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Replace motherboard with exact same model BUT change processor?

Q: Replace motherboard with exact same model BUT change processor?

What if I replace the motherboard with the exact same model BUT change processors? Will I have any issues?
Was in the process of updating the bios. Not sure what I did wrong but it's dead. Have to send it back to super micro. I ordered an identical motherboard. But was updating the bios so I could switch from a quad core westmere chip to a hex.
Everything I have read states the OS is married to the motherboard (Win7 64 OEM). So if I get away with no issues from the motherboard swap, will the processor swap give me issues.
My system is a dual boot ubuntu 64/Win7 setup. I don't want to reinstall if I can help it. Advice would be appreciated.

(thanks admins for correcting this. Didn't mean to hijack that other thread)

Preferred Solution: Replace motherboard with exact same model BUT change processor?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replace motherboard with exact same model BUT change processor?

you should not have any problems with Win7 even if its an OEM version. MS can reset if you have to call don't worry, just call them and explain what happened they are not going to crawl through the phone line and tear your head off or anything.

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I apologize for my inexperience on the matter and this question may seem somewhat unorthodox. My liquid cooling system dripped on my video card and motherboard, killing both instantly. Naturally I seek to replace them with the same exact models. What my inquiries are as follows: Are there any significant issues that may arise with replacing them with the same models? What are the necessary steps that must be undertaken to successfully replace them? The Video Card is a Palit GeForce? GTX 560 Ti 2GB and my Motherboard is Sabertooth x58. My operation system is Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit.

- I assume I have to tweak my Windows 7 OS, considering a New Motherboard is essentially a new PC. Do I use my re-installation disk or contact Microsoft?

My best regards beforehand.

A:Help required for replacing motherboard with same exact model.

If it were me I would just put it in there and try to boot it up. It may decide that it's found new hardware (even if it's identical to the old stuff). Let it do it's "new" hardware installation and whatever reboot(s) are necessary. I would pay close attention to attaching everything in the same ports/slots etc as it was on the old board.

You may have to do the robocall to Microsoft for activation. The key here is to (honestly) say "no" if it asks you if the copy of Windows is installed on any other computer.

My MB (a Gigabyte EX58-UD3R) croaked after just under a year of use and I replaced it with the same model just over a year ago. Everything I described above is how it went for me when I replaced it, including booting from the original hardware with Windows already installed. After the phone activation I have had no problems, either with the new board or with Microsoft pertaining to "Genuine Software" issues.

(And I'm curious to know if you get the "Windows did not properly shut down" message when you start it up for the first time.)

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I want to know if i can buy a gtx 1060 for it and use it but I have no idea how to check what motherboard i have, can anyone tell me what it is? My gpu is a gt 720 and my cpu is an i5 4460

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I have a burnt up motherboard in my laptop. My question is do I have to match the exact model to the one that is in there already inside? Or can I get one alittle cheaper? The one that is inside is around $200, and I was hoping to spend a bit less.

Me and hubby can replace and change out anything on a desktop, and even build one from scratch. But laptops aren't our thing

This one is an ASUS K52F REV 2.0. Any suggestions, or do I have to match it up with what is factory?

A:Replacing motherboard in laptop, does it have to be exact model #?

The key word here is "have". No, you don't "have" to - theoretically. As long as you plan to clean install windows then there should be no reason why the parts (display, HDD, DVD, and - assuming compatibility - RAM) will not all work in a new motherboard.

The issue is configuration. Because of the design of the laptop shell, the hard drive and RAM need to go in one particular location to be accessible, the USB ports, sound, and card reader must all align with the openings in the shell or you are into some serious modifications. For these reasons alone the idea becomes unreasonable.

But if you found a motherboard from a similar Asus laptop that has the same layout then sure. It could work.

But at some point the time you spend getting it to work will exceed the value of the $50 or so you are saving. If you are doing it for fun and adventure that is one thing. If you are doing a repair for need it could be a time sink.

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I am try to test a Intel Celron 733 (66Mertz) on a Compaq DeskPro EN Small Form Factor with 370 socket (FSB is 100Mertz for Pentium III 500). Bacause Celron is running under 66 Mertz. Will it fry the Processor? Will the motherboard is smart enough to downspeed it to run 66Mertz? I read the Compaq manual that the motherboard it will support both 66/100Mertz. That is another SW to set the Processor Multiper. What multiplier should I use ?

Thanks for the help inadvance.

