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T470 top right USB port doesn't work after BIOS v1.42 update when device is plugged in on boot

Q: T470 top right USB port doesn't work after BIOS v1.42 update when device is plugged in on boot

As the title says, top right USB port on my T470 doesn't work after BIOS v1.42 update when device is plugged in on boot. Non of devices power up when plugged into that port. Naturally there's nothing in dmesg. This is not OS-dependent since devices don't power up in BIOS screen as well. The other 2 ports still work as expected. Restarting doesn't help. After some cold boots the ports starts working again. This never happened with previous BIOS versions.

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Preferred Solution: T470 top right USB port doesn't work after BIOS v1.42 update when device is plugged in on boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My computer did a BIOS update yesterday and since then the Thunderbolt will not work (computer is connected typically to a Thunderbolt 3 docking station).  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Thunderbolt driver/software. I get this response when I try to update the firmware :

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My Auto Run/Auto Play stopped working in Vista Home Premium 32 bit OS, I 've ticked the box Use Autoplay for all media devices in Control Panel / Hardware and Sound/ Autoplay. Also tried other options like I'd used before when it used to work.
Tried Reset all defaults.Nothing seems to fix it.
Sounds like a Registry issue??? But don't know!
Any ideas how to repair/fix this problem please.

A:Auto play / run doesn't work anymore when USB Device is plugged in.

What anti-virus software do you use. If there is a virus on a USB my anti-virus (nod32) won't let auto run start. Try another device before you go into the registry.

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After I have updated the Intel managemet Engine 11.8 My computer takes 60 secunds before I can hit Enter to enter the bios. Then another 20 sec to launch Windows. Therefore I have tryed to update my bios from 1.39 to 1.42 BUT when the computer tryes to reboot it enters hypernation mode or something. The led in the power buttom pluses slowly and I need to remove battery and hit the reset buttom to restart the computer. I the created a flashdrive to boot from but it is the same If I restart the computer from windows normaly - it reboots. How can I prevent the computer to enter hibernationmode on restart while updating the bios? 

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Hi, I've recenty updated the BIOS to F17 and after it was done, the display is connected to HDMI port doesn't display anything and it seems it doesnt detect! I've also updated both VGA drivers (Inter and NVIDIA), but I still have the same problem! Any solution to solve the issue? Any solution to downgrade the BIOS? Br,Meghdad

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Hi all, new to the forum. After browsing a bunch of similar posts with the same issue, I couldn't find one with my situation, and I'm hoping to get some insight before I do anything else. I bought this computer about late April of last year and haven't had any major hardware problems until now. Towards the end of last month I encountered a problem with my battery on my Lenovo T470. It ran out of battery and was in the power saving mode then I plugged it in, it lit up a little bit as usual but then went back to not charging (Windows 10 alert 3% left or whatever the lowest percentage alert was). Didn't think of much, next day, I thought it charged for the night, didn't. Couldn't start it up because it didn't charge, so I had to use an outlet to run the computer, then I get the battery gauge with no charging animation and a Lenovo alert for battery plugged in but not charging. I tried doing those reset techniques advised on other forums (taking battery out, holding power buttons, etc etc). No luck. I read about bad battery life spans and with getting a new one I can at least eliminate it being a battery problem. I went ahead and bought a new battery that came today. Put it in, still computer plugged in, not charging. I checked forums about power management and my settings are not in airplane mode. I tried uninstalling the ACPI compliant control method battery as another technique I saw on the forums, but that led to no success either. Since it is not a battery problem ... Read more

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I always get windows boot manager error no matter what i do. Even if i set my microsoft bootable drive it still goes to windows boot manager error. I also tried removing any external devices even changed the flash drive i use for bootable drive but it
still doesn't work. The only time bootable drive works was when i remove the hdd. I can't access F8 no matter what so ican't access safe mode and cmd.

