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Win 7 Power Options or HP Power Manager ??

Q: Win 7 Power Options or HP Power Manager ??

Okay-I'm confused.And,I've been wondering about this since I bought this pc about 2 years ago ! I have a Compaq Presario (HP) CQ57-229WM Notebook PC that I bought from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago and this machine seems to have TWO "power plans" on it ! Why ???

It has the HP Power Manager & the regular Win 7 Power Options settings Can anyone give me some advice about which one of these I should go with ? Can I remove the HP Pwr. Mgr. ? SHOULD I remove the HP Power Mgr. ? WHY are there TWO power plans on ONE pc ??? I don't get it. Someone PLEASE enlighten me ! Did HP put this on my pc just to confuse me ????? Helllllllllllllllppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!

Ruh,roh...I just found a post regarding the exact same issue on this site by Googling.Sorry guys.But,still feel free to comment if you'd like.

Well,helllllllll !How'd that get on Google so fast ?? That's mine ! So,please disregard the "ruh,roh".And,again PLEASE helllllllllllpppppp.He,he,he.And,again...Thank you !

Ha,ha...that's funny.....I just loked at the Google page again and it said it was posted 20 hours ago ! Hmmmmmm.That's funny,Because I JUST finished posting this not 5 mins ago ! Hmmmmmmm.Must be this vpn and the proxies.He,he.

Preferred Solution: Win 7 Power Options or HP Power Manager ??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Win 7 Power Options or HP Power Manager ??

HP Factory Install is the worst possible install of Win7 one can have, larded with bloatware and duplicate utilities which interfere with better versions built into Win7. That's why most tech enthusiasts won't even run such an install but instead Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

Everything needed is in the blue link to get and keep a perfect install just like a million others have done without a single complaint.

If you'd rather first try to clean it up you can try these steps to Clean Up Factory Bloatware
but HP is the worst of all brands for its bloatware so if you ever want to experience native perfect Win7 performance on that machine I'd do the reinstall.

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I downgraded my pc from windows 10 to windows 7 because of certain issues i know that power manager doesnt work in windows 10 so i downgraded it and install power manager when i open the manager i can see the power adjust slider and my cpu and gpu usage but i cant turn the turbo mode on and off  can you guys help me PS:screenshot included

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I manage a fleet of 200 linx 8 tablets all running win 10 home.

I need to issue a 'fix' that HIBERNATES the tablet rather than entering sleep when pressing the power button

I will need to do this programatically - bundled within an .exe that I'm building - so the solution would ideally be an import of a new reg key....

BUT what do I need to change and where?

I think whatever I do, I may also need to enable hibernation, and disable connected standby. Also, as it may sometimes be mains and sometimes battery powered, cover both power scenarios.

Apologies if I am repeating a previously asked question.

many thanks

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Hi guys, my new ThinkPad P71 is a few days old.The power button works fine to turn it on from scratch.But when I hit the power button to make it sleep, it doesn't respond to power option configuration for shutdown, sleep, hibernate etc.Am I missing something or is there a Lenovo configuration overriding it? (closing the lid does put it in sleep mode.)Setting attached. Appreciate the help. Thanks,Darren.

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Hi all, and thanks for helping.

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-GRX570, using XP Home. Some time ago, for no reason I can fathom, my Power Options Applet stopped offering me the chance to change Power Schemes settings! When I open it, the Power Schemes window is blue and I can't type anything into it, and there are no settings available to choose. I can change the Alarms, Power Meter, Advanced, and Hibernate settings, but can't set any Power Schemes. As a result I can only run full power which as you can guess drains the battery fast. Any ideas to repair this? Can I reinstall the Power Options Applet easily?


A:Power Schemes missing from Power Options Applet

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I am running Windows XP Home edition. I made changes to my power scheme
settings in the 'Power Options Properties' of 'Display Properties'. Now the power schemes box is empty no schemes or options are displayed. How may I reset/refresh/reinstall my power options?

