzzing today. She switched to the old microphone (plugged the yellow cord into the yellow jack) and her voice was fixed for a few hours. She went out for a few and came back, but when she did she couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear her. We've tested extensively (restarting, using other programs, she can hear it herself when it's recorded/played back, the other mic jack doesn't seem to notice when it's plugged in + is unreachable sitting normally, and of course plenty of wire jiggling. After all of this, her voice would cut in and out of the robotic sounds, and the buzz would be... Read more

A:Microphone issues with loud buzzing/robotic sounding voice

Without any PC specs or the mic specs we can't really say what is happening.

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Good morning everyone,

the following happens at a gas station, where the hour shown on the surveillance camera's
don' t correlate with the hour shown on the back-office computer' s event manager.
There are 3 minutes of difference between both. In my logic, we should be able to sync
the time on both units but we are being told this is not possible. Any opinions/ suggestions here?

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I can't seem to get my profile to reliably sync to new devices or when I've tried clean installs on my main system. I have all settings checked to sync and the PCs are all trusted devices. Sometimes it will sync the desktop background and my profile picture, others it may sync some of my explorer settings. Sometimes it may not sync anything at all. My homegroup on any other devices also gets renamed to "winliveid_000" instead of the usual "[email protected]" I've yet to figure out why this happens as well. I've tried deleting the data and trying again, all with the same result. This has honestly all been an issue ever since I've installed Windows 8 and I'm starting to dislike the profile sync altogether. If it cannot reliably sync my data and all of it, I don't understand it's usefulness. I've also run the account troubleshooting tool, which gives a cryptic message saying "The following settings are turning sync off: Personalization." It gives no further details that I can see or look into and all settings are on. Any ideas as to what is happening? I've taken a look at Windows 8.1 and it seems that you have no choice but to initially use your Microsoft account to sign in, which is troubling. If it cannot be fixed, I may have to delete my synced profile online every time I try to reinstall my main system

A:Account sync issues

How many systems have you linked to your account, and how many of those are giving you this problem? I originally had three PCs connected to my account, and I've never had any problems at all. Are you starting with a Local account and then adding the MS account? What will happen is, if you add an MS account to a new system, your entire network of computers will take on the characteristics of the newest system.

I found this out, after I installed onto my 3rd PC and I wanted a different Desktop Theme. I went back to my other 8 systems, and THEY were all using that theme.

So, on all computers I share everything except for the theme. So if you set up to a new PC, you whole network of PCs will look exactly like the very last one you installed it on, unless you turn off sync for the existing PCs which is what I had to do until I had all three set up how I wanted.

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Hello all,
So my company uses OneNote for many things. We have a user that has it one his desktop computer and his iPad. I'm not sure how long it hasn't been working correctly for him but he says that it's not syncing at all for him anymore. I took a look at it to see if I could figure it out. His desktop seems fine, however, his iPad reveals a message on the top in a yellow bar underneath the toolbars: "Merge Conflict - We couldn't merge some changes. To review conflicts, use OneNote on your computer or OneNote online."
I had him sign out of OneNote on his desktop and on his iPad and log back in (both, to ensure he is using the same account for both, and to see if that fixes the issue). It didn't work.
He is using Office 2016. If you need more information, let me know.

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Hi there,
I recently upgraded my Outlook to 365 due to buying a domain, which is being hosted by GoDaddy. By upgrading it then deleted another email account which is being hosted by Hostica. I've tried numerous times to reload the Hostica profile back into Outlook365 but it refuses to connect to the server. I have deleted all profiles and now when I set up a new profile Outlook goes into "Not Responding" mode. Please help!

