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Technical question about power supplies and spontaneous reboots

Q: Technical question about power supplies and spontaneous reboots

Hypothetical situation:

The givens:
desktop computer
a power supply with intermittent voltage drops
voltage occasionally drops enough to cause a spontaneous reboot.
voltage is being monitored on the 12-volt leg
wall current integrity is good at all times
When a spontaneous reboot occurs, what voltage should one see this occur at?

Preferred Solution: Technical question about power supplies and spontaneous reboots

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Technical question about power supplies and spontaneous reboots

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I have been having consistent power offs/reboots lately, and im at my wits end about how to fix them.
It always seems to happen when im playing a high end game (Guild Wars 2, Mirrors Edge, etc.). 
I havent experienced it while just browsing or doing basic work, or while playing lower intensity games that hog less resources.
The computer screen goes black, it reboots and i get the "windows has had an improper shutdown" kind of message.

Usually after playing the game for an hour at the least, though its happened 2-3 hours into the game as well.

I checked temps, and they are all normal,
Ive also attempted updating drivers, and downgrading from any beta drivers i was using, and none of that seemed to affect it.

I checked event viewer,
And right before this shutdown i get the critical error "Kernel-Power" "Event ID 41" Task Category 63"
this is the XML given to me in the details:

- <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">

- <System>

Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" />





... Read more

A:Kernel Power - Event ID 41 - Task Category 63 (spontaneous improper shutdowns and reboots)


This scenario usually indicates a problem with the hardware. Or, the driver can cause this problem. To help isolate the problem, check the following items: 

1. Overclocking: Disable overclocking to see whether the issue occurs when the system is run at the correct speed.
2. Check the memory: Verify the memory by using a memory checker. Verify that each memory chip is
the same speed and that it is configured correctly in the system.
3. Power supply: Make sure that the power supply has enough wattage to appropriately handle the
installed devices. If you added memory, installed a newer processor, installed additional drives, or added external devices, such devices can require more energy than the current power supply can provide consistently.
4. Overheating: Check whether the system is overheating by examining the internal temperature of
the hardware.
5. Defaults: Use system defaults, and run the system. 

If you see that the computer generates a Stop error that contains a BugcheckCode value that is not reported in an event ID 41, change the restart behavior for the computer. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
2. Click Advanced system settings.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. In the Startup and Recovery section, click Settings.
5. Click to clear the Automatically restart check box.

For more information, please refer to this.
http:... Read more

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I'm continuing my crusade to update my power supply... and i have a question about +12v amp ratings. the graphics card i want said it requires a +12v amp rating of 28A. so when im finding a new power supply, do i need to add up the two +12v ratings? most power supplies ive looked at have two +12v rails and im not sure whether to add the two or just look at the first or second one.


A:question about power supplies!

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Hi, I am new to this forum and have already found quite useful. Thanks
So I have a friends emachine (T2792)that is completely dead; no lights, sound or fans. He said one day it just wouldn't power on. So I do the reasonable thing and go to the local puter shop and get a replacement P/S. I get it home open it up, and notice that she sold me a 24 pin ATX which is not what I need.. I am replacing the Bestec ATX 250 12E which has a 20 pin connector. Now I think that I know the answer : that one can not use a 24 pin PS on a 20 pin board, right?
Well it just so happens that I have an older ATX P/S that does not have the P4 12v connector. Is it possible to use the 12v connector from the dead P/S on the older P/S? Where can I get the +12v needed?
Any help would be greatly appreciated of course. NO doubt I may just have to fork out $50 to get a OEM replacement, but that will take too much time.... Thanks

~ Jeff

A:A question about power supplies

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I am planning on getting a new graphics card.

I've used the eXtreme PSU calculator, and it estimates that my complete system with the new card would use up about 331W of power at 100% peak utilization. I have a 350W PSU. Will this be sufficient or do I need a higher safety margin? I don't intend to add any more devices to it.

What will happen if my PSU is not giving enough power for the new card? Will I get a warning, or will things get damaged, or simply not work?

A:Question about Power Supplies

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Hi, I have a question.
I have a Gateway DX 4885 desktop computer and want to upgrade the power supply on it as it's currently 300 watts. The issue seems to be that one of the connectors to the motherboard is only a 12 pin connector. Would you have any 400+ power supplies that have this 12 pin connector?
Another question I have is if I got a 24 pin to 12 pin cable, would something like that work for a newer power supply available on the market?

I know it's an older computer but it's came with a ton of memory (12 gigs) and still works like it did right out of the box. I just want to upgrade the power supply.

