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Thinkpad P50 keyboard left key locked

Q: Thinkpad P50 keyboard left key locked

My p50 notebook, the left side of the ctrl key has been pressed in the state, whenever I press the space bar will switch the input method, when browsing the Web page will automatically zoom. I tried to press f11 key to restore to the factory windows 7 pro 64bit system, the problem still exists. Is there a way to solve this problem

Preferred Solution: Thinkpad P50 keyboard left key locked

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Thinkpad P50 keyboard left key locked

I connected an external usb keyboard, the same problem exists.

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I was cleaning my keyboard keys the other day and somehow managed to lock it the keyboard completely.  None of the keys respond.  Does anybody know of a sequence of keys which I may have pressed inadvertantly to lock it and, if so, how can I unlock it again?  Have been using an external keyboard, but it is not ideal of course.

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I just got my X1 and the left shift key sticks. I can see the spacing on the top side is not the same as the right shift key, so it's physically catching on something. All the other keys feel really good, but that shift is anoying! I've put in for a RMA replacement. Anyone else have keyboard key problems right out of the box?

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Ok... my problem is probably two fold...

I had my laptop on a domain, because I was taking it to work from time to time, I recently quit my job so I was going to change it back over to a workgroup.... well I removed it from the domain and to a work group and restarted as it said I needed to...

Now I can't log in... no matter what combo I use... admin/pass, admin/blank, username/pass,pass, pass...... nothing works...

So... I decided I would try one of the many password reset programs or readers.... well none of them that I have tried seem to work... because my laptop has 2 SATA drives in a Data Stripe Raid... so none of the boot disks I have used will load the raid controler...

I am stuck... I don't know what to do...

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Help! Left Domain, Locked out of XP

Anyone have any ideas?

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My father's computer got a virus called Trojan.Alemod as well as a few other worms.

I feel like the computer is mostly clean now and the only remaining corrupt file is C:\Windows\System32\Wininet.dll

SAV tells me repeatedly that it is infected with a virus and then cannot quarantine or delete it. I cannot manually move or delete it or overwrite it with a copy of the file from my computer nor is it labeled as read only.

What utility or command do I need to run to be able to bypass this 'lock' on the file? I seem to have avoided the need for a reformat at this point and would hate to do so only to recover this one file. I might ignore the problem except that the anti-spyware program and SAV cannot seem to connect to download updates.

A:Virus has left a locked file

You will need to boot to safe mode and navigate to the C:\Windows\System32
folder and rename the infected wininet.dll file to wininet.old then go to the
C:\Windows\System32\dllcache folder and copy the wininet.dll file there then
paste it in the system32 folder replacing the infected one you renamed.
After it has been replaced restart your computer and then delete the
wininet.old file.
Click here to download HJTsetup.exe: http://www.thespykiller.co.uk/files/HJTSetup.exe
Save HJTsetup.exe to your desktop.

Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Hijack This.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialogue boxes until you get to the Select Addition Tasks dialogue.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialogue box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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Big problems, so i just recently got a new keyboard, the commander multilight combo,
fresh out o
f the box, and as you can see, when I press
f, or enter
f, it types the letter
f, and spaces it automatically, i've tried everything and i need help. i don't know what possibly could have gone wrong, but it's not working, and on top o
f that, the le
ft shi
ft key is not working like it should be so I now have to use the right shi
ft key to capitalize, someone help please! sorry
for the terrible grammar and such, i cannot help it at the moment until this is

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i attached a pic and proper .zip of the BSOD itself, i can make it do it anytime i start and close yahoo im, and it also randomly happens at times, sometimes the numbers are different in the final (0xY) either ends in 1B or 06

Please help if you can, i used to be a Tech at a computer repair company but i cant even figure this out....

Dell Studio 1747,
Core I7 720QM
8gb pc3-10600 Ram
320 WD Black Harddrive
Radeon 4650 Graphics
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

A:BSOD Driver left locked pages???