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Hello, I have two p53 laptops.  Windows 10 pro, latest OS version.  We have a home directory on the network.  The p53 will not sync or make available the entire folder.  It won't make offline certain folders that other lenovo laptops are handling fine.  Is there something on the p53 that will cause offline folders to hang or not sync?  Because I find it interesting it is only happening on the two p53's I have and not the carbon, yoga, p1, or other vendors laptops. Thanks Richard

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Hello all,
So my company uses OneNote for many things. We have a user that has it one his desktop computer and his iPad. I'm not sure how long it hasn't been working correctly for him but he says that it's not syncing at all for him anymore. I took a look at it to see if I could figure it out. His desktop seems fine, however, his iPad reveals a message on the top in a yellow bar underneath the toolbars: "Merge Conflict - We couldn't merge some changes. To review conflicts, use OneNote on your computer or OneNote online."
I had him sign out of OneNote on his desktop and on his iPad and log back in (both, to ensure he is using the same account for both, and to see if that fixes the issue). It didn't work.
He is using Office 2016. If you need more information, let me know.

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I can't get my iPhone to properly sync with iTunes under Windows 7 RC 7127.

The iPhone is recognized by the system and its recognized by iTunes, but when I click on sync it starts with iPhone backup first and it gets about 3/4 of the way and just sits there. I can then cancel the sync on the iPhone and try again and get the same problem. So because it never backs up, it never syncs.

I had similar issues with Windows 7 RC 7100 and after I restarted the computer it worked. But with 7127 I can't get it to work at all.

Anyone else have any issues?

A:Iphone sync issues

Quote: Originally Posted by jnetty99

I can't get my iPhone to properly sync with iTunes under Windows 7 RC 7127.
I had similar issues with Windows 7 RC 7100 and after I restarted the computer it worked. But with 7127 I can't get it to work at all.

Anyone else have any issues?

Not here...my iPhone 3G syncs fine with 7127 and now 7137. My only gripe is that it will not open iTunes and sync automatically when I plug the phone in...it used to in Vista...but not too much of a hassle to do it manually I guess.

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I have a user who has a bunch of files that seem to delete themselves off of the server.

The user has a drive mapped to the server, and initially the "My Documents" folder was redirected to this network share (his home drive).

The redirection was based on group policy, but the user's computer has been moved from the "sync" OU to a "non-sync" OU, so he should not be syncronizing his files any longer.

He is not able to see his files on the server from multiple machines (which are all in the "non-sync" OU).

The files ARE on the server, so it's not like they are actually deleted. It's just that the user cannot see them. Also, he created a new file on the network share from another computer, and that file is still visible on the server from his machine.

Please let me know if there's anything that can be done so this user can access his files again!

Thank you!!!

A:XP File sync issues

Update - found the files stored locally under C:\windows\CSC

Made a backup copy of this folder, and currently running system restore back to when everything was working. When this is complete, will verify files are intact, and then disable offline files/folders from the XP machine, rather than from the server. Then will test again.

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Since installing Windows 8, I've noticed that iPhone is not showing up on the devices list in iTunes.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just a matter of waiting for Apple to update drivers? Or is there a trick to get this working now?

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I just purchased the above the other day.

I chat regularly to someone in America using various chat clients (yahoo, aim, msn etc).

On my ancient Sony Vaio this wasn't a problem. However on this laptop, with a vastly superior specification, the sound at their end is awful. It apparently skips and the volume fluctuates.= and generally sounds awful.

I tried sound recording on it and got the same results.

I'm using a Plantronics headset rather than the internal mic, (don't know if this makes a difference).

Not being that computer literate myself, is there a conflict between the external mic and the built in mic or can anyone shed any other light on this matter.

Any help would be vastly appreciated because I purchased this laptop simply to upgrade and carry on voice chatting

A:Toshiba Satellite C650-1CT. Sound recording/voice chat issues


In the sound settings, you will find 2 mic volumes, one the internal and external if the external mic is only plugged in, so what you do is to mute one and use the other.

Hope this helps !!

