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Bitlocker enabled drive, recovery key needed during boot, PCS did not match, event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver

Q: Bitlocker enabled drive, recovery key needed during boot, PCS did not match, event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver

After rebooting one of our test machines, bitlocker wanted the recovery key.
There were no hardware modifications on that machine.
Error message in event log:
Bootmgr failed to obtain the bitlocker volume master key from the TPM because the PCRs did not match
Event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver
Each time the machine starts, the recovery key is needed.
Any idea how to solve that issue and why it happens?
Second partition was created manually on that machine. So that's clear that bitlocker reacts...
But now: how can I confirm those changes so that the recovery key is not needed each time we boot?

Preferred Solution: Bitlocker enabled drive, recovery key needed during boot, PCS did not match, event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Bitlocker enabled drive, recovery key needed during boot, PCS did not match, event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver


I would like to confirm if BitLocker accepts the recovery key?

Please update the BIOS to improve the stability for TPM first.

I also would like to suggest you disable and enable BitLocker again to reset the settings.

For more information, please refer to the following link:



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Hello and good afternoon, I have a issue where a manager started the Bitlocker process on the SD card in his Surface Pro 3

with Windows 8.1. The Bitlocker attempt failed at 3.4% completed but the SD card ended up being Bitlocked without providing the Bitlocker Recovery Key (I've never seen this happen before). He doesn't know the password for the SD card and of course
I've been tasked to somehow release the encryption so that he can get the required information off of the SD card. 

Is there anything that can be done to release the encryption on the SD card or has the SD card been made non-accessible moving forward?

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Hi, I'm looking to push out a Group policy that will allow our laptops to have BitLocker enabled - but not require a startup pin while at the sametime use Secure boot. I can currently do this, but only under Legacy. If i enable Secure boot, I get an error
when booting up " Selected boot image did not authenticate" 

Is there anyway to use bitlocker without a PIN and still have secure boot enabled?

Thanks in advance!

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Bitlocker enabled USB memory worked 10 minutes ago, now I can't access it.
Shows up as a removable disk and when I open it prompts "You need to format the disk in drive F: Before you can use it"

C:\Windows\system32>manage-bde -status f:
BitLocker Drive Encryption: Configuration Tool version 6.2.9200
Copyright (C) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Volume F: []
[Data Volume]
    Size:                 Unknown GB
    BitLocker Version:    None
    Conversion Status:    Fully Decrypted
    Percentage Encrypted: 0,0%
    Encryption Method:    None
    Protection Status:    Protection Off
    Lock Status:          Unlocked
    Identification Field: None
    Automatic Unlock:     Disabled
    Key Protectors:       None Found

A:Bitlocker enabled USB drive not recognized anymore


According to your description, I suggest you use manage-bde command with administrator?s privileges to decrypts the drive.



If the issue persists, it seems that your USB device damaged.

Meanwhile, If the your data is very important for you, to recover your data from USB device, 
I would like to suggest you contact the professional data recovery company for help.

TechNet Community Support

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My BitLocker password is not working after format my c drive. instead i have my recovery that is also not working.
Please somebody help me to unlock my disk.

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I noticed this in my event viewer and I have not ever used BitLocker on any drive. No other error showed just this in the event viewer. I HAVE recently installed Acronis True Home Image 2011. Should I just ignore this? Also should mention this only happens on bootup and not every time

A:Event ID 24620 BitLocker Driver

Just bumping this up to see if anyone has an idea.

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Title in the subject line pretty much says it.I've got a Dell Precision 5510 and a TB16 dock.It is currently running Windows 10 1703 but this issue existed under Windows 10 1607 as well.
Sequence of events/how to replicate:

Connect the Precision 5510 to the TB16 dock (presence of any other combination of peripherals seems to be irrelevant)
Boot into Windows 10 and enable BitLocker using TPM and a PIN
Shutdown and power on or /restart, whilst still connected to the TB16, enter your PIN and boot successfully
Shutdown and disconnect from the TB16 dock then try to boot - BitLocker prompts for the great big recovery key (what a pain)
Entering the recovery key and proceeding to boot is fine, as is shutting down and trying to boot again with the TB16 attached but if you're away from the office (and the TB16) and don't have the recovery key, then you're in a bit of a pickle!
If you've...

