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inserting data attribute into file 118951

Q: inserting data attribute into file 118951

What does this mean in Win 7 ?????

Thank You


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Preferred Solution: inserting data attribute into file 118951

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Due to some virus my some files got hidden with System Files properties.
After I select option "Show Hidden Files and Folders" my files are shown only if I uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files" in Folder Option.

So how can I change properties of My Files to cancel Hidden option???

how to make my files attributes normal from System files??

A:Change System File Hidden attribute to Normal File attribute

Click Start->Run
type cmd

attrib -S C:\1.txt

attrib is keyword to set attribute
-S if for to remove System Attribute

For more info:

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on this site. I am also working on my first macro and it is turning out to be quite complicated but the mere idea of it working is enough to keep me at it.

In short, I want to use an excel macro to read a text file for a specific line of text, and then write data to the text file on the line before. In other words, rather than the data being added to the end of the file it's added to a particular section of the file after the existing data of that section.

Is this possible? Does anyone have example code for this? I have searched online and tried another forum and no luck so far. I appreciate any tips or sample code, thankyou!!

A:Inserting Data in a Text File

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In Windows 7 (and Vista) - all files displayed show only the file name.
This is particularly noticeable with audio and image files - but I often have identical file names in different formats or sizes.
Is there a way to make the .wav or .mp3 etc suffix visible and more importantly - can I edit it and sort by type?

(At the moment I am reverting to an old laptop running XP where I can edit and sort things easily).

Many thanks,

A:File Manager - file attribute display and changing

Hi catstevecam and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes you can display the file extension. In explorer select Organize->Folder and search options. On the view tab uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
If you right click on an empty area in a folder you can chose sort and grouping options. Type is one of these.

You can change the attributes of some file types (Music & Videos) in the properties details tab.

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Win 2K SP4. Whenever I save anything to Floppy or CD it is saved as Read only. This has only started recently when the laptop went back to head office for a short time. I have looked everywhere but can't find a setting/policy for this. Am I missing something? Your help would be greatly appreciated

A:File Attribute Problem

Is the file closed when you save it ?

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How does one insert text data into a prefind template?
eg, list of name from another file into the individual labels.
thank you

A:inserting data into template

What program are you talking about? Is this in word or excel or something like that? If so, you might have better luck asking your question in the Microsoft Office support forum.

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Hello to all and Happy New Year,

I have very strange problem, I have found virus on my USB stick which my Mcafee antivirus succesfully cleaned. However, there were a few files infected, which after they'd been cleaned, became hidden. I'm unbale to change that attribute in file's properties since it is gray. I don't know what to do. I have checked and I as an administartor of machine have rights to read and write atributes.
Is there any other way to change this "hidden" attribute?
I'm using Win XP professional.

A:Unable to change file's attribute

I managed to fix this. I found that antivirus somehow set attribute to these files as system files. I noticed that when I tried to remove hidden attribute by attrib command manually in cmd prompt.
So, command
attrib -s -h file_name.doc solve problem.
Only problem is I needed to repeat command 10 times, one for each file. I wonder if only I could do it for all automatically...

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My father is having issues when inserting a DVD or CD into either of his Samsung DV Rom SD-616E drive or his Philips DVD+-RW DVD8631 drive. Both cause a BSOD with a stop error code of BAD_POOL_HEADER 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0x8888E618, 0x8888E630, 0x1A030001) a few seconds after a valid data CD or DVD is inserted (confirmed valid on a second computer). Video DVDs do not appear to have any issues.

The event viewer does not offer any salient error logs for subsequent attempts at inserting a data DVD but the initial occurrence gave roughly 15 logs of:Error code: 7
The device, \Device\CdRom1, has a bad block.
He is using Windows XP Pro w/SP3, 512Mb RAM with Norton Security Suite v4.3.0.5 as Firewall and Anti-Virus protection with the latest anti-virus definitions.

Additional potential clues include a recent update to Adobe Flash Player and within the past 2 weeks at least he says after boot up that programs take a considerable amount of time to launch (up to a minute for Outlook Express to even open as well as Internet Explorer).

I highly doubt that it is a hardware issue since it occurs on both of his drives. Likewise for cleaning the actual ROM drives or the DVD disks. Any ideas on where to go from here with troubleshooting?


A:BSOD when inserting data disk

Are these disks ones that were made on the second computer (the one used to "test" the cd's?) or are they factory disks? If you boot in safe mode will the disks be read correctly?

