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BIOS Boot problem - Precision M4600 and mSATA PM810 ssd

Q: BIOS Boot problem - Precision M4600 and mSATA PM810 ssd

For a several years I use DELL Precision laptops. First M4500 and from 2012 M4600.
My Precision M4600 configuration comprises of: i7 qqd proc , 16GB RAM, 2GB Nvidia quadro and 3 hard drives:
1st is SSD DELL Samsung mSATA PM810 128GB - Linux system
2nd SSD Intel ultra speed 520 - 240GB - Windows system
3rd HDD Seagate 7200 - Data
For 4 years I didn't have any problem with my Precision configuration. Suddenly a week ago problems on boot started.
Namely, every second time BIOS during update do not recognize my mSATA PM810 disk and cannot boot up the system. That means: all 'odd' times (1st, 3rd, 5th ...) I start computer or reset the mSATA disk is recognized under other name and not as MiniCard while all 'even' (2nd, 4th etc) everything is OK.
Problem description: I start computer, After passes BIOS the screen is blank nothing happens blocked. I restart, all fine. I restart again, again blank screen nothing, I restart again - all fine, and like this goes around.
I absolutely didn't do anything with machine it just started at once behaving like that.
Things that I have unsuccessfully tried:
Change Boot order in BIOS leaving only MiniCard - does not work. I've seen that each odd time BIOS changes the name of mSATA in disk order and when I restart it brings it back to normal. It does that if SATA is set as Raid-on or as AHCI device.
Downgrading BIOS to A15 - nothing and back to A16 nothing.
Remove other hard drive leaving only mSATA. Then it works, it each time correctly recognizes the mSATA in MiniCard and boots the system normally. However, as soon as I put back the Seagate HDD it malfunction again.
I would appreciate any advise on this.
Also if there is firmware for mSATA PM810 where to find it. It is not supported by Samsung but exclusively by DELL ?

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Preferred Solution: BIOS Boot problem - Precision M4600 and mSATA PM810 ssd

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


The latest sBIOS A16 for Dell Precision M4600 have one unpleasant bug in ACPI module preventing ACPI-based OS to boot if any Nvida card from 2012 till present is installed (for ex. K2100M or M2000M). The only way to boot into OS is to use acpi=off parameter in Linux - otherwise, there is a kernel panic addressed to ACPI table problem. Dell M4700 works just fine with new cards. HP Elitebook 85*0w rivals have no problems either.
Yes, I know that this not a fresh machine, but the bug still exist. It would be great, if it will be fixed.

P.S. No problem at all with graphics solution from AMD.

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I installed BIOS update A16 to my M4600 and after it went to 100%, the system will no longer POST. No dell logo, no ability to get into BIOS. The hard drive light is bright white, and the battery light next to it flashes White once then 4 times amber, then white again plus 4 times amber, and repeats for a few more times before just settling on non-stop flashing amber.
Pulled and swapped the memory and the hard drive, tried it with and without the battery, also pulled the CMOS battery. Again, no video on the screen, no Dell logo, no POST, no fans on, nothing activity wise other than those flashing lights when I turn it on. I'm thinking something went wrong with the BIOS update even it looked like it completed successfully and I've done hundreds of these to various Dell laptops over the years.
Any ideas what I should try next? I can't find that solid white HD, flashing amber Battery diagnostic code anywhere in any documentation or online so I don't even know where to begin.
Plus it's not under warranty anymore which angers me because it appears the only reason my laptop has been bricked is because I dared install the A16 update that was helpfully published right there on Dell's support page.

A:Precision M4600 - Not Booting after BIOS Update

The exact same thing just happened to me. This is messed up.

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I just got a used M4600, and the currently installed bios is A08. When I try to update to A16, it restarts, says it's updating firmware, but fails at 0%. It gives no reason, and no error code as far as I can tell. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.

A:Bios update failed - Dell Precision M4600

That is NOT the issue! There is nothing wrong with the M4600 motherboards per se.
Everybody has been trying to find why when trying a BIOS upgrade, the system immediately fails with a basic "BIOS Update Failed" and no specific error code or more explanation. The answer is in the PDF document below - that is the message displayed when BIOS authentication fails!
You just have to look up the Dell Signature Firmware 'feature' that was introduced into a number of laptop incl the M4600.  Download PDF doc. That was a feature introduced per NIST requirements.
In a nutshell, they changed the way BIOS authenticates a BIOS file before it will use it to update the BIOS & EC firmware. The M4600 is in the list of "Legacy Systems" where this was introduced. Basically, these systems did NOT have the Signature Firmware when produced. 
Version A04 introduced this feature. After you install that, you will have an option to turn the Signature Firmware requirement On (default is Off). Once turned On, it can NOT be turned off! 
The problem starts in BIOS ver A08. Something in the code is wrong. Because on some M4600s it updates the BIOS AND Activates the Signature Firmware requirement. After that, the system will NOT authenticate ANY other BIOS versions so you will NOT be able to upgrade past version 8!
I manage many, many systems for a company. I am currently sitting on 33 (yes, that many) M4600 with that exact same situation!
A motherboard swap does... Read more

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I have a Precision M4600 that is very slow to charge.  I am using the DA130 AC /DC adapter.  It is taking 2 hours to go from 5% to 15% charged. That seems way too long.
Am I using the correct charger? 

