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M910q turns on but won't display, no power to peripherals

Q: M910q turns on but won't display, no power to peripherals

We have an M910q that is basically brand new, it was purchased and installed this summer. As we were working on it, after a restart, the mouse and keyboard suddenly stopped working. We attempted to restart again, and now no peripherals will work at all and the monitor won't turn on. The computer turns on, however the keyboard and mouse are not recieving power from the computer and the monitor will not display anything. We've tried different monitors and different mice etc; this is definitely something wrong with the computer itself. We've tried reseating the RAM but that didn't solve the issue.

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Preferred Solution: M910q turns on but won't display, no power to peripherals

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Having an odd problem with a 2-week old Yoga 13 from BestBuy: here is the issue: When the power is plugged into the machine the display turns off (black screen). the device is still turned on and running. If you then unplug the power adapter the display will turn back on. I called Lenovo tech support but that was a total waste of time - they did a screen sharing session and started looking at the display settings then gave up and told me to return it to best buy. thanks if anyone has other ideas on what's going on with the device

A:Yoga 13 Display turns Off when power applied

Hi there, I am having the same problem. Did you figure out what was going on and how to fix the problem?? Please do let me  know. Thank you.

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I built my computer about 5 months ago everything worked fine and I quit using it for about a month ago and I had problems when I turned it on like it would turn on and off constantly so I replaced the psu and I got a gpu cause I got a deal on it but now the computer turns on right away when the switch on the power supply is turned and the power button on the case only turns the fan off and not the mother board and also doesn?t show anything on the screen I also tested the ram to see if they died but they were not the problem

A:Computer only turns on with power supply and no display

Hi Merktwisted, and welcome to TSG.

How about giving us manufacturer's names and full model numbers for ALL of the items you mention in your post.

How did you test the RAM modules to know they were not the problem?

Have you tried operation with the new PSU but without the new GPU?

I may not be able to come up with a solution, but the above information could help someone else here to help you.

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My roommate tried to "fix" his PC but god knows he doesn't know crap. The PC acts like it is going to turn on, but the light on the front of the tower does not light up, nor does the display. The light on the motherboard is solid green, and he is still able to charge a phone through the PC, so I'm guessing the power supply is good if it can do all of this. At this point I am at a loss because I'm normally very good with this stuff, any suggestions? and I don't believe it's the video card.

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Hello experts,I have 7 year old Compaq Presario cq40. Yesterday suddenly screen froze, so I shut it down by Powe button. When I tried to restart, it won't start. Power key lights up for a few second and then goes off and then on again. After that nothing happens. Nothing on screen. I do hear the fan starting both times though. Num lock and caps lock led are blinking as well. Any Solutions?

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XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 with Win 10
I have seen several posts concerning Sleep problems so I wanted to ask about this.
If I have my system set to turn off the Display and 50 minutes later to put the system to sleep, why does iTunes stop playing as soon as the Display turn off.  I have been testing with both the Dell Power Scheme and Balanced Power scheme.  I have different settings for Unplugged but the system is Plugged in and battery fully charged.
The Display does not turn off and the music does not stop if I am using the Windows Media Player.
I have looked through all the settings in Settings, System, Power & Sleep and the advanced settings.  I have disabled the option to save power when the system knows I am away (how does it know that). 
I have changed settings and rebooted to confirm, but the bottom line is the activity seen for the Power Scheme does not follow prescribed protocols.  If anyone might know why or if I have missed some settings please advise.  All Drivers and Bios are updated.

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Pressing F2 (or any other keys) doesn't do anything. I replaced video card with a Radeon HD 6670 with the same result. The PC turns the monitor on (from standby mode) but then nothing.I am at a loss as what to try next and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am getting a BSOD ("driver power state failure") every few days. I'm not 100% sure, but it seems to only occur when I leave my computer for a while (after the display has automatically turned off). I come back to the computer, and am met by a BSOD.

My power plan settings are at "balanced", with the display turning off after 10 minutes, and sleeping after 30 minutes.

Might not be related, but I also commonly get freezing every now and then when watching full-screen videos (for a few minutes the display freezes and the audio slows down to garbled distortion, then returns).

The SF Diagnostic Tool only found .dmp from 2011, is Kernel memory dump enough?

A:BSOD (Driver Power State Failure), when the display auto turns off

Hi -

All the dumps present are of year 2011.

Please follow this tutorial: Dump Files - Configure Windows to Create on BSOD and configure to collect Small Memory .Dmps (Minidumps) and post when you get a BSOD again.