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I am trying to flash a new bios to my Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 7 to change the default boot logo. I have already changed the logo before, but I want to change it again. When I changed it the first time I was dual booting Ubuntu 19.10 and Windows 10, and I went through these steps to flash the bios containing the new boot logo.:Download bootable ISO for my device from pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x1-carbon-7th-gen-type-20qd-20qe/downloads/driver-list/component?name=BIOS%2FUEFIUse geteltorito to extract the iso into a bootable .img file.Flash the .img to a usb flash drive using Balena EtcherMount the usb drive to my machine and add custom LOGO.gif to the correct folderUnmount usb drive, shutdown, and boot to usb driveFollow steps that appear to flash biosLet the system reboot, and then it boots into a text interface showing the progress of the bios update that looks like this: (I attached the image to the post)Then tada my boot logo had changed, but when I try to do this now I have a few issues First of all, I am now exclusively on Arch Linux, not dual booting with Windows or anything. One issue is that when trying to flash the .img file to the usb drive with balena etcher it says there is something wrong with the .img file, and I have tried redownloading the iso and reextracting it, but it still fails with the same error. I get around this by using the command sudo dd if=/path/to/bios.img of=/dev/sdX bs=64K. Thi... Read more

A:Trying to update X1C7 BIOS doesn't seem to work.

Hello and welcome,
I have no idea if it would make any difference but it might be worth using the "sanctioned' method for making a bootable BIOS flash drive:
It does require a Windows machine or VM.

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Hi there, would be grateful for any help on a problem that has me completely stumped.

I have an AJP 7321 laptop that was running Windows ME. I've recently upgraded to XP Pro. The upgrade didn't go entirely smoothly until I updated the BIOS (now R1.07 if that helps). Hey presto, XP Pro installs and runs like a dream. Except that since the BIOS update the laptop monitor is not working properly: when I power up I have a blank screen with flashing horizontal or vertical lines (sometimes both together). I've hooked up an external monitor, which is fine,and the laptop monitor 'flashing style' changes according to what I am doing, suggesting that it is receiving information and trying to do something with it.

Device manager says everything is working properly. I've updated the graphics card driver (S3 Twister K). And then I deleted all the programs I didn't need or could easily download again one day in case there were any conflicts. Oh, and ran a full virus check for good measure...

I've scoured the internet, spoken to AJP support and tweaked everything I can think of. I'm assuming that it probably isn't a graphics card problem since it all appears perfectly on the external monitor. Should I be tweaking something in the BIOS or a system folder? Any suggestions??

A:Monitor doesn't work since BIOS update, or is it XP?

Double check that you got the correct bios update for your exact unit

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I selected my C drive as my priority boot device, but unless I hit "esc" on startup and manually select my hard disk, it doesn't boot to it by default, it boots to my external hard drive. Obviously when it does that, it just shows a blank screen, so I have to power off, power on, press esc, and manually select the C drive every time, even though I've adjusted the settings in the BIOS already.

Anything I could be doing wrong?



A:Setting Boot Device Priority Doesn't Work

Even when there are no disks in the drive? You may have to set your default boot, I use Windows 8 manager to get to it, cos I don't know where it is.

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I have notebook Toshiba Satellite L50-C " Part no: PSKWSV-06H023AR ", after updating my bios to Ver. 5.30. I found that my touchpad doesn't work even it doesn't exist in "Device Manager" tried installing touchpad driver but no change happens! the touchpad doesn't found on elan driver also to enable or disable it. I accessed bios "UEFI" page then I've found that my touchpad works perfectly only on UEFI setup page! Please, Help me to make the touchpad work on windows again.

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I have purchased my Lenovo T510 since 2012 and need to reinstall the OS to Windows 7 for the 3rd time. I've updated the drivers as well as the bios. After updating the BIOS I noticed that the laptop is in ideal mode and sometimes the laptop is automatically turned on. Sometimes it doesn't turn ON at all. If there are problems with the bios version, please let us know. The previously updated bio version is out of my mind. 

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Ok, so today I have replaced my power supply and I have started it up and it gives me a message saying "The Current Bios setting does not fully support the boot decive". And it gives instructions and I have followed them and I it hasn't worked I need help what do I do?

A:bios setting doesn't fully support the boot device

Changing a power supply should not result in that BIOS message. Did you reconnect every power cable - to the motherboard jackS, to the hard drive, to the SSD, to the GPU?