A:Question about power supplies

Is there a particular reason for upgrading the PSU? If you not adding in hardware that requires additional wattage....I don't see why you would.

With OEM retail PC's almost all of their hardware is proprietary, Meaning you have to buy their replacement parts.

I've heard of users getting a after market PSU and using such a cable as you listed and everything worked.....but there is no guarantee.

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Our power supply is going bad, which brings me to the very simple question: can the power supply be replaced as if it where plug-n-play, or do I need to match it with the other hardware parts, like the motherboard?

Thanks in advance!

A:A very simple question about power supplies

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What are modular power supplies?

A:A Question About Modular Power Supplies

They are power supplys where the main motherboard connectors are hard wired to the power supply like a normal power supply, but additional cables or harnesses can be plugged in as needed for instance for standard 4 pin Molex connectors, SATA connectors, PCI-e connectors and floppy connectors. You only use the connectors you need.

You can click on the image viewer at this link and see the cables that plug in.


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I've decided that it's about time I upgraded to a higher wattage PSU. Currently I only have a 250W, and am probably going to upgrade to a 450W. I just wanted to know, is there any way that upping the power supply could damage my system? (It's probably a really stupid question but i want to be sure).

In case it matters, my specs are:

Mobo: gigabyte GA7VKMLS
CPU: AMD athlon XP 2000+
RAM: two slots - 256MB PC133 in each - total 512MB
IDE devices: 80GB Hard drive, CDRW, DVD ROM
PCI cards: (3 pci slots -all filled) Geforce FX5200 256MB graphics card,
Belkin 54g wireless card, Firewire card

(Plus a lot of USB hardware)

Please advise,


A:Quick question about power supplies

I have posted a number of times about power supplies in here this is always a big question ... But it will not hurt your system if you upgrade your ps, just make sure you get a good one with a least a 70% effencity rating some where in the 100$ range US. And make sureyou have the correct form factor..

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We use UPS's here at work to protect our servers and workstations in case of a power outage. When the power goes out, software that runs on the PC's will signal the OS to do a shutdown and then power down the UPS. All that is a given.

I need to provide backup power to some switches and routers (rack mounted equipment). I need them to run at least a few minutes so that I can at least get email alerts, text messages alerting me to the shutdown. There is no PC connected to shut the unit down so it will basically run till the battery drains completely. My issue is that when the power comes back on, the UPS will not provide power till the batteries charge back up OR someone resets the unit. I need something that will come back on automatically (unattended) and power the equipment on the rack. Does anyone know what I can use? Thanks

A:Question on UPS's (Uniterruptable Power Supplies)

One issue at a time:

scheduling shutdown and restarting. Our APC does not immediately signal shutdown, but allows timelapse to avoid poff..pon..poff..pon cycles.

Also provides for power restore asap and then the system needs to auto-power-up.

Our power layout is
APC == control strip == controlled devices​ and the network gear is all attached to the control strip.
A master server is APC==Server and it responds using scripts

fairly common stuff - - why doesn't this work for you?

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I am new to building...Is there a certain brand or maker of power supply that is better, or is it personal preference to the system your building?

Thank you

A:Solved: Question about power supplies


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Short and sweet: In your humble opinions...the best power supplies on the market between 400 and 450 watts? Price not a concern. Leaning towards Startech 450w ATX Pro at the moment. A worthy component and sturdy choice for my preccccciousssssss, to be sure, but perhaps not the best?

A:Basic opinion question(power supplies)

PC Power and Cooling

Antec True Power 430

Several reputeable companies makes quality supplies, its more a matter of personal preference. Here's a good article on power supplies:

Anand's PS shootout

Good Luck!

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My sister was having trouble with spontaneous reboots and took the machine to her "computer guy." He reinstalled windows and then died unexpectedly. The machine continued to reboot so she brought it to me. I expected this to be a hardware issue since the problem persisted after a windows reinstall.

The machine booted fine but had stuttering video problems and no installed video drivers. I installed video drivers and the machine seems to run like a scared rabbit. I haven't seen a reboot but I'm not continuously monitoring it, either.

I don't want to give this back to her unless it's fixed. Is there a way to know if the PC has rebooted? A logfile somewhere? Or a way to know how long the system has been running?

Thanks in advance.

The rig:
ECS NForce3-A
Sempron 3100+
GeForce FX5500
1 GB PC3200
Windows XP Home SP2 + all security updates

A:Spontaneous Reboots?

Go to administrative tools in the control panel \ Event Viewer. Click system on the left and you'll see a log there.

