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Portable battery charger for laptop?

Q: Portable battery charger for laptop?

I'm looking around for a universal li-ion portable laptop charger for my samsung series 9 laptop. Is it true that as long the output current and voltage is same or above the original charger it should be fine?
Also the connector tip of the orignial charger is of size 4.0mm/1.7mm diameter, does this mean as long as the universal charger has this tip size (even if it says 4.0mm/1.7mm designed for HP Netbook) it would work?

Preferred Solution: Portable battery charger for laptop?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Portable battery charger for laptop?

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Well herro there :3, Anyways YO 8D

Im looking about for a portable charger for my TabletPC (Fujitsu Lifebook T4215) and yeah i know it's old but It works pretty well i will say abeit one big problem it has

It has HORRIFIC Battery life as in i can charge it to the full 4 bars of it's battery and it'll be smoked in about 15-20 mins, I've also got the power settings to near low (The CPU's clocking at 1GHZ now rather than 2GHZ (it's a core2duo t7200 btw) and the screens as dim as can be (I like my screens dim since i love the dark ^^) and since im wanting to travel about with it to my art studio that will kind of not suffice, and also i want to use it for enjoyment like while traveling and such.

So effectively the device i kinda want is to say a portable powerstation, And it'd be cool if it lasted upto per say 3 1/2 hours + from fully charged to near empty And as optionals too it could support nya other two laptops (Lenovo G550 and Acer Aspire 5742) And wouldn't cost me a fortune, 70? would be pretty good, But i also want quality too as this is likely to have some usage to it too.

I don't want the answer "Oh just buy a new tablet" cause i've had that thrown at me and i Don't want to invest money into ANOTHER tablet when i only just bought this one a number of months ago ^^; X),

As said the rest of it's good just not that end, And i'd also rather not take the thing with getting a new battery for it, so Pretty much as the title states, Best portable charger for und... Read more

A:Best portable Laptop charger out there for under 70.00

Hi there

Another possibly better option is to get an AC inverter which you can run from a Car battery -- 12 V DC input ---220 V AC output (as you said 70 GBP I assume UK so electricity supply there (when it's actually working !!) like rest of W/N/E Europe is 220 V not 120 V). This way you can charge the laptop while driving , use the laptop "out in the field" ON MAINS !! and being a 220 V AC you could plug in two other laptops at the same time - I wouldn't actually USE 3 laptops at the same time though on the inverter as you mighty find the Car battery would run down fairly quickly.

(Charging 2 and using one would be fine though).

Here are a load of 150 W one's -- from around 12 GBP to 40 GBP well under your budget --- and to use just plug the inverter into the car cigar lighter socket and your laptop into the standard AC outlet.

Enc pic as well as a link since some people might not know what an "Inverter" is given the lack of any sort of Engineering knowledge these days in Schools etc.

This is the one I use the BESTEK (pic shown) -- as it's 300 W output and even has 2 USB slots for charging USB devices like mobile phones which charge via USB slot (not USB mini==>micro adapters are also available). I have a decent battery in my car so the 300W is fine for me.

Costs 25 GBP and I use a 3 pin ==> European 2 pin adapter as the UK has its 3 pin rather non standard system.

For more choiceslook at the link

Amazon.co.uk: 12v car inverter.... Read more

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Hi, I have a portable universal laptop battery charger (13200mAh/48.8Wh) that I brought a while ago. Recently I've purchased a new Sony laptop and on the power brick it says Output 10.5V 4.3A and the portable charger has output 12V 16V 19V/2A. What would happen if I use it for my new laptop?
Thank you.

A:Solved: Portable laptop charger

Because you would be supplying an over voltage to the charging circuit, it may likely cause damage to the motherboard.

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I just bought a new laptop about a month ago now. I noticed the other day that the charger gets really hot. I had it plugged in lastnight charging, while charging I was playing Sims 4. When I shut down, the charger was almost too hot to hold for very long. Now I have had several laptops over the years and never had one get this hot. This can't be normal. The laptop runs great, no errors at all. What should I do?

A:Laptop battery charger getting really hot.

replace it. This is an early sign of a failing AC/DC converter.

