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T480 stuck on windows boot manager when waking from hibernate

Q: T480 stuck on windows boot manager when waking from hibernate

I have my laptop set to hibernate when closing the lid and starting yesterday (had this for about a month), upon waking up, I get stuck on the windows boot manager. Even if I exit out from it, it comes back to this screen. The only workaround is to force a reboot. I'm recent with both lenovo and windows update and ran lenovo diagnostics but everything comes out ok. Reset the BIOS settings to default as well. But to no avail. Setting the boot priority to my SSD first does nothing as well.

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Preferred Solution: T480 stuck on windows boot manager when waking from hibernate

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a remote user who cannot get into her laptop this morning. The Lenovo homew screen comes up for a log time, then it says going into Boot manager but the only thing available in the Boot Menu is "PCI Lan".  I had her go to the APP Menu and run the diagnostics but everything seemed to pass.  We tried resetting the PC using a paperclip, tried getting into the Boot manager on startup using F2 and it doesn't do anything but go in a continuous loop of rebooting and only getting to the Lenovo screen and sometimes into this virtually empty Boot manage. Any help is appreciated, laptop is less than 6 months old.  

A:T480 Doesn;t boot, only shows PCI LAN in Boot manager

It sounds like your disk or SSD has died and does not respond at power up.  Assuming you have a normal warranty, call support.  In U.S. it is 1-800-426-7378

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Problems with my girlfriend's computer, so here's where I'm at right now:

- Windows Boot Manager shows error code 0xc000000e and that winload.exe is missing or corrupt.
- The version of Windows Vista on her Compaq Presario c700 came pre-installed; therefore, I have no installation discs or recovery discs.
- I have the Vista_Recovery_Disc.ISO and have burned it onto CD-RWs, CD-Rs, and DVD-Rs using Roxio's Creator Classic, and have changed the boot order in the BIOS to read from the CD drive first, but the computer does not read from the cds/dvds on startup, so I cannot run the Vista Recovery program. If anyone is familiar with Creator Classic, bootable discs can be created in the following types:
1. Floppy Disc Emulation (1.44 MB)
2. Floppy Disc Emulation (2.88 MB)
3. Hard Disk Emulation
4. No Emulation
I have tried the first three types, but the computer will not read the cds/dvds that I have burned the Vista_Recovery_Disc.ISO onto.
- I'm able to use the AVG Recovery program that I installed on a flash drive (changing the boot order in the BIOS to read from USB first, of course) and its sub-programs, but that's about it.
- I cannot boot into ANY safe mode in order to get to a command prompt to run fixboot.

I am suspecting that the cause of this failed boot has to do with installing AVG Free 2012 onto my girlfriend's laptop computer with Windows Vista Home Premium as the OS. I've read on the internet that there have been problems/confl... Read more

A:Solved: Vista crash/stuck at Windows Boot Manager

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I have a new T480 and Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock. I find that often when I close--but in no way shut down--the computer for the night, when I restart in the morning, it completely restarts, so I lose open tabs, unsaved work, etc. I can understand enough of the system event log to determine that the computer always goes to sleep when I close it, then, per the power plan, hibernates three hours later--or at least tries to. The first sign of trouble in the logs comes at the time of hibernation. For example, at 2:37:25 this morning there is the routine Information event, "The system is entering sleep. Sleep Reason: Hibernate from Sleep - Fixed Timeout." This is followed immediately by the warning, "6105 - deauth after EAPOL key exchange sequence". Over the next 5 minutes come two more warnings and eight errors. Then nothing until I start the machine in the morning. One of the first events on restart is the information message, "The last shutdown's success status was false. The last boot's success status was true." It appears to me that this only happens if the computer is plugged into the Thunderbolt 3 dock overnight. To the dock are connected a (gigabit) ethernet cable, a displayport monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, and a pair of headphones. Here is a fuller dump of the error log at the last time it was hibernating, or trying to: Level Date and Time Source Event ID Task CategoryError 7/30/2018 2:41:33 AM Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM 10010 None The server {3EB... Read more

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Hey all,

I'm using windows vista ultimate on a media pc which is connected via HDMI cable to my toshiba 32a3000 lcd tv. My problem is that when I press the power button on my MCE remote control it puts my computer into hibernate mode and if my computer is in that mode for more than a few hours when I try to wake him up I only get a blank screen and computer won't respond and I have to turn it off by pressing the off button on the case. I tried changing the power scheme so my computer never goes to sleep or hibernates no matter how much time has passed but that still didn't work. If you want to know my computer specs they are in my profile.
Any ideas what's wrong?


A:problems with waking un from hibernate


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Hey guys, new to the forum after lurking and realizing nearly every search led me here. Unfortunately none of the fixes I find worked.

Just built the girlfriend a computer:

Asrock Z77 Extreme4
Ivybridge i5 3570k
2x4GB Crucial DDR3 1600 DIMMs
OCZTech 600W PSU
Generic CDRom, Seagate HDDs mirrored, WD Primary HDD.
No GPU connected as she won't need one.

