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Clean Install of Win7 - Wipe Hard Drive Clean

Q: Clean Install of Win7 - Wipe Hard Drive Clean

Hi Folks,

I just did a clean install of Win7 and must have done something wrong. I found a file called Windows.old.

I would like to wipe my hard drive completely clean and then install a fresh copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

How do I accomplish this task? It's a good time to start over because I'm just at the stage of adding the security software. Already did the drivers but don't mind doing those over again.

I have a Dell 5150, Pentium D820, Dual Core 2.8 GHz with 3 GBs memory.

Many thanks,


Preferred Solution: Clean Install of Win7 - Wipe Hard Drive Clean

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Clean Install of Win7 - Wipe Hard Drive Clean

Do you a regular Windows 7 installation disk, with Product Key?

If so, boot from that disk by setting your DVD drive as the first boot device in the BIOS or by choosing the DVD drive from a menu. Do you know how to do that?

Midway in the installation process you will come to a screen that asks where you want to install Windows. Look for "drive options, advanced" or something very close to that. Take that choice.

At the next screen, all of your partitions will be shown. Delete them all.

That will leave you with nothing but "unallocated space".

When you install to the unallocated space, it will be automatically formatted by Windows and you should end up with a very small "System Reserved" partition and a large C partition covering the rest of the drive.

Back up your data before beginning.

Windows.old is your old installation. If you proceed as above, you won't get it.

With 3 GB of RAM, you should probably go with 32-bit.

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If I want to completely and securely wipe my hard drive so that there is nothing recoverable left, will a clean win 10 install with formatting do this?

Or do I need to first use killdisk or something similar to wipe the drive, then install windows?

if I use a tool like that, will I still be able to install windows 10 by creating a bootable USB? or will my USB drivers be gone, and if so, how should I do this?

Sorry I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I tried searching for a guide on this process and all I'm getting are the basic instructions on a clean install which don't exactly answer these questions.

A:Will a clean install securely wipe the entire hard drive?

You would need to use killdisk as I believe Windows Installer only uses quick format during installation to cut down the install time.

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Whats the proper way to wipe my hard drive for a clean install of Win2k?

A:Whats the proper way to wipe my hard drive for a clean install of Win2k?

Just us the Install CD. From there, it will ask you if you want to remove any existing partitions and reformat the drive. Black Viper has a great guide on installing Windows Operating systems. Follow this guide and you should not have any problems.


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I'm going to do a complete format and clean install of Windows 7 Starter on my ASUS EEE PC 1015-PEM. It's now running 7 Ultimate. I did not back up the recovery partition when I put Ultimate on it (completely spaced.. smh,) have no external optical drive handy, USB not recognizing any flash drive I try, and refuse to pay ASUS $50 for a recovery DVD of drivers, programs, and OS I already paid them for.

Clean Install Windows 7

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

I was going to use these ^^ awesome tutorials with a bootable flash drive of the iso I've downloaded but as I mentioned above, USB is giving me problems. Do I have any options left to do the format and clean Win7 install? Can this be done from the HDD as opposed to a bootable CD/DVD or USB?

A:Format and clean Win7 install from hard drive?

Yes. You will need to extract the contents of the iso onto another partition.

Get your nic drivers from asus site also, just in case win7 built in ones don't work.Plonk them onto the same partition as above.

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I have recently purchased a new laptop prior to going traveling. I would like to recycle my AMD p c (running Windows 10) , I would like to pass it on to a friend or to a charity shop. Is there any way to wipe clean the hard drive so nobody can see my old files .
Thanks in anticipation DTS

A:Wipe Clean the hard drive on my PC

If you want to blank out the hard drive and leave nothing on it then use DBAN: http://www.dban.org/download

If you want to leave only Windows 10 on it then use the built-in Windows 10 Reset with the "Remove Everything" and the "Fully Clean the drive" option: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4130-reset-windows-10-a.html

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I am about to give away my computer (windows 98). Should I buy $40 software to erase the hard drive stuff, or is there a cheap or free and EASY way to do it. I'm no expert.


