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Unbale to open file with extension .MHT

Q: Unbale to open file with extension .MHT

I have tried IE 11, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word but unblae to open the .mht file, please suggest how can i open the files with this extension, fukes are uploaded in the SharePoint online library by the users, but are unable to open it .

Thanks in advance


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Preferred Solution: Unbale to open file with extension .MHT

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


when i open a powerpoint file saved on D drive, it shows tha message "powerpoint was unable to open or save this document. please ensure that you have access pvivilages to read or write the document and that it is not encrypted".
i am using lenovo 300n100 series laptop. windows xp(sp2) installed on C drive.
due to some viruses and software malfunctioning, i had to reinstall the operating system.after windows reinstallation, i couldnt open powerpoint files saved on D drive. as far as i remember, i think i did select the encrypt files under properties by right clicking on the folder containing powerpoint files.

so since i have lot of important powerpoint files in that folder which i cant open now, i will be extremely thankful to those who can help me open the files.
i look forward for asistance

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i need to save a scanned document as a pdf ,well i couldn't find save as pdf option in scan wizard iam using hp scanjet4370 scanner

A:unbale to save a file as PDF

If you are sure you looked in the right place for that option, try re-installing the HP scanner driver and the HP Solution Centre software.

If that does not help, it may be the type of document you are scanning is not compatible with PDF, therefore the option to save as such is not available.

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I bought a Western digital 2.5" portable hard drive with 120 GB of capacity. I have downloaded a back up file to it from my windows XP computer but I cannot open the bkf file to see what files were actually copied. The error message tells me I need to create a file association to open the bkf file and I don't know how to do that! Any suggestions?

My experience with the Western Digital support has been a waste of time.


A:Solved: create file extension to open bkf file

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I am wondering if anyone can give me some guidance on how to open .txn files. I know there was a topic regarding this posted some time ago, but it was 2 yrs ago, and I didn't think it was appropriate to rehash such an old thread

Some suggestions were to rename the file and change the extension to .html, but this doesn't work..not for me anyway. Is there a specific program that will allow me to open this type of file? Or a workaround of some sort?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

A:How Do I Open a File With extension ".txn"

According to this: http://www.file-extensions.org/txn-file-extension.txn extension may come from 3 different sources:HTML documentMySpace IM related fileMicrosoft transaction logsso, if renaming to .html doesn't work, your file may not be HTML document.Try Notepad++: http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm

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Am running Vista. I often receive emails in Windows Mail with attachments that contain a file extension ".xls". I have followed advice from this site and gone into control panel, default prog., set associations but cannot find .xls on the list. I have downloaded powerpoint viewer and have tried saving these attachments to my documents folder but will still not open. Am I able to add this extension to the set associations list by any chance, or is there still something else I can do? Regards,

A:cannot open file extension

File Extension .XLS Details
There are two listed there.
Works Spreadsheet and your need Works for it.
But the other is Excel Worksheet and you need Excel for it but there are other ways to open it like...
Free Microsoft Viewer
Zoho Viewer (Web Viewer)

Wow Zoho Viewer lets you view many formats online.
Supported Files

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I have just downloaded my credit card transaction history but the file has a qfx extension and Windows XP cannot open the file. What software should I use to open it?

A:How do I open File with qfx extension?

Try here:

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Received a file from a friend with a .qxf extension. How do I open it in Excel?

A:Can't open file with qxf extension.

This is a Quicken Financial Exchange file. you need Quicken to open it. Have them convert the file to Excel and resend it to you.

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I downloaded .cdi file. What type of software should I use to open it? Thanks.

A:how to open .cdi file extension

It is listed as a Phillips interactive CD extension. The most likely thing is a Padus Disk Juggler image file. You would use the Padus software to write the image to a CD.

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can anyone tell me how do i can open a .dmg file in windows and can be able to burn that file in some cd/dvd ??????

A:How to open .dmg file extension????

Quote: Originally Posted by scorpionking

can anyone tell me how do i can open a .dmg file in windows and can be able to burn that file in some cd/dvd ??????

Yep DMG is an apple extension. You can use almost any Mac app to burn them to dvds. If you want to do it on win 7 you are going to have to gooogle an app that can read dmg in win 7 and write it.

Read about it here. Apple Disk Image - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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I've downloaded a file with no extension and I don't know how to open it.
here's the link of the source 

A:Open a file with no extension

Clicking on that link, leads you away from facebook...to something entitled "jimscontent.com".....
Personally I wouldnt touch it with a barge pole......I feel it is just begging for infection/malware etc etc etc
I attempted to access it.....but only because I am running Linux.....not Windows.
Either way it is a "dead" link
Can you contact the person posting it ?

