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Annoying buzzing/beeping on startup

Q: Annoying buzzing/beeping on startup

Hey everyone,

I just got a new rig about 2 months ago and ever since I turned it on for the first time, on startup it has really loud annoying beep and buzzing like


all the way until I click on the user account I want.

I could not figure it out!

Thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: Annoying buzzing/beeping on startup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Annoying buzzing/beeping on startup

You have a hardware problem, consult your owners manual. It's a new rig and should still be under warranty.

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for a few days now my computer's not been playing songs properly, there is frequently a distorted buzzing sound over them, it seems to go on and off when different notes or tones are played.
and i've no idea what's causing the problem, whether it's because of hardware or software.
ive cleaned out the whole pc, and re-installed the sound driver (reltek high definition) but nothing has worked so far.
i dont think the tracks are damaged in any way because the audio is also distorted on games and video's as well.
it's not the speakers either becuase headphones play the buzzing sound too.

if you have any ideas on what could be the problem or what component might be causing it, please let me know


A:annoying buzzing sound

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I don't know which category this question belongs to but..

Ever since a couple of days ago, there's been this annoying buzzing sound that's playing over all my media files. It doesn't always persist but seems to go on and off every 30 seconds or so. I did some searching but as the problem is very vague, I wasn't able to find a definitive answer on whether it's the hardware or what not. There HAS been a similar problem posted here back in janurary that I found with google though, and the original thread is here:


As you can see the problem was not answered. And like the previous person, I don't think the media files were damaged in anyway as videos also exhibit the same problem. At first I thought i was because of lag caused by bittorrent, so I restarted my computer. However the problem persisted. I've run adware and virus scans dozens of times and they can't seem to pick out the problem either.

As for the suggested solutions:

What's the difference between directsound and waveout? If that's the problem, how can I change it?
As for EMI, that's probably not the case either since both my cellphone and DS lite are turned off. Please help me out if you know what's causing this problem because, as the title suggests, it's VERY annoying. Thanks in advance.


On a side note, I've first noted the problem aft... Read more

A:annoying buzzing sound

Are you using a desktop computer with external speakers? Or a laptop? I heard laptop speakers can blow pretty easily and not be able to output certain notes from the music. Same things goes for external speakers im pretty sure.

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when i use certain applications or get on some games, the computer like beeps when i click a certain area. the thing is, the louder my sound, the louder the beep, but even with no sound, the computer still beeps, can i turn the beep off? its annoying

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Please help. Everytime I'm listening to music or watching a video or anything of the sort and other pages on my browser load, there is a horrific buzzing sound that continues on for the duration of the page loading. It's really disruptive and hard to ignore at this point. I love this laptop, but oh my god. Also, it happens with and without headphones on. Please, is there a solution? What is the problem? Help

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Greetings all!

I'm new to the forums and thought I'd ask about my little issue here (was recommended by a friend!).
I bought a new GPU some time ago, an MSI R9 270, which works great. The problem is that now whenever I'm playing games, there's a buzzing sound on my headphones. The buzzing gets louder or quieter depending on how much activity is going on the game. When I quit out of the game, there's still a buzz but a very quiet one.

I've unplugged my headphones from the back audio jacks and used the one at the front instead and there's no buzzing noise.
Is there something wrong with the audio ports now? But it didn't do this with my old GPU.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.

A:Annoying buzzing noise on headphones after installing new GPU


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My siter-in-law's computer has a really annoying problem. After running for about 10 minutes an alarm goes off that sounds like an alarm clock and the computer has to be shutdown to quiet the alarm. The alarm is coming from the computer and not through the speakers. It is unaffected by the volume control or mute. I set Windows98se to visually display error messages and nothing comes up when the alarm goes off. The computer functions normally but is almost impossible to use because of the annoying sound. Could this alarm be the result of the computer overheating (the fans seem to be working) or a faulty sound card or modem? Where should I start troubleshooting this problem?

A:Annoying Beeping Alarm

I would say it is overheating. Have you check all the fans? Mainly check the one on the CPU. You can also check the temps in the BIOS setup when the computer is first botting up or use something like Speedfan in Windows: http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php

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I started getting this error today. Whenever a pop-up box shows up, say for example in word if I haven't saved, instead of the normal sound, I get a high pitched beep that is the same volume regardless of the volume of my speakers. I've tried reseting the sound settings in control panel but that yielded no results. I'm using Windows XP on a laptop that will be about two years old in January. Any information that anyone could provide to help rid me of this annoyance would be fantastic. Thanks.

