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Ibuypower i-series 801 burnt motherboard from dc jack

Q: Ibuypower i-series 801 burnt motherboard from dc jack

Hey everyone,
I have a 2 year old laptop and two weeks ago it stopped charging. So I took it to a repair shop that fixed it and then this week it stops charging. My wife and I noticed a funny smell the past few days. I am short on cash so we i opened my laptop up and took my motherboard out. It is dark brown all around the dc jack and there are melted parts that dripped down.
Can anyone tell me what should be my next step? Can I fix this? Or is it not possible?
I have some pics attached.

Preferred Solution: Ibuypower i-series 801 burnt motherboard from dc jack

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Ibuypower i-series 801 burnt motherboard from dc jack

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Hi I have some Toshiba Tecra M10 series but for some reason the laptop no longer works with a battery attached and just get flashing light on the laptop. It works fine with power but won't swatch on at all with a fully charge battery, I have tried many and it's not the battery. I have taken the laptop apart but can?t find anything that is wrong. So it must be the battery and or charge circuit, resisters, gone on the M10.

Anyway I was looking at a motherboard replacement. On looking about it appears that Toshiba released a M10 and a A10 series. They both look about the same to me with the same fittings but to be sure, can anyone tell me if a A10 motherboard, is the same as the M10 motherboard?

Maybe someone who works with these day in day out hopefully will know. Just don?t want to buy and A10 if it?s not compatible with M10 case and fittings.

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Hello last week i purchased a new motherboard. It was the pcchips m848alu. When it arrived i built it up and switched it on. When i did this the processor fan chugged and a burning smell filled the room. I quickly disconnected the power and inspected the motherboard. I then noticed the primary IDE port was badly scorched. I had read some bad reviews on this board so i decided to return it to ebuyer, the shop where i bought the board from.

Within 6 days they had processeed my return and said the board was faulty and sent me a replacement under no extra charge.

Today i got my new board and built it once again, taking more care to make sure i did it correctly. When i switched it on it did the exact same thing as before.........burnt the primary IDE port. Now i dont believe the board is to blame and i am wonrdering if the power supply is faulty.

When i built the machine the only hardware i connected was the processor and fan, the power supply, the video card and the harddrive with the operating system loaded. Now from these points what do you think is causing this problem.

XP 2000+
geforce4 4600
Maxtor 40gb
Encer 500w power supply.

Thanks for your time.

A:Motherboard burnt. What could cause this?

More likely you have a bad IDE cable or hard drive causing a short and murdering the IDE port.

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was wondering if someone could advise me

i brought a gigabyte ga-7vt600 1394 motherboard and it burned out on me. one section of the board is burned and is good as gone. i was running a 2800 athlon processor. i have 2 questions.

below is the board

http://tw.giga-byte.com/MotherBoard/Products/Products_GA-7VT600 1394.htm

if i brought a new motherboard, would all the rest of my things work such as cd drives, memory, will that still be ok, or will i need to buy a new machine.

secondly, if its just the motherboad that has gone, does anyone recommend one that would support 6 channel audio and my processor.

any help would be greatly appreciated


A:motherboard burnt out

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Ok... I finaly got my new computer components and put them all together, but when i went to turn it on something happened:

As i plugged the kettle lead into the PSU, the whole system came on without me having to press the front panel switch (obviously the PSU switch was on). at this point i quickly turned the PSU switch off and checked to see if my front panel was wired to the Mobo correctly... and it was. so I then plugged in the monitor and powerlead again and flicked the PSU switch. again the system turned on without me pressing the front panel, but I left it on to see if it booted. after about 30 seconds, nothing appeared on the screen, and i could smell burning. i quickly unplugged everything and opened up the case.
After looking at the components for long enough i could see that a tiny little part of the motherboard was black and the area around it was burnt. now i dont know what parts of my computer have been affected (besides the obvious burnt motherboard) is it possible that i sent a surge of electricty to system when i plugged it in? if this has happened is it possible that other parts of my system are now damaged? how can i check what parts i have are damaged and what is still usable?

