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Streaming Media Content to an Xbox 360 via Windows Media Player

Q: Streaming Media Content to an Xbox 360 via Windows Media Player

So for some background I basically stream music, pictures and video content from my computer to an Xbox 360 in the lounge room for my family to enjoy. This has worked for quite a long time with Windows 7.

I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview today and got settled in with it and indexed my libraries with Windows Media player so this could resume. But to my dismay this doesn't seem to work in Windows 8.

I have each folder and hard drive shared on windows for network use, I have a little experience from LANs in this area. I have enabled all streaming options in WMP that I know of and the entirety of my library has been fully indexed. This is WMP 12 and everything I possibly know of is up to date.

I haven't got the Homegroup feature active as I never had to use this before.

The only other thing I have noticed that has changed is this. A little green icon that in windows 7 would appear on top of the xboxs, I'm assuming this means something.

On the Xbox end it used to display the Libraries such as 'Recorded TV', 'Music', 'TV Shows', 'Movies' and other things but now when I try to access video content it gives me a folder called 'Videos' which contains nothing.

Does anybody know of any solutions?

Preferred Solution: Streaming Media Content to an Xbox 360 via Windows Media Player

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Streaming Media Content to an Xbox 360 via Windows Media Player

After more messing around it seems media servers can see jpgs but nothing else. I'm just going to reinstall W7 for now.

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Hey guys,
I have a Windows 2003 server (Domain Controller), and an XP network of 30 computers. Recently the Windows media player and real player use port 80 for media streaming, and it kills the internet connection at work. I need to know how to block the media players from using media streaming. I am using a 3com VPN firewall and if i block port 80, no one will be able to browse the internet, so this is not a solution. I don't have capabilities to block media streaming in the firewall. As you know by now, the firewall is also my gateway to the internet which is an ADSL connection. I am runnin

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

A:Blocking Media Streaming in Windows media Player

Look here http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=Blocking+Media+Streaming+in+Windows+media+Player

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I have Windows XP Home Editon,
A TCP/IP basic Lan network set up,
Newest Windows Media Players,
I want to know how to transmit and recieve "media Packets"
via my LAN so I can broadcast the DVDs/Music

Support would be greatly appriciated.

Need any more info just ask.

A:How to set up media streaming on Windows Media Player via network

Hi Karsten,

I have my own radio station- currently down now, because of a problem I'm having with my two hard drives. I use Winamp to stream the music. This, I've found, is the easiest method out there, and is compatible with just about all other media players (i.e., Windows Media, iTunes, Musicmatch, and of course, Winamp can all tune in).

To use this setup, you will need Winamp player, SHOUTcast DNAS server, and the shoutcast winamp plugin. These are all free.

In order to serve from within a network, you'll have to set up port forwarding for port 8000 (or whatever port you choose to serve on).

This is everything you need to get started. If after downloading all of these, you find yourself unsure of what to do, post again and I'll walk you through it- I just don't have the time to write out a guide unless it's needed.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and this is for streaming audio. Video is much more complicated and time-consuming.

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of organising a playlist of music videos for my works Christmas Party. This year I want to do something really special in the form of streaming the music videos from one (host) computer to several (guest) computers using VLC Media Player.

Here is a link to the method that I am using to Stream music videos -


I have decided on the HTTP method of streaming because this appears to be relatively simple to setup, and effective for reaching multiple clients.

However immediately I have noticed a number of caveats -

1). Media doesn't always play at the same time on all clients. I would like all music videos to play in sync (ignoring potential network 'lag' issues)

2). VLC gets stuck with the Playlist of music videos that I have created; it plays the first music video on each of the clients, but once the first music video comes to an end VLC stops playing altogether.

* In some instances it just stops, and provides no on screen messages
** In other instances it pops up a box which I have come to believe is related to missing codecs (even though the 'server' and all 'clients' have exactly the same codec packs installed).

I am looking for some tips on the optimum way to stream music videos (in a variety of formats, e.g.: avi, flv, mpg, mpeg). Ideally I need to setup several hours of music videos and just hit the 'play button&... Read more

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Does anyone know if there's a stable plugin or codec for Windows Media Player 10, to play Real Player files streamed from the web? Thx for any help.