At first I tried a mild overclock at 4.4ghz and stability tested with P95 for a few hours with no errors at all. Everything worked fine!
Come time for her to actually use it, of course, BSOD's ensued, followed by boot looping.
Boot loop would not stop until one of the DIMMs was removed.
Naturally I thought the RAM was the culprit and tested the sticks using Memtest86, 4 passes each with no errors.
Next tried single sticks of RAM in each slot, booted up fine. Tried with two sticks (1&3, 2&4), and it seemed to work fine if booting from a clean shutdown (as opposed to BSOD).
Reverted to default BIOS settings and it seemed to help a little, as in it would actually wake from Hibernate a few times, but then out of nowhere would BSOD again.

I read somewhere that a bent cpu pin might do this, but since a single stick worked on each of the 4 slots, I think this can be ruled out.
BIOS are upto date with latest 2.20 version as well.
I'm clueless really, am not sure if I should exchange the mobo or the RAM as that's really all I can think of =\

Right now the computer is working fine with only one stick of RAM... Read more

A:BSOD Waking from Hibernate

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This is not a BSOD but rather I get the Sad Face screen where it says my computer had to restart, and the error code is:


or something like that...
Anyone else get this? What can be done about it?

A:Crash when waking from hibernate

BAD_POOL_CALLER is a BSOD (the screen can flash by so quickly that you might not have seen it)
Here's a link to it's description: BSOD Index

Please provide this information to get us started: http://www.eightforums.com/crashes-d...tructions.html

While waiting for a reply, please run the first 3 free diagnostics (memory, hard drive, and antimalware) at this page: Hardware Diags Start with the memory test as this can be associated with bad RAM.

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I'm having a hard time finding information on the hibernate power mode option. My question is, can a computer come out of hibernate mode by itself with no input from user? Also, can it be done by someone else remotely via a users cable gateway connection? TIA

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i recently had my computer freeze so i decided to reboot my dell c521 and when it rebooted it started up with a (startup repair) screen and then when it was done my windows icon apeared along with the password section but all the words turned to symbols ? i took it to geek squad and they suggested it was a virus and to wipe the computer clean. so when i got home i follwed the instructions given and booted from the dvd/cd with reinstallation dvd, and followed prompts and when it rebooted my computer i got this erorr message:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix the problem:

1. Insert your window installation disc and restart your computer.
2. choose your language settings, and then click "next"
3. click "repair your computer"

also said...

Status: 0xc0000221
Info: Windows failed to load because a critical system driver is missing, or corrupt.

i tried the repair and it just reboots back to the "WINDOWS BOOT MANGER" screen.

now it doesnt do nothing but that and cant get back to the windows start up page. called geek squad back up and they said that they think i deleted all the drivers..? anyone know how to fix this and get the computer running again ? i have both drivers and utilities disc along with operating system disk for reinstallation.

A:dell c521 32bit stuck on "WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER" and seems im missing drivers

Run Startup Repair 3 times
If it doesn't fix things, then start with these free diagnostics:

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests. They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:

H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
HD Diagnostic (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, bootable antivirus disks at this link: Free Online AntiMalware Resources

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So, I decided to reformat my computer because it was working poorly, (slow and overheating) so I launched OS boot manager and when the reformat progress hit 35% it won't advance anymore. The BIOS Verion is F.39 the notebook model is HP14 notebook PC, hp 14-r013la.

A:Os boot manager stuck at 35%

Do a hard reset, that is press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds , with out the adapter, but probably yo may have to call HP for repair 

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I'm having trouble getting my laptop to wake up properly. Sometimes it works just fine and at other times it crashes.
I've reinstalled several times, contacted Asus (they said to reinstal) doesn't work...
The BSOD is always a C2. I think it has something to do with Nvidia Optimus that is installed in my laptop.

I hope someone can help me, cuz i'm unable to fix it

Thanks in advance,

Is Windows 7 . . .- x86 (32-bit) or x64 ?
x64- the original installed OS on the system?
Original OS- an OEM or full retail version?
OEM- OEM = came pre-installed on system- Full Retail = you purchased it from retailer - What is the age of system (hardware)?
About 4 months- What is the age of OS installation (have you re-installed the OS?)
About 1.5 months. I did do a recovery.

A:BSOD after waking up from sleep or hibernate


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This problem is very recent where I place it in hibernate before bed than wake up the next morning and its on. I have not played with any setting and had this computer for quite a while. Any ideas how to fix this problem......thanks

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My Win 7 64 bit system keeps waking up from hibernate during night, around 2-3 am.

This used to not happen before. I already read previous threads which deal with setting the network adapters not to wake up. I did that. As well as issued a dos command to see if I have any wake timers armed, everything's clear.

I do have a Logitech wireless gamepad connected, but I don't think that has wake power options.

Mixed sleep/hibernate mode is off.

Please help! Thank you.

A:Win 7 64bit Keeps Waking Up From Hibernate During Night!