A:No power schemes listed in Power Options Properties

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Want to change advanced power options with a few keyboard presses?

I like changing advanced power options all the time, mostly CPU throttle and brightness (the two most important factors in battery life). I used to have a separate power plan just for different CPU throttles, but that seemed a little inefficient (as did opening advanced power options under several layers of GUI). So I just finished writing up some batch scripts to change advanced power settings.

All you need to do is copy the attached files into the System32 folder (C:\Windows\System32\), for which you'll need to provide administrator privileges. Then, just press Win+R and type the name of the setting followed by the value. For example:

"bri 30" will change the screen brightness to 30%.
"maxp 50" will change the maximum CPU throttle to 50%.
"sleep 5" will change the time until sleep to 5 minutes.

Like so:

By the way, you can change the command just by changing the name of the file. Renaming "disp.bat" to "Display Brightness.bat" will let you type "Display Brightness 4" instead of "disp 4".

Let me know what you think. I can make one for each and every advanced power setting, all you gotta do is ask. Enjoy! (Don't mind giving me rep if you use this, I spent quite some time on this )


A:Useful tool for power enthusiasts on the go (advanced power options)

Well written! Rep given.

You might also find this batch file interesting. It deletes all file in the .tmp folder. You'll have to edit it in Notepad to change the xxx's to your user name though. After, just right click it and select run as administrator.

More info if anyone wants to write batch files:


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I recently had graphics card problems and had to get my 8800GTS replaced. This took several weeks and now I'm running a 8800GT perfectly fine.

However, I've noticed my Power Options seem to be corrupt. Upon going into Power Options in the Control Panel, it says "Your power plan information isn't available."

I cannot understand why this has happened. I haven't touched any settings or anything to do with that. I have tried System Restore to an earlier point (before I got my new graphics card) and it didn't seem to help.

The help on the page says that registry keys may have become corrupt or been deleted. I'm not sure if this is the problem, but if it is how can I fix it? System Restore didn't help.

I would like to avoid doing a Repair with the Windows disc. I'm hoping there's an easier way to fix this problem. There has to be! I've been looking on Google and there is hardly anything on this problem. The very few people who do have it cannot seem to fix it, or used previous registry backups (which hasn't worked for me). There doesn't seem to be any resolutions from Microsoft at all.

I also tried using the "powercfg" commands in the command prompt, but didn't seem to have any luck there either.

I'll really appreciate any assistance! I cannot Hibernate or Sleep at the moment and it's a real inconvenience. I'd really like my Power Options back!

Thank you very much,


Edit: Oh, and I've used "sfc /scannow" to ch... Read more

A:Power Options Corrupt (power plan unavailable)

Well, I'm quite amazed not a single person has replied (funny how my other problem has gone unanswered too). Guess I must have very uncommon problems!

I'm glad to say I've managed to fix it though. As described on a website somewhere, someone else managed to fix it by restoring the registry keys associated with it.

I decided to export the ones on my mum's laptop, delete mine, and then import her's to mine. It seems to be working fine! All Power Options are back, I can change how my PC shuts down, and I can Sleep now! And this was all without a restart. I'm guessing I can Hibernate also; I'll find out when I want to turn my PC off later.

If anyone else has this problem and needs a copy of the registry keys, I can send you them (I believe they work regardless of the computer. I had concerns because it was a laptop, but it seems fine). I'd rather not post them publicly as I am not sure of the sensitivity of them.

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My Power Options Control Panel quit working pretty much, a few weeks ago. Seems it was always a little awry, but generally worked with reliability in that it turned off my monitor after a certain idleness period, and went automatically into Hibernate after a longer specified idleness. Now, it shuts the monitor off correctly, but won't go to Standby or Hibernate based on my specifications. But the PC can still go to Standby and Hibernate just fine when commanded to do so from Start Menu >>Turn Off Computer. I swear this problem began after I plugged in a different USB keyboard, a Saitek Eclipse II. So I reverted to my old USB keyboard, but the Power Options Control Panel never revived.

