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Stuttering while playing media

Q: Stuttering while playing media

When I play a video file or watch a video on YouTube the video stutters for a second or two then it play normally.
I checked the windows task manager and saw that the cpu spiked up to a 100% and one of the drives did the same thing, the drive itself(wd green) is inserted from the front drive bays of the case (haf-x).
I've updated the drivers. But it still happens.
Any help please.

Preferred Solution: Stuttering while playing media

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Stuttering while playing media

Please provide you complete system specs, your ISP level of service (upload/download speeds), and do an actual speed test benchmark here and post the results:
Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

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Got a new computer at work (Dell Optiplex 760 w 3.25 GB RAM - running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3). When I try to play my music files (originally downloaded from purchased CD's on my old computer) on this new computer through Windows Media Player the sound is stuttering. Randomly. My IT dept. can't figure it out. I was running WMP v. 9 and today I updated to v. 11. It doesn't matter. Still stuttering. I have little Bose desktop speakers. When I go into the control panel on my computer and click on the "sounds and audio devices" icon it says SoundMax HD Audio. I'm assuming that's the sound card? The music files are local on my hard drive. It's driving me crazy....and I'm not a sophisticated computer user. Help. Thank you.

A:Windows Media Player stuttering when playing music files

I have the same problem with the same computer. Haven't been able to fix it either.

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Hi guys,

First of all merry christmas

I have a weird issue where when I play games my computer, including audio and video, sometimes hangs for 1 second and then resumes again. This seems to happen in every game I play and it's very frustrating.

I checked my processes and I do have a 'System interrupts' process that sometimes pops up. I run Windows 8.1 , have 8GB ram, and use a GTX680 with the latest nvidia drivers.

Attached you can find my DXDIAG report.

I ran CCleaner and also did some virus scans, but no luck.

Any thoughts guys?

A:Stuttering while playing games

well be a scientist and start experimenting!! come on man..

1. turn off all sound in game.. run game. does it stutter?

2. disable sound in your actual windows 8.1 - go into device manager etc.. then run game.. stutter????!!

3. when running a game, (if it doesn't crash it) press shift,ctrl, and ESC. Look for whats using hard drive and look through performance for any % like disk usage..

4. what games are stuttering?

i mean your problem is so in-general (lag in games) its so hard to determine where to start.. but yeah, drivers are a must..

video drivers, hard drive updates, windows updates, sound driver update a huge one....

but if your sound and video hangs.. its hard drive or memory trying to sort it out..

you usually should run games in a clean environment meaning you disabled all services and background apps you aren't using because you are playing a game.. and when you restart your computer all your services will come back anyway..

if you dont know how to do this post here again..

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One winxp based systen having P4 processor, 512 ddr ram, cd-rw, cd-rom and 2 hdd (80+80 Gb), has this peculiar problem. When we playing songs it stutters and breaks as if the system running low on ram or using lot of processor power. When system is formatted, everything runs o.k for few days and even months, but again the problem comes up.

Can anyone help??

A:Stuttering sound while playing music ...

dunno d00d...how often do you defragment your drive?

and what specific media player are you using?..if it by chance is the internal LW player then that's the problem as it sucks....

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A few weeks ago. I loaded up steam as normal i tried to load up a game and it said you are unable to play this game as you must update your Graphics Driver, So i updated all my drivers including my Graphics driver. And now every game i play it stutters constantly, My FPS is fine, its just stuttering, I open task manager and when i play games, My GPU usage is from 90-100% when playing games and when i load up my PC it is around 50% when i'm doing nothing. But for some reason if i share screens on e.g Discord i am able to run relatively smoothly.

Im thinking of sending my PC back to get a new Graphics card, but i thought i may as well ask before sending it off.

My Specs Are, GeForce GTX 950A, i7-6700 CPU and 12 GB Ram

But before i did this my PC ran perfectly!

A:PC Stuttering Constantly When Playing Games

We know nothing about your PC and its operating system, so do the following in it:

Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe) file.
After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.
Information about your PC will appear.
Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.


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I've been scouring the web for a while now and haven't found the answer yet.

I'm running a Sony Vaio VPCEB laptop. I used this for gaming a year ago, and have started using it again. Now though, every few seconds while playing a game, the game will stutter or freeze for a couple seconds, then resume. It's made gaming impossible on the machine.

Using PC Wizard, it tells me my graphics hardware is the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD. This is no problem since all the games I play are old or emulated. I can't seem to find a driver for it either.

OS is Win7 x64. Any help you can offer would be great!

A:Vaio stuttering while playing games

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I'm having some problems for about 3-4 weeks now.

Up until the first BSoD I could load two games at the same time and feel like nothing was wrong or slow. Now when I try to do this (for w/e reason), the 2nd game I start either freeze or loads but when I'm moving the mouse it stutters to 1fps movement, sound too. This happens in both games, exactly the same.