A:wipe clean a hard drive

here is a program called eraser ,i have never used it but some of the pro techguys talk about it. read about it and i hope it will help you.


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Hi to all you computer Experts out there!!!!
I need some one to take me step by step "SLOWLY" and tell me how I can wipe my Hard Drive completely Clean, as if it was right out of the box.
I am not all that bright when it comes to computers......But come on.....How tough can it be, if you are taken through it one step at a time?
Please don't use computer Lingo while holding my hand through this...Just tell me as simply as you can, how a computer browser type of person can do this task all by themselves........there has to be some one out there that wants to share the secret?
I have a few buddies who do it all the time, and when I ask them how to do it...they just say, that it is to difficult to explain....as if it is a Big Dark Secret.
I would Love to be able to do it myself...........can some body tell me the easiest way to do it?
Or.......is there any Software that I can purchase that will do it all for me?
I really need your HELP!!!!!!
Looking forward to hearing all about it.

A:How do I wipe my Hard Drive Clean, as if New?

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I'm planning on buying a new computer soon. Although I don't have anything that important or personal on my hard drive right now, I would prefer it to be completely clean before getting rid of it. Do you know a program or an application that would help me achieve this effectively, besides running over it with my car a few times?

Thank you

A:How to wipe clean a hard drive

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HI i need to wipe my hard drive clean. I don't what anything left on it after the format. I want to sell it without operating system on it. I've tried to do this with the XP cd but it just installs a fresh copy of windows back on. Can anyone help Please...

A:Wipe Hard drive clean

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Hey there mates.

I'm currently in the process of building a new computer and am aiming to nuke my old hard drive due to the fact that I'll be using it as a sort of secondary drive for the bulk of items, but I'll be using a new SSD as the drive that contains the OS. On top of that, I know you are probably thinking that I should just move the OS from my HDD to my SSD, but I sort of acquired the Win 10 OS on my HDD from a less than ethical source, so it sort of has quite a few bugs in it that I can't seem to exterminate.

TL;DR: How do I wipe a hard drive, OS and all, and still have it used as a secondary drive?

A:How to wipe a hard drive clean?

Formatting will usually do the trick, but sometimes........little pieces may be left. I've always used Dariks Boot and Nuke. Works like a charm and its free.

Darik's Boot and Nuke download | SourceForge.net

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I'm selling my notebook and i wanted to do a clean hd clean, and reinstall xp. How do i wipe the HD clean without purchasing anything software?


A:Wipe Hard Drive Clean

Do you have the xp cd? or just a recover cd?

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I have owned a Dell computer for several years and for the most part have had great success with it. I got a 500 gig backup and a few months ago was told that my registry was probably causing the periodic blue screen death notice. So, they said, start over.

First, it turns out I do not have a Windows XP cd for this computer. It did not come with one. I believe I do have the back up on the hard drive itself. I also have another computer that does have a Windows XP CD with it but I don't know if I should start swapping CD's as I have heard bad things can happen.

So my question: I am a little concerned about the whole thing and wonder if it is worth while. If so, is there a web site you can suggest that will walk me through the process? Will starting over resolve all registry issues? Or, am I just asking for trouble>>

Thanks for any advice.

A:Starting over with a clean wipe of hard drive

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I'm thinking of selling my laptop soon and was wondering what the best way to completly shred all of my data on the hard drive?