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My families vista system got infected with malware(Antimalware doctor) and (as the computer had already been restarted twice by this point anyway) I elected to attempt to remove the offending files from safe mode. I deleted the registry keys first with relative success but had more trouble hunting down the offending files. In the end I found the filepath in a shortcut but found that the folders in question were hidden. After making the hidden files visible folder by folder for I while I decided to accelerate the process and told it to make all hidden files visible. As this was the case with my own computer, I didn't anticipate any problems but after a 3 min long "attribute change" suddenly all the files in the relevant users account had disappeared, rather than being joined by a few previously hidden folders.(In fact, aside from a previously open window, the account as a whole had disappeared). According to the windows accounts page, the account in question is still there and using a sizable chunk of hard disk space, but I can find no other evidence of it or the files.

My only two theories right now are :
1. Somehow I accidentally made all of the contents of the account be listed as hidden files - I consider this one very unlikely, as one vista dialogue(which I have used many times before) would probably not be capable of that effect.

2. Some self-defense action of the malware. The malware has already prevented use of the internet or the running of any progra... Read more

A:File disappearance post attribute change

MalwareBytes has a good reputation at removing these fake antivirus programs.


If it doesn't install or run in normal mode, try running it in Safe Mode.

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Hello everyone, I used windows server 2016 IIS to build an ftp server, but the time attributes of the stored files are all 8 hours away from my local time. How can I solve this problem?

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Several months ago I got a new laptop with Win 7 Pro SP1 64bit. I have done numerous backups on this machine but I've noticed that the file attribute 'archive bit' (a) is not being reset as it was on Win XP. (NOTE: backups were full backups not incremental or differential.)

Does Win 7 treat file attribute bits differently than XP?

I also have noticed that 7 displays various attribute bits that were not used in XP; where is there a description of all attribute bits?

A:File Attribute 'Archive' Bits not being reset

Are you on a homegroup by any chance?

I've read some MS answers that flat out say that the archive bit is no longer available in windows 7 (but I think they mean reliably usable rather than not available in the strict sense). To others saying that the homegroup networking is using it for it's own purposes (probably for it's own built in backup) and it interferes with other people/programs using it.

Personally I have not looked into it though.

I believe that the base "dos" attributes are the same as always though: Read Only, Archive, Hidden and System. Of course NTFS itself has (and has always had) a much more extensive access control system in place for all folders and files...

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Is it possible to check the archive attribute on a file with DOS?
I have a series of directories that need to have their files deleted once the archive attribute has been removed i.e. in Windows Explorer under the Attribute column the 'A' has disappeared.

How would one go about checking. I can gather a list of the file names in the directory. I assume that it would be the command

If not exist [archive attribute] (
delete file)
However I may be barking up the wrong tree.
Has anyone any experience with this?

A:[SOLVED] Checking archive attribute on file with DOS

Hi Tigers!. . .

Welcome back to the Tech Support Forum!

I like that name "directories" - Good Stuff!

I may be missing something here, but why do you first ned to remove the -A attribute prior to deletion? Or are you trying to delete all files without the -A? If so ... what about -S, -H, etc...?

Regards. . .


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This is the second time I've posted this, I don't want to flood the forum but I could really use some help!

Hello. I am hoping for a speedy response if possible.
I have about 2000 excel workbooks representing data for the last 4 years. Each workbook has 7 worksheets. I would like to create a new worksheet in a new file that will pull the value from one single cell in one single sheet from each of the other 2000 files. It is the same cell, same sheet in every file.
I have tried using microsoft query to pull the data but i can't seem to make it work. Does anyone know if what i am trying to do is actually possible? And if so can you tell me how? I think I am getting close on my own and I enjoy this sort of thing but I don't have the time! ANy assistance is much appreciated.

A:inserting external data into an excel spreadsheet

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I am trying to run a macro which will insert a row of formula to the last row of my data. Say for example.

A1: Formula
A2: 1
A3: 2
A4: 3

I wish to set the macro to always insert into the last row of column A, instead of at Cell A4. Something like,

A1: Formula
A2: 1
A3: 2
A4: 3
A5: Formula

something to do with lastrow formula? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

my current macro is written like this,
Rows("13:13").Select <- the formula row
Selection.Copy <- copying the formula
Rows("17:17").Select <- i wish this to go to the last row instead**
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
End Sub

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Excel Macro : inserting copied data to the last row

Howdy, and welcome to the board.