If I don't do anything, main menu animation, music runs just fine...

When I try running a game, for example CS:GO. It works fine a bit, then randomly freeze + loop sound and can't tab out. Only after I End Task the program it goes to normal, or so it seems. Then after I try to reenter the game, it freezes again and I get BSoD.

Another thing I found is, while a game is open and I'm tab out in firefox for example; scrolling, general movement of the browser is not fluid and has some stutter. It lags even when I try to drag something on desktop.

Ran multiple malware scans, even in parted magic (virus scaner) on flash drive boot, nothing of note was found.

Thought the problem was because of some part of the video driver, so I uninstalled it. Rebooted in Safe Mode and ran Display Driver Uninstaller to be sure nothing was left from the previous one, reinstalled the latest one and the problem still persisted. Reinstalled Windows with fresh drivers, same problem.
Unistalled .Net Framework rebooted, then unistalled ATI VDriver, rebooted. Did a windows update and it installed a fresh .Net, restarted and after that I in... Read more

A:BSoD while playing Games and stuttering


You're missing a couple of drivers.

SM Bus Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E22&SUBSYS_1E221849&REV_04\3&11583659&0&FB The drivers for this device are not installed.
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&SUBSYS_1E311849&REV_04\3&11583659&0&A0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
Go ahead and download and install the below drivers from the links provided

Intel USB 3.0 Driver:

Intel Chipset Driver: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/20775


Once you have done that, continue reading below:

Your BSOD suggests a problem with the ATi graphics card driver: atikmpag.sys

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x116_IMAGE_atikmpag.sys
You may be having some conflicts regarding the onboard Intel graphics display and the ATi Radeon graphics card you have. There are a lot of errors relating the onboard graphics process so let's temporarily disable it while we continue to troubleshoot.

Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel Service igfxCUIService1.0.0.0 Running Auto Own Process c:\windows\system32\igfxcuiservice.exe Normal LocalSystem 0

6468 4/17/2015 7:09:34 PM "C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue\AppCrash_igfxCUIService.e_a7c7c9e8a7a1f457a98e109d32b247d585dbdaf5_040c2f78\Report.wer"
6468 4/19/2015 12:28:10 PM "C:\Users\All Users\Microso... Read more

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My audio (when playing CDs or MP3's on the computer) seems to be stuttering and skipping. I've googled this and found all sorts of results regarding overclocking or PCI Latency Timers and I have NO IDEA what these things mean or how to deal with them.

I've removed all AdWare and scanned for viruses - nothing. I've defragged the hard drive. I've checked on the sound card driver - that seems to be up to date (or at least the automatic driver search couldn't find anything better).

Any advice? I use this system for audio and video editing so it's a pretty vital issue.

A:Audio Is Stuttering When Playing Back

Stuttering in any one specific program? or a whole range.

I know quicktime player stutters for me unbearable until I scrub through it enough so that it streams properly.

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while making a movie on dvd maker some of my clips stutter and get stuck audio is smooth but pic jumps in same place how can i fix this please

A:how can i stop my videos from stuttering while playing

this has never happen before i am so close to completing my project and throughout the video clips some play nice and some stutter around

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I am running an Intel 630 Pentium 4 processor, 1gb ram, XP media center edition. I will start with one of two problems I am having.
First off, I just recovered windows and started over from scratch because I was told that it would fix the problem, but it hasn't.

Media stutters every few minutes. Whether its streaming audio, video, cd-rom, dvd, mp3, it doesnt matter what software I am using either.

I disabled all startup programs with msconfig, but it didn't help, so I guess its not a ram problem. I do have 87gb of music, and 90gb of video files...

I have searched through old posts and seen many people with this same problem, but no one seems to have a solid fix for it.
Please help!
The other problem is that certain downloaded install programs have "invalid digital signatures" and wont open at all. I only mention that here because it might be relevant, I dont know.


A:stuttering media

nobody has any suggestions?

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hey, i woke up one morning, tried to turn this thing on, nothing.
took it to the shop, "oh sorry sir, you're cpu has lifted up and away from the motherboard, we had to put it back in place for you, but i`m afraid you'll ahve to re-install windows and your programs to get the drivers back" i said give it to me, i`ll do it myself, i back up some files through dos and decided a clean install was best, my computer hasn't been formated in 2 years, so what the heck.

do that, go to load windows, got some error, dont' rememebr what, but took it back and they said the original ram was bad and having conflicts. so the 32 was replaced with 128, plus a 64 we had put in a year ago. they loaded windows, but no drivers for the hardware already in like they said they would (burner and modem...) i installed the modem, no prob, the burner, looks fine.

i`m geting things loaded back in, then i decided to play some mp3s and surf the net, like i always did before, i could not switch a web page without the system stuttering, i mean performance and sound. i cant' do anything while playing mp3s or cds.

took it back in cause i thought it was the ram, they siad nope after testing. you're cpu is probably slightly damaged....blah blah blah, tried to put a new one in..many moons later nothign worked, gave back as is..... and now i`m stuck.

i`ve had some problems (download a song and play one, nothign else running, it comes up with system resources dangerously lo... Read more

A:experiencing major stuttering when playing mp3s

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I am using DivX Plus Player version 8.1.2 to play some mkv files. The audio wasn't playing and I found from the error message that I needed a codec (AC3 and 8192 came up - I'm not technical enough to know what that means).

