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Can I Buy A Cell Phone & Then Activate It With A Service Provider Of My Choice

Q: Can I Buy A Cell Phone & Then Activate It With A Service Provider Of My Choice

I've been looking for a different cell plan. I heard Kim Komando recommend to someone that they buy a used cell phone from www.recellular.com

I went to that site & found some phones that I might want. But when I checked into service providers, they told me that if I buy a phone from anyone but them, it may not fully function on their service. They said that an unlocked phone, or even a brand new phone from an electronics store would have the same problem. I spoke to someone at Recellular. They told me that their customers haven't had a problem with using phones bought from them.

So I'm wondering, is this just a bluff from the service providers to get me to buy their phones, or would I really get stuck with a crippled phone if I bought it from someone other than the service provider? Even if the phone would work, could the provider somehow provide me with crippled service & tell me that it's the phone's fault so that I buy one from them? Am I basically at the service provider's mercy, or is there a way that I can purchase a phone somewhere else and be confident that it will work when I activate it with the service provider? Thanks.

Preferred Solution: Can I Buy A Cell Phone & Then Activate It With A Service Provider Of My Choice

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can I Buy A Cell Phone & Then Activate It With A Service Provider Of My Choice

Hi, the answer to your question depends on which phone you buy and which service provider you want to sign up with. Some phones will be fully compatible with multiple service providers, but others may not. AT&T and Verizon, for example, use completely different network types, so a phone that was made for AT&T won't work at all on Verizon's CMDA network.

Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer of the phone you're interested in and see if they can give you a definitive answer for that phone. If not, if you can at least find out which company's network that phone was set up for, you'll have an idea of which networks it should and shouldn't work with.

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I just recently went with a cell company that has no signal in my home area. I have a linksys router model #WRT54G-TM. My computer is an older Packard Bell with Windows 98 and my internet service is through AT&T in which I use a Netopia modem. When I first started using the fast access DSL I was unable to use an ethernet connection to the modem due to my computer being old so AT&T configured my modem to use a USB cable. Unfortunately when I hook up my wireless router to the modem and then to my computer I am unable to get into the internet so that my cell phone will get a signal. I purchased a NIC card and installed it to have an ethernet port on my computer. I have spoken with AT&T 3 times to get them to reconfigure my modem to be able to use an ethernet cable from my modem to my wireless router and they can't seem to be able to help me. If someone could help me with the hookup and installation of my router so as to get a cell signal using my internet I would surely be appreciative of the help. I am not sure that I am even in the right area to post this thread and excuse me if I picked the wrong forum but please help an older lady be able to use her cell phone at home and still be able to surf the internet.

A:Wireless Router for Cell Phone Service

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Hello, I tried turnong it on in services and get an error code 1079. Can anyone help me?

A:The HomeGroup Provider service depends on the Function Discovery Provider Host

Hello kosikfl and Welcome -From Windows 7 forum -I was going to write the directions, but if you scroll down a bit, there is a pictured detail of how to fix this.The HomeGroup Provider service depends on the Function Discovery Provider Host I hope that this is your version of the problem. Thank You -EDITED to correct link -

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i goofed somehow..i set up an email name etc on yahoo so my friend could email me to my pc or to her daughter's cell. here is the error message i got when i tried to send her an email from my pc:
"an error occurred while sending mail. the mail server responded: 5.1.1 <[email protected]> recipient invalid domain"

so you wonderful people how do i do it right?

many many thanks from me and my best friend Ina

A:email to/from cell phone to cell phone or pc

Maybe you have the address wrong. Should be @yahoo.com?

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I plan on swtching wireless carries but I need to find out if I need to purchase a new phone.

I have a Samsung Cell Phone that has AT & T logo on the outside. Can this phone be
used on a T-Moble wireless cell sevice or will I need to get a new phone if I switch to T-moble
wireless service.

Thank you,

A:Samsung Cell Phones, Can they be used with any provider?

If it's got an AT&T logo then it's *probably* locked to AT&T. Not certainly, but my experience has been that unlocked phones aren't branded with a carrier. (At least those that are purchased as unlocked. I understand that there are authorized unlocking procedures for some phones, but there aren't for all phones so your best bet would be to check with both AT&T and your new carrier about your specific phone.)