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I want to utilize four monitors My machine came configured for three, I have one empty punch out how do i add the aditional Display port.

A:Add Display port to Lenovo M910q

You're OK with Mosaic mode?
See the Bigger Picture
With up to three independent displays, or four displays in Mosaic Mode, M910 Tiny expands the limits of desktop computing to enable greater productivity. Ideal for financial and creative industries ? and all your multimedia, multitasking needs.

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I have an M910q that I've setup in a TIO 24' 3rd gen for a user and it works great except for the fact that I can't get a second monitor to display with it. I have tried to run both a DVI->DisplayPort adapter and normal DisplayPort cable to both the back of the M910q and the bottom of the TIO with no success. I've gone through every monitor option on both the TIO and the second monitor. I tried updating to the latest graphics drivers, running all Thinkcentre updates and windows updates. I tried installing the TIO driver (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/hr/en/products/DESKTOPS-AND-ALL-IN-ONES/THINKCENTRE-TINY-IN-ONE-SERIES/...) and that didn't help. I went into BIOS and enabled Multi-monitor support with no luck. I tried to use both win+p and going to the "display" menu and clicking detect but it sees nothing there. The second monitor has been confirmed to work on any other machine. Anyone else experienced this issue? I'm at a loss as to how to proceed. 

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Morning, Trying to figure out something here, this is, for all intents and purposes, something new for me, as I've been mostly a "Mom n Pop" Tech vs "Business Tech" so, anyway. I'm working with M900, and M910Q with Intel 530 Integrated for video. I'm trying to trouble the following issues to verify if I missed anything, before punting said minipcs to Lenovo for RMA. Anywho, issues: 1. A M910Q, only the DP port with the metal bracket will work. When the Primary is plugged in, any secondary plugged into the other ports will show up under that port when looking at it in the Intel GFX Display view. I figured this out when I changed the resolution on the 2nd monitor, primary changes. Primary is the live monitor. 2. We have a number of M910s and M900's where when trying to use dual monitors, thru DP -> VGA or DP -> DVI. Monitors would flicker like strobe lights. This can sometimes be bandaided by swapping cables and adapters, but not completely remove the issue. I will point out that we do not have any actual DP Capable monitors on site. Not yet anyway, and those that will be, are going to ThinkCentres with Discrete Cards in them... Ideas? Am I miss anything? I don't see anything in the BIOS to help me, and updating the drivers doesn't seem to provide resolution either. Most are running old drivers, but a few are running the latest for the machine.

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I have just installed a new motherboard, to try and fix a crashing problem. There is no power to the peripherals now and when the computer switches on it beeps twice, then six times. It is a new (well new to me) PSU as well (working fine before I replaced the motherboard).

The mother board is Socket LGA775 - Intel 915G Chipset Motherboard, Brand/Model: Acer/VERITON 3700G with embedded Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 915G. It is second hand, but was working in the computer it was taken from (apparently).

The heat sink fan and hard drive are working, so power is getting through.

After surfing the net all evening, I have:

Checked the wiring - all good
Removed the CMOS battery and replaced after five mins
Cleared the CMOS jumper
Tried the RAM stick in all four housings
unplugged the hard drive (still get the same problem)
Checked the other jumpers, all there.
Can anyone suggest anything else to check?

A:No power to peripherals

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Hi all,

I just came back home from a weekend out of town and tried to turn on my computer. My computer itself turns on - fans, lights, etc. are all going - but none of my peripherals are receiving power. My mouse/keyboard/mic lights don't turn on, and my monitor is receiving no signal (even though it is receiving power because it's plugged into its own outlet). it was working perfectly fine before I left for the weekend.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting all my peripherals and other cables from the back and reconnecting them, and when that didn't work, I opened it up and removed and reconnected my sound and video cards, hard drive, everything - I even disconnected and reconnected all power supply connections. Still, nothing fixed it.

The only advice I've gotten so far is to reset CMOS, which I know how to do after a quick google, but I'm afraid that this will reset my BIOS settings, and I have no idea how to configure BIOS at all.

Does anyone know what might causing this? If so, how do I fix it?

A:No power to peripherals?

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Over the last few days I have noticed that my computer has failed to receive any power to the peripherals on reboot (no signal to monitor, no lights on mouse & keyboard). It's happened on two occasions in three days & has been solved, simply be rebooting (several) times.

I rebooted my computer this afternoon, after waking up to find it had lost power to the peripherals (I leave computer on overnight, several nights a week).