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What utility can I use to open a file with a .qic file extension? It's an old backup file using Roxio but my current version of Roxio 9 no longer supports PC backup so I'd like to restore this file. Or at least open it with something that I can somehow interrogate what's in it and open some documents and pictures that are in it and save them in another format. I see .qic info on the web but I'm cautious about downloading something. Basically I just want to look in to the big file for pieces of it that I'd like to recover. I no longer use Roxio for backing up my pc. Thanks! Tom Scott

A:how to open a .qic file (extension)

Take a read here,seems some people have had success using Backup MyPC that Veritas licensed to Orlogix product.

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I have Windows Vista and checked previous answers to this question (how to open a file extension). The file I want to open isn't in the list when I go through Program/default/association control panel.

How do I open a genealogy program called Family Tree Maker that is a .ftm file?

A:Can't open file extension

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I've received a file with a .biz file extention. It contains a desktop publishing type document. Is there a free viewer program to open the file? What other program can open files in a .biz format? What program creates files with a .biz extension?

A:.biz file extension - How to open?

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Cannot open win.dat file extension. New to Windows 7, using Thunderbird email. Can anyone help?

A:how to open .dat file extension

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please can anyone tell me how to open .HDD file format.
some days back my hard disk crashed. when i recovered my data
specifically video file, it is showing video.hdd and could not open in window
media player or VLC.

please help me out.


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please can anyone tell me how to open .HDD file format.
some days back my hard disk crashed. when i recovered my data
specifically video file, it is showing video.hdd and could not open in window
media player or VLC.

please help me out.


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Please tell me how to open this .pct extension file. From i download the file it is mention this is font file. But bot loaded as font when i try.

A:.pct file extension - Open Problem

This page will show you some information


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I have Adobe shockwave player on my system and when my friends send me an e-mail with a swf extension, it won't open...what am I missing?

A:I can't open swf file extension emails

I could be way off the mark here, but I think you need Flash Player ...

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Can anyone help me open a file with a .msg extension?

A:Solved: Unable to open file with .msg extension

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Hello Helpers,
I receive a message when trying to open .wmv attachments. I receive an error that says no file extension is associated and Windows Media Player does not automatically open the file. I have gone to my folder options tab and the association is there. What am I doing wrong? I operate in Windows Professional.

A:When trying to open wmv files with WMP error says no file extension is associated

Have you selected WMF...as the default to open all .wmv files...by right-clicking on any .wmv file and choosing WMF as the default option?


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Hi Friends,

If you get an error opening outlook stating:

"An extension failed to initialize. Can't open file: extend.dat. The file may not exist, you may not have permission to open it, or it may be open in another program. Right-click the folder that contains the file, and then click Properties to check your permissions for the folder. You don't have appropriate permissions to perform this operation." do this...

Allow Hidden Files: To view folders and files that are hidden, from my computer, click tools and then folder options. Click the view tab at the top of the window. Scroll down to the option Hidden files and folders. Click the option that says show hidden files and folders. Then click OK.

open explorer and navigate to folder:

The Fix: Make sure outlook is closed and not running. If you are viewing hidden files and folders, use windows explorer to go to documents and settings, then the folder of the user with the error. Next click Local Settings, then Application Data, then Microsoft, and finally click and go into the outlook folder. There is where you will find extend.dat. Now from here rename the file from extend.dat to extend.Old. Restart outlook and send someone an email.

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Inside .acc file is a simple text, but the mighty Excel tries to open it like some kind of database. It is asking for accounts, sources, passwords etc. and finally it cannot open it at all. It can open this file if I change extension to something else like .txt or .xls. How can I turn off this useless function of Excel 2013? The Excel of 2003 just opens it without any question.

A:Excel 2013 cannot open simple text file with .acc extension

Hi gacuxz, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

MS changed Office file extensions from version 2007. This website might it explain it for you.

Microsoft Office file extensions list

When you have opened the file in question, by the method you mention, have you tried saving it, using the Save As option, with a file extension listed in the Save As options list.

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how can i open and edit the file extension apalbum with windows?

my friend did a labor-intensive photoshoot modeling me, then hired someone to burn a CD of the pix for me from his memory stik, then the stik was formatted so no longer has pix. Problem: the CD files are all apalbum extension, but I have a windows XP, not an apple!
I want to open them, and also edit them as desired in my photoshop. Is there a way?

A:Solved: how can i open and edit the file extension apalbum with windows?

I would suggest that you find someone that has a Mac with this program and have them open and possibly save the images a usable file type.

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Well, fl studio file extension .flp, misteiously losz its default program.
It was not even in control panel >> default programs, extension was missing from windows.