A:securely wipe and clean hard drive

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My computer got infected with the FBI MoneyPAK Virus and I performed the surface reformat with a OEM WIN 7 disc. Seemed to do the trick but here lately been having more issues and unable to update to SP1 and getting Windows error for malware on the machine. Norton, Malware Bytes or Trend Micro have not detected anything but I have a feeling something transferred into the Window Old folder. Anyways I attempted another surface reformat and let it do it's thing and when i returned to the computer it had a windows login screen loaded up. I've never had the computer password protected or set up multiple account on it so should just boot up to Windows desktop. The keyboard and mouse are disabled too and will not work. I'm not sure if its the case but seems like the computer is turned into a zombie or something. Anyways to the point I downloaded DBAN and copied it to a disc and changed boot device to the disc drive within BIOS. When I tried to boot using the disc it still goes to that Windows login screen and not able to do anything other then a hard reboot. I'm wanting to wipe that hard drive and do a clean install of Windows 7. Also just an FYI my boot drive is a Corsair SSD. I'm trying everything possible to not have to buy a new SSD. Any ideas, suggestions or links to step by step guides would be very hopeful. This is also my first time using DBAN. Thank you.

A:Clean install of Win 7 after wipe drive with DBAN

Try Cleaning the HD Drive, using the CLEAN command (Do not use CLEAN ALL) in Step One in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I am about to do a clean install of Win 8.1 on a previous SSD that has win8.1 already on it.. (My old system)

Nobody ever seems to talk about actually wiping the drive.. especially you I actually if I did have a virus/malware...

So my question is :

Do I need to really "wipe" the drive before clean installing windows? as in nuke the drive/overwrite with zeros..etc?

Lets say if I did have a virus, is that when I would "nuke" that drive? or zero it out etc..


A:Clean Install Windows 8.1 - Need to wipe drive??

Hello Brooksndun,

I personally find it best to just delete the drive until it shows as "unallocated", then select the unallocated drive to install Windows to during setup. This would a true clean install.

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

Clean Install - Windows 8

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Hello everyone,

I'm on windows 10 and I would need help to erase all the data from an external hard drive that has one partition only for windows and another one only for mac. I managed to delete the windows one (ExFat) but I don't know how to do the same thing with the mac partition.
Can someone help me with that? I'd appreciate it.


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Hi, I occasionally buy laptops off customers, wipe them or destroy the hard drive and use the laptop with another hard drive.*

My question; is there any decent software around that I can use to totally wipe the hard drive of any data so I can reuse the hard drive in the laptop without the data later being traced.*

Thanks in advance

A:Is there any software that can wipe a hard drive totally clean and untraceable?

Darik's Boot and Nuke ("DBAN") run with multiple passes of pseudo-random number fills should make all data unrecoverable using any known recovery means.

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In the past few months my computer has been slower, when I try and have it go to sleep (Stand By) it won?t, and programs are not opening (specifically itunes and eBook, for Sony Reader).

I decided to try and reboot/reformat my hard drive. I have Windows Vista (32-bit CD and license key. How do I wipe my hard drive clean and start over (as if new from factory)?

System and other info:
Windows XP Professional
version 5.1.2600, Service Pack 3 build 2600
System: Gateway
Model: MX6453
System Type: x86-based PC

Security Software: CA Security Center

I have the CD for Office, and my printer. I should be able to get all other programs I need (itunes, eBook for Sony Reader, AIM, Skype, etc).

I?ve tried defragging, scan disk, uninstalling programs, etc.

Thanks for your help,

A:How do I wipe my hard drive clean (back to factory setting)?

I always use one of the two following programs for this purpose. Both are excellent:

Low Level Format = Writing Zeros



To completely erase all data on the drive(s), download DBAN and create a floppy disk to use.

Enter the BIOS setup menu and set the boot order to 'floppy first', then reboot with the DBAN floppy inserted in the drive.

It will completely and securely wipe everything off your hard drive.

Precautionary Note: Anytime you use one of these programs, it is a good idea to unhook other hard drives, because some of these programs can wipe more than one drive at a time.