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This has been bugging me for months and now I am on a mission to do something about it. Every day I hear an annoying beeping sound from my computer speaker subwoofer that sounds like some kind of a digital code (think morse code) that lasts for 1-2 seconds, then about 1 second later another code that lasts about 1 second. It happens several times every day, and I can't pinpoint a certain time of day.

I hear it from my subwoofer even though the volume is turned all the way down, and at the same time from my am/fm clock radio which also has the volume turned all the way down (which is the primary reason it annoys me... because it wakes me up). That also tells me it is coming from the power line, not coming from the computer.

I have my computer and speakers on an EMI/RFI filtered outlet, but whatever it is still gets through. I am thinking a large isolation transformer might work, and garden variety UPS may not help. Has anybody had experience with this?

A:Annoying Beeping From Speakers and Alarm Clock/Radio

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I honestly did try to search for this, but all I found were results for POST codes. This is a annoying loud continuous beeping sound. This happens after the boot diagnostics, at the point where windows should boot up. There is a cursor in the upper right corner, and that is all it does.

This is a HP Pavilion Elite m9040n PC. It came with Windows Vista, and I am upgrading to Windows 7. I stupidly didn't run upgrade advisor, and am now regretting it.

When I go to HP to find drivers, no Windows 7 drivers show up for this PC. Stupidly, again, I assumed this meant that they were packaged in with Windows 7.

I don't think this is a hardware issue. It happens repeatedly at boot up, but when I put the installation CD in, the PC boots off the CD just fine. This probably doesn't eliminate any hard drive issues, but the PC wasn't showing any signs before, and the installation goes through without a hitch. Is this caused by not having compatible drivers? Are there computers that can't be upgraded? I do meet the minimum requirements. 2.4 Ghz, 3 GB Ram. What may I be missing?

I truly appreciate any help...

A:Loud, annoying continous beeping sound after bios

Sounds like a keyboard key is stuck in the down position.

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everytime i plug my laptop charger in it makes a very loud and annoying beeping noise unless i have the volume on mute. I have a Packard bell 68 which is about a year old...i've had this problem since day 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Laptop charger makes an annoying beeping when i plug it in...HELP!!!

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Need some help. I have posted here before and tried the suggestions, but nothing worked. So am going to try it again.
I have a First Computer International motherboard, AD11....with an AMD XP1600 Palomino processor. Put these together with PC2100 256 ram......
When I hit the start up button, get continuous beeps, when I hit reset, puter fires up and goes.
Have tried many things to get this to change, nothing works. New power supply and memory.
Pulled the modem card out and hit start, went without trouble. Thought was a bad modem card (was old) so replaced.
Hit the switch, and beep, beep......
Exchanged it in the PCI slot where the video card was, still beeped........now am at a loss. Without the modem card in the slot, works well......with it, beeps on cold start.
When I hit reset, puter fires up and runs well......modem works fine.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have emailed the manufacturer of the motherboard and am waiting for a response....Thanks.

A:Beeping on startup

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Hi there

When I turn my notebook on (which I believe is a Pheonix motherboard) there is a loud continous beeping. When Windows starts to load it stops. Windows seems to load fine except that my mouse pointer goes a bit wierd initially then settles down - don't know if this is related.

Also spilt a glass of wine next to it the night before and the keyboard got splashed on the right hand side but again not sure of relevant.

I've heard about these POST beeps but what do these ones mean? Could it be related to the splash or the mouse oddness?

A:Beeping on Startup

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so i had a dell tech come to my place to replace a faulty motherboard about 3 months ago. a few weeks after he left my computer started to make a beeping noise at startup. it does it in different patters and sometimes pitch too. someone help please!

A:Beeping At Startup?

