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USB powered hard drive enclosures

Q: USB powered hard drive enclosures

I have a Sabrent 2.5" hard drive enclosure SBT-EKU25 that I am trying to use with USB on a Windows 7 laptop. The drive works but stops doing anything for several minutes at a time. There are no error messages, it just stops... no flashing or steady light. A minute or two later it picks up where it left off as though nothing has happened. It will then run fine again for several seconds and then it goes back to "sleep". I am trying to use the drive to backup files and it spends more time sleeping than doing anything else.

The drive enclosure does not come with any drivers and is supposed to be plug and play. I have checked the USB drivers and Windows says they are up to date. I have installed a 60Gb hard drive from an old laptop in it.

If i plug the the drive into the USB port on my Windows XP desktop it works fine.

Preferred Solution: USB powered hard drive enclosures

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: USB powered hard drive enclosures

What type of drive did you put in the enclosure? According to Sabrent's web site it only works with IDE drives.

Sabrent | USB 2.0 to 2.5″ IDE Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure – BLACK |

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Hello all, I have a question about hard drive enclosures. I am in the process of replacing my 160GB IDE 3.5" drive with a 250GB SATA drive. I'm attempting to convert the old drive into an external HD for easy file swapping with my pals.

So far I've seen a couple of configurations that seem logical.
1. External enclosure with USB/1394 and power adapter.
2. Internal/external 5.25" tray which will hold a 3.5" IDE HD that can be removed/swapped.

Here is were I get picky, idealy I would like to have an enclosure which can be placed in a 5.25" bay (like option 2), but also has a USB/1394 connection while the drive is outside of the bay (like option 1). Mainly because 90% of the time the drive will be with me, and I would prefer to have everything inside my case.

Does anyone by chance know of a setup that will help me out?


A:Hard Drive Enclosures

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I might be using it for video editing and I'am concerned about heat are the aluminium cases ok or should i go with one with a fan.

A:Hard drive Enclosures

In my experience (video editing - huge files) the need for a fan is critical. I have gone with larger enclosures that include fans to control the heat (as actually measured by various utiltiies). Some drives really generate a LOT of heat when doing heavy I/O.

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Anyone know about Ultra Hard Drive Enclosures? I planned to get this one but I wasn't sure how well it worked, quality, etc.

A:Ultra Hard Drive Enclosures

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From what I have seen of hard-drive enclosures, they are powered by a 12V-DC adapter. Since hard-drives require both a 12V source and a 5V source, the enclosure must contain circuitry to provide the 5V not supplied by the adapter. Is that true?

A:Solved: Hard-drive enclosures

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I have 2 ATA/IDE drives that I want to put in a 2 bay enclosure. I can't find any multi bay IDE enclosures I have checked Tiger Direct and Newegg. Where else can I look or is there an adapter or something that I can use or does it even matter?

A:ATA drives and SATA hard drive enclosures

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I am looking to purchase a 2.5" external hard drive enclosure. I have been reading a little about them and most of what I hear is that there powered through the USB port. They say most of them come with a Y to be able to plug two usb ports into the back of your laptop to provide ample power for the drive. My problem is that I only have 1 usb port on my laptop. I've read in a couple places were people say that it just isnt enough power and there drive keeps getting dismonted becuase of it. Is there a way around this? If I used a Y splitter but used a pass through usb to kind of daisy chain them together would that provide enough power or should they actually be plugged into 2 seperate USB ports? Can you recommend any models for me?


A:2.5" external hard drive enclosures

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I have two Vantec's NexStar 2 - 3.5" Hard Drive enclosures that will not work with my new system or on my laptop. (They worked fine with my old system).
I am running Windows XP with SP1.
After installing them they worked briefly (for less than an hour) with my new system then stopped. Device manager shows the device with a yellow check on it, but I am unable to fix this. The driver is the most up to date, I have tried removing the device, rebooting and letting device manager install it. I have tried several things all without effect.
In Computer Management Device Manager the computer see’s the HD Enclosure but it will not assign a drive letter or allow me to access them.
I have tried updated/uninstalling/reinstalled the drivers, tried USB2 and firewire all with the same result.

Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Problem with External Hard Drive enclosures

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External hard drive enclosures - are these worth buying?

Previous experience: stay away, they're cheap and tacky and WILL break down
My personal advice: just buy a dedicated external hard drive

The above was from a few years ago
Just wanted to know if anyone else would advise buying an external hard drive
I've seen a great priced hard drive + an external enclosure for very good prices - both from well known retailers on eBay

Or should I just go out and buy a dedicated external hard drive? That will come with a 3 or 5 year warranty?