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Hi there, newbie here,

The power jack on my toshiba 1900-305 s series laptop is damaged. The power light comes on briefly when the power cable is plugged in but then goes out after a short while without powering up the machine. I therefore need to power up the battery so that there will be enough power for me to extract the small amount of unbacked up data (family photos from a recent event etc) via a flash pen. Is there anywhere I can get a separate charger for the battery, or alternatively a pre-charged battery (anyone got the same laptop that is working and willing to sell a pre-charged battery)? This is likely to be a one off only so that I can transfer the files, I don't think the machine will be repairable or will be prohibitively expensive if it is (currently unemployed). I have inherited a tower pc to replace the laptop. I'm no techie but I can follow instructions and would not be afraid to take the back off a tower pc - laptops are a mystery to me though, but I would be willing to try if it would not damage the data on the laptop. Many thanks for any advice or help anyone can offer.

A:Where can I get a battery charger for my Laptop?

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Hi 7 users, I have a problem for quite some time and I'm starting to get frustrated... Some time ago I bought a battery for my laptop (Asus G51JX) and, it didn't work, I've sent it back and bought a new one with the same specifications (11,1V, 7200 mAh, 9 Cells).

Now, when I start the computer on AC only, it works fine, but when I put the battery, the little icon on the taskbar goes up and down and then stops, If I remove the power cord, the laptop continues on but for my surprise it says "Plugged in, Charging" WITHOUT the power cord!, how is that possible? it is not from the OS because I tried another HDD with a completely different installation and it did the same, now my question is... Is it BIOS or the Motherboard?

I'm really looking forward for your help guys, I'm almost giving up on this and I don't want to

Thanks in advance,



A:Why is my laptop detecting my battery as a charger?


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Anyone know where I can buy a External laptop battery charger ?

A:External laptop battery charger

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My laptop all of a sudden today (after about half year of use) refuses to recognize my charger while my battery is plugged in. Here are the exact symptoms:
1. While battery is plugged in and charger connected, the battery will not charge. If I remove the power cable and plug it back in, it will charge for about 10 seconds before this reoccurs. The battery icon on the lower right of the screen shows as if the power cable is not plugged in. HOWEVER, the hardware cable icon light on the lower right side of my laptop is lit, indicating a connected cable
2. While battery is plugged in and charger connected, if I remove the battery, the computer will shut down(as if the charger is not connected)

I am certain that the charger works perfectly fine, I can run the computer without a battery just fine. I'm not entirely sure if this is a hardware or software issue.

I did not make any system change today or yesterday, nor allow any change that was popped up(the only pop up in the last two day was a jucheck.exe which I clicked no to). This just started happening a hour or so ago for no reason at all for as far as I know, I only noticed because the battery was looking low, thought the cable was insecure but checked it and it was fine. Then I messed around a bit with the cable and battery and found the above

My computer is a Toshiba satellite P755 S5320
My operating system is Windows 7 home premium version 6.1 build 7601 service pack 1

A:Laptop not recognize charger while having battery

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I have a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop and the battery will no longer charge. I know this is a common problem with these and I have already confirmed that it is not fixable (unless I replace the motherboard). As this is a few years old, it would not be worth that expense. It runs fine when plugged in and it will run fine on only battery if the battery happens to have a charge from some other source and I really don't need a new laptop...so...I was wondering if there are any external battery chargers available for this or if anyone has ever built their own. I am pretty handy so I might even be willing to try building one for myself, but I don't know alot about battery tech. It is a Litium Ion battery and I know it should be pulse charged. Would this be a fairly simple do it yourself Project?

A:External Laptop Battery Charger

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My wife has owned a sony vaio laptop for about a year and a half. Until last week we've had zero problems with this computer. It's mainly used while she sits in front of the TV, where she works while she watches TV. So it's spent 95% of it's life connected to the brick.

Last week we noticed that the plug from the brick, which plugs into the back of the computer, was very hot. Almost too hot to touch. The brick was warm also. I repositioned the brick on the carpet and checked it a few minutes later and it seemed cooler. I've also paid more attention the temperature of the plug and it's gone from warm to hot to warm, probably depending on the charging cycle.