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My other half got a Bush PVR (BUPVR160F1) a year or so ago from Argos and recently the hard drive failed completely. It didn't power-up at all, so I ordered a 30 replacement from Amazon with a similar/better spec. It appears to record programs ok, however on playback it works for a while and then there's a 'juddering' of picture and sound after which the sound is out-of-sync with the picture. Stopping and then continuing playback temporarily fixes it. I could format the drive in the PVR again, although I already did that as part of the installation. The old drive is a WD1600AVBB, and the new drive is http://www.amazon.co.uk/Generic-Hard-Disk-Drive-160GB/dp/tech-data/B000OUI8OQ/ref=de_a_smtd which I thought had similar/better specs so was optimistic that it would work.
(The old drive should have a 3-yr warranty but I haven't kept the Argos receipt so doubt they'll help.)
Any help gratefully received guys.

A:Replaced drive in PVR. How having sync issues

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Have a weird situation develop over the last few days.
When using YouTube or TVCatchup the sound is consistently early with reference to the picture. This started off as an occasional thing but is now becoming "the norm".
I can sometimes get the right sync but this entails rebooting the PC. I haven't installed any new software on the machine recently apart from the last round of Microsoft Updates and the Chrome update. Just to make sure it was nothing to do with the Chrome update I uninstalled Chrome completely using Revo Unistaller and re-installed with no change to the problem.
Just for the record I'm running Windows 7 32bit Ultimate on a Dell Dimension E520 with a 3month old nvidea Geforce GT430 graphics card. I've even re-installed the nVidea driver.
Any ideas anyone?

A:Sound / Picture Sync Issues

What is your broadband speed. Do a speed test with this:
Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test
and post the results here.

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Hi All

We have recently re-loaded windows at my work and ever since i have been unable to "sync" emails to my iPhone or iPad through exchange mail. This problem is only occuring on my devices when paired with my account. My account will work on new devices and other peoples accounts will work on my 2 devices.

Under my account in the exchange server we have removed both my devices, yet both devices are still appearing when I open my OWA account and they cannot be removed. Even pressing wipe device in OWA will not allow me to remove them. We have tried removing other peoples devices from their OWA and it works as expected.

We are at a loss. ANy ideas?

A:Exchange Server - OWA sync issues

What is Windows going on to? Server? Computer? What version of Office are you using on the main computer?

I get work emails on my iPhone and my work computer and via owa from home on another computer, and never had to "sync" any of those devices to get the same email on all three, why did they have to be Synced?

I am curious as to why this had to be done in the first place, also i have never seen any device showing in OWA only folders which i created and added via Outlook

Sorry I have not answered your question but your question has made me curious

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We have a new employee that wants to use her laptop, which is fine. It is a Dell with XP pro. At her former job she was synchronizing her offline files with their Win 2003 server.

I have set it up to work on our network and to synchronize offline files with our Win 2003 server. All this is working great, but it still attempts to synchronize with the old server.

I looked on line and did not find any advice on how to make it forget the old server. Any thoughts? It is working at the moment, but really annoying.

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Everytime i try to sync my ipaq in Vista the mobile sync center software crashes. it then locks the email database causing me to loose 3 years worth of email. i was able to recover the email but now when i try to sync the software says that there are over 5000 items to sync even though the first sync said only 1200. Any ideas?

A:Sync issues with ipaq and Vista

Are you using the Sync center or did you download the Windows Mobile Device Center?

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A network drive W:\ is mapped to one of the user  (W: drive is "Home  Folder" under "Profile Path"
1. .tmp files are created whenever a file is opened from his Desktop, Documents 
2. .tmp files is not deleted after closing the file. it remains on the Desktop, Documents. "Could not find this location. there is no longer located W:\Users\Desktop: (for ex: \\HomeDrive\UserHome\Peter\Desktop) message received if user tries to
3. Also All the files are not synced. There is not Added network shares visible under Sync Center
Server OS : Windows Server 2012 Standard
Client OS : Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
I have gone through the below URL's

Refer the below screenshot and not able to figure out the issue. kindly help

Regards, Boopathi

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Mobile 6.0

Sometimes it does sync but frequently it won't.
One time I will plug in and it will sync and stay connected and continue syncing as long as necessary just like I assume it is supposed to.
Other times there is some initialization but no connection.
Sometimes it will disconnect after some time of syncing activity.
I have resorted to keeping an icon on my desktop to reinstall sync center and that will frequently initiate a sync but not always.
If I reboot the laptop the PDA is recognized but only as an external drive. Then when I do the Sync Center reinstall it will usually initialize and complete the sync.
I have run the entire gambit of rebooting the laptop, rebooting the PDA, plugging and unplugging, trying different USB ports and cables. Sometimes it works but a most of the time I just keep trying different things until I get a sync. I have occasionally considered trying bluetooth just to see if it would make any difference.