A:Advice on buying external hard drive enclosures

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I am building my own custom case does anyone know were i can buy the hard drive enclosures or bays already made I was looking for some 3.5 and the 5.25 or whatever size also for the cd roms. I am sure you can probably buy these somewhere but i guess i am not searching the right keyword.
Thanks Mr. Bill

A:Hard Drive enclosures or racks for custom case.

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Dell Precision 4300 laptop T9300 2.5ghz processor running windows XP pro. Have a WD 400 passport external drive (powered through usb) that worked great for 6 months. Having problems recognizing the drive on usb port. Have a powered Hitachi drive that fine in the same port. Took WD passport and placed it on another computer and it works fine. When plugged into my laptop I can hear it fire up and the indicator light is on. WD troubleshot with me and we eliminated my drivers etc and same result. They warrantied the drive and new one has same issue. Tried a different cable. Dell troubleshot with me and diagnosed bad motherboard. Tech came to house and replaced motherboard with same results. Flashed bios and removed/installed drivers again same result. Drive will appear under device manager butI can't get to it. Part of my computer will lock up when drive in port and unfreeze when I pull it out. Also will see drive appear under my computer when removing usb cable. If I remove usb drivers and power up with WD plugged in occasionally I will be able to get to unit but it will freeze.

A:usb powered hard drive not recognized

try this remove safely then reinstall it might work after several times you could go to the website and dowload the proper drivers hope this helps lisa6447

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My laptop HDD recently would not load windows. So i installed the OS on a different drive. Now, when i connect the old drive VIA USB 2.0toSATA it will not show up in My Computer. Disk Management will not show the drive either. The HDD is getting power, i can hear the disk spinning.

A:Hard Drive is powered, but does not show up.

Plug in and turn on the external USB hard drive
Right mouse click on My Computer
Left click on Manage
Left click on Device Manager
Expand the USB list
Find the USB device for your USB Hard Drive (the one that has no description)
Right mouse click - Uninstall
Turn off the external USB hard drive
Turn on the external USB hard drive and let it find and install the driver

Open 'Administration Tools', select 'Computer Management', click on 'Disk Management' and see if it can be seen here. If it does show here, chances are it doesn't have a drive letter assigned. If this is the case, right click on the drive, select "Change drive Letter...', and assign a drive letter to it.

If it was not seen there, go to 'Action' on the menu bar, click on 'Rescan Disks' and it should come up. If necessary assign a drive letter to as described above.

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I use a Seagate USB 3.0 external hard drive to do automated system backups on a weekly basis, using both Windows and Acronis. I have always left this drive on all the time, even though I only use it weekly.

I have read where some users power their external hard drives off between backups.

Any recommendations on the best thing to do.......leave it on or turn it off?

Thanks in advance.........

A:Is It Best to Keep External Backup Hard Drive Powered Off

If you can disconnect this drive when backups are not happening, you increase your odds of not having any viri or malware hitting the ext HD. Other than that, disconnecting and powering off ext HD saves some wearNtear on said device.

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I have a Compaq desktop with an
AMD Athlon 1.1GHZ
128MB of RAM
a 16mb TNT video card
and 60GB HDD

I tried to reformat the hard drive because I initially had a virus on it - so the only means was to format it. The first time I reinstalled it successfully with a copy of a WinXP Pro cd, that came with a dell laptop of mine. BIG MISTAKE-- the computer tripped out and was asking for authentication. No problme arised yet, windows xp installed, and authentication was the only thing that was being irritating.

I commensed to reformat the hard drive with nothing in it except the OS installed, with a different copy of WinXP that did not come with my dell laptop. In the middle of reformatting, however, about 51% complete, I powered down the computer because I thought it would not hurt the formatting process, so I could take it back to the owner's house and finish up the reformatting process there, and at the same time be able to hang out at their pool. the old idea of "kill two birds with one stone" or something. >_< I feel pretty stupid. I hope you guys don't chew me out now, but yeah.

So I tried to turn the computer on again later on to finish reformatting. I pressed the power button and everything seemed to go right, until nothing appeared on the monitor. the monitor stays black, with an orange 'standby' light as if the computer was on standby.

