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Outlook 2010 Contacts Search brings up multiple copies of contact

Q: Outlook 2010 Contacts Search brings up multiple copies of contact

i have troubles with my outlook 2010 contacts. The main problem is that there is no category view. I have categorized my 1000+ contacts; only one category appears in Current View. When I search for a contact, it brings up three copies of the same contact. Worst, it assigns some an extra category. I recently exported all the contacts into a csv file, deleted them from Outlook, edited the csv file carefully, and imported them back into Outlook. The Outlook file must be corrupt. Should I just start over, delete Outlook, reinstall it, make a new file from scratch, import the csv contacts file? Other ideas?

Preferred Solution: Outlook 2010 Contacts Search brings up multiple copies of contact

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2010 Contacts Search brings up multiple copies of contact

Take a look at these links Outlook Duplicate Causes and Prevention

Preventing Duplicate Contacts in Dynamics CRM and Outlook | eImagine Technology Group

Do they help?


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I reinstalled windows and imported outlook .pst file back into outlook 2010. All show up emails and contacts, but I can't search existing contacts. If I enter a new contact and save, then a search will find the new contact. Any ideas?

A:Can't search contacts in outlook 2010

Nevermind. Ran a repair on the .pst and gave the program time for indexing the nearly 2GB .pst and it is working.

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Hi everyone,

I am using Outlook 2010. Its searching was working fine until 3 weeks ago. I was not able to search new contacts that I added a few weeks ago. However, I could search the old contacts I added years ago. So far, I had tried to rebuild the indexing, repair Outlook and the .ost file, but they all didn't work.

I just rebuilt the indexing one more time 2 days ago. I now can search the old contacts now but not the new ones. Same problem!!!
Does anyone have any clue or solution? THANKS!!!

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Hey guys!

I have a .vcf file with 200 contacts and am looking for a way to import them to outlook 2010, outlook only reads one entry and not the rest.

So I have to use a 3rd party utility, problem is I can not find a free one, how do they ALL COST MONEY??? In software 75 or more percent of the time there is a free alternative, perhaps anyone knows of one?


A:Import VCF With Multiple Contacts to Outlook 2010 FREE

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Outlook 2010
iPod Touch 5th Gen iOS v 6.1.3
iTunes sync via USB cable - I do NOT use iCloud

Hi All

I have 2 different profiles in my desktop Outlook. One for Personal and One for Business. On my iPod Touch, I can receive email from all my POP3 email accounts. However, for Contacts, Notes and Calendars, my Touch ONLY syncs with my Personal Outlook Profile. This means that I cannot access my Business contacts on the Touch.

I have searched for an answer to see IF I can actually sync my Touch with multiple Outlook profiles, but haven't come up with an answer.

Does anyone know if iTunes will allow a sync between the device and multiple Outlook profiles?


A:syncing Multiple Outlook 2010 profile contacts with iDevice

Does this help?

Sync basics - what you can and cannot sync - mac outlook

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I have a user who is set up like everyone else on our SBS 2003 server. He is having the following problem. He goes to add a new contact in Outlook 2007 and he starts to enter the phone number. The dialer setup wizard comes up and will not let him enter any further information. He does not dial anyone from the computer. I don't know where this is coming from and I am not sure how to get it to stop. Anyone have an idean?

A:Outlook contacts brings up dialer

Are there any 3rd party plugins installed that might be causing this, such as Skype or another internet (or modem) dialer?

Also, have you scanned with malwarebytes (or your preferred anti-malware program) just to be sure it's not malware?

One other thought, in Internet Explorer, under 'Tools', 'Internet Options', 'Connections', is 'Never dial a connection' selected? It should be if the user never dials a connection. I'm guessing this is not the issue although it's worth checking.

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My grandmother has a compaq running Windows ME (yes I know it stinks). It has Outlook Express version 6. She has comcast email and internet.

I have scanned it with Adaware, Spybot S&D, as well as Norton AV with updated definitions and the system is fairly clean.

From time to time when she tries to send an email to single contact, multiple people in her address book will recieve the same email.