Beeping noises after startup are usually a sign of hardware related issues or an indication of high temperatures. When was the last time you cleaned the inside of your computer? Open your machine and make sure the fans are working and the heat sink on the processor is not blocked with dust or debris. Remove the CPU's cooling unit and clean the fins on the heat sink that sits under the CPU with a can of compressed air. Dust restricts the airflow and prevents proper cooling. You can also remove the cards, RAM modules, clean the contacts and reseat them. Check your connections and fans to make sure they are working properly and monitor the temperature. When a computer is first turned on or rebooted, its BIOS performs a power-on self test (POST) to test the system's hardware. The BIOS checks to make sure that all of the system's hardware components are working properly and that it meets the necessary system requirements before booting up. If BIOS detects an error and fails the POST, the computer returns a pattern of beeps indicating what is causing the problem. Beep codes can be in several different patterns, depending on the BIOS that you are using. Some BIOSes use simple beep codes in a pattern of varying numbers of short beeps, while others may mix short and long beeps. The exact meaning of the beep codes depends on the type and version of BIOS that you have. The three most popular types of BIOS are those made by Award, American Megatrends (AMI) and Phoenix. In ord... Read more

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I have a Compaq nx9010 with 256 K Ram; and XP Pro recently reloaded and upgraded thru SP3. During a cold startup, the screen displaying F2 to change boot order, etc. fades away and then the computer immediately starts continuous beeping, with a couple of very short pauses, for about 30 sec. The screen is black during the beeping and after the beeping stops, a narrow line of bars appears across the screen and are progressively blanked out as if a program is loading. After that, the Windows screen appears and things go pretty much normally from then on. I can cut the beeping short by pressing the ESC or F1 key.

I have a couple of other problems but maybe correcting this will make them go away.

Can you help?


A:XP Pro Beeping at startup

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My computer beeps 8 times when start computer and does not come on unless I press ctrl alt del power. The chat says it is a LCD issue. How do I fix it?

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for a few weeks or so, when i boot my pc up it will beep a few times(more than the obligatorty once) before beginning the BIOS screen. It doesnt seem to affect the working of the pc, but it's just very irritating. I had an inclining it could be a cable loose, as i have opened the case recently. Could this possibly be the cause, or is it something else. If its petty and not worth fixing, then i may leave it, i just want to be sure!!!

A:Beeping on startup

check the beep code here
www.bios central.com

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I have a Dell XPS 630i computer, and when I turn it on there's a continuous beep and no display. I've looked through the beep codes and they all reference a series of beeps, not a constant one. Any ideas?

E: The dual 8800GT's blew out, so I replaced them with a 550GTX, but I kept the same power cable. However, it seems unrelated to the issue, oh well.

A:Beeping on startup.

Sounds like a code for memory, take this test, but I doubt if you can. The black screen may point in another direction, however.
Did the beep begin at the same time as the black screen. However, memory does not usually affect the screen. The screen sounds like it could be a graphics problem.
It may mean a loose card or short. If you cannot perform the memory test, check your graphics card, reseat it. Test for shorts.

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Hey guys i have a Sony Vaio Model number PCVRX830 and when i try to start it up it just beeps.

A:Computer Beeping on startup

You should hear one single beep, which means all hardware checks out. If there are a series of beeps, it could be either your video card is not seated properly or failed or the RAM is not seated properly or has failed. Shut down the computer and pull the plug, open the case and Re-seat the Video card and the RAM.

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I have Dell 3542 . When I boot up my laptop it makes loud beeps of 5-5 counts and also my hdd short test is failing with error code 0142. I have tried re-installing OS and completely formatted hdd but problem remains.I don't know if beeps are related to hdd test fail. Also my caps lock led as well as Dvd-Cd disc reader led is not working . Can anyone help me?? Any help is appreciated.

A:Loud Beeping on startup

Hi Ragnar,
Try restarting the system and tap F12 at start up once you boot into diagnostic please re run the diagnostic and share the error code and validation code. Please share the service tag of the system so that we can check with system specification, tell us what is the power button status on/off solid or flashing. For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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I have a Dell and when I go to start it up the screen stays black and there are a series of three beeps. How can I fix it?

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When I start my computer it makes this long, very loud series of beeps (sounds like one continuous beep). After windows (xp) finally starts, the 3 key keeps repeating. It usually stops after a few minutes, but now seems to be continuing for more that 45 minutes (although it doesn't repeat as quickly as it does in the first few).

I don't know what to do about this. I contacted gateway tech support and they said that the key might be stuck from the inside. Can a key be stuck occasionally? This problem happened last year and went away by itself after about 2 months. I use this laptop mostly for school, and can't really afford the time to send it away and wait for them to replace the keyboard. I'm hoping it's something else. Is there any other problem that can be going on?

A:Laptop beeping at startup

There is no way around it. It is definitely a keyboard problem by the sounds of it.