P.S. does extreme heat destroy the desktop or the computer parts? i had l... Read more

A:My desktop powered down while formatting hard drive


bump^ is this even allowed? bump. no responses yet ;/

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I have a USB powered Maxtor 320GB portable HD connected to Windows XP laptop. As it got close to being full it has started to give me "Delayed write error". Sometimes I can access the drive and the files but sometimes the folders show as being empty. Sounds like it is dying. What can I do? What is the best way to save the data and copy it to another drive? At the moment it is not possible to copy data from the drive as it will fail half way through the transfer.

any advice appreciated


A:USB powered portable Hard Drive problems

As tedious as it may sound, I'd try copying small chunks at a time instead of the whole thing.

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Does anybody know if there is an affordable/reliable USB SCSI hard drive enclosure?
Any links would be much appreciated.

A:SCSI Drive Enclosures

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I am considering using an external SATA drive for my system as a backup.
Any pros or cons for going external that I should consider and for the enclosure any models/makes that would be good buys based on quality and reliability.

A:External SATA drive enclosures

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I got this hard disk enclosure and I can't find anything on their site or anywhere else about what limitations there might be on the size of drive they will accept and whether there is any link between the motherboard's BIOS limitation and this enclosure's limitation as to size.

The documentation that came with the enclosure is scant and contains no information on the subject.

Does anyone know where I might find some documentation or information on this?

A:USB Drive Enclosures and Size Limitations

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I have a Verbatim internal CD-RW (not yet installed), for which I'm looking for an USB external enclosure to convert it into an external drive. Searching on the net, I find that most external enclosures are specified as 3.5" or 5.25".

What do the numbers mean? I measured the drive I have and none of the external dimensions are 3.5" or 5.25".


A:CD drive external enclosures -- what do the dimensions mean?

Standard IDE drives are 3.5" drives, that's the diameter of the disk platters. Laptop drives are usually 2.5" drives. 5.25" cases are for CD or DVD drives as a rule, though they'll also work for 3.5" disks. For your IDE drive, either the 3.5" or 5.25" case should do the job.

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With a external hard drive enclosure for Serial ATA hard drives, are there available IDE adapters for both power and data ? This is to allow me to connect a PATA IDE drive to this sata enclosure, or is that not even possible, ? thanks.

A:SATA to IDE adapters for external drive enclosures?

just buy and IDE enclosure
get something like this - some even come with a power supply

edit: seeing as your in the USA, have a look at NewEgg

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I am looking at external drive enclosures that are network-capable (RJ-45). I've never used any of these so I want advice from users who have. Are there any gotchs' to look out for?

I prefer passive cooling. Metal cases dissipate heat better so plastic is out. Other than that, I don't know what to look out for.

To be clear, I want just the enclosure as usually the ones that come with the drive are more expensive. And, getting into some of these ready-made enclosures that come with the disk is sometimes difficult. They just aren't made for the user to easily swap to a larger disk when he wants.

A:General questions about network drive enclosures

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I have a 400Gb SATA drive which was purchased about 18 months ago. I've been trying to use it as an external USB drive on Windows XP Pro (SP2), using two different makes of SATA USB 2.0 enclosure. The drive connects OK, and shows up as an external drive, but as soon as I attempt to copy any data onto it I get problems: either Explorer hangs, or I get "delayed write failure". This happens within 2 minutes of initiating the file copy.

I've tried copying different folders and files, and I've tried it on 3 different machines (3 different motherboard makes, but all running XP SP2). In each case I connected the drive to one of the rear USB ports (i.e. not to an external hub).

I tried this with two different brands of USB 2.0 SATA enclosure, and got exactly the same result. In both cases the enclosures were independently powered by DC power adapters.

I then installed the drive internally into one of the machines, to check that it wasn't faulty. It installed fine, and I was able to copy huge numbers of files to it without any problems, so it looks as if the drive is OK. I also left it running there all day without any problems.

I just purchased a Lacie 500Gb external USB 2.0 drive and this works perfectly well with all of the 3 PC's that failed my tests with the other drive enclosures.

Is there any reason why specific SATA drives may be unsuitable for use in external USB enclosures?

A:Problems with SATA drive in external USB 2.0 enclosures

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About two years ago, I had a laptop drive enclosure that had a USB connection and its own power supply. I discovered it would occasionally work without its power supply with just the USB cable connected; but, it would frequently drop off when the power supply was not connected. It was a PATA drive.

I am looking again at laptop drive enclosures and it seems the overwhelming majority don't include power supplies. This seems a departure from a few years ago.

Is there a good reason they don't include power supplies? Are they better than they used to be, in that they work work reliably without them?