A:Replace Processor on Motherboard

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Processor a Main Circuit Board b
2.60 gigahertz Intel Celeron
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
128 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: TriGem Computer, Inc. Imperial 1.01
BIOS: Phoenix 6.00 09/16/2003

Is it possible to put a new/better processor on thes motherboard? Any suggestions?
Thanx, xroads

A:Can I replace Processor on motherboard?

Sure its possible.

What processor are you looking to upgrade to? If you are upgrading to a p4, you should make sure your mobo supports that processor. Give me a little more info on what you are trying to upgrade to. Do you have the mobo book. It should say what processors it supports.

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Hi, I want to update my system. Im hoping to get a new motherboard, processor, and ram. im hoping for the ram to be 2048mb and the processor to be around 2.4ghz. also if the videocard could be agp on the motherboard that would be great, because i have an atx x800 xt and just got it a while back and it was very expensive, but if i need to replace that i could just sell it on ebay. i posted some screen shots at the bottem (from cpuz) so you can see evry detail about my pc. thanks so much -Nick

A:Want to replace my motherboard, processor, and ram need help.

you have another post stating that you want to get another socket-754 processor for you existing motherboard.

now this post states that you want to get a new mobo too?

honestly I would not suggest getting another processor for a socket-754 system because it will still be bottlenecked by the slower hypertransport bus and single channel ram.

if you still want to use your AGP card and still have the ability to uprade to PCI-E in the future, consider this mobo I used it myself until a month ago and it worked great. and it has gotten very good reviews. it also lets you upgrade to AM2 when it eventually is worth it to do so (i.e. K8L)

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Like the heading states, I am wanting to replace the motherboard in mycHP Pavilion p6140f Desktopwith a motherboard that will take an i7 processor, so that I can do better graphics work on my computer. I already have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 graphics card and 8gb or DDR2 RAM I just want to upgrade the computer itself to run everything smoother and faster. Can anyone give me some advice?

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Hello guys, I am wondering if It possible for me to change my laptop processor. Anyway there is several model of Lenovo G400 that used different processor as you can see here (Lenovo G400 Laptop | Entry-Level Laptop from Lenovo | Lenovo UAE, and mine have Intel Celeron 1005M. Is it possible to change this laptop processor for example to the one listed on the website like Intel i3-3130M? And yes, are they soldered to the motherboard? Or Do I need to replace the motherboard as well?
Thank you in advance. Any help is always appreciated. Of course sorry my bad English

A:Is it possible to change or replace laptop processor

Nope. Laptops are so cheap now days. You could buy a new one, for the price of a motherboard for the current laptop. The Celeron CPU is actually a downgraded CPU (say i2 or Core-Duo). Biggest scam was when P4's were considered high end, but the budget systems had the word "Celeron" in it. So people figured that the CPU was garbage.

I all that the laptop is being used for is Web Browsing, email, looking at PDF's, occasional documents, online streaming, the current one will be fine.

You can use CPU-Z to find out the actually Factory "die" that Current CPU is. CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID

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I want to find out if I can upgrade my memory. I need to know my model number. the bios and everywhere else I can find it only has HP HDX-18. That's it. The whole shebang. The Product Number is FF231AV. But ONLY if your looking inside the bios or system information.  The label says it's FF286AV.  Everywhere I go to try and find information about this computer asks for a model number like HP HDX 18 "1001EO" or something in that format.  HP has been shining me on for about 10 years now, I gave up long ago.  Is there anyone on this planet that can tell me what model number I have? Please don't waste my time or yours with the usual "look on the label or look in the bios" methods.  It's not there. Thank you all for reading this mess.

A:Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can find my EXACT model/pro...

Hi: Your notebook is a HP HDX X18T-1000 CTO PREMIUM NOTEBOOK  Below is the support and driver page for that model... http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-HDX-X18-1000-Premium-Notebook-PC-series/3769212/model/3769213

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Hi All

I have a Qosmio G30 and as usual ive had all the graphics problem motherboard problems and all but they are now fixed (though my HD DVD drive is not working!)
I am not sure what my current motherboard is but i think its Intel® 945PM Express chipset and i wanted to replace it with something better so that i can get a better processor.

Is this possible and if so what can i purchase to replace my current motherboard. Or could i just replace the processor to something better?