I found a codec, and now the audio plays but stutters to the point where I can't watch the video.

Please help a numpty in distress!


A:Audio stuttering on playing Divx video

Well, I'll tell you what I do with the DivxHD MKV files...I convert them to Xvid MP4 with Format Factory.
Why? Because I have nothing but trouble playing back MKV files...the audio is out of sync, the audio stops, the audio this the audio that (can't remember stuttering).
I convert to Xvid MP4 and the picture is still great, it plays in anything and the audio is rock solid.

Other than that I think MKV is great!

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Morning All I have a RL70 with 4GB RAM, 512MB allocated to video card in BIOS.Drive has been replaced with high speed SSD and have tried Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Tried VLC and MPC MEdia players and on both when I play a 1080P movie from the SSD the CPU jumps up to 100% when the movie starts and the picture stutters and stops all the time. Obviously its not usable. Does anybody have any hints and tips to get this working?As far as I understand, this HD graphcs card should be capable of 1080P playback. Anybody else use this PC with 1080P without any issues?

A:RL70 playing 1080p movies - stuttering

What power plan are you using?  Balanced?  High performance? Have you tried jellyfish files? http://jell.yfish.us/  You've tested SSD and it is working like it's supposed to......4k aligned? etc.. http://www.userbenchmark.com/  You're thinking hardware acceleration is not working? http://www.neowin.net/news/windows-10-native-mkv-support-becomes-official Youtube 1080p works? www.youtube.com Edit: I forgot to mention....turn off your anti virus temporarily when you run your benchmark.  You'll get a better benchmark.  But don't forget to turn it back on when you're done.  There might be other RL70 users that have done a benchmark and you can compare to see if your hardware works the same as theirs.  There's other benchmarks you can run if you google. 

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i am running window 7 home premium 64 bit on my hp probook 4530s recently hp did all of the bios an other updatto my laptop and now whenever i watch a video, listen to music or try to play a game it stutters i've tried updating an downgrading my graphic card driver my sound card the video card is a intel HD graphics 3000

plz help..... before all those updates it was playing just fine... system restore is out of the question cuz it takes up memory on HD so i deleted it

A:stuttering while listening to music and playing games

Audio is on a shared IRQ (Interrupt) with a higher priority device. Thus the higher priority device can interrupt the sound if it needs to do something and thus you can get the stuttering. There can be other reasons but this is one to consider.

Uninstalling the sound, restarting the PC and then when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound and sometimes Windows will install it on a different IRQ and help with this problem.

Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the sound and then LEFT click "uninstall". DO NOT check the box to also uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC.

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Morning All I have a RL70 with 4GB RAM, 512MB allocated to video card in BIOS.Drive has been replaced with high speed SSD and have tried Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Tried VLC and MPC MEdia players and on both when I play a 1080P movie from the SSD the CPU jumps up to 100% when the movie starts and the picture stutters and stops all the time. Obviously its not usable. Does anybody have any hints and tips to get this working?As far as I understand, this HD graphcs card should be capable of 1080P playback. Anybody else use this PC with 1080P without any issues?

A:RL70 playing 1080p movies - stuttering

What power plan are you using?  Balanced?  High performance? Have you tried jellyfish files? http://jell.yfish.us/  You've tested SSD and it is working like it's supposed to......4k aligned? etc.. http://www.userbenchmark.com/  You're thinking hardware acceleration is not working? http://www.neowin.net/news/windows-10-native-mkv-support-becomes-official Youtube 1080p works? www.youtube.com Edit: I forgot to mention....turn off your anti virus temporarily when you run your benchmark.  You'll get a better benchmark.  But don't forget to turn it back on when you're done.  There might be other RL70 users that have done a benchmark and you can compare to see if your hardware works the same as theirs.  There's other benchmarks you can run if you google. 

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Been researching this problem (stuttering or chugging lag) for last few days. Unfortuneately I can find nothing conclusive solution wise and am a complete newb when it comes to PC tech stuff. I know enough to get around on my PCs (have 2) and install and play games etc. But when it comes to techincal stuff I am lost. So I finally broke down and decided to try some posting....