What I meant by "always a little awry" as opposed to now...

Now, if I define my desired specs and then use the Save As button and give the scheme a name, there is no error message; but when I leave and later reenter the control panel, that Saved scheme is not present in the drop-down menu. BTW, I deleted all but the main default entry, Home/Office Desk, while I was delving into this matter. That's nothing.

But it always had a bit of a quirk concerning the Save As. In the past, it would Save your scheme by name just fine. BUT, if you then changed the specs for a given scheme and try to Save it anew using the existing name, an error message window would pop up, entitled "Power Policy Manager - unable to set policy", with the bad news message, "Indicates ... Read more

A:Solved: Power Options Control no go; and what's Power Policy Mgr?


look at that advise

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Hello, what's default of hardware power options after power loss (On,Off,Previous state) in bios for z440? I need pc to turn on after power resume back and how to remove bios password? when I am pressing F10 it's asking to put password. this workstation is brand new but there's password on bios. thank you and appreciated for your kind support.

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I asked this question once before here, only on the video boards - got nowhere then, and I've changed almost all my hardware but the video card (and reinstalled with the upgrades) since then - so I'm giving it another whirl here.

My monitor won't power off consistently. It's an ingoing issue, and has lived through more than one complete format & reinstall, and more recently a motherboard/CPU swap, and now a new monitor. I ended up with a burn in my old monitor, and would love to avoid burning into this one too.

It cropped up sometime after I switched to LCD from CRT, but I'm not sure it's related to that - it didn't happen immediately with the switch.

Neither Google searches nor searches here have turned anything up. Help, please!

Here are my machine specs (everything's at stock speeds), a cpu-z dump and hijackthis log:

2x1gb ram
AGP x850xtpe
acer 2216W (previously a Princeton 19" LCD)

Number of processors 1
Number of cores 2 per processor
Number of threads 2 (max 2) per processor
Name Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
Code Name Conroe
Specification Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz
Package Socket 775 LGA
Family/Model/Stepping 6.F.6
Extended Family/Model 6.F
Core Stepping B2
Technology 65 nm
Core Speed 1863.1 MHz
Multiplier x Bus speed 7.0 x 266.2 MHz
Rated Bus speed 1064.6 MHz
Stock frequency 1866 MHz
Instruction sets MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, EM64T
L1 Data cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associa... Read more

A:[moved from other h/w]My monitor won't power down correctly, as set in power options:


Im not seeing anything out of line, except no antivirus and possibly no firewall..

Curious how a 3d screensaver looks to be running while you took that log

there is a kb article related to that although i doubt its part of the problem

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From Windows 98SE/2000/XP SP3 I always set my power settings as always on/never shut down (hard drive always on) with the exception of turn off display after 10 mins. Both my PCs are on for about 16-20 hrs each day and I always shut them down manually every night.

Now in Windows 7, I created a custom plan that basically more or less similar to the above, always on/never shut down/never sleep, turn off hard drive after 10000 mins (basically never off) except to turn off display after 10 mins.........well, last night I thought of trying out the "Balanced" (recommended) plan....and after 30 mins of inactivity, both my PC were off/shut down and I had to press the power/on buttons on both my PCs to bring them back (cause clicking the mouse/pressing any key on the KB wouldn't bring them back), is this normal or the way the Balanced plan supposed to work?

What's your or how you set your Power Options/Power plan settings on your Windows 7?

Thanks in advance.

A:Power Options/Power plan settings?

Balanced does turn your hdd and things off after 30 minutes(put it to sleep). Just go in there and change all the sleep things to never, or set them to 0 minutes. After you select your new plan, make sure your screensaver is on as well.

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Just a quick question(might seem kinda newbie) for Win7.