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I don't mean to SPAM this board with the same issue that othyers have previously reported and discussed but this iPod sync issue doesn't seem to ever get solved in any of the threads that I have read.

I've seen this problem reported hundreds of times and almost always the symptoms are reported slightly differently. I think the reason is that the storage device that the sync software is trying to access is not actually the iPod and the error the user gets is based on what kind of device they have installed that is "in the way".

I have this problem when I connect to an external WD My Book (e-Sata) and it has an assigned drive letter D:. I disconnect the external drive and the iPod instantly syncs successfully. I aslo have the issue since installing my USB-connected HP 6500 All-in-One and it used drive letter D: for it's internal card reader. In either case I can get the iPod to connect and successfully sync just by disconnecting the conflicting device. If I have either one of them on then the sync process just hangs or [sometimes] gives me a device-related error. The iTunes log file specifically says that it is attempting to access an invalid/un-recognized device.

I tried changing the drive letter assignment of the external drive and that worked. When I connected the iPod Touch it immediately brought up iTunes and synced. However, if I change the drive letter assignment of the printer's card reader -- the only DLA associated with the printer that I can find -- i... Read more

A:Sync issues with iPod Touch...

Is there anyone here who has an iPod Touch and an All-in-One, preferrably an HP All-in-One, printer working successfully together on a desktop machine of any type and Windows OS?

I would love to hear from you if you do.

I keep plugging away. Yesterday I started with a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit build with just the HP 6500 All-in-One and the printer and all of its functions were working perfectly. I plugged in a Sony Video Cam via a 1394 connection and it found and loaded the driver and popped up the dialog to capture the video. The popup occurred just before another popup informed me that the HP 6500 had gone offline. I then turned the camera off and the printer came back on line. I removed the vid cam driver and left the camera off.

Then I plugged in the iPod, after having installed the newest 64 bit version of iTunes, and it detected the device but wouldn't complete the driver installation. I powered down the HP 6500 and the iPod installation completed.

I then turned the printer on and it appeared to work but the iPod wouldn't complete the sync process unless I turned the printer off.

Then I changed the drive letter of the HP all-in-one from "E:" to "G:" and rebooted and it appeared that everything was working. I brought the scanner up but didn't actually scan anything but, still, no disconnect messages. Finally, success I thought.

Today my daughter tried to send a fax from the computer. It started the scan, stopped after only part... Read more

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For about a week my sound has been running about 3 seconds behin the video. It's extremely confusing and makes it difficult to play.
My own footsteps sound like someone sneaking up on me.
I even checked lot of technical support videos for any solution.
Am I the only one with this issue?
Any suggestions on whats wrong and how to fix it? I've got a high end computer running easily at max setting.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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My buddy has a Sylvania mp3 model# smpk8854b. He came to me because when he plugs it in, it his computer can't even recognize that it's plugged in, he said he has tried on 3 other computers. So here I am with the same issue, my computer is uptodate on everything I can think of and it still wont do anything. I googled around and this problem seems to be happening alot, but with little variations, I downloaded the virtual CD that was suppose to come with it and as far as I can tell its junk as well, apparantly, a mp3 player that came out 2 years ago uses win98 material.