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well, i'm stumped ** for now **

any help would be great
AMD XP 2600+
ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe motherboard
256 DDR400

this was basically my old system before I got new motherboard / processor
Trying to put it into a new case and it gives out error

Boots up
Shows the 2600+ as being only 1250 Mhz
proper amount of ram

Then gives out error(s)
Keyboard error or no keyboard present
Keyboard is locked out - Unlock the key
CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded
WARNING !!CPU have been changed
I did NOT change anything other than the case the board is going into
I have a "keyboard lock" amongst my other pins for HDD LED / PWR Switch / PWR LED / RESET etc..... but, I don't actually have any wires from the case ( this one or old one ) that ever went into that

Anyone have any thoughts ??
Swiper !!!

turned out to be dust on wake on keyboard jumper on the board
crazy mixed up dust anyways LOL

A:keyboard locked out - unlock keyboard error

I'd first try clearing the CMOS using the clear jumper. If that doesn't work, remove the MB from the case and try firing it up on the bench, you may be shorting something with the installation into the new case.

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Has anybody here ever had a IBM hard disk for portables locked? Thinkpads have a feature that allows you to put a password to the HD, but if you forget it, accordingly to IBM, it's "impossible to unlock" and need to buy another HD. Damn! I need to unlock it (there MUST be a way), and only two companies in the world do this, and the total cost would be even more than buying another disk. I don't mind in messing up with the electronics. HELP!!!

A:IBM Thinkpad locked HD

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So far everything seems good on my new P50 apart from one slightly odd issue. When I click on a target with the trackpad left mouse button, lets say the target is the start icon... the start menu will open, but then if I click the button again it will close and immediately reopen again (instead of just closing). If i move the pointer to a different part of the start icon and click then it will close ok.  Really quite strange. This does not happen with the trackpoint buttons... they work as they should.  Same with tap to click - works fine.  My Synaptics driver is:  Synaptics Pointing Device, (08/09/2016)Windows says it is the latest driver. Everything else about the trackpad and buttons seems fine. Any ideas what coul dbe causing this?  It does not appear to be a random double click, as a slight movement to a different position on the icon makes the click work as intended every time.

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Hi everyone.  Hope someone can help me with this one.   I have a Thinkpad P71 mobile workstation running on Windows 10.....just got it a couple months ago.  Recently when I tried to boot it up, it goes to the Lenovo welcome screen and is locked up.  Tried getting into computer settings through F1 on boot, but it wont let me do that either.  Any suggestions?

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Hi. I have an Ibm thinkpad t40p which I havent used in over an year.
When I turned it on, I noticed that it freezes on the IBM splash screen for about 20 secs, after that I get the error messages
0721 check date and time settings, 0176 system has been tampered with. I'm then am prompted to enter the power on password.
I enter the correct password which I've always used, but still cannot get it to boot.
I've also tried to access the bios setup utility, but when I press F1 button, I'm taken back the error message.
After some research I got a new cmos battery, but the same problem persists.
I've also noticed the fan runs louder than usual. would appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:I'm locked out of Bios on my Thinkpad T40p

I had an IBM Think Pad years ago. What you described are the same symptoms I had when the CMOS battery went dead. I replaced the CMOS Battery, but was still locked out. I had to send it to the factory to have the Administrator Password turned off. I had never set a password but when the CMOS Battery Went dead it set a default password that I didn't get with the computer when I bought it.

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PC:Thinkpad p50Type: 20EQOS: Win 10 ProSynaptics Pointing Device driver:, from 9/8/2016  Problem: The left button performs a double click when a single click event is called. It is definatelly a driver issue since the problem was not present when the lenovo trackpad driver was uninstalled. Different workarounds has been exploited, such as: reinstall, update, button switch, etc.In addition, the problem can easilly verified by going to : http://unixpapa.com/js/testmouse.htmland testing the buttons. Lenovo, there are high class machines and the drivers must behave within a high level of accuracy. Since I wasn't able to find out how to file a bug report, I'm posting the issue here and I hope that the proper attention will be applied. If you need further information about that certain issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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When I turn it on it goes to a black screen with only the cursor blinking in the top left corner. I can't do safe mode, nothing. It's stuck in this mode. The only think I can access is the IBM Access button and that does no good.

A:Thinkpad won't boot Win XP. Black w/cursor in top left only..Help!

Many things can cause this condition and some are specific to each manufacturer and model, I suggest going to the Lenovo website to look for answers for that particular model.

Some basics

1. This issue may occur if you have a CD, a DVD disk in your CD, DVD, or USB device plugged in when you start the computer.
2. If USB in the bios is set to be bootable, disable it.

Did you install any drivers or software recently??