However it could be that a part of the motherboard or case was faulty on arrival, how likely is this to have cause my problem? the only reason i think this is because my system came on with out pressing the button on the case.

if anyone can provide any answers it would ... Read more

A:I need help... my motherboard has burnt

What psu(power supply unit) do you have? I would guess that that might be the problem. If it's faulty it could do strange things like that. Sounds like it might have been putting out too much power. Your mobo also could have been defective to start, and when it got power, it finished self destructing. Also, it could maybe be the case if the mobo was shorting against it(is it touching anywhere besides the standoffs?).

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Hello to all, I'd like to ask for some help about my laptop which suddenly died yesterday.
The past week or so I suddenly started getting the BSOD with the dxgkrnl.sys. I did a driver update with multiple older versions in which the bsod still occured, reinstalled Windows and it still would occur mainly when gaming. I play TERA and Starcraft often so I think something might've overheated and burned? I have a mini personal fan that I direct towards my laptop when I play games but sometimes I forget. I tried searching for solutions for the BSOD in which I came across this thread http://www.sevenforums.com/bsod-help...gkrnl-sys.html so I tried the Furmark test. It was then during the test I left on that I heard a poof and my laptop died. So, today I took my laptop apart to see what happened and here is the motherboard top side. bottom side. Everything seemed fine except for some dusts. I tried looking for anything unusual which I then saw this top side. bottom side. The area around it seems darker so I think something there burnt or can someone help clarify? If it's the motherboard then does that mean I need to replace it?

A:Possible something burnt on the motherboard

Welcome to our forum adrianntd.

Please use this Tutorial by Brink to post all screen shots on this forum.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Just like what other people referenced, my spectre's motherboard was burnt out of the blue today.  I called tech support and was quoted a price of $600 to repair the unit. It was purchased in May 2015 and the warranty ran out half a year ago.  I spent almost $1500 on this at Best Buy and found it hard to accept that it didn't last even two years, warranty or not. As I read other people's experience here, it does look like this is NOT an isolated incident.  Having owned a few laptops and desktops and other electronic devices, this is the first one to have smoke coming out of the machine.   Please let let me know what I could do about this without spending another $600.  To be honest, this unit is probably worth less than $600 if i had to buy it brand new.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks. 

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I was using my Spectre X360 the other day when it just shut off of me. Now it will not turn on the light next to the charger will not come on when plugged in.  I purchased this new in Oct '15 so my warranty expired roughly 6 months ago . I called HP and they told me that since I was out of warranty, all I could do was send it in for repair and pay for it. But according the person I spoke to, issues related to "not turning on or charging" would cost $650 plus tax. What!? I took it to a local repair shop hoping that it was just a loose wire on the charging port and they told me that the motherboard is fried and burnt under the sticker right near the m.2 ssd drive. I did a search here and found MANY people having the same EXACT problem. Some have been contacted and received a repair for free, which is great. However others were offered a coupon towards a new laptop. That's just ridiculous. This is clearly a defect if this many people are having the exact same issue at the exact same time of roughly 6 months outside of warranty. This is supposed to be a premium level model from a top company in the industry! HP needs to stand behind their products and do something about this problem. I spent over $1400 on this planning to have it for several years and now it's barely 18 months later and all it is good for is a paper weight. Has anyone found a way to get HP to repair this as oppposed to just offering a coupon towards something new? I'm not looking to spend another $1400!

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My laptop suddenly smoked and shut down, i removed the battery and plugged the charger the led kept blinking with the burning smell coming out, i opened it and found the spot where the smell comes from on the motherboard but i have no idea what caused it or how to fix it, i'm working on an important project so i can't afford sending it to be fixed in the men time, can someone please tell me the cause of the problem and if there's a way to fix it, i do have some experience with hardware and electronics
It's samsung mini laptop n150

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All 3 Fan Connectors on my HP ZE5000 Laptop Motherboard burnt. Could someone advise me where to get 5V on the motherboard to power up the fans or is there a way to make the connectors work again. I can solder the wires from the fans to the motherboard if i know where to get 5V 0.3A from. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Motherboard Fan Connectors burnt

Check the connectors for either floppy-drive or CD-drive. In their pin-out is guaranteed a +5V.
Question is, WHY did ALL fan-connectors burn out? Are all those fans burnt themselves as well?