A:Precision M4600

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you to boot into BIOS and check the battery health and A/c Adapter type.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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when I plug my flash drive or HDD into back slot of my PR03X with USB 3.0 Windows shows "This device could be working faster, plug it into USB 3.0" (or something like that)..
When I try it with my Latitude E7440 in dock it works fine. Also USB on M4600 works good.
Is it because my Precision doesn't have generic USB 3.0 support, or I just need some driver? I have installed newest USB driver.Thanks 

A:Precision M4600 dock USB 3.0

There are only two USB 3.0 ports on the system -- unlike later models, the system's main chipset has no USB 3.0 support, so the ports on the dock will not run as 3.0.
The system has an add-in NEC/Renesas USB 3 controller for the ports so marked on the system - you should get USB 3.0 speed from these, but not the ports on the docking station.

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Unfortunately it seems my Seagate ST9750420AS is causing blue screen issues. I get error 2000:0142 on a quick test but then agaibn nothing on the extended test, but continue to get blue screens. Unfortunately also whilst trying to make a bootable system disk. I can still read all the data, I have all that as a backup, so not too bad, but I don't have a system disk to reinstall from. So that may be difficult. Any advice?
I want to replace this disk with an SSD. Can anyone advise what I need to be aware of for this? I've looked at the wd blue. What form factor / height/ width / depth SATA do I require? Would a Sata III 6Gb/s work? Size 2.75" x .275" x 3.95"?
My Precision is out of warranty. 

Thanks for your help

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Hi All,
Got a Precision m4600 laptop with Intel i7 2760QM CPU, recently upgraded graphics card to nvidia Quadro 2000M and added 16GB RAM. 
Fresh install of Win 10, I ran a CPU stress test in Dell SupportAssist software. 
Noticed CPU temp peaked at 100*C and it stabilized at ~91*C however the short 100*C appears to be on Core #3? 
Is this expected? pls see image attached

I have re-pasted it properly, good quality paste and just a thin layer applied... I'm puzzled?

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Display on my laptop start to blink from time to time, there ara also some other artifacts (like colour change) which dissapear when I change diplay angle - so I suppose my flex ribbon makes this problem. Serching for spare parts I've niticed that there are few types of them. So the question is which numbers are correct for my laptop?
350405500-GG2-G - by Brooks -  this is the one I have now - but hard to find that one.
I found also
350405300-600-G - by Foxconn - this one is most common 
79010Q800-011-G - by Yageo -  this one is with complete Lid & antennas - nice option cause my cover have some little scrathes

All three have different manufacturers are they interchengeable?
I know easiest way is buy the same i found in laptop but didn't found any of them in Poland. 

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My laptop screen start flickering a little 2 months ago and when i put it on sleep and open again the flickering pixels disappear and it works fine.i unchecked optimus nvidia from bios and it worked fine without any problem but it didn`t show that i use internal intel graphics card.it just show that i use the external nvidia quadro 1000m .yesterday i was watching a movie at my laptop and suddenly my screen flickered again but this time much hard and constant and not disappear by sleeping or restarting.can any one help me diagnosing this problem please.

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I would like to put an i7 into the computer. What are my options for my upgrade?
I currently have a Stock i5 2.5 GHz.

A:What processor upgrade could I do to my Dell Precision M4600?

The system uses second-generation (Sandy Bridge) Core i CPUs - these have model numbers starting with 2-- i.e., 2860QM.  The Extreme Edition CPUs were also shipped with this system -- you must remain within the Sandy Bridge CPU line - not the later Ivy Bridge (3xxx) , Haswell (4xxx), or later Broadwell or Skylake CPUs.

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I want to open the back panel of the Dell Precision M4600 so that I can upgrade the RAM and also put in a secondary hard disk. There is no documentation or tutorial for this. Anyone can provide and guide on how to do this? I can only remove the battery but from there I'm lost. I can see 2 screws covering the back back panel but I'm not sure if it's the right screw to remove.
Any help is appreciated.