Anyway, any and all help is welcomed and I thanks in advance, theres a free dinner in it for me if I can get it working! lol

A:Major Sylvania sync issues


Been trying some more and havn't been able to come to any conclusion

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Have a weird situation develop over the last few days.
When using YouTube or TVCatchup the sound is consistently early with reference to the picture. This started off as an occasional thing but is now becoming "the norm".
I can sometimes get the right sync but this entails rebooting the PC. I haven't installed any new software on the machine recently apart from the last round of Microsoft Updates and the Chrome update. Just to make sure it was nothing to do with the Chrome update I uninstalled Chrome completely using Revo Unistaller and re-installed with no change to the problem.
Just for the record I'm running Windows 7 32bit Ultimate on a Dell Dimension E520 with a 3month old nvidea Geforce GT430 graphics card. I've even re-installed the nVidea driver.
Any ideas anyone?

A:Sound / Picture Sync Issues

Hello Arfer,

Before doing anything you should try watching youtube on Internet Explorer or another browser like Mozilla Firefox. If the problem is still there then try reinstalling the sound driver. Check your sound driver info and try updating to the latest driver.

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I have windows xp, professional, 2002, sp3
and 2007 outlook.

When I try to open outlook, it proceeds to close and I get the following error:

"The Add-in "WMCOutlookAddIn.dll" (C:\Program Files\LG Outlook Sync\WMCOutlookAddIn.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. Please contact the Add-in manufacturer for an update. If no update is availabel, please uninstall the Add-in."

I uninstalled the LG Outlook Sync, so I cannot follow the path to remove the dll file. I tried opening Outlook in safe to disable the Add-in with this:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE" /safe

It starts but then I still get the error that shuts down the program.

I hope this is detailed enough. thanks!

A:outlook error due to LG sync issues

contacted LG support. they instructed to goto add/remove and remove the LG Outlook Sync.
Did that
They then said to reboot.
Done that
Then they said to reinstall Outlook!
Ai ai ai!

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I have a strange thing happening. I am producing some clips which are CGI that are all put together in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Encore 1.5. I have a problem that when I preview in premier or encore there is a massive out of synch issue with the audio and video. This problem occurs also when I view any finished avi files using Window media player 11. The problem is not there if I view using quicktime. The bizarre thing in WMP11 is that if I just tweak the brightness slider then the video catches up and everything is ok. The main issue is when I am editing the clips and previewing them in prem and encore, there is no slider for me to tweak to see if I have my timings correct etc.

Maybe I am wrong but it would seem the problem is shared between the adobe stuff and WMP11. Is there any codec issues maybe as it seems strange that the clips work fine in QT.

I look forward to your advice.


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I have looked over other threads concerning Yahoo Messenger voice issues, but none seem similar to the current problems I am experiencing. At the moment I am using the current version of YM for the US and while I can access chat rooms, I can't use audio nor receive audio from other users. When I first enter a chat room, voice is switched off as default, so when I switch it on I occasionally receive the error message 'the attempt to connect to the voice server was canceled.' The audio toolbar will appear below, but the talk and volume options are greyed out, like so:

I cannot interact with any of the voice options whatsoever.

I have fully uninstalled and reinstalled YM several times and still experience the same problem and under connections in preferences it is selected as 'connect directly to the internet' as opposed to proxy servers which appears to solve other similar problems, but makes no difference in my predicament.

If anyone here has experienced this issue in the past any suggestions of what to do would be greatly appreciated.

A:Yahoo Messenger error 'attempt to connect to voice server canceled' & other issues

Update: This apparently is not caused by problems on my PC, as I tried Yahoo Messenger via my laptop and experienced the same problem. Could this be issues with my account or my geographical location? I'm using the international US version in the UK.

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I have windows 7 7600 x64 and using the newest official Catalyst drivers from ATI for the Radeon 4890 1GB video card I own.

However I have noticed some little issues in games. Two games Im currently playing Trine, and Mass Effect show what I call a tear (its not anything missing) but when your running around you see a visible line move its way up the screen like your watching a fast refresh on PC-Anywhere or something.

It does not effect the game at all, or slow it down and its not 100% of the time its when your running or moving side to side etc. Always while in motion.

I thought maybe it was a vsync issue so Checked that in the graphic settings for Mass Effect but no difference. Does anyone know what Im referring to if there is a proper name and how I can go about reducing it or eliminating it in games?

