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"cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" after battery replaced

Q: "cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" after battery replaced


I have an older PC which I gave to my mum. It originally ran Vista, but I bought and installed Windows 7 Ultimate around 6 weeks ago after it had been inactive for 3/4 months. It was running great, but a couple of weeks ago it just started hanging for no real reason. Also, at startup it would say that the computer had not been shut down properly, even if it had. This was only when it was switched off at the wall, not after a restart or when the PC was left plugged in and switched on. She only uses the PC to look at You Tube and some webcams from her grandkids, and that's it, she's not very computer literate.

Initially, I left Windows repair to run overnight, but when I looked at it the following morning it was still in the repair screen, so I assume it had hung. I spoke to a local repair shop and they suggested I test the RAM, test the hard drive, and replace the CMOS battery. The RAM and hard drive checks went without any errors and after I replaced the battery the hanging stopped. I played with the computer all evening and shut it down as normal and switched it off at the wall. Next day I thought I would start it up just to check it and I was faced with a "cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" message. I thought that was strange, but maybe the battery was dead, so I swapped it over with one from my perfectly working desktop to try it out, and my desktop worked fine, but after shutting down my mum's one it had the same problem when power was pulled. So, battery was ruled out.

Incidentally, I will say that I reset the BIOS date and time every time I was faced with the error, following up with a save and exit. It worked fine until I unplugged the computer.

I then moved on to the BIOS and set it back to default, and the same again. After this opened the case and used the jumpers to reset the BIOS to default again, but no difference.

My mum will not leave it switched on at the wall constantly in case it self-combusts (same with her washing machine, TV, lamps,etc), otherwise I would just do that and ignore it. Is there anything else someone can suggest that I try?

Shop bought by Mesh
Motherboard is an ASUS PSN-E SLI
4gb Ram - samsung
128gb hard drive - ASUS

Thanks for any help.

Preferred Solution: "cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" after battery replaced

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: "cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" after battery replaced

I must add that the PC is the same as when I bought it new from the shop, except for adding a Creative Labs sound card (approx 2012) and installing Windows 7 (around 6 weeks ago). All Windows updates are downloaded and installed.

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What does this error mean ?"CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded"

Can anyone help why this error occurs?

I 've removed the battery on the motherboard and it worked well . , But again there was the same error.
F 1 and F 2 keys do not work.

thank you

A:CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded

This article may be able solve your problem ..

How to Fix Windows Cmos Checksum Error

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Hello all!
I regularly have the folllowing line appear when my bios starts up -CMOS checksum error defaults loaded. I am having a problem about CMOS Checksum Error, every time I turn on the computer it will wait about 30 secs before the first beep. Then the CMOS checksum error occur. Some days ago I had changed my battery after that this problem occurs. Please help me. I have a snapshots of the same problem.You can check here: http://wealthamplifier.in/images/cmos1

A:CMOS Checksum Error - Defaults Loaded

Could you have installed the battery backwards by mistake? Even though the battery is new, it could be defective.

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So I know you shouldn't do this (and I'm gonna stop from now on) but I've been shutting down my PC by holding the power button and not shutting it down properly - and I think this is the reason for my problem.

A few days ago I started up my computer and then after I had been on the internet for a while it just rebooted itself. So I kept starting it up then when everything had loaded it just kept rebooting.

Now it doesn't even load up it goes to a black screen that says something about CMOS checksum error - Defaults Loaded. I've searched for other people with this problem and the responses tend to be to do something with the BIOS (sorry, I'm not very technical. I don't even know what the BIOS are) but my problem is my keyboard has now become unresponsive that I can't get it into anywhere to change the settings. When I start up all the lights come on for a second (num lock, caps lock and scroll lock) but then go off and my keyboard becomes unresponsive.

Then when I try to reboot the computer from the power button it doesn't even start up now! (It's just going from bad to worse) Like it turns on (I think it's the fan that makes a noise?) but nothing happens the screens black, it doesn't even make that beeping noise it usually does when it's just starting to start up. I have to wait for a while (like a good few hours or even a day) before I can try and start it up again and it will go to the CMOS checksum e... Read more

A:CMOS checksum error - Defaults Loaded

Might be your powersupply.

I actually had the same probablem and i sorta fixed it. Normally when you first see the problem you will get a advanced bootup screen giving you the option to go in safe mode normal mode and theres another option that says us your last working bootup setup or something like that. You want to press that butten and if that doesn't work you will have to put in your windows CD (assuming your using a windows computer) and boot from the CD and go to your recovery console, and do some commands. you will need to tell me your Cmos (or bios) settings command like mine is F8 (or the screen that shows you the "Press F8 to get to Bios setup" or "Press Esc to set boot device" ETC...

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Hello all!
I regularly have the folllowing line appear when my bios starts up -
CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded.
It seemed to start happening when i downloaded spybot search&destroy. I have since removed the program but still have the problem. I have changed the cmos battery on the mobo as recommended in other threads, but it still regularly (every few start ups) happens.
Any advice to solve the problem?