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I had shut down my computer to move it across the room, and when I plugged it back in I got 3 loud long beeps followed by 4 short beeps. I tried unplugging it again, holding down the power for 15 seconds and plugging back in.. same response. I tried unplugging it and hold down the power for 30 seconds and plugging it back in and same response. I have tried powering on and pressing F9, powering and pressing F10... same response.  My computer was purchased in September, so less than a year old. Help please! 

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I just moved into a new place. I have two desktops I was trying to set up after the move. They both traveled quite a bit so they may have been bumped around. I reassembled the first one and tried to bootup. Instead of booting up, it kept making a beeping sound. Nothing came up on the screen. I could not get into the bios, and the screen just stayed blank. The computer just kept on beeping. That's strange, I thought. So I assembled the second desktop. I tried plugging it in and the same thing happened. I can not understand what i did wrong. Neither of them were using any of the same hardware (other than the power cord). They were also both plugged into different outlets in different rooms. The only similarity that they have is that they both went through a move and may have been bumped around and that they both haven't been used for a bit. One of them hasn't been used since June and the other has not been used for a year. Also, they were both plugged into surge protectors and using the same electricity but I don't see how that should impact the startup cycle. Any ideas?

A:Computers won't startup... Just keep on beeping...

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I am having problems today with my computer which is a "HP Pavillion dv5 Notebook PC." On startup I am hearing 3 quick beeps and 1 long beep before I am prompted with a screen with the following information:
Boot Device Not Found
Please install an operating system on your hard disk.
Hard Disk - (3F0)
F2  System Diagnostics
I then clicked F2 to open the System Diagnostics and ran the following tests:Start-up Test- 
100% of the system memory tested OK
4,229,419,008 bytes of system memory tested OK
Memory test pass
Hard Disk Not ExistRun-In test-
100% of the system memory tested OK
4,227,346,432 bytes of system memory tested OK
Memory test pass
Up until today I have been noticing my computer acting strange, Google chrome was closing randomly, .dll files needed to be repaired with sfc/ scan now in the command prompt, and my antivirus AVG needed to be reinstalled. Did my hard-drive crash and is the data recoverable? Is it possible I have a virus? Anything anyone can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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I Just got a motherboard, CPU, hdd for my computer the only problem is that when i go to start it up the screen doesn't turn on and it starts beeping.

When i first started it, there was a continuous beeping noise

i replaced the cpu and now it beeps the stops then beeps then stops i counted up to 6 beeps and then i got annoyed of the sound and pulled the plug on it.

I have tried to use ram from another computer but it still wont boot with this in it.

Just so you know all the parts have been in a different computer before this one.

also the cpu fan is turning so i dont think that it is overheating

and there was a graphics card in it but i took it out and the beeps still happen

and the parts are
Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
segate 40gb ide hdd
350w psu

help would be appreciated greatly


A:Motherboard Beeping on Startup

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I recently took my laptop apart to clean it. everything was fine. The computer started up and worked and aside from a few keys no longer working the computer works perfectly fine. However, now, almost every time I start my computer up I get this beeping. It shows the hp logo as soon as it starts up like always but then goes to a black screen with the small white line in the top left for typing and then just starts beeping very loud like an alarm. There is no way to stop it or skip or quiet it. Usually the computer starts up normally about a minute after. I don't see anything thats actually being affected but this is very irritating. Is there anyway to stop this?

A:random beeping on startup.

Hi is it one beep (short) one long continuous beep please give as much detail as you can, one thought would be the keyboard

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I have a system here in front of me that is supposed to be beeping at startup, but I absolutely cannot replicate it. User states the system will not boot, it only beeps at startup, with nothing on the screen. User has tried different monitors, power strips, power cables, keyboards, mice and has taken the entire system physically to another house and gets the same result. I personally haven't seen this issue. I'm even using all of the same components that the user has been using at their house...everything including monitor, keyboard, all cables. I've powered off probably 50 times with no issues, and have used it for almost a full day. But user has brought it back 2 times saying they can't get it to boot.

Anyone have any suggestions at all? I'm officially stumped.

A:Solved: Beeping at startup...can't replicate

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Does anyone know how to disable the annoying beeps that i hear each time my pc boots up into windows xp?
so far i have tried this: http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/120/

and this:

Q. How can I suppress the standard machine beep noise in Windows 2000 and later?
A. Even if you mute your system, certain events will still trigger the system beep. To suppress these system-level beeps, perform the following steps:

Start a registry editor (e.g., regedit.exe).
Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound subkey.
Double-click Beep, set the value to "no", and click OK.
Close the registry editor.
Log off and log on for the change to take effect.

i have done both of these things yet i am still getting that annoying BEEP!
Someone please help me, i'm being driven insane!