Booted with the TB16 attached
Shutdown and disconnected from the TB16
Booted to encounter BitLocker recovery (but luckily had the recovery key with you and entered it)
Continued to use the Precision 5510 away from the TB16 and restarted...then you have no need to encounter BitLocker recovery and re-enter the recovery key again

One you go back to connecting to the TB16 though... you guessed it, you need to re-enter the recovery key again.
I see two ways to look at this:

What's going on at a hardware level that is resulting in this behaviour? Is there something at a dock c... Read more

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I have an older Laptop that operates on  Windows 7 Ultimate,I have the Bitlocker Drive Encryption on and encrypted for Drive C:   I now started the process of encrypting my external usb hdd Drive E: which has a long way to go for it's large
size. During the encryption I needed to disconnect it so I paused the encryption like it says to do before removing or changing any files on it. I then plugged my drive into a newer laptop I have that operates on Windows 10,. I was prompted for the Bitlocker
Drive Encryption Password screen like normal just like on my Windows 7 laptop so I enter the password and it was correct and it began the encryption process again. When I finished with what I needed to do on the Windows 10 laptop I paused the encryption again
and disconnected the drive. I am now back on my Windows 7 Ultimate OS and plugged the drive in, Bitlocker Encryption Password Screen comes up again and I entered my password but now for some reason it's saying the password is incorrect?  "But It's
not incorrect",is there a reason why this has happen and a way to fix it? My second issue is that I have the recovery key written down on paper but on the fifth line of the eight lines that makes the recovery key I left out a number,did not write it correctly,
there for I cannot just reset my password using the key and get back to normal again. Any way to find the lost number to the key? As I do have the rest of it written correctly please help tha... Read more

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I am trying to enable BitLocker on a Windows 7 Ultimate x32 system with TPM. I follow the Wizard and when asked to encrypt the drive I select 'Run BitLocker system check' and 'Continue' (see attached sreenshot).
The USB is inserted and contains the recovery key (.txt and .tpm). During reboot I get:

Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Information
The system boot information has changed since BitLocker was enabled.
You must supply a BitLocker recovery password to start this system.
Confirm that the boot changes to this system are authorized.
If the changes to the boot system are trusted, then disable and re-enable
BitLocker. This will reset BitLocker to use the new boot information.

Otherwise, restore the system boot information.


Windows then continues to start normally. After login I get an error message: BitLocker could not be enabled (see attached screenshot).
When I check TMP it shows as active, initialized and owned.

I've started out from scratch several times - same results. I can't figure out what the problem is.
This is driving me nuts.

Any help appreciated


A:Bitlocker: BitLocker could not be enabled

DELL: d420
Hard drive: System reserved 100MB NTFS, 27.84GB NTFS

Manufacturer name: BRCM
Manufacturer version: 2.10
Specification version: 1.2
Status: The TPM is on and ownership has been taken

I've since modified the group policy settings for Bitlocker to use a PIN.
I am still getting the same results.
I follow the wizard, select check the system, reboot, enter PIN, get the same "error" messages as shown in my previous post.

This makes no sense.

Any help?

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The following recovery is being (has been) performed on an external enclosure running JBOD. I recently "recovered" a bitlocker drive using the following command in cmd prompt on windows 7:
repair-bde C: Z: -rp 062612-026103-175593-225830-027357-086526-362263-513414

Once the recovery process reached 50% cmd prompt gave me the following error (see attached screenshot). During this screenshot, Cmd prompt did not stop outputting out log errors, but error code was ALWAYS "log error 0xc0000035" and was continuously being output for different offset points.

I was able to restore the content, however, I do have an issues reading the files. 95% of the files (except for the most recently written data), have a read error. The file sizes seem to be fine, but the data is unreadable. I am wondering if you have any suggestions beyond running chk disk?

Please let me know if you have any advice as to where i might turn next folks. This recovery effort has been an ongoing project since 2012. Thanks in advance for your time, and support.

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 The windows 10 Pro computer has died, and I would like to put the in my new computer with windows 10 home.   I would like to remove the bit locker password,  so I can reinstall windows 10 pro while keeping my files and apps,  
I'm unable to do this while the drive is encrypted.  How do I remove drive encryption from the drive while I have the drive slaved to a windows 10 home computer? 