The board is only six months old. CPU and RAM test fine. I have two hard drives, non raid, sata connection.

A:CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded

when i started reading ya post.. i thought at the cmos battery too. the message from cmos happens because the cmos has been reseted. this ussualy is done or by removing the battery temporarily... or by a jumper on the board.
you replaced the battery so this isn`t a problem anymore.
maybe the battery isn't fit correctly. or the jumper is not correctly set.. and periodically the contacts are touched. you should check both .
it this fails.. is a motherboard problem... the cmos information is lost due to power lost from the battery that powers it.

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I hope that you can help me with this problem-  which is outside of my experience.
Out of the blue my PC failed to boot.  Its OS is XP Pro.
It proceeds t boot as usual but then it hangs on the message ' Verifying DMI pool data.  Update success'   That's it.   There's a blinking cursor below that but it doesn't respond to the keyboard.
It halts there no matter what I try-  for instance tapping F8, the Gigabyte mobo safe-mode key, or even attempting to boot with the OS CD in the CD drive.
I thought it might be that the MOBO battery had died as I haven't used this machine for quite a while.  I changed the battery and I briefly saw the message ' CMOS checksum error.  Defaults loaded ' but that hasn't reappeared.  ' Verifying DMI pool date.  Update success ';  is as far as it gets.
Any clues ?  Short of sticking in a new hard drive I can't think where to go from here.

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so I?m playing video games all fine I go to school come back and I turn on my pc. I get an error on screen and it says ?press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP?. The only problem is, I can?t press F1. My keyboard (Razer Blackwidow Chroma) does not light up nor do my headphones or mouse (all Razer Chroma I?m a fanboy sorry) even tho they are plugged in. I thought they had stopped working so I plugged my headphones into my PS4 and they worked and lit up just fine even plugged them into my Mac. So it?s not that, but I literally cannot press F1 or del it?s as if my keyboard doesn?t work when I plug it into my PC. It says ?CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded? not sure what that means, I googled it and it has something to do with a battery, but I?m actually lost. I need help. Pls. I?ve included a picture but I?m posting on my iPhone so I?m not sure if it will work.

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Hi there people!

Again, abusing you with some doubts... basically, I replced my old CR2032 MoBo battery in my desktop with a new one, 4-5 weeks ago, more or less, the old one was dying (date not being displayed correctly)... but recently, 2 days ago, I had a power down (light went off... god damm CFE) and then a fast light return-off... fortunately, I use a regulator, so if it doesn't get enough power to enable power on for my devices, they won't turn on...

After that, 2 days after, I'm getting this nasty error when loading my PC... saying that CMOS checksum is bad, default configurations are loaded... also says something about the processor speed incorrect, but that is corrected when "defaults loaded", at least I suppose that.

I need to be sure that my MoBo is not dying (PLS NOOOO!!! ) My devices are recognized properly and I don't get any OS problems so far...

Thanks in advance for your help people

See ya!!!

A:CMOS bad checksum error - defaults loaded... ?

when you startup, is it display that's your cmos checksum is bad.
try to check your battery,anyway default of the battery for PC is 3V. least of the 3V the battery is bad.
but if you get the battery is 3V, so try to put up and put in again to reset the bios. and then startup again, set up the date/time. see what you get.

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hi there can someone please help me i have got a error message that comes up as the pc is booting up,
cmos checksum error defaults loaded
i have replaced that cmos battery with one thats is out of date in 2016
and have reset the bois time,
but i still get the error message and the pc keeps forgetting the time,
i hope some can help this is silly.
cheers t4lor.

A:cmos checksum error defaults loaded

could it be the cmos holding that is sodered down to the mb? this has happened to me before.

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i need some serious help here, i admit fully i never touch any of my computers BIOS's. but now i have a big problem. i bought one of those new pc cases with fans in four different places. i spent the better part of the day carefully moving my computers motherboard ABIT KR7A-133, hooking up all the wires and ide cables.

i booted up the machine and then i saw AMD Ahlon 1.050Ghz and the following error message "cmos checkum error- defaults loaded' i pressed F1 and to my suprise the machine booted up normally. but now i have an athlon 1.050ghz before that i had an athlon t-bird 1.4ghz.

i need help in re-setting my computer back to 1.4ghz. BUT i dont dare touch these settings till i know it wount damage my motherboard/processor/memory.

the settings i have to alter is...
cpu operating speed
cpu fsb clock
Ratio (fsb agp pci)
Multiplier Factor

i hope some of these specs help
the cpu is an amd athlon t-bird k7...266mhz fsb it was set to 1.4ghz
the ram instaled is 3 crucial 524mb ddr pc2100 non-parity unbuffered dimms.
the vga card s the NIVDIA msi-geforce mx 440-T 64mb ramdac

if any other info is needed ill repost here on the same thread.

A:CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded...HELP!