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Hi there,

I have 2 formulas in one cell and want a choice in which will populate.
EX. =DATEDIF(F12,TODAY(),"d") & "-" & DATEDIF(F12,G12,"d")
I don't want and I want it to choose first formula if G12 does not have a date.


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My sister has an XP Pro PC, standard dial-up winmodem etc. desktop PC. She is using bluelight (NetZero) for dial-up access. She was having trouble establishing and internet connection so I brought the PC to my house to troubleshoot it and it works fine. I take the PC back to her house and it does not work. I've checked different wall jacks, cables etc at her house all with the same result.

I am able to connect to the far end as I see the modems handshake and remain connected - however it is like their phone provider has some weird thing that causes her connection to not work. At my house I use the identical dial-up process on the pc and everything works fine. It seems the only difference is our phone service provider.

I am able to "ping" sights at a command prompt, however, I get not http success via a browser. I have tried Firefox and IE and both fail to get a response.

Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on with the phone carrier or some other area to look at? I am perplexed.

Dean G.

A:Different phone provider, same pc, doesn't work on dial-up

Type this address into her browser's address bar Http:// It should open the main page for yahoo. If it does then she has a DNS problem.

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My daughter and her husband are moving to the boonies. They don't want a telephone land line but he needs to be able to FAX . Is there a machine that he can insert a typed sheet and put his cell phone on it and FAX?

A:Cell Phone FAX

Well, I have never used cell based broadband internet access......but Sprint and Cingular both have mobile broadband cards for laptops....

I would figure if they have cell phone service where they are moving he could use a laptop and an all in one printer/scanner/fax to send via the laptop and cell service.........

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I'm not sure where this goes or whether or not anyone here knows about this. OK I have an LG CU400 phone, and the data cable for it. The problem is I don't have a program to recognize the phone so I can send stuff(ringtones, photos, etc.) to it. The cable did come with a disc, but the CU400 is a new phone and is not on the list for that CD. I also can't DL anything from the phone itself because somehow my plan doesnt allow me to do that. I've been trying to figure this out for awhile now, so any help is appreciated.

A:Cell phone help

Here's some info:

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i recently had a palm based cell phone and used it for a little bit. i added all of my contacts to the phone. i just bought the samsung I600 and it is a windows based application. is there a way that i can get my palm contacts into my new samsung phone considering that they are 2 different applications? i apprectiate any of your help thanx alot

A:Cell phone

Without any clue as to model numbers, its a hard call to offer constructive advice, but the Palm unit will allow the export (from the PC based copy on Palm Desktop) of the addresses and numbers to a .csv file.

If your new phone has connectivity to the PC, then it may be able to import them, but that would depend widely on the model and your own ability to connect it to a PC.

Alternatively the Palm will usually allow IR (InfaRed) beaming of the addresses, and if your new phone will receive IR data then that may be possible.

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Would anyone know if there's help on techspot for cell phones?

A:Cell Phone

Ask away. The worst that can happen is no one knows the answer but someone might. Not me necessarily but someone.

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I purchased Motorola Phone Tools and a USB cable to transfer some of my mp3's to my cell phone. When I uploaded them successfully, the quality was greatly reduced and I can't figure out a way to modify them - it sounds very scratchy when I set it as a ringtone. I don't see any option that the program gives me to modify bitrate, etc (my friend uses BitPim which is not compatable with my phone, but his ringers are much higher quality). If anyone can help me increase the quality, I'd appreciate it!

some extra info in the "preview" section when I'm about to send it to my phone:

44,100 Hz
Quality: 16 bit stereo


A:mp3 help! cell phone

I've uploaded ringtones to my RAZR v3 using the Mobtime Phone Tools, cost $15, and the quality is excellent. I refused to pay the Motorola prices for their tools...

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Windows 8 reminds me of a cell phone or a gizmo to put in your front pocket. When I sit down to my main computer that is what I expect "A Computer", not an oversize cell phone.

A:I don't want another cell phone for my PC's OS

Then stick with Win7. Problem solved.

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Hello friends,

I have recently purchased a new cellphone. Now I am looking to make it stylish and attractive in other words you can say that I am searching for phone accessories. Do you know any website where I can purchase best phone accessories? If yes, then please let me know that website.

A:Looking for cell phone.....

Have you thought about trying ebay?