Also does ne1 else have a "CD Rom Error" on boot???? (HD DVD problem)



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Hi guys,

I've recently purchased a l701x with a non genuine adapter. The laptop recognize the battery, but it doesn't charge it, due to the fact that it is a 90w adapter (and not genuine). I believe my laptop doesn't work at the full speed, too.
Now I don't know if the battery that I have is broken, or if it doesn't charge because of the ac adapter.
I'm looking for a genuine l701x adapter, but I've found tons of models out there (pa-15. pa-5m10, just two examples), but I want to purchase (better if used!) THE 150w original model. So I can understand if my battery works or not.

Can anyone please tell me the exact genuine model that Dell sold with 150w xps l701x, the one with nVida GT445M with 3gb of RAM? Thank in advance!

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I have Abit NF7-S ver.2 which got fried recently, so I'm getting an exact same new motherboard (NF7-S ver.2) to replace it. I'm using Windows XP.

Now, I googled it and found out that I need to use Win XP installation CD and choose "Repair The Selected Windows Installation" option in order to replace my motherboard. The catch, however, is that I need to install other drivers separately after that process (I got zillions of other drivers there already ).

So the question is, since I'm getting the exact same motherboard for replacement, do I need to do that process above? Is it possible to just skip all that, boot up the XP normally, and let the system adjust automatically? I'll have everything in the same setup as it was (PCI cards placement, IDE connections, etc.)

A:How to replace the exact same Mobo properly?

If it is the exact same motherboard, with the same chipset, you should be able to just replace it, configure BIOS, and be on your merry way - No reinstallation of any sort needed. The important things to watch out for that would render a machine unbootable after a motherboard swap would be:

1) Attachment order of the drives. If you were formerly booting from primary master, that same drive must still be primary master (of course, winders)

2) Legacy or Enhanced/AHCI SATA mode: If you formerly were using Legacy mode for any SATA drives and/or booted from a SATA drive, this mode needs to be set the way it was before.

3) Boot order. Not as important, but can still cause the machine to fail to boot if you never tell it to boot from whatever device your OS is on.

4) Resource configuration. Mostly automated if you had ACPI and resource allocation on defaults. If you set it manually or had ACPI disabled you'll need to check those as well but most likely you can leave those at defaults.

Good luck.

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Hello, Quick one based on my investigations related to random BSODs that I witness since I purchased and set up my Omen PC (you can read about this here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/bsod-caused-by-haldll-and-n...): What is the exact model of Radeon card fitted in this PC (HP Omen 870-095na)? According to Product Page: http://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=Y0Z74EA&opt=ABU&sel=DTP It's AMD Radeon? R9 380. According to Radeon software though, as well as GPU-Z / Speccy and SiSoft Sandra it's: Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 200 Series or ATI AMD Tonga PRO [Radeon R9 285]. I understand that there is not-so-inisignificant difference between R200 & R300 series - could someone help claryfying this to me please? Many thanks, Tad   

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Hi, I have a hp mini 110-3100, but when I go to hp website downloading required drivers for it they ask about its CTO, EM, ET, LA, XX...how can I find which onr fo these is my comp. And i m havin some problems with wifi the wifi light is turned red installed some drivers got them from hp website but still the wifi is not working Please let me know if u have any solutions

A:How I can find exact model of my laptop to instal correct drivers.

try this

* Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
* Type, wmic computersystem get model
* Press Enter

should give you the model
have a read here

can we see an xirrus screen shot
Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

Direct link to the program is here http://info.xirrus.com/Wi-FiInspectorConfirmation.html

{If the above link does not work heres another link http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_download/fid,77196-order,4/download.html}

Then run and install the program - on a wireless enabled PC/Laptop
if you get an error - You need will need to have NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.
On windows 8 - (i do not have windows 8) but, it would appear tha... Read more

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Hi, does anybody have instructions, or can point me to an article, to safely remove the original 32Gb mSata cache drive configured to accelerate the HDD drive etc. so the desktop will boot cleanly from the HDD drive alone. I know it involves RST and possibly BIOS settings. I am looking for the exact steps as I have had bad experiences removing (and adding) 32Gb mSata cache drives in the past. System fails to boot ... Note I do not need any guidance on physically removing the drive and for the curious once I have a clean boot from HDD alone I will clone the drive to SSD (2.5 which I already have) so the 32Gb mSata is redundant and I would like to remove it completely. I am also interested in any experiences and/or any complications doing this. Thanks.
These instructions can be for any Dell desktop, the desktop in question is a Dell XPS 8700.