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While booting up this computer with w98 I get the :

Keyboard error or no keyboard present
CMOS checksum error- defaults loaded

I dont know how to check the battery or how to even find it or is this a symptom of a failed or failing motherboard?

is there any way to test things since I do not have a keyboard operable or is there a way to check the battery or bios to see what it is. remember I have not got a clue how to start so I will need step by step instructions

A:CMOS checksum error Defaults loaded

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Do you know that a defective/faulty mouse can affect your windows and cmos settings? This is base on my experience having this kind of trouble.

Specially for those who cant go to their cmos/bios settings. Don't suspect that it is your keyboard thats having a problem.

If you are experiencing checksum error and done everything you have searched the internet.... (especially changing your battery, which is always what i have read) try unplugging just your mouse and try to use the keyboard only to enter setup... if this works, then the problem is your mouse. Try changing it to a new one.

Hope this helps other people a lot.

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On boot up two errors come up
Floppy disk(s) fail (40)
CMOS checksum error-Defaults loaded
I press delete to enter the bios to find that the date has been set 1st Jan 2001 and 1st boot device set to Floppy. I reset the date,set 1st boot device to CD Rom as i do not have a floppy drive. Then save to CMOS and boot up continues fine, even restart is ok. But when i shutdown, switch off and then switch on & reboot the problem reoccurs.
I have recently reinstalled Windows XP Home & Updated The Bios. I am using ASUS A7N8X-X Bios Rev 1009.
Any ideas on how to overcome this problem would be appreciated.

A:Solved: CMOS checksum error-Defaults loaded

Try a new CMOS battery and if that does not help solve the problem please post back.

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I found this error when powering up when I returned from Easter Break. I have since found that I needed to replace the battery - which I have done. I am still getting the error - what do I do now?

A:[SOLVED] CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded

After you replaced the battery, did you enter the bios setup and reset the options to your machine. Reset the hard drives, etc.

Then save and exit

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Hi there, I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on this as it's got me completely stumped, and pretty down at the same time if the truth be told. I'll outline the problem below although the title of the thread may actually be slightly misleading.

My system is as follows:

ASUS M2A-VM Motherboard
Athlon X2 Dual Core 5000+
4gb DDR2
250gb primary SATA HDD
500gb secondary SATA HDD
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

I thought I'd buy me a USB3 expansion card (transcend TS-USB3) to take advantage of the speeds my new external HD would handle. It was a five minute install putting it into the PCI-E slot, but when I turned my PC back on I got the CMOS message in the title of the thread. I continued into Windows with no problem but noticed my clock and date had gone completely out of whack. I corrected that but then had trouble installing the drivers for the card. I rebooted the PC only to get the CMOS message again, so I had a nose at my BIOS settings where everything seemed fine.
I booted back into Windows and re-downloaded the drivers from Transcend's website. They installed this time with no problem, and the PC picked up my new external HD. Then I noticed the real problem; as I went to start moving files from my secondary HDD to my external HD, the secondary HD had disappeared.

I've unplugged the HDD and rebooted to no effect, I've checked the BIOS and that sees it, I've even disconnected the USB3 card and rebooted to no effect. I just can't get the PC (just Windows by ... Read more

A:CMOS Checksum Error Defaults Loaded: Post Transcend TS-USB3 Install

A couple of pertinent pieces of information to add to the OP. I forgot to add that the Checksum Error has completely disappeared, it only happened three or four times but Windows boots normally now.

Secondly, the USB3 card is now working again and the external HD is detected and working perfectly. I just can't figure out for the life of me how to get Windows to see the secondary drive again.

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Considering I wasn't paying attention to where I was I had posted this earlier, I'm reposting this thread, where I can possibly gain more help from.

I had an old motherboard/cpu combo that has been acting up for sometime it seems, only until recently it just completely crapped out. I bought a new motherboard/cpu combo, Athlon 64 - ECS 755-A2 & Sempron 2500 CPU. After installing it and hooking up 1 of 2 harddrives, the CMOS error came up. I looked online for help and saw to replace to the battery, which I did. That hasn't helped at all considering I've changed the bios while having both hd's installed 1 at a time or neither. After I change the BIOS, the error no longer comes up, but the initial windows error comes up saying improper boot or something, asking how to boot, Safe mode/network/command prompt or last known config. After trying all possibilities, all it did was try to load with no attempt. The winXP loading logo doesn't even show up, it just reboots automatically.

There is no unstable power (I've monitored it under the BIOS), the temperature is keeping around 32 C degrees, no electromagnetic problem. Am I able to change the CMOS memory chip myself? I have yet to scan for a BIOS virus considering it's very hard for me to hook my computer up to someone elses to do such a task but I'll try and eventually get back.

Please help, no idea what to do. If the motherboard is bad, I should be returning it then ... Read more

A:CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded. (repost, read all past posts & nothing works)

ecs boards are known for thier crappiness and poor reliabilty, as myself and numerous other TS members know personally. usually this problem is caused by the motherboard anyways, but given the fact that you have an ecs i'd say they you can conclude that this problem is baing caused by the motherboard.