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The motherboard on my Hp Spectre suffered severe burn damage. It was plugged in and charging when I noticed a burning smell and a small amount of smoke coming from the laptop.  I've read through several forums and noticed that occasionally Hp has the decency to fix what is an obvious product defect. However, in my case they quoted me $659.00 to fix the laptop because it was out of warranty. The laptop is less than 2 years old and I spent in excess of $1200 on it.  Thankfully I was home when this issue occurred and my house didn't burn down. You would think that investing that kind of money in an Hp product would guarantee you a little more customer support.   Has anyone had any luck in similar circumstances or should I just go buy a new laptop from someone else? 

A:Spectre x360 burnt motherboard


  Hello Thank you for posting your concerns on the HP Support Forums. I have brought your matters to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They may request for some additional information from you in order to look up your case or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Please keep in mind not to post any personal information publicly (serial numbers, phone numbers, and etc.). If you have any additional questions please send me a private message. Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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It seems like my motherboard of laptop g580 has been burnt, and i need to replace it. How much would it cost, and is it better to buy a new laptop rather then fixing this laptop? 

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I have an Inspiron 17 5000 series, having static sounds when I plug in my speakers or earphones To Listen To MP3 DOWNLOAD SONGS.  Problem happened "overnight"  one day all was well, next afternoon, static.   Did a system restore, thinking some auto update messed up the driver, but that did not help.  Internal speakers still sound really nice, but need to have the audio jack work correctly to be able to listen to my Mp3 Download Itunes Songs.
If I cannot get a fix for this, will have to send it back.  Got too much data, pix, and music  loaded and too many programs to reinstall.  Really Really don't want to do this.   
Please help!   and Thanks!

A:Inspiron 17 5000 series audio jack buzz-like noise

Note to anyone replying to this poster:
The text in the first post in this thread was lifted word by word from a post last week by a different person, with some links added. This does not appear to be a legit thread.

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I have an Inspiron 17 5000 series with Windows 8.1.  Recently, when I plug an external speaker line into the audio jack, as we've been doing since we bought it about a year ago, there's now a buzzing ticking sound. The music will play, but not without the ticking.  And sometimes when I plug into the audio jack, there's a high pitch squeal that lasts a second. But, the ticking noise doesn't stop.  I've updated drivers and it says they're updated with the latest and greatest. Any solution on fixing this??  Thanks!   -- Russ 

A:Inspiron 17 5000 series audio jack buzzing noise

I have an Inspiron 17 5000 series, having static sounds when I plug in my speakers or earphones.  Problem happened "overnight"  one day all was well, next afternoon, static.   Did a system restore, thinking some auto update messed up the driver, but that did not help.  Internal speakers still sound really nice, but need to have the audio jack work correctly
If I cannot get a fix for this, will have to send it back.  Got too much data, pix, and music  loaded and too many programs to reinstall.  Really Really don't want to do this.   
Please help!   and Thanks!

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Is it possible to determine the "computer name" of the computer which was used to burn data into a cd/dvd?

For example, i burnt some FLV files into a blank CD using a computer which has a computer name "my_pc". Will the CD tell me by itself that it was the computer "my_pc" that did the burning?
and how..
show me pls

thank you very much

extra info=I'm using xp and vista)

A:Burnt CD_which computer burnt it?

Simply, no. Each disk is uniquely identified by a serial number, but you can only link back to the PC/writing application if you make a note of this number at the time of burning.



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I have inspiron 15-3521 Which is almost 3 yrs old. It was working fine until last week, all the components were working good. but then my charger went bad and i borrowed my friend's with same specs. I used for a day but on the next day i plugged in the charger but it was not detected by laptop so i used a pin and moved the DC jack randomly, it worked. But after a hour charging stopped and battery exhausted and laptop went off. now whenever i plug a charger or press power button nothing happens, NO LIGHTS, NO BEEPS. I think that happened due to my act with DC jack which is now very loose, but a technician told thay my power board went dead. plz help me knowing the real problem so my money can be saved.