A:Need a stable plugin or codec for Windows Media Player 10 for Real Player web content

Not sure of a plugin for WMP but I use a program called Real Alternative, it plays RMV files faultlessly.


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Hi guys and Gals,

I've been really happy with Win7 thus far, except for the only thing that isn't currently working.

Media Streaming via Media Player 12.

Every single time I click OK, regardless of settings, it crashes explorer.

Anyone else encountererd this problem?

A:Media Player 12 - Media Streaming Issue

Try installing the codecs pack for Windows Media Player and report back.
Download Windows Media Player 9 Codecs Pack - Latest Windows Media codecs - Softpedia

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for some reason, windows media player like packaged 12 of my mp3's... i burned them on to a cd format and then recopied them back into another computer.. and when i tried to use find album info, it tries to set the same album to all of the tracks. like track one is supposed to tbe marroon5- harder to breath, and track 2 is suposed to be missy elliot-work it.. but if i click just on maroon5, and select find album info, it finds the "songs about jane" album and tries renaming harder to breath to the first track in that, and work it the second track in that.

could i have possibly copy-protected the music or something like that while burning a cd? is there a way of getting around that?

A:windows media player> packaged my content

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...None of the videos i try to watch online at gamespot.com, cbc.ca, etc. will stream....the Media Player says connecting then opening then ready, and when i press play it just repeats this dialogue......i get error message code C00D11BB...I've tried to alter the player as MS directs ["To configure protocol settings
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Network tab.
In the Streaming protocols area, select all the protocol check boxes."]; but to no avail........i have all boxes checked, the one that says use ports as well (they are set 7000-7007)...I haven't been able to get much help from MS Help forums and was hoping I could get a suggestion from you helpful characters....i am running winxp home, and using win media player 10...if you need more info, feel free to ask, and thanks folks

A:Windows Media Player 10 not streaming....

...please help.....i'll give you a toonie...

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I use Windows Media Player 10 and I have all windows updates...

how come when I try to stream certain sites, my player can't do it?

I checked help section and it said to enable all network streaming which I did and I set HTTP to autodetect web browser settings....

it never works no matter when I try to stream....day after day.

Is there any settings in IE, Firefox, or Windows media player that I have overlooked? I would like to be able to stream video and audio from ANY sites.


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Hi All,

We are using Windows Media Player 9 Series. we have some problem to show the wmv files(preview) continuously using windows media player(its taking time to show for file to file. i understand that we can acheive continuous streaming using openevent(buffering concept). my question is

An entry(wmv file) must be 20 seconds or longer? or A short file less than 20 seconds can also use this openevent for continuous streaming?

Can anybody help me regarding this. its better for me to send the answer along with one example if possible.


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I have had WMP11 on my PC for quite some time. My Xbox 360 needed repairs, and I was sent a refurbished console. When it came back, I needed to allow it to see my computers' music folders. I headed to WMP11 to do this.

However, every time I tried to go to Tools > Options > Library > Configure Sharing, it would lockup. I would have to manually close WMP11 each and every time. Frustrated, I tried to uninstall WMP11. It rolled back to WMP9, which was the original one on my computer. Now, everytime I try to go back up to WMP11, it fails during installation (around installing MSDelta?). However, it does install WMP11 again, because it's back on my PC.

Now, when I go to Tools > Options > Media Sharing, I get: "Media sharing has been turned off because a required Windows setting or component has changed. For additional assistance, click Web Help." I have checked the Web Help, and tried their tips, but it doesn't help me.

Does anybody have any clue as to what I should do? I also grabbed my WMP log file...pasted below.

