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Scratched screen on Samsung LCD HDTV

Q: Scratched screen on Samsung LCD HDTV

Somehow we accidentally got a scratch on the screen of our LCD HD TV (Samsung)

The scratch looks like a scratch in a film. If the screen is on but showing a dark or black image, the scratch looks white (looks horrible, bright white). If that part of the screen is white it still shows too but not as bad.

Any ideas of something to make it at least show less?

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Preferred Solution: Scratched screen on Samsung LCD HDTV

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Anyone know of a good and trustworthy site that I can buy the Samsung LA26R71BAX 26'' LCD HDTV that ships world wide and has a price of about $550?

Excluding Amazon and ebay, because Im more interested in a new one, or refurbished.

A:Samsung HDTV, where to buy online?

Well I don't but there is a site called static ice www.staticice.org try there they search heaps of sites.

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Hey, I've been trying to get my samsung hdtv to work as a second monitor. The tv came with an VGA cord and my PC has 1 VGA port and 1 DVI port on it (my current monitor is using the DVI port via a VGA to DVI converter...thing). So I switch to the PC SOURCE on the samsung with the cable not connected and it basically tells me to plug it in and change the VGA and PC Signal Setting so I plug it in and the message disappears but my screen is black and the light starts flashing which I am thinking means it's looking for a signal.

I looked it up and everyone always says to go to the screen resolution menu and click "detect" so I did and absolutely nothing happened. Someone told me that it should at least tell me that it doesn't sense another monitor but it doesn't even do that.


both monitors work on the DVI converter, neither work on my VGA port even if nothing is plugged into the DVI.

I am assuming that it's broken or my friend said it might be my graphics card but I am a little...ignorant with computer stuff. My graphics card is a AMD Radeon 6670 and I went and downloaded the most recent drivers for it and such but nothing seems to work.

If you need any additional information just ask (possibly tell me how to find) and I'll post.


A:How do I get my samsung hdtv to work as a second monitor?

The card is not the problem.

A Question or two: Did the video card come with the computer, or is it an add on?
If it is an add on did you use the on board drivers or install those form AMD?

Also BTW, "Welcome to The Seven Forums.". . .

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I am searching for the HDTV. I got this one at www.direct2deal.com I am thinking to buy that one because it is cheap as well as branded.

What is your review for that deal... Please let me know So I can make decision for buying...

This is my humble request to you, please reply this message with your suggestion. If you have any other good deals related to HDTV please post here to help me.

A:Samsung 19 Flat-Panel LCD HDTV @ $431.99!!!!


If you are looking for HDTV's LCD technology is the way to go. I'd say that monitor is pretty good but for a couple hundred more you can get much better. Save your money until you have enough to get a better one.


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I bought hdtv 48inch Samsung so since I bought it I have been connecting my laptop to it with hdmi so after my last window update I had an issue connecting the tv monitor, it keep on telling me to set the resolution on the external display on the tv screen. 
I change my pc laptop resolution and connect but the issue keep showing on the tv screen.

please what should I do ?

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Hey guys,
I have done some searching but to no avail. I have tried everything I can find/think of with absolutely no luck.

I have a brand new Samsung LN46B750 which I have connected to my desktop for use as an HTPC. VGA works fine, but I would much prefer to use a digital connection. SO, I have an HDMI <> DVI adapter and a monoprice HDMI cable connecting my GeForce 6800 to the HDMI/DVI port on the HDTV.

I have tried 182.5 and the latest Nvidia drivers as well as the generic W7 drivers. It's all the same.

Everything works fine in the OS so long as I make it past the Windows splash screen. And unfortunately, that never happens. I believe that the problem lies in the auto adjustment of the screen when 7 starts loading. (If I boot without the TV connected, and then connect after the splash screen has loaded, everything is perfect.) Is there any way to disable the auto detection/adjustment of the TV and just have the OS always boot into 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz. I am really tired of the blank or black screen every time I reboot. This is a terrible bug with W7 or EDID and it needs to be fixed now Microsoft!