When it's turned on the hard drives are spinning, fans on the motherboard & graphics card are spinning (although erratically) and there are no lights or sounds beeping from the motherboard.

After looking up archived threads, I found some people had problems with the motherboard connections, so I removed the graphics card (AMD HD 6950) and removed & reconnected the sata connections that were under the graphics card. After doing all that, I rebooted & the motherboard emits a constant, shrill beep noise (I obviously haven't reconnected everything right)

I'm not really sure where to turn from here. If it helps, I built the computer myself with some help from a friend. I don't consider myself a veteran around computer parts, but I know a fair amount. The rig was built around 2 years ago & has had no problems until today. I have 2 HDDs & 1 SSD, running 3 operating systems, Win 7 on 1st HDD, Win 7 on SSD & Win 8 on a partition of the 2nd HDD. On start up it boots into Win 8.

If there's any ot... Read more

A:No power to peripherals

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Hi there! I want to start by thanking this group for the service you provide; even though I have never posted before, I have solved several issues already just by perusing your archives. This is a great resource and kudos to you for donating your time and thought.

My problem is almost exactly the same as this one, except the fix didn't work for me. I usually leave my PC on sleep and only cold-boot it in the morning. Two days ago I turned it off before bed and the next morning it was no longer functioning: It still powers up, the fans run, and the disk drive works, but neither the keyboard nor the mouse get power and the monitor says that there is no input.

This has happened once before, about 3 months after I bought it; I was instructed to re-seat all the cables on the motherboard. The fix worked, and with the exception of the monitor bug (explained later), I have had no problems with it until last week, when I had the same problem. I re-seated the motherboard again, and once again, it worked. 5 days later it happened again. At first I assumed that I had simply not latched one of the wires and it had jiggled out, but this time re-seating achieved nothing. I have since re-seated twice more, gone through the power supply troubleshooting checklist up to step 10 (unsuccessful), and searched for another solution. There is no beep code and the LEDs on the motherboard and power supply are solid and green.

The possibly related monitor issue is this: At seemingly random times ... Read more

A:My PC has power but none of the peripherals work.

This problem is still driving me crazy- does anyone have any idea what to do?

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Yesterday i went to work and left my computer on (only restart once a week).

When i got home my computer was on, but froze up, so i rebooted and nothing happened. decided to leave it off for the night and went to bed, work up today and here's my issues:

No power to peripherals (monitor registers no signal, keyboard and mouse won't work, my hdd wont spin, but my cdrom works.)

Graphics card fan will spin at variable speeds, changes randomly when i reset power.

No beeping (no beeping when i remove ram and power on, no beeping when i unplug the cpu fan)

Here's what i've done so far to fix it:

Swapped power supplies (same issues)
Removed ram and replaced it with identical sticks (same issues)
Reset bios via battery and jumper (same issues)
Cleaned the computer from head to toe (cleaner computer but no fix)
Removed cpu, checked pins, cleaned any dust, regressed and reset (no effect)

I'm at the end of my rope, as far as i can tell its either a blown cpu or a short on the mobo somewhere, any suggestions?

CPU: amd athlon 64 x2 6000+

MOBO: Asus M2R32-MVP

RAM: 6gb patrio DDR2 800 (2x1g) (2x2g)

GPU: HIS radeon hd 4850 iceq 4

PSU(S): Main psu is a OCZ Fatal1ty 550w, spare is a 500w raidmax psu i got with my case.

The computer is future proofed for today's games and software, and i don't really have the money to build another machine, so im on a budget.

A:Solved: No power to peripherals

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I hope someone can help me with this, I'm a digital artist working from home and this is really affecting my job! My display driver and USB ports are both badly acting up. I'm not sure exactly when this all started--the display issue has been happening for a while but everything started getting worse in the last few weeks.

Display issue: Online PC games say the graphics driver is bad and needs an update, but when I try to update I'm told it's the most recent version. When trying to watch a video (in Windows' native player especially), my monitors will flash and the video blacks out. I use Zbrush for work that I think is a more RAM-involved program than graphics card and it does *not* cause display blackout. Sometimes all open programs will shift off Monitor 2 onto Monitor 1 after the screen flash.
USB issue: Device manager constantly flickers when I have it open. Often when I'm working, I'll hear a disconnect noise and my keyboard, mouse, and the pen input on my Cintiq/tablet monitor all go dead for a few seconds. Uninstalling USB drivers and restarting the PC hasn't done anything. Since yesterday I've also been getting popups from Windows about not recognizing a USB drive or something malfunctioning.
System Info:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 23 Model 8 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 16
RAM: 32715 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, -1 Mb
Hard D... Read more

A:Display driver issues & USB peripherals reset

Do you have all your mobo drivers installed? There is a BIOS update. Check the cipset driver as well....new update for that as well which is directly releated to your USB ports.