A:Need Help with Windows Media Player 11 (streaming)

[*WMC Logging begun at 2008/09/19 - 15:55:16. Logging at level: '4'. OS is NT. OSVer is 5.1.2600.0.3311. System Lang is 1033. Prev version system is 11.0.5721.5145. Setup version 11.0.5721.5146.]
Setup commandlines are C:\DOCUME~1\GREGLL~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\setup_wm.exe /P:C:\Documents and Settings\Greg Lloyd\Desktop\wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu(2).exe.
Validation completed.
Setup beginning.
=====Building Install list.
Finished building install list. Result: '0x0'.
=====Updating Install list for UI.
Package 'MYMUSIC' is version ''. This is 'newer' than the version currently installed.
Finished updating install list.
=====Setup preparing to download needed files from network.
No downloads required.

Download complete. Result: '0x0'.
=====Installing Install list. Last result: 0x0.
Uninstalling legacy WMC install.
Unable to find WMC uninstall information: skipping.
Installer: Preparing to set system restore point...
ERROR: Could not set system restore point: error 0x8007000a.
Querying service 'WMPNetworkSvc'.
Querying service 'WMPNetworkSvc' succeeded.

======Installing component 'UMDF'.
Starting process 'C:\DOCUME~1\GREGLL~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\umdf.exe /quiet /norestart /er'.
Package install complete. Last result 0x0.
SUCCESS: Package 'User Mode Driver Framework'. Result: 0x0.

======Installing component 'WMFDist11Setup'.
Starting process 'C:\DOCUME~1\GREGLL~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\wmfdist11.exe /quiet /norestart /er'.
Starting process 'C:\WI... Read more

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For some reason my windows media player 11 will not stream videos from the internet. My other computer works fine from the same website but this computer does not. I've receive the error code C00D11BB which states that I'm using an unsupported protocol and It should be "http" or "rtsp". Now I looked under tools , options and network for the windows media player and I noticed that under streaming proxy settings that it is blank. It does not give me any options for http or rtsp. Now how can I correct this to get the windows media player to work correctly? I have a HP laptop computer running microsoft vista with windows media player 11.0.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Windows media player not streaming

Some solutions described here:http://www.vistax64.com/vista-music-pictur...ming-video.html

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I need a program to broadcast streaming video of a Foreign TV station?
I need it to stream with Windows Media Player.
I know that Windows Server 2003 can do this but it costs >$700 .
Is there any other programs that will do the job running on a Windows XP Pro server?

A:Streaming with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Encoder

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Hey, for as long as i have had my belkin router, wmp streams do not work online... i use internet explorer and hav wmp 10 ( have reinstalled numerous times) all i see is the player "ready to play" but clicking the play button does absolutly nothing. i presume it is a port problem, althoguh i have tried some ports to no prevail...is this a well known problem and does anyone have the solution !? (or port no.'s)

any help is greatly appreciated !!

thanks very much

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I've almost got it, but I still need help sorting a couple of things out. What I would like to do is to be able to access all of my music and videos from my computer and external hard drive, on my Xbox, through my router. I am using the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus and firewall, and no third party antivirus/antispyware or firewall programs.

I have an Xbox 360 Elite, not one of the new wireless versions. I went into HomeGroup on my computer and checked 'share media with devices' and also checked music, pictures, and videos. So far I can play music on the Xbox by going to the music app and choosing my PC. The problem is, I can only play songs that are directly in the Music folder on my computer. And only certain songs at that, I'm not sure why. I have a subfolder within Music called Full Albums and I cannot play ANYthing in that subfolder. What am I missing?

Also, is it possible to access music and videos on my external hard drive? Provided my external hard drive is connected to my computer of course.

Lastly, I can't access anything unless I disable Windows Firewall. How do I set up an exception for the Xbox so that I don't have to disable the firewall every time I want to do this?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Help streaming media from PC to Xbox 360


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Anyway I can get those two to run on a 360?


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Hello i would like as much help as possible because i haven't been able to fix this problem for a long time. I first started getting this problem after changing video cards but im not really sure if that is the reason because ive changed drivers and i dont think it worked.
I can stream with Real Player but no versions of Windows Media Player works.
I also cant play certain types of video like some mpeg and avi but it works for Quicktime and Real Player all the time.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Problems with streaming and others with Windows Media Player 10

You should provide us with your old and new video card information and the versions of the players you are using. It also may just be a codec issue, if it is I would suggest K-lite Mega Codec Pack. http://www.codecguide.com/

If you changed video card brands or left over extra pieces to your drivers by not cleaning them out properly in safe mode with Driver Cleaner Pro, then that may be the case.