Does setting your computer to "high performance" actually make your hardware "maximized". Or is "high performance" just a setting that doesnt make your monitor dim(or shut off) as fast or your computer go to sleep as fast. The same goes for the other two settings(power saver and balanced). Do the power plans actually increase or decrease your computers performance when running games, etc?

Thanks in advance.

A:Power Options and Power Plans

Hi please see here Microsoft Corporation

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So I have a keyboard with a fully functional and fully working Sleep Button on it when I press the Sleep Button it will put my Computer to Sleep. However in the latest versions of Windows 10 they have completely removed the Sleep Button Options from the Advanced Power Options as well as the Change what my Power Buttons do section. I used to be able to tell Windows to Hibernate when I pressed the Sleep button in the Advanced Power Options, However that option is now gone! I have tried using Registry Tweaks/Changes etc,.. and I can not seem to get that option back! Does anyone here know how to fix this so that I can tell Windows to Hibernate when I press the Sleep button instead of Sleeping? I would really appreciate some help with this!

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I went into my power options to change some of the advanced settings and most of them are missing? I am on windows 8.1 with a week old Surface Pro 3. I want to say I read somewhere that hyper-v can cause options to be missing, but I honestly don't even know what that is and I don't have it installed.

Screenshot attached

A:Options Missing from Power Options Advanced Settings

Hello Mossalot, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The power options you have available are determined by Windows for your specific system.

What specific options would you like to have back, and I'll post back with how to restore them?

For now, check the tutorials below to restore any you may want.

How to Add or Remove "Allow Away Mode Policy" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "Allow sleep with Remote Opens" in Power Options in Windows 7 and 8How to Add or Remove "Console lock display off timeout" in Power Options in Windows 8 and 8.1How to Add or Remove "Dim display after" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "Enable forced button/lid shutdown" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove "Hard disk burst ignore time" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove PCIe "Link State Power Management" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "System unattended sleep timeout" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove "Turn off hard disk after" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "USB 3 Link Power Mangement" in Power Options in Windows 8How to Add or Remove "When sharing media" in Power Options in Windows

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I have an older Belkin F6C1500-TW-RK UPS and the mfg has not offered software management for the Win 7 64bit OS. I want to let Win 7 manage the battery and shutdown. I set the High Performance under Power Options to turn off display and put the computer to sleep after 3 minutes as a test. I yanked the input to the UPS and nothing happens and I went at least 5-6 minutes (didn't time). The battery icon in the sys tray stated 2 minutes remaining and never moved.

I have connected the UPS via USB and the Device and Printers, USB Input Device show the drivers are fine and the UPS is working.

Am I misunderstanding what Win 7 will do on its own without mfg monitoring software?

The attached are screen shots how I set the advanced settings

A:How to set Advanced options in Power Options (64 bit Ultimate)

Welcome to 7Forums!

With those options, you can set how much time windows will take an action after you are not taking any action
So if you set 3 minutes for turning off the screen or going to sleep and leave it alone it will scedule these action after 3 minutes.
I don't really understand the part where you explain that the timer stopps. I do not recommend setting the same values for both options under 'on battery' or 'plugged in' state.
I would just increase the 'on battery' / sleep time to 5 or 10 minutes and see if it works.


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I have three normal settings, but there is an odd one that stands out and does not use english characters. Does anybody know how to solve this?

A:Power Options Help Advanced Settings Options

Do you have a game booster installed?