Update your GPU directly through Nvidia

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Most of the time I can shut the computer down via Win10, come back later and turn it on using the switch on the tower without any problems.  However, if the electricity goes out, or I unplug the power cord in order to do cleaning and maintenance, then plug it in again, the system will not start.  When this occurs, the green light on the power supply comes on, though sometimes it is very dim, and the switch on the tower will not turn the computer on.  However, if I disconnect the mouse, keyboard, RJ45 cable, and power cord, hold the switch on the tower for 10 seconds then release it, then plug the power cord back in, the green light on the power supply turns on brightly and then the system will turn on, though sometimes it takes a couple tries.  (I have tried all the problem/solution articles for this issue) I suspect the power suppy is going out, but I can't rule out the motherboard being at fault.  Being on a fixed income, the power supply is a big expense, if I buy one and that isn't the problem it will rule out my ability to replace the motherboard.  Any thoughts, ideas, or recommendations?  Thank you in advance.

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I have a custom built PC and a long time ago my mouse died. I thought it was due to the mouse just being faulty but I tried it with another PC and it worked perfectly. I was confused and tried the mouse in the bios settings of my computer and it worked perfectly again. However when I booted into Windows, the lights on the mouse went out and Windows didn't even pick up that a mouse was connected. I also noticed that certain USB memory drives and external hard drives were very temperamental when it came to functioning properly with certain USB ports, it just seemed to be random whether they decided to work or even be recognised by Windows. This was usually fixed by unplugging and plugging them back in or trying a different port. I sort of ruled out a motherboard or port issue as the ports that didn't work were always different, and it was all very random.

The mouse however, didn't work at all regardless of which port it was plugged into. I managed to come up with one fix though, my keyboard has one USB passthrough which when I plugged the mouse into, worked perfectly again and so I used that for a few months as a temporary fix. The external memory problem wasn't fixed though.

Then today the keyboard died too, it is fully back light and it just went out following an update of Windows. Neither the passthrough nor the keyboard itself work at all and are as if they are both unplugged. They are not even recognised in Windows. One strange thing however is that when I plug my keyb... Read more

A:USB Ports Not Providing Enough Power For Peripherals?

boot into safe mode and see if things work there. this will eliminate a hardware issue. and point it souly to windows.
If this works fine, download and install the latest chipset drivers for your mobo, as well as the usb 3 ones as theys are controlled by a different chipset on your mobo. this should solve your issues.

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I was given an IBM netvista 6825 11U and have been trying to get it to work right. It's a P4 1.6Ghz. When I got it, nothing showed up on screen and the keyboard didn't light up. Took everything out of the case and plugged it together and finally got it to start up through the BIOS.

Then installed WinXP Pro and had all going well. Then I wanted to replace the memory (which was 2 X 128Mb) and video card so I bought 2X 512mb PC133 SDRAM and an Nvidia MX420 on ebay. Popped them in and it went back to the same problem of the peripherals not working. Thought it might be the motherboard since some caps looked funky, so i bought another motherboard off ebay. This mobo was the same model but a 2.0Ghz processor. So I thought it may be the power supply, but with no other ATX supply I couldn't test this. Took apart another computer and used the power supply, but the same issues with the netvista peripherals not working.

After much mix and match, I left only one of the original 128Mb RAM modules in and it fired up! So, i put in the WinXP install cd and reformatted and installed Windows. Once it rebooted I got stuck in a cycle of seeing the IBM startup graphic, a blank screen, and then it restarts. Thought it might be a BIOS issue, so I flashed the bios and cleared the CMOS. Now i'm back to the same problem as originally, black screen at power up with no peripherals working.

The CDRW and hard drive seem to make no difference if connected/disconnected. I've had ... Read more

A:IBM netvista motherboard, peripherals, power up troubles

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Hello everybody!
I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 with an i5 4440, 8 gb of ram, and 1 tb of hard drive. I purchased an evga 500 watt PSU and successfully installed it. My pc worked normally and everything was fine. I then purchased an evga 1060 sc and attempted at installing it into my pc. After installing it I started up my pc and it turned on. The fan for the gpu didn?t spin so I turned off my computer, opened the case, unplugged the 6 pin then plugged it back in. I turned on my pc again but it made an odd sound before the power button flashing orange then completely shutting off. Now every time I turn it on the light turns orange and the fans spin for a split second then they stop. Any assistance will be much appreciated...