What did the BIOS message tell you to do?

Did you ever successfully get Windows to start up?

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Sometimes, my touchpad doesn't work after waking it from sleep or turning it on. I have to plug in a mouse to move the cursor, however even with the mouse plugged in, the touchpad doesn't work. I already sent the computer to Lenovo and they updated drivers. Also, if the touchpad isn't working, the trackpoint doesn't work as well. Any ideas? Thanks.

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When I push the mute button nothing happens (the little light doesn't turn on) and when I go into "Control Panel"/"Hardware and Sound" and click on "Lenovo - Microphone Mute" I get a message that says "Error - The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion." Any suggestions? Thanks.

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So I've messed around with this my whole afternoon.What I've found out is that the X1C I just got will not notice my monitor (samsung px2370), however, it will notice my TV just fine.Figured I would try a BIOS update...well I already have Linux installed and the BIOS update options are "Windows" or "CD"...why...there is a CD/DVD option...in 2018...on a model that does not have a direct CD/DVD drive - is beyond me.I've tried copying the iso image with 'dd' and booting from it but that doesn't work.Suggestions?

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I bought my Satellite Z930 in August and installed 2GB extra RAM in it. Worked fine, the Ultrabook detected it and had total 6GB of RAM.
Yesterday I stopped ignoring these Toshiba Tempro messages and installed the suggested BIOS Update to Bios 2.20 (don't know which version it was before). Now I have several problems:

*First one*, my Ultrabook doesn't start anymore with the extra RAM. I press the power button, then the power LED starts blinking: 2 times yellow, 1 time orange in loop. The screen stays black and the CPU fan raises to maximum level..Only when I remove the extra RAM, then it starts.

*Second problem*, without my extra RAM it starts, but sometimes with the CPU fan at maximum level. So i have to restart that it stops.

*Third problem*, Windows only detects 2GB of RAM. I have now no extra RAM istalled, so it should detect 4GB of RAM, like when I bought it. Now there are only 2GB...

So is this what happens when I install suggested updates? -.-
So what can I do now? At least I want my preinstalled 4GB of RAm back. Is there any BIOS downgrade, or something similar to revert the changes?

A:Satellite Z930 - after BIOS Update, Extra RAM doesn't work anymore

OK, solved the problem. I found a BIOS downgrade to 2.1 at this page: http://www.blog-drivers.com/2012/07/toshiba-portege-z930-notebook-drivers.html
Now I have my 6GB back :)

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I am so confused. Is my Lenovo 3000 N500 4233 63U HDMI compatible? Why it has the port, why the BIOS recommened/installed is NON-HDMI (version 1.10 BIOS 6GET19WW) and why it doesn't work when connected to any Tv with HDMI capability?  Should i downgrade to 1.09. I m running Windows 10 since July 2015 and ...this is another issue which probably will force mesoon to go back to Windows 7, the last update installed successful for windows 10 was Sep 2015; ever since, all the updates don't install, don't download sometimes, whatever adivse i followed, no windows update can be installed. Thank you so much Vera

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I have a new T470 docked in a Lenovo ThinkPad Ultra Dock 90W connected to a Lenovo ThinkVision P27q screen.When I use a Display Port cable between the dock and the screen the "found new device sound" pings every like 5-10 seconds . Only when the computer enters Screen saver mode (no screen saver). Eventhough I have the sound to be relayed to the screen  where I have plugged in Headphones, instead of Laptop Speakers, the foud new device sound goes out through the Laptop speakers for all to hear. This can be VERY annoying to collegues when I go away.  Using a HDMI cable = no problem. This only happens using a DIsplay port mini on the dock to Display Port on the screen.  As the screen is black in this mode I can't see any error messages (Or found new device) on the screen.As soon as I go out of screen saver mode, by touching the mouse/keyboard the sound stops repeating. Any ideas?

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I've got a Windows 7 upgrade disc, so I first installed Windows XP and now need to boot from this new disc. Because I'm going from 32-bit XP to 64-bit Windows 7, I have to boot from the disc.