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im looking for a new cell phone. i have been using my daughter old iphone. and i like it very much. i was thinking about getting a new phone.when i renew my contract in January.. i dont do much with a phone. i would like to have a good camera and flash. i play some games like bowling, solitaire, poker. and would like to have touch screen. any one have any good suggestions?

A:cell phone help

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do any of you guys know of a good website that documents/helps with cell phone problems?\

if not, any idea on how to sync my motorola v557 to my computer with a blank screen?

A:Cell phone

I do not know about motorola, but my Nokia phone has a data cable and with it came the necessary software to work with the computer. Have been using it for over 3 yrs. now.
works great...

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I'm not big in the cell phone scene so I need some support on finding one. I'd like the cheapest MicroSD phone, preferably a Sony Ericsson. Thanks for any support.

A:Looking for a new cell phone.

have a look here. you can get lots of info from there.

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Does anyone know of a good tech support site or forum for cell phone issues?

A:Cell phone

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Hi, I have a Motorola 815 cell phone with MP3 player. I recorded a cd (in MP3 format) to the transflash card. Using Windows explorer, I can see that all the songs are there on the card but when I install it, I only get ONE song.

I went to "change storage device" to transflash but hte phone still doesnt see all the songs that I can see with explorer.

Am I doing something wrong?

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yes why can't i down load my cell phone to computer, it tell me that there nodriver install. im trying to down load pictures from my phone to my computer.

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I do not wish to use the internet to fax.
Is there anyway to use my PC, tethered to my wireless phone to send a fax to a landline fax. Basically, can a wireless phone handle data exchange to another fax machine? Thanks, Mike

A:PC & Cell Phone = Fax?

Does your wireless phone have a built-in modem that supports fax?

Thats the main limitation.

My Nokia 3650 does have a modem and supports fax.
But we have no idea what your phone is.

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If I bought a cheap razor off of ebay and it said it was for verizon, could I plug in a cingular sim card and it work regularly? Thx Josh

A:Cell phone ?

It would probably be SIM-locked so no.

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Actually, I'd never done or experience activating via phone (only through online). But when I read the instructions again, is it true that you'll Actually talk with MS staff?

"B) (step 2) Enter the ID numbers on your phone keypad when asked to do so over the phone.
C) (step 3) Enter the confirmation ID numbers given to you over the phone into the "Windows Activation" wizard.
D) When finished, click/tap on Activate."

I've read in some topic about activating via phone, and they've never mention that they're actually talked with staffs (like calling a Real person or in customer service) and already activates after entering specific code, sometimes they were even talked by a Bot staff (not the real one).

This was my very first post here in 8 Forums though I was from 7 forums
Apologize for some wrong grammars there

A:Trying to activate via phone

Unless things go wrong, you'll get the automated service, and not a live operator.

If you actually need to talk to an operator, it helps (supposedly) to have gone through the automated process first - in practice, the hand-off from the automation to the live service rarely works as it tends to time out.

If you really need to talk to an operator, then follow the normal instructions but do NOT respond when the autoresponder asks which service you require - this should force an operator to pick up (eventually)

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I have written a program in Excel that queries data on a website and then only copies the data I need and modifies it into an easy format. Works great on my desktop. I would like to be able to use this program on my Nokia C5-03 symbian phone. I just purchase Quickoffice but it does not work with macro's.I don't have a lot of space on my cell and want to know what would be the bare minimum of files I would need on my cell to run Excel. I don't have room for the whole MS Works.

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According to my iTunes I am able to download music and then transfer it to my iPod. My question is am I able to create my own file to then transfer the music to my cell phone as a ringer? Do I have to somehow change the file extension, and what are the directions to transfer it to the phone.

Again, I understand if this is not legal, and I know you should able to tell me the legality. I was just wondering. As always you guys know everything there is to know, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for you time and help,

A:Cell Phone Ringers

Yes, after you pay for music it is yours to do what you want with it (except copy and sell it/copy it and give it to another person)

I suggest 3gupload.com. IT DOES cost some money, but you can make your own wallpapers, ringtones and the such and upload them into your phone.