Something like this:

Sub test()
Dim lngLastRow As Long
lngLastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
MsgBox lngLastRow
End Sub

then you could use for the next formula row:

Cells(lngLastRow + 1,1)

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Hello. I am hoping for a speedy response if possible.
I have about 2000 excel workbooks representing data for the last 4 years. Each workbook has 7 worksheets. I would like to create a new worksheet in a new file that will pull the value from one single cell in one single sheet from each of the other 2000 files. It is the same cell, same sheet in every file.
I have tried using microsoft query to pull the data but i can't seem to make it work. Does anyone know if what i am trying to do is actually possible? And if so can you tell me how? I think I am getting close on my own and I enjoy this sort of thing but I don't have the time! ANy assistance is much appreciated.

A:inserting external data into an excel worksheet

I also should mention, as a disclaimer, that I did NOT generate these files. Had I done so, and known in what ways they would need to be used, I would have used Access. I'd like to avoid importing 2000 spreadsheets into Access if possible, but at this point it seems like it might be the easiest thing to do...

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This isn't a problem but a nuisance. In Windows XP Home, whenever I insert a data CD or ZIP disk, Windows Explorer opens a new window that shows the contents of the CD or ZIP disk. I find this very aggravating and would like to find out how to prevent Windows from doing this. I've tried right clicking on the drive's letter in My Computer and then trying to tell it to "take no action" but that hasn't worked. I've also gone to Folder Options in Control Panel and tried various options. Nothing works however. The reason I don't appreciate having a new window opened is that I use Power Desk, which I like, instead of Windows Explorer, which I hate. Any help would be appreciated.

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With any file management tool I've ever used that attempts to show the date/time of the last file access, all I ever see is the time I used the tool to view the last access time stamp. In other words, checking the last access time counts as an access. Duh! What good is that?

Is there any tool or trick to allow you to determine the last access date/time OTHER THAN the time you access the file to ask the question?

A:Solved: Last Access file date attribute worthless?

Never tried it but the AFIND function in a free forensic toolkit may work for you ...


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When i create a new folder it automatically sets the read only attribute, if i try and turn it off it just turns back on again.

I have tried using command prompt to disable it as well as playing with the security settings and account permissions.

does any one have any ideas?

A:File and Folder Read only attribute wont disable

1. First question, why are you trying to do it?

2. look here:
Unable to remove Read-Only attribute from folder
You cannot view or change the Read-only or the System attributes of folders in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

To view or to remove the Read-only or the System attributes of folders in Windows Vista or Windows 7
Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then press ENTER..
To view the syntax for the Attrib command, type attrib /? at the command prompt.
To remove the Read-only attribute and to set the System attribute, use the following command:
attrib -r +s drive:\<path>\<foldername>
For example, to remove the Read-only attribute and to set the System attribute for the C:\Test folder, use the following command:
attrib -r +s c:\test
Be aware that some programs may not operate correctly with folders for which the System attribute and the Read-only attribute are set. Therefore, use the following command to remove these attributes:
attrib -r -s drive:\<path>\<foldername>
For example, to remove both the Read-only and the System attributes from the C:\Test folder, use the following command:
attrib -r -s c:\test
If the Run command is not listed on the Start menu, do the following:
Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Run..

note: Open cmd with run as administrator

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Hello guys,

Yes I know it is a silly question, but what is the syntax for removing the read-only attribute of an Excel file, say abcd.xlsx file?
The address of the example is, c:\documents\spreadsheets\abcd.xlsx.

Any help will be much appreciated.


A:How to remove the read-only attribute from an Excel .xlsx file?

Right click on the file then choose "properties" in the window that opens and then uncheck the "read only" box at the bottom of the window.
BTW there is no such thing as a silly question but there are plenty of silly answers

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I want to make a bunch of folder.jpg files so they are no longer hidden. But when I check the file properties, the hidden attribute checkbox is greyed out, so I can't untick it.

Any ideas on how I can change the hidden attribute of these files?



A:Hidden Attribute checkbox on file properties greyed out

Hello Dave,

You might see if you may be able to do so using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below with the command prompt.

File and Folder - Hide or Unhide

Hope this helps,

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Toshiba Laptop will not boot. screen shot below error: 0xc000000f
I have the windows installation discs/recovery but have not retreived all the data yet.  Will inserting the disc automatically delete all the data on the drive or will it simply attempt to repair the issue and keep the data on the drive? I am hoping to just get it operational to recover the data with least cost/time expense possible.

