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Internet Explorer keeps saving pics in .BMP format

Q: Internet Explorer keeps saving pics in .BMP format

I just noticed that Internet Explorer has been saving all my pics in .BMP format. This means that all of the animated .GIFs i downloaded aren't animating anymore because they were saved as .BMP files.

Also the picture name changes to "untitled" in the "save as" window. What is wrong?

Preferred Solution: Internet Explorer keeps saving pics in .BMP format

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Internet Explorer keeps saving pics in .BMP format

Close IE. Go to Internet Options in Control Panel. Delete all your temp internet files.

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If i have an employee that uses a computer in the office and they save a ton of pictures to their computer(save to file), will this slow the computer down? Is it more likely to get viruses? What other problems does this present?

A:saving pics from the internet

i doubt it would slow the computer down, unless the drive was near to capacity. it is possible that, without the proper measures, depending on what websites they navigate to that viruses are a possibility - just browsing the net has that vulnerability, but also viruses that hide themselves as other files - a jpg for example.

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good day,

xp, dual core 2.5ghz, 500gb, 1gb of ram, hp
a couple days ago, while doing my usual browsing for pics, i saved some pics to my usual picture folder and noticed the pics weren't there or anywhere on my hard drive. i tried saving the pics to my desktop, documents, an external hard drive, etc... and the pics are nowhere to be found. i did a complete computer search and the pics are nowhere to be found. now to add to that drama i open mozilla firefox and my yahoo toolbar is gone but google toolbar is still there, i click view and yahoo and another toolbar aren't even listed. an even bigger problem is idm (internet download manager) is no longer viewed when i right click.... actually when i right click several things are missing. the only things i see when i right click with firefox open is view image, copy image, properties and a couple of others----several things are missing including download with internet download manager, and several firefox extension programs. this hurts can anyone help? thanks, the only thing i've changed lately is after running no virus program for the past 5 months i decided to download avg free, i ran a scan and it caught a few things and cleaned them, then websites were moving slow, lots of hesitating, so i decided to uninstall avg free, i actually had avg free a few months ago but it kept making websites move slow and a bunch of false warnings so i deleted it. Once i deleted avg free the websites starting running properly. i... Read more

A:pics aren't saving,toolbars gone, no idm, no pics, this is bad, thanks

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internet explorer not automatically loading up pictures i have to right click and hit SHOW PICTURE on every pic... very annoying need help plzz

EDIT- called comcast broadband support... turned out i had my privacy and securtity WAY too high COMCAST ROCKS!!!!!!!

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I am unable to upload pics onto Facebook. Since the page would freeze while using Mozilla Fox, I would use Internet Explorer. Now, however, I am unable to upload pics even using that. This is extremely frustrating. Could someone help me ASAP. Thank you

A:Cannot Upload Pics Even Using Internet Explorer

Sounds like a java problem to me. Facebook uses a java applet for the UI to upload images.

Have you tried installing the latest JRE?


Give it a try, restart your browser and try again

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Whenever I try to save anything onto my Hard drive it automatically save it in a .mpeg format not if its a .mp3 or a .doc file. Just .mpegs.

Any suggestions? Thanks​

A:Saving anything on Internet Explorer

delete all temporary files before you save should fix issue straight away. tools,internet options,delete temp files

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Hey all!:

I have a question to ask you - you see, when I save new pics to a CD-RW that already has tons of pics in it, I usually take the pics out of the CD-RW and then save them in a folder on my desktop, then I erase the CD-RW. I then add the new pics to the folder that I had made for the pics that I had taken out of the CD-RW, that was later erased, and then I burn the CD-RW, again, and have all of the pics burned to the CD-RW (both new pics and the pics that were already on the CD-RW). But, the problem is this - I wanted to do something different, and it seemed to have worked at the time, but then it went down-hill from there....I had decided to add new pics to the CD-RW that already had burned pics to it, but since I had burned the new pics to the CD-RW that already had burned pics added to them, I can't find the newly-burned pics. Does anyone know what I can do to retrieve the newly-added pics to the CD-RW that already has tons of pics in it?? Please write back, ASAP, for I need help, IMMEDIATELY!!! Thanks in advance.