As for what type of file to convert it to, I would need your phone. Some higher model phones can play MP3. Others play a .mmf or .smaf format. Every phone is different

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Hi, uhm i recently went on a trip with my friend and took some video on my Motorola RAZR V3 phone and i was wondering what software i could use to upload the videos from my phone onto my computer since i cant use the phone to upload them.. i really would love some help on this one, i've tried data pilot and some other software but none seem to work to my standards..btw i have a data cable and its hooked up to my computer. incase thats useful

anyhelp would be greatly appreciated =)

P.S. this is in another subject in the forum but i put it here to because i wasnt sure where to put it and it might get more replies here. so far no ones answered my question..

A:Cell phone software help

Just use Bluetooth. Get a USB bluetooth adapter if your PC doesn't have bluetooth. Recent Motorola phones should have bluetooth built-in. I have a Motorola i875 and the bluetooth transfer files wirelessly to my PC/laptop. You need bluetooth on both ends.

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Hi, last week I got a text message with an attachment and I accidentally pushed the retrieve button, but I was able to cancel it before it was completed downloading. I was wondering, could it have infected my cell phone?

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do i need a cell phone to download firefox ? if not, how do i get around this ? they
're asking for a cell phone number at downoad beginning ? thanks


I've downloaded firefox a lot and I've never seen this request. Are you sure you're getting it from the official site?


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anytime i go to a cite that has a mobile browser (recently found walmart mobile beta)

basically i type in www.walmart.com and instead of taking me to the standar walmart site, it thinks its a cell phone and all it has is the search bar and "walmart mobile beta" this happens with other websites too,

is there a setting i have to change to make my laptop know its a laptop and not a cellphone so it will stop viewing mobile browsers?

A:laptop think its cell phone

hi you could try in ie tools internet options delete browser history

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How do I send pctures from my PC to a cell phone via text messaging

A:sending pix from pc to cell phone

Whats u'r phone model? Have bluetooth or infrared feature? You can use bluetooth /infrared receiver usb to transfer your pic from hp to pc.

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Just purchased a new Motorola Razr V3xx cell phone. I would like to transfer pictures from my laptop to the phone via USB cable. I have the cable but now I'm informed by Motorola that I have to purchase the software (data connection tool package) Is there any way to pick up this software free or is there another way to download my pictures to the phone besides using the memory card which I also can't use on my laptop.

A:Cell Phone Pictures

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I need to hookup my PC (a dell using windows 98) to a cell phone what kind of hardware do I need? Thanks in advance.

A:What do I need to hookup my pc to a cell phone

A cable & some software usually.

You might find it worth a visit to your phone manufacturers website.

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I have the motorola V188, and I'm looking for the driver so my comp will recognize it, and I can use mobile phone tools with it. I had this driver, but I don't know what I didi with it. I'm having a really hard time locating it online. Can someone help me out?

A:cell phone driver

anyone? Can someone help me out?

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Hi, uhm i recently went on a trip with my friend and took some video on my Motorola RAZR V3 phone and i was wondering what software i could use to upload the videos from my phone onto my computer since i cant use the phone to upload them.. i really would love some help on this one, i've tried data pilot and some other software but none seem to work to my standards..

anyhelp would be greatly appreciated =)

A:Cell phone software help

If you get a data cable made for you phone you should be able to get the software from the phone mfg.
My cell phone connects to the computers via a usb cable.

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Am looking for a cell phone that has an external antenna that can be hooked into the electronics on my boat that has a range of approx. 35 miles any suggestions?


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So I just moved into a new apartment. It's a really nice place, even has it's own fitness center for the community, a car wash, and free coffee (will explain later with pictures I shall post... but not in this thread...)

Anyways, the building's structure here totally messes up any signals inside the apartment except for right by the window of my room, I get a bar of 3G signal. (And I mean RIGHT there... like press the cellphone against the glass...)

So I went online looking for a cellphone repeater to buy... but there are so many models, many of them ridiculously expensive (or they seem to be...).

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for what to buy.
I just want to use my cellphone indoors... not out on the porch. I use voice, texting, and data services, thus I really would like to make it so that 3G signal from AT&T's tower gets there.
The apartment is 1400 square feet. (Yes it's huge, but there are 6 people living here though...)
I want to hopefully be able to use the cellphone relatively anywhere in the apartment.
If I can't have that, I'll settle for the 2 back bedrooms (mine and my mother / sister's bedrooms).

Any information on these things would be useful. I don't want to spend the 150 - 600$ and find out that it doesn't do what I want it to.