It also seems to me that the plug is easier to remove that it was originally and I'm wondering of there is a connection problem which is causing the heat issue.

Has anyone experienced this on their sony? What is my next step?

Thanks for your suggestions.

A:Sony Laptop battery charger connection hot

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A few days ago I wanted to start my laptop: nothing happened upon pushing the powerbutton. I connected the charger and tried again, got this error before Windows booted: "HP Battery Alert The system has detected the storage capacity of the battery stated below to be very low [...] Primary (internal) battery 601" I pushed enter to reboot the system and got: "The CMOS Checksum is invalid [...] CMOS reset (502)"  I pushed enter again to reboot the system (since I had no other options). The system started, but the time / date were more than a day behind. Further everything seemed fine, though the battery wasn't charging. Not a bit. After a while I got curious and pulled out the charger, after which the system died instantly. Put the charger back in, got the same errors, and can now only use my laptop when connected to a wallsocket. I didn't have any problems with the battery or the batterylife before the situation above occured. My laptop is out of warranty since the end of january, but I think this is unacceptable for a ?1400 euro machine that's 16 months old. It's not like it was used very intensely either, I use it as an internet / writing / photo-editing machine for when I'm travelling for work. Is this a known issue? I couldn't find anything that gave the same error codes on the forum, but maybe I'm not searching with the right criteria. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

A:Battery failed, laptop works on charger

@CasperH Welcome to HP Support Forum. Normally the CMOS battery can "live" up to 5 years or more. Could be some internal error but why for both batteries only. This is a mystery. For main battery, please use the following instructions to check            https://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c04700771 If failed, you need to replace battery. Regards.

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few days ago my AC charger pin demage then i repaired my charger now laptop working  on AC charger but charge the battery  

A:laptop work on AC charger but not run nd charge the battery

@khwaja107207? Did the pin get damaged???  REO

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Like the title says, my Y510p of roughly 3 years has recently started doing this. Even if there is 1% battery it won't charge. It only charges when the battery is completely dead. I'm at a loss. 

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My battery will not charge.  The laptop will only turn on if it is plugged in with the charger.  Does this mean that I need a new battery?  

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Hey Guys,

Ok so my HP dv6910us battery and charger/adapter have been borderline for a while now and it's getting to the point of concern. The first issue started back around mid december where I found that my laptop was no longer charging to 100%. I was able to get it to 93% and it would just stay there and say "plugged in, charging". Then once I let my charge down to about 20% and recharged it and this time it only got to 79%. Right now, it maxes at 63%. My other issue started about a week or two ago. I found that I was unable to get my computer to charge at all. The charging LED light would not turn on neither would the little light where I plug it into the laptop. This happened at school once but I was able to just plug in to another socket, problem solved. Then it happened at home, a new socket did not solve the problem. Randomly around 1AM it started working. Today it happened again and I tried a few things. First I borrowed a friends charger and it worked just fine (but only to 63%). Then what I did was I switched the cord from his charger and attached it to my brick and then plugged my brick into my laptop and it charged up just like always. Then I tried my cord with his brick, it was a no go. So I gave him back his charger and I came home and still no luck with the charging. Now, I normally plug my laptop into a surge protector so what I did this time was I plugged it into the wall socket...no luck. But then, I turned off the surge protector and unplug... Read more

A:HP dv6910us laptop battery/charger problem

oh and in addition, the charge will show 100% at random but then go back down to 63%

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Dear community,I have recently disassembled my laptop in order to clean the dust. As soon as I assembled it back the computer started perfectly. However, it was not charging. It isn't one of the "Plugged but not charging" issues as the computer is not detecting that the charger is plugged in.I disassembled the laptop again to check if any connections were not plugged in correctly. Everything looked fine. It's not my first time disassembling laptops.The light on the charger port does not light up when the charger is plugged in. However, it is flashing white as the battery is critically low. When I press power button it flashes amber color. I have tried to remove the battery and start the laptop but it won't start.Does anyone have any idea of what the issue could be?Thank you

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Toshiba: Satellite L55t-A5186 Laptop
Model of Laptop:
- L55t-A-PSKLSU-01S03E
Model-Part Number:
Serial Number:
- ZD159007U
System Type:
- 64-bit Operating System
- X64-Based Processor
- Windows 8.1
I attached 2 portable phone chargers to my laptop by usb connection to charge them and a few minutes later my laptop screen went black and laptop will not turn back on.
What may be the problem?