The information on your system would be helpful on figuring out what is wrong.

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for some reason when i try to play a streaming file in windows media player in Mozilla, it plays the video upside down. if i try to play the video in internet explorer, it doesn't play at all. is there away to fix this w/ some codec or something?

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I want to listen to a radio program that is in the station sites archive. The station uses Windows Media Player. I have Media Player 9 and XP home edition on my PC. After the media player connects to the station, I move the slider bar on the media player across, so I can listen to the program at the point I choose to. Sometimes I only want to hear part of it, or I want to skip through the commercials. Here is the problem. The slider bar snaps back as though it was connected to an elastic and the program starts at the begining. I have gone to the media players options and set the buffer higher but this did not fix the problem. When I had earlier versions of media player, I did not have this problem. Does anyone know how to fix this. I have asked a few people, even the techs. at the station and they did not know. All replies appreciated.

A:Streaming question using Windows Media Player

Probably part of Microsoft's new "provider controlled" media delivery system. They don't want you controlling what you listen to. :)

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I have Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10

When I stream video off of places like break.com, it works, no problem. However, I bought a subscription to MiLB.tv to watch a baseball game, and it didn't work. When I went on the computer that directly accesses the internet (and routes the internet wirelessly) I could watch the game no problem. I assume this has something to do with port forwarding, but I have no idea which ports to open.

I have a Netgear WGT624 router.

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:inlove:My windows media player is acting quirky now. I have hp laptop computer with windows vista on it. I've recently experience a problem my windows media player. Whenever I try to do some some streaming video from the web I constantly get a message stating "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is either not supported by the Player or not supported by the server." I researched it further and found out the error code number is c00d11bb. What befuddles me is that my older desktop computer with windows xp and and older windows media plays all my streaming videos fine, from the same sites. I want to just reload my windows media player but since my computer did not come with a disk I don't know how I would do it. Now is there a quick fix to this problem or must I reload windows media player? All help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:windows media player streaming problem

Microsoft suggests 3 methods that you could try http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940029

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I accidently downloaded a Windows Media player 9 runtime thinking that i needed this to run a certain program, but i didnt need it at all. Now i have this problem where i have windows media player 11 on my computer but whenever i stream a video online it shows the controls for windows media player 9 instead of 11, it does not play. i have read that without a system restore i cant get rid of windows media player 9 but i wasnt sure because my problem isnt that i want, or need, windows media player 9 uninstalled but i just want my windows media player 11 to stream videos instead of my wmp9..in my windows media player folder i have the wmp9 exe and when i click it wmp9 shows up... help please

A:Windows media player streaming problem!!!

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Windows Media Player 9 is not available for Windows XP, I'm wondering how it even installed without error.

Is WMP9 listed in Add/Remove Programs?

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If I buy a "Smart" TV it will be internet enabled. So my WiFi will find it and I can use WMP to stream movies from my computer's HD to the television.
So all I would need to buy is a "Smart TV" and the rest should happen fairly easily.

PC World has this article that explained it:

I just need my hand held on the "Smart TV" deal.
Will any TV that is internet enabled be able to do this. Does it have to specifically call itself a "Smart TV"?
If I do it this way do I need Roku or Hulu or something else (I am an Amazon Prime member, I think their stuff streams too)

Do I need to buy a bunch of extra stuff or will a "Smart TV" let me play stuff on my hard disk to my television?

Also, how bad are the speakers on "Smart TVs"? Do you really need a sound bar or will the the speaker built in be good enough? Currently I use a Sanyo TV, it is very large but only has a 27 inch screen. It has a tube in the back and only connections for cable or RCA jacks. The video is finally slipping enough I am going to replace it.
Anyway, the speakers on the Sanyo are plenty good, will a "Smart TV" have comparable speakers or do I really need the sound bar. (I am going to buy about a 40 inch Smart TV on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, depending on if WMP will work or not, hopefully a 40 incher will have some sort of speaker.