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Hello all. Any help here would be appreciated. About 3 weeks ago, I started experiencing spontaneous reboots. My gut feeling is power supply problems. It is a 500 watt Power Magic power supply, about 6 months old. (I don't have the specs for the power supply in front of me, but I can get them if it would help). My system consists of: abit k7d board, athlon xp 2400, 2 512mb kingston ram sticks, a radeon 9500 video card that requires its own 4 pin power connector, 3 western digital 7200rpm hard drives (120gb,120,gb, and 80), 1 cd-rw, 1dvd drive, a floppy, 2 cold cathode lights (these stay off 99% of the time), 3 case fans, 1 north bridge fan, 6 hard drive fans(2 fans per hard drive), pci video capture card, nic card, and creative pci 512 sound card. The main problem I have with the power supply is that it only has 4 4pin hard drive connectors, so I've had to use several splitters to get power to all my peripherals. Do these splitters cause a drop in the amperage that could be enough for the system to lose power and cause a reboot? I doubt it's an overheating issue, when the reboots have occurred, I've felt the components and none of them are hot. The reboots seem to be completely random, sometimes it will be a few minutes after booting up, sometimes hours, sometimes it will be when programs are running, other times it will be when the system is sitting idle. The only real tren... Read more

A:spontaneous reboots

Here are my preferences for power supplies........
Thermaltakes Purepower Power supplies
Antec True Power line

Use the site and instructions listed in this thread for determining size.

Hope that helps you.

Chances are not but do not exclude overheating and make sure the power supply you have is AMD approved.


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I have a Compaq Presario SR1090NX that keeps trying to start and it is stuck in this rebooting. Cycle. I'm looking for any assistance on trying to figure out what the problem is.

A:spontaneous reboots

Hello, and Welcome
Tap F8 at boot and under the Advanced Boot Options select Disable Auto Restart on System Failure. If the computer throws a Blue Screen post the error code.

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three times in the last several weeks my dell has spontaneously rebooted. all three times it occured within several minutes of turning on the computer. after that, i was able to use the computer for long periods of time without a problem.

right now i'm just looking for general advice and general information about this problem. i did a search on all TSG threads for "spontaneously reboots". The results suggest that spontaneous reboots are usually a hardware problem. do you agree? does anyone think there's a good chance it could instead be a software problem?--in particular, a windows problem? would it be okay to just "live with" this problem unless it starts to happen more often? any other advice, opinions, info?

thanks a bunch.

A:Solved: spontaneous reboots

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After replacing my MB, see previous thread: http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/after-windows-7-update-no-boot-cant-access-bios.204865/ I ran into new problems (please note, the computer with the Asus board was working fine until the Windows update):

I have replaced the Asus P7H55-M/usb3 MB with the Gigabyte Ga-P55-UD6, which was pulled from a working system. Specs are now:
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6
Core i3 1156 530
6GB DDR Memory (3x Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2GB)
Crucial SSD M500 240GB
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Geforce EN210
Tagan TG480 (480Watt)

The first problem I ran into was that the pc was not able to boot and load entirely from a Windows DVD or USB stick (made bootable). After many hours of trying to find the cause I pulled out 2 of the 3 memory sticks (left only 1 in slot DDR3_1), and suddenly the pc was able to boot from the usb. To check if a dim slot was faulty I placed a 2nd stick into slot DDR3_4. Same problem. Then I switched both sticks between the slots, problem also wasn't fixed. After that I pulled one stick from slot DDR3_4, and the pc was working again.

The sticks are fine, the slot must be faulty or dualchannel is not working properly. Anyway, I thought I was going to sort out the dualchannel problem later, so I kept one 2GB Ram stick.

Already during the installationprocess, if I remember correctly, and also even before all drivers were installed I got spontaneous reboots. After disabling the automatic restart there is no BSOD.
But in Safe Mode ev... Read more

A:Spontaneous random reboots

I have replaced the PSU, but the problem is still there. I'm checking the memory with Memtest. I will post the results here.

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I am hoping someone can point me in a direction to solve a problem.

I am running XP Pro on a Dell Vostro 220S, about a month old....I leave it
running 7/24...every couple of days, I noted that Windows Explorer, which is
a program I also have running at startup, no longer is running...as a test, I
left notepad running, and a day or two later, it was no longer running
either....I suspect my system is spontaneously rebooting.

I do not have the OS set to automatically reboot after crashes, so I do not think I am missing BSOD's which might provide clues.

I doubt this is a malware issue, given the fact that I run Zone Alarm
Internet Security and check with Spybot regularly...plus, I am behind a
router firewall.