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When I boot up my computer,a black screen shows up and says-

"CPU checksum error-Defaults loaded
Warning!CPU has been changed or CPU Ratio changed fail
Please re-enter CPU settings in the CMOS setup and remember to save before quit!"
and asks me to press F1 to continue and press 'del' to enter setup.

Seeing this error my vendor thought that the problem was with the CMOS battery and without hesitating he replaced it.But even after this step being taken,the problem is persisting.What's wrong with my PC?Where lies the problem?
Please help!!!

A:CPU checksum error-defaults loaded

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(Out of the box, arrived yesterday)

video card: Nvidia 7900 GS (new 4 months ago)

PSU: Apevia 680w Beast Power (new 4 months ago)

Ram: 4gigs G.SKILL (4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 800
(out of the box, arrived yesterday)

HDD: WD Raptor (2 years old)

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Windsor 2.4GHz Socket AM2 89W Dual-Core

(Out of the box, arrived yesterday)

Bios: Award Bios (Old mobo, and new)


Ok so I upgraded my computer with a new mobo, cpu, and ram and now im getting some weird errors. When I start the computer, the "AI" mobo logo screen comes up. After it passes that screen it comes to the bios screen where it checks everything. at this screen, it will detect my sata hard drive but not the IDE hard drive, and then it gives me an error "Checksum Error - Defaults Loaded" and it says Press F1 to continue. so I do and then it comes to the next screen which says "http://www.Jmicron.com" "Detect Drives Done - No Any Drive Found". It wont pass this screen. Is there something in the bios I set wrong? or maybe its a dead hard drive? I have no idea what to do at this point. Any suggestions?

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Every time I Start my PC i am gettin this error,, i have replaced the battery and stil the prob persists, even the time/date gets reset to 12.00AM ... please help

A:Cmos checksum error - default loaded

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I recently attempted to flash the bios of my Intel D845PT motherboard and incorrectly used Intel's flash (for mb PT84510A.86A) program instead of Gateway's (for mb PT84510A.15A), who was the OEM of my board. Now I recieve a "CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad" each time I boot. I have researched the Internet for solutions and have performed the following with no success:

1. Reset BIOS to factory default (The settings don't seem to save, as they are the same as before I altered them when I boot back up)
2. Return BIOS settings to settings before the flash (I didn't write them down, but I only remembered disabling Silent Boot as far as altering from default)
3. Clear CMOS (I removed the CMOS battery for 5 minutes with the pc unplugged)
4. Re-flash BIOS (Changed the jumper on the motherboard to maintenance mode and flashed the bios from there, and attempted to use first Gateway's, then Intel's OS independent BIOS update programs).

Thank you in advance for any advice you may give.

A:"CMOS\GPNV Checksum Bad" after botched BIOS flash

Well, if you get the bad checksum you should be able to reflash. Does your floppy work? If so, find the boards number and pcb version and flash to a working bios.

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I am having trouble correcting this error. A friend of mine asked me to look at his computer for him. He was using it one day and it just shut off out of know where. It would not start again. I discovered shortly after looking at it, that the PSU had to be replaced. I proceeded to buy a new PSU and I installed it. Everything started just fine. However, when I get a CMOS Checksum error. I can press F1 to continue or DEL for setup. I hit F! and it proceeds to detect array under "NVIDIA RAID IDE ROM BIOS".
It does nothing after this. I tried reinserting the CMOS battery, I loaded factory settings on the BIOS ( RAID is OFF), but still it does nothing. Any help would be appreciated. I have to get this computer back to him soon.

A:Solved: CMOS Checksun Error-Defaults Loaded

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Running Windows XP Home, all SPs and automatic updates. Today, when I restarted, I began getting a new message ... before it loads it reads "Override Enabled - Defaults loaded" and it waits for me to strike the F1 key before it proceeds to load. I don't think I consciously reset anything, but I can no longer automatically reboot.

Does anyone have a clue why it's doing that?

Thanks in advance for any/all help,

A:Solved: XP "Override Enabled - Defaults Loaded"

As quickly as it started happening, that's how quickly it stopped ... so I guess, SOLVED, but without any specific steps taken.

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After I updated my ASUS K8V-X mobo to the 1012.003 version and rebooted, the message "CMOS Checksum Failed" appeared at the boot screen. It gave me the option to hit F2 and enter Setup, or hit F3 to load defaults and continue. I hit F3.

So far I haven't encountered any problems. It's just the Checksum Failed message that worries me.

How can I fix this?

A:"CMOS Checksum Failed"

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I have a Dell Zino HD media desktop, and it all of a suddent showed this error on booting up:
CMOS checksum error, F2 to Run SETUP, F1 to load defaults 

The thing is, I can't get it to move past it. I've tried 3 different keyboards, many restarts, and nothing gets it to move past this screen.
How can I overcome this?