(I picked this forum b... Read more

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so i went onto gametrailers.com to find a cool videogame trailer. i did and it gives you an option to download the file in either quicktime or windows media player format. i USED to just click on the windows media player link and then i would get a pop up saying download. BUT now i get a neew tab opened and then the video starts to STREAM!!! how do i disable windows media player from streaming the video. I JUST WANT TO DOWNLOAD TRAILERS.

thank you.

(the first picture is before i click, second pic is after i click and then it starts to stream instead of showing up the download toolbar.)


A:Disable windows media player streaming!!!

In Firefox options, Applications tab change the Action next to Movie clip to "Save". You might also have to change the .wmv option.

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My windows media player 10 , does not play online streaming videos like many songs sites n also many audio recordings on my university site .. it just doesnot do anything n the mediaplayer doesnot start ? i m really sick of it as again n again i have to save the link n then play it ..??? i m using windows xp?

please help ....


A:Windows Media player does not play streaming

Open a streaming site.
Put the cursor inside the black screen of windows media player.
Right click your mouse.
A window opens where you can set the options, especially enabling the necessary protoco;s.

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You know sites which stream live video in windows media player inside the webpage; when i go to those sites then I cant see the video anymore. I can see the windows media player in the webpage, I can hear the audio, but inside the player there is just a green screen.
I watched a lot of streams before but never had this problem before. Its happening both in Firefox and IE. I updated to media player 11 after the problem started, but it did not help. I cant remember installing any software which might cause this.
Help please.

A:Windows Media Player Streaming Video

I'm having the same problem. I've tried everything I can think of, which isn't much since I know next to nothing about computers. I've had the problem for about a month now. It used to work fine and then one day it didn't. I get the audio but the video looks scrambled. HELP PLEASE!!!

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Hello. Novice laptop user here. I'm trying to listen to music samples at the NPR.org website. When I click on the listen button, the preference window pops up, and I click on Windows Media Player because that's already loaded. When I click on it, the pop up closes and I'm back where I started without any activation of my media player that I can perceive. The NPR site help page says something about going to my pop-up blocker to allow NPR to activate the player. Yes? No? If your advice is yes, please tell me how to do that. I don't know how to find my pop-up blocker. I have not a clue. Merci beaucoup. J.

A:NPR streaming/can't access with Windows Media Player

What webrowser are you using? And yes, its okay to allow popups for sites that you know are harmless---NPR is one of them.

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I am trying to listen to a streaming radio station, www.plainsradio.com and they have streaming audio on their chat page. Windows Media Player shows up on the page, but it looks like classic WMP and when I click error details, it shows up "ran out of memory". I even copied the sites player code that I was given, to put it on my site to stream, but the same error shows up in error details...it works fine in Firefox though...I have Googled for an answer until my head hurts and no luck. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? below is a screenshot of the code I was sent

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i have recently found new extensiosn for my firefox browser. using greasemonkey it allows me to download streamed fiels to my computer but thsi is nto working correctly. it only opens the file in windows media player by streaming but refuses to save. is there any way to save the file whilst it is streaming in windows media player?

A:Solved: windows media player streaming

Head over to the Mozilla/Firefox forums.

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Okay I have a desktop running windows seven, and I have my media. I linked it to work with my windows live id, but will i beable to link this to a computer running vista?

A:Windows media player streaming? Vista?

Quote: Originally Posted by adgower

Okay I have a desktop running windows seven, and I have my media. I linked it to work with my windows live id, but will i beable to link this to a computer running vista?


Im somewhat vague about what you want to do. could you explain a bit further?


Ken J

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I am having a problem with streams on wmp10.

Here is what happens with streaming with WMP10:

I click on the stream, and it'll say Connecting to Stream, then Attempting to Reconnect, then Playing, but instead of playing, it goes dead and just says 'ready'. If you hit Play again same loop happens.

Anyone know if there is a solution to this?


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Where is the streaming option for Windows Media Player for Windows Vista?

A:Streaming Options In Windows Media Player...

Open the Windows Help File and type in this- Sharing media on a network using Windows.