Have 2 PCs, older one runs my usual games fine, no apparent lag or problems. Newer one (bit over a year old) seems to have had lag problems ever since I bought it. At first I just assumed the lag was zone lag on the game I was playing (Everquest - online mmorgp) possibly because I was running three instances of the game (multiboxing) and perhaps just didnt have enough ram, but as time went by I noticed that:
1) the lag stutters and chugs
2) is somewhat intermittant - appears and vanishes at seemingly random times for no apparent reason/s (usually the lag issue isn't as bad at night - or if I stay in a certain zone for long periods of time, frequent zoning seems to make it worse - neither of these appear to be very consistant)
3) seems to affect any online games I use on 2nd PC (and thus far that is all I use it for)
4) is present even while one instance of a game is running

While it doesn't actually stop me from what i'm doing it is very annoying, and i'm very tired of having to deal with it.

General PC specs:
OS: WinXP HE version 2002 with SP3
PC: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Pr... Read more

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Sorry about the title, I don't know what to say.

When playing any game or watching any video (on hard drive, dvd or streaming) or playing any game (2d simple, 3d intensive) my computer gets lag spikes and stutters, the sound kind of freezes every time it pauses.

My PC has never had this problem before, it started a couple of days ago.

My graphics card drivers are up to date and I have no idea what to do.


A:Lagging and stuttering while playing games and watching videos.

I have tried starting with no background applications and it doesn't change anything.

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Hi there this isn't really for me - I Ient my girlfriend's old computer to a friend and he's been experiencing problems with sound.

When using winamp sometimes after a while the sound stops working. But winamp appears to not actually be playing songs. Like you'll click a song and equaliser bars go flat and don't measure sound like when a song is playing with the bass/treble or whatever going up an down with regards to what's happening in the song.

So it's not like the song is playing and no sound is coming out - the song is refusing to play. This problem is worse when playing pro evolution soccer on mute with winamp in the background.

He says when he's playing COD2 that the sound stutters and does it with increasing frequency and then eventually stops. This mostly happens when there's a lot happening on screen.

Restarting the whole machine seems to sort it out with regards to winamp but sometimes just restarting call of duty fixes the sound issues.

I remember having similar problems with operation flashpoint about 7 years ago but can't remember how I sorted it.

He has:

windows xp home SP2
p4 3.0ghz
onboard graphics
onboard sound

I told him it might be an overheating issue and to take the case off the computer and clean the dust out, could it be slightly more serious like the northbridge cooler gone bad?

Or is it a windows/driver problem?

I know there's not a lot of info here I'll ha... Read more

A:Stuttering/disappearing sound when playing some games or using winamp

Well the onboard sound is actually controlled by the South Bridge chip I believe; from what it sounds like (no pun intended) the drivers could be out of date. Winamp is usually super-reliable so I would check which version he is running and maybe give that an update, which is free. Also, make sure DirectX is up to date and have him run dxdiag to run the sound tests. START > Run > type dxdiag in the bar...

Personally, I would just invest in a dedicated sound adapter. You can get a decent Creative card for around $30 now and the sound quality would be much better anyways.

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This is a continuation of this topic. After getting autorun working, CDs and DVDs stutter. While playing a CD, the CPU usage stays around 30%, while it takes almost no CPU usage to play the same CD on a much older computer. While playing a DVD, the CPU usage is stuck at 100% and both sound and video stutter. This computer normally has about 70-90% CPU usage while playing DVDs. I installed a known working optical drive in this computer and experienced the same problem.The computer is an HP Pavilion ze1210 with an AMD Athlon XP-M 1400+ processor and 768MB of RAM. The computer worked fine before the autorun fix in the topic mentioned above.Also, I've already made 40 posts in four days, and all of them are related to problems with my own computers. That doesn't seem right.

A:Stuttering sound and high CPU usage when playing CDs and DVDs

What program do you use to play DVDs?Run the program listed below WHILE playing some DVD....Download Process Explorer: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspxUnzip ProcessExplorer.zip, and double click on procexp.exe to run the program.Click on View > Select Colunms.In addition to already pre-selected options, make sure, the Command Line is selected, and press OK.Go File>Save As, and save the report as Procexp.txt.Attach the file to your next reply.

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When I play mp3s on my computer, the sounds stops and stutters sometimes. Seems like computer is just running very slowly--browser windows take a long time to load, etc.

I've had this problem since trying to download a new/different media player, I actually ended up with a virus, and went through a long process with the malware forum to clean that up. But my computer is still way slower than before the virus.

They said that all malware has been removed, and to start a different thread about the slowness/mp3 problems.

Any help is appreciated! And thanks so much in advance!!

A:stopping/stuttering when playing mp3s/very slow computer

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So, recently, something like 4 days ago i spilled juice on my laptop. I had it cleaned right away and i was told it should be ok.

Recently, however, i've had problems playing any video. Whenever i play a video (with bsplayer or windows media player. it happens in vlc too, but to a much lesser extent: freezes that leave the image broken for 0.5 seconds ) it will work fine for a couple of minutes then start to stutter, freezing up for 2 or 3 seconds then skipping ahead, with the audio playing normally.
However, when i try to store the same video on an usb drive and play it from there, the issue doesn't seem to happen (or at least from what i've seen; i haven't let it run more than 30 min, could happen there also but slower).