A:DC Jack or Motherboard

Sarthi CEH,
Below are the troubleshooting steps for a computer that a No Post situation.If the system has no Power LED, ensure it is plugged into AC power. Remove the battery With the power off and the system unplugged, remove all CRUs from the system and reconnect the AC adapter to the system and try again. If after following all the steps listed and the system still does not work you will need to replace the motherboard and possibly other parts.
Below is a list of CRU's- Customer Removal Units as well as a link to download the online owners manual. The manual provides instructions for removing parts in your computer.
Inspiron 3521 Drivers,. Downloads and Manuals

CRU List
AC AdapterbatteryMedia Card-if card is in slotbase doormemoryoptical drivekeyboardhard drivecoin cell battery

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Hi all just joined and need help. Just bought an ASUS A8V Ai series VIA K8T800pro+ VT8237 motherboard to put my existing ram, agp graphics card and Athlon 64 X2 4400+ processor in. The motherboard doesnt recognise the CPU so I need to update the bios but for the life of me cannot do it.

On Motherboard it says its A8V Rev 2.00, on the box it says A8V-EAYZ and at startup it says A8V ACPI, Rev 1001, at another screen it says RV570 BIOS 702m/581e and again VIA VT8237 South Controller Rev A2.

I know I need to rename the update bios file and put onto floppy but have tried every combination above and at startup I hit Alt and F2 and it reads the floppy but the system does not recognise it, just says bios not found on floppy.

Desperate for help on this please.

A:A8V Ai series motherboard

I think your prob is your M/b is socket 939 and you CPU is an AM2. Ifso they're not compatible.( excuse me if I am wrong).
With regard to the Flashing I came up with the same prob on my Asus, from memory during the process the name changes, I then changed it to the original. Sorry if that sounds a bit hairy but its been a while since I had this happen.

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Hi all!

This site and the helpful people here are (insert curse word here) AWESOME!!!!

I have an HP G62 340US model laptop. I was wondering if I could take the motherboard from a G62-130EG laptop and swap it with mine (mine has an AMD processor and mediocre graphics - the other one has better everything). They both have the same physical I/O locations on the outside, is it the same inside? They are both (as you know) from the same model family. Could this be done? I will use my old RAM and HDD, but with a clean system reinstall.

Please tell me if I need to supply other info.

I want to do this because I don't want/have the money to buy another laptop.

A:HP G62 Series Motherboard Swap

If you are planning to install a retail version of Windows, and the motherboard physically fits the case properly that should not be a problem, as far as the Ram Goes if it compatible with the motherboard there should be no problem.

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When powering up the computer , I have no video signal to the monitor or keyboard. In addition here are addition symtoms: 1.  When powering up--- the drive activity light on the front panel lights up , then shuts off.2.  The drive doesn't spin at start up.3.   After waiting aprox 15 minutes the system boots up and everything work.4.   When I restart the computer from the desktop, it shuts down and restarts immediatley.5.   When i power down from the desktop  , and try to restart using the power power button on the  Tower, this is were  the problems begin. I had the computer checked out by a qualified tech and it was indicated that my motherboard is failing. The motherboard is a Joshua-H61-uATX from foxcom.  the computer is 4 years old  and now i found out a replacement motherboard is not avaliable or at the very least cost prohibative in relation to a  a new computer.   My question is :  would the mother be failing?.  { all indications are is that my power supply , hard drive, video card are good.  Thank You,

A:motherboard HP500 Series

If available, the replacements are about $200.00 US.  If you trust the tech, perhaps you could use a "retail" motherboard that will use the other components.The symptoms described are unusual, but possibly a capacitor problem.

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I would like to know if there are any issues that may make my system unstable if I use the current upgrade to put SP3 on my system .
System Specs:
Gigabyte S series motherboard GA-MA69VM-82
AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Processor
Core processor 4000+
2.1 ghz ,896 mb ram
DDR 2 memory
Sata ST3320620AS Harddrive

I have tried to look it up but get conflicting reports or I just don't understand them enough to make and informed decision .

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My notebook working perfectly and it have new almost fully charged battery and connected to AC adapter. I am watch movie.Suddenly when I have turned notebook slightly left it power off.Then I pressed the power button but not started All LEDs off. fan off. Even Ac adapter connected and AC Adapter LED not on.I tried hard reset by 30second with no battery and No Ac adapter.I try new AC adapter and battery which is full charged.Now I open then motherboard (765444-001) when I connect power (either Battery Or Ac adapter ) motherboard heat up quickly from a square chip 16pins (printed 8A 1H 121). (This chip below the copper cooling pipe where yellow tap in figures of motherboard on Google).Is it a charging chip or power chip?Or problems is due to some thing alse?