Hello Romulus,

You might also check your wake source Event Viewer logs to see if it may reveal what is waking the computer.

Wake Source - Read Event Viewer Log

Hope this helps for now,

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Hello everyone,

With help from this forum, I fixed very frustrating BSOD issues while waking up the laptop from hibernate a while ago.
Unfortunately the issue is back now, with a different error. I did not get the chance to write down the code, but I have the dumpfile, which I have included in the attachment of this message.

If you need more information, please let me know.
Thank you very much for your help again!

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I've been trying to get to the bottom of this under my own steam but I seem to have hit something of a brick wall. I've been using the hibernate function perfectly fine since windows 8 came out, however the past week or so, whenever I use it, when the computer wakes up again it starts up then displays a BSOD with the page_fault_in_nonpaged_area message.

I ran Memtest for 14 hours last night and that didn't have any problems. Anyway I set up Driver Verifier and have attached the folder from the diagnostic tool.

Any help much appreciated

A:BSOD page_fault_in_nonpaged_area waking from hibernate


Please follow the below steps.

1. Update System BIOS.

There is a BIOS update released for your machine specifically to add "Windows 8" support. Get it from Driver Details | Dell US
2. There is a large number of outdated drivers in the system which are not compatible with "Windows 8".


qicflt.sys Fri Jul 2 07:16:34 2010 (4C2D44FA)
QicFilterDriver-64Bits from Quanta Computer/Dell Webcam Driver
SynTP.sys Fri Sep 24 05:19:07 2010 (4C9BE773)
Synaptic Touch Pad Driver

HECIx64.sys Wed Oct 20 05:03:43 2010 (4CBE2AD7)
Intel Management Engine Interface

TurboB.sys Tue Nov 30 04:32:31 2010 (4CF43107)
Intel Turbo Boost driver
iaStor.sys Thu Jan 13 07:20:12 2011 (4D2E5A54)
Intel Storage drivers
RTKVHD64.sys Fri Feb 18 15:25:19 2011 (4D5E4207)
Realtek High Definition Audio Function Driver
nvBridge.kmd Fri Apr 22 06:31:09 2011 (4DB0D355)
nVidia Compatible Vista Kernel Mode Driver (likely belongs to nForce chipset drivers)

Accelern.sys Mon Dec 13 23:03:51 2010 (4D0658FF)
ST MicroElectronics Accelerometer

Please uninstall currently installed versions of these drivers completely from the system and download the "Windows 8" compatible drivers from the below link.

Drivers & Downloads | Dell US

Make sure to update all the drivers i listed.

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Here is the attachment. Please help me. Thanks a lot!

A:Blue Screen when waking up from Hibernate

There are 2 things were blamed in the crash dump. First of all is your iaStor.sys, which is Intel Storage driver, secondly is pci.sys with the stop code 9F, it was common issue with window xp. Did you do clean install or upgrade?
Please download and install fresh copy of intel storage driver

BugCheck 9F, {3, 8574c5d0, 82f67ae0, c85882b0}

Probably caused by : pci.sys

Followup: MachineOwner
BugCheck 9088, {ad15fb74, ad15fb78, ad15fb6c, ad15fb70}

Probably caused by : iaStor.sys ( iaStor+3d856 )

Followup: MachineOwner
Please update these drivers:

ASMMAP ASMMAP.sys Mon Feb 05 02:52:50 2007 (45C63992) LENOVO ATK0101 ACPI UTILITY
Tppwr32v Tppwr32v.sys Fri Jun 13 09:27:57 2008 (4851DB2D) ThinkPad Pwr Mgmt Port

Let us know if you need help


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Hello, A recent phenomena. I use Hibernate (not sleep). Recently, it seems that the laptop refuses to accept fingerprint after waking from Hibernate (doesn't matter if lid was closed or not). Keep getting error:"Couldn?t recognize that fingerprint. Make sure you?ve set up your fingerprint in Windows." I then manually enter password and continue. If I shutdown/reboot, then fingerprint works all the time. This proves that f/p is set up under Windows. Something must be off somewhere. Had recently updated some drivers through Companion - (NOT Nvidia) and have not installed the latest Win-10 updates yet since it seems that there could potentially be some issues with the latest update. Thanks,

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Hello, I am getting a consistent BSOD when resuming from sleep or hibernate, within 10 seconds. Here are my specs:

Windows 7 64-bit
Not original, installed through retail disc
System is 2 years old
OS installation was on 9/14/2011 at 4:54:45 PM

Attached perfmon and BSOD tool output.

BlueScreenView reports "032312-18579-01.dmp 3/23/2012 5:17:04 PM IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000a 00000001`004400d0 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000001 fffff800`032cfbb3 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+7cd40 NT Kernel & System Microsoft? Windows? Operating System Microsoft Corporation 6.1.7601.17727 (win7sp1_gdr.111118-2330) x64 ntoskrnl.exe+7cd40 C:\Windows\Minidump\032312-18579-01.dmp 8 15 7601 262,144

A:BSOD when waking from sleep & hibernate

Boot into Advanced Boot Options and choose the Last Known Good Configuration option. This should start Windows with the last known registry and driver options that worked.