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My Yoga S1 has contradictory, intermittent power issues that I'm trying to chase down. Culprits are bad power bric/cord/plug or power socket on mother board or power board that feeds into power button/led on. One day it blacked out and wouldn't restart to hard drive or windows stage. I did get an error code which I can't remember 5100 or 5500 poss?, that seemed to indicate the power board or ribbons to that needed replacement or re-attachment. So fiddled with it and it did fire up in windows all ok. Then ran out of power and died again. power button wouldn't light up. plugging in power unit did light up led as getting charge. Left it overnight and then it miraculously charged up. pushed power button light up twice then nothing. took out power board/detached ribbon, then it fired up to windows, fixed some hd errors and has been restarting without problems. Except now there is no plug showing on battery icon when plugged in. So not recharging but I'm sure the battery is good. And logically, the power brick and plug must be feeding electricity into laptop to get it to recharge enough to start up. So power socket and plug may be suspect with intermittent contact problems. Or the power board somehow is involved in this? I've ordered a new powerboard as easy screw in and cheap. My question about powerboard is does this control ability of plug to charge battery? power brick with new plug is next order from ebay. but the power socket, which see... Read more

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Hello. I'm having issues with my t450S not being able to go in to sleep mode. Everything I've read says that these two programs have major issues with Windows 10 and could be the source of my problem. I go to uninstall and it says that the program can't run on this version of Windows. Ok, so I have tried many of the solutions offered in this forum and nothing has worked thus far: * c:\swtools\readyapps\pwrmgrv\setup.exe -l0x9 -AddRemove* change compatibility mode of programs and try then* straight up add/remove button Please let me know what I can do to get these off my system (without reverting back to Windows 7).  Thank you! 

A:Windows 10 can't uninstall power manager or fingerprint manager

Welcome to the hole to nowhere. I assume you read that 45 mile long post to nowhere,with a zillion fix recommends.Use your time more wisely.(1) Buy SSD and SSD bracket for your machine.(2)Install windows 10 creators edition on SSD.(3) Use external item to connect old HDD via USB.(4)Install all Lenovo software from your support page. (5)Install all other software, aol, quicken, windows office.(6) While win 10 HDD is running, use ALL known backups from your software vendors, ie aol, quicken, office etc.(7)Copy your pics, email, etc from old HDD to new clean SSD.=Going back to win 7, forget it.When you are done, you have a New Slick surfboard. Not a muddy swap with snakes, etc. =Your T450s is Officially supported win 10 Lenovo.You took the shortcut. Granny Lenovo did give directions. https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht103616 The above recommends will bypass the shortcut, back to win7, etc.Clean and mean is better than mud.Expense: Your time and a external USB HDD connector item. +$70 SSD(buy on sale).You will get better educated on DISASTER recovery solutions for your machine.=You should also purchase a Seagate external USB-HDD slimeline 1 TB HDD to cover your buns in the rain.http://www.bestbuy.com/site/seagate-backup-plus-slim-1tb-external-usb-3-0-2-0-portable-hard-drive-bl...Buy it on sale. $44. Get the one with Seagate dashboard (actually www.nero.com backup incremental). You can store windows backup System Image here. Create your own folder, dr... Read more

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I am hoping someone can shed some light on the following 2 issues. Both of which are very annoying.
I am running Windows 8 Pro on a Z87 Asus Extreme VI MB.
For whatever reason I can not seem to save power options in Windows, it just keeps defaulting to the settings already in Windows. It seems to do what I ask but as soon as the PC is turned off and restarted the power options are the old ones. The PC is sharing the broadband modem with another PC a few feet away.
Another annoying issue is that I am using a Cyborg Keyboard V7, and for whatever reason the Windows Key on the keyboard will not start the start Menu.

A:Power Options

Is your Windows 8 up-to-date?

Try running SFC /scannow

Windows 7 Tips and Tools | Tech Support Forum

Your keyboard is a gaming keyboard therefore has a mode to disable the Windows key.


Cyborg Mode – Instantly disable the Windows? keys and change the color and brightness of your gaming keys at the touch of a button.

Just turn Cyborg Mode off.

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I have set up a power plan in Vista Home Premuim 64Bit on my laptop. Is there anyway to have the laptop change to that plan when its plugged into the mains and stay on another one when its on battery? Or do I have to keep changing it?