I have tried to troubleshoot this by looking at the Event Viewer logs
(application and system), but all I see is the occasional error about Windows
Fax not finding a device to fax with, and something about W32 not being
synchronized...but I can't tell if this is actually triggering a reboot.

Is there any other log which Windows maintains so I could try to see the
precise time at which these suspected reboots occur, and if so, what is
causing them?

Thanks so much for any help.


A:Spontaneous Reboots: Troubleshooting

I guess you have only one user account. Make another one and if it reboots it will boot up to the login screen instead of automatically logging in that way you will be able to tell.

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Have a pretty new ASUS notebook and in the past few days it has started doing spontaneous reboots randomly without a BSOD.

I have 6 Gbytes of RAM and my first thought was that I must be running into some bad memory. Tried running the Win 7 memory diagnostics tool manually, but I can't even tell if it is running. The power light stays on and the screen goes blank. Attempts to hit F1 to bring testing options up does nothing. I left the computer in that state for about 15-16 hours from yesterday afternoon until this morning with no change - power light still on and screen blank. I can hit the power switch when it is in this state and it will shut off. Then it will reboot, sometimes normally or sometimes giving me the B&W screen asking if I want to boot normally or in safe mode, etc.

I'm lost. The computer is a refurb and the warranty only has about 2 weeks remaining.

Update: I got it to boot up and run Memtest86. I'm running that now and will let it cook all night running that.

A:Spontaneous reboots - NO BSOD

Sounds like progress
Does the machine run in safe mode ok

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I've been having occasional, infrequent spontaneous reboots for the past couple of months. I at first mistakenly though that they were associated with nvatabus because there was a call to nvatabus in the event viewer at about the time of the crash, but it's become clear that the call to nvatabus is healthy and is something the system is doing as it reboots.

On prior occasions the system has actually crasshed without recording any negative event in the event viewer, but today for the first time I have three events at the point of the crash, which read:

Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 5.01. 2600 Service Pack 3 Uniprocessor Free.

The Event log service was started.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x10000050 (0x90909090, 0x00000000, 0xbf800c23, 0x00000000). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini070510-01.dmp.

It then proceded to calling nvatabus. I don't know if this has any significance but these first three calls following the crash - the three beginning 'Microsoft (R) Windows', 'The Event log' and 'The computer has rebooted' - are stamped 14:49 and then the call to nvatabus which follows them is stamped 14.48.

Not sure if this is a driver or a hardware issue. I am running WinXPSP3 with a 2300 CPU and 2Gb of Kingston RAM. I managed to open the .dmp file in the Command Prompt window but could find a way to export it as text so I've actually saved it as a .tif graphic file.

A:spontaneous reboots, with bugcheck

Can you post a few of your latest minidump files? They are located in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump. ZIP them and attach them to your next post.

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Hi All,

I?ll start with a potential apology ? my W10 PC is crashing ? but not with a blue screen. I?m posting here because I couldn?t see anywhere more appropriate. [EDIT - there obviously was a more appropriate place & I see this post has been moved. Thankyou whoever fixed that for me!]

Background: I have a home-built desktop PC, which has been successfully running W7 Home rock solid since it was built.
Topline specs are:

Intel Core i5-3570K 3.40GHz (Ivybridge) Socket LGA1155 ProcessorGigabyte Z77-D3H Intel Z77 (Socket 1155) DDR3 MotherboardPatriot Intel Extreme Masters 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel KitAsus GeForce GTX 970 DirectCU II OC Strix 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics CardXFX Pro 550W Core Edition '80 Plus Bronze' Power SupplyCrucial MX100 256GB SSD (for system)Toshiba 1TB SATA HDD (for files)Two DVD?RW SATA ReWriters3.5" Internal Card Reader

Two weeks ago I allowed W7 to upgrade to W10. Initially it was quite unstable, but I uninstalled various bits of old / incompatible software and it improved dramatically. (Getting rid of Acronis 2014, which I gather is a frequent culprit for W10 crashes, worked wonders).

But the PC still has a persistent regular crash / reboot once or twice per day and I simply can't eliminate it. It?s not a classic ?blue screen? crash ? the screens go black & the machine simply reboots spontaneously. Sometimes when it?s being used, sometimes when it?s unattended (I know it?s happened because Chrome has clo... Read more

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Hey folks... so I am hoping someone can help me troubleshoot an issue I am having with my son's pc.

It's a Windows 10 machine. 16GB Ram. AMD Ryzen 5 processor (dont know specifically which off the top of my head). 1TB Western Digital HD. Nvidia 1050 graphics card.