Thank you!

A:No Signal on Boot with Samsung HDTV over DVI/HDMI

I have a Samsung LNT4665F.

The problem actually lies in the Samsung - the I/O board is, well, been replaced a few times. Service warranty even replaced the entire TV after four failed repairs.

The good news - Windows 7.7600.16385 with an ATI HD3850 no longer gets caught by the Samsung oddity.

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I'm wanting to buy the samsung LE26R87BDX, but im abit confused as to how it would connect to my computer. I've been told it's possible, but according to the specs it has no DVI input? How then would I be able to connect my PC to this beauty of a TV?

A:Connecting a Samsung LE26R87BDX HDTV to my Computer

The TV should have HDMI connections on it, so you would buy a DVI to HDMI connector or use the VGA that might be on this TV.

I just did a google search for this TV it does have a VGA connector. but i would recommend getting a DVI to HDMI cable. You will get the best picture that way.

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Hi, I have a Samsung SyncMaster 932MW Monitor and would like to use it as a second screen for my laptop, but when I plug in the VGA cable to both ends it doesn't allow me to select the VGA source on the monitor which means it basically doesn't detect it. I have installed the drivers and have tried the laptop with another monitor, so I know that it isn't the cable.

Here are my specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo T5250
(1.50 GHz, 667 MHz FSB, 2MB Cache)
Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
2 GB Memory
120 GB Hard Drive
15.4&#8243; Brightview Widescreen
DVD Rewriter Dual Layer
Wifi Enabled
CD ROM Speed x24
CD RW Speed - x24

I have an SiS Mirage 3 graphics card:
Chip Type: SiS672 series
DAC Type: Internal
Adapter String: Mirage 3+
Bios Information: 3.72.02

I think it's a driver problem although I have updated all of mine. Please can someone help as I would really appreciate it

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NVIDIA geforce 8200 does not detect LCD HDTV PC connected to Samsung LE46530F1W by HDMI

The PC is running Win 7 Premium Home 64 bit SP1. It is connected to a 19 inch monitor (Viseo 190W) via a vga cable. The monitor is at 1366x768 at 60HZ.
The nvidia driver version is 275.33.
The tv is a recent Samsung LE46530F1W and is connected by new HDMI cable from PC to TV.
The TV reports that this source is not connected. The current resolution of the TV is 1920x1080 at 50HZ.

If I look in Nvidia control panel, under 'setup multiple displays' - I only see the Vi##SPAM## 190W as a single display. I choose 'My display is not shown', followed by 'Rigorous Display Detection' and 'Yes' to 'Would you like your TV enabled'. This puts a 'tick' in the 'force television detection on startup' checkbox. The 'restart now' button is greyed out - I restart the PC anyway, without effect.

The TV does not recognise it is getting a signal from the PC. The PC does not recognise the TV display as existing.

Any advice would be welcome as to:

Am I posting in the right forum?

What should I do to make the TV display my PC output?



A:Nvidia 9200 in PC connected to Samsung HDTV by HDMI does not display

I would recommend you to connect the TV alone and check if there is any display or not.

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my laptop lcd screen has little scratches at the bottom of it...any way to fix this?

A:scratched screen

Touchy - is it a flat sheen screen or a glossy 'Brightview' type? There's little that can be done for scratches on a flat 'frosted' type, as any attempted fix would only make it worse. As for the glossy types, as long as the scratches are not too deep, there are some eyeglass repair liquids that can be used, but again, only for visual esthetics - if the scratch is deep enough to see it on edge (IE: twisting the screen back and forth), it's probably just something you'll have to live with. The only sure fire fix is a screen replacement.


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Hello,For about a year I have an X1 Gen4, and I am starting to see some scratches on the screen. To me it seems like they are caused by the keys. Is this normal?Thank you.