A:Power supplies needed for laptop drive enclosures any more?

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All other things being equal, is there any practical or appreciable difference between an external hard drive that is powered by a power cord/AC Adapter, vs. one that is powered entirely by USB/serial bus cable? For example, is there an advantage of getting one hard drive vs. the other, such as durability, power consumption, or heat generation, or are these differences too small for your average consumer to need to care about?

Because I'm looking at two seagate external drives. They have 2TB models for each. Can't really seem to see a difference aside from size and how they are powered.

Seagate #1 (Desktop Version -- uses power cord/AC adapter)

Seagate #2 (Portable Version -- does not use power cord, powered entirely by USB cable)

Note also -- I don't see an RPM listed for these hard drives. I guess would be the same? I'm not sure though. Any help on this would be appreciated.


A:Differences between how external hard drives are powered?

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Okay I have a vista machine I built my self a few years ago. Recently the power supply died and I replaced it with a bigger better one. 600 watts instead of 400. Machine works great, however, now it seems that external harddrives that are not powered from an external power supply (2.5 inch western digitals I have) are not recognized at all when I plug them in. Doesn't show up in device manager, disk management or anything. Nothing happens when I plug them in. The lights blink on the drives but nobody is home. They work fine on every other machine I have. Now, I know the usb ports put out at least some power because my iphone mounts fine and charges, even my 5th gen ipod which is a hard drive, charges and mounts, all flash drives work.... Could it be the external western digitals are not getting "enough" power, do the usb ports get power from another line that i might have forgotten to plug in? I thought those ports were all powered from the main power line that plugs into the Mobo all the other functions of the computer seem to be just fine. I've tried all 6 usb ports on the back and get the same result.

Any suggestions on what to try? Am at a loss. the drives are passport western digitals, I have a 60 gig and 120 gig...

A:external hard drives not recognized/powered in vista

1.) What's the make and model of your power supply? It's possible that it's underpowered for your setup.
If the power supply is generic, how many 12V rails does it have, and how many amps are on each 12V rail?

2.) Have you tried the drives on a different computer? If that problem is solved after trying on another computer, it's definitely your PC hardware causing the issue.

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I'm baffled that for some reason, on my T530, my DVD drive D: shows as "Powered Off." I can right-click the drive and it shows me a 'Power On' option, but clicking it does nothing. If I hover my mouse over drive D, it says: 'drive is powered off, to power on the optical drive, press the eject button on the optical drive.' That also does nothing. Also, my 'battery stretch' is off, so it does not appear to be a power setting. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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Possible hardware/firmware design problem.  Two identical laptops purchased 2 years apart.  Both work great with headphones or built in speakers.  Neither will work with powered speakers.  Tried 3 different powered speaker systems, including a high end model.  All had the same problem on both laptops.  Drops one channel and/or goes mono.  Sound quality is POOR.  Realtek only shows one output device HP/Speakers.  Config options don't show any option for external speakers.  Since headphones work fine, assuming it is having problems when it senses a powered speaker system. Has anyone else seen this?

A:hp stream won't drive powered speakers

Hi @Rev-Brian,I hope you enjoy your visit to the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with sound quality. I will be glad to help you. Please look at the following document.No Sound from Speakers (Windows 8) I would also check the software driver version.Here is a link to download Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver Version Rev.A Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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Hey, I'm using a Lenovo T430s (Windows 10) . Recently, my DVD RW Drive showed it's powered off, and it wouldn't turn on saying that a specified module of Power Manager wasn't found (see the pic 1). Moreover, the battery icon has dissappeared from the toolbar on the right bottom. Any particular solutions for this?I tried downloading the Desktop Power Manager for this from https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/downloads/ds003852. The installation fails saying there's an older version already downloaded (see pic 2). I'm not able to find the older version also to uninstall it

Rashaad Mirza

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Another issue with the laptop: the Passport drive is not recognized in the USB 3.0 connector on this laptop, but it is on the 2.0 connector. The USB cable I am using is the one that came with it, it has the blue part and sticker that says 3.0.

I was able to put this drive onto the laptop in the 3.0 connector yesterday but not anymore. I tried disable and re-enable the USB Controller but that didn't work.

When I plug it into the 3.0 connector, it actually does get power to the drive - the light comes on and I can hear it spin, its just that Windows 10 won't see it.