A:How to open Dell Precision M4600 back panel

EDIT: Found the manual!
To add to urlnotfound's post:
Remove the two screws under hte battery that hold the cover.
Slide, sometimes with a little force, the cover backwards towards the rear of the laptop.  It only moves about 1/4", and is completely free to lift off at that point.
Note that there is only one 2.5" HDD place, and it's the hot-swapable one you see on the side (still have yet to figure out how to remove it, the level doesn't seem to do anything - yet).  The "2nd HDD" is actually a dedicated "mSATA" slot, which stands for Minicard SATA.  It's a tiny PCI-express slot, just like the three you see when you remove the cover.  They are very rare to buy though.  I really wish I bought the one Dell was offering, cause aftermarket they are next to non-existant.  I found only 2 manufacturers, which are the same brands under the hood.  But they are only the 50mm size.  I want a 70mm site to slot into the WWLAN PCI-Express slot, cause those are available up to 240 GB.
And FYI, mSATA devices with SATA II interfaces can get up to 240 to 250 MB/s read/write!  No, there are no SATA III mSATA that I could find.  Been searching for a month for them...
Also note that only the two top RAM sticks are accessible here.  I'm about to call Dell support to find out where the othe two DIMM slots a... Read more

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Is there any available information about the pinout  of ribbon-cable-connector for Precision M4600 keyboard? it is 10 pin connector, but have no idea what is power, what is ground and what are the signal pins. Is it using USB connection? or else?
I know this keyboard is compatible with other laptops  - Latitude E5520 E5520m E5530 E6520 E6530 E6540 Precision M4600 M4700 M6600 M6700.
I'm trying to fix the keyboard connector.

A:Precision M4600 keyboard ribbon cable connector pinout

That level of detail isn't going to be available -- if the keyboard has failed, it needs to be replaced.

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Hi guys and girls,
I have a fresh installation of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, and can't for the life of me
get audio or  the Dell U2410 Display port running.  The Fn button seems to work for all but the extend monitor function.
Any ideas which driver I haven't been able to find as yet?

Many thanks,


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My SD card reader on my Precision M4600 has not been working ever since I upgraded to Windows 10. It doesn't look like there is a new driver for the SD reader from what I can tell. Is there any other solution or 3rd party driver that I could use to get m SD card reader to work? I really would like to be able to use it again.....
The device manager lists my smart card reader as Broadcom Usbccid Smartcard Reader (WUDF)

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I have a laptop dell precision m4600 the graphics card inside is NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 2GB GDDR3 dedicated memory, plus intel graphics HD 3000. Is it possible to upgrade the NVIDIA Quadro 1000m to meet a 3D VERY complex modeling design which I am working on it at an engineering software?
because i have some 3d drawings work slowly in performance with the existing graphics card.
if so, please provide me by the list of varies upgraded graphics cards based on dell recommendations on my laptop.

A:dell precision m4600 the graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 1000M upgrade

No you would need a top of the line laptop or a desktop with a separate high powered video card. Your laptop graphics are integrated on the board--not removable cards. Read-- Upgrade Video

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I have an HP envy 15 touchsmart laptop, and i upgraded the msata ssd so i could use it as the boot drive.  How do i change the boot order so the SSD boots first.  In bios, it just has generic options such as HDD, cd/dvd, usb or external drive, but doesnt give options for specific drives.  How do i go about doing this, the MSSD is viewable in windows file explorer, so it is working properly.  Thanks for the help!

A:set msata as boot drive in bios?

krobmedia wrote:I have an HP envy 15 touchsmart laptop, and i upgraded the msata ssd so i could use it as the boot drive.  How do i change the boot order so the SSD boots first.  In bios, it just has generic options such as HDD, cd/dvd, usb or external drive, but doesnt give options for specific drives.  How do i go about doing this, the MSSD is viewable in windows file explorer, so it is working properly.  Thanks for the help!Hi,This might help:http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-pavilion-notebooks/676213-definitive-guide-clean-install-os-mssd-...

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Hi all, I'm terribly confused and I hope someone can help me figure out what I"m doing wrong.

These are the steps I've taken-- OS Win 8, pre-installed by Acer.

1) Make recovery USB using the Acer recovery wizard, with the laptop in stock configuration.
2) Install msata as secondary drive
3) Go to Computer management and initialize the msata and format with GPT style. Format the drive, assign a drive letter. (I only see 1 partition). I did this as NTFS/default allocation size. Is this where I went wrong?
4) Remove the factory HDD (listed as HDD0 in BIOS)
5) Boot to BIOS
5a) in BIOS, disable secure boot.
5b) Go to legacy mode
5c) Set msata (HDD1 in BIOS) as #1 in boot order

6) boot to USB recovery drive, follow steps to restore from USB (clean install, make partitions as it wants)

7) remove USB, reboot.

error message-- no bootable device. I can basically load the USB again or the BIOS.