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I have not scratched my Thinkpad X200T after six years of abuse, yet the Yoga 460 is already scratched less than a fortnight, the scratch is deep enough that it changes colour depends viewing angle.  What is the Yoga 460 screen made of? Freaken butter? There seem to be a protection layer (anti glare layer?), which is why is it easier to get scratched? Can I just replace this layer or will I have to replace the whole display?

Your mum

A:Scratched my Yoga 460 screen already!

The outer layer is the static discharge digitizer and cannot be replaced by itself.  There is no way to have an X200T-type protection plate on a touch screen

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It has been one year with my HP now, but since a few weeks something just popped out of nowhere.I have never dropped my laptop or closed it to hard, only traveled with it in a good laptop bag.But since a few weeks a sort of stripe of scratches came up to my eye. There is a dead pixel in the middle and some little scratches around it.Now suddenly something came to my mind and it was true, the stripe of scratches is exactly on the same place as the touchpad when I close it. So I can see that the top piece of the touchpad has touched the screen and left a annoying stripe of scratches and a dead pixel.

A:Screen scuffed/scratched by touchpad

Greetings, I would suggest you contact HP Technical Support.  Options should be available to repair your product but they will differ based onyour warranty status and the determined cause of the issue.  You can start contact at http://support.hp.com/us-en/contact-hp Hope this helps! #HPExpertDay

HP Employee

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Hello,  The display of my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga first generation broke and the guarantee has not expired yet.Also the display has quite some scratches from the keyboard when closing the laptop (which as I've read is a common problem with this model). Is the replacement covered by guarantee? I've already had the laptop sent in some time ago due to a cracked cover, which somehow got larger over time without ever dropping it (also a common problem as I've read in some forums and heard from people I know that experienced the same problem).  I'm looking forward to an answer,  Thanks in advance! Anton 

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I own a Portege Z20T B-10C which is a rather nice machine, but has one annoying flaw: The screen gets scratched by virtually any contact. For example, I can't use the "emergency pen" for touch input or to write on the screen as it causes scratches. Also, the screen has already collected a series of scratches shaping the outline of the touchpad, i.e. supposedly produced when closing the laptop. Hence, you can't really use the laptop the way it should be used and I fear that a few months from now the screen will be filled with scratches.

While I'm waiting for my notebook shop to decide whether this is a warranty case or not, I wonder if anyone of you owns this model and has come across the same problem?


A:Portege Z20T: Screen becomes scratched by virtually anything

I have exactly the same problem. I've only been using the machine since July and already it's quite damages. Basically the screen rubs against the dock and I have the imprint in the outline of the touchpad. I'm concerned that they will soon damaging the images captured by the camera since the outline of the touch pad is right over the lens.

Toshiba is so far unwilling to repair this and I've included the response from my account rep below. Frankly, I was shocked since this is such an expensive computer and the cause of the problem seems so obvious. I was also disappointed that they didn't consider this thread when evaluating my case since it is the first result when one Googles 'portege scratched screen'.
Hello Eric,

I sent your email with the pictures of your laptop screen scratches. They replied back saying that the scratches are not due to a manufacture defect and there have not been another reports of other Z20t touchscreens getting scratches like this on the screen, so there is nothing they can do to replace it. Our Customer Service Manager will usually just make the call to replace it, if the laptop is with the first 90 days, which is 2 ? months past the normal return policy. He was not able to get the approval to replace it.

I am glad that you were able to get this laptop back up and running. Please keep that Business Technical Support number handy for any future needs, which I hope that you do not ever have to use it in the future. Please give me ... Read more

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hi I have samsung laptop

When I press power button, then its shows me samsung logo on the screen and after that it goes to black screen.
I try to replace hard disk, laptop find this new hard disk.
but then it straight goes to the BIOS and over there I try to change boot order, to boot from dvd player but I couldnot find any option there.
I open it up and clean everything inside the machine.
but problem is still there.
Is anybody help to to fix this machine.