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I am readying an old PC I built (686 Cyrix 200 Mhz) to give to a brother who has never had or tried a computer but is expressing some curiosity. Long story short I discovered several issues when I powered up this PC to ready it for a car ride to Florida that is leaving soon.
1. CMOS battery/Checksum error, removed old 2032 battery
2. I also removed a non functioning primary slave Seagate HD
3. Installed new battery
4. On reboot HD was not detected, auto and user defined HD did not work, system kept reverting to 9/1/1996 date. CMOS/Checksum errors continue despite new battery. Also moved jumper on HD to reflect single drive status.
5. Swapped power supply from CD to primary master HD (Western Digital) resulting in HD being detected. Used a different power supply cable for CD resulting in CD but no HD. Removed jumper from HD completely and tried a 3rd source for power to CD which worked, HD and CD detected, continued CMOS/Checksum errors mean Plug and Play enabling in CMOS is not being retained and must be enabled through setup to continue booting.

AND with the cover off and the tight fit of swapping things in a desktop I also noticed that the CPU fan is not spinning. I am not sure when this happened, I was feeling heat on my hand all along as I manipulated cables. Good thing the cover is off. This fan is attached to the power cable I have attached to HD which meanes that it used to be piggybacking off CD drive not HD. My motherboard manual (FIC PA-2006) indicates th... Read more

A:CMOS/Checksum error continues after battery replacement

Sounds quite confusing all the things you tried.

Checklist ...

1. Is the replacement battery *fresh* (3 volts for CR2032)?
2. Reset CMOS (via jumper).
3. Go through all bios settings and check they are suitable.
a) Try selecting LOAD BIOS DEFAULTS setting first.
b) PnP Configuration Setup\Reset Configuration Data
- Set this to 'Enabled'.
4. Try reseating all components and connections.

If all else fails then its perhaps the mainboard could have been damaged by 'static' if adequate precausions were'nt taken while working on it.:blush:

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Pls Help! I have the mobo P4B533.
I formatted the HD, reinstalled XP and updated everything INCLUDING BIOS using ASUS update program, it wasn't sucessful, but I didn't realize it until I restart the comp...then problem happens...
I have the CMOS/Checksum error...
so I searched on the forum...
I took out the batt, then short the pins at CLRTC, but didn't work..

then I got the Driver Free Disk For Bios Flashing from bootdisk.com
downloaded the AFLASH software and the latest BIOS from asus (socket478-->P4B533-->1015.awd)

put the files into the floopy...

ran it then it came to the point that i have to type the filename and path, which is supposed to be A:\XXX-XX.XXX
then I'm stuck here

I'm thinking since the filename I have for the BIOS is 1015.awd
I can't make the path exactly like A:\XXX-XX.XXX
how does the path "A:\XXX-XX.XXX" work?

any inputs would be appreciated...



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I have Dell inspiron series Intel core i3 processor. Till morning my laptop was working fine but after sometime when I checked on the led at it was blinking red indicating failure of battery status. During all this time my charger was connected to my laptop. When I removed my charger my system shut down and when I again plugged my charger and started it it is showing "Your battery has expired permanent failure and needs to be replaced press F1 to continue or something and Press F2 system setup"I pressed F1 and continued it bt the reed blinking didn't go.
Any suggestions before going to replacement of the battery? 

A:"Your battery has expired permanent failure and needs to be replaced"

Go to BIOS by pressing F2 and provide me the battery status.
Is AC Adapter LED is on when connected?
Have you tried a different adapter?
Kindly run the diagnostics by pressing F12 and let me know the results.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I get this message when I boot up, CMOS failed-loaded defaults, then it asks me where i want to go-
F5-continue, or Del to go to BIOS.
Do I need too worry.
Have never adjusted my BIOS as that is an area where I am not too clued up.
Just checked my motherboard manual and compared it to my BIOS when i got my pc, everything seemed in order on default.
Please help.

A:Solved: CMOS failed????? loaded defaults

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A few days ago i recently got the "blue screen of death" for the very first time running windows 7..

Today i left my laptop on and went to sleep when i woke up it was trying to boot...
but was stuck on this error "The header checksum does not match the computed checksum"

I tried booting again but got the same error... i ran ubuntu live cd and tried to save my data files but it wont access my hard drive either... neither can i run recovery since it was also on a partition on the hard drive.

I have an HP Compaq CQ 70..
3GB Ram
Dual Core 2.0
originally came with vista i upgraded to win 7
Kindly help me recovering the data...

A:Cannot Boot Windows 7 "The header checksum does not match the computed checksum"

If you can't access w/Ubuntu, then it's likely that there's a problem with your hard drive.
Each use of the hard drive increases the chance that you won't recover anything. I'd strongly suggest looking into professional data recovery services - but be aware that they are very, very expensive!

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Made a HUGE mistake, messed with the settings under "My Computer" > "Manage" > "Services> and also the "Local Users". Now having trouble, can not see my "Start and Task Bar", the "windows"+ ''e" is no longer working.