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Hi, I have a gateway laptop that is not detecting the power cord. So it will not charge the battery or run off of ac power. I have taken it to a computer store and they determined the power cord was not the problem and recommended I get a new battery. Just got the new battery today and it is still doing the same thing. As far as I can tell the power jack does not seem loose. My cord snaps right in and stays in place no problem. So is the only solution left to replace my motherboard? Thanks in advance for any help provided!!

A:Power jack problem or motherboard? How to tell?


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Hi im planning buy an Intel SSD 520 Series SATA 3(60gb), I looked at the website of my motherboard(Gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3-B3 ) I'm not sure if it has SATA 3 since I won this motherboard in a contest. I also want to know if I can see any difference between loading at startup in Windows and especially loading at games like Bf3, Dota 2, Diablo 3? VS my 1TB Seagate? Thanks in advance.

here is my current spec:

Intel Core i5-2500k. 3.30GHz Turbo boost 3.70Ghz
Gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3-B3
2X4GB Kingston HyperX T1 CL9
1TB Seagate

A:Intel SSD 520 Series SATA 3 is it ok to my motherboard?

The Gigabyte site for that board says this, under "internal I/O connectors":

2 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors

I believe SATA 3.0 is 6 Gb/s, so yes, it supports 3.0.

I don't understand the rest of your post. Games will load quicker on an SSD, but I don't think you'll see much improvement in playing the game.

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Hello dear forum people,
I am currently struggling to understand which motherboard series is best for people needs.
For example, there are H, Z, B, Q... series motherboards for Intel CPU's. The price is usually quite different, and the most obvious thing that sets them apart is overclocking and some specific features.
With AMD based motherboards they have totally different names as I saw.

So, please, could somebody make a detailed list of motherboard series that they are best at.
Starting like this for example:
Intel CPU:
P - Full and best overclocking features and ...
Z - Good overclocking and ...
H - Small overclock tweaks...
... (I hope you got the idea)

If some of you actually have time, I would really like to see AMD and Intel based motherboard lists.
I am doing this so I could finally understand most of it, and hoping that somebody finds this thread and gets a better understanding.

Thank you for your time.

A:Which motherboard series is better for specific tasks

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Which Model or series if the S70t-a or b models is the CPU soldered to the motherboard? Or is the CPU soldered to the motherboard on the touhscren models only?

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I have an Acer M5-583P-5859 laptop that no longer powers on at all. Only a year and a half old. Tried the battery reset. I'm guessing I need a new mothoerboard. Where is the best place for me to buy one?

A:Where to find a motherboard for an M Series laptop...

Hello, Do you see the indicator lights?Have you tried by disconnecting the battery and by plugging only the AC adapter?Do you use the pre-installed version of Windows?

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Hi, I have question about replacing motherboard.. I have motherboard from HP Pavilion 15-N072SG fully working. My friend have Pavilion 15-N207SA which is not working /when he insert the charger, the charger port light illuminates but when he press the power button it does not switch on/ So my question is can I replace motherboard in Pavilion 15-N207SA with a motherboard from  Pavilion 15-N072SG?  Thanks

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My mate just got his new pc. It has a Gigabyte M55SLI-S4 Rev 2.0 motherboard.
Basically, his sound is not working properly. We have updated all the drivers for the sound and it didn't clear up the problem.

Anyway, all his speakers are connected properly and produce sound, all but his front speakers (green jack). In this first screenshot, it says it's not connected properly.

So, he changed an option which changed the (green jack) to power speakers, which then recognizes the front speakers, but still no sound.(Screenshot below) We have no idea where to go to from here.

A:Gigabyte motherboard jack sensing problems

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As the title says my motherboard doesn't have a microphone jack so i'm unable to use my headset microphone. Is there a way to use the line-in jack as a microphone jack?

A:Motherboard Ms-7800 missing microphone jack

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I have already ordered a replacement dc jack for my brothers gateway, but once i desoldered the existing jack, i found that one of the prong holes is very charred to the extent that i can't really see any metal connection for the new jack to make. I thought i had read somewhere a while ago about patching the motherboard in this instance(because on occasion the flexing back and forth of the power chord can cause the prong to burn the mobo when not charging properly), but now that i need to know, everytime i look online all i find is software patches and what not. Anywhoo, if anyone knows weather this does/doesn't need to be patched and if it does, how exactly do i patch it i would really appreciate their response..