There are a couple of things that might be a clue to the problem. About a year ago, I backed up her address book and emails and reformated then imported the account details using the process found here: http://support.microsoft.com/default...;EN-US;q270670

The other thing I noticed, she has some contacts that are invalid. An example would be
[email protected]
Comcast mail server returns an error to outlook if this name is in the recipient list.

Any thoughts?


A:OE sending sinlge contact email to multiple contacts

OE->Tools->Options->Send Tab

Uncheck this if it is checked. See if that stops the problem.
Automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing


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Hi, I've created a number of groups of contacts manually, entering each email address etc only under the new group I've created.

However, it seems the standard OE search only searches the main contact list, and my contacts are not in it- only in the groups.

I'm probably missing something obvious- or am I?

Ideas welcome!

Thanks, dal987

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I'm trying to import 6,000 contacts into an Outlook Contact Form I took weeks to design.

Someone please help me, and tell me if it's possible.

A:import 6,000 contacts into an Outlook Contact Form

The form only displays the data, just import it and it should work fine if the fields in the form correspond to the ones imported.

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I am hoping someone on here may be able to assist me. Over the weekend I "merged" my Outlook 2003 contact list into my Business Contact Manager. This deleted all the contacts from my Outlook list. I didn't realise at the time that BCM did not sync with devices such as the new Blackberry Bold 9700 I received today!! The problem I now have is that I don't seem to be able to copy the BCM contacts back into my Outlook list? I have tried expoting the BCM contact list into a .csv file, and then tried importing that file into Outlook but it appears the CSV file is all sorted into one column?

Is there an easy way to copy them back into Outlook so I can sync it with my phone?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I have Windows XP Home Edition and Outlook XP. I would like to set up a second Outlook.pst file for my wife. I know she could share my file but it would be cleaner if we each had our own separate copy. Would this cause problems for Outlook if the files are in separate directories?

A:Multiple Copies of Outlook.pst

You need to have seperate profiles in order to do this. Make a seperate login in XP for each of you and you should be able to create your own profile after that.

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On occasion Outlook 2003 will send out multiple copies of an email. Usually this happens with email with attachments. The larger the attachment the more likely it seem to occur. I will get error messages 0x8004210B and 0x800CCOB but the sending of the messages continues. I get only one copy in my sent mail file. My server timeout is set at 10 minutes. Seems to be no real pattern as to when this occurs. One day an email with an attachment will go out as it should. The next day an email with the identical attachment will not and multiple copies are received. At some point in the sending process, things revert to normal but people have received up to 22 copies of the same message but usually it is fewer.

A:Outlook sending multiple copies

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Hi there!
I've got yet another issue with the new Outlook (Preview): there are double folders appearing, dutch ones as well as english ones. I've tried to remove the english ones, but they keep coming back automatically! And not only that, I'm also facing to problem
that all messages in my folders seem to get duplified, triplefied or even worse: the same messages are being cloned up to thirty times! When I remove them all - except for one of course -, and empty my 'Deleted'-folder, they're all there again the next time
I open the folder concerned. Should I simply wait for an Outlook update, or is there anything I can do about this? I've never had this problem before, and it's terribly annoying!
Vince from Holland.

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I use Outlook 2003. I get multiple (sometimes as many as 8 or 10) copies of most e-mail messages. This is not the problem that some people have had where they delete the e-mails and then those same messages appear next time they download their mail. I get the multiple copies of new messages. I've tried turning off my virus protection but that makes no difference. Thanks for any help.

Larry J

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I have Windows 7. I noticed my outlook 2010 5 contact folders and when I try to send an email and click on To the only folders it shows is Contacts, Suggested contact, & Cloud Contacts. I click on Contact and no one shows up, if I go back and click on the other folders 2 of them have my contacts. It looks like the Contact folder that is empty is my main folder because it will not let me rename or delete it. The folder that is labeled exactly like it that has all my contacts and group setups will let me rename it. I have looked for a way to export those into the blank but no luck. Anyone have any suggestions. My folders are Contacts ? Contacts ? Contacts ? Suggested Contacts ? Contacts from ICloud.