The first article should tell you all you need to know.

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Been having problems with Windows media player lately. Some files when opening, it just closes abruptly. And you know with Windows media applications, the error message if any you get is very vague. I believe here I get get is something along lines of media player needed to close.

Some online streaming devices in IE and Firefox (I have latest versions) also close the browsers.

So I did an unistall of Media player 10 and reinstalled and checked for updates, but the same problems.

***I also put this in Web & Email boards***

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Hi Guys,

I've been having a problem with my desktop machine and WM streaming. Now i'm not convinced this is actually a WM problem, and more to do with how my machine thinks I'm connected to the Internet.

Here are the symptoms:

If i visit any website and view a windows media player window, for example gamespot. http://uk.gamespot.com/ps2/action/gta4/media.html I can view the windows media player window, but i don't see any buffering, or any sign of life whatsoever in the player window. If i right click on the WM window and select error, i get box pop up basically telling me i'm not connected to the Internet. (no error numbers are shown at this point)

If i follow the link from the message box it takes me to this page on MS site (which is ironic considering the message box tells me I'm not connected to the Internet) http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/webhelp/default.aspx?&id=C00D10B3

A search on the MS site then takes you to this page, http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;q317101 where i thought my problems would be solved. I've tried the solution to no avail.

Now today i was in the process of setting up a new email account in outlook and i went to do a test email to see if the settings were correct, and i get an error message saying, basically I'm not connected to the Internet, so a test couldn't happen.

So this has now got me thinking the error is not with Window... Read more

A:Windows Media Player Streaming Problem

it is quite possible that it could be a codec needed for you wmp. then looking at outlook express it could be a firewall problem too.try closing down your firewall wall for a very short time, just enough to open outlook express and see if you get the same message,then do the same with wmp.

check your pop3 settings. be sure that there are no spaces in the out and in server setting, that the dot is not a comma etc.
eg: pop.server.com
eg: smtp.server.com

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Hi all. I would really appreciate your help here. I upgraded from Windows Media Player 9 to Windows Media Player 10. It does not stream the music. Never had a problem with version 9 streaming music.

I was going to uninstall version 10 and reinstall the Windows Media Player9 , but cannot find it in the add/remove programs. Also on Media Player10 , there is no "Help", "Preferences" , or "Options" buttons. Also no way to uninstall. I found Media Player in Program Files and started to delete files , but as soon as they were deleted , they came right back. I am very frustrated. Why does this player NOT stream my music as Player9 did . Also How Can I uninstall this joker.

Edited to add: I found how to roll back 10 version although I could not uninstall it. It rolled back to the 9 version. But it is not straeming music either. I have to download before it will play. I have not had to do this in the past. The very music that always streams now has to be downloaded before it will play. What is wrong ?

Thanks for your help in advance

A:Solved: Windows Media Player 10 Not Streaming

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Have currently got a new laptop with windows 8, am trying to media stream from media player. Basically the xbox cannot locate the pc on the network although the pc can see the xbox. I managed to get it to work briefly but it kept resetting and I don't understand why. I keep going through the same process to try and reset. I have also tried with and without joining a homegroup.

I have been through all the media streaming.

1. deleting the media player library folder files (%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player )
2. turning on media streaming again, share with devices.
3. setting media sharing service in the registry to automatic.
4. rebuilding the library

I have noticed that when I look at my network I can see the media device when media player is open, but the icon is not what it used to be and has a green play button rather than the media server device. Also when I restart my PC it never loads up as a media server.

Anyone get any ideas how to fix it?


A:Media streaming issue with xbox

If the Xbox can't see the Windows 8 machine then going into the Network and Sharing Center, go to the Advanced Sharing Settings and make sure that Network Discovery, File and Printer sharing etc. are turned on for all Networks, not just the private network. There are two settings for this.

Notice the "All Networks" setting at the bottom of the picture, you need to enable sharing on that as well as the Private network settings.

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I've been using Windows 7 media streaming to my xbox for some time with no problems.

However, I have just moved house, and have had to change my network setup as I have a new service provider. And now, the Xbox refuses to speak to the PC.