It's my first time with Win 8 and this kind of system. Thanks in advance for the advice.

A:New mSata install from Acer recovery USB- in bios, no boot

1) YES.

2) t0 5c) NO.

6) Base of YES.(with unformatted drive.)

7) YES.

I would recommend you making the OEM manufacturer's Recovery DVD's or USB drive.
Windows 8 - Create a Factory Default Backup - Acer Recovery Management - YouTube
Windows 8 - Create a Drivers and Applications Backup - Acer Recovery Management - YouTube
Windows 8 - Restore Windows With a USB Recovery Drive - YouTube
You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.
You can Order Acer recovery disks from here:

Acer | Recovery Media
Check in Accessories
or check the main web site.
Acer Worldwide - Select your local country or region

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Worked fine before.
I am buying expensive workstation hardware so I can use them for a long time, I have the full expectation to keep using this machine for another few years.

Dell.... you are working on an updated driver, right?

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I have a new Precision 7710 with a 2.5 inch 1GB SATA SSD (system boot=Disk0) and a 1GB NVMe PM951 SSD.
I have been attempting to install Windows Server 2012R2 on the second, M.2 SSD (Disk1) into a GPT, NTFS partition.
Since this system has no DVD, I made a bootable UEFI thumb drive with the contents of the .iso installation for Server 2012R2.
The thumb drive boots OK and I can begin installation, but when it comes to choosing the target for installation, the M.2 SSD is not visible in setup.
The M.2 drive is clearly visible inside Windows 10 Pro as the D: drive.
So...I mounted the .iso setup file in Windows 10 and ran setup.exe. The install began and could see the target M.2 drive, and began loading files on the second SSD. It then attempted the first of several restarts that come with this process with the new Server 2012 R2 environment.
It sucessfully modified the Windows Boot Manager before the restart, then restarted, and the setup program gave an error because it could not find the target partition on the second SSD.
The setup environment then modified the Boot Manager to "Windows Setup Rollback" and proceeded to enter an infinite loop, attempting to delete files from the unreachable M.2 drive. I manually choose Windows 10 on the boot menu, and once booted changed Windows 10 back to the default OS.
I've tried several things (turning off Secure boot, changing from UEFI to legacy bios--it won't boot at all that way) , but I can't get that second disk t... Read more

A:Precision 7710 UEFI Bios and pre-boot does not detect second SSD (NVMe PM951) can't install Windows on it for dual boot

You're going to need to build a new set of boot media with NVMe drivers.

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the connector for msata on dell precision m4700 is sata 2 or sata 3? its only detect sata 2 on msata for this model. how can i change this for sata 3?

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Hi everyone,
Now I have a Samsung 256GB SSD with Windows 10 and I would like to buy a mSata SSD.
Can I install Windows 7 to mSata SSD?

Thanks a lot!

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I'm trying to resolve an issue where my M4600 running WIndows10 will not go into Sleep mode.  It Hibernates instead.  This started after upgrading the BIOS to A17.  I have tried all combinations of settings in Advanced Power Mgmt.
Powercfg reports that the S1 state is not supported.  Thus I'm trying to go back to the previous BIOS version (A16).
When executing the bios executable (M4600A16.exe) from a bootable dos usb drive, the process upgrade begins, but never goes thru the update phase.  The laptop immediately reboots with no change to the bios.
Appreciate any suggestions.

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I cannot find any info on whether it will work with this model?
Can anyone confirm either way?


A:Can you put a mSATA SSD in a WWAN slot of a Precision M4400?

No, you cannot - not on this model.

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I have a Precision M6500. It does not have any Hard Drives on it. BIOS is A04
Default BIOS setting has SATA at RAID.
I can change SATA = Disabled and it will boot to BIOS
I can change SATA = ATA and it will boot to BIOS
I change SATA = AHCI, it pretends to boot to BIOS but gives me blinking cursor. Aborting boot with F2 or F12 also gives blinking cursor.
I open back panel, remove CMOS battery, plug it back in again, laptop will boot up. Unfortunately it boots into SATA = RAID setting.
How the heck do I change it to AHCI so I can put a Hard Drive in start using the darn thing? I see I'm not the only one who has this problem of blinking cursor, however in my case, it is not random. It only happens after I change SATA = AHCI, not otherwise.

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Hi all,
yesterday i bought an PLEXTOR MSATA SSD 128M5M to be install in my Lenovo laptop Y460. Installed in my MSATA bay, BIOS are able to detect and show correct SSD Model. Go into window are able to detect SSD, initialized and install MBR.