Thanks for any help.

A:Outlook 2010 Contact problem

You can just drag and drop contacts into the main Contacts group, hold down shift to select multiple contacts. Then you can delete the unwanted groups. For the other groups you want to keep, right click and go to Properties, then on the Address Book tab make sure the box is checked for "Show this folder as an Email Address is checked".

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When sending an email the recipients are getting up to 15 duplicates of it......what gives?

A:Outlook Express sends multiple copies of mails

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after friends alerted me to receiving 50-60 copies of an email with a large video attachment...i ran scans with two different security programs...no bugs found.

does anyone know what may have happened and what may be done to fix it. i am running Windows 7 with Microsoft Office/Outlook 2007.

thanks. rollie.

A:Outlook sending multiple copies of large emails

Did the emails actually come from your system? You'll have to go through the headers to determine the actual source.
Or do they just have your email address in the From and/or Reply to fields? Not much you can do in this case, except file a complaint with the ISP the email was sent from.

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Hello, in Outlook 2010 I have a large list of contacts all divided into categories with 50+ e-mail addresses each. I normally select the category and create a new e-mail for these contacts, paste a signature of text to the e-mail, copy/paste the subject and mark the e-mail with high importance and confidential. Is it possible to create a new e-mail with the categories/e-mail addresses I want to send to and upload a template to paste the e-mail text, subject, high importance and confidential? Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards, SusieSusie

A:Contact categories and use of templates in Outlook 2010

Welcome to Sevenforums, Susie!

Sure, you just create an email account, click "Send an email", select which email account to use by clicking "From", click the "To" and select the contacts from any list in any of your email accounts.

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I have a double contact group in Outlook 2010. What I mean by that is when I try to do a new email and choose a group it does not contain all of the contacts that I need it to. When I look up the same contact group in my Contacts or Address book it is correct.

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I created a new profile for a gmail account that I am using with Outlook 2010. I noticed that I do not see the usual Add To Contacts dialog when I mouse over the sender's email address in the open (being read) message. I tried launching with the control-key down to avoid any potential macro issues interfering. No change.


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I've been using Contact Groups on previous computer, but when I moved over to my new PC and loaded Office 2010 along with Outlook, the contacts groups in OUtlook does not seem to work.

None of the groups I had before were imported, although I have imported all of the contacts themselves.

When I create a new Contact Group it seems to be fine - it allows me to create it, add some contacts, and save it. But, I go to create an email and want to use the contact group, nothing will come up as a group. Also, when I look directly into contacts folder there are no groups there.

What to do?

A:Outlook 2010 Contact Groups not working


I noticed no one had responded to you. I don't have an answer off hand but if you still have this problem I will try to help trouble shoot it.


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Hi, I recently migrated from an old computer and have trouble learning the new software.
Have transferred all my many contact groups to the new outlook.
some display correctly JOHNS SMITH under name and [email protected] under the email heading.

However, some contact groups - let's call them defficient - dont, they will just display
[email protected] under BOTH the NAME and EMAIL headings.
With 50-100 names in such a group that presents a problem if I want to edit the recipients before sending a particular mail.
My address book and 'contact folder' both have the correct display of full name and email under two seperate headings.
How do I correct the settings in the defficient contact groups?
And, when I tried creating a new contact group, the same thing happened .. the display once again showed ....... [email protected] under BOTH the NAME and EMAIL headings.
Something wrong with the default settings?
Grateful for step by step instructions as I have tried to use the various HELP solutions found in outlook but have not been able to follow them. If the settings in the 'defficient groups' can't be corrected, just show me how to creat a new group which will show the desired FULL NAME in the first column and the EMAIL ADDRESS in the second.
Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Outlook 2010 + Contact group viewing

UPDATE... sort of. I did find a way, albeit a painfully slow one, to correct it one contact at a time.
open the (individual) contact
delete the email address in the 'display as' line (leave it blank)
click 'save and close' (top left)
press F5 as you are coming back to the 'list view' of the contact group
the corrected contact will now have the name in col 1 and the email adr in col 2.
UNFORTUNATELY, this only corrects THE CONTACTS IN THIS CONTACT GROUP and NOT the address book or global contact folder.
To do so, I still need to find a solution to BULK CHANGE the 'display as' line from showing the email address to showing the name

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After following directions (Export Windows Live Mail email, contacts, and calendar data to Outlook), the contacts appear in OL, but only as names and phone #'s....no emails. Yes, I've double checked that the desired boxes are checked when exporting from WLM, have tried DOS and Windows as comma separated data. I'm good at following directions, but quite unknowing about theory and structure of windows.