In folder I did not changed to view file extensions, every other extension was not showed, but lets say PROJECT.FLP was showing like this in folder, and was threated like no extension, was threated like if it is just PROJECT and no fullstop and extension behind.

I fixed problem, but now when trying to reproduce again, and if I delete asocciation it will show just PROJECT, not PROJECT.FLP, that was weird problem and I would like to know why this happened?

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ive had some viruses lately and i think they damaged my icons

txt file and bat files show up as the icon for a file extension that is not known

i tried lots of programs and none worked please help me

also reg files dont work i click on them and they dont import

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 and

REGEDIT4 dont work either

thx in advance

A:Txt and Bat extension show up as the not known file extension icon


there all the file defaults, use the ones you need, also you should download hijackthis so a mod can tell you whether your computer is still infected

Download 'Hijack This!

*Save HJTInstall.exe to your desktop.
*Doubleclick on the HJTInstall.exe icon on your desktop.
*By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis .
*Click on Install.
*It will create a HijackThis icon on the desktop.
*Once installed, it will launch Hijackthis.
*Click on the Do a system scan and save a logfile button. It will scan and the log *should open in notepad.
*Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents *of the log.
*go to this thread and post the contents
*DO NOT have Hijackthis fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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I have been using this same Excel file for many years. I viewed on my new home laptop 2 days ago, using a 2010 Excel Version. It was created on 2007.

I opened it on my work computer, version 2003, and now get the above error message on both machines. The file can no longer be opened.

I have tried emailing it, still won't open.

I have chenged the file type to both .xls and .xlxs neither open.

I downloaded the program on the home page of this site, and it said no file issues, no known problems for this file.

When I click Open File, it still shows where I had the file opened (the file name in lighter gray font - but cannot open.) The original file is in black, and I can open. But, get that message.

I also tried to open and fix - and I tried both options, with formulas, and without formulas, and all it opened was foreign characters.

Any other suggestions? Or is this file gone? Unfortunately, my most recent back up is 3-4 months old...

Thank you for your help,

A:Excel File now says File Format or File Extension is not valid...

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I'm trying to open in Excel 2010 a file with .exf extension that is always a pipe delimited text file. I have set, using Windows file associations, to open this type of file with Excel. But, I would like for it to recognize that it is pipe delimited, so that I don't have to click on Delimited, Other, "|" to import the file. Any ideas? I also thought about using a macro to save some steps as well. Thanks for your help!

A:Excel import pipe delimited file based on file extension

Hi, welcome tothe forum
Macro is the solution, just start the macro recorder, give it a name and do what you do, stop the recorder and you have the macro.
Simple as pie

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So I recently had a case of hard drive failure in which basically nothing of value was recovered in the original directory structure, however the drive was full of .chk files from a chkdsk run. I ran a quick script to change all of the extensions to .jpg, and most of the files were in fact intact.

Many of the files, however, are either corrupt, or are simply not JPEG files, and so will not open with the .jpg extension. Is there any batch renaming application that can analyze files by their header data, and append the appropriate extension automatically for the most commonly used filetypes?

A:Batch file extension processing by file header?

Usually file recovery software does that (before the files are recovered as chk files). I don't know of any app that will do what you said though. But if you don't have too many files, use a hex editor to open them and rename accordingly. I use winhex (just for viewing though), but any other will do. Here's a few strings that may help:
JFIF .jpg
PNG .png
MZ .dll or .exe (at least 32-bit - dunno how they are for 64-bit or 16-bit executables)
moov somewhere in the file .mov (may not be at the beginning)
GIF89a .gif
ftyp .mp4
**\rtf1 .rtf
000001BA21000100 (in hex) .mpg (MPEG-1 at least - don't have MPEG-2 samples to test ATM)
3026B2758E66CF11 (in hex) .wmv or .asf

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I dont know if Im on the right section to post this.

I just want to ask to our fellow members and gurus here, I dont know what went wrong but suddenly the unknown file types in my Windows 7 PRO x64bit doesnt display its file extensions anymore..

How can i restore it to default? to display the file extensions on unknow file types in windows 7...

Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you..

A:Display File Extension on Unknown File Types

Windows Explorer/Organise/Folder & Search Options/View.

You should find it in there. (that's "hide extentions for know file types") Might be what you need.

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I have tried to download an Excel (.xls extension) from a web site I use. On download I get a file with a .xlsx extension which will not open in Windows Office 2010. I successfully downloaded the file using Chromodo so I assume there is something corrupting the download via windows 10 Microsoft browser?