How can I restore the Services & the Local Users account without having to reinstall my whole computer? I am afraid I will loose lots of files... I do not remember what exactly I changed, but some of the "Services" I changed to "disable" now when I try to open properties and change them back, I am unable. The right click to get to properties is not working.

Your help is highly appreciated.

A:How to restore the defaults for "services" under "My Computer" > "Manage>

I am not sure about the "quick" way of restoring, but what you can do is go back to services, "RIGHT-CLICK" the white area select "HELP" then the third option is "Default settings for services"

you can see what the default was and manually restore it. I have tried to copy and paste it below


Service Startup Type Log On As Additional information
Alerter Manual Local Service
Application Layer Gateway Manual Local Service
Application Management Manual Local System
Automatic Updates Automatic Local System
ClipBook Manual Local System
COM+ Event System Manual Local System
COM+ System Application Manual Local System
Computer Browser Automatic Local System
Cryptographic Services Automatic Local System
DHCP Client Automatic Local System
Distributed Link Tracking Client Automatic Local System
Error Reporting Automatic Local System
Event Log Automatic Local System
Help and Support Automatic Local System
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Manual Local System
Internet Connection Sharing Manual Local System
IPSec Services Automatic Local System
Logical Disk Manager Automatic Local System
Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service Manual Local System
MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Manual Local System
Net Logon Automatic Local System
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing Manual Local System
Network Connections Manual Local System
... Read more

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When I go to insert a picture in a certain program the "picture services" window pops up. I go to choose the "icon size" for my photos and it will not remember the selection, "medium icons" for the size of my photos in the selection window. It always reverts back to "large icons". I can only see 2 pictures at a time with "large icons" instead of 8 with "medium icons". No matter which option I choose to view my pictures it always reverts back to "large icons". Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:clicking "insert picture" it always defaults back to "large icons"

"A certain program " is not much help, be more explicit.

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Been having very, VERY annoying issues with my computer as of late. I could be playing a game. All is well until all of a sudden my keyboard and mouse just completely stop working (although the computer still appears to be running fine, just keyboard and mouse stop). So i restart my computer, only to get a message along the lines of "bios checksum error" with very fast, constant beeping. I reset my computer again and i get nothing on my screen, the light just turns amber. After turning my computer strait off and back on again, it comes back to life and begins working again like nothing ever happened. (until the next time it happens).

I am really struggling to find out what the problem actually is, but i THINK that it might be the motherboard, but im not sure. What do you guys think? Sound like a motherboard problem?

My system specs are as follows:

CPU: Pentium 4 2.2Ghz
Video: GeForce 6600GT
Mobo: ECS 661FX-M (I know ECS is crap, this is why i think it might be the mobo)
PSU: Thermaltake 430w

A:"Bios checksum error" after keyboard / mouse lockups

Yes sounds like a motherboard problem.. the Bios Rom chip is most likely faulty.. You can try these tips...

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If I open "My Computer" and then I double click on the C: drive icon (or any drive), it opens up a new window with the Search panel on the left. If I right click on a drive, the menu comes up and "Search" is the in bold, indicating it is the default. How can I change this so it is no longer the default, but opening it up with "Open" as the default?

A:Explorer Window defaults to "Search" instead of "Folders"

Start> Run> type: regsvr32 /i shell32.dll then hit OK.
If that doesn't work, try this script repair from Doug Knox.

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Recently after updating Windows 10 to Fall Creators Update (1709) (I think this started to happen after clicking the "forgot password" button on the sign in screen, just a theory), all messages on the shutdown/boot screen in Windows (for example "Shutting down", "Restarting", "Welcome", ...) became replaced with "Just a moment". It isn't a huge inconvenience, but "Working with updates" also got replaced by it, so I don't know if the computer is installing updates or is stuck at shutting down for example if it takes a long time.
I don't expect anyone to have a solution, I'm just wondering if someone else has this problem. SFC and DISM didn't help me, changing the system language did not help.

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computer running slow!!! ran windows 1 care and didn't detect. my Internets loading really slowly and websites that usually load in couple of seconds now taking a couple of minites or sometimes it doesn't even load @ get the error of "page cannot be loaded.
alps pointing-device
has not passed windows logo testing to verify its compatibility
cannot install this hardware
welcome to network diagnostics for windows xp
Firefox can't find the server
alps pointing-device
has not passed windows logo testing to verify its compatibility
with windows xp. (tell me why this testing is important.)
comtiniuing your instatliation of this software may impair
or destabilize the correct operation of your system
either immediately or in the future. microsft strongly
recomends that you stop this installation now and
contact the hardware vendor for software that has
passed windows logo testing.

cannot install this hardware
there was a problem installing this hardware:
an error occurred during the instation of the device:
the driver cannot because it is either not
digitally signed in the appropriate manner.
contact your hardware vendor.
click finish to close the wizard.
Server not found

*welcome to network diagnostics for windows xp
this tool helps you identify and fix connection problems with your home network
for computers connected to the internet using a broadband modem (cable or dsl)
view last diagnostic log

*F... Read more

A:help.computer running slow!!! internet get the error of "page cannot be loaded."