Can you let me know,



A:Power Options

Hello Wizkid,

You should have two separate settings in your Power Options that you can set for how you want your laptop to do when you are On Battery and Plugged in.

Hope this helps,

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Something has gone wrong with the "power schemes" settings in Power Options on my netbook.

There were various options including Portable/Laptop, Home/Office Desk, Super Power Saver, Minimal Power Management, Presentation, Max Battery, High System Performance, High Battery Performance and maybe some others.

I had the "power scheme" set to Portable/Laptop and under the "advanced" tab the Power buttons were set to "standby" when I close the lid of my portable computer.

The netbook is not going into "standyby" now when I shut the lid.

The only power scheme now showing under "power schemes" is Home/Office Desk. If I try and save a new "power scheme" it does not save and having the Power button set to "standby" when I close the lid of my portable computer under Home/Office Desk does not work ?

I would like to get things back as they were with various "power shemes", the "save as" feature working and the power button setting going into "standby" when I close the lid of my portable computer.

Is there something I can download to get the Power Options working fully as they were before. If this is something that needs changing somewhere in the REGISTRY I am a novice but can follow clear instructions.

Also are there key stokes that will put the netbook into "standby" and out of "standby" in addition to closing the lid.

Many thanks to anyone who ca... Read more

A:Power Options

Do you have the power adapter attached. You cannot modify the power settings if the power adapter is not attached and recharging the battery.

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I have only just started using this feature. I have my monitor set to turn off after 5 minutes.

After boot up this works ok for a while but fo no apparent reason stops. Going to Control Panel the setting is correct. I 'reset' and applying the 5 minutes again but it makes no difference. However, if I restart the PC it works OK until the next time, which may be a few hours or a day later.

Any suggestions please.

A:Power Options

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A while back, Brink showed a way to setup so that you could right-click on the desktop for some power options one of which was ?shutdown?. I had it working when I had the evaluation edition and liked it. I now have installed the update Pro. But, I forgot how to do it. Can anyone refresh my mind? Thanks

A:Power options

Hello Frank,

Here go mate.

Power - Add Cascading Desktop Context Menu in Windows 8

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Everything is grayed out under choose what closing the lid does. There is an option to change settings currently unavailable but when I click that it says access is denied. How do I change these settings. This is under the balanced plan and I am in the administrators account.

Also under choose plan settings there is no option for never and I can't get this to appear.

A:power options not available

Hi, Shadethire.
Has this always been the case or is it something new?
Is the operating system (Windows) preinstalled on the machine; or is this a home install?

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I recently bought (6 mo) an Acer desktop computer and until recently didn't realize that the Power Option feature does not work. If I set it, nothing happens. Any ideas?

A:Power Options

I think you were referring to the hibernate/sleep options? These functions on Windows desktops are not reliable in the first place and IMO runs much better on laptops since they are battery powered and portable device.

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The Power Options on my control panel simply don't work, no matter what setting I choose. Turning of my screen, sleep and hibernate ignore every setting.
Help !?

A:Power Options

Try right-clicking on the battery icon in your Desktop system tray (Notification Area) and select Power Options. See if selecting your power options there makes a difference.

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Monitor screen goes blank without warning even though I am actively using the computer. Computer seems to think I'm not being active enough.
How do I stop this from happening? I've visited the following location in the computer:
Control panel/Power options/Edit plan settings/Turn off the display/[Options: 1 minute to 5 hours or "Never"]
What do these time intervals mean? "1 minute to 5 hours" from when? Perhaps this is not the place where this problem can be fixed.

A:Power options

No activity for the stated time will turn off your monitor. Set it as you like.

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I recently got a Surface 3, and I've been having issues with the Wifi adapter losing connection randomly, and not connecting properly. I was reading that this problem was helped by turning off the USB power saving options. Problem is, for some reason, my advanced power settings only gives me 6 options, when on other computers, I have approximately 20. I cannot find anywhere why this is, and I was wondering if anyone here knew.