A:Samsung black screen after showing the samsung logo


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okay I got my new computer and hooked it up to my fiancee's 37"ish sanyo LCD tv but no matter what resolution I have it set to part of the page gets cut off. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?

A:HDTV as a Monitor, screen getting cut off.

Are you using a HDMI connection from the video card?

Also, are you using the HDTV as a secondary display?

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I am using my Sony Bravia LCD PC jack for the my pc's display(for the moment until I get a longer HDMI cable). The screen is severly shifted and I cannot adjust it by just uing the hortizal control, it is still out of range. Is there another way to adjust it via windows drivers to minize the shift(like in linux)? Any help would be great.
Oh BTW, I also am using the latest ati driver 9.10. I had the same problem with the windows driver.

thanks for the help.

A:Display/Screen not centered to HDTV

What resolution is the computer outputting to the HDTV? That might be the cause for the screen distortion

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Ok, I'm having a problem with the screen flickering when I connect it to my computer. It used to work before, but it doesn't work anymore. All it does is flicker. I've tried different the different hertz modes, 60,70,75,85,100,120. 60 through 85 all produce screen flicker, 100 and 120 aren't supported. I'm running Windows 7 starter (blah) and I'm connecting the tv to the computer through the VGA port.

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I just tried hooking up my laptop to my JVC IDLA HDTV with an HDMI to DVI cable. I've tried resetting, but all I get is a black screen. Anyone who's gotten a setup like this to work would be a big help.

My video card is a Nvidia 7900 GS.

A:2nd monitor (HDTV) has black screen

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I've seen an NVIDIA laptop use a "Resize Screen" program that works majestically. Unfortunately, I do not have a laptop with an NVIDIA graphics card (It's a Radeon, I think...in a Sony VIAO). Is there a program out there that will resize a screen to fit the TV? As you might have already guessed, when I use an HDMI cable from Laptop to HDTV, the screen just doesn't fit properly! Annoying...

A:How to resize screen? (Laptop to HDTV w/HDMI)

Well there is a chance that your computer does not have the right resolution for your tv... but...


See if you can't make that work for you.

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Im trying to use my widescreen hdtv as a monitor for my computer for gaming and I have a sony kp - 65ws510. My gfx card is a radeon x800 pro and when i hooked it up to the hi def input it works but I cant get the picture to fit the screen properly. At the lowest setting something like 600 x 432 or something like that i know it was a weird number it doesnt quite fit it and has a bit of a black border all the way around. But I want to use the higher resolution like i use on my monitor 1156 x ??? ( dont know off the top of my head ) and it shows up on my tv nice and crisp but the image size is gigantic........pretty much just the top left quarter of whats on my monitor shows on my tv. I was trying to change sizes in the display but at that low setting i couldnt even see the "apply" "ok" or "cancel" buttons. But in any case I would like to use a better resolution more like my monitors if possible but of course have it set to the closest widescreen version and then have that fill my screen properly without cropping everything rendering it pointless. thanks for any help I can get

A:fitting screen to widescreen hdtv to use as monitor

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I connected my laptop with my Samsung UE32F5000AKXXU hdtv via s-video scart cable and I tried to share the screen with the tv than the tv screen became dark purple-black and I can't set it back or do anything, I can hear only sound from my tv, no picture.

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Ok, so I have google my mind away trying to figure out what is up with this.  I can watch full screen videos to my hearts content on this laptop.  However, when I hook it up to my tv via HDMI it will not play the majority of videos full screen, or even not full screen.  So, let's start with what it WILL play.
It will play YouTube videos and any videos I have on my portable hard drive.  It will play them full screen, no problems.  It doesn't matter how long the video is.  That is it.
Now, if I try to play any other streaming video, it will play full screen on the laptop, just not on the tv.  If I try and watch the SAME video on the TV it will start out fine, but within 5 mins it will start skipping on the video.  By skipping I mean, the video will run sluggishly and jerkily.  It will freeze and then zoom forward as if trying to catch up to the audio. 
This is not my laptop, it is on loan to me.  My house was broken into and my laptop was stolen.  I never had any problems watching anything on it when it was hooked up to the tv. 
I'm not sure what info you need from me about the laptop to help with this, but I would appreciate any offered. 