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When I attempt to turn on my computer the power light comes on and I hear the fans running but after a second or 2 the light goes off and the fans stop running, after a count of 2 the light comes on the fans start up again and the same thing happens again, on off on off I don?t have to touch the button the only way I get it to stop is pull the plug from the wall. I thought maybe it was a power supply issue so I replaced this with a new one but I got the same results. Does anyone have an ideas????   

A:Computer power issues ! turns on then off turns on then off ...

Dear Customer, Welcome to the HP Consumer Support forum. In order to isolate the issue, please try and perform few basic steps as follows: 1. Open the hood and ensure the 4 or 6-wire power supply cable is seated into the connector on the system board2. Check if a device is causing the problem by removing ALL attached devices (such as hard, diskette, or optical drives, and expansion cards).3. Power on the system.4. If the system enters the POST, then power off and replace one device at a time and repeat this procedure until failure occurs.5. Replace the device that is causing the failure.6. Continue adding devices one at a time to ensure all devices are functioning properly.7. Locate the header and jumper labeled CLR_CMOS8. Remove the jumper from pins 2 and 3.9. Place the jumper on pins 1 or 2.10. Put the jumper back on pins 2 or 311. Replace the access panel12. Reconnect all the disconnected devices one by one and then power on the unit and check if the issue persists. In case issue persists please get back to us and we would be glad to assist you. Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again. **Click the KUDOS star on left to say Thanks** Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GR1Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP 

I am an HP employee

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Tonight I was playing a good old game. I minimized to my desktop while the game was running and pulled open Windows calculator, did some calculator stuff, but then the computer goes into a blue error screen and then restarts. A few moments later, the display on my monitor suddenly turns off as if it were put to sleep. And even if I turn it off cold and restart the computer, nothing appears on the display at all, not even a BIOS logo screen. So weird.

System specs:
AMD E-350 Processor x2 (1.6Ghz)
4GB RAM (upgraded from OEM default 2GB)
500GB Hard Drive
GRAPHICS: AMD Radeon HD 6310
Acer (eMachines)-EL1360G UW12P
bundled with eMachines brand monitor/speakers

A:Monitor display suddenly turns off, can't get the display back

You can try:

- Remove the power cord of monitor and PC for a minute. Not just shut down.
- Clear CMOS if you don't mind reconfiguring the BIOS

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So the PC turns on but no display
Gives out no beeps when I
- take out all the ram
- use only I stick of ram

Tried 2 motherboards still doesn't display
Use 2 graphics cards
Used onboard graphics
Still not displaying
Tried pretty much anything

A:PC turns on but no display

I am running an i7-3770
Dell optiplex board lga 1155 board 1
Intel desktop board lga 1155 DQ67SW
Board 2

RAM Patriot PSD38G13332H 8GB

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Please help me my computer turns on but no display.. The fans work and every thing but does not display in my monitor also i notice that when try to plug my mouse to a usb port their's no power but everything else works can somebody help troubleshoot

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??????????? ??????????? ????? ????????! ???????? ???????????? ??? ????????? ? ???????? ?????? ????????. ? ??? ????? ???? ?????????Randomly shut down the laptop screen! It helps to restart or lowering and lifting the lid. What could be the problem? 

A:Turns off display!

Hi, One thing to check is the following. From the Start Menu, select Settings, then Personalisation and then Lock Screen.  Near the bottom of this window, select Screen saver settings.  Make sure that the dropdown menu under the Screen saver heading is set to None ( if it already is, select another option and the select None again ) - also remove the checkmark against 'On resume, display log-on screen'.  Click Apply and Ok to save any changes. Regards, DP-K

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My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv1000 (I know...OLD)

This problem only USUALLY happens once or twice a month.
Before, I believed that the computer had froze and would just restart it.

Today, while streaming an archived webcast, the screen went blank. It did not go completely black, seeing how the back light was still on and I was still able to adjust the back light intensity. The webcast was still playing, the laptop was still on (making same old sounds that it was indeed still running).

I was reading about similar problems online, but did not get a chance to test any of the simple fixes.
Instead of turning the laptop off this time, I merely closed my laptop lid and waited for it to switch to standby mode. After a few seconds I opened it back up and my screen was back to normal.

Does this sound like something is only l0ose within the chassis and is affecting the connection for the screen?

Thanks in advance!