A:Please Help Regarding Saving Pics To CD-RW's...

i don't know what drive you have been trying to access the cd in, but you might try seeing if your burner can read the disc.

many times, when you put together a multi-session cd, you will find it is unreadable on older cd rom drives, and some proprietary drives like hp and compaq.

if you already have been trying to access it with your burner, then there is definately a real problem.

if this doesnt help, let me know.
(i can't promise anything about how long it will take me to reply a second or third time, but i will do what i can.)

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TIF's. I know that a JPG compresses the file better, but someone just told me that a TIF will actually make the picture clearer. I have never heard that and I am having a hard time finding something online that explains the differences between the two.

Can anyone help me with this?


A:Saving pics as JPG or.....

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Would like suggestions of what to save my digital photos and scans in... jpegs, tiff, etc. Would like to give photos 4X6 or larger for Christmas gifts.

A:saving pics

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when reading manual for i pad it says: to tap pic that was e-mailed to me and then tap save. i dont see save as an option. anyone out there that can help me

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When I right click on a pic on a web page I can only save the image as a bitmap even if it's a jpeg or other format

I assume it's something to do with the settings on my PC but where are they so I can change this?

A:Saving Pics

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Well Guys, I'm not one for going straight into a question.
Would get me a good B*ll*cking on the other sites.

But i'm a bit stuck, i'm using Express Web Pictures to get images from various web sites.

Thing is, recently it's getting up to 93%/95%/98% of a downloaded image, then just stops
and hangs !!.

Sometimes a similar thing happens if I just try and save an image, either by
'Save Picture' or 'Save Target As'. If I try and put it into a specific Folder
then it just hangs there !!. I have to 'Control/Alt/Delete' to clear this one though.

I've 'Defragged' the hard drive but it has made no difference.

Only happens with 'Image' files not any other !!

Running Windows ME Btw

Any ideas would really be appreciated !!



A:Saving Pics

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My PC stopped saving "Favorites" in the internet explorer last year and I've tried everything but can't save it manually either. It just refuses. What to do? Please help.

A:saving favorites - internet explorer

What IE version and what is the error message shown? Are you saving websites/URL address by clicking on favorites or organizing them on different folders?
Check this link also http://www.brighthub.com/computing/windows-platform/articles/53895.aspx

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Hi Guys, I have a laptop with Windows 7 professional installed and Internet Explorer 9 running. Whenever IE9 saves an executable file , it saves it in the download folder, or any other nominated file as underscore exe , renaming to dot exe allows you to run the executable file. Firefox and Chrome download and run successfully.
I have disabled/renabled IE9, reset it. ran a MS fix to confirm the user is an administrator, checked the security settings.

Any ideas?
Thanks for the help

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every time i try to save a file it use to ask me if i wanted to open it or save it now it just saves it to the temperary folder and i just want to know how do i change the settings for it and right click has been disabled on the page.

A:saving files in internet explorer

Hiya and welcome

Double-click My Computer.

On the View menu, click Folder Options.

On the File Types tab, click the appropriate file type in the Registered File Types box.

Click Edit.

Click to select the Confirm Open After Download check box.

Click OK, and then click OK




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Normally ie7 saves 20 days worth of History. Today I noticed that no websites are being saved in my History. There are .txt files saved in history that I have opened, but no websites. I have cleaned out my History, temp internet folders ect with no luck.

I can't remember changing any settings, so I'm not sure why this is happening.


A:Internet Explorer 7 not saving History?

In Internet Options go to the General tab

Then under the Browsing History header go to 'Settings' and check that this hasn't been set to 0. If it's set to 0 then it will clear it out each time you close Internet Explorer

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I transferred my pics to my vista machine. As in XP I just like to have one folder with all my pics regardless of date. Well in Vista it automatically created a folder named "3/05/07" with all those pics I downloaded that day. so I'm assuming when I go to transferr pics again it'll create another folder with that days date as the name. How do I disable this and just have one folder with all pics????