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Hi Guys
BACKGROUND: Im relatively experienced technical windows guy but I wanted some top tips please rebuilding my XPS17 (L702X tag D6F23S1) after my HDD started corrupting files & registry after 5 years use.
I swapped it for an SSD, now I have some challenges which I'd love some help / wise advice with.
I WOULD LIKE TO: Either recover the image from data (need help) or do a full format of the Windows partitiion (ensuring I have all the right drivers) and begin the painful task of a rebuild. 
1. Imaged the original HDD and applied the image to the SSD. 
2. I have tried a new install of windows which has installed to the original drive but leaving only 10% space free.
3. When I break out of the boot sequence I dont get the Dell Recovery option but i can see the Recovery partition in 'Disk Management'.
4. I cant find the recovery discs easily (think house move and everything in the attic situation) made originally but I do have the data on my network NAS and can copy over to a USB stick - I have tried to boot to the USB but I cant make that happen.
A. Is there a good guide that allows me to download and boot to a recovery environment, format the C: drive and reinstall windows?
B. Is there anyway I can download software which can utilise existing data I have to recover the original windows state please?
I'd be grateful for any advice you can give!
Many thanks

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I have a PC on which the hard drive died. I had previously done the Advisor and it said everything is OK for new install of Win 7 Home Premium.

I removed old hard drive and 2 gigs of memory (now 2 gigs installed) installed new hard drive, set appropriate ( i think) BIOS parms. When I start the DVD I get the 'loading files' message and the colorful logo then a blank screen with a large arrrow cursor -- and nothing. Wait 5, 10 15 minutes and the only hint of activity is the hard drive light is flickering about once every 2 seconds. I've now waited for over an hour and still nothing else. Any suggestions for solutions ?

I've tried to do all the things that have been suggested for others who have had problems but it hasn't helped. Machine is a Dell 4700C with 3.4 GHz processor , 2 gigs of memory, only keyboard, mouse, and monitor attached in addition to the hard drive.


A:Old PC new OS: Win7 fails to boot using OEM DVD on clean hard drive

Okay....just to be sure, what do you mean when you say "OEM DVD"?

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I'm going to be rebuilding my wife's Dell Inspiron's Win7 installation because it is just dragging hopelessly (cursor can spin for 5 seconds upon right click of item in Windows Explorer). It will also be an opportunity to blow away all the cruft from the original Dell-supplied software that we never use!

This will take a while, and I'd like to minimize the down time for her.

Can I do the install (including drivers, etc.) on an external drive connected to my Win7 machine and then just image the result over to her boot drive (after suitable backups, of course!)?

A second question: I'm thinking of installing an SSD to speed things up for her, using a hard drive as the backup drive. What kind of capacity do I need to fit all of Win7 easily? Is 64GB enough, or do I need a 128GB to make sure there's enough room for apps on the SSD?

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Clean install Win7 on external drive on different machine?

1. Installing on another system is possible but iffy. I would not do it. The little time you gain you may lose 10 times in trouble shooting.

2. I run all 3 of my desktops with 64GB SSDs (one since 4 years). But I would recommend 128GB. The price difference is not big. It gives you a bit more room - e.g. if you also want to run a virtual system. I am now upgrading this system to 240GB for that reason. I run Windows 8, Mint and Zorin in virtual on a Windows 7 host.

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My hardrive is really messed up and the last time this happened I paid someone to wipe the hard drive clean. Can someone tell me how to do this myself? Do I need anything? I don't even have a Win98 disk! Thanks in advance! ~Laura

A:How do you "wipe" the hard drive clean and start over?

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Due to some corruptions in files system that can't be repair. I decide to do a clean install of vista from recovery partition preinstalled in D drive.

My question is does the clean install also clean out any hidden/unactive virus/rootkit if i format the laptop to its factory condition?

I have tried various AV software on this old laptop but the results come out clean but I still suspect there're some remain hidden as the system is slowly corrupted.

A:Clean install vista from recovery partition in D drive also clean virus?


The answer is yes it will, if you do a destructive install (Format "C") & it has not infected any other drives.

So, what drives do you have on your system? "C" (System) & "D" (Recovery) plus DVD/CD drives.

Do you have anything else? USB plug in hard drives or USB memory sticks etc. etc.

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I have an older netbook that had been running XP Home for years. Last week I installed Windows 10 Pro on it, but it ran terribly slow. Now I'd like to try installing Windows 7 Pro.