Any suggestions?

A:failed contact import from WLM to Outlook 2010

Hi wiseimages, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have a look at this website & see if it helps you.

Convert Windows Live Mail into Microsoft Outlook

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I have 650 contacts in my address book in MS Outlook 2010. I need to create a Contact Group to send an announcement to. Not all of my contacts have email addresses. I would like to select only the contacts that have email addresses and add them to a new Contact Group so I can send out the announcement. When I try to do create group I have to add members individually. I would like to be able to so a sort of those only containing email addresses and add multiple contacts to group at once . Is this possible?

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Business Contact Manager is a powerful contact and customer information management feature of Outlook.

The new version of Business Contact Manager (BCM) for Outlook 2010 is far more powerful and flexible than BCM for Outlook 2007. Manage your business contacts, track opportunities through the sales cycle, send personalized marketing campaigns, and organize your business projects.

With this introductory post, the BCM team has started to write about the top features in their upcoming release for Office 2010:
A new user experience makes BCM very flexible and easy to use, and it offers effective visualization of your business data through charts and a customizable dashboard.
BCM also enhances the effectiveness of your sales management process. For example, the automatic lead scoring functionality will help you identify the most important leads and shrink the sales cycle.
Best of all, you can modify BCM to fit your business needs. Completely customize BCM forms using a new visual designer, create new record types, define custom relationships, and create custom reports.
There are many new and exciting features in BCM. Visit BCM Team Blog regularly to learn how BCM for Office 2010 can help grow your business.

When you try Office 2010 you can download BCM from the Microsoft Connect site. Please try it out and send us your feedback!


A:Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010

Based upon this, is there anyway to use my Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager on my new machine that is 64 bit with Windows 7. If there is how do I do it, as my current CDs for office say they are not compatible.

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I have formatted my HD and installed office 2010.
Before formatting I exported my contact persons (Outlook 2003) to a pst file, and now I try to import them to my new Outlook, but no matter what I do, nothing happens.
I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me exactly how to do it.
Thanks a lot

A:Import contact persons to Outlook 2010

See if this helps...

BTW Merry Christmas!

Office Outlook 2010 Import And Export

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I am used to hitting "enter" in 2003 to get the next input field for an additional member to the group. I also had the keyboard shortcut of Alt D--I think it was--to do the same job.

With the new program I have to stop each time and click on +Member and answer the question of where the name is stored or if it is a new person. Since I do large mailing lists, this is endlessly frustrating and time consuming.

Has anyone discovered how to do this easily and where I might set up keyboard shortcuts in Outlook...I searched through all the the possibilities. The only semi-short is the Quick Tool Bar...but that is little help.

A:Solved: Contact Group (Add to) Outlook 2010

Hi Christine,
If all of your contacts are located in the same place, you can press Ctrl and select all of the ones you want. Click Members -> and it will add them all at once. Hope that helps.

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So, my googling skills found nothing (couldn't get the search terms specific enough, I think), so I'm throwing it out to the peanut gallery.

For purchasing in my department, I email my boss the parts, and cc his secretary. He approves the order, and she purchases the parts. I was wanting to create a contact group that sends him the email, and cc's her. Is this at all possible, and if not, can anyone think of a simple way to automate it? I know it's kind of petty, but when you send 10+ emails of this nature per day (and yes, it has to be individual emails, since they correlate to different projects/work orders), it's a saving of two seconds that's nice.