A:downloading excel file changes file extension to .xlsx

Originally Posted by bcubed

I have tried to download an Excel (.xls extension) from a web site I use. On download I get a file with a .xlsx extension which will not open in Windows Office 2010. I successfully downloaded the file using Chromodo so I assume there is something corrupting the download via windows 10 Microsoft browser?

Hi there
on the download is there a SAVE AS option -- that might work if you change the default to .xls

Otherwise I think there are some xlsx viewers where you could view the file or change it to xls. (Note changing to xls will possibly remove some formatting etc).


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IE7 can?t open .htm extension ?. // ?.the icon shown for .htm extension is a non assigned program to open that kind of file ?. // attempted to right click > open with > choose program > and select IE7 to open with , to no avail ;
(Windows XP

I am not quite sure but I think it started after I uninstalled Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 sometime ago.
In my opnion the correction for this trouble , perhaps is to edit some entry in the windows registry.
However without the advice of an expert I do not dare to tamper with the registry. Can someone give me a hand ?

A:cannot open .HTM extension with IE 7

Managed to correct the trouble by myself .:
Open regedit.exe > hkey_classes_root > .htm ; click onto folder .htm and at the left side of the window click on subkey Standard placed on column Name ; it will open a window , Edit Sequence , just type : htmlfile (instead of html_txt that was registered);
I copied the entry htmlfile from the immediate below folder .html ; as I E 7 normally opened .html extension with such entry , much probably it would open .htm too ; it worked.
it´s done , that´s all. Thank you anyway.

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How can I open the mix picture file extension in Vista x64? Is there a plug-in? I use to use Photo Draw.

A:Open mix extension


Try dragging it into a Word documnet, it occasionally works. If not, use Polybytes here: Polybytes Software - Home of PolyView again this will not open all .mix files, but it will open some.


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Hello, I use Notepad++ to edit Python files which have the file extension .py such as "sample.py"

I would like to set Notepad++ as the default program to open .py files.

When I open a .py file I get the popup asking me which file I want to use to open. But I do not get the choice to set the default program to open this extension.

When I go to Settings|Choose Default Apps By File Type the .py extension is not listed.

Looking through the registry I see that there is no .py handler.

Q: What is the method to manually add a file extension and associate it with a program?


A:File extension not in file association list

hey I figured it out!

1) Settings - Indexing Options
2) Advanced button
3) File Types tab
4) Add New Extension to List box, type in extension (without a period) such as "py"
5) Click OK and Close
6) Settings - Chose a default app for each type of file
7) Scroll down to file extesion
8) click Choose a Default
9) select a program
10) The first time you open a file with this new association, you will get a popup asking you which program to use to open this file type. Your default program will already be selected and a checkbox with Always use the program to open this type of file will already be selected as well, just click the program type. After this you are golden.
11) Damn I spent 3 hours on this! Ugh!

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This is my 1st post, hope I don't break any rules.
But I really need some help.

I've searched the forum and found this
but is this solved yet?

The problem is, I have that W32/Autorun.AD virus on my laptop.
but I can't seem to search all the files i need to delete.
file extension and even the hidden file won't show. I've unchecked the "hide extension for known file types" but it keep checked itself again everytime I reopen the folder options. Same problem with the "show hidden files & folders"

Anyone know how to solve this? please help... thanks.

A:File extension & hidden file won't show

You should post this topic in Security and HJT its a virus/malware issue.

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Please help me!

I've searched the forum and found this
but is this solved yet?

The problem is, I have that W32/Autorun.AD virus on my laptop.
but I can't seem to search all the files i need to delete.
file extension and even the hidden file won't show. I've unchecked the "hide extension for known file types" but it keep checked itself again everytime I reopen the folder options. Same problem with the "show hidden files & folders"

Anyone know how to solve this? please help... thanks! here is my log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:48:06 PM, on 5/7/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16608)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows... Read more

A:File extension & hidden file won't show

can anyone help me please

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I have had this extension and I can never open them. I tried to find a source but bombed out.

A:Can't open _file extension in e-mail

An underscore _ is not a valid filename extension so we can't help beyond telling you that.

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Hi everyone..

Does anyone know which type of program open file with the "tpb" extension?

A:Program to open TPB extension files!!

TPB is a file extension associated with GROMACS Portable Binary Run Input files:

Reading: http://www.gromacs.org/documentation/reference/online/tpb.html

It is also: .tpb Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup (HiJaak):

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My laptop computer running on Windows XP does not recognize the msc file extension. When it searches the web to find the appropriate file association, I get all kinds of add to download registry cleaners (which of course find hundreds of registry errors, and then require a purchase to remove them). I don't trust myself to choose the proper method to repair this. Can you recommend anything?