When I installed Windows 10 I also replaced the system HDD with an SSD, so it was unformatted when I began. I made a USB flash key for the installation and it booted and installed Windows 10 without any problems.

I created a Windows 7 flash key the same way (using the Win7 DVD/USB tool and a downloaded ISO), but was unable to get the system to boot from the flash key instead of the system disk. No matter what I set in the BIOS, it kept booting into Windows 10 from the SSD. So I ran setup.exe from Within Windows 10 and it installed Windows 7 OK, but I see that there's a windows.old folder and a couple other old folders in the root of C:.

I'd prefer to start over again and wipe the SSD clean before installing Win 7. Maybe the normal setup when booting from the flash key allows you to reformat the drive, but if I can't get the system to boot from the flash key, that's a non-starter.

Is there a simple method that I can use, short of pulling the SSD and reformatting it in another machine?

A:How to wipe an SSD before doing a clean install?

It must be your iso file or the way you put it on the stick.

Use Rufus to put the iso on the stick.

A Partition Wizard Boot CD is a great tool to setup a drive for the OS. I use it all the time and highly recommend it.

But your installer can do all that for you too. Confirm that your Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 iso file is 3.09 GB

Simply deleting the entire drive to unallocated space is fine. After that you can create an install partition or just click next.

Installing from a usb stick is a bit different then a DVD, you may have to bring up the boot menu (not the bios) and choose the usb stick, just as you did for W10, with a usb stick you don`t change anything in the bios, just use the boot menu to choose the stick one time, and that`s it.

Clean Install Windows 7



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Greetings from new member,
I need to wipe, then re-install my os for my hp pavilion desktop computer. I have an installed photoshop cs4 application and want to know if I can do a mirror backup of my system, then after wiping the drive, can I re-install the cs4 app to be fully functional from the mirror backup (I use Acronis for my backups). I no longer have the original restore disk for my cs4 app.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts,

A:wipe of hd and clean re-install

Hello perspicaceous, and welcome to TSG... No, you cannot do as you asked. Program applications cannot be copied from one hard drive (or image) to another. All you can retrieve are files.


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I need to reinstall W7 on to my SSD (128g Torqx) and from reading various sources it may be best to completely wipe the ssd.

I'm curious what would be the best way to do that. Would just removing the partitions during setup work or is there software that will do a complete wipe of all the flash memory in the drive?

Thanks in advance....


A:Clean install - wipe ssd

That would do a quick format. To completely wipe the drive, open a command prompt and enter the following:

list disk
select disk [whatever the number of the SSD is]
clean all

That should do it.

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hi, hoping to find guidance for this, maybe there is an old thread? Need to make sure all the current data is gone. Thank you.

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Just received my Operating System WinXp Hm service pack 2, Application and Driver recovery discs from HP.
I can't seem to find or figure out how to wipe clean the hard drive using the HP recovery discs so for Clean Install... I get options for new installation,but than get a warning about installing a second operating system on the same drive. I can do a repair, but feel I should wipe the hard drive clean of virus before going though all of the set up.
I read about the different hard drive wiping systems( Active KillDisc and Darik's Boot and Nuke, but for the life of me I can't quite figure ....if I wipe the drive clean...how will I be able to run the recovery disc?
I'll expain the best I can
Had a virus a few week back ....brought it to a friend and didn't have the HP recovery discs.
He got rid of the partition d drive and just made everything on C drive. He used his version of XP Hm and my windows serial number from the sticker on the machine and did what he could. Now I'd like to start over and try to make my HP Notebook as good as new....now that I have the maunfacture Recovery discs.

Thanks for any help on this subject


A:Wipe and Clean Install XP Hm Service pk2

I don't know (I've never had a system using recovery disks/partitions and recovery/restore partitions)...but if that partition which your friend erased...was essential to the recovery/restore process...you may be in for a bad experience.

Hopefully, HP sent you some info on how to use these disks. I suggest that you read it before proceeding.