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Ok I have a sort fo confusing question, so please don't skim read  Hi I need to replace the motherboard in an hp dv6-3037tx laptop.I found a sticker inside my laptop saying the part number of the motherboard is 615279-001.Getting a replacement for 615279-001 will cost me $700But getting replacement 603642-001 will only cost me $285 (clearance sale) but I think they are the same board. I checked service and maintenance manuals for dv6-3000 series and I found two versions of the manual that have different replacement part numbers. Here July 2010 http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02657339.pdf go to page 22/23Here April 2010 http://www.manualowl.com/m/Hewlett-Packard/Pavilion-dv6-3000/Manual/103388 go to page 19/20  Compare these two pdfs and you see that both are for the same laptop.And both boards mentioned above have different part numbers but the same descriptions. So I was thinking maybe I could buy the cheaper motherboard even if it is a different part number.Is it possible that hp makes two boards the same with different part numbers? Also, what does it matter if the board is different anyway? pretty much everything is contained in the board.... So I thought that as long as it has my previous GPU (ATi 5650) and correct RAM, WiFi and CPU sockets, any board (of the correct shape) would do. I would very much like to save myself over $400 if I can. Is it risky buying the 603642-001 board?Thanks, and sorry for... Read more

A:Do I need exact motherboard replacement?

Hi: You sure have done your research on this thoroughly. Enter the part numbers at the link below. http://h20141.www2.hp.com/Hpparts/Default.aspx?mscssid=CB84DF1CB35E48BBB9F0EDF09B9B7D0A You will see there is a description difference. 603642-001   In stock    SPS-PCA SYSTEM BD DIS 5650/1G DUO NON-TS 615279-001   In stock  SPS-PCA SYSTEM BOARD DIS 5650/1G DUO You will find there is very little difference in the prices on the HP site. If you can figure out what the NON-TS means, then you will know which one to purchase. Could it mean Non Touch Screen? Paul       

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Hello guys and girls,

I had asked a similar question before, however that time I ended up performing a clean installation, this time I have way too much software that relies heavily on configuration that took me a while to get right, and I would like if there was an option to keep my operating system as is and swap the motherboard/cpu, they will be a different chipset/socket so I can't just do something simple as swapping it.

I remember there was a method with sysprep.
And there is also the system image, however I don't know if it would be highly advisable to do either of those methods, or just suck it up and go through the whole configurations all over again once I perform the clean install.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

A:Exchanging Motherboard/CPU, exact same installation kept.

If it's a Retail copy, then we can go ahead with figuring this out. If it's OEM, then we can't.

Anyway, sometimes you can do this without any problems and sometimes you can't. So, I recommend at least preparing to format and start over just in case.

In the meantime, there may be ways to back up all of your configurations so that you can format, start over, install the software, reapply the configurations somehow, and be back up and running with no problem. A simple example is Firefox: all I have to do is copy/paste the contents of the default profile folder to a safe place, format and start over, install Firefox, open Firefox, close Firefox, and then copy/paste those contents into the new default profile folder. Then when I open Firefox, everything is back to the way it was, including all of my Extensions. The only exceptions are the Plugins because those need to be installed into Windows.

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 Hello to everyone,my HP Pavilion DV7-6b45el laptop had it's motherboard damaged a while ago and needs it replaced, Is it possible to get a motherboard for this laptop? Product #: A6H60EAThanks Also It would make me really happy if you could include the part number or a link instead of a manual about schematics or something. Thanks again

A:I need an exact find for my DV7 motherboard replacement

@furetto? Look for a label near the memory slots. Looks something like this.  REO

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 Unfortunately, I spilled some watermelon juice on my laptop a few years ago.The spill happened on the left hand side near the fan. It won't turn on any more. I want to try and repair it, with first replacing the motherboard, then testing various other components, fan etc.My Idea pad y580 motherboard has part number 90000453. (And I had it upgraded to 12gb ram) The only decently priced replacement motherboard I can find however, has a part number of 90000283  (and reportedly has max of 8gb ram). The 90000283 motherboard is made for the Idea pad y580, will it work with my laptop, or do I need the exact same piece? Thank you.

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Running Windows XP, SP3. I have the original CD and Key. Intel motherboard failing (USB input ports failing), but still has remaining functionalities. Have purchased an exact replacement board with the same chipset. Exhausted from "Googling" a procedure, but only seem to find processes for upgrading, or changing processors/chipsets with respect to motherboards. Microsoft's tech site does the same, ie: a procedure for upgrading an existing motherboard. (Which did not seem to be accurate, as I started the process, but ran into error messages before I could even get to a restart) Does anyone have a proven process to make a "like for like" replacement, or can direct me to a trusted site with the answer? I want to have as few technical problems as possible, as I am not a novice, but not any expert either. Also, once I start, I will be committed and flying blind, so to speak, as my link to the internet will be out of service.