A:Saving Pics from Camera

Im not sure as to whether you can actually disable the date and details etc but you can do the following.

As you have already created a file containing your pics, it should just be a matter of you clicking on "save to" and selecting the file you have already save in-when you click save, you will be given an opportunity to save them in your designated folder.

If you have already saved them to another file,just open up the file folders in the left hand pane and then drop and drag the required pics to the required folder that is showing in the pane

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I googled this and the question below someone asked on another forum and i have the exact same question
Your database could simply have 2 attributes, an autonumber (the Primary Key) and a filename.
As you add new entries, the autonumber increments up.
Then fetch the rows and propogate the page with that (it will nab the filenames for you).

If you have more specific, i could give you more details.

At 03:28 PM 5/21/2003, you wrote:

>I'm not sure how to phrase what it is I'm
>looking for, or what to call it, so I'll describe it.
>I need to be able to set the order of pictures, as they appear in a web page,
>in some sort of interactive fashion, having never seen the pictures before.
>Is there some sort of application or other way to open a number of pictures
>(call it 14 for this excercise) and arrange them in an order to your
>pleasing, then saving them in that order?
>I don't care if it renames the files or not, or if it simply
>"moves" them about, making note of the order.
>My first thought was something along the lines of some of the windows
>based picture sharing programs out there, that have little arrows next
>to the picture that let you move it up one position, or down one position.
>Or the ones that let you drag and drop a
>picture in a new position along the line.
>Anyone how any idea how something like this might be done?

A:Saving Pics In Order


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Whenever I save a pic from the web I select save as jpeg but it gets saved a a ~ file. What is it and how can I save in jpeg correctly?

A:Saving pics as jpeg, what is ~?

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Yesterday my husband received the custom built not a dell dude system I ordered from him
The OS is Windows 7. Both of us are now entering the Learning Curve zone.

My first question about Windows 7:

He checks his Yahoo mail. One message has an attachment with a photo.
With XP, one is given a choice to OPEN the photo to look at it OR to save it. I no nothing about the workings of Windows 7, but I did try a few things and got nothing but the option to save.

Right now, he is a bit hot under the collar because in Windows 7, the only option is to SAVE the photo somewhere, then open it and look at it. The attachment thumbnail picture is small, and he wants to see it larger so he can look closely at a few details BEFORE he decides whether to save the picture or not.

With XP, click on the photo, get a choice OPEN or SAVE.
So how does one OPEN the picture without having to save it first in Windows 7?

A:Open vs. Saving Pics

This probably has more to do with the browser you are using than the operating system, although I can't say for sure because I can't see it myself.

If you're using Firefox, try Internet Explorer. Or vice-versa: if you're using IE, try Firefox.

I don't think it is Windows 7 that is doing this. Could be wrong....but the browser would be the first thing to check.

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I normally save pics in my documents under my specific folder i choose, but when i highlight a pic and right click on it and choose save as, i choose my documents, then to open the specific folder i want to save pic in, and when the folder is open and i click save, it says i do not have permission to open the folder, should get permission from administrator

A:trouble saving pics

Are you sure you are choosing YOUR MyDocument Folder and not the All Users, Administrators or another users folder?

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I've come across a problem recently while using IE6. When I go to save a picture, instead of letting me save it as a JPG or GIF (like the picture is), it makes me save it as a BMP.

Now, a few things:

1) I'm not totally sure if this happens all the time, or just some of the time (I'm leaning more towards some of the time, but no obvious pattern).

2) If I try to force the extention by saving it as "example.jpg" with the parenthesis, either the file becomes unopenable, or it just saves as a jpg with the file size of a bmp (and with the gif animations, it just saves it as a single static bmp picture).

How can I fix this?

A:Problem saving pics

You are missing the graphic filters. This link will give you the fix...........


Hope this helps.