They are both on the same network, using the same router, and I have changed nothing on the PC itself, except that when I first plugged the network cable in, Windows asked me to tell it which group to join (I selected Home). The xbox is happily detecting the network and the internet, but not the PC (although the PC name is still in the list under Video Apps, but when you select it it just says "Can not find PC".

Does anyone know what might be going on, and how to fix it?

Thanks so much in advance!!

A:W7 media streaming to Xbox - odd problem

Take a look at this.

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I don't know what to do; launch.com doesn't work. When I try to play a video, the media player configuration box comes up saying "click the i see the video button when you see the video." The video doesn't play. It says "stopped." At other streaming video sites, it just says loading... then "ready." Then when I press play it again says loading... "ready".

I don't know what to do I tried going to "help" at launch if the video doesn't play. That doesn't work.

I have windows XP.

Thanks for your time.

A:Can't see most online streaming videos with Windows Media Player.

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Im at a loss at the moment. I cannot figure out why my wmp will not play streaming videos online. I've updated to wmp 11 and still nothing. Before I updated it kept wanting to install a plugin called Windows Media Player 11 but would never go through with the plugin install. I then just went and downloaded WMP 11 and updates which removed the prompt to install WMP 11 as a plugin. However now any time I go to any site with streaming video or music it says "connecting to media" then the status reads "ready". It will try to connect to media then say "ready" every time I click play. Anyone have any idea how to fix this or why its happening?

A:Windows Media Player Not Streaming Online Videos

you possibly need a codec, the link below is for codecs for XP, it contains all the codecs that will play most if not all video and music file types - install this and while installing, just install with all recommended options

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There doesn't seem to be any way to stream AAC files in WMP...

I've tried using the Orban plug-in, but it breaks MP4 video playback (I only get sound on MP4 videos after installing it). Although Winamp will work, I hate using it because it eventually commandeers all A/V file extensions. It also likes to phone home (I get firewall outbound alerts).

Is there another way?

A:Can't play streaming AAC files in Windows Media Player

Any number of media players can be used by any user.

Generally...installing any player mimics the behavior of WMP when it comes to designating itself as the primary program to be used for opening all media files...but such only happens if the user allows it to do so with tacit approval.

In any case...programs which open a given file can be changed anytime by a user on an individual file type basis...by going to Explorer view of My Computer, then clicking Tools/Folder Options/File Types...and then scrolling the list to chqnge whatever program user desires to open a given file type.

I use WMP to open .mpgs, Real Player to open .flvs, Musicmatch to open .mp3s...and I have a few other players installed. Regardless of which player opens a file, they can play in just about any of the players I have installed.


You may want to try MediaMonkey and VLC.

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I have a WMP audio stream that I listen to every day. A few months ago, I was prompted to upgrade WMP to 11, which I did. As soon as I did this, the stream I listen to stopped working. So, I thought it was a problem with WMP 11, and emailed the site owners to ask them to upgrade their stream to work with WMP 11 (I know nothing about streaming, by the way). i have continued to get this error, so today I downgraded WMP back to version 9. I still get the error. So, now it appears it's something on my system, not a problem with the stream.

Here's the full text of the error:
Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is not supported. In the Open URL dialog, try opening the file using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:" or "rtsp:").

The stream URL is this (truncated by the forum):

You can get to it from here, by clicking on "Stream" in the first paragraph of text:

I tried manually changing the protocol to rtsp and mms using the Open URL function, but this didn't work. I also verified that all the streaming protocols were checked under Options.

So my questions are:
1. Is the problem in my system or the stream? Can anyone point me to other streams I can try to test this?
2. If it is my system, is there anything I can do to fix it?


A:Windows Media Player not streaming, protocol error

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Hello all, Windows Media Player does not seem to work in streaming live television, which is what I am trying to do.

My MP3 player, called Creative Zen, offers a live streaming of tv channels called IPTV. When I try to access a channel, the message it says immediately is "Ready". When I try to press play, it doesn't work.