I can press F12 to get into the boot order selection screen; but pressing the arrow keys, escape, or enter has no effect. Once I'm on that screen, I just have to turn off the PC because I can't do anything else.

Both keyboards I've tried have been USB. I actually bought a new keyboard in case my keyboard was the issue, but the stores only had USB keyboards--if USB is the issue, I'll have to wait a few days before I can borrow an old keyboard that uses PS2.

Is there any way to workaround this using the USB keyboard I have?

A:Keyboard doesn't work in BIOS, any other way to change boot order?

Try plugging the usb keyboard into the usb port next to the ethernet port.


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Hello all, After updating the BIOS to version A16 or A17 doesn't work memory card reader :(
On the aforementioned version of the BIOS, when you want to turn on the computer with a memory card inside the system do not get up! Of course, without a memory card system will get up normally but when you again put the memory card the system still can't see it.
The last working version of BIOS is A15 where you can use a memory card reader.
My OS: Windows 10 Pro (x64)

A:Latitude E7440 - memory card reader doesn't work after bios update

I have exactly the same problem. Last working version is A15.

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This is an issue that I've seen in two other posts, but I can't find a resolution: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkCentre-A-E-M-S-Series/Brand-new-M715Q-will-not-wake-after-sleep/m-... https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Enterprise-Client-Management/NVMe-Drivers-and-M715q-Tiny-AMD/m-p/370512... I've posted on those threads to see if somone had a resolution on there, but I don't see any posted. We are experiencing the same issue.  Brand new m715q with BIOS ver M11KT31A (3/31/2017).  Windows 7 preinstalled.  Goes to sleep.  When you move the mouse or touch the keyboard the screen stays black and it doesn't wake from sleep.  Tried upgrading all drivers.  No change.  Tried upgrading the firmware.  That was when we discovered the firmware will not upgrade.  Firmware issue.  From the TVSU program it runs through the whole BIOS upgrade process, shutsdown windows, then the screen goes black, the fans rev up, and then stays that way.  Monitor says going to power save mode.  It never continues past that point.  If I go into the BIOS system log it says "BIOS updated"; however, the version has not changed.  We tried upgrading to M11KT32A.  Then recently they just released M11KT33A.  Same thing, doesn't upgrade.  I've tried running the update from system update, from the windows command line with manual reboot, from a bootable USB stick, and a bootable CD image and nothing works. ... Read more

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After update and restart (update wich I presume included BIOS update), my notebook booted the windows for 5 minutes, then turned off in an instant. After that, when i pluged the power adapter the power led started to blink continuously (white light), and the notebook reused to start (no power, no other led', no nothig, just the blinking of the power light). I've tried to reset It (battery off, 15 seconds power button and all, I even removed the Bios battery). It's not the first time. The last time when It happened, the problem resolved itself after several days. The blink stoped and the window was booted Ón safe mode.If you have a technical solution please help me, because I can't wait for several days.Thank You!

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Hi,  Today I've decided to update to the BIOS version 2.0 to my Thinkpad Helix according to the Drivers published in the support page.  After that, the touchpad is not working anymore. I've applied different things like for example Function Key + F6 and nothing.  Does anyone have an idea of how to solve this?  This is the log file after the update: [2018/7/21 9:9:48] version 25.32OS = Windows 10 64bitDriver Loading....DoneSystem BIOS Version -> N17ET72WApplying BIOS Version -> N17ETA0WSystem EC Version -> N17HT63WApplying EC Version -> N17HT66WAC adapter/Battery check....OK.BIOS Flashing....BIOS Flash completed.EC Flashing....EC Flash completed. Regards! Jesus Guevara    

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Hi everyone,

The problem I have is really strange. I updated my BIOS from my computer manufacturer's homepage. After doing so, I had to reboot my pc. However, once my pc rebooted, a similar message as the following appeared: Press F8 to select boot device. If I would not press F8 my pc would not start up at all. Yet, when I pressed F8 it gave me a list of boot devices to select from. I selected the HDD drive, which in the end worked out perfectly, since i could restart my computer without any problems.