 IMG_0762.jpg   98.66KB

A:Does inserting the windows installation disc always delete all data?

I dont know, but you could search on the internet for fixes, i think a drive is going bad or a drive cant be read.

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Can any one plz show me, in basic ...how to insert data and in access by VB 6.0 , umm i wanted it in codding plz if u all can help me...

Plz provide fileds "name" for me speed up !


A:Can any one show one sime basic inserting data to access (VB 6.0)

Set MyWorkspace = Workspaces(0)
Set Dbase = MyWorkspace.OpenDatabase("databasename.mdb", False, False)

SQLstmt = "INSERT INTO tablename (fielddname1,fieldname2) VALUES ('value value1','value2');"
Dbase.Execute SQLstmt

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I have got an hourly meteorological data for 10 years. The problem is that some of the data entries are missing. for ex

01-07-2006 6:30
01-07-2006 8:30
01-07-2006 14:30
01-07-2006 16:30

I need to insert the rows for missing hours. Rest of the columns in the inserted row are needed to be blank. e.g.
01-07-2006 6:30
01-07-2006 7:30
01-07-2006 8:30
01-07-2006 9:30
..... and so on.

I have been struggling with this data for weeks, I have attached a file below.

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hi all...

actually i'm the amature in this area..i hope this site could help me to solve my prob..hmmm..

any body here could help me how to remove cloner.bv which is clone all my word file into application file(.exe) and hidden word file(.doc)...any body know how this can happen???

pls help me

A:(.doc) file cloner and fixed attribute changed into hidden permenently

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:


After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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Hello -

I have a data table that is recording inspection dates and inspection purposes for specific records. There are a total of six occurences (i.e. Inspetion Purpose (1), Inspection Date (1), Inspection Purpose (2), Inspection Date (2)).I would like to use a form to input data into the fields. Is it possible to build an expression so that the data input into the form inserts the data into the table with the first available null value for that record.

In other words, if there is a value present in Inspection Purpose (1) & Inspection Date (1) then the data from the form is inserted into the fields for Inspection Purpose (2) & Inspection Date (2).

I would greatly appreciate any help!

A:Solved: Access: Inserting Data from a Form Into Fields in a Table

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Hi everybody,

I upload an excel file to help understand my problem.
So I have date and time and in column 2 I have my parameter value.

Note 1) not all the data is at 04:30:00, and this is a huge problem in the macro I found online.

1-1-16 0:00 1
4-1-16 4:30 1
8-1-16 4:30 1
11-1-16 4:30 1
15-1-16 4:30 1

What I want to create is the missing data time, associated with a column 2 blank and not 0 if possible

So the final result should be like
1-1-16 0:00 1
1-1-16 0:01 "blank" (not zero if possible)
1-1-16 0:02 "blank"
4-1-16 4:30 1
4-1-16 4:31 "blank"

Thanks for your time

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Hi everybody

I have got an hourly meteorological data for 10 years. The problem is that some of the data entries are missing. e.g.

23-April-2006 19:00
23-April-2006 20:00
23-April-2006 22:00
23-April-2006 23:00

I need to insert the rows for missing hours. Rest of the columns in the inserted row are needed to be blank. e.g.

23-April-2006 19:00
23-April-2006 20:00
23-April-2006 21:00
23-April-2006 22:00
23-April-2006 23:00

Please also note that for some years, the data entries are for half past hours. e.g.

31-Dec-2001 23:30
01-Jan-2002 00:30
01-Jan-2002 01:30
01-Jan-2002 02:30

Muhammad Zeeshan

A:Solved: Inserting rows for Missing Date/ Time data (Excel 2007)

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This should be easy, but I do not know how to insert the current file name in a cell in QuattroPro. I am currently working on many worksheets, and it would be helpful if the name of the file was automatically inserted (with full path), so that I can retrieve it later (looking at the print out of the first page). Many thanks.

A:Inserting file name in QuattroPro 9

I'm not sure about putting it in a cell, but you can easily put it in a header or footer. Do File|Page Setup. On the Header/Footer tab, select which you would like to use. In the box put #F for the full path, or #f for the file name.

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I have excel 2002 and adobe acrobat 5. I have a spreadsheet that I have to update and print out; I would like to be able to insert, link, whatever, this file to an acrobat pdf file so that when I print the spreadsheet, the pdf file will print on the back side.