A:Outlook 2010 Contact Group Question

Outlook templates

Outlook 2010 - New email - In the Untitled message fill out TO and CC fields - Save as - Save as type - Outlook template. This would create *.oft file. Opening this file with open Untitled message with specified TO and CC.

If you want a special tab on the ribbon for your templates use this article.

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How do I need to set up my contacts so that I have one main folder with several sub folders sharing most of the same contacts. I want to be able to edit the contact information to any of the contacts from one folder and the corrections would take place to the contact in any of the other folders it may appear in. Is this possible in outlook? My database use to be in Access and it was a wonderful feature. I just can't believe that Outlook wouldn't have it.

A:Contacts Outlook 2010

Contacts will only appear on one place. If you have a contact named John Doe and it is filtered or categorized in multiple ways changing the contact once will change it everywhere. Do not duplicate contacts as there is no need to.

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Are you an Outlook user and need help with your business contacts? This tutorial will help you. Are you looking for a new program to use with email, contacts, notes and more? Take a look at this tutorial to see if Outlook 2010 is right for you.

The computer is very beneficial in today?s lifestyle. With the internet, things have become faster in spreading information, education and in sales and marketing. And with continuous improvements, still things are getting better and quicker for faster exchange of files and information.

Getting things in order especially in large organizations is also something that has been addressed. With the Microsoft Outlook 2010, organizing emails and contacts as well as arranging tasks and making your own list of to-do?s is now possible and quite easy. This is an Outlook 2010 business contact manager tutorial, but it will also explain what you can do and expect with Outlook 2010.

Free Outlook 2010 Business Contact Manager Tutorial

A:Outlook 2010: Business Contact Manager Tutorial

There are video tutorials, articles and customization files for Business Contact Manager (BCM) 2010 at Business Contact Manager 2010 Consulting Services | Consulting Services, Tutorials & Customizations that you guys can find very helpful.

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Can I install Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manger on my new laptop Samsung 10.1" which has Windows 7 Starter installed. Also has a Skype preinstalled. As I want to use only for my business. Only E-mails and Skype.
(Someone told me that it will not work. I do not want to spoil my new laptop)
Thanks and Regards,

A:Installing MS Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager


Yes, you can install Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manger on your new laptop. It will work perfectly. Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager features and benefits - Outlook - Office.com

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Hi all,
does anybody know a simple way to backup outlook 2010 and also Business Contact Manager? I have tried following the help screens but they make no sense.

Really appreciate some help on this one!

Thanks in advance

A:How to Backup Outlook 2010 and Business Contact Manager?

Culture change welcome to SF. I think I can help you with this.

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I have recently upgraded by way of a custom installation Windows 7 from XP and further downloaded and installed Outlook 2016. Please could someone advise as to how I would be able to find in the saved Windows.old file or anywhere else the previous contact list that I would then be able to export to the newly installed outlook. At present I can't find the appropriate file nor the old emails that were on the pc prior to the upgrade. Any ideas/suggestions etc much appreciated.

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I have outlook 2010 installed and it seems I have "different" contact lists - how? I dunno, can I "see" the folders - NO??

If I click Contacts in the main screen and then "new Contact" I create a contact and save/close. If I get a n email from someone not in my contact list and I right click on their email address I can "add" r\to outlook contacts but if I then search contacts I don't find those added by the second method above.. ??

I have to change the view - View, change view, list to see ALL my contacts. If I have the Business card view then not all contacts are shown.

Is there something screwy? Or is this "Normal" It sure as hell is annoying

A:Outlook 2010 contacts confusion

Man...I thought i'm the only one with this problem ....
I can't even delete the empty ones ....
Why can office 2010 has contact the way that 2007 layout ..
Can I set 1 contact list for all email accounts ...? just like 2007 ..?
Thanks ..

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I have the contacts from Thunderbird in EXCEL in .csv files but can't find a way to move them to Outlook. Where do I paste them?