So you guys might wonder now why I am posting this here, if there is not a problem. Well, every time I start up my pc it asks me to press F8 and start up my pc from the specific boot device. I have managed to make my pc reboot automatically, without having to press F8 every single time.

However, how can I remove the F8 screen from showing up?

Before I run the BIOS update it never said press F8 to select boot device.
Is there any way to remove this screen or skip it? It is really annoying and delaying my computer start up.
Thank you very much in advance!

A:BIOS update changed boot device! HELP

Most likely the boot drive is not on the default controller, you'll need to set the boot drive in the bios save and exit.

What brand and model PC?

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Hi guys,

My motherboard is Asus P4S333/133 series.. I have updated wrongly my BIOS and the system doesn't boot anymore.

The previous BIOS version is Asus P4S333-VF/WOL ACPI BIOS..

Any advice from you guys to solve this problem? Thanks a lot in advance.


A:Wrong BIOS update and now the system doesn't boot! Plz help..

A great big OUCH!

You could try reflashing it with the correct one if it will get that far. But it probably wont even boot to floppy now... The only way I can think of is to remove the BIOS chip and reflaash it in a programmer

Thats exactly why I never flash a BIOS unless its absolutly needed.

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I have ASUS P8Z77 ?V motherboard and the front USB 3.0 headers are not working when I plug in a USB 3.0 device. When I plugged in my Kingston USB 3.0 Flash Drive into the front USB 3.0 header it didn't work. As in, when I tried to move a file into the flash drive, the drive disappears and it makes that USB unplugged sound. But if I connect it to any back USB 3.0 ports, it works fine.

But, if I plug in my Scandisk USB 2.0 Flash drive into the front USB 3.0 ports, it works without any errors.

This only happens with USB 3.0 devices and it has to be connected to front USB 3.0 ports.
I have installed all the latest drivers and updated my BIOS to the latest one. I have checked if USB 3.0 is enabled in BIOS.

I asked to my friend to help me. He has AMD rig with ASUS M5a99X EVO motherboard, which has a front USB 3.0 header. We installed all AMD drivers for his rig updated everything, the front USB 3.0 ports worked fine. We manage to transfer all the files at full-speed on to the Kingston 3.0 flash drive without any errors, so I know it?s not my PC case?s USB 3.0 cable at fault.

Any help. Please note the front USB 3.0 ports work if I plug in a USB 2.0 device.

A:My front USB 3 port doesn't read USB 3 device, but reads USB 2 device

Hi dino1989,

I checked the motherboard manual and it talks about only 2 USB 3.0 ports; appears that it offers 2 USB 3.0 port connectors at the back panel:

Please take a glance at the motherboard layout. Connectors highlighted (11) are 10-1 pin USB56, USB78 & USB910. These connectors are used for USB 2.0 ports (9 ports) at the rear panel. If the 2 USB ports in front are also connected to there, they may comply with USB 2.0 specification and would support upto 480 Mbps connection speed. (Tried but could not find anything in the manual that gives a clue about the source of the USB ports in the front).
However, you may go to 'Onboard Devices Configuration' and try setting 'USB 3.0 Controller' as [Enabled] in 'BIOS' to see if that gets the USB 3.0 ports functional in the front panel. This 'Enables / Disables' the USB 3.0 controller.

To access 'motherboard BIOS', you may want to refer to this manual: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/...5A78L-USB3.pdf

Hope this helps. Do reply with the findings.

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A few days ago, a friend of mine rammed his office chair to the side of my USB stick breaking it and additionally caused a physical trauma the USB port it was plugged in.
Left port is not recognizing devices

When I tried connecting my phone to my PC on the same USB port, its storage icon does not appear in My Computer; however my phone is capable of receiving charge. When I plugged into the USB port beside it, the device is recognized and appears on My Computer.

Is there any way to make the USB port that received physical trauma recognize device again? Or is that port doomed?

A:A USB2.0 Port Doesn't Recognize Devices Plugged In Anymore

From your description of what happened, it's very likely the USB port is damaged. There are a number if connectors in the port & some are probably forced out of line. If the USB port is attached directly to the motherboard replacement would be a specialists job. Your picture seems to indicate it is probably on the front panel of the case. You would need to open the case & have a look & see if the USB port assembly can be replaced & if it can you would then have to find one that will fit the case.