A:Attached portable phone battery to laptop now won't turn on

try disconnecting the batteries and anything else connected to the laptop
Lets try doing a hard reset on the Laptop

This will work for Laptops that have a removable battery
Remove the Battery
Unplug the Power Adapter/charger
Now hold the Power Button down for 60 seconds - let go of the Power Button

Now Put back JUST the power adapter/charger back into the Laptop
Start the Laptop up
If it now Starts up OK
we know its working and can put the battery back in - But first we need to use the normal windows Shutdown on the Laptop, before we can put the battery back in.
So, run the shutdown , when the laptop turns off completely
remove the power adapter/charger lead again

Put the Battery back into the laptop
Put the power adapter/charger back into the laptop
Now see if laptop starts {sometimes batteries can fail and stop the Laptop starting}
If the PC starts OK with the battery , then all should be fixed


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sorry this doesn't belong in this forum, I moved it to the hardware forum...if a mod could delete this thread it'd be appreciated, thanks.

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I am using dell Inspiron 15R laptop. Some time ago my charger was broken out and my battery was also showing needs replacement. So, recently i bought new Original Dell Battery and Charger both. But when I plugged in both, it is showing plugged in not charging. I took battery out and again inserted it but it is still not working. Now tell me what to do. How to fix this issue.

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Asus u45jc-a1 laptop. My laptop charger cable is in pretty bad shape. You see the wiring broken in the wires on the top part, thus you see the grey wiring inside.

When i charge my laptop recently, the charger would go on and off. Such as charging then not charging. I then took a look and the green light on the laptop charger is green then dims then green again over and over again. So the only way i can fix this issue is unplug the other part of the 2 charger, theres 2 parts then put it back together over and over again then connect it to my laptop. Many times it has same issue. However, few times i would get it to work and thus it would be charging.

However few times it would have same issue where problem arises again. But few times however if i make sure i dont move any part of the laptop charger cable... then it would always be charging which is good and thus working. So i figure it has to be my laptop charger as you see its broken the wiring part and its mainly at the top of the wiring near the place where you plug it into laptop.

Well i then read online that it might be the battery. So I then took out the battery and just connected my charger to my laptop without the battery. Obviously it shows no battery detected... however, the laptop doesn't have an issue with the power going out. Thus it shows green light all the time on the charger.

Does this mean i have to get a new battery as oppose to a charger? First thought was charger is bad since the broke... Read more

A:Laptop Doesn't Charge, Charger or Battery Problem?

The charger also provides AC power so doubtful that's the problem. It could be the battery or the charging circuit on the motherboard. Former is usually less than $100 to replace but the latter is much more.

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Hi All,
I have a Toshiba Satellite P50T-A-10U laptop and have replaced the internal battery and the charger with a brand new official Toshiba charger. The laptop needs 19V 6.3a and when plugged in with Windows XP, 7 and 10 all of which I have tried it just states plugged in and charging but the battery never goes up. I have replaced the internal battery with a new one and it was at 20% when I put it on and stated plugged in and charging but the animation on the taskbar for the battery only moves for a short time then stops. It too is now not charging and I now have 2 useless batteries.
I have attempted to update the BIOS from 1.10 which it is on to 1.90 but I cannot do this within any operating system or DOS as it always states Warning!! The System Power isn't safe for BIOS update. Please check AC and Battery are plugged in!!
The laptop clearly works from mains as it will do when I remove the battery. When I have got the battery to charge it works also without the charger but only for a short time obviously as it just isn't charging.
I want to force a BIOS update but the option does not appear to be available in AFLASH3.exe which is the official program on the CD when you create one after downloading the BIOS. I have tried everything and above error always appears.
I need to update the BIOS to rule it out as I have tried everything else.
Is this a motherboard issue as everything else works fine but it will only work long term from the mains.
Anything anyone can suggest woul... Read more