When installing window 7 pro 64Bit it will prompt me for driver, i ignore it and it still can detect the SSD so i proceed to install the win7 on SSD, after finish install window reboot to exit the setup mode. first time try to load window it freeze at boot screen so I restarted and was able to go into win7.
update the win7 and restart, it freeze again at bootscreen (this time have to restart few times in order to get into window). proceed to install driver (chipset, lan etc). restart the computer still freeze at boot screen.

at this point I thought could be 64bit issue, so i reinstall with win7 32bit. same issue encountered prompting for the driver, I canceled it and proceed with win7 install. after finish install still freeze at boot screen but this time worst cant even get pass boot screen no matter how many time I restarted the system.

what have been done
-updated to latest BIOS
-BIOS Setting for harddisk already set to AHCI
-re-sit the MSATA SSD
-install 32bit and 64bit win7
-install chipset driver, intel storage driver, etc

Thank you in advance for any help.

Window prompt for driver during installation, which i never encounter before
Window freeze at boot screen
Boot in safe mode it will freeze at loading driver for ata... Read more

A:Problem boot up win7 for new MSATA SSD installation

The error almost always means the installer is bad. Where did you get Win7? How is it burned to DVD or written to flash stick installer? Try another from Steps 1 and 2 of Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which will also show you how to get a perfect install.

Does your laptop have a UEFI BIOS, look at the settings in BIOS Setup by tapping the key given for that at boot. If so you'll need to follow special steps for UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Forums.

If not reset BIOS to defaults, set SATA controller to AHCI to try install. Unplug all other HD's and peripherals to try install. Delete all partitions on HD to create and format new. If that fails wipe the HD first with Diskpart Clean Command.

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I have had several Dell Laptops (D630, D830, E6410, E6510, Precision M4500), and with the D630 and E6410 Dell was VERY helpful after the warranty expired (in one case by 5 months).. even replaced a system board or 2 since tons of people were reporting issues similar to mine on the D and E series.

on my Precision M4500, I called Dell 1 day (24 hours) after the warranty expired.

Issue: The system would REFUSE to boot past the dell BIOS splash screen.
It would finally boot after 10 or so power cycle attempts.

Dell refused to "help" me but did give me some advice
now ... 1 month after the warranty expired - the issue is back

System Info:
Dell M4500
16GB DDR3 RAM (Dell Certified) - issue remains when I use the 8gb in my e6410
bluray drive (I also tried to boot using the dvd drive in my e6410, issue remains)
intel 6250 wifi/wimax card
gobi 2000 card
i7 cpu
NVidia FX 880 gpu
bios level a15
os: dual boot via GRUB - Ubuntu 13.10 and windows 7 ultimate (both 64 bit)

when it does finally boot, I get a message about intel management engine booting the factory image or something to that effect

it will NEVER boot past the bios splash screen on battery only (even with a new battery)
once booted, I can unplug and get about 2 1/2 hours of usage from the pc

I can access the bios settings with no issues - even on the "no-boot" power ups

once it does boot, there are no other issues

after reading on the internet I found this to be a COMMON problem
s... Read more

A:Dell Precision M4500 - Wont boot past BIOS splash screen

I now have 2 M4500 that do the same thing. With Intel SpeedStep enabled, it refuses to boot. Both have SSD drives, 16GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA FX880 GPU. one has a i7-940 and the other a i7-920. I hope DELL steps up and fixes this issue in A16 BIOS update.

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I'm facing the following issue with a Dell Precision 5510 laptop with latest bios 1.2.14 A13. It appeared suddenly, I just rebooted a working system.
The laptop does not boot anymore and the Dell logo is not shown, however, the diagnostic battery led blinks 2 times white and 2 times amber.
According to the error table that I found here http://www.dell.com/support/article/uk/en/ukdhs1/SLN295101/EN#2016_to_Present that means
System Board : BIOS, ROM Failure
and the suggested next steps are:

Flash BIOS to latest revision
If problem persists contact Tech Support for further troubleshooting
Did anyone had a similar experience?
How can I re-flash the BIOS from a non-booting machine?
I found some tricks for the Dell XPS 9350 (extracting HDR and ROM files from bios executable and plugging a USB drive) but they do not seem to apply to this laptop.
I found http://www.dell.com/support/article/uk/en/ukdhs1/SLN300716/en but I'm still unable to recover the computer. I keep getting the 3:3 blinking pattern, even after I put the latest BIOS (renamed to 'BIOS_IMG.rcv') into a newly formatted FAT32 USB stick (2 GB). I also tried with different USB sticks, and both USB ports.
Any help is really appreciated
Best regards,