My first idea was that this was a hard drive issue, but after running some programs to test the hard drive, they all pointed out no problems. I had a friend who works in tech support tell me (after i briefly explained the issues) that it might be a motherboard issue, but i don't see how that can be the case seeing as the videos run fine from usb for the most part. He suggested trying to reinstall windows. Is that a good idea?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Media player stuttering / lagging

Try restoring the system to an earlier date before the onset of this behaviour.

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First time I ever asked a question in a forum, so take it easy on me! I got vista 32 bit approx 2-3 months ago. it came loaded on a new computer I bought (HP 6057c Intel Core 2 processor 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM, NVIDIA geForce 8600gt) It seemed to work fine at first, but now, I notice "stutter" in the mouse and keyboard during media applications. Like when I run iTunes, or my webcam, the mouse will pause momentarily and stutter. for example, it will not pick up keystrokes at all, or will rapidly repeat a letter (rrrrrrrrrrrrr) also, with the webcam, it flashes and is generally unstable a lot of the time. I have lowered all the "perks" so I have no vista aero, no wallpaper, etc. this has not helped. also I have downloaded every driver I could find for my video card, still with no success. I am admittedly not great with computers, so I may be missing something fairly obvious. But it seems others are having similar problems, but I have yet to see an answer. any help would be greatly appreciated!! THanks

A:vista stuttering or pausing when using various media


Usually the type of behavior you describe is caused by hardware conflicts or a hard disk controller that has been automatically downgraded from fast "DMA" mode to the slow "PIO" mode. This can happen if you repeatedly attempt to read a CD or DVD with lots of bad sectors.

Generally - support forums like this insist that you FIRST completely scan your PC for viruses or malware. I would recommend doing this FIRST.

I would ask you to recall when the problem first started and WHAT, if anything did you install, upgrade or change (i.e. updates, new hardware, new software, driver updates, system config change, etc.). Buggy video and audio drivers can cause this behavior so if you've upgraded drivers, you might want to try reverting them to the previous version(s).

This should at least give you a start. HP would probably have you do a complete system RESTORE. I would only do this as a LAST resort because it's time consuming and you'll have to restore and reinstal all of your data and applications. Even after doing all of THAT - the problem might crop up again. That said, it's best to figure out the cause than resort to some drastic solution.

- John

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This problem started occurring just yesterday, not sure what might have triggered it.
The sound on everything (audio files, video files, browsers and games) now stutters, cuts in and out slightly.

I didn't install anything or make any changes to the hardware before this problem arose.

Things I have already tried:
- Going into Device Manager and updating the sound driver (Realtek High Definition Audio version
- Uninstalling sound driver and rebooting to reinstall.
- Changing driver to default High Definition Audio Device
- Going into Sound>Properties>Enhancement and checking Disable All Enhancements (did this for Realtek and default driver)

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Professionnel, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4330 CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8063 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 108 GB (52 GB Free); D: 931 GB (893 GB Free); K: 931 GB (884 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., B85M-E
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

A:Audio stuttering on all forms of media

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I'm runnining windows xp. When I download some video , windows media player will start and then it will start to stutter; Sound and video. My sound card is a cheap Creative Sound Blaster PCI. Is this the cause? I couldn't find any articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Windows Media Player version 8.

Thanks for your help.


A:(Solved) media player stuttering

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Recently I've started having problems with video playback in media center.
I've tried different sources (USB HDD and SATA HDD) with the same result; the video suffers from horrible stutter. The audio is OK though.
Playback in media player is OK, but has poor sound quality instead (distorted).
VLC player is all good except scaling issues.

Is it possible to adjust buffering in media center, since that obviously seems to be the issue.

Note: It used to be good, but suddenly it has become an issue. Maybe a silent update to windows has done something.
I have disabled almost all windows features, like ready boost, indexing etc - no improvement

GFX - GeForce 8800
CPU - Core2Duo 2.8 Ghz
Does anyone have a clue to what this might be



A:Video Stuttering in media center

I suspect it may be something you have installed recently that may be causing this particular problem.

Review anything you have installed recently that may be related to video (eg codecs, dvd player firmware etc)

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hello everyone, hope this is the right place to post this. if not, i apologise.

i am having some seriously annoying problem with my laptop i can't seem to figure out the cause of.
every certain set of minutes... in between 5 and 10 my laptop slows down tremendously. i don't know if this only occurs when i'm playing games or not, but i notice it heavily when in a game. my frame rates drop from say 40 to 12-15, heavy stuttering occurs and speakers start making very weird "scraping" sounds.

could anyone please help?


A:large FPS and performance drop and stuttering sound often when playing games

does the laptop feel very warm?