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I just got a used thinkpad yoga s1here is my issue despite all driver installsusing trackpoint I expected to use the upper area of touchpad for clicking or even tapping but it wont workusing the bottom of touchpad I expected at least the bottom right tap would show a right click which it doesntwhen I use the trackpoint the touchpad becomes unresponsive.I used 2 drivers seaparately1. first one made touchpad irresponsive on trackpoint use  but otherwise touchpad worked find without bottom left and right tap/click  and three finger swipping worked too2. second one which was not the yoga s1 specific drivers  made the touchpad to work for tap and two finger tap for right click while using trackpoint but the upper area of touchpad was still irresponsive and no lower left and right corner tap/click   and  three finger swipping wasnt workingI have warranty and am waiting for a box to come to send it for a keybaord/touchpad replacementbut if anyone knows a way to fix it that saves me the time I gotta wait for lenovo to do this  please advice me on it

A:Thinkpad Yoga S1 - lower left and right click not ...

Hello and welcome,
In addition to trying different drivers have you tried adjusting the clickpad settings?
IIRC there are some options.  Probably mouse properties -> UltraNav tab or similar.

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I just bought a Thinkpad x1 carbon 2nd gen, 8 gb ram, 220ssd, i7-u4600 from ebay, everything was fine except one big issue. The left usb port doesnt work. Windows 8 didnt detect the usb pen nor the mouse, so ive been using the right usb port to do everything. i installed ubuntu 16 but whenever i try to plug a device on the left usb port it remains unresponsive. I searched some forums to see if my pc was recognizing  the usb port, so here are some pics from my terminal:Isnt the terminal recognizing the 2 usb ports? Ive also went to the BIOS->Config tab and changed some options, but everything remains the same. Please help, i use this pc for work and college stuff and if the only remaining usb port dies, this machine is pretty much useless for the kind of stuff i do.

A:ThinkPad x1 Carbon left USB port not working.

The left side USB port is on a little audio card (not the motherboard).  It can be replaced separately.  The part number is 04X5600.  It is fairly easy to do - remove the bottom cover and the battery

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Hi. I've been having X1 carbon 5th gen for a few months and have been satisfied with it.But today I found out that the USB port located on left side is not working properly. Here are the symptoms:- USB storage such as USB sticks or portable HDD work fine, and data get transferred normally.- It also charges smartphones and other devices that can be charged by USB.- It does not detect corded inputs such as external keypad, mouse, and, keyboard. The USB port located on right side works perfectly. I find it to be really weird with this problem. Input devices do not work at all when USB storages work just fine. I have tried reinstalling Windows fully, installed all the latest updates including the latest BIOS, have set the BIOS settings to default, and nothing worked.  I'm curious if it could be some driver or BIOS driver issue or pure hardware defect. Has anyone experienced this? If there are other things I could try before sending it for repair please let me know. Thank you!

A:Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th - Left USB only working partially HELP!

Try hooking a powered hub to the port.  If that "fixes" it, it's likely a power problem

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I left my Lenovo Thinkpad ontop of my heater, not knowing my roommate had it turned on and went to the bathroom. I came back maybe 10 minutes later and it was very hot and had turned off. I took the battery out and t's been about an hour but it won't boot back up. It will turn on green but the screen won't boot up. Is there anychance if I just let it be for a few hours it will turn back on or is it fried forever? 

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Was recently given a ThinkPad but it's locked on boot. Get two icons, and nothing more. Any ideas how I can unlock the computer without dismantling it?

A:Lenovo Thinkpad locked sign on boot

Are you saying that the computer is stuck at the startup screen?  Or is it asking for a password?

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With the screen open, anyone getting this creaky plastic sound when picking up your laptop from the left palmrest side (opposite of the "ThinkPad" logo)?

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Hi, I'm having a problem with pressing the spacebar and leftclicking with the trackpoint or moving the cursor with the touchpad. I have Windows 10 and all the Drivers are up to date! This shortcut is used for viewport navigation in Houdini. This problem is also present in other Applications.  Any Idea how to fix ths issue?

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I have a thinkpad yoga 14 with the 5th gen intel processor (if it matters)My problem is that the left click button that you use with the track ball, not the actual touch pad, is not coming back up. It still registers a click but it doesnt come back up. Sometimes it doesn't "unclick" so when I drag the cursor, it higihlights everything on the screen. This is a hardware issue, I was wondering if anyone knows what the button mechanism looks like or know which part to replace? thank you in advance!