Enable Driver Verifier. Enabling this should hopefully crash your system and then point to the faulty driver that is causing problems. However before you do, it is advised that you create a system restore point and backup first.
Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable

Make sure all Windows updates are installed including the latest Service Pack.

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Hello! I have BSODs after waking my computer up. Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 8.1. Waking from hibernate generates Kernel_Security_Check_Failure. Waking from sleep generates mostly IRQ NOT EQUAL. Could you please help? Thanks!

A:BSOD waking from sleep or hibernate

There is no crash dump in the uploaded zip.

Make it sure that windows records a minidump at BSOD. Follow BSOD Minidump - Configure to Create in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums.

Then wait for another BSOD, and then upload another log.

Dont run any disc cleanup tool before uploading another log.

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I find that sometimes, when I wake up from hibernate, I get something lik

I don't really know how to describe it but, notice that the rendering is not sharp with all the lines etc

A:Screen Problem after waking up from hibernate

I feel like this is a glitch with Windows 7 Ultimate 64, Sometimes when exiting games this happens, hit cntrl-alt-del and then exit out of that and tell me what happens.

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Hello, i've been having 3 different BSODs the last while. SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR, and SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. The bug check codes are 0x1000007e or 0x0000003b for the system_service_exception.

My laptop is running windows 8.1, it is an Asus G46vw. I've updated my video drivers, both intel and nvidia. I've updated other drivers that i can find updates for. I've run memtest 86+ 5.01 on both sticks of ram individually, and they both pass multiple passes. I've also updated my Intel SSD to the newest firmware.

The crashes happen when the computer is waking up from both sleep and hibernate. They have been more frequent lately (4 crashes the last 9 days), and i'm quite frustrated. I've attached the files from sf diagnostic tool.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and help, i greatly appreciate it!

A:3 different BSODs when system waking from sleep/hibernate

Please ensure that you have ALL available Windows Updates

These devices have problems in Device Manager:\

LogMeIn Hamachi Virtual Ethernet Adapter ROOT\NET\0001 This device is disabled.

Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) BTH\MS_BTHPAN\7&7E0B819&0&2 This device is disabled.

IWD Bus Enumerator ROOT\SYSTEM\0001 39

If not using LogMeIn, please uninstall it.
For the Bluetooth device, please enable it and then update it's drivers. If you'd like, feel free to disable it again after the update
For the IWD Bus Enumerator, if there are 2 listed in Device Manager - uninstall the one with the exclamation point. (you may have to select View Hidden Devices to see this). Another person has suggested updating the WiDi drivers as a possible fix.

Daemon Tools (and Alcohol % software) are known to cause BSOD's on some Windows systems (mostly due to the sptd.sys driver, although I have seen dtsoftbus01.sys blamed on several occasions).

Please un-install the program, then use the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.sys driver is removed from your system (pick the 32 or 64 bit system depending on your system's configuration): New link (15 Aug 2012): DuplexSecure - Downloads (pick the appropriate version for your system and select "Un-install" when you run it).
Alternate link: Disk-Tools.com
Manual procedure here: Registry and SPTD problems | DAEMON Pro Help

... Read more

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A:BSOD when waking system from sleep or hibernate.

Halp pls? :<

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I tried to upload my dump file from C:\Windows\Dump onto this website as an attachment, but it wouldn't let me.
Instead, I uploaded it on mediafire.

I would appreciate it if someone could take a look at it.


A:Computer Crashes upon Waking Up from Sleep or Hibernate

I am extremely sorry that this thread was not attended to. There are not many people in this field.
In case you still require help, kindly respond to this thread and I will be notified via email and you should expect a response from me in 48 hours.

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I'm stuck on this one. Everytime I try to hibernate or even shutdown my computer it gets to the blank screen and then just hangs. I'm forced to shutdown by the power button which I don't like to do. When I put my computer to sleep and wake it I get the Blue Screen of Death and it says "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION". I've tried disabling and re enabling hibernation to no avail. I'm wondering if my video drivers could be the culprit. Please assist. I'm running an eMachines E525 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

A:Computer freezes on hibernate and crashes when waking.

Post your goods so we can take a look at what's causing the problem.


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I bought a refurbished lenovo u410 with windows 8 back in september, but in the past week every time it goes into sleep or hibernation mode I get a BSOD with Driver_Power_State_Failure. Any help in identifying the problem would be greatly appreciated!

A:BSOD when waking from sleep/hibernate mode

Update your drivers to the latest, Win8.1 version from the Lenovo website ( Lenovo Support - Drivers & Software (US) )
In particular, update this one (it's at the bottom of the Chipset section - and under the Storage section): Intel Rapid Start Technology Driver for Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit) - IdeaPad U310, U310 Touch, U410, U410 Touch

Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

LhdX64.sys Mon Jan 11 10:06:58 2010 (4B4B3E92)
Lenovo HD Disk Driver
FYI - I was unable to find an update for this - so don't worry about it overmuch for now.