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I'm currently having problems with updating the BIOS on a T5810.  It is currently running on A13 and I have attempted/failed to install the A14 and A16 updates.  Interestingly enough, in my environment I have two T5810s purchased at the same time, and I am not having this problem on the other tower - I have updated it from A13 to A14 to A16 without any issues.  I am using the exact same BIOS file on both devices, so it cannot be a corrupted or invalid file.  In addition, both devices are mostly similarly configured.  Both workstations are running Windows 10 Version 1607 and I have attempted to flash the BIOS with multiple updates of Windows.
As for the error itself, I run the BIOS update as an administrator from my desktop, enter my password, and the BIOS update bar will fill up, and my PC will reboot.  However, rather than loading the BIOS/flash menu and updating the BIOS, Windows will boot normally.
As an aside, I've read a few posts with people having success via booting through USB, but this is not an option in my case, as I will be unable to bring a USB into the hosting facility.

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Ever since I updated M6600 to BIOS A16 this past summer of 2017, I can't restart from any OS. Rebuilding Windows 7/10 from scratch does no good. Nothing in BIOS indicates a setting that would affect this. Any ideas?

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Can anybody advise BIOS settings or is mSATA incompatible with X220 or mine is defective?  


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Hi, I need someone to help me for the following issues
1. I've Windows 8.1 in system, my system does not show any Audio installed in system, I have it previosuly, it looks like it has some conflicts. I previously have keyboard disable which is now working fine, then i have touchpad not working, all other works fine and now sound not working all other works fine. it seems like some conflict between devices to get resources. I disable my LPT, Bluetooth, but still audio not recognized.
2. I try to make a bootable usb, and try to boot from USB, i setup Boot priority in BIOS (Version A16) for USB to boot first, but when restart after apply boots from HDD, then i restarted using F12 boot option and USB option was not available there. I dont understand.
3. sometimes i dont even be able to goto bios, even if i press F5 for Bios or F12 to boot sequence, seems like nothing works, it goes into windows screen and upload from HDD without going into BIOS.
Please someone explains me a reason or setup a remote connection to solve online.
Thanks and Regards


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Yikes! installing a second partition with Ubuntu is really hard next to Win7 on a m2 PCIe NVME.If you have been successful, your help would be greatly appreciated.I have encountered numerous problems installing Ubuntu 14.04 on a separate partition on a Precision 5510 with  1TB m2 PCIe NVME memory installed by Dell. 
I started out by creating a USB with the Universal USB Installer and the Ubuntu 14.04 installer.then followed these stepswww.lifewire.com/ultimate-windows-8-1-ubuntu-dual-boot-guide-2200654  encountered two problems. 1.) When booted to try Ubuntu and then selecting the install ubuntu icon, the installer does not recognize the m2 PCIe NVME drive and failing because the installer sees < 6GB of storage. 2.) The system bios configuration SATA operations must be changed from RAID On to ACHI - This corrupts the Factory Win 7 image installed by Dell and fixing it requires reversing the bios configuration change and running windows repair.This is dead simple with on any system with a SATA  hard drive.Has anyone successfully done this?Here is the really crazy thing. I need both Ubuntu for work and windows to communicate with the most of the world.  I chose to have Win7 factory installed believing that installing Ubuntu on a second partition of the m2 PCIe NVME drive would be simple. But that means Dell's support for Ubuntu and access to the Dell factory Ubuntu 14.04 image with drivers includi... Read more

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Hello all, I am new to the forum. Thank you in advance for your help.

I have the M5-481PT-6644 which came installed with win 8. My HDD crashed and had to be replaced. While waiting on the RMA I upgraded my SSD to 128GB and installed win 7 (my win 8 copy went down the drain with the drive as did my recovery partition). Computer works great with only SSD installed.

However, when I attach the new HDD, the BIOS only recognizes the empty HDD when both HDD and SSD are plugged in. In the boot order, only the HDD shows up. If only the SSD is plugged in then it shows up on the boot menu.

My bios is InsydeH20 version 2.22 (ugraded from the 2.16). If I disconnect the HDD, then it boots to Win 7 without any problems, but I would like to have both, for HDD data storage. The bios sees SDD at SATA 1 but then when HDD is also plugged in, bios boots to HDD at SATA 0. Any Ideas on how to get around this? The Win 7 installation CD does see both drive. I could try to reinstall and disk clean both but I'm wondering if this would just continue to give the "No boot drive" error at start up as it may continue to only boot to the HDD at SATA 0. My BIOS is set to legacy because I never figured out how to properly install with UEFI (but that's another long story). Also, does anyone know the motherboard on the M5-481PT-6644?

Thanks again.