A:startup/restart beeping driving me mad

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Hey, about a week or so back my laptop started beeping at me then dieing
the beeps would go something like a middle pitched one a high pitched one and a low pitched one and it does this three times and cuts out
now in the last 15 mins its done this TWICE
its really starting to annoy me now
as i turned my laptop on it came on with a short beep
now i know this is bad but i dont know why
i dont exactly have the best knowledge of computers in the world

i've had this laptop a couple of years now and i've had a constant run of problems with it
i get it home and i cant make recovery disks
first problem was it just completely wouldnt turn on at all
then it got a new processor
but the battery wont charge
pc world claim to have repaired it 3 times
but no
i know its not the battery cause a family member has the same laptop but a different colour (which let her make the recovery disks)
and the battery charges fine in hers

is there an easy solution to what problem i might have?
or is it just worth sticking out till christmas and getting a new laptop?

I'm using windows XP Professional
my laptop is ADVENNT 7105PA

A:Laptop Beeping before cutting out and then on startup

If it sounds like a Truck backing up? It is overheating!

Short beep is normal on most Computers.

If it is overheating time to blow out the Dust and Fluff from it with some Canned Air!

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Turned on computer today and the computer wouldn't startup its beeping every second and has a red light on and a yellow light flashing, the monitar will turn on, but nothing will come on.

Packard bell
Windows XP Pro
700 of RAM
The computer is about 3-4 years old
Its never been cleaned out, so could of been to much dust?

A:Beeping on computer - wont startup

well, maybe your BIOS was crashed?Check the settings..

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it happened all of a sudden i was out of the room for 30 seconds, i heard the beeping from outside my room, and then the laptop started freezing and crashed. when i tried to statup windows again it came up with error messages, " Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 082) copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

For Realtek.............stuff about ethernet connection.......exiting pxe rom .......cant remember fully, but then i tried to press f12 boot manager and chose to boot from HDD, now the message that came up was different but very similar to the one before

Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 082)
copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

For Realtek RTL8101E/8102E PCI-E Ethernet Controller v1.05 (071227)
PXE-E61:Media test failure, check cable
No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key

the message before was also about ethernet and it kept on repeating itself, but this one doesnt, if i press a key the same message appears.

Also everytime i try to start up my laptop it beeps weird sounds iv never heard coming from a laptop before and then stops when the message starts appearing.

this was totaly out of the blue nothing like this has ever happened to me before......................can i fix this or will i have to get a professional? how coult ths happen?

also i was on msn , had 2 convos and i had a few browsers and microsoft 2007 access open which i had been working on.

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Using a Dell Notebook Inspirion 5100 with XP. All of a sudden when I boot up, there is a loud beping sound during the initialzation, which stops when you hit the keyboard, then the touchpad does not respond until you use a couple of keys on the keyboard.

Any ideas why the system beeps at startup?

Any ideas why the touchpad is "frozen"?

I did see the events start after the startup is going through the mouse initialzation.

thanks for your responses

A:Beeping at startup and touchpad does not respond

startup when? like turning on the system startup or OS startup?

if its the first one im pretty sure its normal... most motherboards beep quickly to confirm that its working properly.

but knowing my luck this is totally irrelevant to your problem

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So yea 3 year old Dell desktop that does this: Computer Probelm on Startup - YouTube every time I start up today (it goes through the exact some process as shown in vid, sorry for messy study). The only thing that can stop the beep is holding down the power button until it powers off.

That computer his a Core 2 Quad, 6gb ram 500 gb hardrive and .... well I can't really think of anything else that would relate to the issue (runs on 32 bit Vista). Any advice?

Thanks loads

A:Beeping noise on desktop startup

Can you run memtest86?

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Also, try booting with your keyboard unplugged.

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Okay so my desktop computer (PC about 5 years old) has been having this issue. Almost every time when i turn it on it crashes. I turn it on and log in.....then after i'm logged in and things are loading....about 5 to 10 minutes later the screen goes black and the computer becomes unresponsive and makes a continuous BEEPING sound. Then i have no choice but to reboot it.