If all of this doesn't stop the BSOD's, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings

The following is for informational purposes only.

**************************Mon Nov 11 15:16:39.326 2013 (UTC - 5:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\111113-26953-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9600.16404.amd64fre.winblue_gdr.130913-2141
System Uptime:0 days 13:06:46.184
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for partmgr.sys
*** WAR... Read more

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There is a massive loud alarm ((even with sound off) when my computer wakes up from hibernate.  It happens every time i wake it up from hibernate and the alarm does not stop unless i do a hard reboot.  My computer is brand new.  It sounds like the alarm of a bad fan or other bad hardware, but again, we just bought this computer less than 2 weeks ago.  I've googled but can't find any answer. Please help!

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I am running windows 7 Ultimate rtm on an Acer Aspire 5515 and it goes into/wakes from sleep mode just fine. However when waking from hibernation, it logs in fine and then a minute or two later, it freezes forcing me to hold down the power button to shut it off. When booted back up, of course i get the option of going into 'safe mode' hit start normally and everything is fine. I could just not use Hibernate but it would be convenient if when going to school, i could use hibernate so I still have all my battery power when i resume since sleep still uses a little of the battery up. Is there a fix for this or is it just a bug M$ will have to eventually fix through updates?

Video Adapter Name: ATI Radeon X1200 Series
Processor Name: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 2650e
Frequency: 1600 MHz
Installed Memory: 1,789.98 MB

A:PC freezes minutes after waking from hibernate 7RTM

it does not freeze in my case.. there will be no display my dell studio laptop..happens only sometimes like 1/10 times..
i have set my power button to hibernate.. i hibernate system again and when i resume it will be normal

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So i just got a evga GTX 650ti SSC , and a power supply to support it.
it worked perfectly for about 2 days and today i tried starting it up and its just stuck at
the bootmanager screen , counting down to 0 from 10 , but sometimes the counter gets stuck at 8 sometimes at 7 and then nothing happens. My keyboard is also not responding, if i spam F2 and get to bios screen , it gets stuck there also. if i spam F8 and get to that screen it gets stuck, basically after 3-4 seconds, the pc freezes.

if i try to use the VGA adapter on the motherbaord for display , all is well., comupter starts normally , windows boots up, keyboard works etc.

I have a AMD phenom II x4 820, @2.8ghz.
evga gtx 650ti SSC,
6gb ram
motherboard 04GJJT A05 , from a dell inspiron 570
any ideas? i'm so hopelessly lost on this, and googling it didnt help much either, since i tried everything random forums asked to be done.

A:Pc stuck at boot manager with new gfx card insterted

Do you have another system to try the card and make sure the card has not failed?

I would tend to think you may have fried something on the mb [If the card checks ok in another system] That system [when built] was a low to mid range system as such it is not really up to supporting a high end video card. It is more than just installing a new pw supply; the mb also supplies pw to the card.

BTW you really need to list the exact pw supply that is installed.
and a power supply to support itClick to expand...

This tells us nothing other than you installed another pw supply.

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BSOD on an Acer Aspire 5750. It is pretty much brand new, but I have been trouble shooting this for about 3 weeks and have just now learned about the dmp files but am not yet good at reading them.

BlueScreenView seems to point to some kernel exe that is at the very core of Windows 7, but from what I have read it is most surely a driver as it only happens when waking up from sleep.

Can someone evaluate these dmp files and point me in the right direction?

A:BSOD after waking up from sleep or hibernate (sometimes/ 2xper week

Hello and welcome to Seven Forums,

Please follow the http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...tructions.html so we can help you.


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Hey gang!

I've noticed these pass couple of days, ever now and then, Id leave my pc and come back to it later and notice its been shut off. I would turn it back on and it would tell me it didnt shut down probably. Well yesterday I woke it from hibernation and managed to see a BSOD involving a driver issue I think:

Im not sure it did a physical memory dump.

I then updated all my windows updates and I believe some failed but when I did it again all were installed and no recent updates. I then ran a sfc scan and its says it found some files corrupt but couldnt repair it. Not sure what exactly is happening.

And ideas would be nice. My pc is old and I need to get a new one here so no biggie if the issue can't be resolved. Thanks!

if its a problem involving sleep more how do i disable it?

A:BSOD waking from hibernate. Driver Issue? iassdo.dll.mui?

Welcome to the forum,

Please follow these instructions,

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Someone will be along to help shortly.

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Hey gang!

I've noticed these pass couple of days, ever now and then, Id leave my pc and come back to it later and notice its been shut off. I would turn it back on and it would tell me it didnt shut down probably. Well yesterday I woke it from hibernation and managed to see a BSOD involving a driver issue I think:

Im not sure it did a physical memory dump.