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We are getting the above error randomly on some of the laptops we have deployed. The error comes right after you boot or when the windows 7 is left running. There are no special software running. The error in details is below.
"The boot configuration Data (BCD) settings for the following boot application have changed since Bitlocker was enabled
boot appplication: \windows\system32\winload.exe
change settings: 0x26000090
You must supply a bitlocker recovery key to start this system.
Confirm that the changes to the BCD settings are trusted.

If the changes are trusted then suspend and resume bitlocker. This will reset bitlocker to use the new BCD settings.
Otherwise restore the original BCD settings"
Can anyone please explain on how to correct this error. As before this is happening on few of the machines and we are seeing more as we go. Any tips would be nice...Thanks

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I had to install a new hard drive and lost the Bitlocker key for my Seagate Recovery backup. Can you assist me in getting access
to this drive?

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I moved my hard disk to another laptop which had bitlocker configured. when it boots up it prompts me to enter key (expected). I enter key and log in.
I run TPM.msc and select clear TPM. I then have to reboot, F1 to accept clear TPM - enter recovery key again. Log in win7, Prompted to reboot to Enable TPM, reboot, accept TPM enabled prompt, Enter recovery key again then log in to Win7. I thought that would
be the process but every time I reboot it promtps me for the key again...
Any idea what i'm doing wrong?
Thanks - Joe.

A:Bitlocker recovery key keeps prompting at boot

I found it - You have to enter 2 commands from a comand prompt to repopulate the TPM chip on the new laptop witht he recovery key.
Manage-bde ?protectors ?delete C: -type TPM
Manage-bde ?protectors ? add C: -tpm
That done the trick.

Thanks - Joe.

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Hi , 
I locked my external hard disk (Seagate- 1 TB) on Windows 7 laptop . The encryption was successful but when I later tried unlocking it, Its giving an error. Error
says "bitlocker drive encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion". Please note that the Password and Recovery Key are correct and I have tried unlocking it
several times but no success.
Upon searching on internet, I came across the below thread which I yet need to try. Pray that it gets unlocked as I have got very important data locked up and the drive
volume is also 80-90% filled. 
Please help me out experts to get my data back.<o:p></o:p>

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Notebook Latitude E7450, entra tela azul, depois tela de reparo automático e depois pede chave para desbloquear o drive. 
Ao selecionar para digitar manualmente, o teclado não permite digitar letras, somente números, sendo que a chave contém letras e números.
O que fazer? preciso urgente resolver.

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Hi All,
I have a drive with Bitlocker,
i delete drive in computer management,
now , how i recovery my files?
can you help me,Please?

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Ok here is the deal. I had a new laptop that dual booted vista and linux. the vista partitioned was encrypted with bitlocker. I decide to give windows 7 a try so I repartition the drive in to one large volume, format and install windows 7. Everything worked perfectly. The problem is after about a week I realize there was some important files on the vista partition before I wiped everything out. I have found several data recovery programs the can recover files after a format, however they only show files that where on the linux partition. My guess is that the bitlocker encryption is preventing these tools from finding any of the vista files.

So the question is, Does anyone know of a application or company that can recover files from a bitlocker'ed drive after it has been formatted.

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I forgot bitlocker PIN on Win10. System gives me recovery key-id but I cannot enter characters like F,B,C etc that are included into the key-id. The input field that says "enter key-id" takes digits only. What am I doing wrong?

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I have been having hard time with my Dell Laptop..... I get Bitlocker Recovery Msg at boot up everytime...then i need to put 48 digits key to get into.. This is so hard and frustating..

Please help me how can i get rid of this msg as i have correct key with me..


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Hi Mr/Ms
drive encrypted
with BitLocker 
I used
driver for three months my computer is broken I bought a new computer    when i was try my flash disk new computer its give me this  problem 
BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion. This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected
? know my passworrd but I do not know
the BitLocker
recovery key what can i do know pls some one help me 

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I have tried everything i can think of and am not able to get the notebook to boot without requesting the Bitlocker recovery key. I am resolved that there is something wrong with the HW but if someone has it working, I would like to compare notes. 

A:Has anyone get Bitlocker to work on E7470 without requesting recovery key on boot?