A:windows cannot open files with msc extension

What are you trying to accomplish...by opening these files?

Where did these files come from...or what is the path on your system?

What program are you using?

Thanks .


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Evening folks, trying to get IE working as it will not open and I notice Chrome has an unremovable extension named YTTNOaAds that I am sure is bad.  Searching the web show lots of long complicated methods that I can say I don't believe in, looking for some good help, thanks, PS this is on a windows7 machine.

A:IE will not open and Chrome has YTTNOaAds extension

 You could do a System Restore to a data prior to the start of the problem with IE.  IE is right buggy, and most folks I know avoid it for almost everything.  There's always Firefox too.  You can disable Chrome extensions by clicking the menu icon, then Settings, then Extensions.  There're you'll see check boxes for disabling them.
Good luck.

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When I click on a link to a page that has an .aspx extension in the URL I either get redirected back to the original page, or I get a "can't open this page" message. Same problem with two computers, both using Windows 7 OS and Internet Explorer. I was able to open such pages some time back, but some unknown thing has changed. My last effort was to open a retirement calculator at the Calstrs site. My wife, a teacher, is desperate to get info from the Calstrs.com site. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I tried opening an .INK file with paint as a i have no application to open it with and afterwords i cant open any more .exe files. all icons look like paint and i don't knwo what else to do. i have seen alot of tutorials and i get onto Regedit but i get confused after words.

Quick reply please

A:All files have .ink extension and won't open ( Quick Reply!

Hello Pedro,

You could download and merge the .reg file for the listed lnk (LNK) and exe options in the tutorial below to restore their default associations and hopefully fix this for you. Default File Type Associations - Restore
Hope this helps,

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I have 3 files:
(note the extension of the last file compared to the others)
If I select File1 and File2, and right click, it gives me an option to open them.

However, if I select all the 3 files, the option is no longer there, even though it is the same application that opens them.

I would like Vista to open all my files at the same time, preferably even if the files are not all opened by the same application.
Any help on this would be great please! I've tried to search for this but haven't found a working solution.

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I'm unable to open any file with jnlp extension either in chrome or IE. I tried downloading Jave with update 10 as suggested by someone, but that didn't work. I downloaded registryboosterfile and that says there is some problem in my host file. Also, I am not sure if I've posted this in the right category, lemme know if not and I'll repost.

A:Solved: Can't open files with JNLP extension

Try using this method.


Hope it works out. Let me know if it works.

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Internet Explorer Extension to Open Current Web Page Using a Different Browser

Recently the folks at Lifehacker wrote about the Open With Add-on for Mozilla Firefox, which adds additional menu options to open the current web page using another browser. This Add-on is comes handy if you need to test your web pages out in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera or any other web browser.

Their post provided me the idea to create a similar extension for Internet Explorer.
"Open With" Extension (and Button) for Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

1. Download firefox.zip, unzip and extract the files to a folder.
2. Move the files firefox.ico and firefox.htm to the C:\Windows\Web directory.
3. Double-click firefox.reg to merge the contents to the registry.
This adds the Open With Firefox button to the Internet Explorer Command Bar.

Google Chrome

To add the Google Chrome button, download chrome.zip and follow similar steps as above.
Close all Internet Explorer windows and then re-open. If the button isn?t visible by default, you need to customize the Command Bar. To do so, right-click on the empty toolbar area in Internet Explorer, click Customize, and click Add or Remove Commands?

Select Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome entries from the list and click Add.

In Windows 7 & Windows Vista, selecting the Firefox/Chrome buttons would display a IE Security window indicating that the program (Firefox / Chrome) would open outside of Pr... Read more

A:Internet Explorer Extension to Open Current Web Page..

that's nice one..

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Hi...if I've put this topic in the wrong place, please tell me and I'll shut it down and open a new one in the appropriate place.

Anyway, I know this particular error was my own fault and not a virus or anything, but I could use a hand fixing it.

I downloaded a couple of new extensions for Apache Open Office I wanted (good part).

(bad part): Stupidly hit "install extension" directly to the .zip files, without unzipping them first. Naturally, Open Office now says I have two versions of the same extension...the properly working, unzipped one I want and the original goof-up of mine.

Except hitting "Remove" for the bad one does nothing. Neither does uninstalling the good one and reinstalling it. (On the other hand, the bad notice doesn't seem to effect the good extension actually working just as I wanted it to...)

So how do I remove the bad extensions that say, "directburn.zip" for example? Without uninstalling and reinstalling the entire Open Office, I suppose?

A:[SOLVED] Apache Open Office Extension Error

Have you tried the resources here https://www.openoffice.org/support/

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