A:BIOS not recognizing both mSATA SSD and SATA HDD at the same time

can it be that one of the drive is offline ? if so maybe u can make them online using diskpart (windows 7 repair cd)

at the command prompt of the win 7 repair dvd..

list disk

find out which disk is offline .. then..

select disk 0 (or 1).. then..

online disk

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Hello notebook "HP EliteBook 8570w Workstation" not auto booting from UEFI mSATA SSD.How can I change the BIOS to boot notebook from the UEFI mSATA SSD?Now I have to manually select the file bootx64.efi

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We have 3 laptops in my family: Latitude E6420 and E6430 and a Precision M4600.
I wanted to upgrade all configs with an mSATA SSD which is placed into the WWAN (mPCI-e) connector.
It works fine with the Precision but I can't use it with the Latitudes. Is there any possibility to use it with the Latitudes?
My first thought was to update the bios of the E6430 (it came with A03), i just downloaded the A07 for that and ran the updater, but it failed somehow (i ran the exe, when the process finished the system rebooted, i saw the update in progress in the post screen and than when it restarted again it said no bootable device, press f2 to run bios, but bios was damaged, could not run) and killed my motherboard. Now it is replaced with a new one but i'm afraid to run an update again (now it has A02).
Could you check up the issue of the failure? Is it safe to try a bios update again? And can it help me to update the bios to use the mSATA SSD?

A:Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue

Hi Otto89,
Latitude E6420 and E6430 are not designed to install the mSATA drive on the system. The slot provided is for WWAN cards. Therefore, I am afraid there will be no BIOS update released to customize the mSATA drive.
Please reply for any queries.

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I don't want to do a clean install but clon my OS & Apps  to the 500gb ssd & keep my 2TB Hd for files. I'm a new to this and need step by step instruction if this is possible. 

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I am having problems with direct booting into Windows 8 installed into a VHDX file.
This is a four-partition UEFI boot on a GPT drive. EFI files are residing on a second partition of disk 0 (the ESP partition) in the EFI folder. The boot virtual disk is residing on the fourth partition of that disk 0.
When I turn on the PC, it shows black screen after the BIOS POST screen. No Windows 8 boot menu, no other information is displayed. However, if I press Shift+F12 (or F12) to start Dell BIOS Boot Menu and choose Windows Boot Manager from the UEFI part of
the boot menu, Windows 8 starts to boot without difficulties.
How do I make Windows to boot automatically without having to select Windows Boot Manager in DELL BIOS boot menu?
I believe I messed up with boot sector somehow... What needs to be fixed provided that Windows 8 will boot into VHDX file?
Thank you.

Well this is the world we live in And these are the hands we're given...

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I am running a home-constructed PC (started out life as a Dell, but i had to replace the motherboard and - well, one thing led to another).

Asus A8N-E running NVidia nForce4 with AMD processor
Windows XP professional
Zone Alarm security suite

It's been working fine for a couple of years with the odd hiccup but i transferred to Zone Alarm from McAfee about four months ago, and upgraded to IE7 - security and fire walls seem to be a big part of the problems i've had in the past so i thought i'd mention it.

last week i had the "application error with winlogon.exe" error on log on and I couldn't boot at all. I did a repair install from the XP disk which *Mostly* worked, but now I have no mouse. I am having to tab through the browswer fields to even post this message which is incredibly frustrating!

Odd symptoms:
* IE has rolled back to version 6 (I guess that might be a function of the repair install)
* In the device manager there is NO "mouse and other pointing devices" entry, let alone any mouse recorded under it
* In the control panel, the mouse hardware properties are completely blank (no way of updating driver or getting more inform,ation - selecting the buttons does nothing)
* In Regedit the particular registry key that Microsoft says I should be looking for (at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/142405) which is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Class/Mouse doesn't even exist in the registr... Read more

A:Mouse Not Detected, bios problem? Can't even get INTO bios on boot

Most likely a bad mouse, or a bent mouse pin, or you are using one of those wireless mouse units, or a cheap usb mouse.

Mouse detection problems are exceedingly rare except for the above... never heard of a mouse being affected by a virus.

Uninstall Zone Alarm if you are using Internet Explorer 7.0 because you will always have problems otherwise.

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I have the dell inspiron 15r 7520. I am planning of installing an mSATA drive into the laptop(I'll have to change the daughterboard and in the process of doing the same). So my question is what is the process of making my laptop boot from the mSATA drive and if I'm successful in doing so, will I be getting the genuine windows 8 OS that came pre-installed with my laptop?

A:Boot from mSATA

It could be done but Dell doesn't recommend it. Whether your recovery disks will work, I do not know. You may question this on the Dell forum

Clean install of Windows MSARTA
How to clean install Windows 7 or 8 on MSATA(SSD) drive - Desktop General Hardware Forum - Desktop - Dell Community

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I'm working with a Lenovo Y580 - 59359513. It comes with windows 8 preinstalled, uefi and all that other jazz. I've made my recovery usb drive, I've made my system image. The msata I installed is an m4 msata 256GB CT256M4SSD3. This drive is recognized in the bios. The disc shows in windows 8 install process. This drive formats and partitions in disk management. The 1 TB HDD is removed. I'm contemplating using it in another system possibly. Was originally going to keep it as a storage drive but I realized my ps3 could use the storage upgrade.