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I am experiencing an issue whereby videos refuse to play smoothly in IE (or Chrome for that matter, just on a PC in general). 

It's a Lenovo P50s 
It has the latest GPU drivers from Nvidia
Latest Flash Player

I cannot figure out why the videos refuse to play properly.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Wasn't sure what this could be related to. If this is in the wrong section just let me know.

Well, this started about a week ago. I thought nothing about it. I thought it may have been a bad driver. So I updated my graphics driver, stuttering is still there. So next I tried to update my hard drive firmware, but the stuttering is still there. Next I tried, to update my bios, that didn't help it. Any ideas?

I have an asus g73jw laptop with the specs:

8gb of ram
Nvidia gtx 460m
Hard drive is a Momentus XT

If there is anything else you need just let me know.


A:[SOLVED] Weird video/audio stuttering when playing games

Turns out I just needed to update my drivers then run the games as an admin and it fixed itself.

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i have had this problem for a while. i use media player classic, part of the k-lite codec pack. whenever i play a video within 10-20 mins the video starts to stutter, slowing down before completely stopping as if it had been paused. i have tried watching in windows media player also, the same thing happens.

i am using Catalyst 9.12 drivers.

i had this problem with my old video card (GeForce 8800GTS) too.

i have done some googling and other people have had this problem, for some it was their drivers. others have had success with changing the output settings under DirectShow Video in media player classic. i have tried that, but it still happens, so i am thinking it is definitely a driver issue.

has anyone else had this problem? and if so how were u able to solve it?

A:media players stuttering and/or freezing videos

Have you tried an alternative to WMP or Classic?
Jet Player or VLC?
The Jet Player seems to play almost anything that WMP won't, and it's got all the extra's like BBE and equalizer settings. ( see if you still have the same problems with Jet)

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Windows Media Player stutters when playing MP3's. It does it on EVERY SINGLE SONG!!!

This is beginning to do my head in. I've read the other threads about disabling the enhancements, I've read on google about turning off SRS wow and finally I found somewhere that said about dowloading a new driver from the Dell website. It seems disabling enhancements sorts it for most people but I've done all 3 listed above but with no joy.

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help!!! Any suggestions would be warmly received.


A:Windows Media Player Stuttering in Vista

Sometimes, right clicking My Computer, Advanced Settings, Performance Settings, Advanced again and selecting 'Adjust for best performance of background services' might work, since your audio is a background service.

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Hi there,

I have a new Dell Dimension C521 with Windows Vista and Windows Media Player 11. Twenty seconds before the end of every MP3, the media player stalls, skips and stutters for a few seconds before continuing. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Many thanks,


A:Windows Media Player 11 stuttering on MP3s

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For almost every song, my Windows Media Player has a short stutter/lag during song playback. Sound quality is normal and there is no static or any other sort of issue. Only the really random, brief stutter, as if someone hit pause extremely quickly.

My setup is pretty much default...drivers are SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec (Windows auto-configured this itself). I have a Dell Vostro 1500.

I have a K-Lite Codec Pack installed, but I believe this only affects my video codecs (.mkv/.avi/.divx, etc.).

Is it possible that the desktop background slideshow can be causing this? I have it on cycle every 5 minutes, which does somewhat match my windows media player stutter timing. I checked this though, and the stutter doesn't quite always happen with the change of background. My other concern was maybe my anti-virus problem (Symantec Endpoint) could be causing this.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on what could be causing this stutter? I did not have this issue back with Windows XP.

A:Windows Media Player random stuttering

Did you try another player - e.g. VLC ( Download VLC Media Player 1.0.2 - FileHippo.com ). If that works, then you might have a codec problem indeed.

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A few months back I downloaded a video which was in 1080 using h264. I was having lag issues so I decided to give the VLC player a shot. I guess some of my original codecs from the K-lite pack got messed up. I never got the video to play correctly but that's besides the point right now. Any type of video I play on Media Player has perfect audio but the video stutters the whole way through. It's not lag. They seem to work on VLC just fine but my personal preference is leaning towards MPC.

I've already tried uninstalling VLC player, K-lite codec pack, and MPC and reinstalling everything without VLC but still no luck. I'm not sure if the codecs are conflicting or if it's something else.

Once I figure this out, then I'll get to fixing the hi-def playback issue.
EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm running everybody's favorite Vista

A:Video stuttering in Media Player Classic

I figured it out. I had updated the video driver a few weeks ago and I guess something went wrong. I just rolled back the driver and everything is back to normal.

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My desktop keeps stuttering every few minutes or so. I have all of the drivers up to date and I cannot figure out what is wrong. The problem occurs the most while watching Netflix and playing games, but happens pretty regularly in general.

Core i7 2600k
Asus p8p67 deluxe
Asus Engtx 570
Corsair 8 gb 1600 mhz ram

A:Frequent Audio/Video stuttering while watching movies, playing games


I would suggest you to check the performance in “Safe mode with networking”.