I found "insert object" and pdf is one of the choices. No matter how I mess with it, all that prints on the back side is a box. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks if you can help.

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I run a website built in Frontpage and served through Geocities. I would like to have a link to a PDF submission form. Is it just as simple as saving the file into the web folder and then putting a hpyerlink to it?


Aaron Joyner

A:Inserting file into website

Easy as that!!

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I'm trying to insert a timestamp as part of a file name and I realized that there is something basic about a timestamp that I do not understand:

Assume the output for echo %time% is 16:13:07.91.

Why is echo %time:~3,2% equal to 13? Does the colon not count as a character? In %date% the slash (/) does count as a character.

A:Inserting a Timestamp into a File Name

Aha - got this one solved.

The 'trick' is that the first character on the left is in the zero-ith position, not the first position. If echo %time% is 16:13:07.91, the '1' in 16 is in the zero-ith position and the 6 is in the first position.

To see this, try echo %time:~0,1% and you'll find that the result is the first character in the current time.

Going back to my original question about the time 16:13:07.91: 1 is in the zero-ith position, 6 is in the first position, the colon [:] is in the second position and 1 is in the third position. That's why echo %time:~3,2% is equal to 13.

Think digital! In the digital world, 0 isn't 'nothing,' it's a unique number.

Now I understand why some people prefer to indicate the time and date in a batch file by counting backwards from the right instead of forwards from the left. No pesky '0' to confuse you.

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I have a hopefully simple newbie question. I am creating a template in Word 2000. I have made a custom userbox in which the user will input info into the userbox and then it will appear on the accompanying form. I also want to give the user the option of inserting a small text file at the end of the form, but I don't know the code for inserting files. Can someone give me some sample code to work with. Thanks.

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I am trying to insert a file into a Word doc. for mail merge. When I insert, the entire file text gets inserted, not just the file icon/link. I seem to remember doing this before. Help? Thank you.

A:Inserting file into Word Doc

Insert Object - from file

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Hi there,

Here is what I want to do with my current excel file:
Click Save button to save all required data to another sheet
The number highlighted in reed need to be auto increment (+1) each time save button is click
Then the file will save as a new excel file with the form number (SRF-ABC-1001-14.xls)
And clear the current form and exit excel

Please refer my attached file for the sample what I want to do.

Please note the number highlighted in red should be auto increment number, once click save button, the file will automatic save as a new excel with the Form name.

Thank you so much for your help and time reading this.

A:vba to save file as a new file and record data into existing data sheet

anyone able to assist me?

I'm looking forward to learn hence I appreciate each code have a comment on top of it and provide me some samples of code and I'll workout the rest.


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this is part of a text file;
Internet support
-connect -noregistry

Internet support encryption
-plugin -connect -noregistry
looking for a solution to insert the current external IP into the above (replacing with external IP)

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how do you insert the file lcoation into a cell of a excel document?

that is, without typing it in manually, like an autotext or something.

can u do it in word also?


A:[SOLVED] inserting File location


Insert-Field, choose Document Information, choose file name, choose options if you want.

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Hi, all

When I try to insert a file into an email (Microsoft Office Outlook) the email crashes upon opening My Documents folder.

Any ideas what the problem could be? What other information would be useful?

Thanks for any assistance,


A:Outlook crashes when inserting file

See if you have an AV addin that is causing the problem.

Tools, Options, Other, Advanced Options, Add-In Manager. See if you have Norton or Mcafee, or other AV company add-in. Uncheck the option, close Outlook, then re-open Outlook and try again. If it is not AV software, then try disabling other add-ins that are listed one at a time.

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Using Word 2003 I am combining some Word docs. using Insert File. I want to keep the formatting/layout the same as in the doccument I'm inserting but it changes; sometimes making the file impossible to read. How do I do this?

A:Inserting A File In Word 2003

Hi Gail,

I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you're combining them. Are you just adding one doc onto another, or are you integrating two docs? Are you using track changes?

What are you trying to accomplish?

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I'm very sorry if it's from forum, but didn't knew where to post else...