A:Display Turns off During Use

have you made sure that your video card drivers are up to date? also can you post the Product number on the white label on underneath of the laptop?

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I have checked all my power settings, and yet, my display turns off, if I stop using the mouse after a few minutes. Why?

A:Display turns off

Hi, Sometimes it's worth changing the setting timings slightly in Power Options, save the changes, then put them back to the values you want and save again. Another setting to check that can sometimes cause this is from the Start Menu, select Settings, then Personalisation and then Lock Screen.  Near the bottom of this window, select Screen saver settings.  Make sure that the dropdown menu under the Screen saver heading is set to None - if it is already set to None, select another option, save the change, then re-select None and save again ). Regards, DP-K

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Running Windows 7 Ultimate on HP DFV6000 laptop.

Screen saver is set to blank screen. Computer is set to never sleep. Display is set to turn off after 10 minutes for both battery power and wall current. The display never turns off even though no programs are running. It will literally stay full on even after several hours.

Any suggestions?

A:Display never turns off

Just as an experiment, try setting your Screen Saver to None and see it that solves the problem.


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Hello! I'm having no luck with previous threads regarding this same question.

For starters, I just bought two new items for my computer so it's not entirely new, but quite the upgrade

Previous Specs:
PSU: 500w
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965
GPU: nVidia GeForce 660
MOBO: Biostar A880GZ

New Specs
PSU: 500w
CPU: Intel Core i7-4820K
GPU: nVidia GeForce 660

I boot it up and hear no beeping sounds all fans are running well. I believe I have everything in place. I can provide pictures if needed.

Thanks in advance!

Bumping with my PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E168...

Maybe there are some extra plugs I need in the PSU that my current one isn't offering?

A:PC turns on; Monitor won't Display

Recheck all your connections. Plus make sure your video card and memory are seated. The PSU should be fine.

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My computer turns on and sounds normal but there is no display, I've bought a new graphic card thinking it might be broken but it still hasn't fixed the products. I've tried plugging into another monitor so its not the monitor problem. Is my motherboard fried or my power supply not strong enough. My power supply fan looks like its spinning quite slow too. I was wondering if the power supply is too weak to power my graphic card that I currently

Motherboard: ASUS P5Q se2
Power Supply: Coolermaster 550w

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so i have this strange trouble with my machine. when I power on my Dell XPS one a2420 it boots and all functions work except the display from the very second it is turned on turns itself off every one second. Now i can turn it on and see the system booting up, a second later it turns itself off. All the while the system is running in the background. I turn the monitor on click on the login screen quickly and continue in this manner until i login and i can fully enter windows. Now for those of you that are unfamiliar with this machine it is an all-in-one unit with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Im stumped! if anyone has a thought on this it would be very appreciated. Im thinking its a graphics card issue but cannot be certain.

A:XPS one a2420 Display turns off every second?

maybe it's a monitor issue o.O
go to a computer shop near your house... and let them fix it...

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I just spent close to 800 on computer parts to build myself a new PC. Ambitiously, I went for the Thermaltake VE2000BWS chassis with a liquid cooling system (hereafter: LCS), even though I have never even seen one before - and I think this might be the route of my problem.

Here's the internal parts I bought for my new computer:
Thermaltake VE2000BWS
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.33GHz, 4MB L2 Cache, 1333 MHz Fsb)
MSI P35 Platinum Combo Motherboard
400W PSU
ASUS EN8800 GT Graphics

So I put the CPU and RAM in the motherboard and screwed the motherboard into the computer. I then connected the fans and put the graphics card into the motherboard.

And it worked. The computer booted and I could see the screen, where it (naturally) complained about not being able to find a bootable device. So far so good.

Then I tried to set up the LCS. I took the massive fan off the CPU chip, carefully spread a thin layer of the provided white paste as I was told and connected the cooling system's "water block" to the CPU instead. I cut the pipes and used them to connect the pump to the water block, the water block to the radiator and then the radiator back to the water tank (which is connected to the pump).

I then attached the pump and the radiator to the PSU, filled the liquid tank with coolant and turned on the computer (as instructed) and kept adding coolant as the tank pumped it around the system, so there was enough to keep the tank full. We had a bit of a ... Read more

A:Computer turns on - no display

I think its best you take your PC in and get them to check it for you, fearing that
something might go wrong and you could end up losing your warranty or even the
PC components.

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Hello! I'm having no luck with previous threads regarding this same question.