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Hello! I was replacing the rear cover of the LCD. You know: the back cover with the Lenovo and ThinkPad logo on it. While moving all the antennas over, I found out that there are two magnets in the top left and right corner of the screen. The genuine rear cover with the same FRU as the original I ordered is a newer version I think, the magnets of the old version were less than a millimeter too high for this one. After a while I got sick sanding those magnets down, and to make things worse, I also lost one magnet while doing so. It's somewhere on my bench, but I can't find it.Anyway, I installed the screen without the magnets, and everything works just fine. I thought that they may be needed for standby, but I couldn't find anything like a sensor or something in the palmrest to which they 'magnet' too (if that's a word). Standby does work perfectly without these magnets. So my question is: does anyone know what these magnets are ment to do? I've added a picture of one of them below. Thanks in advance!

Thinkpad X220, ThinkPad L440

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Hi, I'm having a problem with pressing the spacebar and leftclicking with the trackpoint or moving the cursor with the touchpad. I have Windows 10 and all the Drivers are up to date! This shortcut is used for viewport navigation in Houdini. This problem is also present in other Applications.  Any Idea how to fix ths issue? 

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I recently picked up a used IBM ThinkPad 390e with a busted screen at the MIT Flea Market in Cambridge MA. There is a 12.6 GB IBM TravelStar hard drive installed but it is locked with a password. Please note that this is not controlled by the BIOS or "Supervisor" passwords. I've already tried it on a couple of ThinkPads I own that do not have either of these passwords enabled. I get an icon with a cylinder and a lock asking for a password.

According to the IBM Hardware Maintenance Manual a hard drive that is password-locked cannot be accessed if the password is not known. There is no way to recover the password. I understand that the password is written to one of the boot sectors on the drive but an attempt to simply format the disk or delete all the partitions (even under DOS) were unsuccessful.

I am wondering if there is a way to completely erase the drive and remove the password so it may be used again. I have absolutely no interest in knowing what is currently on the drive; I could sure use this drive if I can figure out a way to format and partition it. I understand there's a way to over-write the entire drive with zeros using Knoppix or Tom's Root Boot Kit but I am not familiar with these tools.

Does anyone on here have any experience with this kind of situation?


Michael, W1RC

A:IBM ThinkPad TravelStar Password-Locked Hard Drive?

From what I have learnt, the drive is totally unuseable without the password. Its a very secure method of data protection.

Only a replacement hard drive will allow use of the laptop.

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Hi all,I'm not sure if I posted in the correct forum and I'm new to this so bear with me.  So I bought this laptop around 5 months ago and only about 1 month ago the left side of the touch screen is not working. It would register that something is touching the bottom left side because I have my visual feedback turned on and after a half a minute of that, you can see it go haywire and register nearly the entire 1/3 left side. After 30 seconds of it going haywire, it would stop. And then either the entire left side or just the bottom left side would completely not register any touches at all. This wouldn't happen all the time, just every other day and definitely enough to be extremely annoying.  I bought my laptop in to get fixed for a completely unrelated problem because it's still under warranty and I told them about this issue but it doesn't seem like they fixed it and I'm thinking it's because it just didn't happen to happen to them when they had it. Also, I'm not sure if it's a software issue (since I don't think that's covered by warranty) or hardware. I have Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit OS, pen and touch support with 10 points.  Is there anyway that you guys can help me on this? It would be much appreciated. 

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Fired up the laptop this morning and I'm seeing my Touchpad & mouse cursor periodically jumping to the top left of my screen.  Double checked BIOS and all updates.  Clean report on diagnostics.Swapped out HD for a fresh W-10 software load and same behavior is observed.  It's gotta be hardware. Which board controls the pointing device cursor location ?  BTW, screen was replaced on this unit >2yrs ago.   Unit was 100% until this....! 

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On my Thinkpad Yoga S1, the keys t, y, backspace, enter, caplock, and left shift are suddenly not working. This seems to be a common problem on lenovo computers, but the lenovo forum administrator closed the only thread that attempted to address this without any solution. The lenovo admin said that too many diferent models were involved. I don't understand why these exact specific keys are affected on so many Lenovo models. Lenovo has no solution, and will not support a thread to work towards one. The Microsoft store already replaced my keyboard under warrenty over a year ago, but the YTP S1 is now out of warrenty. This does not seem to be a hardware problem given the relatively recent Keyboard replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions? I wont buy another Lenovo if this problem cant be solved. I've had tremndous problems with this computer and have found Lenovo to be unhelpful/unresponsive. This was an expensive computer when it was purchased.