Ok I have 2 dll files, I need to take 'entry point' from 1st file, and put it into 2nd file, so 2nd file will still work properly, and when program calls 'entry point' from 2nd file it will work... How to do that? Please any ideas? I need it badly

A:File Editing, entry point inserting

No ideas? o.o

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This behavoir really bugs me. When I go to compose a message in Outlook 2003, and i want to insert a picture from a file by using the command on the menu bar under "insert", it inserts the picture but when i go to type anything and I use the scrollbar to scroll up or down the picture disappears - all, or sometimes part of it. I can send the email, and when i look at it in the "sent" folder the picture is all there. But it is very annoying when i am typing a message.

These are messages in which formatting is html and Word 2003 is the editor as designated in the "options" box. This does not seem to happen if I un-check Word as the editor and compose in standard Outlook form - then, i can insert a picture and its fine. So I think it has something to do with how Word 2003 handles pictures???

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I am trying to insert an AVI file of a video screencapture I created in SnagIt 10. When i view the file in media player the quality is excellent. I then insert the AVI file into PowerPoint using the Insert > Movie from File option (as I would prefer not to insert a media player object in the slide) and set the move to play when click. When I run the slideshow and click the clip, the picture quality worsens and some of the text in the screencapture becomes hard to read.

I've contacted Techsmith (vendors of SnagIt) and they have been unable to assist. Has anyone comes across this issue before and know how to resolve it?


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I removed the 'file_recovery' virus and got everything else back to normal using:


which included using unhide.exe, but now I think my system files are all showing, even though I have checked 'hide system files' and 'do not show hidden files'.

If I go to a place where I think there are supposed to be system files that are supposed to be hidden (like windows/system32) and show the 'attributes' column, they say 'A' (archive) is the only attribute.

Shouldn't they say 'S' (system) and 'H' (hidden)? If so, is there a way to put the 'system' and 'hidden' attributes back on the appropriate files (without doing it manually one by one because that would take forever and I wouldn't know which ones to do)?

I am running Windows Vista.

Thanks! unhide.exe really saved me!

A:After 'file_recovery' virus removal, system files lost 'system file' attribute

That's not possible.May be you could ask for Grinler opinion herehttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic405109.htmlgood luck

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Hi There

It has been quite a while since I asked for help. I wonder if the following is doable as an Excel macro. The attached is only a demo with only 2 fields and a few rows of data. The real worksheet has more fields and around 3,000 rows.

Sheet 1 contains the data in its initial state and sheet 2 contains data after the macro is run. You will see from sheet 2 that the field labeled QUANTITY determines the number of rows to insert and copy the correct data into those inserted rows. I want the entire row to be copied down as opposed to only the data, since I have more columns than shown here. Is this possible to do? Can anyone help me with writing a macro, since I have over 3,000 rows to do.

Thanks for all your help. You guys are fantastic.


A:Inserting specific number of rows in Excel and copying data in those inserted rows

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Windows 7 will delete "Read-Only" files without providing any warning (unlike XP).
Windows Media Player 12 will overwrite files which have the "Read-Only" attribute set.

Does anyone know how to make Windows 7 (& WMP) obey the "Read-Only" attribute on files?

A:"Read-Only" File Attribute

Hi lehnerus2000,

1) Read-only files can't be modified, but they can be copied, moved, renamed, or deleted. You can make a secure private folder which is inaccessible and undeletable. There are detailed instructions on Make Folder Inaccessible and Undeletable.

2)For WMP, go through the following page, theres a nice discussion about stopping WMP from overwriting jpgs.
Hydrogenaudio Forums > WMP and Folder.jpg being overwritten

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Hi guys, I have a slight problem after my first data scraping session.

Basically I have around 500k of lines and around 50k "www.domain.com/username" urls that are in this text file. However the only part I need is the url and everything else is redundant. The URL is dynamic so it's different username everytime as well as on a random line rather then continuous every 5 lines or so.

Is there a software out there or maybe a notepad++/sublime2 algorythim that takes out all the data or simply extracts the data I want?

Here is what it looks like:

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I have an Inspiron 17R. After installing a security update from Avast antivirus, I was told to restart to finish the update. After restarting, I get a blue screen stating that this PC needs to be repaired, the boot configuration data file is missing, and I needed to use recovery tools. The error code is: 0xc0000098
After purchasing the recovery USB from Dell, I ran the recovery tool and it started to scan for errors. After the scan, it said that the Master boot is fine, but the partition has a red X by it. I would have to back up and restore. When I tried to select the files I needed to specifically back up, the computer restarted. I didn't want to factory reset my computer as I still need some book marks and files I can't get any other way on it. Is there anything I can do?

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