The problem was the BIOS. The computer shipped with BIOS version 1.1.6 and the O/S was not able to read the TPM chip. I upgraded the BIOS to version 1.3.0 and now Bitlocker can read the chip and doesn't prompt for the recovery key..

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I had stored the PFX files once I had created the password, now I have formatted my windows. So how can I use PFX file to unlock my drive.

A:How to unlock Bitlocker drive using recovery of encrypted files

See if this helps: Bitlocker Data Recovery Agent

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Greetings Engineers of Microsoft! Here is a query for you to respond. I have lost my bitlocker drive recoverykey and password / 48-digit recovery key. But I have with me recovery key ID (6247A01D) and Numerical password id: 6247A01D-96BC-4006-B543-468COD31245C
and Password ID: 986F1E54-84EA-49A7-B4C2-7DCDA77AA1D3 as extracted with the help of manage-bde -protectors -get F:.  My OS is windows 8.1. 
Soliciting your answers to unlock the drive. 


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My daughters table is locked on the bitlocker recovery key screen and I am at a lost to figure it out. Its and HP and I dont wanna have to take it in so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Lost my windows bitlocker drive encryption recovery key

Hello @Destro78 Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting. BitLocker keys (for personal devices) are stored inside or in many case they are back-up to Microsoft cloud with your Microsoft account. Since this is a tablet, I suspect that I suspect your recovery key is available in Microsoft's OneDrive spaceHere are instructions how you can recover the key as well as how to get back to business.>> http://windowsitpro.com/microsoft-surface/locating-your-microsoft-surface-bitlocker-recovery-key>> http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/21433-bitlocker-recovery-unlock-drive-windows-8-a.html  >> http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=237614https://onedrive.live.com/recoverykey Login to the MS account there and check.Use the key to login to your PC.Eventually, if you prefer you can disable BitLocker and turn off device encryption, or save/print the key offlinePlease, note that it is very important for security reasons that you keep the encryption key (Bitlocker key) in a secure place so that only you know it.  More info - re. Recovery key >> https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17133/windows-8-bitlocker-recovery-keys-frequently-asked-qu...>> http://www.thewindowsclub.com/microsoft-windows-10-device-encryption-key>> http://www.howtogeek.com/192894/how-to-set-up-bitlocker-encryption-on-windows/  Hope this helps Let me know if this works for you !   

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I encrypted my laptop system drive using Bitlocker. I remembered the password but forgot to backup the Recovery Key.

Usually, the system will be bootup without asking for the Bitlocker password or Recovery key. But one day, when booting up the sytem, the "BitLocker recovery" blue screen pop up to ask for Bitlocker Recovery Key.

I forgot to backup the Recovery Key. But I remembered the password. I also connected the harddisk of this laptop to other PC, and tried to unlock the hard disk using Bitlocker password. But there is no password option to unlock the hard disk.

Is it possible to unlock the drive using Bitlocker password?

Thank you.

Best regards,

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Havent used this laptop in ages, and am now locked out unles I enter my Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery Key or pin.  For the life of me cant recall either and have moved and cant locate any of my "notes" on this type of thing either :grrrrrr:  suggestions please!
This is for an HP EliteBook 8460p with Windows 7
TIA - Ayla[edited location by Moderator]

A:HELP! lost my windows bitlocker drive encryption recovery k...

you could try this http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=24626 

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I just started using BitLocker on a Windows7 Computer and am confused about one specific aspect of recovering data drives. I have read through the tutorials on here but I can't seem to find anywhere that explicitly states if this is possible or not.

From this link: Regain access to a computer locked by BitLocker Drive Encryption

I see the statement that "To unlock the drive and regain access to your files, you will need the BitLocker recovery password. If you also encrypted data drives, you will need to have access to the drive that Windows is installed on as well."

My question is if my OS drive dies, will the data drives be recoverable with the password and/or recovery key?

I am not currently in such a situation but I would like to prepare for all possibilities. Since a TPM is needed to store the encryption keys on for the OS drive (I just ordered one but have not encrypted my OS drive yet), are the encryption keys for the data drives are stored on the OS drive itself and this is the issue?