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This began about six months ago. I picked up my laptop and it was unresponsive and the red logo lights was blinking. I forced shutdown with the power button and restarted it. When it was back on I could get power but no data transfer from any usb ports, the touch screen didn't work, and if i let it sleep it automatically went unresponsive with the same error light. I checked for viruses. None. I updated all possible drivers. Nothing. I even restored my computer to factory settings and reinstalled windows. Nada. I use it heavily for school, so I haven't had time to send it in for warranty. One day, I turned it on and everything worked again. Wonderful. A couple days later I opened it and it was back to its previous state. PLEASE HELP

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I've a new thinkpad P50 with windows 10. Sometimes, after leaving the laptop idle for a minute or so, the screen shows the last displayed application/image before leaving the laptop idle. There's no taskbar shown and any keys doesn't work. It's just shows a frozen screen and neither the touchpad nor any key board key work. I have to keep the power button pressed unill it's turned off completely and restart again. Following are the things I did to resolve the issue: * Updated Bios. Updated all softwares.* Checked the errors with HardDisk. But the issue isn't fixed. Please provide suggestions. Thanks in advance. 

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the left hand standard-usb port yesterday stopped working on Thinkpad X1C. only charging, no data connection possible. already tried the "emergency reset" suggested at https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/USB-port-stopped-working-Thinkpad-X1-Carbon/m... - without luck (this is also the reason to open a new issue as _this_ one is just not solved) the other usb port is fine. the last 2 lenovos always has such annoying issues :/ i'm working with the device every day, so sending it in for 2 days for repairing is no real option. so, if anyone has a hint, these would be warm welcome.

A:data connection for left hand standard-usb port stopped working on Thinkpad X1C

nb: using ubuntu 18.04.1 lts

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I recently installed netnanny software and found that when I logged in through Netzero using IE 6.0 my keyboard did not function (all keys were disabled, even in other applications). As soon as I logged out, the keyboard was enabled. I uninstalled netnanny and I still have the same problem.

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After rebooting my Dell laptop Inspiron E1505 the desktop screen comes up "sideways" and the keyboard is locked. I have tried different ways to try to move the screen horizontal however it doesn't do anything. I have five (5) icons on my laptop keyboard that illuminate during different functions. The icons are pics of "locks" and one is a "wi-fi" icon and the other is a "i" icon. The wi-fi and the last "lock" icon illuminate after powering on and when the desktop screen comes up, it comes up "sideways". My granddaughter told me to press "CLTR-SHFT-Arrow" to move the screen the correct way and I did that but nothing happens. I'm at a lost. Please help ASAP!!

A:Keyboard Locked

Hi Tresa, have you tried to restore to a earlier date before this occurred? Start/all programs/accessories/system tools/restore. Try and report back to this forum.

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The keyboard in my laptop is 100% locked. I already tried using the function unlock button. The only way it works is when I plug another keyboard and mouse to it. Please help!

A:Keyboard locked

check keyboard ribbon cable. replace keyboard if damaged from liquid.

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My keyboard gets locked, only the F buttons work especially after opening a word document.

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Hi, A folder fell on my keyboard and now it will not type. It clicks when I type any keys. When I switch off and restart it lets me type my security password fine but then as soon as I am in it refuses to type anything. I have tried uninstalling keyboard, taking out battery, resetting the default settings in BIOS startup menu. Am I being really stupid - is there some ket on the actual keyboard that would cause it to lock?? Please help :-(Mandy

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My laptop has opened up but when I try to tap in password to open desktop all the keys are locked. How do I free up the keys?

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My wife held a key down too long and locked up the keyboard on our HP - PC any suggestions on how to unlock. Help!


A:Locked up the keyboard on our HP

Do a hard reset. Turn off the computer, remove all other power sources (battery) then hold down the power button for 30 seconds or so. Put back all power sources and then boot.

You may want to try to less sure method first. Turn off computer and hold power button for 30 seconds.

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Asking for my neighbor. He has a IBM NetVista 8307

His keyboard will not let him type anything, and when he started his computer
it says he has to type in his password.

He tried different keyboard nothing makes a difference.
If anybody has any ideas that might help please let me know.

Thanks, Jen

A:Keyboard - locked out

USB keyboard or PS/2 keyboard? Did you try both?
What about Safe Mode?
Is the problem that the keyboard doesn't respond to text entry or keystrokes, or is the problem that he can't remember or doesn't know a password to log in?