This has happened on other websites also, but I am just trying to watch this one. If someone could visit the website ZenCast IPTV and try to figure it out that would be MUCH appreciated. I really don't need it, but it would be interesting to watch TV in other places in the world and stuff.

I've included the error messages in Firefox's tools>error console if that will help any.

Thanks a lot.

PS: If you even just visited the website and see'd if it worked for you and report back that would be great. Thanks!

A:Windows Media Player Streaming Stuck On Ready

This the dead part of the forum I assume?

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Hi All,

I have three Windows 10 Computers setup in my home network. They are each configured for Media Streaming to my Samsung Series 7 TV. While two computers are showing all of the content within their respective Windows Media Player Libraries one is not.

Instead the troubled computer is not showing titles that begin with specific letters; these letters are currently R, S and T (though this can change if I delete the Media Player library and 'rebuild' it).

At first I thought that the sheer number of titles on the computer could be an issue; however I have cross checked the troubled computer with one of the full functioning ones and found that the troubled computer actually has less titles. In fact there are only about 900 titles on the troubled computer, and just over 1500 on the good computer which I performed my comparison on.

On the troubled computer I can see all of the titles listed in Media Player, and can select / play titles that are not being displayed on the TV (through streaming). Furthermore I can copy specific titles from the troubled computer to a good computer on the network and then select the good computer on my TV at which point I am then able to see the content!

Has anybody encountered this kind of issue when streaming content from Windows 10 using Windows Media Player? If so can you please share your findings?

Kind Regards,


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When accessing youtube and certain other videos I have no problem, but when trying to watch other windows media content over the internet (such as CBC playbacks of newscasts or streaming audio) the player pops up, and shows "ready" but when I press play it says "opening media" for about half a second and then goes back to "ready."

My search on the internet results in advice that I should open Options in the media player and click the Network tab to make adjustments to the settings.

Here's the problem. Windows Media player won't let me open the Network tab. I click it, and it won't open, hence I cannot try to solve the problem. My internet search finds a reference to a thread at Microsoft that supposedly addresses this part of the problem but the thread is no longer available.

Can anyone help with these problems? I have another computer that does not have this problem even though both computers are running Comodo firewall, and Windows XP either Home or Media editions.

In an attempt to reduce the number of processes working I disabled several a couple of months ago. I can't recall whether the problems started then.

I have tried rolling back to WMP 10--no luck. So I have reinstalled 11.


A:cannot access streaming video through Windows Media Player

Well I resolved the problem. I corresponded with Microsoft several times. They were very helpful, but did not actually solve the problem. They finally told me it was a firewall issue.

I use Comodo, which did not seem to make a difference whether it was working or disabled.

I finally uninstalled a program called Threatfire. The problem then went away. I do not know whether I could have tweaked it somehow but for now the problem is gone.

I wanted to post the follow up for what it is worth.

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Hello! Out of the blue this past spring my Windows Media player stopped playing streaming video (it says "Ready" so I click on the play button and nothing happens. Whereupon I click it again and again as I get angrier and angrier ) So I did a system restore to the earliest date possible and then it started working again...for about a day or two. So then I would do a system restore again. Finally even that stopped working and I gave up. I tried downloading the latest version of Windows Media (11) but that made no difference. On a tip from another forum I checked "use high quality mode" under video acceleration. Then, this past Saturday, it started inexplicably working again. I was ecstatic until today, when, yup, back to non-working. Why????!!!!!
Thanks so much in advance for whatever help you can provide - I'm pretty computer clueless; I had never even heard of system restore until I started scouring the internet looking for possible solutions.

A:Cannot play streaming video on Windows Media Player

Hello and Welcome to TSG Gaby

Try this:

• Make sure that the Internet Wizard or Network Connection Wizard has been run on the system. If it has not been, run either wizard:
1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Communications.
2. Click New Connection Wizard.
3. Follow the instructions and complete the wizard.

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This has persisted for the last 6 months with a new computer and its finally driven me nuts. I've downloaded new versions and codecs over that time, and Windows media player will just not play any radio stations or the audio in streaming video. What can I do???

A:Windows Media Player won't play streaming audio

check ur firewall settings... could affect streaming media 4 wmp

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