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I apologize for my english in advance.
Yesterday I update my laptop to Windows 8.1(full specifications are available in my profile).
Then I noticed the following: The icon of DVD drive was changed and:
"Drive is powered off. To turn on the optical drive, press the eject button on the optical drive".
After pressing the DVD drive is powered on, but after few minutes it powered off again.

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:DVD drive is powered off, Lenovo X230, Windows 8.1 64 bit

i think thats normal behavour , it will work when ever you need to use it ,can you right click on the icon and click on eject to open it [i cant check mine right now on iam my mac]almost positive mine is like that

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I have the T110, I can create the recovery discs in Windows but when I restart the computer and press F12 it shows no CD/DVD drive in the BIOS.

So I cannot restore from or boot from the external CD/DVD drive.


A:Satellite T110 - USB powered CD/DVD drive not recognized in BIOS


I don?t have the notebook in front of me but check the BIOS if you can find an option called ?USB legacy support?. If yes you have to enable this feature that your notebook can recognize the external drive.

Can you boot from an USB stick? I mean you can also create the recovery files on an USB stick so this would be also an option to restore factory settings.

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Hi there

Intuitively one might think using Powered (from the mains) external USB HDD's would require more power from the computer as well compared with those small self powered units.

I've no way to measure this but I'm sure the small units might consume MORE power as the computer has to supply all the power for Disk rotation and the USB I/O controller.

I only ask this because I need to put two large powered USB units (both with 2 X 3 TB Raid 0 HDD's in each unit) on to a USB 3 Hub.
The two HDD units seem to perform perfectly well whether connected to the chargeable port on an HP laptop or the "non chargeable" ones.

The RAID 0 is powered by the HDD itself (internal Hardware RAID) --used RAID 0 for speed -- don't need to mirror etc - I've enough backup if the whole thing goes bonkers. !!

The files on these HDD's are serving music and video so not intensive used -- don't seem to have any problem streaming media from the laptop.

Any engineers out there - curious over what is the actual load (power wise) on the computer if a POWERED USB HDD is used compared to a Self powered one. Note the Hub I'm using is not also powered.


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I have three Dell Lattitudes with powered eSata ports. I purchased a sata/power cable to SATA interface hoping to use a SSD or 2.5" hard drive.
However although there is power going to the drive, it is not recognised on boot nor in Windows 10 x64.
There are no drivers missing in Device Manager. The SSD/HDD are all recognised and working using USB to SATA adapters.

Can any one help please? 
Is there a missing Driver?
There is nothing in the BIOS I can see that I can turn on ... everything is enabled.


A:(Redirected) Dell Lattitude E6230 - powered eSATA port and Drive not recognised in Windows 10 x64

As you have laptops, best to post this in the Laptop Forum here:http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/default.aspx

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I've been hunting around trying to find out about these HD enclosures. The few messages I found searching Google and various sites don't answer my question. I have been told that these enclosures take an IDE drive vice USB drive. Is that correct? Doesn't seem right, for some reason. If it is correct, does that mean this drive is bootable? Trying to upgrade a Dell. Thanks for any responses.

A:USB 2.0 HD enclosures

If you cruise over to Pricewatch and search on "usb 2.0 disk case" you'll be presented with a host of options. The cases do indeed take a standard IDE drive, I have two of them sitting to the left of my feet with 120gig drives in them for backup. Some newer systems do indeed have USB boot capability, and they'll boot from these drives. I see one for $44. Wait, here's an ad for the one I have USB 2.0 Case for $49.

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I have a motherboard (Abit KT7-Raid) that will not recognise hard drives larger than 120GB. I think there is probably a BIOS update to solve this but at present i have just bought a USB hard drive enclosure (which makes an IDE internal hard drive into an external USB disk) and dont know if i should expect the PC not to recognise the drive if i use a drive bigger than 120GB.

I think it should be fine because the enclosure supports up to 400GB and it should treat it like a pendrive. I will probably buy a 250GB hard drive.

In short i guess i need to know if motherboards' IDE hard drive limitations apply to all types of disk attached to the system or if the limitation only applies to disks actually attached to the IDE sockets.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:USB HD Enclosures

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Thats a good question, to my knowledge your motherboard wont reconize any drive larger than 120GB without a BIOS update reguardless of the connection.
If I am wrong please someone correct me.
I suppose the only way for you to find out is to connect it up and see what you get.