He recently purchased a small keyboard to hook up to his PC so he could make music. He wasn't having issues until he installed the drivers for that item and a program called Ilok License Manager which would apparently allow him to transfer his product license to various computers. (I imagine this is something music creators do when they go studio to studio or something)

Now his PC reboots on its own about every 20 minutes. It also Blue Screens occasionally, but not every time it reboots.

I have only helped him troubleshoot the problem over the phone and we didn't have luck fixing the issue. I have since gotten the PC from him and will be able to physically troubleshoot it later today, but I wanted to reach out to people smarter than I to see if we can get to the bottom of the issue.

What has been done so far:

1. Booted into safe mode. The computer was stable in safe mode for over an hour which, obviously, tracks with the fact that this is probably a software issue connected to either the drivers for the keyboard unit, or the Ilok program.

2. While in safe mode he uninstalled the drivers for the keyboard through control panel

3. In safe mode he tried to uninstall Ilok, but it didn't s... Read more

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Here is the data from my EVENT LOG: Category 102 ID 1003

Error code 0000000000000050, parameter1 fffffadf315e88b0, parameter2 0000000000000000, parameter3 fffffade5ae57290, parameter4 0000000000000000.

I have run into this. It comes and goes. Reboot may happen five or six times then all is OK for a while, or perhaps even a week.

I have reinstalled XP 64 a couple of times, but problem comes back eventually.

I did have trouble getting nVidia driver installed and stable.
Quadro FX 3500 169.96 driver
Computer Aided Design Workstation Clovertown V8 on Greencreek Chipset with 16 GB of RAM.

Please help.

Doug Henry

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I have been having these problems for the last 3 days. No new programs installed, no new hardware installed.
(submitting then will add more info with edit since it just rebooted the last time I tried to make this post)

Windows 7 64 bit
System is less than 1 year old (not sure exact age)
Retail version of Win 7
The only OS installed when system was built

I have tried swapping the ram with my wife's computer (identical system) mine still has the problems and hers is still fine.

I updated all of our systems to MSE about sometime in July I think when my wife was having BSOD issues (hers is still running fine since then).

Another issue (also just happened again while reading other posts here) is the browser will freeze, it says it has stopped responding and the browser window greys out. After 20-30 seconds or so it starts working again. It does not always start working again, sometimes it locks up solid needing a reboot or sometimes reboots itself after a long pause.

A:lockups BSODs and spontaneous reboots

I looked at your four most recent dumps; all are the error code and nearly identical. They blame a Windows system file which is very likely not the real cause.


Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7600.16617.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02e06000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`03043e50
Debug session time: Mon Dec 6 10:19:19.221 2010 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:20:48.015
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck F4, {3, fffffa8005c70330, fffffa8005c70610, fffff800031815d0}

Probably caused by : csrss.exe

Followup: MachineOwner

1: kd> !analyze -v
************************************... Read more

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Hey, i am having a very baffleing issue with my PC.


Custom Built PC
OS: Windows XP Sp2
Intel Pentium 4 Processer 3.00 GHz
Nvidia GEforce 6600 GT
512 Mb RAM
80 GB hard drive
Gigabyte Intel 775 AGP 8x Motherboard
500 Watt standard Power Supply
Onboard Sound Card (Realtek)
and 6 Fans.

The problem started a Week ago, i was in the middle of a Game, and my PC out of no warning rebooted, so i went into Properties, and checked to see is the system failure had the Option "Automatically Restart" checked off. But then a hour after it rebooted again, so i scanned my PC for viruses but nothing showed. My Computer was then fine for another 2 days, but then the reboot happened again. This time, when i rebooted, it took 2 minutes exactly to Read it's "IDE" drives and once it read them it then rebooted again into the SAME screen and read the Memory again then the IDE.

So then i go into BIOS and check out to see if there was anything inside there that could have caused the error, but turned out with nothing. So i turned it off, then started it back up again and it read the RAM, etc and took almost a minute until it got to the screen with the XP logo and the loading bar. That took 23.6 seconds according to my watch then got back into desktop. It should be noted that my DVD drive is not detected by my PC anymore, until i rebooted the PC from the reboot option in shut down naturally, and it detected the DVD drive again.


A:Help! Spontaneous Reboots and Performance issues.

First I recommend using another spare power supply and see if that is the case. Next would be to test out the motherboard.