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My Internet Explorer doesnt remember the Homepage I want. For some reason, everytime I reboot I get some stupid search engine homepage. I tried updating Windows Me with the service pack. No good. I tried looking in security in IE and I dont recognize anything that "saves" by default the Home page. I bet while is was websurfing, one website downloaded something and corrupted my IE.

How do get my "changed" homepage locked in and saved?

A:Home page not saving in Internet Explorer

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Yesterday, I was right clicking on pictures on websites and saving them. Today I went back to those same websites to re-save the pictures (accidently deleted them) and now when I try to save the pictures, they will only save a bmp (instead of JPG). Why is this? The same thing happened to me before but I solved it only because I had to re-format my drive anyway. Thanx.

A:Internet Explorer Picture Saving Problem

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Hello, my IE 10 is no loner saving browser history. I have tried resetting the internet options to default and it still is not saving it. The delete browsing history box is unchecked as well so it's not that. Can anyone help? This is very frustrating. I am running Windows 8...thanks everyone!!!

A:Internet Explorer 10 not saving Browsong History

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Hi there,

We are seeing quite a few users in our company getting a prompt to save the PDF they want to open, instead of it just opening. I can't find the setting to change this anywhere.

Does anyone know where the setting is or where the registry key is?
Also does anyone know how to disable the open confirmation prompt (orange bar along the bottom).

Thanks :)

A:Internet Explorer downloading/saving PDF rather than opening?

Ok so I found the solution to this, you have to set the default download location and also have to tell it to 'not ask when opening these types of files'.

Both of these settings are done from the Download menu (CTRL + J). You have to right click a downloaded PDF in the list to set the latter option.

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I downloaded a photo and have it as my current desktop wallpaper. Is there any way I can save this current wallpaper in the event I download anyother one to use as wallpaper? I lost the previous one when I downloaded this one. I am operating Win 98. Thanks for the info.

A:Solved: Saving Internet Explorer Wallpaper

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Hey All,

Wondering if anyone knows how I can fix this.

A few days ago, I noticed when I wanted to save an image from a web page, Internet explorer was only allowing me to save them as Bitmaps.

So I did some digging on Google and found many sites, offering exactly the same solution.

1) Clear the Temporary Internet Files
2) Check in Downloaded Program Files for any installed software that was marked as "Damaged".
3) Move the Temporary Internet Files folder to a different location.

I've tried all of the above and it has not solved my problem at all.

I've also reset IE7 and IE8. It made no difference.

The last attempt I made to fix this (which was also the last possible solution I found) was re-registering the mshtml.dll.

However, I get the following error message when I try doing this:

The Module "mshtml.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer
was not found. Make sure that "mshtml.dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and
then try again.

So I tried to unregister it and then register - Same error as above.

Within Downloaded Program Files folder there are only 2 things installed (neither marked as damaged) - "Shockwave Flash Object" and "System Requirements Lab". It won't let me uninstall either of these, only gives me the option to call up a Properties window on each and nothing in this window allows me to alter these.

I upgraded my browser to IE8 just to see if that made any difference and it di... Read more

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I am running Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer does not offer saving passwords on websites like: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and others, but, somehow (??) it works on facebook.
I checked "Auto Complete" and it is set to ask to save passwords. Also, checked the registers using regedit, and they are correct.
Also, run troubleshooting.

Please help me fix this issue...

A:Internet Explorer does not offer saving passwords

Have you reset IE ? (InternetOptions/Advanced/Reset) I would choose the first option and then if not successful "Delete Personal Settings" option. IE needs to be restarted after.

If not, disable your tracking protection, extensions, and AV one-by-one to see if that could be the culprit.

Have you seen this article ?


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Not only that, but also in FireFox. I right click to save the image, but when the Save window opens up the whole browser just closes. I have ran everything I can think of. Ad-Aware, SpySweeper, Virus Scan, ComboFix, CWShreder, all to no avail.

Please someone help.

A:IE crashes when saving pics (moved from IE help)

Someone please respond to this problem. Thank you.