A:8.1 Power Options

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

IS Windows fully up to date? What about drivers?

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I upgraded to Seven from Vista. Recently I have had power options problems. I cannot change power plan the following message appears: "Windows cannot retrieve this information". The plan showing has four options: Balanced, Energy Star, High Performance and Power Saver. When I restore my computer to an earlier date it will show only two options: Energy Star and Power Saver which I can change the plan on. When I do I restart it returns to the four options. Can anyone help solve this problem? Thanks

A:Power Options

Welcome to Seven Forums!

Did you do an upgrade? Or was it a clean installation?

Let us know,

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hey guys. does any driver relate to power settings? i recently installed some driver for intel devices and graphics does them probably cause problem?

A:all power options are gone!

Originally Posted by hagimostafa

hey guys. does any driver relate to power settings? i recently installed some driver for intel devices and graphics does them probably cause problem?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here mr hagimostafa and say why don't you try to (one) Go back a restore point or several to get beyond where you installed the drivers OR (two) find out where you can roll the drivers back. Usually there's a place where you can undo new driver installation to the original drivers. BUT, other's here may chime in differently and I'm only a wannabe geek!

Cheers, Jack ":-D

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I have a laptop computer running windows XP I want to change power options but it wont let me I go in where you change them but nothing is highlighted for me to click on and adjust the settings for each one. It worked for me before but when I restored my laptop back to its factory date it wont let me now. I went into adminster settings but it still wont let me adjust any settings in the power options. your help is much appreciated thanks.

A:Power Options

It sounds like some drivers need to be installed if Power Options settings are greyed out. Check Device Manager to see if there are any driver errors.
Missing drivers will be flagged with a yellow question-mark.
Wrong drivers are flagged with a red exclamation-mark.

You can download the correct drivers from your laptop manufacturer's website.

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Cannot get my computer to save power setting. Does not matter what options I select it seems to go to the factory settings. My machine is a Yoga 3-1470. Any suggestions?

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I just bought this HP ENVY 15 in the USA and am very happy. I also travel a lot to UK and have noticed that the plug is US 3 pin which will not work in UK. As it is expensive and new, is there an official UK power cord with UK plug I can use when in UK?  I don't want to damage anything by using UK power, and then US power with a inferior adaptor.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

A:US / UK Power Options???

@O_Cazza Look on the adapter and see if has something like this on it??? Input 100-240V REO

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How can I setup Windows 7 to turn off the Hard-Disks (after an idle time), but keep the boot Hard-Disk On?


A:Power Options

I don't think you can, its an all or none setting.

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I have the Power Option in Control Panel (XP) set to turn monitor off after 15 minutes. Just checked and it is still checked off but screen now stays on "forever". It used to do its job just fine. My computer is very slow in shutting down and I have an unfounded fear that my computer has been hacked and some slimebag in Azurbizan has hijacked it and is sending god-knows-what thru my system. Therefore the computer is active and screen stays on so it has to dump his garbage before shutting off when I shut down. Just because I am paranoid does not mean that he is not out to get me.

A:XP Power Options

Do have Hibernation enabled?

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I have a problem getting my machine to respond to my input for turning off hard drive, system standby, or hibernate. I had made a change via Power Options to turning off screen and to what I had previously ( successfully ) established for system hibernate. However, while my change to the screen was successful, any/all attempted settings for the hard drive/standby/hibernate have been ignored. Ideally I would like to set standby. Help, please!!

A:Power options

Some of your devices may have the option to bring the PC out of Hibernation activated. Use device manager to check all devices and untick the box where appropriate.


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HP put in a new harddrive this spring and specifically told me not to include the power cord when shipping.  The problem was not solved and subsequent calls to HP while still under warranty did not provide a solution to the problem. THE PROBLEM:  The brightness option is reversed when the power cord is plugged in. When plugged in the screen remains black on power up. I must unplug (be on battery only) and go to Power Options and turn the brightness in Power to Minimum. The screen then goes to Maximum brightness. This setting does not stay as the Default.  I have to go through this routine every time I power up.