Run the Windows Audio Playback Diagnose and Repair from the below MS FIX-IT: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/AudioPlayback/

You can even try running Microsoft Fix IT’s from the URL mentioned below according to the issue:

If this issue started occurring after doing some recent software changes on your computer, then I would suggest you to restore your system back to a date when it was working fine. System Restore will affect Windows system files, programs, and registry settings only.

Hope this helps.

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Hi All! I'm hoping someone can help me with this very annoying problem. I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook with Windows XP. I have Windows Media Player Version 11. When I play music or videos that once played fine without any stuttering, are now constantly stuttering and slowing down. I've removed WMP 11 and reinstalled it. The same problem persists. I've tried to play the same music/vids on a VLC player and still get the same stuttering/skipping. I'm going crazy trying to figure our a solution and am hoping someone out there can help me out pretty please? Mahalos!

A:Solved: HELP! Windows Media Player 11 Stuttering and Slowing Down

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Okay, first post ever here, so be kind, please!

I was having major issues with streaming audio and video where the media would stutter and stop horribly in both IE and Chrome. This was taking place with YouTube video as well as audio through Rhapsody, Pandora, and SoundCloud.

I went to the Devices and Printers window from the Start menu and there I found that the icon for my PC had a yellow exclamation mark next to it. I ran the troubleshooter utility and it reported that there was an issue with the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter Driver. I uninstalled and then re-installed the driver, but the issue was still there. When I opened up the device manager there was a yellow exclamation point next to that driver.

I did some research and determined that I did NOT need the Teredo Tunneling Adapter based on my network setup so I uninstalled it.

Now, all audio and video streaming is working wonderfully on any browser.

Could it be that I stumbled upon the fix? Does anyone have any more information on WHY this may have caused my problem? Thanks!

A:Could Teredo Tunneling Adapter Have Anything To Do With Streaming Media Stuttering

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A big hello from a very cold Scotland everyone!!
Just read; http://forums.techguy.org/multimedia/986602-solved-help-windows-media-player.html
Pretty much have exactly the same issues but unfortunately mine aren't yet fixed and have not magically disappeared.

About a year ago, my computer (specifications below) started stuttering (just video, not audio)... unfortunately as a film buff and film student - to put it simply... it wasn't good. After a year of suffering I've sought help from what seems like the holy grail of technology gods - you lot!!

So here it is in brief; video stutters (only visually) when player avi's on every media player I have - real player, windows media player & divx. Plays fine for about 30 seconds, then stutters for about 7 and goes on and on in an continual loop of media player madness. In the year since this started, I've took my computer to PC World (other computer chain's are available ) twice and had it wiped fully and re-set both times. Brand-new... from scratch... the whole shabang. Yet still... stutter is there. Its possibly even got worse. I'm gonna say I get more stutters now than Colin Firth's oscar winning-perfomance.
Seriously... SERIOUSLY desperate from help!!! Anybody who has ANY advice/help please write back.
Many Thanks, Sophie
(P.S; oh, forgot to mention... she's an old girl this one. Hoping she's still got some life in her yet tho - this is the computer, not myself)
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A:New & in desperate need for help to a year long stuttering media player issue!!

I can see 2 problems right off.
You only have 512MB memory,part of that used by the video card.
XP with it's service packs will use most of that.
That leaves very little memory for video and will cause it to swap out
to the page file on the hard drive,which would really slow it down.
On top of that,I am assuming windows is installed on the C drive.
It doesn't have much space left on it so the page file is probably
pretty fragmented,causing the hard drive to thrash around to read
the files,slowing it down even more.
It would probably help quite a bit to add another 512MB memory or
more,run disk cleanup and defragment the hard drive.

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I get random buzzing noise with micro freezing when im playing videos or playing games if the charger is plugged in.I did run diagnostics from SupportAssist but found no problem? I've only experienced buzzing noise whenever i suddenly connect my charger when im playing videos or gaming but now i think it gone worse.. I have all the latest drivers from dell and also updated the bios but still suddenly this problem appeared out of nowhere. Any help would be appreciated!specs:windows 10 creators updatei5 cpu8gb ramgtx 10501tb hdd

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So I upgraded from a Lenovo y510p around in August to a Y700 and immediately noticed that it was better at gaming back for everything else it was slow. I thought it must have been an update or maybe games but I have unistalled the games with plenty of space left and its driving me insane because even on slower laptops I will never have it get stuck or loading with simple stuff like youtube or selecting another song in windows media player. Any idea how to fix this? I have always set to High Perfomance mode, disabled tons of services from the boot and msconfig and very few applicactions running from what I know. Thanks