In the meantime it would be best not to use it for anything at all.

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Hi! Yesterday I updated my bios from F.26 to F.29. What made me switch was the "Note: HP strongly recommends transitioning promptly to this updated BIOS version. " Apparently some major security issues were fixed so i downloaded the installer and ran it, everything went fluently as it seemed. Last thing it did was writing boot block or something and then it rebooted and i was prompted with: Boot Device Not FoundPlease Install an operating system on your hard diskHard Disk (3F0)F2 System Diagnostics For more information please visit: hp.com/go/techcenter/startup Did the Diagnostic Tests - Everything passed (memory, hdd) Restored Factory Default from Bios. Put windows 8 installer onto USB drive. Rebooted and then pushed f9 to get into Boot Options Menu. There was nothing. The boot options menu was clear. Thought I could simply do startup repair from the installer but no, can't boot off the usb stick (Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16GB). Also, I changed the boot order from  the BIOS, it still failed to boot. Then I switched legacy mode to enabled. Now I could boot off the USB stick, then I tried to fix the bootloader from command prompt to switch back to uefi mode. Rebooted and it still doesn't boot from UEFI mode.  UEFI Boot Order from bios looks like this:Internal CD/DVD ROM DriveUSB Diskette on Key/USB Hard DiskUSB CD/DVD ROM DriveOS boot Manager! Network Adapter (since i disabled Internal Network Adapter boot) Legacy Boot OrderNoteboo... Read more

A:Boot Device Not Found after BIOS update in UEFI mode, HP G6...

Im not 100 percent sure its the right forum for this. Anyway, im writing this from a ubuntu live usb and legacy mode is enabled. Currently copying stuff over from my windows partition, everything works good. Im hoping that things will get working again after formatting the whole drive and i can install windows from scratch under uefi mode... Im hoping it was the windows installation messing with the other bootable devices under uefi.

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I have an Old Portege A100, Model: PPA10A-0002LP, but I can't seem to find that model on any Toshiba website, closest I've seen is the " PPA10A-0002L".

I'm wanting to see if there's a BIOS update that will allow me to Boot from a USB Device.

The issue I am having is that I need to reinstall Windows, but the CD ROm cant read discs.
It does Network Booting PXE, but i'm new to this sort of thing and have absolutly no idea what to do there.

Any help would be great,


A:Portege A100 PPA10A - Will BIOS update allow to boot from a USB device


Portege A100 seems to be developed only for Australian market.
As you said there is a Portege A100 PPA10A-0002L model number listed on the Toshiba Australian page but the Portege A100 PPA10A-0002LP belongs to the same series which is PPA10A.
So in my opinion the BIOS should work too.

Anyway, I doubt that the BIOS update will add any further booting options.

Usually the BIOS support the booting from CD/DVD drive, HDD, LAN and USB FDD.
It should be possible to boot from a bootable diskette using an USB FDD drive.
I doubt you would be able to boot from USB ODD since this Portege A100 supports an internal CD/DVD drive.

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I am not able to revert back to my older BIOS because the InsydeFlash tool is not allowing me to do that. Maybe because the BIOS is older than the present one (tried with changing the setting in platform.ini as well. Did not work).
So anyone out there. Please HELP. I'll be eternally greatful to you. 

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Hello, everyone!I updated BIOS (to 1.58) on my T470 yesterday, it went fine and the system went into reboot. But the OS (Windows 10) couldn't load - BSOD with with Stop Code 'REGISTRY ERROR'. Standard Windows Recovery options don't work.bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd - returns the "Total identified Windows installations: 0" thing;bootrec.exe /fixboot - returns "Access is denied"chkdsk c: /r - returns "Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected"Ran diagnostics on the SSD - all good. Please help.