A:Gateway 400sd4 - Dc Jack burned motherboard?

This is a common problem but needs luck and some serious skills to fix. If there is no conductor material left then you have to repair the PSB to the next nodule.
If you are in the UK I can give you a name (google earth shows south cack as being in leicester, UK?) where there is a chance they can fix it for you.

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Warning: Stupidity follows

In attempting to unsolder the old DC Jack (which I have not yet been able to do) I broke off a small piece of the motherboard where it was attached. It's pictured below (just to the right and down from the tip of my thumb). Is this fixable, or will I need to replace the motherboard?


A:DC Jack/Motherboard issue on ASUS A53SD

If there's any tracings (circuit lines) on that part, the board is toast. Most MBs have two or more circuit layers.

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So my laptop has been playing up for a while now after my cat jumped on it and it fell onto the plugged in charger tip. I would charge but only when the charger was held a certain way/wiggled into the port.

The plastic in the DC jack was cracked so I ordered a new one and got a soldering iron.

Having disassembled the laptop and removed the motherboard, I have now spent hours trying to get the broken jack desoldered from the motherboard.

The two pairs of side pins holding it in eventually melted away after I took a new iron to the contacts.

The three 'top' pins holding the jack onto the motherboard seem impossible to desolder. Making things worse is that the black plastic of the broken jack is melting and making a mess so it's even harder to work with as I am only able to place the soldering iron on one side of the motherboard.

Any tips or tools I can be using to otherwise dislodge these three pins?

I have tried placing the soldering iron in the pins and gripping the jack whilst wiggling in an attempt to ease it out but nothing is working. Two of these pins seem very clogged and almost cemented in.

I am at breaking point. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

A:Motherboard DC jack removal/desoldering misery

Sounds like you need a solder sucker, a spring driven vacuum sucker, very cheap bit of kit and very effective

Thumb press the rod until it locks down, melt solder with iron then push button to give a shot of suck to clear away the solder in that joint, repeat with all joints and the plug should come away with a little wiggle

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When I connect my speakers (or spare speakers, or headphones) to the rear line out (green) audio port, I hear nothing. The Asus software also says it is a "stereo line in" device. Even if I change it to manual and set it to "power speaker" I hear nothing. I have attempted installing the latest drivers from the Asus web site, to no avail.

I do get sound from the audio-out jack on my PC case though, and that's what I'm using at the moment. However, I really want to know why I'm not getting any sound from my back port!

I'm using just two normal stereo speakers connected via one jack, and I have the speaker configuration in the Asus audio software set to 2CH speaker, which I believe is right. (I've also tried Headphones).

Also, the software seems to think the following is connected (it's not):

Rear speaker connector (Grey): Power Speaker
Side speaker connector (Black): Stereo headphone/passive speaker
Center/Subwoofer connector (Orange): Power Speaker

I'm using an Asus P5N32-SLi Deluxe SE motherboard, running Windows XP Pro.

A:No sound coming from motherboard audio jack??

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2 weeks ago the hinges on my Acer Aspire E1-571 broke completely and i tried to fix them, however one screw was stuck and I had to apply pressure which broke a small part on the top case near the power button. The broken part was just plastic so I dont think i destroyed anything. After fixing the hinges, I reassembled the laptop but it didn't turn on at all. However it did turn on with the battery so I knew the problem was with the dc jack - one cord was cut. I had to buy a new one, which I got today but the laptop still doesnt turn on. This time even with the battery which is weird cause it did turn on with the battery and I havent touched the laptop since that time. Also I changed the thermal paste today- dont know if that matters. By the way since I have 2 acer laptops and they use the same charger, to test the broken laptop I take the charger from the good one and after that the charger doesnt work on the good one too. I have to completely unplug it 2-3 times until it works again

A:Laptop doesn't turn on (dc jack, motherboard)

It sounds like something is shorted out in the motherboard and when you plugged in the good charger, you were shorting that out too. If there is now something wrong with the charger and you use it on the good laptop, you stand a chance of destroying it's motherboard too.