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I have an Acer 5920G laptop running Vista. The Power Management options keep resetting themselves randomly, e.g. time before turning off display, putting computer to sleep, display brightness, etc. It also sometimes switches between the various modes, e.g. Power Saver & High Performance.

Any ideas how to fix this?

A:Power options

Disable Empowering Technology because it overrides Windows power management...

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I have Vista SP1 on my HP laptop, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get my power scheme to function properly. Mainly, the screen never turns off after 15 minutes and the computer never goes to sleep. I have done all I can in power options and advanced settings but nothing seems to work. Please help!

A:Help with Power Options

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Can anybody tell me the best power options for my pc.
celeron2.8 asus m/board samsung hdd.

A:power options

Perhaps, if you tell us the nature of the PC use, i.e. always on, used intermittently, how often between uses etc.

There is simply no way we could guess your usage pattern to offer any constructive advice on power settings.

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Hi. I'm trying to get my Power Options set up so that it will go into sleep after 15 minutes of activity all the time with the exception of something being downloaded.
If something is being downloaded, I want the computer to wait till it's finished and then 15 minutes after that, go to sleep.

However, I can't seem to get it to do it no matter what option I've tried. The computer will always sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity of both the mouse and keyboard.
The option I thought would do it is "Prevent Ideling to sleep" in the multimedia settings. But it doesn't. Constructive replies appreciated.

A:Power Options

What program do you use for your downloads?

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A few weeks ago I posted a thread stating that there was nothing on the pull down menu on the power options. I am pasting your reply below.

1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
2. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

powercfg /RestoreDefaultPolicies

This got my pull down menu back, however it doesn't work. There is some kind of conflict. Also when I hit start, then turn off computer, and try to hit stand by, it is greyed out so I can't put the computer to sleep manually.

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I have tried setting my power options and screen saver. Nothing works. No screen saver and the computer never goes to sleep. Any fixes. I have looked online but nothing seems to work.


A:power options

Sometimes it is your network adapter. Go to device manager, then network adapters and click on properties. Then click on the power managerment tab and uncheck "allow this device to wake the computer".

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I noticed that my PC was crashing when trying to hibernate and have finally narrowed it down to the Balanced power option. I began first by creating a new profile and then using the Power saver profile which worked. I went back to the Balance profile for the new profile and set all options 1 min and nothing happens so it has got to be bad.

I also tried creating a new power profile and that does not work, it takes on the setting of the Balanced profile. How do I get out of this mess and I do not want to Refresh Windows? If I used the Power saver plan, everything works.

EDIT: I just rebooted and switched to the old user and Balanced started working set to 1 min intervals. One thing I have noticed is that if I make changes to Display/Sleep setting in the first window, the hibernate in the Advanced setting will be set 5 min longer, but this was not happening before and is working now. Don't know, would like to understand.

EDIT2: It appears that I was wrong, it is crashing while in hibernate - not going into or coming out of. The PC crashes and reboots on its' own.

EDIT3: Does not crash with forced hibernate:

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c powercfg -h on & rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0

EDIT4: I am going to keep this going until I feel comfortable. I went into Task Scheduler and disabled "Power Efficiency Diagnostics" and so far no crashes. It was set to scan when not logged in - does that include hibernate???

EDIT5: Disabling &... Read more

A:Power Options gone bad

Conclusion: Cannot locate the problem, it is totally random - sometimes it crashes and sometimes it doesn't - not repeatable.

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Hi all. The Power Options of my Windows XP H/E does not open so I can make an entry. Until recently it was working ok, but now it's gone dead.I'd appreciate any help with this. I've tried Troubleshooting, but no joy there.

A:My Power Options Is Not Opening..

Do you mean you can't select a scheme or you can't actually open the Power Options?


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