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My phone(Motorola Razr V3)is MP3 ready but I don't know how to send the MP3 files stored onto my computer to my cell phone. Any help would be great!!

A:Getting songs to a cell phone

If you don't have any connecting cords for your phone I recommend you to purchase an USB adapter. It will solve all your problems.

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I currently have Sprint PCS plan and i want a new cell phone. I Been eying that RAZR for awhile and was wondering if is compatible with sprint?
Also, i cant change sprint service for another year since i have a contract with them. Only way to cancel is by paying fee which i think is like 150 $
This is probably not the right forum to post this, but to me, it sounded like the best place. Networking

A:Cell Phone Question.

Networking may not mean exactly what you think it does in this case. Regardless, the Moto Razr is not available with Sprint. Sorry.

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I am looking for a FREE mp3 converter that will allow me to convert my music form my pc to a format that will work on my phone any ideas?

A:Cell phone ringtones

What format does your phone require?

Regards Howard

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I am trying to syncronize my PC (Win XP SP 2) with my SonyEricsson P900 Cell Phone,with little success.I am told by Ericsson that my PC must be set with "Microsoft Outlook" as default program.I have tried to do this with no success, since my PC does not seem to accept my choice. Presently I have "Outlook Express" as default program for my
e-mail, but I am not able to find the right way to change this to " Microsoft Outlook ".Can anyone help?


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Can I use a Herman Pro Group 9.6v 300mA Class 2 Transformer to charge my LG 4g cell phone?

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my aunt has a BUNCH of videos on her phone and she wants me to put them on a DVD R....well i did...and they came off as written files...is there a program i can download to change their file type? and i would like it to be free.

thanks in advance i can use all the help i can get =)

A:Cell phone videos!!!!!

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anyone know were i can get cellphone unlock codes for free

Im tryin to unlock my blackberry pearl, so help would be great.

A:cell phone unlock

caution: see this link

free? hum; google for unlock cell phone and there are a few for $5usd --
that's cheap enought?

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I have a problem connecting my Nokia cell phone

when i try to connect it using Nokia PC suite 5 I get this error message

''The requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context''

Note: Add new hardware wizard added my cell phone as ''Unknown Device''
But it tells my that the new hardware is installed and ready to use.

Could anyone help????????

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Sad tale to be aware of; unlocked phones may be severely crippled in the features available on another providers network!!

Purchase Motorola V600 (Quad band) GSM phone for extended trip to Europe. (Domestic uses 840+1900, Europe 900+1800)

Phone was already unlocked (shipped locked to T-Mobile however) in the box, and I only needed to swap the SIM card from Cingular into this phone --- works great, except no Email nor Browser support!

Called Cingular and we got TXT messaging working (but I don't normally use it), but we could not configure Email/Browser to access the Cingular network at all. The T-Mobile software is so different, there's no settings for things like IP-Address and Port numbers!

Called T-Mobile (1-209-904-2030) -- catch 22, not a T-Mobile user and therefore can't even access the phone.

Called Motorola Support (1-800-331-6456). WOW! Service person was nice enough, but spouted official Company rhetoric.
"The phone was manufactured for T-Mobile and with that contract, the T-Mobile software was installed. It is illegal for us to uninstall or replace that software."

1) It's MY phone, not T-Mobile's
2) I choose the service provider I need
3) said contract is collusion and conspiracy by the manufacturer and the service provider(s) here domestically (US) to force either a new device purchase and or to coerce a specific service provider.
4) European users do not have this problem and pr... Read more

A:Unlocking your GSM cell phone

I can confirm the bit about European cells.
Bought (as an upgrade) 3 tri-band cells, from and locked into the Vodaphone network (in Ireland).
Having spent enough money (i.e. over ?130.- per cell) on my previous Vodaphone pay-as-you-go phone-bills, all I needed to do then was call Vodaphone customer service with the cells' IMEI-numbers, they gave me the unlock-codes on the spot!
The cells are happily used now in Pennsylvania on the Cingular network, without any problems or limitations.
They were 2x Motorola E770V and 1x Nokia 3120.

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I do not have a picture phone however a friend does not have email. How do I send a photo from my email to his cell phone. I have managed to get a message to him this way but he says he only sees "headers" and not an picture. I'm using hotmail. He's using Net 10 prepaid. Suggestions?

A:Email to cell phone


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