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Everytime I boot up my mother's computer it displays this message:

CMOS battery low
checksum bad

She says she replaced the battery, and the message still keeps coming up. Any ideas as to what would be wrong? Thanks!!

A:CMOS battery low/checksum bad

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Hello there~

Recently, I have encountered a number of rather disturbing problems with my Computer(Windows XP).

With a number of programs, such as CCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware, WinDS Pro, MyDefrag etc. etc.... I got an Error... R6002 - floating point support not loaded. Usually. The Error either appeared when I start the program or when I do something with the program~ For example, CCleaner only got this Error after ending a system cleaning, thus closing. MyDefrag gets the problem all the time but it can be ignored - the program works completely fine.
I tried several things to get rid of the error - checking my registry with different programs, using a multitute of antivirus programs, deinstalling and/or reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++, reinstalling all the affected programs... To no avail - nothing has helped in the least bit.
But while trying to figure this problem out, I encountered another rather disturbing problem: Some of my downloads just won't finish. For example, if I try to download CCleaner from ANY site, no matter which, the download will either always stop at the last missing bytes, dropping to 0 kbps and doing nothing, or the download has 0kbps from the start. I tried a number of things, like restarting the computer, cancelling the download and restarting it... to no avail, once again. The only thing that worked is: Downloading a downloader for the program, like it is always the case on softonic or the likes. By downloading a downloader first, it someti... Read more

A:Severe Downloading Issues and "Runtime Error: Floating Point Support Not Loaded"

The file npswf32.dll is for Flash, but my copy is named npswf32_11_6_602_180.dll & dated 3-12-2013

errors like "floating point support not loaded" are created in two ways:
1) the floating point library can not be found
2) the program attempting to load it is not the correct version for your hardware platform.

Your system integrity is questionable (ie likely to be infected), but I would first investigate the Eventlog using Eventvwr.msc and look for errors in the System Log.

Highly recommend you run SFC /SCANNOW (but you will need your install CD or to borrow one from a friend - - it must match your currently installed system).

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Hi guys,

I'm really worried about my Vista system. I recently had a hard drive die and I had backups of only some of the material - and now i go and open files and randomly some of them will have been corrupted. The sizes are still the same, but the contents have been replaced with whitespace. I lost 8GB of family photos this way and it's driving me crazy!

I also noticed NOD32 version 3 icon is red, it says "Maximum protection is not ensured", the update tab says "Undocumented serious error (0x101a)" and there are lots of entries in the log file of "Update Undocumented serious error (0x%04x) NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM".

Also I'm having a "Windows - No Disk" error which says "Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 Parameters 0x75D6023C 0x8543CCBC 0x75D6023C 0x75D6023C".

I really don't know where to start. Any ideas?

Adam Dullenty

A:Random files contents being replaced with whitespace, NOD32 "undocumented error"!

I'm guessing the fact this hasn't been looked at is because I didn't include a HijackThis log. I'll get round to that later.

Now, things are worse - I can't easily browse the web as pages load up SO SLOWLY, instant messaging services rarely connect - interestingly DC++ and BitTorrent are fine, no problems.

I've eliminated possible username/password/general license problems with NOD32 by uninstalling and installing the 30 day full trial. Same errors.

I'm really hoping someone can help me out here, I have no space to back anything up and really need to be able to use the machine normally for university work.

Thanks again,

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it just happened out of the blue!

one day we wanted to print a document and it printed "all backwards"
well, I tried four more times and "it printed the same way FOUR MORE TIMES"..

then I went on some "advanced setting" and UNCLICKED this "MIRROR IMAGE" thingy majigy aaaannnd: "BINGO" the "effing thing" was fixed...

yep it "was" fixed only for that time...


the real question: how can I prevent the computer to "defaulting to the MIRROR IMAGE mode"?????

A:printer always "defaults" to "MIRROR IMAGE"

You need to access your "settings panel" via the Windows Control Panel.
ie Start, Control Panel, Printers and other Hardware, Printers & Faxes.
Right click on the Icon and select printing preferences.
Unclick the mirror image
The settings will then be saved as your default.


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As the subject line mentioned... i recently had to replace the screen in my Dell Precision M4800.  Now Whenever i am running Photoshop with my Wacom Cintiq tablet, the screen will freeze after a few minutes.  I updated the video driver but am still having the same problem.  I ran a diagnostic test and g everything checked out except for the "Notebook Panel" section.  there I get the error message "Video - User provided no input for graphics test"

Any idea how I can fix this?

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Ok, so i got kinda a blue screen yeah . I tried to start a video chat on msn, well the computer decided not to like that. Anyway, now i get this message every time i try to install my sound drivers

"Microsoft bus should be loaded into your system before installing realteck HD audio driver"

My mobo

Using onboard sound.