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Hi, I've been having an issue for a while now where I cannot update my BIOS from version 1.30. I additionally appear to be having issues with the Intel ME: PS C:\DRIVERS\WIN\ME> .\MEInfoWin.exe -verbose

Intel(R) MEInfo Version:
Copyright(C) 2005 - 2017, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Windows OS Version : 10.0

Table Type 174 ( 0x AE ) found, size of 0 (0x 00 ) bytes
Table Type 222 ( 0x DE ) found, size of 72 (0x 48 ) bytes
Table Type 14 ( 0x 0E ) found, size of 42 (0x 2A ) bytes
Table Type 134 ( 0x 86 ) found, size of 15 (0x 0F ) bytes
Table Type 16 ( 0x 10 ) found, size of 25 (0x 19 ) bytes
Table Type 17 ( 0x 11 ) found, size of 103 (0x 67 ) bytes
Table Type 19 ( 0x 13 ) found, size of 33 (0x 21 ) bytes
Table Type 14 ( 0x 0E ) found, size of 14 (0x 0E ) bytes
Table Type 222 ( 0x DE ) found, size of 72 (0x 48 ) bytes
Table Type 14 ( 0x 0E ) found, size of 42 (0x 2A ) bytes
Table Type 134 ( 0x 86 ) found, size of 15 (0x 0F ) bytes
Table Type 16 ( 0x 10 ) found, size of 25 (0x 19 ) bytes
Table Type 17 ( 0x 11 ) found, size of 103 (0x 67 ) bytes
Table Type 19 ( 0x 13 ) found, size of 33 (0x 21 ) bytes
Table Type 14 ( 0x 0E ) found, size of 14 (0x 0E ) bytes
FW Status Register1: 0x8030404E
FW Status Register2: 0x340D0006
FW Status Register3: 0x00000020
FW Status Register4: 0x00000000
FW Status Register5: 0x00000000
FW Status Register6: 0x00000000

CurrentS... Read more

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Lenovo G40 cannot detect USB cable connected to Android device, plugged into its usb 3 port.How to solve this ? Please help me.. !

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Hello I am trying to update my laptop bios and I have the following error, bios image file doesn't match this system the utility process has not completed site Does anyone face the same issue?

A:T470 20HE update bios failed

I have a t470 HD, which according to the support site has the same drivers listed for both HD and HE.  I installed the latest BIOS a couple days ago (version 1.52) dated 07-22-2018 and it installed without any issues. Double check that you are using the proper BIOS for the T470 and run a checksum on the file to make sure it is not corrupt (The checksums are supplied when you click on the Readme icon).  With something as critical as the BIOS I always check the checksum.

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Hello all, My t470 thinks it is plugged in and charging when it isn't.  Plugging it in appears to make it charge, but it is kind of difficult to tell because the computer just always thinks it is charging.  Any ideas on what I should try? Thanks!

A:T470 thinks it's plugged in and charging when it is not plugged in

Try this:
1.  unplug power cable
2.  reboot and press F1 to enter BIOS setup
3.  In Config -> Power menu, select the item about Disable Built-in Battery (read the help text if you want to know what it does)
4.  The system will automatically turn off
5.  Turn the laptop over and remove the removable battery, wait a couple seconds, then re-attach it
6.  plug in power cable, turn system on, and check if problem still happens.

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I've had my laptop for two years, it's been fine until around 3 months ago. Now if it isn't plugged in, it doesn't turn on or work. If I turn it on then unplug it, it shuts down. What do I do?

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Hello evey one, i have an y700 ideapad , and i m struggling with this trouble now for about 3 months , here is the problem : if i connect my headphones to the jack port , they work fine , if i disconnect them and reconnect it for a second or third..time , i don t hear anything , i tried with many other heaphones , it s the same , and the laptop speakers keeps working before and after connecting it to jack.Help pls 

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So here's the thing. A few days ago I noticed that my PC is slow unlike before. I can not run any games, I can not access NVidia Control Panel and when I check "Display" on dxdiag it does not show the device information. I went to device manager trying to disable/enable the graphic card but it told that the graphic card is turned on but that there are issues because of which the graphic card is not working properly. I tried uninstalling drivers with driver sweep and through device manager. BIOS happen to be alright and also I checked if it's plugged in correctly several times and it is. I really don't know what caused this or when.