I then updated all my windows updates and I believe some failed but when I did it again all were installed and no recent updates. I then ran a sfc scan and its says it found some files corrupt but couldnt repair it. Not sure what exactly is happening.

And ideas would be nice. My pc is old and I need to get a new one here so no biggie if the issue can't be resolved. Thanks!

if its a problem involving sleep more how do i disable it?

Attached is the sfc details

A:BSOD waking from hibernate. Driver Issue? iassdo.dll.mui?

Any ideas? Use the installation disc for repair?

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  My computer is waking up from hibernation right past five am.  (I am still asleep)  I went to command prompt and entered
powercfg -waketimers    This is the answer.  Timer set by (process) Legacy Kernel Caller expires at 5:17am on 1-16-14
I have no idea why this is scheduled to wake up, or what Legacy Kernel Caller is.  Can someone help me with this?

A:Legacy Kernel Caller waking computer from hibernate

From my understandings, Legacy Kernel Caller should be a device driver for a legacy type hardware in your system. An internet search shows, entering the below command from an elevated command prompt will block legacy drivers from waking the system.
Powercfg -requestsoverride Driver "Legacy Kernel Caller" System

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I've had this happening around 2 weeks ago, but it subsided for unknown reasons (didn't do anything).
But it came back since the power failure from blackout in my place (2 days ago), where every hibernate I do won't just load up for me.

Not sure what causes it, and I don't have any Restore Point to try.

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This computer used to have a LOT of BSOD problems, I RMA'd a lot of hardware, which solved most of the problems, but I'm getting BSOD's during 1 game (GRID Autosport) and when the computer wakes up.

Windows 7.1
That is the original OS
Full retail
Hardware is all less than 2 years old, most is 1
This install of OS is a couple months.
I have reinstalled the OS many times in the last 2 years.

I7 - 4770K @3.5ghz (currently at 4.3 with software OC but problem happens at either frequency)
Gigabyte 780ti
Asus Z87 Pro
EVGA 750w Gold

Custom made system

Thanks for help!

A:[SOLVED] Gaming PC BSOD during game and when waking up from Sleep/Hibernate

Bump for desperation?

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 I know the 'official' max ram on the G570 laptop is 8 GB, but some users report no problems going up to 16 GB. So I went for it and it works just fine except that waking from 'sleep' or 'hibernate' occasionally causes the blue screen. Everything else is fine. All 16 GB is available to software. I checked using memtester on an ubuntu linux install running on VM ware (on top of windows 7). So my question is - is there some workarond that will make my machine play nice with 16 GB? Bios upgrade? Some 3rd party OS patch? Anything?  Any and all advice is much appreciated!  

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This has been a problem that I've been having since the original trackpad driver Lenovo put out when Windows 10 was officially released.  I've seen other people mention they have the same problem, but there's still no solution.  Problem: After the Yoga S1 goes to sleep or hibernates, the trackpad doesn't work.  The cursor doesn't show up on the screen until I move the TrackPoint or if I have an external mouse connected.  The only thing thing functional is the trackpoint and physically pushing the trackpad for right and left click.  Gestures, tap to click, etc. do not work.  The problem has been consistent with every driver version up to and including the latest that Lenovo put out on 9/7.   The only way to get the trackpad working again is to uninstall the synaptics driver, reboot, reinstall driver, reboot again.  Probem returns after waking up the computer after going to sleep or hibernate.   I'm forced to use driver version directly from synaptics.  The trackpad works perfectly, but the right and middle buttons (at the top of the trackpad) for the trackpoint do not work since it's just a generic driver.   Lenovo has put out at least two new drivers since this problem has popped up  and others have complained about it on this forum and still hasn't been fixed.   

A:Yoga S1 Trackpad still stops working after waking from sleep/hibernate with latest driver

Same problem  even with latest driver as of March 2018.  Bios updated to latest version.  Windows 10. had the MB changed twice.  Lenovo will be replacing trackpoing/track pad.  So frustrating.

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EDIT: Should be aswRVRT.sys
Computer worked fine in the morning. Then I turned it off later (had windows update)
then when I came home in the afternoon to open my PC it just didnt work.
When I try to go to safe mode it just gets stuck at aswRVRT.sys.
If it helps I already ran FRST.
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 31-10-2013
Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-FK8MU7P on 03-11-2013 12:38:52
Running from K:\
Windows 7 Home Premium (X64) OS Language: English(US)
Internet Explorer Version 10
Boot Mode: Recovery
The current controlset is ControlSet001
ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST could be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.
==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ==================
HKLM\...\Run: [GamecomSound] - C:\Program Files\Plantronics\GameCom780\GameCom780.exe [777448 2011-12-01] ()
HKLM\...\Run: [AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0] - C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\UWA\updaterstartuputility.exe [472984 2013-06-03] (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
HKLM\...\Run: [MSC] - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\msseces.exe [1356240 2013-08-12] (Microsoft Corporation)
HKLM\...\Run: [MsmqIntCert] - regsvr32 /s mqrt.dll
HKLM\...\Run: [Nvtmru] - C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA Update Core\NvTmru.exe [1028384 2013-10-17] (NVIDIA Corporation)
HKLM\...\Run: [UMonit] - C:\Windows\SysWOW64\UMonit.exe [49152 1999-12-31] ()
HKLM\...\Run: [RTHDVCPL] - ... Read more

A:Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe

Anyone please?