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Hello everyone! I'm brand new, and I'm here for some hardcore help (jk)..nah, I just need help with something I'm sure all of you can do in a heartbeat. I want to completely wipe my harddrive of EVERYTHING, including my OS, and then I want to re-install Windows XP. Now, I have my Windows XP cd right in front of me, I tried to do a clean install, and now I'm having a ton of problems. But, I did do this once before, and the first time I did it, I wiped my harddrive first and then installed Windows, and it worked great. The only problem is, I booted my computer from my Driver Resource, Diagnostic Tools cd-rom, and when I went to factory restore, it said the backup whatever image or something like that, couldn't be found on the computer. So now, I can't do that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a ton!

A:I need to wipe my HD clean, and re-install Windows!

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Hey there, basically my problem is that I want to wipe my computer clean, and have a fresh install of Windows 7.
I have the discs that came with my computer.
But here is the problem, when I boot my PC up with my CD Drive running first with the first installation CD, the computer says: "CD-ROM Boot Priority" and counts down for a couple seconds then says "CD-ROM Boot Priority .. Boot Ready" But then doesnt do anything, and after about 30 seconds it goes back to the screen that says "Launch Startup Repair" and "Start Windows Normally"
What should I do? I've tried all that I know of, and I'm thinking I should just take this in to the local computer store here..
Any help will be appreciated !


A:Clean Wipe & Install Errors..

Please fill out your system specs.

What is the title of the disk you are trying to boot from? Exactly what does it say on this disk?

Those disks may be able to do a clean install or maybe not.

Are you sure you want to do a clean install rather than restore your computer to factory specifications?

Even if your disks won't do a clean install, you should be able to download an ISO and burn a disk that will do a clean install---if that is truly what you want.

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I want to sell an old Dell Latitude laptop, running Windows 2000 Pro. I want to make sure all my personal information is wiped clean from the laptop before I sell it. I bought it at a used computer store and they did not include the installation disks. I went there today and they are not willing to install an OS on it unless I pay $50. So, what are the steps to format my drive clean as a whistle, and then install a basic free OS (using my computer computer to download)?

The store told me I can put Ibunto Linux on it. But if I wipe the disk clean first, maybe it won't recognize my CD-ROM (I have had trouble before with that drive and had to download a driver for my DVD player, etc).

Please tell me if you need more information. A CD holds 700 mb and the download I was looking at is 699 megs. I am guessing a DVD won't work in this situation?


A:Wipe HD clean and install Linux

You should download the Ubuntu Live CD. Before wiping your hard disk and zeroing it out, you can boot to the live CD and make sure it is functioning. In this way, you will not have to worry about wiping your disk and winding up not able to install Ubuntu.

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Finally decided to wipe my drive and reinstall windows.   PC has been working good but lately started acting strange with intermittent connectivity and the just yesterday all connected wifi devices lost their log info so that was odd.  Today when I rebooted this PC, I saw the original windows start up screen you'd see if during a fresh install or a restore and that's not right.  Finally I took at look at event viewer and saw a new NT user was added and I didn't do that so here we go again.   This time I suspect the vectors is a compromised Gateway which I have reset but will need to replace with better quality equipment than the junk Comcast is renting me.  This prompted me to run Farbar and come back to the forum for help.
2nd issue-  I need help with my Norton firewall settings.   I want to lock this pc down except for approved programs.
​Here is the log and thanks in advance again.  Farbar and addition below
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 26-12-2017
Ran by Ronin Asus (administrator) on DESKTOP-O7VPJFK (26-12-2017 17:33:55)
Running from C:\Users\Ronin Asus\Downloads
Loaded Profiles: Ronin Asus (Available Profiles: Ronin Asus)
Platform: Windows 10 Home Version 1709 16299.125 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Edge)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-... Read more

A:Clean Windows Install on Wiped Drive- Am I still Clean?

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is it possible to clean install windows 8 pro on new hard drive?

A:clean install on hard drive

Of course. But not the "Upgrade" (discounted price) version.