A:Solved: Exact replacement motherboard process

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I am (was) running an asus M2N4 SLI motherboard with XP home, However on using asusupdate to flash the bios it failed, leaving me with a dead pc. I have however managed to buy a new M2N4 SLI instead of a bios rom. My question is, will it boot up and work with my c:drive as it was before the bios failure. Or will xp look at all my components and see the MB has changed in relation to its list of components and give me the "uh uh uh" leaving me to have a fun day reinstalling everything. Thanks in advance. bumph

A:Solved: Bios Failed! Exact motherboard replacement

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Hello all,

My computer has been making a lot of noise lately, in fact it's been going on for probably the past 8 months or so. The first month I mostly ignored it hoping it would go away, which it did, then a few weeks later it came back and I decided it was time to investigate.

I have narrowed the problem down to being the power supply fan, mainly because it's very easy to hear and detect that it's coming from the back of my PC (and in that area). So I cracked the case open, unscrewed a buncha stuff, took the power supply apart somewhat so I could try to dust off the fan, but there was no dust to be seen. I dusted it anyway, removed some plastic pieces they had in there that seemed to serve no purpose, popped it back together, crossed my fingers that I had fixed it, but no luck.

The odd thing is that this noise will seem to come and go, usually it will be on jet engine sound level for ~2 weeks, then be relatively quiet for a month or so, every time I hope that it magically fixed itself, but now I've decided I need to do something about it.

The model is a SilverStone SST-ST65ZF, 650 Watt supply w/ PFC (whatever that means).

So on to my actual question. What I'm trying to figure out is, should I order the same replacement piece? Is this a solid piece of equipment and I just stumbled across a bad one originally? Is there a more ideal power supply with a quieter fan (in the same general price range, say <$200) that I should order instead?

Also, ... Read more

A:Need to replace power supply (fan), same model or new?

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My laptop runs only when continuous power is supplied to it. If the charger is disconnected it shuts down abruptly. I ran a battery check which showed me this message: (refer the screenshot)   Kindly guide me through this. If the battery needs to be replaced any relevant links (from the online store)would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

A:model 15-r014tx battery replace(40)

Hi there @Trushangi,  You have come to the right place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s), please let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. To say thanks for the reply, please click the Thumbs up!  The screenshot that you have provided from the battery check, states that the battery needs to be replaced. If it was the Battery Check program, then it should have told you your Warranty Status and to contact us also. You can check your Warranty Status using the Check Your Product Warranty site, then please use the following link to contact us.  The other option would be for you to use the HP Part Surfer to find yourself a new battery. When you get to the site you will have to put in your Product/Serial Number and Select your Country before you search. You should be able to find a replacement battery.  Welcome to the HP Support Community!Thank you for joining in! Have a great day! 

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I use Intel 7265 NGW AN. I would like to replace old wireless adapter to gigabit adapter. I head whitelist and blacklist from internet so I'm not sure which model I can replace to without problem.What model can I replace?Can I buy from any brand right? 

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I have contacted lenovo customer service for so many times regarding the repeating issues that I have with my bluetooth connection on my THINKPAD A475 device. I got my wireless card replaced for 3 times in 2 weeks already and also a keyboard replacement due to the cracking noise and stuck "TAB" key. The problem keeps happening even 3 times of on-site repair and also the keyboard they replaced for me also got problems already, the space key will register two times and the "BACKSPACE" , "ENTER", "SHIFT" are all making weird  cracking noise and they all feel completely different to other keys. I told them that I will not want to repaire and I want a full refund or replacement of new model that I prefer if I have the same problems again for the fourth time. I am completely frustrated  because they keep telling me that they will not refund me or replace my laptop if I cannot show them the tax invoice or receipt of purchase of this laptop. I told them that I do not keep it anymore  and they can send someone here to come  and pick up this laptop as it has serial number and all that. But still they refuse to do so and keep going back to the same question and answer and passing me to other customer service advisers.  I am tired of this infinite troubleshooting and my workflow has been completely ruined by this laptop. I hope the lenovo staff here who see this post will help me with this issue and delay no more. If I still can't get the solutions that I want th... Read more

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I need to replace my model KG-1061wireless keyboard from my HP TouchSmart 320PC model 320-1050, which new model would be compatible?