In Trine it does it as well when IM running and jumping around (side scroller)

appreciate your input and help.

A:4890 1GB screen tear issues? or sync?

No, you were right about the screen tearing being a vsync issue. Check your 3D settings in the Catalyst suite and try setting it to "Always On"

However, the settings in CCC don't always over-ride game settings.... it's worth trying anyway

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I use a shared email account between two computers to answer emails all at once. It is set up through a gmail apps account using IMAP. The problem that I am having is that marking messages as read does not sync between computers correctly. If I mark a message as read on one machine, it will not show up on the other unless I close and re-open outlook. It will show up on gmail.com right away though. I am using Outlook 2003 on both computers.

Any ideas on this one?

A:Outlook/Gmail IMAP Sync Issues

I have just figured out that if I click off of the inbox folder to another folder, and then back to inbox it processes marked headers and fixes everything. Is there any way to keep them up to date without having to do that so often?

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Disclaimer: This is a compilation thread. I am repositing due to not being able to mark the first as solved.

Issue descriptions from original posters:
jimbostyx said:

I've noticed with some games that I play, there's a discrepancy in cutscenes between the video and the audio. I first discovered this with Beyond Good and Evil and it's pretty bad with Giants: Citizen Kabuto (it seems to start off in that game with a difference of a few seconds and then matches towards the end of the scene). I'm running XP SP2 and my system is more than capable of handling the games. My drivers and patches are all up-to-date. Also seeing as I have observed Giants run well on other lower powered and older systems I believe it to be a configuration or hardware compatibility problem.
Here's the vitals,
OS: Windows XP Professional SP2
M'board: Asus A7N8X-X
Processor: Athlon XP 3000
RAM: 1024 DDR PC3200
Graphics: Radeon 9600 256MB
HDD: Western Digital WD800JB
Click to expand...

JetSirus said:

I have the exact same issues in a number of games. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones I can think of off the top of my head.

My DxDiagClick to expand...

Solution:This pertains mostly to EAX enabled cards.
Turn off all extra sound options in the game such as Hardware Acceleration, EAX, and etc.

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Hey all,

So my outlook has been working fine until lately. Here is the problem, if I receive an email while outlook is open it won't show up in my inbox. Even if I do a manual send/receive command it won't appear. In fact it doesn't say "Syncing inbox" at the bottom. I can get it to sync if I change folders, or if I open and close outlook. I have tried changing multiple settings in Send/Receive Groups and general settings and nothing seems to fix it. Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2013 Folder Sync Issues

With no way of knowing what you actually tried, in what order, and if all is back to where it was, all I can really suggest is that you remove the account info from Outlook, and create a new account. Working or not, at that point, please let us know.

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I am having sync issues where only files are not syncing, however my folders are syncing. I created a file through OneDrive for business on the web and uploaded a file via drag and drop. The folders I create sync up both on my OneDrive for Business web account
and through the computer application, but the files will not sync and when I open up the issues, it says the error is "Credentials needed", "Please enter your credentials". I already set this up on another computer, did eveything the same
way, but had no issues. I downloaded the application, signed in with my work account, connected Office to my microsoft 365 account and synced just like I did on my other computer.

The only issue I can see is that I'm running an Office 365 account away from the office. Should that affect the sync or is there another underlying issue that I have not figured out?

I ran all troubleshooting methods and it brought me here. I've tried uninstalling, stop syncing, adjusting permissions and nothing has allowed me to sync the files that are uploaded.
Thanks in advance.

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I am new here, no so techy guy, just asking, I have a webmail account under a certain provider.
After setting up that email on my windows 10 mail client, I unintentionally deleted my email in my webmails inbox, after so, it's gone from both the client and the webmail. Is there a way to retrieve those emails?

A help will so much appreciated.

Thank you.

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I can see my voice messages in Voice Messages and Call History in Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, but I tried to export them as wav-files or similar files, and can't find them. How can I save the voice messeges in this program as files for Windows Media Player?

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