For starters, I just bought two new items for my computer so it's not entirely new, but quite the upgrade

Previous Specs:
PSU: 500w
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965
GPU: nVidia GeForce 660
MOBO: Biostar A880GZ

New Specs
PSU: 500w
CPU: Intel Core i7-4820K
GPU: nVidia GeForce 660

I boot it up and hear no beeping sounds all fans are running well. I believe I have everything in place. I can provide pictures if needed.

Thanks in advance!

P.S: I few hours ago I was advised to go through everything again. I did everything 1 at a time (still no luck) but here are the steps I took: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ux47qjv9jg1wdso/ba-0UoSVQH

It's a pretty messy build, so my apologies if it's hard to comprehend.

A:PC turns on; Monitor won't Display

Hello Adrification. Welcome to the forum.

Q1: Did you upgrade your RAM also, or are you using the same sticks you had on the AMD board?

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Hello! As mentioned above, I have the suspicion that my motherboard is fried, but I?m quite unsure. The PC will turn on, there are no beeps though. Any assistance would be awesome, cheers.

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I upgraded to Win8 from Win7 a few weeks ago. The display goes black after 60 seconds of inactivity no matter what setting I change. I would like to read documents without having to hit the space bar every minute.

My laptop is a Samsung Series 7 and requires Samsung Easy Settings to run the backlit keyboard. I've looked for a setting in the Samsung software, but don't think that is the problem.

I've also tried to adjust the power plan and advanced settings with no luck. My current power plan is set to Never on turn off the display. Adaptive brightness is turned off.

Anyone have an idea here?

A:Display turns off every 60 seconds

Welcome to Eight Forums, cygnusx1. Good to have you.

Seems to me to be a conflict with 8 and the Samsung Easy Settings. Have you searched the Samsung site or forums?

Have you tried turning off Samsung settings just to try?

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Yoga 2 Pro.  I have my power/battery options to turn the display off after 10 minutes when running on battery. But the screen display keeps turning off after about 2 minutes. The computer stays on and running, it's just the display turns off. I have to hit a button on the keyboard to bring it back.   I tried resetting the power options and restarting, still doing same thing. Never had this issue before. Any ideas?   

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So I own a G50-80 laptop and what happened is that it is working fine except the screen. For some reason it appears to be the way it would if one would press the f9 key. I'm able to see the display, but barely... Its so dark o can't even see the cursor or see where I have to type my password.... Ive tried messing with the brightness and f9 key but none of them work. Pls help I got homework on the that pc. ;(  

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Hi guys,

I was on my computer the other day surfing the net and my screen just went blank for no reason and my monitor displayed an error saying that it has lost connection but the computer was still running. I restarted the computer using the power button and it was fine, so I went on a game and after like 5 minutes the computer blue screened. I thought that my graphics card has come out of it's slot so I took it out and put it back in. I started the computer but I couldn't get a display. I thought I fried my graphics card so I put my old 9600 GS in and I still get any display. So I assume maybe it is something to do with motherboard.

Because I got the PC from PC World I took it back to them since it was still under the warranty. They have had the PC for over a month now and they still haven't diagnosed it. They probably have the worst customer service, they keep on lying to me about when they will fix it. I was thinking of taking it back and fixing it myself because I've had enough of waiting.

I just wanted to know if this is a motherboard problem and if it is what motherboards will fit on my system.

This is my current motherboard/computer:
Core - Diego S Motherboard - spec_diego_s - Information and Instructions - IXTREME X9610 - PB81X14901 - iXtreme - platform_amadeus_ixtreme - Desktop

Sorry for making this long, and thanks in advance.

A:Computer turns on but no display


Better late than never!

Sounds a lot like a driver issue. Can you get the latest drivers from the manufacturer's site?


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I got this laptop from a friend. He had it in his closet taking dust because it had several problems he didn't want to bother fixing. So after like 5 to 6 years of being off, I turn it on and start to delete many old programs, install an antivirus and the usual cleaning procedures. But, I notice the PC acts weird still, notepad was categorized as a virus so it got deleted. Among other things, the screen flickers from time to time, the PC's display gets off on its own and the PC shutdowns whenever it wants.

Following the rules of the "Click here to read this first" thread, I have attached a couple of logs/ posted the logs information to see if you guys can see what is wrong. I want to use this pc for something but I need it clean.

Weird files go from "ACTIVESCANPAG.SIG" that is 4gb and "ATAPI.EXE" to name a few.

I have deleted many viruses found y Malwarebytes and Avira antivirus but the problems keep appearing, not as commonly but still there. Hopefully these descriptions will help you figure something out.