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I have contacted lenovo customer service for so many times regarding the repeating issues that I have with my bluetooth connection on my THINKPAD A475 device. I got my wireless card replaced for 3 times in 2 weeks already and also a keyboard replacement due to the cracking noise and stuck "TAB" key. The problem keeps happening even 3 times of on-site repair and also the keyboard they replaced for me also got problems already, the space key will register two times and the "BACKSPACE" , "ENTER", "SHIFT" are all making weird  cracking noise and they all feel completely different to other keys. I told them that I will not want to repaire and I want a full refund or replacement of new model that I prefer if I have the same problems again for the fourth time. I am completely frustrated  because they keep telling me that they will not refund me or replace my laptop if I cannot show them the tax invoice or receipt of purchase of this laptop. I told them that I do not keep it anymore  and they can send someone here to come  and pick up this laptop as it has serial number and all that. But still they refuse to do so and keep going back to the same question and answer and passing me to other customer service advisers.  I am tired of this infinite troubleshooting and my workflow has been completely ruined by this laptop. I hope the lenovo staff here who see this post will help me with this issue and delay no more. If I still can't get the solutions that I want th... Read more

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Hi guys. I'm UK based so models may be a bit unfamiliar to US members. I would guess none of you use BT, (wise move)!

Currently using BT HomeHub V1.0, (yes there's still one out there), on BT broadband line with BT Vision services and with all internal network connections to it connected through a Netgear WNR3500 router. I'm a good level of user (software developer) but definitely NOT a network whizz so chances are I'm missing something important.

The idea was to take DHCP and Wireless control from the HomeHub and give it to the Netgear. Many long attempts later.... These services can be disabled on the HH and enabled on the Netgear easily. However the BT device will not give up control of DHCP and still allow network machines to see the internet! BT HH was given a fixed IP address in the Netgear, the same as its standard allocation when it is in control (, and this was used for the gateway address in TCP/IP setup and in Netgear settings. I can get everything set up internally so the Netgear is in control with the HH DHCP and Wireless switched off, machines can all see each other and talk to each other perfectly, but no one sees the internet!

I would really like to replace the HH completely so was looking for a basic non-router type modem to leave the WNR3500 as the network manager. Thought of the Netgear DM111P as it was an economic Netgear match but it has such rotten reviews for reliability in terms of heat that I went off that model an... Read more

A:Recommend modem only model to replace BT HomeHub

I have found and am currently considering the Draytek Vigor 120. Vigor say: "You can connect any device to the Vigor 120 which has a PPPoE client facility. This means the actual connection to your ISP is still PPPoA (unlike other modems which only provide PPPoE native bridging), which is a unique feature of this product and makes it compatible with all UK ISPs where PPPoA is used as standard." Should work ok with the Netgear WNR3500 and anything to make for a simpler more controllable connection.

Anyone know this or can offer advice as to whether it is a suitable unit?

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Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read this. I want to replace my OEM MSI MS-6577 mobo that came with my HP for another version of the MSI MS-6577 mobo but the new one would have an AGPx4 slot and the current one only has PCI slots. I read that replacing the motherboard on OEM systems with Windows XP like mine has, will cause big problems unless it for the exact same make and model motherboard. In my situation, it is the exact same make and model but a different version of the mobo that would have an additional AGP slot. Would this give me BSOD or would the swap go smoothly? I am also hoping not to have to reinstall Windows XP without having to go buy a copy as I read you can't do that off recovery discs with OEM Windows XP builds. Thank you everyone again.:grinthumb

A:Can I replace my OEM mobo with the same make & model but different version?

The problem would be with Microsoft

I believe you could put a different version of motherboard on there, heck, you could put an entirely different make of motherboard if you wanted as long as it fits the case's form factor. Simply, the screw holes on the motherboard have to align with the holes on the case.

The trouble you will run into is with Microsoft. Your copy of XP is associated with the serial number, model, and make of your present motherboard, and it's recorded in Microsoft's database. That's what happens when you activate a Microsoft product. The operating system or software will get your motherboard's information and record it. Now here comes the problem...

If you put in a new motherboard, the operating system on your hard drive is going to look up your previous motherboard's information when it boots up. If it sees a new motherboard, it will say, "I'm not associated with you, so I must not be licensed with you!" and it will tell you to contact Microsoft or buy a new copy of Windows.

What you have to do then is call Microsoft and ask them if you can associate your copy of Windows with a new motherboard. They will want to know why. Usually, they will only do that if your motherboard failed, exploded, or somehow became destroyed so you had to replace it. I don't know about motherboard upgrades. To Microsoft, each and every motherboard is a separate computer, and you are only licensed for one computer.