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2 weeks ago the hinges on my Acer Aspire E1-571 broke completely and i tried to fix them, however one screw was stuck and I had to apply pressure which broke a small part on the top case near the power button. The broken part was just plastic so I dont think i destroyed anything. After fixing the hinges, I reassembled the laptop but it didn't turn on at all. However it did turn on with the battery so I knew the problem was with the dc jack - one cord was cut. I had to buy a new one, which I got today but the laptop still doesnt turn on. This time even with the battery which is weird cause it did turn on with the battery and I havent touched the laptop since that time. Also I changed the thermal paste today- dont know if that matters. By the way since I have 2 acer laptops and they use the same charger, to test the broken laptop I take the charger from the good one and after that the charger doesnt work on the good one too. I have to completely unplug it 2-3 times until it works again

A:Laptop doesn't turn on (dc jack, motherboard)

It sounds like something is shorted out in the motherboard and when you plugged in the good charger, you were shorting that out too. If there is now something wrong with the charger and you use it on the good laptop, you stand a chance of destroying it's motherboard too.

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I've been contemplating upgrading my i5-4670k to an i7-4790k, but to do this I'd have to update my BIOS to take the Devil's Canyon CPU. Now I'm no pro when it comes to BIOS updates, far from it, and I've been trying to convince myself I have the minerals to do it.
I've been reading up on it and came across this from ASUS:


My question is would it really be that easy to update the BIOS, especially in a Windows environment? I've never heard of that before, has anybody even tried it?

A:Updating ASUS 8 Series Motherboard Bios

i can not comment on other boards but all the dells i have had the bios update were windows based.

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Is the audio port soldered to the board? If it is, is it possible to replace the board myself (are the parts available for purchase) or do I need to send it in for replacement?

A:Chromebook Thinkpad 13 Audio Jack or Motherboard replacement

It is soldered.
It looks like someone could replace the board if they could find the part.  eBay is a common source.  You may be able to find the part number you have here:
It would be a system board or planar

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When I boot my Inspiron 15R-5537, I get this message:
"The AC adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. The system will adjust the performance to match the power available. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for the best system performance."
The AC adapter (it is a 90-watt AC adapter) does not charge the battery and the laptop keeps in low-power mode, it is, the CPU clock gets stuck at 780 MHz, while it can go up to 2,3 GHz in full power mode. When I say it doesn't charge the battery, I mean it starts charging for a while, and then the power LED turns off and the battery icon says  it's connected, but not charging. I've already bought a new 90-watt charger directly from Dell and it didn't fix the issue. When I use the battery alone, the CPU can get to 2,3 GHz just fine, meaning it isn't the battery either.
So I'm left with two options: it's either the DC jack, or the motherboard. From what I've read, this DC jack has a hole in the centre which receives the pin in the AC adapter connector, and this pin tells the laptop which is the wattage the power adapter can supply, which is 90 W for this laptop model.
Do you think replacing this jack can solve this issue, or is most likely a hardware issue with the motherboard?

This is what I'm talking about:

A:Battery not charging: is it DC power jack or motherboard fault?

The jack will be under $30, while a mainboard is $200+, so try the jack first.  If that doesn't solve the problem, it's the mainboard.

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Hi guys,

I have a Toshiba L355 that will not charge. I tested the power adapter and I get 19v so it's fine. I took apart the laptop and it seems like the power supply makes a good connection the power jack but it is still no charging (no light on charge light even though battery is in and bezel is plugged in).

How do I test the power jack with a multimeter? I have it all hooked up and ready but don't know which contact points to use.

If you scroll down here you'll see what kind of connection I'm dealing with except its green/black isntead of red/black:

L355 Connector Problem


EDIT: Found out here how to test it. I plugged in the power adapter and measured it at motherboard side and nothing. If I put the battery in i get about 7 volts. Then I take it out and they start dropping.

Guess it could be the fuse?? Or do I have to replace the whole harness? Or could I just rewire it?

EDIT: Tested fuse for continuity and the reading went from 1 to 0, is that right?

EDIT: Problem solved. The positive/negative connections through the plastic to the piece where the power cord plugs into were loose. I'm buying a part tomorrow and resoldering it. This article should help for anyone having a problem with a Toshiba L355

Toshiba L355 Power Connection fix

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I am searching the internet and find no information on the motherboard of the notebook and issue. It turns out that I have interest in an upgrade, I researched and found a SATA M2 SSD, does this notebook support this item?