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Good afternoon all, My z570 is about 5 years old but still works/worked fine unitl  was rudely forced to install windows 10 creators 2 weeks ago, there was no option to not install and now stuck in the boot sequence.My z570 shipped with win 7 originally, then to win 8 and fianlly we had the free upgrade to windows 10 last year and all without any problems, everything worked untill the forced install was thrust upon me.As you can see in the picture that's how far my laptop gets and no further, this is obviously a win 10 creators edition issue as the previous win 10 worked great.I've tired safe mode and it will boot into safe mode but I can not find out how to fix it. Does anyone have a solution to this?

desktop.JPG ?1728 KB

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Hi there,

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, (also happened in 8) I'm having a problem with my USB3 Seagate External HDD.

For some reason my computer is not finding the drive after it's been switched off. I have to unplug-and re-plug in the USB lead for computer to recognise it. It's fine after a reboot - just a full shutdown causes the problem.

This causes a few annoying error messages on startup as I have both iCloud, and Dropbox set to this External drive. The problem did not occur in Windows 7.

I've tried disabling the "Automatically Switch this USB device off to save power" setting. Also downloaded Seatools software to ensure the drive never "Sleeps". Nothing has worked yet. Trying a different USB port gives same results. No other USB device has any problems during startup.

Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB WIFI.
HDD is a Seagate External 2TB.

I did try (as a last resort) using the Windows 7 USB3 drivers instead of the "built in" native USB3 support that Windows 8 provides. This didn't seem to work.

Any help / tips / ideas greatly appriciated!


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Hi,New T480 user, with a new T480.I have a USB that I want to boot from for a temporary Linux session.I did the following:(1) Placed the USB key into the USB port(2) Restarted laptop(3) selected "Enter" when the red Lenovo logo starts on restart(4) selected the "boot from external device" option on the menu that appears(5) On the next menu that appears, I can see my USB key listed, but when I select it and press enter, nothing happens. It just stays on the same menu.I have tried this several times, restarting from both my admin account, and my windows account (I have these separate for security purposes), but cannot get it to work.Any suggestions?Thanks in advance

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Hello, I'm at a loss and afraid I've lost all my files.   Every time I restarted my computer I kept getting the Windows Boot Manager error message: Status: 0xc000000f Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data. However, after googling and trying numerous methods to repair this, I now keep getting prompted with the Windows Recovery Manager.  I assumed that choosing the default factory restore option would prompt me with a back up option, but it didn't and proceeded to reformat.  I quickly shut my computer down. I don't know what to do next because now all I get is the Windows Recovery Manager option. Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Windows Boot Manager Error / Windows Recovery Manager Issue

If this string of events actually did start to reformat the drive, it might still be recoverable.  I would boot the computer to an independent OS IE: Linux Live on a CD or DVD and then look at the drive.  Then use that to copy your data to another drive.  Once the data is saved, then do whatever you want with this corrupted drive.  Do not try to continue with any other operations until the data is saved elsewhere.Since this PC came with Vista, once the data is saved, you could try the HP REcovery Manager to restore the original OS. Or just start over this a new install of windows 7

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When I try to wake my machine from S3 sleep mode I see the hard drive lights power up but nothing happens, I get a black screen for about 5-6 seconds then my machine proceeds to boot loop itself until i manual shut it down with the power button.

Sometimes it will start up regularly with no problems, and about 60-70% of the other times it will do the problem i have explained above.

Id really appreciate any help on this it is driving me crazy.

A:Windows 7 64bit Boot loops waking from sleep mode

Most sleep problems are Display Driver related. Update yours now. If newest, try another recent one.

Enter Power Options, on Balanced plan, set Sleep to 1 minute, Hybrid Sleep on, Hibernate to 2 minutes. Observe what happens. Will it shut down after hibernating, then resume normally?

Some of the steps here may help: Sleep Mode Problems - Vista Forums

If not use the tool the Pro's use to determine with certainty the cause by Gathering a Startup, Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernate, or Reboot Trace - Windows 7 Forums

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Hey guys!

Basically I've been having these BSODs whenever I wake my computer up from sleep mode. Used to be only BSODs everytime I wake my computer up and when I googled this issue most people said it's some driver problem.

I had updated (Windows Update had updated) the drivers for my Intel Wireless G adapter (built in into my laptop) but I restored the old Drivers that are found on the HP website.

Since then this issue seemed to be fixed but now sometimes it might BSOD and sometimes it gets stuck, meaning I cant move anything on my computer (no mouse no keyboard inputs either) and there is no hard disk being used light running. This also seems to happen after about 30 seconds (usually enough time for me to type my password so I can log in) and then either it gets stuck or first gets stuck and BSODs. THe error is always IRQL_LESS or something similar.