Sometimes it crashes with a blue screen, but most of the time its the black screen (it goes black because the computer is no longer giving a signal to the monitor), and the beeping sound. THIS ONLY HAPPENS AT STARTUP! Within the first 5 to 15 minutes that the computer is on. It NEVER happens at any other time. If it makes it through the first 15 minutes of being on, then there is a 0% chance of a crash later on. I'm actually using the computer right now. It crashed this morning when i turned it on. I had to reboot it and the second time around i got it to stay on. Its been on all day and hasn't had any other problem.

This whole thing started happening around May. I've tried to deal with it and just not go on it as much since i have my laptop.......but lately the crashing at startup seems to be becoming more frequent. I ran a million virus scans and they found nothing. I thought it might be caused by a program or something.....so i'm running it on a "selective startup" where i'm not loading any programs or services at startup, except things required to make the internet ... Read more

A:Computer crashes at STARTUP, continuous beeping.

Sounds like it may be a hardware issue.

Try changing out the power supply first, with another one.

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Ive had this computer for a while now, (since 2009) and it has been very good. the only problem ive had was that one of the video cards died. that was fine. The PC was working fine last night, wake up to find the screen was black. but the monitor was still receiving a signal. i guess the signal WAS black. but i restarted the computer, and come to find intermittent beeps, coming from the motherboard. it sounded like RAM issue, so i cleaned the contacts and put them back in, but no luck. after taking the ram out, (just to see if it would make the same sound without the RAM) it made a quicker beeping sound than before. i think its bad RAM, i just want to be sure. can someone help?

A:.Continuous Beeping Sounds On startup. XPS 630i

Beep Codes and PSA Diagnostic Chart - Desktop Wiki - Desktop - Dell Community

Look at the beep codes chart and try to closely match the number of beeps...

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I have an HP Pavilion dv7-6135dx running:
windows 7 service pack 1
Home Premium 64 bit
i5-2410m 2.3GHz
8 GB Ram

My issue is that the computer has suddenly started beeping continuously while it boots. Boot time is also very long, much longer than usual. It drives me crazy almost when it starts up, that beeping is horrible and non-stop.
The machine has also been running hot when it's doing nothing at all program-wise, as in when I first boot it up and let it sit there, it almost burns me to have it in my lap.
Another issue that only happened once and was fixed with a restart, the mouse quit responding and whatever webpage I was on would scroll to the bottom and stay there despite efforts to scroll back up.
I'm going to college this summer and taking two internet courses on top of two paper-heavy lecture courses. I need this laptop in running condition for those school needs. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

A:HP Pavilion dv7-6135dx continuous beeping during startup

The beeping usually signals a hardware issue. you may have to open it up and renew the thermal paste on the CPU and Graphics chips to assist in temperature control, also try removing one of the Ram sticks to see if that helps. The long boot time could also be a signal the hard drive is about to fail. You will have to run some diagnostics on the drive, and ram.

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My "new" computer started singing to me yesterday when starting up.  It sings a continuous beeping of many short beeps that almost sound like one long continuous beep interrupted by clicking.  It stops as soon as Windows starts up.  Then, almost always on the first start up, I get crazy stuff happening, such as clicking on a shortcut icon and while the program is starting Windows wants me to confirm I want to delete the shortcut.  Or being unable to find any plug and play camera such as my iPad.  Sometimes it takes one or two reboots to get things working fairly normally again, but that Carol of the Beeps is every time I start up.
This is a Dell Optiplex GX620 running Windows XP.
As much as I love to hear pretty music, this little refrain sounds scary to me.

A:One Note Christmas Carol? (continuous beeping on startup)

Dell has some lights on the back. Labeled A-D. what color are the lights

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking this, but I have a Gateway NV73A10u laptop. Today, when I booted it up, I found that some of the keys were not working; specifically, the Spacebar, z, v, and b. I restarted the laptop to see if that would help, but upon start-up, it briefly froze at the 'Starting Windows' screen and emitted a series of continuous beeps, before finally continuing to the desktop.