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Having problems with spontaneous reboots, sometimes infrequent and sometimes I even get hung in a continuous boot-loop. Finally, I moved the hard disk to another machine. The hard disk is the only item moved--even left the cable behind. The problem followed the disk. An installation of Windows 98, Second Edition was uneventful. Installation of Windows 2000 (multiple-boot configuration) produced problem with a spontaneous reboot that came consistently at a certain point some time after entering the product ID number.

After turning off 32-bit disk access in the main board BIOS, Windows 2000 installed successfully. Obviously, turning off 32-bit disk access isn't the desired alternative. It slows the machine. Data Lifeguard test was negative.

Main boards used were Asus P5A and Amptron PM-599LMR. Both are Socket 7 with AMD 550-MHz processors.
DLGDIAG 4.12 - Data Lifeguard Diagnostic
Current Date & Time: 4/15/2002, 10:43:18
******** Begin Extended Test 4/15/2002, 10:44:26 ********
Model: WDC WD300BB-00AUA1
S/N: WD-WMA6W1898012
Firmware: 18.20D18
C H S: 58168 16 63
Drive: 0
Baseport: 0X1F0
Build Date: 19-MAR-01
Family: 37
Test stopped as of 4/15/2002, 11:04:03
Final Code For This Drive: 0000
Test Complete.

Any suggestions?

A:32-Bit Disk Access Produces Spontaneous Reboots

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My friend's Dell desktop was locking up for about 2 or 3 minutes, then working again. Or it would reboot spontaneously. I ran chkdsk /r, it found only minor errors in phase 4, (file system errors). I ran Windows Memory Diagnostic, 8 passes, no errors. I did a clean reinstall of Win 8.1, the same behavior persists. Any ideas where to look next?


A:Locking up, spontaneous reboots, after clean install

Hello Vincenzo,

You already done a clean install which format your hard drive and the problem still persists, it may be a hardware problem.
Try check your hardware for issue like hard drive failing, or bring your friend's laptop to a computer shop to have the professional to check for you.


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I have been trying to see if somebody else has already posted a problem like mine but my system won't stay up long enough for me to get to the end of reading posts. And that's the problem. My system keeps spontaneously rebooting. Here is what I have tried, based on things I have managed to read between reboots.

I got MEMTEST86 and let it run for about 7 hours. No errors.

I tried to localize the problem to a USB port. This system has 8 USB ports total. There's 2 USB ports on the front of the machine, which I have used every so often when I am loading new music onto my iPod. But usually these ports are not in use. The last time I did use them was several months ago. The back of the machine has 2 banks of USB ports, one bank of 4 ports and one bank of 2 ports. Normally, my USB keyboard is plugged into a slot in the bank-of-4. But in my attempt to determine whether the USB ports are the problem, I went into the BIOS and disabled both banks I was not using. Thus if I was using a port in the bank-of-4 but a port in the bank-of-2 was throwing errors, I eliminated that possibility by disabling the bank-of-2 in the BIOS. Similarly, when I had the keyboard plugged into the bank-of-2 in the back of the machine, I had the bank-of-4 disabled in the BIOS. The cable for the keyboard won't reach to the front of the machine, so I've had that bank disabled for all of this. In any case, I continued to get reboots no matter where I plugged in my keyboard. I conclude that this e... Read more

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In the last week or so I've had three or four spontaneous reboots. The event viewer shows no errors proceeding the reboots but it shows several identical blue-exclamationmark FYI lines before the crash, each with nvatabus in the Source column, The details in each case say Information Event ID: 2 and "Device identified".

I'm running WinXP SP3. I have two copies of nvatabus.sys, one in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers and the other in C:\WINDOWS\dell\nvraid.

I do not know what device the drivers in the "dell" folder relate to. The only known Dell device I'm using is my monitor and I *thought* I first installed and started using that some days after I upgraded to XP, but the C:\WINDOWS\dell directory is very early in the list if you sort folders by date, and seems to have been added at the time of the upgrade.

Hmm - well, the XP disc I used was one that was sold as supposedly accompanying a Dell machine. Could it have installed a set of Dell drivers that aren't doing anything, pointing to a device I havern't got? But if they aren't pointing to anything real, can they be the source of the problem? If they aren't doing anything, why would they have worked OK since I installed XP last August, and now be causing problems?

Or is it more likely the problem lies with the version of nvatabus in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers ?

A:Solved: spontaneous reboots linked to nvatabus.sys


What model of Dell is it? I can try and point you to an updated nvatabus driver.

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My friend's fairly new Win 8 computer is rebooting on its own a few times a day. It has also given a Visual C++ Runtime error for C:\Windows\explorer.exe "this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way".