Most of the things I find on Google when trying to search about this issue discuss recovering a data drive that is failing, not a data drive that is in good health but does not have access to the system drive. Can anyone say definitively if this is possible, or do I need to be prepared to lose all data on data drives if my system drive crashes?

A:BitLocker Encrypted Data Drive Recovery Question

Based upon what I have read, your data drives will be UNRECOVERABLE if your OS drive dies. I would consider setting up a RAID 5 array for your OS drive for redundancy, this way if one drive dies, all you have to do is replace it and the missing data pieces will be recreated.

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Windows wants me to unlock my drive with a recovery key even though I know my password. I have tried multiple computers and laptops but they all have the same problem. PLZ HELP!!!

P.S: I don't know my recovery key and I don't know where it is :(

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Trying to start Bitlocker and to encrypt a partition, windows gives me the advices to restart an then comes up with the attached error. Who knows how to fix it?

A:Bitlocker could not be enabled

Quote: Originally Posted by Henning

Trying to start Bitlocker and to encrypt a partition, windows gives me the advices to restart an then comes up with the attached error. Who knows how to fix it?

Henning hi and welcome

It tells you in the error to use the Bitlocker recovery to verify the drive. Was the drive changed by you? di you have a AV current and running?


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Is it possible to determine if Bitlocker is enabled without logging onto a users account in Windows 10?

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I am having trouble getting BitLocker enabled. 

The OS is Windows 7 Enterprise and the computer is a Lenovo L512 ThinkPad. I've updated the BIOS to the latest version.  TPM is on.  There are two partitions - System Reserved - 102 MB - NTFS and C - 232.78 GB that show up in Disk Management.
There are two files on the USB, a .tpm and a BitLocker Recovery Key.
When I click on Run BitLocker system check I'm told to insert the USB memory device containing the recovery key.  I do that and see the message that the computer must be restarted. 
After restarting I receive this message:
BitLocker could not be enabled.  The BitLocker startup key or recovery password cannot be found on the USB device.  Verify that you have the correct USB device, that the USB device is plugged into the computer on an active USB port, restart the
computer, and then try again.  If the problem persists, contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions.  C: was not encrypted.
I've tried the USB drive in every port on the computer with no luck.
Perhaps there's something minor that I'm missing.  I'd appreciate any assistance.

A:BitLocker could not be enabled.

I figured out my mistake. 
I had set the BIOS boot order to only HD, as I usually do.  I did not realize that USB drive (now the second option in the boot order) needed to be enabled for the encryption process to continue. 
I've tried the encryption process on two computers, and it worked fine after this.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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Hi there,

I'm evaluating the 90 day RTM of Windows 8 Enterprise and want to to enable full disk encryption (partitions are stock, c:\ only, didn't create any manually). Unfortunately, Windows won't let me. I own a Dell D630 with built-in v1.2 TPM chip. When starting
the system check (just before the start of the encrypting process) I get the following error message:

Bitlocker could not be enabled 

The Bitlocker encryption key cannot be obtained. Verify that the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is enabled and ownership has been taken. If this computer does not have a TPM, verify that the USB drive is inserted and available.

C: was not encrypted.

I had a look in tpm.msc and the status displays "The TPM is ready for use". While looking for a solution in the web, I came across several screenshots of tpm.msc where the status was displaying "The TPM is ready
for use and ownership over TPM has been taken". Well this relates pretty well to the error message in the first place. 

Technet (technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc754215.aspx) even has detailled instructions online on taking ownership of your TPM module. Apparently, I need to initialise TPM as per the instructions. The problem is, I don't even
have an initialise option available in the right-hand side action menu of tpm.msc.

Well - I thought - if TPM behaves badly then just disable it and follow these Technet instructions ... Read more

A:Bitlocker could not be enabled (with/without TPM)

This didnt work either, unfortunately... 
However, after deactivating the TPM altogether in BIOS, so that tpm.msc is not even "aware" of an installed TPM chip, I was able to initiate the encrypting process.