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So I upgraded from a Lenovo y510p around in August to a Y700 and immediately noticed that it was better at gaming back for everything else it was slow. I thought it must have been an update or maybe games but I have unistalled the games with plenty of space left and its driving me insane because even on slower laptops I will never have it get stuck or loading with simple stuff like youtube or selecting another song in windows media player. Any idea how to fix this? I have always set to High Perfomance mode, disabled tons of services from the boot and msconfig and very few applicactions running from what I know. Thanks

A:Lenovo Y700 Very slow and stuttering with Youtube and Windows Media Player

Hi takotakumi,  There are 2 posibile reason for the issue. 1st is software and the 2nd is hardware. Lets try to check both. For software try loading the system in safe mode, to check if there was any 3rd party software was causing the issue. If it is software issue, try and isolate the software causing the issue by un-installing the software.  For hardware try running Lenovo Solution Center or Lenovo Companion for hardware diagnostic back in windows normal mode. If you find any hardware issue after the diagnostic test then better to call Lenovo Warranty Support for assistance. You can get in-touch with Lenovo by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page under Support. Also try updating the drivers for the video card of the system.Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers,

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in fact i can t even oopen it!

each time i try and error message appears:

"gdiplus.dll is missing"

what can i do to fix the problem?

iv already tried downloading the software from the microsoft website but the same message came up.

iv also searched my pc for the gdipus.dll file and loads come up!

what can i do?

A:windows media player not playing media

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I've recently installed Windows 7 and I've found that in almost every single song,

there would be a short stutter occurring within Windows Media Player. At first I just thought it was lag, but cpu

usage is at 0-1% and even when my computer is idling except for windows media

player a stutter would just jump in there. It has gotten to become a real nuisance

especially when really good songs are playing! Thank you, Alex.

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I am transfering my music files from an old Sony, Windows98, Media player7 to another machine, an HP, WindowsXP, media player9. When I try to play any of these tracks in or out of playlist it doesn't play them it pulls up internet explorer. Where it is trying to go I dont know as I am not online yet with that machine. I noticed in the Tools, Options, Privacy tab there are options that request information from the internet about the songs. There are check boxes that are empty next to them so I dont think they're enabled. I have fields empty for each track. Like Album, media info. Is it searching for that? Can I bypass the process?

A:Solved: Having problem playing transfered music from windows media 7 to windows media 9

Found problem, I protected the tracks when I downloaded them so when I go to transfer them & play them on this other PC it is pulling up internet explorer to get license confirmation. I won't do that again. Said something about limiting the number of computers to be played on after you protect them. Problem solved.

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i am receiving an error when trying to open many of my media files with windows media player 10. the error is:
?windows media player cannot play the file. The player might no support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file?. these files i cannot open
there are some that i can open, but when I try to open some files they will play a different file: for example, I will open an audiobook and one of music files will start to play.
Im asking for audio/video help, but in actuality I have pdf?s that give me the same error about not able to recognize extension, possibly due to decompression method.
Any one familiar with any of this?

A:Help! Media Is Playing As Different Than Specified

I know it probably not
are you trying to play files with the extension .m4a

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My notebook (W7 Pro, x64) has recently developed a problem with playing media. The first few minutes are OK, and then it shoots up to 100% CPU and stays there, making the media unplayable.

It happens with all media applications: Flash (any browser), VLC, Windows Media Player, BBC iPlayer, anything. Also it doesn't make any difference whether it's video or audio, both cause the problem.

And it isn't the media application itself that appears to be using all the CPU: basically a number of unrelated processes grab themselves a big chunk each. Even the Task Manager shows as consuming 10%-20%! And if I shut down the media application/close the browser or whatever, the 100% CPU utilisation continues for several minutes longer, and then slowly subsides to a normal level.

I've updated the video and audio drivers, disabled active scanning in anti-virus (Avast), stopped lots non-essential processes, and unplugged all USB peripherals but all with no effect.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

A:100% CPU when playing media

Not sure if this is related or not but worth a shot... I was experiencing a similar problem after installing a USB modem the upnphost service was the problem as it kept on triggering attempting to search for and connect other devices that did not exist.

I stopped and then disabled the UPnP Device Host service and that solved the problem.

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Hi,I started noticing problems when watching a series of episodes on Netflix. (Peaky Blinders)On the 4th episode in season 1 towards the end, the visual & audio started to go into slow motion. The audio sounded really tinny. This continued throughtout the entire season 2.Then I noticed that it wasn't just Netflix that this was happening with, it was happening with any video I tried to watch, whether that be a video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else. They would all eventually start playing in slow motion with slow audio.My default browser is Microsoft Edge, & I have heard that this browser is experiencing several problems with apps including Netflix. So I tried watching Netflix using a different browser, Google Chrome, but the same thing is happening. Everything going into slow motion with audio following suit. I do not want to mess around with apps on my laptop, as I am unsure of what I am doing, but I know enough to know that something isn't right.Any solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated.I have a months free trial on Netflix, but it's only going to waste because I can't watch anything on it! Sincerely,Suzy.

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