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I'm looking for a setting that will allow all pages visited to be shown in the browser's history. I can't find it, nor can I find an answer on the internet. It seems that any pages beginning with HTTPS: will not be shown in my history.

In Private browsing is off.
Smart Screen Filtering is off.

I even tried turning off Protected Mode, but HTTPS: pages will not appear in history.

Any ideas?

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Hello, I'm trying to change the Tabbed Browsing Settings.
I can change any of the option and press OK, as soon as I go back there they are revert to what they was before. I have tried a "Reset" and it's still not saving the changes.

No computer and users group policy are applied. I have tried to use GPO to change the settings but even there, it's not able to change it.
Is there a HOTFIX or something I need?

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I have a 64-bit Windows 7 Dell laptop and I need to click on a web site that contains .tif and .tiff files and have them open up in Internet Explorer 8. I also then need to save the .tif/.tiff file as a PDF.

Any suggestions on how I can do this would be appreciated.

I have changed in Default Programs that .tif and .tiff files open in IE but when I open those files nothing happens. I also installed Quicktime to open the files in IE but Quicktime the program opens up instead.

I installed a free program from http://www.pdfdownload.org/ to save web pages to a PDF.

A:Viewing .tiff files in Internet Explorer and saving them as PDF

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Every time I go to download a picture off the internet my browser crashes. I was trying to upload a picture to ebay when this started happening. I read in this post ( http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/692690-solved-images-causing-explorer-other.html ) that camera software was causing the issue. I think that that is the issue because I uploaded another picture but as soon as I put the camera in this started happening. Thank You

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I am using Internet Explorer 7 on a Windows XP operating system and recently (without prompt) the format/appearance of the web browser changed. Any web page that I access now appears as if I'm viewing it on a mobile phone and it is unbearable!
I have attached a screenshot of 'LinkedIn' to demonstrate how I view it. The site itself can be accessed at www.linkedin.com to see how it should look.
Can you please advise me how I can rectify this problem and prevent it from happening again?

Thanks in advance,


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Could some kind people tell me (on behalf of a friend) - how to save pictures in .doc format to .jpg ??

He uses Windows 95 and Irfanview for pics.


A:Changing pics in .doc format to .jpg

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i'm using internet explorer 11 with windows 10.
Q. What format can be specified with expires=<DATE> in the Set-Cookie field?

As a way to expire cookies, I have set the Set-Cookie expires date to a point in the past.

When I tested
The following formats are not supported
Set-Cookie: expires=Wed, 01-Jan-70 00:00:00 GMT

However, the following formats are supported.
Set-Cookis: expires=Wed, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Thank you.

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In Internet Explorer, I can't "Save Picture As" a .GIF file (or whatver it is). Internet Explorer only gives me a .BMP option.

I know Microsoft lists this as a known problem.

When I select Tools, Options, General tab and select the Delete Files button - my IE freezes up - it is too many files for it to handle.

If I go into the Temporary Internet Files directory and try to delete all the files, it freezes up my Windows Explorer. I have to delete the files one-by-one - this takes forver.

Any ideas?

A:Internet Explorer Does Not Save Graphics Files in the Proper Format

Try Safe Mode or boot into command and go to the directory and delete the files. When you restart press F8 and make the selection.

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I recently asked on thsi site for a Publisher file to be changed to a Windows 7 Word format. When asked in what form I wanted it I clicked on TEXT not knowing that it actually was a file with just two pics on it and their labels. Of course I got the labels but not the pics when the file was returned to me.

A:Changing a Publisher file with pics to Windows 7 format

There is no "Windows 7 Word" format. If you have Word installed on your Windows 7 machine, what version is it?

What type of file are you trying to change into what type of file?

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Can anyone tell me the right format for a Proxy Exception to cover a domain with subdomains?There are several examples covering the use of wildcards -
like this MS article:
The "Enter a wildcard at the beginning of an Internet address..." example does not cover the useage of subdomains :-(

Do I use\ set the proxy exception to "*.*.*.microsoft.com" or is "*.microsoft.com" enough to cover all the a.b.c subdomains?