Googled, read, looked around, ran windows repair, help? pls? thanks guys

A:Microsoft bus should be loaded into your system.... "error"

after googleing, i found 2 potential solutions:

Right click on My Computer, go to Properties, Hardware Tab, Device Manager. Look for any yellow bubbles next to the devices. If you see any, right click on it and click install driver. Select the option to find the drivers yourself, the next screen should allow you to browse and navigate to that folder. If the drivers still don't install then go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com in IE and get any hardware updates you can get. The MS bus driver might be an update you need to get.Click to expand...


I installed WinXP once more, installed SP2 and then the Sound Driver.
Again it didnt work.

Then I remembered that i actually had changed a sound card setting in the bios. (No i did not diasble the soundcard )

The case i have installed this Mboard in has a front pannel.
And the Mboard has a front panel connector.

To connect the front pannel I had turned to the manual to get the rigtht pins set up.
The manual states on page 2-31 that:
"The default setting for this connector is legacy AC'97 audio, if you want to use the High Definition (Azalia) audio features, set the AC97 & Azalia Link A in the BIOS to Azalia."

Well this case does not use a high-definition audio front panel, so of course i had diasbled the Azalia Link i Bios.
(It was enabled in the Bios even when the manual said that the default setting was AC'97, ow well ... )

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Hi everyone. I just started getting this error with Firefox the other day and now it is occurring on a more frequent basis. I have the most recent version of Firefox, 3.6.3. The add-ons that I have for Firefox are:
Adblock Plus 1.2
AddThis 3.0.1
Coral IE Tab 1.85.20100407
DictionarySearch 3.6.4
Google Toolbar for Firefox 7.1.20100408Wb1
Java Console 6.0.16
Java Console 6.0.18
Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.2.1
Norton IPS 1.0
Norton Toolbar 3.7.2
WiseStamp 1.3.6

The only thing odd about that list (and I just now noticed it) is the fact that I have two different versions of Java Console. Could that be causing my problem? Anyway, please help me to fix this. Firefox is my default browser (had to open IE 8 to browse the internet) and this problem is really getting annoying. Please help!

A:"The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded." error in Firefox 3.6.3

Here is my Troubleshooting Information for Firefox. I thought it might be helpful:

Application Basics



Profile Directory

Open Containing Folder

Installed Plugins


Build Configuration







Norton IPS

Java Console

Java Console

Coral IE Tab
[email protected]

Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant



Adblock Plus

Norton Toolbar

Google Toolbar for Firefox

[email protected]

Modified Preferences











( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)

http://search.addthis.com/sear... Read more

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For about a week now, I haven't been able to open/run any programs on my Windows 7 laptop. Here is the timeline to the best of my memory:

- 6/11 (about): downloaded driver to fix scroll/touchpad that wasn't scrolling
- 6/20 (about): successfully replaced cpu fan
- "Bad Image - ...Loader.dll file missing" began appearing over and over
- All files/programs/shortcuts don't open. Just get same dll error
- 6/28: noticed "Windows 7 Build 7600, This copy of Windows is not genuine"
- Found 6-8 highly suspicious programs in Uninstall Programs (crossbrowser, cinestudio, speedsearch are the only ones I remember). We're most likely downloaded with touchpad driver. When I noticed the programs, I clicked Uninstall on all, but they were not uninstalled, but only removed from the list in Uninstall Programs.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

A:Repeating Error: "Bad Image.... Loaded.dll file contains an error"

(Also, I tried sfc /scannow. That found and fixed two problems. But the problem persists. I then tried a system restore. Only one previous restore date was shown as an option. When I tried to restore it, it was unsuccessful)

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A:"Send To" replaced with "Encoding" in Context Menu in IE???

Never mind....

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Hi Guys - new to the forum.

The problem that I have is that all of the sudden, I noticed that when I open "My Computer", no drive letters are listed for my harddrives and DVD drive. Instead...they are listed as "NGS for handwriting Personalization. Please take a look at the provided screenshot. You will know what I am referring to.

When I tried searching this on Google, I've got some hits referencing Personalize Handwriting Recognition, but it referenced Tablet PC's/Laptops. However, my desktop pc is not a tablet!!!

Any help would greatly be appreciated it. Also, please let me know if you require additional information to troubleshoot this. Thanks.

A:Drive Letters under "My Computer" replaced by "Ngs for handwriting"?

Try changing the View in the View menu to "Tiles View." If that isn't it then it's something really weird.

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I recently changed my graphics card. While the card was out, I decided to change out the original year 2007 battery. I had no CMOS problems before, but I thought that since the battery was over 5 years old and buried under the graphics card I should change it. Now I get a checksum error telling me that it will reset to the defaults. Is there a driver that I should have installed? The error does not occur at every restart, only when I unplug the computer. I checked the voltage of the new battery and it is good (3.2 volts). There are no problems at all with my computer, unless I unplug it.

Dell Inspiron 530, Windows XP Pro SP3

A:CMOS checksum eror after battery replacement

A graphics card replaced along with the CMOS battery replaced would trigger the hardware reset only once.

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