The motherboard in question:

Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0WT51R (U3E1)
Version A00
Intel Chipset Vendor
Skylake-U Chipset Model

Manual of the model in question: (


I found this information on page 10 of the manual: Internal: M.2 One M.2 card slot for Wi-Fi combo card, Intel WiDi (optional) and Bluetooth

A:Motherboard / M.2 input for SSD - Inspiron 5557 (5000 series)

The M.2 slot in this model is only for a wireless adapter - not for an SSD.   It's a PCIe slot - - and occupied by the wireless card.
If you want an SSD in this model, you must replace the hard drive with a 2.5" SATA SSD -- you cannot install an M.2 SATA or NVMe drive.

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my little baby brother made water fall on my laptop, im looking for a replacement and found 2 links,I was wondering if could get better advice 

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Your authorized repair center at Bestbuy just notified me that I need the motherboard and DC Jack replaced on my HP ENVY. Model # provided above. They are returning since they were unable to get parts for this model. and stated I would need HP to repair  Envy will not power on and has power issues. I would like to know approximate costs of this repair before moving forward.  Since it has been diagnosed and repairs needed outlined by your authorized repair center can you let me know what cost would be to have HP make repair.  Also provide address to send device to for repair. It is not under warranty.  Thank you. 

A:repair cost to replace motherboard and dc jack on Envy Noteb...

Hi, I think they could not find it due to no available part any where even at HP part store:        http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=782619-501 And no part list available:       http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=J9K65UA It is mentioned on page 64 of the Maintenance and Service Guide once. I did try eBay, Amazon and blank. This forum is for you and me. Please contact HP in your country for help. Regards.

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How come they're so cheap? And If I get a new PC from there, do I built it myself?

A:ibuypower.com ?

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How R the computers at this site?



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Hi guys ! I just recently bought my graphic card HIS Radeon™ X1650 PRO
= <<256 mb 128-bit 4-channel DDR/DDR2/GDDR3 memory interface,AGP 8x configurations also supported with AGP-PCI-E external bridge chip, 2x/4x/6x Anti-Aliasing modes>>
and my motherboard ASRock P4VM890 = << Socket 478 for Intel® Pentium® 4 / Celeron® D (Prescott, Northwood, Willamate) processors , Northbridge: VIA® P4M890 , Southbridge: VIA® VT8237R Plus , Integrated VIA® UniChrome Pro 3D/2D Graphics , DirectX 7.0 VGA >>.
Processor is Celeron 1.7GHz 128KB cache with 768mb ddr ram. problem is huge. i use it mainly as a gaming computer(i know its not the best choice for it,still getting money to buy a better one ) for World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3 only . despite my bad knowledge about hardware , i know that this configuration should run it on at least 1152 x 864 with 32bit color on highest details without glitching . instead of it i get awful glitching even on lower resolutions like 800 x 600 and lowest details ( no antialiasing. no shaders , lowest texture details , exc ) . this problem occurs not only in WoW but in w3 also(a game older than 6 years i presume ). my oppinion is that something is not right with the graphic card cuz when i run DXDIAG in run.exe it shows glitching in all direct x-s = 7.0 , 8.0 and 9.0.

So far i have done reformatiing windows/windows XP service pack 2 ) more than 3 times , trying to install the newest and the oldest drivers for graphic card i... Read more

A:Conflict on :: ASRock P4VM890(motherboard) and HIS Radeon X1650 Series(graphic card)

Hi mate!

It is possible that your power supply unit is not powerful enough to support your new GPU while working in full load (like when you play games or run the DX tests). If you can borrow a better PSU and check you can see if the problem is there.

Also, some motherboards do not support newer cards without BIOS updates. Go to asrock's site and check if your card is in their list for your motherboard and with what BIOS in use.

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I'm in the process of configuring a new system on IBuyPower and unfortunately they don't tell you which brand HD they use on the customization page. does anyone have any experience with them? I'm hoping it's WD just cos I seem to have the best luck with them. Size capacity I chose was 500GB.

Any input would be much appreciated !

A:Anyone know what kind of HD ibuypower.com uses?

Maxtor, Hitachi, and Samsung.

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