I have attached the dump data of one of these BSODs (I think it is on the same problem)

Here is some of the info on this dump:


Shut down unexpectedly

19/12/2010 06:49 PM

Not Reported

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 2057

Files that help describe the problem

Extra information about the problem
BCCode: 1000000a
BCP1: 1F817481
BCP2: 00000002
BCP3: 00000001
BCP4: 84EBCE64
OS Version: 6_0_6002
Service Pack: 2_0
Product: 768_1

Rest is attached.

Do let... Read more

A:BSOD + Stuck on Waking up from Sleep

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\richc46\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp1_Dump%20File![1].zip\Mini121910-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols
Executable search path is:
Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista Kernel Version 6002 (Service Pack 2) MP (2 procs) Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 6002.18267.x86fre.vistasp2_gdr.100608-0458
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x84e13000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x84f2ac70
Debug session time: Sun Dec 19 13:43:05.172 2010 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 11:49:59.021
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *
Use !analyze -v to get detailed... Read more

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Hello,I have a problem with my brand new T480.It is a campus model upgraded to 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD.Today, I installed Windows 10 without problems and updated the bios (1.12).After severals reboots I recognized, after the Lenovo boot logo,is a delay with approximately 30 seconds until the Windows 10 boot icon appears. During the delay there is only in the left corner a blinking underscore. I changed boot order and activated diagnostic boot.I see directly after the boot informations for <1sec the message "Thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics start." (I don't know if this is normal.) Then again the delay of 30seconds, until Windows 10 boots. I downgraded bios back to 1.11. Still same problem.I installed debian but still the delay.Also I set the bios to default values. Is the hardware damaged?  

A:T480 boot delay

Germany is a long distance from San Francisco, and I cannot be sure without seeing the machine, but I can say that a bad SSD can act like you describe.

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I bought a T480 with an HDD, but I've since bought a Samsung 960 Evo and installed it into the laptop bay, and I want to clone the HDD to the SSD by booting from the HDD externally, but that doesn't work. I'm using a Sabrent USB 3.0 hard drive adapter kit to power and connect the HDD externally. I looked around for solutions just can't boot the HDD externally, even after going to BIOS and disabling secure boot and changing UEFI/legacy boot option to both.

A:T480 can't boot from external HDD?

Usually one must format the SSD before use, then connect it with a USB adapter to clone the existing HDD to it.
Steps that I employ...

Purchase SSD
Read SSD user guide, download manufacture software
Format SSD using manufacture software
hookup SSD to target computer via USB (notebook) or SATA (desktop)
Clone HDD to SSD via manufacture software / thrid party software
Verify information on SSD matches HDD
Remove HDD, replace with SSD
Boot the computer (notebook) verify installation / cloning works
Store HDD in safe location (as back up device)

This procedure works 99% of the time, but there is always the 1% that I have to work around otherwise.
Good luck.

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I had windows installed on a disk (sda) and decided to install ubuntu 10.10 in another disk (sdb). Ubuntu installed Grub2 boot loader in sdb and both systems seem to work fine. Except windows hibernation (which worked normally before the Ubuntu installation). What happens is this:
1. If I set the BIOS to startup from disk sdb, GRUB comes out. When I select windows and try to hibernate, the screen goes black and after a couple of seconds the log in screen appears. So, I can not hibernate windows when I use GRUB. By the way, ubuntu hibernates normally.
2. If I set the BIOS to startup from disk sda, windows load (without GRUB of course) and hibernate actually works. But when I turn on the pc windows resuming is the only option. I can not activate the bbs popup and even if I set bios to boot from the other disk (sdb) the system seems to ignore me and resumes windows without displaying GRUB loader.
So, I can either hibernate windows but have to resume before I can use ubuntu or start windows using grub and not have the option to hibernate. From the above I get that windows 7 have a way of controlling the system's BIOS and prevent loading another os when windows are hibernated. I say windows 7 because my laptop has a similar dual boot (vista with ubuntu 9.04) and hibernation works for both systems and I can load whichever I want after that. I tried to find information about w7 hibernation and bios but I couldn't find anything clear enough.
I have also tried EasyBCD but it d... Read more

A:Hibernate windows 7 in dual boot with ubuntu

Oh boy this takes a while. to speed you along: powercfg.exe -energy in a windows 7 cmd.exe with admin rights - fixs as many problems as you can. if sleep works but hybrid sleep and hibernate don't and you boot with grub: set boot flag for the mini partition that windows made when it installed itself - note do NOT do this with windows disk manager as it will BREAK your system if you did do this use testdisk to recover (but believe me - you don't want to do that) Instead use parted gparted rescue disk or your linux partition and fdisk and set the boot flag. Still not hibernating (like me?) then you need to use the grub menu option that boots windows from the small partition usually /dev/sda1 (you set the boot flag didn't you?) Ok that should be it. Good luck

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