EDIT: Notepad got fix by an update. The .exe opens but I have to manually open it, the shortcuts like in the "open new" folder when you right click is gone.

OS: Windows XP SP3

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 1:49:48 PM, on 1/28/2012
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WI... Read more

A:PC acting up! Display turns of whenever

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I have here a dell dimension 3000 that doesn't work correctly. I plug the power cord in and it automatically turns on(well the lights do) but i dont hear any beeps, no hard drive spinning and there is no video. i unhooked the power buttons just to see if it might be a short there but even then when I plug it in it turns on right away. Does anyone have any thoguhts or possibilites? i tried resetting the cmos by taking out the battery and i took out all the memory to see if it would beep and it didnt.


A:Comp. turns on but no display

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IBM Notebook Mod. 760 EL - Display goes blank while
computing (not on-line). After closing and re-opening cover,
RAM is as before. Able to continue until next screen blank??

Power brick is attached to the battery all the time.


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I have a Dell Inspiron desktop that is about 3 years old. The computer is starting & fans spinning, but no display on the screen. I have tried with two different monitors, therefore ruled out monitor failure.

I am also going to put in a another PCI Graphics card to test if there is a problem with the integrated GPU.
What else could it be? Failing Motherboard, faulty RAM, PSU. Any troubleshooting tips would be much appreciated.

A:Computer Turns on, but no display!

First step in troubleshooting is to swap in a known good pw supply for testing. Note you do not have to fully install the test unit; simply connect atx and aux pw. Hit the ON button and see if the board will post. If it does, shutdown and fully install a new pw supply. If it does not complete post, we can do more troubleshooting.

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Ok to start off I have a HP pavilion elite HPE-000
Ok so here's the story my mom hasn't turned her computer on in like 6 years and finally turned it on 2 days ago and it turns on and everything fans run graphics card runs also but no beeps no display nothing
Now I have tried to take ram out place it back in ,replace the rams,check crords place display cord it both parts ,remove graphics card and turn on, reset the bios .....so now I have no idea whats worng or what to do so please help me if possible !?!? Thank you c:

A:Computer won't display but turns on help me plz

could be the graphics card which may be defective.
6 years stored can happen too many things like insects or ants bitting on something inside the computer.

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Hi, I have a HP G60 laptop that's running 64bit Vista Home. It's been working well for me since the summer, and I just haven't gotten around to upgrading it yet. But anyways, I have a problem with the display. Not life-threatening, but basically the display turns off when my computer is idle.That part doesn't surprise me, since it's a feature. This would be perfectly fine if it didn't happen every 3 seconds (I counted in "Mississippi's"). If I don't type or move the mouse in 3 seconds, it turns off. Not sleep mode, just the wag my mouse and it turns on again thing. This is just really annoying because it makes viewing videos/text/anything tedious at best, and is just a general pain in the rear. What's up with it? I'm doing a quick scan of my computer with my avast! Home edition now, but I don't know if that's the problem. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if it's a common virus or something, and has an easy fix instead of me randomly trying to fix stuff.

Update, in the last few minutes it's decided that 3 seconds was too long. It dims every 1 second the computer is idle.

A:Display Turns off in seconds?

Hello pinoysw1mmer, welcome to Vista Forums!

That sounds like it's an app added by the PC manufacturer that starts when the PC is started, look around in "msconfig" to see if there's anything that looks like a "hibernation" manager; have a look at the tutorial at the link below to get some ideas; be sure to post back to keep us informed.

Troubleshooting with MSCONFIG - Windows 7 Forums

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I have a problem with my pc.
my computer screen turns red in colour or goes blank sometimes. I cannot say when it happens.
my computer configurations are windows 7, 1gb ram,intel pentium 4 processor.
I unplugged all the wires fixed them again,cleaned my ram,then its works normally.
sometimes it takes more than a few times to get this right. I gave it for repair,by the technician said its working perfectly. but after a few days,I am facing the same problem.

A:Display goes off(either blank or turns red)

System specs... ?
Is this a laptop, or a desktop?.
If a desktop, swap out the monitor and see if the problem persists.
It sounds to me that the backlight of the monitor screen is failing.
(after seeing the pictures, I am changing my mind!)
On a desktop, just throw it away and get a new monitor.
On a laptop... it is possible to do a repair.
I did on a Dell, a number of years back,
usually less expensive than a new laptop...
but... may be more headache than it is worth.
This may mean replacing the tube,
or the circuit board that drives it
or both.

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