After not being able to recover via a lenovo provided recovery solution, I decided to Download en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440.iso and checked it against the hash SHA-1: 1CE53AD5F60419CF04A715CF3233F247E48BEEC4

I make a DVD and a bootable usb both of which boot just fine. It seems to accept my bios stored key as it doesn't prompt for one. Everything is good until I choose my SSD partition. I get:

"Windows can't be installed on drive 1 partition 4. (Show details)"

partition 4 is the primary partition the installer creates for me when I delete all partitions and have it repartition for me. Showing details gets me:

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

I've heard of many people booting off of their msata. One person I remember having the same exact model as me. Sata controller i... Read more

A:Msata does not boot.

Take a look at this post about Lenovo PC' s with Preinstalled Windows 8.
Moving pre-installed Windows 8 from HDD to SSD

How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.

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I'll be getting a new laptop soon and I'm wondering what the differences are between these two SSDs. I'll probably be putting them in a Sager NP9377 from xoticpc.com. Both SSDs cost the same price but the Samsung 850 EVO has 120 GB vs Micron M600's 128 GB (both for $100) or Samsung 850 EVO with 250 GB vs Micron M600 with 256 GB (both for $160). I know it's a small difference but this is my first experience with an SSD so I just want to make sure I make the right decision. I'll be putting the OS on the SSD so what capacity do you recommend? Thank you.

A:Micron M600 mSATA SSD vs Samsung 850 EVO Series mSATA SSD

The only difference is form factor and speed.

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My Dell XPS 8500 has an MSATA slot in which I have a 64 gb msata board which acts as the system and boot drive. I have just purchased a 128 gb msata board I want to install in place of the 64gb unit. My system also has a 1 tb main hard drive.
I have tried a system restore DVD and Back/Restore, neither has worked at all. All I want to do is find a way to do a complete copy of the 64gb msata now installed and then replace it with the 128gb unit and copy over all of the data that was on the 64gb one. This way all I have done will be to have more storage available on my system drive, the msata drive.

Any help much appreciated.


A:How can i copy the system from my 64gb msata to a new 128gb msata?

Hi and welcome to the SevenForums!

One solution I can suggest to this is to use imaging software to create an image of your current Windows installation. Acronis True Image is one of the popular ones on here, but there are other programs that can do it such as Macrium Reflect.

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Hi guys and girls, Is it possible to add an mSATA (NGFF) SSD in the Hp Probook 650 G1 (F1N78EA) and boot from it? The technical manual does desribe that there is a slot for a mSATA flash cache module for Intel SRT, and that mSATA SSD's are expected later. So I assume it should work? From the specsheet: "32 GB M.2 (NGFF)Optional 32 GB mSATA flash cache module* support for Intel Smart Response Technology. (Available only with standard non-SEDhard drive.)*mSATA SSD is planned to be available in August 2013." Thanks a lot.

A:Boot from mSATA SSD in Probook 650

I bought the same notebook probook 650 g1. I ordered a 128GB MyDigitalSSD SC2 Super Cache 2 42mm SATA III 6G m2 NGFF Solid State Disk. This type is working as full SSD Drive.

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Hi, everyone!I'm about to repair my y570 chasis, and I desided to also get a mSATA Intel SSD 530.The only consirn is if it is going to boot from it, since I prefer to take out the 5200 rpm drive anyway.So,does it? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I have a T460p (the modal without a dedicated graphic card) and is trying to make use of my old Crucial MX100 mSATA SSD. There is no mSATA port on T460p so I got a mSATA-to-SATA adapter and plugged it in. Weird things happened. BIOS is able to recognise the drive (or at least it shows up in the power-on self-check, in the bulit-in diagnostic tool and in the boot order list). However, it would not boot from the mSATA drive, ending in a BSOD of Windows Boot Manager, complaining that "NO_BOOTABLE_DEVICE". If I try to boot from an outside Windows installation media (say, an USD stick), it simply would not recognise the mSATA drive and thus could not continue. I am not quite sure if this is a Windows problem or a BIOS/laptop problem. I've tried an alternative adapter with voltage regulators but still got no luck. I'll probably try some other Linux distributions and see if they work. Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone has had similar experience/problem here and is willing to share their solution. O, forgot to mention. BIOS is up-to-date. Laptop runs Windows 10 version 1703, build 15063.296. No insider. Cheers!

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