/Tord Bergset

A:Internet Explorer Proxy Exception - Syntax format for covering subdomains?

As the document states,  using a wildcard at the beginning of an Internet address, IP address, or domain name to bypass servers
with a common ending. For example, use "*.example.com" to bypass any entries ending in ".example.com" (such as "some.example.com" and "www.example.com"). 

So I think *.microsoft.com is enough to cover all the subdomains.
Best regardsMichael Shao
TechNet Community Support

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Does any know of possible way to save Word docs to crystal report rpt file format? Thanks

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Basically I have forgotten how to do something really basic....

I have forgotten how to save a table or query into a comma delimited format (from an Access 2000 table or query to a comma delimited txt file). I know this is a really basic thing to achieve in Access (because I could do this with my eyes shut) but my memory is not what it was.

Many Thanks In Advance

The Thick One !!!

PS. Merry Xmas Everyone!!!!

A:Saving Access Data Into Different Format!

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Hoping this is the correct forum.
My pc is getting slow and I was thinking of wiping it
However I have got Picasa just as I like it with thumbnails etc
How can I save my library and re add it again if I re format my pc?

I know last time it took months relabeling all the thumbnails.
Or else a simple way to make my windows 7 faster again?

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I have an older version of MS Works (I don't have Word). I've also written a full-length novel, and am concerned about saving it to a disk for submission to agents/publishers. In my Save As window, I have a drop-down menu with a choice of formats to save in. One of them is Word (Generic). Does this mean that, if I save it in that format, anyone with MS Word should be able to open it without sentences, paragraphs, etc. being skewered? Agents and publishers are very picky about how something is submitted, and will likely throw away a disk which can't be easily read. Any thoughts would be appreciated

A:MS Works Saving In Word Format

log_splitter said:

I have an older version of MS Works (I don't have Word). I've also written a full-length novel, and am concerned about saving it to a disk for submission to agents/publishers. In my Save As window, I have a drop-down menu with a choice of formats to save in. One of them is Word (Generic). Does this mean that, if I save it in that format, anyone with MS Word should be able to open it without sentences, paragraphs, etc. being skewered? Agents and publishers are very picky about how something is submitted, and will likely throw away a disk which can't be easily read. Any thoughts would be appreciated Click to expand...

I am not too bright about this stuff, but I have a similar problem. My old PC had Works 4.5 and all my text info. is in Wordpad. But apparently it was saved in Word 6.0 (that's one choice in the drop-down menu). My new XP system has Service Pack 2 that will not open any of my old files. I was told by the tech. that RTF (Rich Text) should be OK. You might try just one sample page saved in .RTF and see if the publisher will accept it.
Sorry I don't have a real answer for you.
For real fun, I wrote a book in Japan. Try working with a Japanese publisher who has a limited knowledge of English and my limited Japanese.
Good luck,

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I dont know if it has anything to do with what OS im running but I have win 2000. Anyway my problem is when I go to save a image that is online and it is in JPG or GIF format, the only option I have to save it is .BMP. It wont let me save as anything else. It used to work fine 2 days ago and now I cant figure out how to get it to save as the file it is online.
anyone have a clue as to what is wrong.

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I'm trying to save a CSV file with leading zeros. I've tried all of the excel tricks. (Here are a couple: use an apostrophe before the zeros, format as text. I've tried '0 and concatenate, using a long string of zeros and using the right() function [must have 5 digits].)

When I save the file (as a csv) and reopen, all the leading zeros are gone. The reason I need the format like this is because it must be imported into another application as comma delimited. Thank you for any suggestions.

A:Saving leading zeros in CSV format

I have just formatted cells as text, began the string with a comma, and then entered it all, saved as csv, closed and reopened, and the formatting was preserved.

You said you tried it with an apostrophe, but did you use a comma?

BTW, formatting as text will only show the 0's in Excel, as csv does not recognise the text format. In other words, you don't need it.

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