A:Videos work Full screen on laptop, not on HDTV

By searching online for both full screen and sluggish video points to video resolution problem (most likely on different output video formats) and low internet connection or outdated video driver. Have you tried matching or lowering the resolution and checking any updated drivers for the laptop?

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I have a Dell 1525 with the intel 965 chipset graphics. I had XP and Vista 32bit installed previously and the graphics drivers would have an extra option to change the horizontal and vertical position of the screen. But now with Seven x64 and the drivers downloaded from Update, I can't seem to fix the problem. Whenever I have a program maximized on my hdtv a few pixels width wise will be off screen. Just enough to have the menu bars and scroll bars off screen. Are there any third party programs to fix this? I tried installing x64 Vista drivers and they would invert and wash out the colors on my screen, totally unusable.

A:HDMI at 1280x720 out to 720p HDTV has edges off screen

Does the display itself have any option to auto-adjust/auto-center? A button on the remote or something in one of the menus?
That's all I can think of :S

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Im new here so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

Here is my problem:

I have just recently purchased a new Philips HDTV (32") and I have connected my pc to it via hdmi. I use a dvi-hdmi converter via the DVI port on my graphics card (NVIDIA XFX GeForce GTX 260).

The screen blinks and changes to black for a second usally displaying no signal or unsupported format in the top right hand side of the screen. Then it switches back to normal. The blinking happens randomly but never takes longer than a few minutes to happen.

I have all the latest Nvidia drivers installed.

One more thing I had a 32 inch tv before this one and it worked ok. It had issues with the text being blurry and it ended up blowing .

But any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

A:HELP! Using HDTV as monitor, screen is blinking black then normal again!

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i have a very, very scratched cd, how can i tell if the scratches are too deep to be repair by scratch repair kit? those things cost a fortune (40usd and only repairs 20 disc) and i want to know before i buy. right now my cd aren't readable, and i have no idea weather it's damaged beyond repair, or if only the surface is scratched....so how can i tell? what are the signs?
many thanks.

A:when a cd is scratched......

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Hello, I was repasting my ps3 gpu when I accidentally made a scratch on the green area of ps3 gpu, is it posible to fix it? can I use another ps3 gpu? how can I know/view an error code? as far as I know, scratching the green area wont cause a system hardware fault, please help.

Here are pictures of my gpu:




A:Scratched PS3 GPU PCB

I dont know man, but I recommend not touching those components of a game system... they are meant to not be tampered with. How do you even know it is getting hot without monitoring temps?? It is meant to operate at high temps bud.

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Hi there,
Our DVD collection is getting wrecked by small children getting them out, leaving them out, putting them back....scratching them everytime. Is there anything out there where we can load our collection and access them without the need to touch the DVD after the initial load. I've looked at DVD recorders with a HDD, Lifebox from Maplins, external hard drives and still not absolutely sure whether I'm going down the right route? I've got used to loading my CD music onto my MP3 player, now I need a DVD version for the TV! Any help to point out the obvious to me would be much appreciated.

A:Help! Another scratched DVD..What do I need?

DVDs are copy-protected which prevents any type of copying. There's no technology-related solution to the problem. Perhaps after your kids wreck a few of their favorite movies, and their parents don't replace them, they'll handle them more carefully.

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my other pc which has the following specs:

athlonxp (socket a), 512 ddr400, xp pro, 40gb hdd, 350 watts psu and fx 5200 128mb

was reformatted but shortly after installing xp pro with sp 2 it restarted and crashed after the drivers were installed. the ram is ok because it came from my other pc and i used ramtest overnight and it was clean. my question is: why did it restarted when it should be a clean install? can a scratched xp cd cause crashes because it was not able to copy some files and i think it was a little smudgy when i used it. i think there is abad spirit in our house that is causing this even my newere pc is acting up.