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Hi all,
I am attempting to install Win7 in an Inspiron 1545 with a new SATA hard drive that was purchased. When i insert the drive, I get "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found." I have verified the drive is not showing in the BIOS, I've already attempted to reseat the drive several times. In addition, I've attempted to load the chipset drivers, SATA drivers, etc from Dells website, the drive still does not show in the OS install when booting to DVD or in bios.
I dont believe it to be an issue with the new drive, as I plugged the new drive into another model Dell laptop and it recognizes the drive fine in BIOS, also I can still boot to the previous hard drive in this laptop without issue when i plug it back in.
Is there a specific driver, etc that I need to use for the drive to be recognized or other thoughts people have?

A:Inspiron 1545- replacing hard drive, new SATA drive not found "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found

This is strange - either the new hard drive has a rare compatibility issue with your onboard controller (I use a 500Gbyte in my 1545 without probs)) or it is a mechanical problem.I would take a close look at the physical dimensions and compare your original hdd with the new one.Watch the video (even though it's about a 1525 (similar to an 1545) and an SSD hdd) -  go to 2:20

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i'm having all kinds of trouble enabling an enclosure. i've used two different brands on three different lenovo's, 2 sff and 1 laptop. the enclosues cannot be enabled not even recognized. e63 and m92 w7 pro anyone have a suggestion? i have followed instructions to the letter

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I have a great need for large back-up storage...I'd like to do a firewire hard drive enclosure, but find little actual information out there [lots of places to buy them, tho'...]

Here are my questions...
1) I don't have firewire--I'm assuming that a simple firewire card will do [I'm running a P4 1.3 w/ XP]

2) I saw mention in a forum that the hard drives need to be formatted before they can be used in an external enclosure--how would that be done, exactly?

3) Saw somewhere else that the firewire enclosure has to be set as Master--how would that affect my boot-up [and the fact that it's just a back-up drive and all of my programs and main files are on my C [which I assume would be set as slave...]

4) What other low cost options do I have? I need something like a Jaz or Orb [but not as buggy] w/ about 40 to 120G AND that my client could use if necessary...I looked at standalone external firewire drives, but they seem expensive for one-shot items--you always have to keep buying the whole system...

Please advise...and thanks.


A:firewire enclosures

1. Your system should handle it ok.

2. Most of the enclosures use IDE drives. You would hook them up internally in a PC before hand and just run an fdisk and format of the drive.

3. It would be set as master for the firewire encloser, which is on a different bus than the IDE drives. Your internal hard drive would still boot. It is kind of like a third channel so to speak. Most CD-Rom drives are set as Master on the second IDE channel. Same principle.

4. Other low cost options would be to buy something like the RhinoJR, which is a case that converts a standard IDE drive into a removeable drive. They run about $50.00 and require that you have one 5.25" drive bay open. They run just as a regular IDE drive does and you would have to install the kits on each machine that you would want to use the system on.

I have never seen a cartridge drive of that size other than some MO drives which are quite expensive.

ADS Technologies has a PYRO 1394 Drive Kit that includes an enclosure and a firewire card, for less than $200 and you just use whatever capacity IDE drive you have.

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I found this Newegg video explaining the differnet types of harddrive enclosures and their use. Since we recently had various discussions on this subject, I thought it might be a useful reference. Look for the video, not the device.

Newegg.com - Rosewill RX-358 V2 SLV (Silver) 3.5" SATA to USB & eSATA External Enclosure w/Int.80mm Fan

A:Harddrive enclosures

Nice vid, whs.

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Hi everyone. I have a Western Digital Hard-drive that was in my old computer. I would like to buy an enclosure for it. Its interface is SATA; capacity is 80GB; RPM 7200. What kind of hard drive enclosure can I buy? I would like to use it as a backup medium. Any assistance will be appreciated. deanie

A:Harddrive enclosures

Tigerdirect and Newegg have a variety of enclosures. Just search for external hard drive enclosure.

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If I where to put an internal burner into an enclosure, would the speed be the same as aninternal or how would this work?

A:cdrw enclosures?

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ok i have a Seagate Barracuda 250GB HP Model VB0250EAVER (ST3250318AS) SATA Hard Drive and i need to the max of hard drive i can run or allow on my DEll Optiplex 740  small factor tower plus  also need help about if i can upgrade my  ADM Athlon Dual core Processor 4850e  and higher?

A:want to upgrade my hard drive Seagate Barracuda 250GB HP Model VB0250EAVER (ST3250318AS) SATA Hard Drive

Any 3.5" drive at 2T or under should work fine.  Upgrading the CPU would mean buying used - these CPUs went out of production not long after your system was current - and that was a decade ago.

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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