So,... Read more

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Hi, As the title says, I'd like to replace the original hard drive by a 250 Go ssd. I've no idea what the specs are, to purchase the appropriate ssd.Does anyone know if I should choose :SATA I,II,III?2,5 " ?m-SATA or not ? Finally are some manufacturers to prefer : Corsair, etc.. ? Thanks !

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The motherboard on my envy 17t-k200 needs to be replaced.  The part number installed on the refurbished machine is 793272-501.  I have found a motherboard, part number 794984-001.  Is 794984-001 compatible with my envy 17t-k200? 

A:can i replace motherboard 793272-501 with motherboard 794984...

Hi, Yes as you can see on the list:      http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=794984-001 Regards.

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I get no signal to the monitor using vga or the other port, want to replace the graphic card, but it is integrated. Can I put an off the shelf card in a slot to replace it?

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hi i would like to replace the 1366x768 display of my notebook Envy dv6-7385el  with a compatible 1920x1080 i would like to know wich product i can buy, wich displays are compatible with my computer. Product number of the computer: D6W40EA#ABZ thanks in advance

A:Replace 1366x768 display with 1920x1080 (model: Envy dv6-73...

You are gonna need this: 15.6-in, AntiGlare, FHD display panel 682090-001 And this: Display panel cable for use only on computer models equipped with an FHD display assembly and an Intel processor 682057-001 And the Manual will be useful: Manual  This eBay auction has a picture of the screen. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-DV6-682090-001-LCD-Display-Schermo-Screen-15-6-FHD-LED-40pin-zfj-/2717791... It is an LED 40 pin right rear attachment.  US auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LAPTOP-LCD-SCREEN-FOR-HP-682090-001-15-6-WUXGA-HD-LED-/141161571084?hash=ite... Same thing a bit cheaper: http://www.ebay.com/itm/AUO-B156HTN03-V-2-B156HTN03-2-LCD-LED-Screen-15-6-WUXGA-Laptop-Display-New-/... Cable from HP Parts: https://parts.hp.com/hpparts/Search_Results.aspx?mscssid=BAA9DB33C980475CBBE9DEB28D40BE85&SearchIn=P... If you replace the screen and the cable it will work. The Manual shows how to do it. See p. 95. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.  

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Hello everyone, I recently broke my laptop LCD screen, and when I switch it on some parts of the screen are purple and black. I know that HP has a parts surfer where your can buy replacement parts. I checked and they don't have any screens available (n/a). So i was wonderng if i can purchase a screen that is similar to my hp model that can work for my laptop (non-touchscreen or touchscreen if possible). Hope I can get this solved soon!

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Hey I have an
HP Pavilion m8457c
Processor: Phenom X4 9500 2.2GHz
And I just recently upgraded to a Phenom II X4 955 3.2Ghz but everytime I check the specs on dxdiag or on my bios it states that I am running AMD processor model unknown at only 800Mhz. How would I go about fixing this? I heard that upgrading the bios can solve this but I cannot find a way to upgrade it even on the manufacturers website.

A:AMD processor model unknown

Perhaps that CPU isn't officially supported.
I would contact HP Support...see if they have a BIOS update.

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Hello Forum. Id like to know if it is possible to replace the CMOS battery of my Lenovo G555 Model: 0873 Laptop ?If it is possible, does anyone know the location of the CMOS battery, and is free standing, or is it soldered to the motherboard ? Can the CMOS batery be replaced easily ? Thnaks in advance.

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I splashed some tea on the keyboard of my 510-15ISK Laptop (ideapad) model 80SR and now some of the keys have stopped working. I am in the UK so this is the layout/style of keyboard it uses (not the US layout). The backlight still works fine, though, and the laptop itself works normally, it is only some keys which have stopped working. I have fixed this problem on other laptops by simply replacing the keyboard, but on my ideapad the keyboard is internal (it doesn't pop out) so I don't know how to do it. Furthermore, I can't find any information about the keyboard for this laptop anywhere on the internet: not on google, not on youtube, not even on this Lenovo website. How/where can I repair/replace the keyboard? Will it be expensive? I have seen that sometimes only individual keys need to be fixed, not the entire keyboard, could this be an option? My laptop is still under warranty if that means anything. Thanks for any help.

A:How to repair/replace keyboard for 510-15ISK Laptop (ideapad) model 80SR?