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Anyone.... please help me with this one if able.   My computer (HP Envy w/Windows 8) had been working fine for years.  The main drive (C: drive) was bitlocker encrypted.  I did not do any recent upgrades, patches, or installs.  Then yesterday,
I turned on my computer and I got the initial "enter bitlocker password" screen.  However, this time the computer screen was not the solid blue color.  The screen was malfunctioning and had some purple color along the left side and some
screen flickering.  Therefore, I entered my bitlocker password I did so as I've done hundreds of time and it didn't work.  The next screen took me to the bitlocker recovery page.  When I put in my bitlocker recovery key, the screen when to the
initial windows screen and the screen said "attempting to repair."  Then, the process stops, and I get back to the initial blue, "enter bitlocker password."  It doesn't matter how many times I put in the correct bitlocker passwork
or recovery key, I still inevitably does but to the enter bitlocker password screen.  I even went to the DOS prompt and used the Bitlocker Recovery Tool and completed the steps to recover the drive.  When I insert the correct key, the process begins
to run, I get kicked out of the dos prompt, the screen goes back to "attempting to repair" page, then eventually back to the blue enter bitlocker password page.   
This... Read more

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Hello all,
I happen to have reinstalled by mistake a new Windows7 OS on a drive (I had two drives one with an OS and another with a bitlocker drive used for back up, both drives were IDE drives and the bitlocker was under slave mode if that can be of any help... ) that hosted VERY important data and was encrypted by Bitlocker.What can I please do to recover this formerly encrypted data? The drive is now recognized as an active healthy partition with an associated drive letter (different from the original one)
I don't have the bitlocker key.

If you need any hardware info please let me know.
Help me please!

A:Data recovery from a former bitlocker drive on which a new Win7 installation was made

Hi and welcome to TSF if you do not have a key to unencrypt you would not be able to access the info even if it was discovered and retrieved

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Forgot the password for bitlocker 48-digits recovery key for WD external drive 

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Hello every body
I have a serious problem
i have a external hard that i turned on bitlocker

when i was wanted turning off bitlocker, i removed password then disconnected external hard
and when i connected hard to pc i saw the drive is locked and i try to unlock 

the pc notify me just unlock with recovery key that unfortunately i don't have any recovery key.

pleaseeeeeeeeee help me

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I have a Lenovo thinkpad helix 2 I have factory reset my computer put windows 10 on a usb and when I try to pick the drive it says I need to disable the bitlocker can you help thanks.

A:bitlocker stays enabled

This is the screen

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I recently received my X1C 7th gen. I believe Bitlocker was enabled from the factory. On initial set up, of course I do offline account. I never set up or managed Bitlocker settings (that I remember).While trying to boot UBCD to test if I could boot, I turned Secure Boot off. Now when I go back in, I'm prompted for Bitlocker Recovery Key which I do not have. It helpfully mentioned to turn Secure Boot back on, which I did. But I'm still prompted. Is it really possible that Bitlocker is enabled from the factory install, and the key is not saved anywhere unless you specifically go in to manage Bitlocker after you start installing all your apps?Seems like I may be screwed.

A:BitLocker Recovery prompted after turning Secure Boot off, encrypted from factory, do not have key

As a quick follow up, is there a good link for doing a full reset of a system if the HD is lost? Want to do a clean factory reset - have to fiddle with or wipe the Bitlocker drive, reset Secure Boot stuff, etc.Ultimately its probably going to be faster to just start the wipe and rebuild than hope to get the drive back.

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On my dell D630 Laptop i have installed Windows 7 Ultimate. This laptop has got compatible TPM chip. I have enabled everything in bios as well as in OS to get Bitlcoker working.

OS is installed on c: drive. I have other drives as well d: and e:. For C: drive i get enable / disable bitlocker. This drive is shown in control panel - Bitlocker.

But i can't see other drives in control panel for enabling bit locker. When i right click D: or E: i don't get context menu option of " Turn ON BitLocker"

What can be the possible reason.

Thanks in advance


A:Bitlocker not getting enabled on Non System drives

Hi Amarjeet and welcome,

Have a look at the default account policy's here, I have a feeling that there's a lock out policy for drives not formatted in Win 7 (or something like that):

Type gpedit.msc to open the group policy manager. Navigate the tree to Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\BitLocker Drive Encryption\.

Look at both FIXED and Removable drives as I'm not sure how windows differentiates the sata drives.

With the other drives, it's always best to freshly reformat them in windows 7 as NTFS before applying bitlocker encryption. So check this as well.