A:xp cd scratched

Im NO expert BUT i`d reckon a scratched cd would be knackered.......????
HOPE you work it out........i DONT even have an XP CD but there`s a copy of it in the 1386 directory in windows ....YOU might have it yourself?????
GET a pro`s advice

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I have bought a game (legally!) a long time ago. As I played the game, the CD got scratched, and I'm afraid it will get so scratched it will be unreadable. Is there a LEGAL way i can make a private copy for myself of the game? I tried to copy the game CD using nero, but the game didnt recognize the backup CD.

A:Scratched CD

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I scratched my motherboard while removing the Heat Sink of the CPU. Actually, its the opposite side of motherboard where you mount the Heat Sink Holder bracket. While removing it i scratched hard on the motherboard and it looks damaged. I can't test it by starting it as I don't have other stuff ready. But I have uploaded some pics and you can tell if it is bad enough to cause damage.

PS: My Motherboard is Gigabyte EX58-Extreme

A:Scratched my Motherbaord

Do you have a test light handy? If so, grab a 9V battery, and hook up one side of the test light to the - side of the battery, and another wire to one end of the scratch. Run the probe end along the scratch lightly, and if it lights up (without physically touching the other wire), you have likely damaged the motherboard.

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Hello . I bought some computer parts several years ago and bought vistahome premium64 dvd builders, service pack one. the dvd no longer works because of light scratching, so I am using unbuntu. The company I bought the dvd from recomended that since I own the licence it could be down loaded with a torrent from pirate bay .
Is that really ok to do that? What do you recommend id like to find a solution without having to buy a new os.

A:vista dvd scratched

Since you do have a key, we can help. That being said, to download from Prirate Bay would be very foolish and may contain OS that have been altered to no longer being legit. In addition, you will most likely download more than an OS and have even bigger problems.
May I suggest, that you read the posts contained in the link below. After you understand that due to the generosity of one of our members, you can leave your email address and you will be emailed a clean, safe copy of Vista.
Be sure to delete your addy when you receive your answer.
Good Luck
Vista ISO download

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Cannot activate windows 8.1 since the product key got scratched.Please advise.

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i have a problem with my TECRA. The magnesium back cover of this model of laptop is very soft and breakable.
After a few months it's now full of scratches. My question is the following: does exist a way to obtain a new screen back cover of this model of notebook? How can i obtain this kind of spare part?

Thank you in advance.

A:Tecra Z50-A-10D scratched

I’m quite sure that you will be able to order such part from local official Toshiba authorized service provider…

I recommend you to get in contact with ASP and to ask for such part:

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The glossy HP logo on my Pavilion have a lot of scratches. Can anyone suggest any ways to re polish it?

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Hi I'm 14 and I have just built a gaming pc, however I just discovered a scratch on my motherboard, it's small but relatively deep and a tiny bit of copper is showing in don't think it covers the whole line but I just wanted reassurance that it's ok or wether it needs to be fixed, I haven't actually turn on the pc as ram still is not installed. Picture attached bellow it's zoomed in and the flash light sort of makes scratch look a little bigger than it is. Thanks ,


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Occasionally, I am asked to restore an operating system using CDs that have been used as hockey-puck substitutes by dim-wits who have no sense of the importance of the software that came with their computers. Well, I've got another one in here now and it is scracthed all to h*ll.

I've seen machines that are supposed to polish the CDs; but, I really don't know what kind of damage they are capable of correcting.

Does anyone here have any experience or recommendations concerning them? If they are any good, I certainly will be using it quite a bit so if there are any meaningful differences, I would like to hear about it.

A:Polishing scratched CDs--does it really help?