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Hi! I have 4 years old Lenovo Yoga Ideapad 13.  The problems started couple weeks ago, when the computer wouldn't run or start up without being plugged in. I followed some other people's advice and got a new battery. It seemed to fix to problem for while. Now few weeks after the same problem stands with the new battery. It won't start or run, but when plugged in it says the battery is 100% and charging.   I tried checking if the charger isn't working, but it charges all fine on my other Yoga, which has the same charger model. So please note that this isn't the common problem that is seen here on the forums, that the battery doesnt charge. I'm pretty frustrated, as this problem persists even though I changed the battery. Anyone have ideas? I figured it could have something to do with the battery wire connecting battery to the motherboard, but there doesn't seem to be any defects or loose wires.  However, I tried taking off the battery connection wire when plugged in, and then I get the message "No battery detected" instead of the regular "100% Fully charged". Any help is appreciated. 

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When I plug the charger in the message on the battery icon on the bottom toolbar reads as "73%, plugged in, not charging". Obviously the laptop is recognising the charger (i.e "plugged in") but it is not allowing the battery to charge.
I have installed every update on the computer and I have recently searched for any outstanding BIOS updates. The system seems to suggest there is a BIOS update to be installed yet when I try to install it the system says that it cannot detect a charger, and won't complete the update, or it won't complete the update without a charger plugged in in the first place. It's a no-win situation. The computer and charger are only 14 months old so this is very unsatisfactory. When I remove the battery the computer operates on AC power only, so again the charger is working, it simply won't charge the battery and therefore once the battery runs down to 0, which it will eventually, I will be limited to using AC power only.
If I restart the laptop with the charger plugged in it diverts me to a warning page saying that the charger is not recognised and I am given the option to go to the BIOS setup, go to diagnostics or to continue. If I choose "continue" it simply returns me to this warning page every time so the only way to power up the laptop is to do so with the AC charger out, and to then plug it in once the system has started so that the battery doesn't drain completely.
Please help.

A:Inspiron 15 5559 charger not charging battery (manufacturers charger being used)

An unrecognized AC adapter will not charge the battery.
First try a new OEM Dell adapter.  If that's also not recognized, replace the DC power jack:
If neither the new adapter nor the DC jack solves the problem, you've got a bad charge circuit - replace the mainboard.

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It is Satellite model no. L305-S5933

I've read that the thing that destroys the battery fastest is overcharging the battery. That's why I want to turn it off. The only alternative that I have been able to find is unplugging the battery which means I have to restart machine from scratch, as opposed to waken it from sleep, every time I want to use it.

Is there a way to stop the battery from charging other than unplugging it?

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A:Samsung Q430 laptop wont hold charge. Is it charger or battery

It is highly possible it's the battery.

How old is the laptop?

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A:Samsung Q430 laptop wont hold charge. Internet Security it charger or battery

It is highly possible it's the battery.

How old is the laptop?

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Im after a portable charger for my Chromebook 11 G4...anyone have any suggestions as to a  suitable product? Thanks

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I have a Yoga 720 model 81C3000LUS.  Can I use a portable charger to charge it? Would this work to charge my Yoga?https://www.amazon.com/RAVPower-Portable-26800mAh-Recharged-Nintendo/dp/B01LRQDAEI/or do I need this one that looks like it has 45w output as opposed to 30w for the above one?https://www.amazon.com/Jackery-SuperCharge-Portable-19200mAh-Delivery/dp/B0791BCKCS If not, is there something else like this that would work?