A:Thunderbird contacts to Outlook 2010

You don't "paste" them, you import the CSV file:

Open Outlook.
Click on File > Import & Export
Import from another program or file.
Comma Separated Values (Windows)

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The title would make it sound like a simple problem, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Here is the situation. Last week a thunder storm blew through and sent a electrical spike through my protection and rendered my motherboard useless. My computer guy salvaged my data for all users from the drive. Once the motherboard was replaced, he had to repair the OS,(Vista). He then plopped the data into a folder on the drive. Now I just need to reload my programs and all that stuff. My question is this: I see the folder with all of my contacts in it. How do I get those contacts back in Outlook 2007? I tried the import wizard, but it seems that there is no option for importing that format. I looked at the properties of one of the contacts and it is listed as a .contact format. What is that? Any help would be appricated.

A:Import Contacts into Outlook 2010

Did you save the original Outlook.pst file? If so, just replace the new one with the original.

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I have 2 Outlook 2010 contacts issues I'm dealing with...hopefully you can help.

1. Unable to search contacts.
When using the "Find a Contact" search box in the 'Find' section in the ribbon, I'm not able to get any results. I have my contacts organized into contacts, vendors, architects, franchisees, etc. Within my contacts section, I have a distribution group for each job location, but no actual contacts. The only results it will return is a distribution list...no individual contacts are returned.

2. Unable to select contacts and organize distribution groups
When I open a distribution list and try to add a new contact, I'm only able to select our corporate address list (internal), my contacts folder (containing only distribution lists), and the stupid 'suggested contacts' list containing emails of people that i don't have organized because I don't need to keep their address)...no other lists are available.

Any thoughts on how I can get through these problems? I'm using Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit, Office 2010. I did allow it to setup indexing. ANY help would be appreciated...this is driving me nuts!!!!

Thanks in advance

A:Outlook 2010 Contacts Issues

Have you tried talking to your IT Department?

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I have a bunch of email addresses that have been automatically added to my Contacts in Outlook 2010, as well as some other contacts that have synced in from my phone, in addition to the many existing ones... many of the addresses and phone numbers go together with existing contacts. But is there an easy way to combine or "merge" two contact entries? Or am I stuck opening two entries, copy-and-pasting info, then deleting the extraneous one?

I have Contacts Scrubber, but it relies on two or more entries having at least some duplicate info... a lot of these extra entries are JUST automatically-added email addresses.

A:Combine contacts in Outlook 2010?

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I am Using windows 7 professional and outlook 2013.
now i need to sync MS-outlook contacts with the cisco IP-Phones.....(syncing is not an issue)
but when i dial those contact numbers OF MS-Outlook VIA cisco IP-Phones, the call doesnt get connected...WE NEED TO ADD '0' before every number, then only the call gets connected

so inshort need a quick way to add '0' to every contact present in the MS-Outlook


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I paged through the archives and couldn't find this - please forgive if this has been answered dozens of times.

My Outlook Express 6 is driving my colleagues crazy. It sends and resends the same message multiple times, all the while informing me that it can't send the specified message, which remains in the Outbox. Each time I open the program, it tries and "fails" to send yet again - yet in fact sends it. It informs me there was an error, but doesn't specify an error # (the error message window is blank).

I got so frustrated that I started using Netscape's email software. But now Netscape has acquired its own bugginess and is refusing to download my mails. Grrr.

Desperate, I actually did pay for and use RegCure - but nothing has improved, except RegCure's financial situation.

If anyone can help with this, I'll be grateful. I'd like to get back to doing some actual work.

A:Outlook Express 6 sends multiple copies of email but remains in Outbox

Hi nan.wellins

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Several things could be the cause:
What anti-virus program are you using?
Is e-mail scanning enabled?
Do you have an anti-spam program?

Is there an attachment included with the message?
Does this occur with all messages?
How do you connect to the Internet?
Dial-up, DSL, broadband?

Let us know.

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Hi everyone,

This is the screenshot of Outlook 2010 contact address box (its original format, as the screenshot shows). But somehow, outlook was updated with a kbxxxxx and the mailing address box is no longer a single box, but rather several boxes. Like one box for street, one box for state, etc? do you know which sp changed it so that I can uninstall it? Perhaps i am wrong with kbxxxx causing it. If anyone knows any way to change it back to one box, please advise. Thanks.