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My operating system is XP professional SP2. Through years of use my system disk has alot of scratches on it, can this cause problems trying to do a clean install on a system. I know most big computer stores sell scratch removers, will they really help to restore my disk to almost new condition.


A:Scratched OS Disk

It would depend on the severity of the scratch.
You could try to copy the disk over to the HDD to make sure that all files are able to be read.
If they are you can use something like Magic Iso to make a copy of the disk so that you will have a spare.
Be sure to get the code from the disk before disposing of the original.

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hi all hope this is the right forum. sorry if its not but here goes one of my sons favourite films has got a big scratch in it so i have tried to make a back up copy so my son can continue to watch it but i have been using dvd shrink (as its an old cartoon series)and it keeps getting to 41% and then freezing i have tried cleaning the disc but have had no joy... i hope somebody might be able to suggest something as i dont want to go and buy it again
any suggestions welcome and appreciated
tia john

A:Scratched Disc

As for copying the disc, we can't help you with copying anything that is copyright protected as this is against the forum rules. I have heard of some success with using car wax to buff the scratch out, but if it is too deep it won't help. Another solution would be to try something like the technique used in this article.

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I'm trying to install my boyfriend's game LOTR Battle of Middle Earth II, but the CD has a scratch in it (not actually a bad one, shouldn't normally be bad enough to stop installation according to me). I managed, after a whole night's work, to install the game, after copying the entire thing - including the damaged file, textures1.big, which I had to try to copy about 20 times before it finally let itself be copied properly - onto the computer. It now installs fine and runs all the way past the end of the opening movie, but then it gets stuck at a picture where those two giant statues are holding their hands up, and won't go any further. I came up with the ingenious idea of burning the complete CD from the computer to a new CD to make it work that way, but of course a 700MB CD isn't big enough for a 5GB game! Does anyone have any ideas? As I said, I have the complete game on the computer, surely I must be able to do something with it? Is there a way to get the game to run totally from the computer (it's currently running from the CD and think the reason it won't play is because of the scratch)?



A:Solved: LOTR II CD is scratched, is there anything I can do??

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I looked on the forums and someone had the SAME problem as me. I'm not sure if it has been resolved but here is the link: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/Hinge-issue-with-HP-Spectre-x36... Same thing happened to me. I had it for a month and was very happy with it. Then, when I was closing it today, there was a low, creaking sound. I opened it back up to see that the right hinge has been scratched. I looked inside and saw something poking out, like a piece of metal or something, that wasn't there before.  I really want to get the whole laptop replaced because I took really good care of it and can't stand scratches or marks. However, my warranty ran not long ago so I'm not sure if HP will still fix this for me.

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help its been drivin' me nuts for 3 years!!!!!!!

A:any 1 no how to fix a broken scratched up disc?

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Hi after the desk top was infected we tried to install from the recovery discs only to find them not there, my 4 year old son had gotten hold of them and played with them now they do not work and the computer does not even recognise that discs are inserted in the drive. is there any way we could get a new set downloaded from the d drive or anything? not looking to pay hp for some when already own the pc. have the product key sticker etc along with orange one for works on side of computer. have thought about the control backspace for install but can not even get that far so any help would be great

A:Recovery Discs too scratched help

Recovery CD: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/d...s&lc=en&dlc=en

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Hello all,

It seems EA Maxis products are giving me a run for my money. I let a friend borrow my Simcity 4 cd and it is scratched beyond use, problem is I can't get the game to run without it. I can't get a copy to work either. Anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to buy a new CD. Any help would be appreciated


A:Simcity 4 cd too scratched to work

You could try the Game Doctor, it seems to work pretty good. You can get it at a Best Buy, Circuit City, etc., for like $20, I think.

You could see if EA has a product replacement thing, I know Blizzard lets you send back the CD for a new one, and it only costs $10.

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Does anyone have any that work for Playstation2 games?

A:Home Remedy for scratched cds

I've heard of people using toothpaste

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