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I purchased the Anker PowerCore + 20100 USB-C charger in order to be able to charge my laptop at school without the need for the included powercable or a wall outlet. When I plug the included USB-c cable into the corresponding port it displays the message "For full performance, connect to a higher capacity power adapter" (HP system information) . Is there a way that I can get this to go away and charge via the PowerCore, or is that not possible? Also not really sure what board I should have put this in but oh well

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Hello, I have a quick question about charging the Xps 15 with a portable charger. The one I have in mind is called ''AUKEY 30000mAh Portable Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 & USB C '' and here is the link to the item: www.amazon.ca/.../ref=ox_sc_act_title_1This portable charger has the usb-c port and I want to connect it to the laptop's usb-c to charge. Do you guys know if I can do that? Thank you in advance!

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Has anyone tried this or have a story to tell about power banks?My relatively new X1C does quite poorly on battery if I'm doing real work, e.g. compiling and running apps with Visual Studio & SQL Server.  Fiddling with the battery settings doesn't make that much of a difference so I thought why not carry a brick with me when on the road? I'm just starting to look into it but real stories from real users are just so much better than generic 'reviews' or hidden adverts that have become all too commonplace in the last few years.

P72 Xeon 96GBX1 Carbon 16GB 1TBP50 Xeon 64GB RAID0 2x970 Pro

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I'm having problems with my 910 yoga. He's been carrying it for more than two days and it's only 44%. Unlike the other posts, where yoga is connected and does not carry my charges very slowly. Also when I remove the power cable the battery drains very fast.
1) I already updated the BIOS
2) I already unplugged and reinstalled the battery drives
I do not know what else to do.

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When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts button white light blinking my laptop model inspiron n5010
I tried all the steps like removing the battery and unplugged the charger and holds the power button for 30 second and reconnect no change.

A:When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts blinking

Hi ZMR 1986,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
* Are you able to boot into windows normally?
* Please try to boot into BIOS <F2> and check what is the status of the battery / adapter listed.
* Please update the BIOS to the latest available version from our Dell Support Site.
* Can we check with an alternate adapter?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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I am new at this stuff and I seek help from all those who can give it. Ok so my first charger stopped working and I bought a new charger. The charger worked great for a few months after purchase. Until one day the charger stopped charging on and off. I unplugged it a few times and then it stopped working. I let the battery die after. I am guessing that it stopped working because i may have screwed up the charger socket by tripping on the cord thus pulling on it im not really sure anymore. The laptop is in a bad condition, it's four years old i think but it can still run. The battery is the same not change. HELP ME for I am an *****

A:Toshiba Satellite M45 Battery or Battery Charger Problem

You probably broke the internal AC adapter socket. It can be repaired, but you will have to take it in for service

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Hello,I'm going to use my T430s 8h a day and would really like to have my 3 81+ batterys or so and to charge them with an external charger.I found and old one that you can only buy on eBay.Is the old one compatible with my battery and/or is there a better alternative? edomane

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Hi,My laptop won't hold a charge. I have replaced the battery and charger. The only time it works is when the charger is inserted into the laptop but even though it's plugged in it won't charge and will shut down immediately after the charger is removed. Please help.

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My Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't recognize charger any more. And unfortunately my warranty expired 2 month ago.It was plugged in and working in the morning, but then in the afternoon I noticed that it was running on the battery only. It wont start without battery (just charger plugged in).
1. So here what I have done to debug. Me and my brother, we have purchased the same Dell laptops at the same time a year and a bit ago. This is why for a debugging purposes it was good.I took my charger and plugged in to his computer. And it works. Definitely not the charger issue I guess. And when I plug charger in to my computer, green light is still on the charger. And I have the original charger that came with the laptop.
2. Now, laptop works on the battery only, so this means that motherboard is working. I guess.
3. Next thing I did was unplugged charger and removed the battery from the laptop. Then I pushed and hold "Power" button for 45 seconds to discharge a flea charge. Plugged charger back in but laptop wont start.
4. Next I started laptop on the battery, went to BIOS and checked if the charger is recognized in the BIOS. No, it doesn't recognize charger. So, if it is not a charger then what else can it be?
5. Laptop doesn't have any strange smells so I'm not sure if anything happened with the motherboard, but I would assume mother board is ok because it works of the battery.
6. I was thinking updating the BIOS, but I can't, because it wont update whi... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't work with charger. Charger is not recognized. Not charger problem.