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I want to export all my contacts in Outlook 2010 to Excel. Suggestions?

Why: I am fairly sure my outlook file is corrupt. I cannot see my contacts in category view as I did when I had the same program in WinXP (I upgraded to Win7.) After 8 months, the first category appeared in the Current View box, but no others. I can see the categories in list view. I thought I would find some errors when I export them to a file I can edit.

Alternatively, is there any way to view the main Outlook file, (.pst?) in an external editor?

A:How to export Outlook 2010 contacts to Excel?

Sorry folks, found the export under "open."

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Hi I have Office 2010 which came bundled with Outlook. What I am trying to achieve is to trasnfer my iPhone contacts to my Outlook on my PC. I go through the iTunes contact sync and in iTunes I select Outlook as the option to sync with. After iTunes tells me the sync is complete, no contacts appear in my Outlook.

I used to have Outlook Express but now have the full-blown version of Outlook, could this be causing the problem?

A:Outlook 2010 problem importing contacts

Do you have iCloud Contact sync enabled on your iPhone. Note that if you do, iTunes will say that contacts were synced but like in your case, no contacts will appear within your Outlook. iCloud Contact sync and Outlook sync via iTunes do not go together.

You can alternatively export your iPhone contacts to outlook using third-party tools such as copytrans contacts:

Make sure to select the Outlook option once prompted during export.

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About the time my husband left his old job we got our new Windows 7 laptop, purchased and installed Office 2010, including Outlook. Since his new job is in the same industry, he wanted to "bring home" his Outlook contacts. He exported his contacts at work (PST file) to a jump drive. I imported these to our new Outlook. Little did I realize just how many contacts he had!

As I am thinking about getting a new cell phone to sync with Outlook, I really don't want to carry around his business contacts with me! I think I will just save his PST file until he really needs it.

Now... how can I remove his contacts I imported? If necessary I could "empty" all my contacts (if that's possible to do) and re-export/re-import my personal contacts from my old laptop.

So glad to find this Windows 7 forum! Any advice is appreciated.


A:Outlook 2010--Remove Imported Contacts?

Hi Lisa

Welcome to Seven Forums

You could try the following from Office Support:

Remove an address book

Click the File tab.
Click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.

On the Address Books tab, click the address book that you want to remove, and then click Remove.

Hope this helps in some way


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Saw this post in 2008 but couldn't find the answer.

I have a few contacts that I can't find in any VIEW in my contacts folder. If I think of some obscure piece of information (not the first name or last name, but perhaps something within their email address), I can get to them through the search contacts feature - so I know the contact exists.

There's one in particular that I THOUGHT I actually recreated thinking it was a record problem... is it a data problem?

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

A:Some contacts hidden/invisible in Outlook (2010)

There's a new view in 2010 - "Suggested Contacts" Apparently when I searched contacts, something could make it pop up. I found the invisible contact in Suggested Contacts, moved it over and all is good...

Thank you!

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I have Office 2013 on my HP Surface Pro and it has been working fine ever since I installed it 5 months ago.  Now today when I was sending a new e-mail and click on the TO: in order to bring up my list of contacts, I do not get the contacts list but instead
get a window that is titled "Select Names: Contacts".  Type your search keywords and click "Go" to perform a search.
I can type the person's name in the search field and it pulls them up.  I then touch on To in this search window and it will then
allow me to select OK which transfers the person's e-mail address to the New Email screen.
I can't figure out what has happened.
My contact folder still contains all of my e-mail addresses but they will not pull up from the create a new email screen when you click on the TO: field while attempting to select e-mail address.
Can anyone help me?  I have tried everything I know to do.
I am using Office 2010 and my Surface Pro has Windows 8 on it but it has been working perfectly until today.

A:Office Outlook 2010 will not access contacts

First, which version of Office do you have? You start by saying you have 2013, but then at the end you say you have 2010. This is important, as there are significant changes to the user interface between 2010 and 2013. Are you using the Outlook client on the computer, or the Outlook web app? Also, are you searching for the contacts in Outlook, or are you searching using the Windows 8 search bar?

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