I've run chkdsk /r, it found some errors in phase 3 and fixed them. I ran sfc /scannow, it found corruption but could not fix it. I ran DISM, it repaired the corruption it found. Then I re-ran sfc, it came up clean at that point. But the issue remains. Any suggestions?


A:Visual C++ Runtime error explorer.exe, spontaneous reboots

Next thing I'd do is download a copy of memtest86+ and let that run overnight. I'd also figure out what brand HDD is in the unit and go to the manufacturer's site, looking for any diagnostic tools they may have. It also couldn't hurt, making the assumption that your friend isn't overly technical (since they are coming to you for help), doing a thorough scan for malware using multiple programs would probably also be in order. There still tend to be gaps or blindspots in each individual program, so what one misses another might pick up.

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My granddaughter's windows 7 home premium x64 was working fine. While brousing on facebook she clicked on a walmart.com link. Computer froze with a blue screen. Upon rebooting she got a 0x07E error initially. rebooting again lead to the 'start windows normally or Windows repair " dialog. Running the repair got a report that windows was unable to repair the problem. The start normlly option results in the blue screen with the 0x07E error. Starting in 'safe mode'would freeze after loading classpnp.sys.
I tried to get around the problem with a Puppy Linux live CD. It froze after first full page of loading drivers. I then tried a Mint 10 and a Ubuntu 9 dvd and each started to load but then the computer would reboot. I have not tried a boot USB drive yet but will when I get one prepared.
I ran a virus scan with MS Security essentials on the HDD after moving it as a slave to another computer. I don't know if this a hardware problem, a rootkit or?. Any help will be greatly appreciate. The computer is a two year old cheap homebuild with Phenom x4 on a Biostar MCP6PB motherboard. It has been trouble free until now.

A:spontaneous reboots with win7 and Mint, Puppy and Ubuntu live CD

Since LiveCDs don't fully load, it point to hardware issues. I suggest starting with a memory test. Also, look carefully at each component for signs of damage such as black marks and bulging capacitors. (Look up 'bad capacitors' in google images for comparisons.) Use MemTest86+ to test your memory for failure.Download the latest version of the Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip).Locate the file you downloaded, right-click it and select Extract All. Check the box for Show extracted files when complete. Click Extract.Burn the ISO file to a CD. Follow these instructions if this is new to you.Boot the affected computer from the CD.
Repeatedly pressing F9 or F12 right after the computer is turned on is the most common way to bring up the 'boot device' menu. Choose the CD/DVD option and press Enter.Memtest86+ will begin testing automatically and is designed to repeat its tests continuously. It is recommended that you allow the program to complete at least 7 'passes' before declaring the memory error-free.
Note: These tests can be very lengthy, often lasting many hours.If Memtest finds an error, it will list it in red. There is no need to continue that test if an error is found. You may either press Esc to reboot or you may simply turn the computer off.If there are errors and you are comfortable working inside the computer, begin narrowing down the error result by removing every stick of RAM except for the one closest to the CPU. Begin step #4 again. Afte... Read more

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I have been looking for a power supply with a 24 pin MB connector to put in my Rosewill case. I am using a ATI All-in--In-Wonder video card. I want between 400 and 500 watts. I notice some of them have the fan in the top. I don't understand how that works. Do you have to cut a hole in the top of the case? Any recommendations?


JIm Allen

A:Power Supplies

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What does everyone reckon to Cit's power supply's? such as this one for example... http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/89031....html?_$ja=tsid:11518|cat:8903144|prd:8903144

I just want to know whether it will be worth buying or not.

PS. I want it because it looks epic

A:Cit Power Supplies

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When it comes to computers and power supplies, what do you have to know about them. Especially, if your trying to become certified. I appreciate any help.


A:Power supplies

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here are the three that I am looking at.. I need to know which one(s) (if any) are good..

RosewillRP500-2 psu

POWMAX Demon PSDE580 580W Power Supply - Retail at Newegg.com

ASPIRE ATX-AS520W SILVER 520W Power Supply - Retail at Newegg.com

please post links to good ones if none of those above qualify... I cant really spend more than 40-50 bucks on a PSU so it must be @ or below 50 bucks...

thanks guys! Zman.

A:are these power supplies okay?

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hello everyone,

I'm new to techspot, and it's one of my favorit sites now!

anyways here is the problem:
after some advice from some of the techspot smart guys, my power supply is bad and needs to be replaced. The brand is a easy choice, becasue of all the links provided by everyone here at techspot. however my next question is how many watts do i need? what info is needed?
basic info:

i have => a vid card, 1gig of ram, 1 hard drive, 1 dvd drive, 3 1/2 floppy, ethernet card, 3 large fans about 5", 2 small fans about 3 1/2" , on and off switches for each group of fans 4 switches total, some extra usb ports connected with the mobo.