Hi CJ777,
Thanks for reaching out with your query. You pretty much figured out all points of failure. Good job.
If the adapter is not detected in BIOS, it most likely is an issue with the mother board. In the BIOS set up, AC adapter should show up as 65w or 90w. If the adapter status is 'None' or 'Unknown Device Installed', it indicates that the mother board is not detecting the adapter for which the battery is not getting charged. Once the battery charge drains, I'm sure the adapter will not charge it again. Replacing the system board should resolve this issue.

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I'm going to be traveling out of country and was wondering this portable battery, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JIWQPMW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_?ie=UTF8&psc=1 is capable of charging my laptop via USB-C, http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05146452

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Hi new to this and in need of simple help. I have a Sony Vaio about 3 years old. Last time I used it it went dead apparently due to needing a recharge. But as I plugged it in, it wouldn't charge and therefore wouldn't turn on. I removed the battery, nothing. I switched to a different charger to see if that would work, nothing. Before I go out and spend money to buy something, I just want to know what to buy. Is it my battery or is it my charger?

A:battery or charger?

If you are in the US of A, a company called Batteries Plus advertises that they will test the battery.

Without a device specific to testing laptop batteries & chargers, the only way I know to sort it out is to try to charge the battery in a different computer that is compatible with your laptop's battery.


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So the battery charger for my laptop has to be in a certain position in order to provide power to the laptop. I bought a new charger and the same thing is occurring. What else could it be??

A:Battery charger

It's probably either the socket/jack itself, or the Trace on the system board.

You will have to take the laptop apart to find out.

sometimes a little bit solder will help. Failing that; try Impactcomputers.com they have DC jacks for a variety of laptops.

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Anybody know of a 12-Volt charger (Auto-Cigarette Lighter)for Lithium laptop battery? If I had that I would be totally "Mobile".

DELL Latitude XPiCD

A:Battery Charger 12V

try a AC-DC converter. Radio shack has them for abt $30. It plugs into the lighter outlet and converts... Not only can you plug in your ac laptop adapter, but any wall socket gizmo.

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Hi ...

I've heard from some people that working on a laptop with the battery installed and the charger plugged-in in the same time will make the battery life shorter...

is this true ? or is it alright to do it ?

and what about the saying, that a battery mustn't be charged untill its completely empty (at least for the first time) ?

thnx in advance ...

A:battery and charger !!!

is this true ? or is it alright to do it ?Click to expand...

Yes its true... but yes its alright to do it as well.

Usually I use this rule of thimb if your oging to use it plugged in all day long on a desk take out the bettery and put it in a drawer. If your going to use it in a mobile fashion but intermittently keep it in a drawer until about 4-5 hours before your going to take it out and put it in to charge. and then take it out. If your always traveling leave it in.

remember it takes quite awhile for this constant charging to effect your battery life.

Note that some older laptops do not run right if the bettery is removed so in these cases you should leave them in.

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Where My Battery Charges the Battery bar shows an X in it my laptop was in my back during a light drizzle is it possible I may have gotten some type of water damage!

A:Battery Charger

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I have a eurocom laptop (canada). Before i went on holiday it worked both on battery and AC current. I shutt it off for 5 weeks and when I was back the battery was dead..the AC power is ok but it doesn't seem to want to recharge..i don't know if it is the charger or battery..? How can i tell which one to change ?

A:Is it battery or charger ?

It is more than likely the battery has drained and needs to be cycled a few times to get it to hold a charge again. There should be some kind of indicator on the laptop that the battery is charging. Get a new battery from the store and if that doesn't solve it, take it back and get the laptop repaired.

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I have not had my laptop a year and now it won't charge. What could be the problem? Is the battery or the charger. When you plug in the charger, the  indicators doesnt appear by the battery. Regina

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I am getting ready to go on vacation and need some advice. Will my digital camera battery charger and batteries cause me any problems at airport security? I plan to carry them in my carry-on bag. Thanks for your help!

A:Battery Charger

Never had a problem with digicam or accessories.

Why would it be any different to a laptop, and power supply?
They like to check such things out, but seem to be happy for carry-on.

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