Let me know if you are successful. Meanwhile I'll try to find a technet article that I read a few months ago with a lot of bitlocker help and post it up for you to read.


EDIT: Here's the link to the technet step-by-step guide.

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Argh, so my niece has a Yoga 920 RUNNING wiNDOWS 10 PROShe apparantly put the laptop in her bag while it was still running, it overheated and died.I pulled the drive and have it mounted in a desktop and I can see the drive but it is locked.She swears she never enabled bitlocker and does not even know what it is. She never saved a recovery key to a flash drive, or printed it.  I logged into her Microsoft Account and there is no bitlocker recovery key stored there.Her semester is coming to an end and this drive has ALL HER FINAL CLASSWORK on it. It was not backed upIf it was enabled by default, is there a generic bitlocker recovery key? Or something? Or anything?

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Hello,  (This has happened on a couple of these new machines) Windows 10 Enterprise.Secure boot disabled, EUFI (both) Legacy firstHarddrive set to first boot devicePXE boot imaged (SCCM)I enabled bitlocker and setup the computer, AD environment, connected it to a dynadock finished machine config. Deployed it to user and a noticed shortly afterwards that upon startup it is asking for recovery key. I suspend/reboot and enabled bitlocker. Reboot asks again for the key. I messed with BIOS settings galore. Finally decrypted cleared keys, took ownership and prepared the TPM. It said it was ready to work but in reduced funtionality?Attempted to encrypt, did the Bitlocker system check, reboot and got the Bitlocker could not be enabled, the encryption key could not be obtained from the trusted platform module. Any advice would be much appreciated.JB 

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I am setting up a new X1 Yoga 2nd Gen system and updating to Windows 10 Creator in the process. Somewhere along the line Bitlocker was enabled in the OS. I certainly did not turn it on and I doubt that the Windows Update did either. This system was a preconfigured variant 20JDS0HV00 purchased directly from Lenovo. The BIOS level was updated to 1.20 as well. Is this the norm now? I only realized that the option was turned on when I needed to restore the OS to a previous day and Acronnis complained. I was able to configure it off and decrypted the disk drive. I wonder if the preconfigured system was spec'd to have bitlocker turned on.

A:X1 Yoga 2nd Gen - Bitlocker enabled in preload?

This takes a long time to say "sometimes":
It seems to be microsoft.
I saw it in a yoga 920 I was playing with.  I got it without a working OS and I installed a clean copy of PRO and ended up with bitlocker on.

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I have a Lenovo thinkpad helix 2 I have factory reset my computer put windows 10 on a usb and when I try to pick the drive it says I need to disable the bitlocker can you help thanks.

A:Windows 10 bitlocker stays enabled

This is the screen

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If "Deny write access to removable drives not protected by BitLocker" is enabled, how can Antivirus delete/clean infected USB drive that is not encrpyted?
Seems that antivirus only can detect, but cant action.
Any advise?

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New to this forum, and this is my first thread. Please provide me with some help if possible.

So my problem is the following: Kept getting BSODs from some driver inflicting with ntkernel according to whocrashed and bluescreenview. Anyways, disabled my network card as I thought that was faulty, updated all my drivers and checked my ram with memtest just to be sure. Was still getting the BSODs.

Decided to use driver verifier to see which driver that caused this. Bad idea. Turns out that one of the drivers indeed was faulty, but now I'm getting blue screen before I can even log in to windows. Tried to boot into safe mood a thousand times by repeatedly pressing F8 and shift+F8 to no avail. Thought that I then could turn of driver verifier from the command prompt, but No! (Since if I could turn this of the BSOD before system start would then stop since the purpose of windows driver verifier is to force the faulty drivers to create BSOD).

Then downloaded EaseUS Recovery Essentials to see if that could help. Turns out that my ENCRYPTED (bitlocker) which my operating system is on, can't be found because I'm assuming that the change in boot order previously when running memtest disabled it.

Now had to find my win8 installation CD to force it into safe mode alternatively to re-install it, but to no avail. It says that the hard-drive is still locked even though I've got the key in a USB stick attached to the computer and even though I manually put in the recovery key. Was now to... Read more

A:Re-installing win8 with bitlocker encryption enabled on old OS.

Just realized I posted in the win 7 forum instead of the win8 forum. My apologies.

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