A:Power Supplies

Based on what specs you gave you need a 300 watt power supply. If you plan on adding devices a bigger PSU would be even better.

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hi i have a question i have an hp 8034n desktop with which i just upgraded to a 500 watt antec and it has 2 sata cables the same as my oem supply does this mean i cant' add another sata harddrive or dvd burner if not are there any alternatives? i was reading you might not be able to use a molex to sata adapter because the standard connector will not supply 3.3 volt power is this true?help

A:power supplies

Yes it is true- or you can add an additional SATA expansion card - probably easier.

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I have a GA-8S650GXM -C Gigabyte Titan motherboard installed in my machine (BIOS Ver. F6) along with a 1717MHz Intel Celeron CPU, 2 RAM modules total 255MB, nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Video Adapter, and they've been playing very nice since I bought it back in Mar. 2004. Due to electrical failures, the power supply unit would be damaged every now and then, and I would replace it without any problem-- until recently, when I bought the new power supply my machine makes short continuous beeps. That doesn't happen with old power supplies, but with the new power supplies, all of them, my machine wouldn't start, what should I do?

A:M/B and Power Supplies

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I don't know the make/model, all i know is that it's in my PC, but would a 380W PSU be enough for;

Athlon 64 X2 4200+
Radeon X1950Pro
1GB RAM - Soon to be 2GB

I ask, because i'm getting a few slow-down issues and i wonder if it could be lack of power. Again, thanks.

A:Power Supplies.

No, that is not enough. ATI recomends a minumum 450W PSU with at least 30 Amps on the 12 volt rail. This assumes a fully loaded system. Also make sure it is a name brand PSU, that is not 450W peak, but 450W constant.

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Could a power supply cause a computer to crash randomly?
The problem has only started with new hardware, as i rebuiilt my machine a month ago because of the SAME problem. It was fine until now, and i'm very unpleased.

It seems to happy about 5 minutes or so into running a game of mine, CS:S.

Please help!!

A:Power Supplies!!! please help

Hi..This is your 3rd thread on the same problem..
You will confuse yourself and us.....one thread only please..

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What are good brands to get 500W PSU from? Who should I stay away from?

A:Power Supplies

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Would a higher power supply increase performance in games or other things? Or does it just provide power to things like Harddrive,CD Rom,Cd Writer etc etc????

A:What is the Power Supplies job?

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How do I choose the correct power supply for my new build computer!

It will have an ASUS Motherboard With I5 processor, 1 TB HD & 8MB Memory?

I always used to just guess & I think I always was way over the top!

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

That Old Fart


A:Power supplies

This has some good information.
Learning Center,Power Supplies - Newegg.com

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I have just had a helluva time diagnosing a weird issue with my daughter's PC I eventually found out it was a flaky power supply ... that's the second COLOURSit PSU that's gone wrong on me (in my defence I thought the first one was due to an eBay buyer selling cruddy kit but this was the older one anyway) and I won't be buying any more of them.

Has anybody got any recommendations on PC Power Supplies (what's good, what's bad etc.) before I buy one later today?


A:Power Supplies?

Antec, Enermax, Coolmax

These are all good.

Personally, I have never had an issure with any Antec PSU.

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Are they standard atx or are they proprietary like Dell? I have an a320n and the ps is abit small for a graphics card... I need more power!

A:HP Power Supplies

Well according to the model number of the PSU that comes in your machine it IS described as ATX... whether or not its standard size, etc I'm not sure as of yet. Perhaps you can contact HP about it speicifically or if you have a Best Buy or similar store near you that sells HP machines they might be able to help. Also you could simply pick up a PSU locally, try it out. If it doesn't fit/work, take it back, most stores don't have a problem with it in my experience. Or if you plan to purchase online, that would still be a way to verify if it would work, just take it back after ya know

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Tried to be cheap and came home with an AT power supply unit. THe main connector that WOULD have connected to the motherboard is not matching. Can anyone tell me difference between the AT and the ATX? If I get the ATX will it have the twenty slot connector rather than two 6 slot connectors? Any thoughts or advice is welcome and appreciated...Thanks!

A:Power Supplies... AT or ATX?

Well umm yea, an AT power supply will not connect to an ATX motherboard. Notice that the power switch is quite different as well. Get an ATX power supply and if the motherboard is standard ATX it will work fine. Get one rated in the same wattage range or grater than the one you are replacing.

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