I remembered that my hands had been really wet when I shut down the computer earlier in the day (I was in a hurry, and didn't dry my hands off after washing dishes when I went to turn it off), and wondered if that might have been the problem, so after I shut down the laptop, I propped up a fan to blow onto the laptop's keyboard. However, when I turned it on again, not only did it do the same beeping noise on start up but even more keys seemed to not work. Additionally, the laptop's built-in mouse seemed to not work either. Is it possible that I need to continue letting it air out or have I completely fried something inside the laptop?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Okay, the problems started this morning. I went to bed last night with a long download in progress, so I left my computer on to finish the download even though I usually shut down at night. I got up this morning to see that my computer was off, and I didn't remember turning it off. So, I walked over to it and turned it on only to hear four beeps, the only way I know to describe the sound is to say that it sounded like a European ambulance. About two seconds after the beeping, it turned off. I pressed the power button to turn it on again, and same thing. I went to the other computer in my house and began searching online for the cause of this. Several things I read pointed to overheating due to dust buildup. So, I thoroughly cleaned out the inside of my computer, removing a small amount of dust that had caked on the actual CPU, got it out of the heatsink and fan, the fan on my graphics card, blew out the power supply, ect. I put everything back together, and turned it on again. This time it came on, no beeping, and it appeared as though it was going to work, but after about fifteen seconds it turned off again. I went back online and found people saying that a faulty power supply could also be causing this.

It is entirely possible that my PSU bit off a bit more than it could chew. I had been busy for the last month or so, and didn't really have time to clean out the inside very well. I've also had this computer for going on three years and have installed a new ... Read more

A:Solved: Computer sometimes beeping, but always turning off within 15secs of startup

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My laptop is 1 year old. Suddenly it started beeping at startup and then windows loads. I can use the laptop normally, but when i press sleep, my laptop sleeps and then automatically sttarts back. I want to know the cause of this problem. Mostly i think its a stuck key but i cant make out which one it is.

A:Acer laptop 5830 tg beeping sound at startup

Hi and welcome to TSF what is the make and model of your computer, have you used a can of compressed air to remove any dust and debris and some isopropyl alcohol and a Qtip to clean any sticky residue

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I am having a problem with starting up a compaq v2000 laptop, it beeps nonstop and sometimes goes to the XP screen but sometimes just sits there with a black screen and a blinking white line in the top lefthand corner. It runs good once if it gets to the desktop and such, it just seems to have problems booting. I had been told to count the beeps to see what the problem could be but I'm up to 20 something beeps now. Any suggestions on what might be wrong and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated, thanx .

A:Solved: Beeping on Startup Compaq v2000 laptop

Im thinking one of 3 things. harddrive failing, bad motherboard, or a ram problem.i know dell computers have beep codes that sometimes help but not sure if other computer brands have them.altho harddrives usually click not beep when theres a problem.

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2 beeps followed by four beeps, 4 cycles before booting up.  Pain in the butt.  never happended before.  PC is 4 months old

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week of hell. 1st my laptop and now 2nd laptop. 1st one is doing alright with the help of this forum.
2nd laptop Info:
HP Pavilion dv9910US
Vista entertainment

mouse became non-responsive. It felt hot.
Shut it down. On start up got continuous beeping. Shut down. Did it again.
Finally got a hp logo and had to hit esc to get to welcome message and windows started.
I updated windows and drivers.
Now, I have to hit "esc" each for it to continue to boot.
I also, did a hard reset. Didn't help.
Also, it acts weird. Mouse keeps working, will select something, but click won't function. I have to keep disabling the touchpad to get it to work again.
Also, I installed speedfan. It didn't seem that hot.
But when typing to search in google, the "9" stuck and went on forever. Had to keep hitting the "9" and "backspace" to get it to quit.

Husband is cleaning the memory and stuff now.

Any ideas? I am in way over my head.
update: we cleaned mem sticks etc. I tested memory on startup by using BIOS
I really think now it has something to do with a stuck "9"key
because when we restarted beeping started again and I kept hitting and giggling the "9" key and it booted properly.
when the mouse would not click anymore (but still moves) I hit and giggled the "9" and mouse started functioning again.
Thank you.

A:Continuous beeping on startup, can boot by hitting esc, but strange behavior

So is all good now or is Key 9 still wonky? By the way, the DV9000 had massive recalls for basically the same issue as the DV6000 series: heat due to underpowered fans and design.

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Please help - My Windows XP Sony Vaio PCG-K295HP laptop has developed a fault that causes windows to close of their own accord, web browsers to display 'stopped' and fail to load web pages and my laptop now beeps for approximately 30 seconds whilst booting up.

I have read as much as i can find about this on various forums and have attached a hijack this logfile.

Thanks in advance!

A:Constant beeping on startup, and windows automatically closing. Web browsers stopping

Constant beeping is always some sort of warning. Does your laptop have a video card that could possibly have become disconnected? Is your memory seated tightly. When a ram module becomes loose, it too can cause a beeping. Good Luck. I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about laptops otherwise.

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