Hello and welcome,
The keyboard removal and reinstall instructions, as well as the parts list, are in the Hardware Maintenance Manual - ideapad 510-15ISK, 510-15IKB
Please double-check that I have the right model linked.

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I have a hp pavillion hpe h8-1000zMotherboard H-R5880-uATXProcessor AMD Phenom II x6 1065T Is there a that I can upgrade to without having to upgrade the motherboard as well?  Or is this the best processor for this unit?

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i have a 2 year old xp computer and i would like to replace its processor. i have already replaced the ram from 1GB to 4GB and i would now loike to change the processor.
my current processor is an Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2 GHz single core processor. i would like to upgrade it to a quad core.how would i do this?

where would i find processors, are they easy to install and MOST IMPORTANTLY: can i make this upgrade?
Pentium 4 HT 3.2GHz single core processor.
windows XP 32 bit.
160 GB HDD.
ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 graphics card.

help on this is much appreciated. ;D

A:How do i replace processor?

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I upgraded the CPU from AMD Athlon 64 2800+ Sempron to an Athlon 64 x2 6000+ Windsor. My MSI K9VGM-V mobo http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-MSI/K9VGM-V_(MS-7253).html list it does support this CPU but under My Computer>> Propereties>> I see AMD Processor unknown, 3.00Ghz 2GB RAM. Device manager>> Hardware>> Processors shows 2 processors listed as unknown but "properly working."
Here's the specs on the 6000+ CPU http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Athlon 64 X2 6000+ - ADA6000IAA6CZ (ADA6000CZBOX).html
I have been doing windows updates for hours now and still no change. I used this app http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html and it finds and list the CPU and specs just fine. Some say I need to update my BIOS via a floppy, some say there should be an XP patch or fix.
What do you all say? How can I get My Computer>> Properties>> to list the AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ same as it does/did the Sempron 2800+?
Thanks, Frank.

A:AMD Processor model unknown in XPPro SP3

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  I am thinking of upgrading my good old 4520s. I was wondering whether if it is possible to replace the processor for a better one. Currently there is an Intel i3-330M installed and I dont know if there are compatible processors as replacement for this notebook. Is there someone who has tried to swap the processor in 4520s?  As a second thought and question concerns SSD. Do you think it is okay to invest a little money into this 6-4 year-old machine or I shall save up for a better notebook? Even though it is an older machine, still works great - I maxed the RAM out to 8GB dual channel and had to replace the HDD a few years ago but anyways everything else inside is untouched so far.Thanks in advance.

A:Is it possible to replace the processor in an Hp probook 452...

Yes a processor upgrade is feasible: i5-540M, 2.53-GHz, 3-MB cache 594188-001i7-620M, 2.26-GHz, 4-MB cache 587259-001 Above are the 2 fastest compatible processors.  Link to download Service Manual See p. 83 for "how-to". Processor upgrade will also give you a chance to clean up in there and install new thermal compound which will keep the system cooling itself effectively.  Here is the i5 on eBay which I think would be a better choice than the i7.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Core-i5-540M-2-53GHz-3M-2-5GT-s-Turbo-3-06GHz-Laptop-CPU-SLBPG-IBM-60y... Even the i7 is not too expensive: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Core-i7-620M-2-66GHz-4M-Dual-Core-Processor-SLBPD-/282237923920?hash=i... If you can do the labor yourself I think it makes sense to drop another $40 or so into the laptop. The i5 or the i7 would be a significant upgrade and, as long as you don't need "newfangled" stuff like USB 3.0 you should get another couple years out of it. The HP enterprise laptops are like a good used Mercedes Benz...still going strong with 250,000 on the odometer. You can make a case for having one of those over a newer Chevrolet or Honda Accord.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.   

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I can't able to access my WiFi as my drivers r not working please do the needful...thank you

A:i need wifi drivers for my amd processor ,model no:15-af001A...

Your Support page has drivers posted:http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-15-af000-notebook-pc-series/7771410/model/8189657...

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Readout on chip:

AXMS1500FWS3B | 9881995250216

Will post picture if needed..

Came from a laptop, but want to make sure it's not a desktop chip in a laptop (which does happen). Actually hoping it's a desktop chip..

A:Curious if this athlon is a desktop model of processor..

Core: AXMS Tbred/Barton Mobile 25W , AXMD 35W, AXMH 45W

It's a mobile chip.

Made 2002, week 17, Max FSB=200, 1.3v, max temp 95C, 256k cache...

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