When I right click on desktop and go to Properties>Settings, there's usually graphic specs written above the resolution bar but now it doesn't show any. It happens to be that my graphic card is unable to use any resources.

PC Specs:

Intel(R)Core(TM)2Duo CPU
E4600, 2.4 Ghz
GeForce 8500GT 512mb.

I'm running on XP 32 bits. Please help me.

A:GeForce 8500GT issue. Plugged in but doesn't work.


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My router is connected from modem to router to pc.
It is a Linksys WRT160N.

When it is plugged in that way, my pc doesn't have internet access but when i plug it from modem to pc it works.

A:Solved: Internet doesn't work when plugged with router

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I own a Portege z30-a-189 ultrabook.
Today I wanted to use skype with headphones for the first time and I noticed that when the headphones are plugged in, the internal microphone does not work.
When I plug in headphones which have microphone themselves, then it works, but I want to use headphones that do not have microphone themselves.
I chcecked everything in windows 10 sound settings.

A:Portege Z30-A-189: Built-in mic doesn't work with headphones plugged in

If you go one site back, you'll find the solution. (see my last post - realtek settings)

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My computer completely locked up while playing a game and I had to do a hard reboot. Now I continuously get the error:

"Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

The only thing I can manage to pull up is the CMOS Setup Utility. Looking through the menu I found the Boot sequence menu; however, the only device listed is cd/dvd and I read that hard drive should be listed.

Any ideas on a possible problem?

I am thinking that my hard drive might be shot because I am almost positive it is not due to loose cables. On the other hand I was thinking that it could possibly be due to a virus because I had found a Trojan earlier with my virus scanner.

Appreciate any feedback I can get.

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Hi guys, just found out this place, seems to be a good forum so I try it here.

Last night I got hold of a 27" BenQ GL2750HM, so far so good.
I have my main display from the DVI port to HDMI port on the screen and my secondary screen is my 60" TV which is connected through HDMI port on the graphic card into the HDMI port in my reciever.

The main scheme for my setup is like:

- Radeon 7970 DVI > HDMI Main monitor (BenQ GL2750)
- Radeon 7970 HDMI > HDMI Reciever (ONKYO TX-NR609)
- ONKYO TX-NR609 > 60" TV

So to the problem now.
When the HDMI cable is connected to the graphic card, I need to have my TV ON in order for my main monitor, the BenQ, to work and if I turn off the TV the BenQ is getting black, like a standby mode, however, there is "no signal" to the monitor.
This was never a problem with my other screen, I could have the HDMI cable connected to the graphic card, the TV off and the reciever OFF without the main monitor went black.

I hope I expressed myself good enough for you too understand, if not, please reply

Thanks in advance.

A:Issue: Main display doesn't work when HDMI is plugged

Noone got a clue?

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I factory reset my laptop yesterday and every since the internal mic only works when nothing is plugging into the jack socket, including headphones without a mic and speakers. This was never a problem before the factory reset and i could plug headphones in to hear people and could use the mic to talk.. now i can only talk to people when nothing is plugged in meaning i have to hear people out of the laptop speakers..

Any ideas guys? I dont want to have to buy new headphones :/


A:Tecra R850 - Internal mic doesn't work when headphones are plugged in

Check settings in sound properties (playback and recording devices).
Be sure Microphone is listed and enabled in recording devices.

Please check all this and send some feedback.

I have two Toshiba notebooks and everything works perfectly so I don't see some reason why it should not work on your Tecra too.

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I contacted Lenovo support today and got NO help in answering my question on this T470 Thinkpad. Is the T470 able to support two external monitors at the same time (one) using the HDMI port, (one) using the USB-c port (connected VIA an HDMI adapter lets say) to two 32" LGMA68HY-P 60HZ ISP LED's ( max res 1920 x 1080) that ARENOT 4K displays!!  Man it was like pulling teeth, upside down, in the dark, getting astraight answer from tech support on the issue. It looks like my Pro Dock will be useless in this application. As soon as I plugged in a VGA monitor the HDMI port died. HELP!!

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