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I cleaned the dust on my keyboard and I probably pressed a combination of keys that blocked all keyboard. Keyboard is definitely working (tested in bios). Anyone knows the combination to unlock it?Thanks!

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When i boot up its says keyboard locked out its a new motherboard. Sometimes you can get to the bios other times u cant do any thing.

Can anyone help?? thanks

A:keyboard locked out

got it sorted thanks.

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So here is the situation, everything seems to be working fine at first on my laptop keyboard as it has for about 6 months. However recently my down key broke, so I got a program that allows you to remap keys to other keys. So I remapped my down to key to my page down key, which is very close to it and it was working fine for a day.

But now I find that 2 keyboard commands don't work. When I am holding left shift the right arrow key doesn't work, and when I'm holding left control the left arrow key doesn't work. I'm not sure if it's related to the program I downloaded and I don't think it is but I thought I'd mention it. I've fought with google search results and my computer for 2 hrs and this is frustrating. Never had this problem before. Individualy each key still works fine, but LSHIFT + --> Doesnt work and LCTRL + <-- doesn't either. THIS SUCKs. Please help

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Left & Up Key Not Working On My HP Wireless Keyboard. There have been no spills or anything like that. My daughter plays games in which the direction keys are used a lot, however, the right and down keys are the ones used the most by her games and they work perfectly. I've ran diagnostics and tried using the HP support assistant, but they reported everything to be working properly. I popped the keys off of all the diectional keys and the inner working all looked good. There is no visiable difference between the working and non-working keys. I cleaned them with achohol and blew the small amount of dust out which changed nothing. I uninstalled all the keyboard drivers and reinstalled them, but that didn't change anything either. I could get a new wireless keyboard, but i'd prefer to keep my HP keyboard that came with the computer.  

A:Left & Up Key Not Working On HP Wireless Keyboard

You need to specify the part number (on the back of the keyboard).  Not picking on you, but it's like saying you own a Chevy, and want a new dash panel.  (I am saying this a a learning curve for others).  If it is "603288-001", the price varies from $55 to $170) from what I googled.

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Hi guys, I'm on a Lenovo Thinkpad T530 laptop that's about four months old. I had a key pop off and Lenovo shipped me a new keyboard, so I replaced it myself. Since then, I've had issues where every 20-30 minutes, the left click will start clicking on its own (the key is not stuck, it is not a physical hardware issue).
Obviously, I figured that the problem came from the new keyboard (since I had the computer for three months with no problem before I replaced the keyboard). So I took the keyboard out, cleaned the inside of the computer and the pin connections with some compressed air, checked to make sure there wasn't any visible damage (nothing crushed, bent, or missing as far I can tell) and then put it all back together again. No luck, the problem persists. Just in case it isn't keyboard-related (doubtful) I am running a full system virus scan using MSE as I'm typing this, but I really think that there's something wrong with this keyboard. I uninstalled and reinstalled the PS/2 keyboard drivers and Synaptic touchpad drivers, to no avail. Are there any ways to determine the true cause of this problem and possibly solve it, or should I just call Lenovo and have another keyboard sent my way to try it out?
Thanks in advance

A:Left Click on my keyboard is clicking on its own

by "left click" you mean the keyboard arrows? If it's the mouse/touchpad buttons it's an issue of the touchpad.
Seems like a hardware issue to me as well.

Try running it the keyboard/touchpad disconnected using a USB keyboard/mice, if it has no issue, then it's a hardware problem.

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I'm having a right old problem with my laptop, running Windows XP. A couple of days ago the keyboard stopped working. Not only this, but every time I pressed a key, the mousepad would also lock up and couldn't be used until I restarted the computer. I can use an external mouse via USB no problem.

I assumed it was a virus of some sort, so I ran a virus checker programme, and search and destroy, and ccleaner. They didn't come up with much. So I thought, ok, I'll just back up my files and reformat the computer.

I ran the recovery disc (the keyboard worked fine when the computer was in, what, DOS(?) I mean I could type in y or n to get the recovery cd running.

This didn't help though. Now, I'm stuck because the keyboard doesn't work when I'm on the welcome to windows startup thing, so I can't enter any information to get windows started.

I'm assuming this isn't a hardware problem, because the keyboard was fine when the computer was in DOS (sorry, I don't know if this is the right term) mode. The keyboard doesn't work in Windows, AND when I got inside the system recovery programme.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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