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I probably went about this backwards. I had Windows 7 installed on a 120GB SSD with my User files & some Program Files on a 1TB hard drive. I did a clean install of Windows 10 on the SSD last night. Now I have decided that I want to keep the Windows 7 OS also, but I am not sure what "dual boot" means or entails.

I am sure I will have to partition D drive to install Windows 7 on & I just noticed that my CD/DVD drive is not showing. I will need help with this also please.

And, what do I need to do to combine the User files for Windows 7 & 10 on the D drive, or is this even how to go about it?

I have attached my setup in Disk Management & my system info here: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/Q...vy5IOEIVsJcTne

A:Did clean install of Win 10 on SSD - Want to put Win 7 on hard drive

If you used that same W7 to upgrade to 10, than you don't have license to W7 any more. It's been "traded" so you can't legally use it any more.
Otherwise it's not a problem. Best way is to temporarily disconnect SSD and install whatever OS you want on HDD. After that you can reinstall HDD and use program called EasyBCD on the SSD to set a menu from which you can choose which OS to BOOT from. There are other ways but this one is easiest and safest.

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I have a customer's Satellite L305D S5895 laptop. This was shipped to me by the customer who tried to install Windows XP Pro, Vista and none would install. He said he tried all installation CDs he had and finally gave up on it and shipped it to me.

When I got it the partition were deleted so I tried to install Win 7 and when I do doing a custom install I get an error saying the hard drive can't be formatted on disk 0 or it will give an error that no hard drives were found.

I reset the bios to default and no matter what I do it won't format or find the harddrive. I was going to upgrade the bios but the only way I found to upgrade the bios is after windows is installed. There is no way to make changes to the bios for settings that would have to do with the hard drive. This has a Toshiba MK2546GSX (S1) hard drive.

When installing Win 7 I get the normal windows, "windows is starting", "Select Language", "Select System", "Type of install", "Custom Install", "Delete partitions", "New Partitions", "Format", then the error message "Windows cannot format a partition on disk 0. Error: 0x80070057"

This happens regardless what system I try to install. I've tried two different versions of XP, one of Vista and 3 Win 7 and each time a different install CD.

System Specs
AMD Turion (TM) 64 x 2 Mobile CPU
CPU Speed 2.00 GHz
Toshiba MK2546GSX (S1) hard drive
Pioneer DVD-RW DurkD08l... Read more

A:Solved: win 7 can't find hard drive or can't format hard drive on clean install

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Hi. I want to wipe a XP drive clean. I downloaded software which says to use a boot diskette from DOS. Every time I load the dos floppy (from bootdrive.com) the pc switches to the c:drive and continues to load windows.

Ideas? Thanks, Randy

A:Want to wipe drive clean

What operating system are you planning to install after wiping the drive?

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Alright, so my computer is slowing down and there is a lot of clutter on it so it feels like time for a complete wipe and clean start. Now, my laptop was originally a vista laptop, but when 7 came out i bought it using a school discount that was available to me, and i got an online download and installation, no cd, all that jazz. Well now i want to completely wipe my computer and start clean, BUT i don't know how, and this seemed like the most appropriate section of the forums to post in. Any and all help would be most appreciated!

A:A wipe/clean start with 7 soft install

If i am not wrong, your downloaded win7 would be an upgrade edition. Go through this tutorial on how to do a clean install with upgrade media.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Also, have you already activated win7 once using this copy? In that case, the product key would have got tied to that particular computer. So there should be no problem reactivating.

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I got a new Ideapad Y700 and i wanted to cleanly install a win10 pro edition.Problem is i see a lot of partitions in disk managment and while i am experienced in formatting and reinstalling windows i wanted to ask for some clarifications. So as you can see in the pic above there are 6 partitions total.My guesses are:1) Partition 6 (~20gb) is the OneKey recovery hidden recovery partition, with the factory shipped image (win 8.1).2) Partition 1 and 5 are win 10 install partitions and will be created automatically in the new install i make3) Partition 7 idk what it is, prolly some win 10 stuff also but idk4) D: partition is a lenovo partitions with drivers5) C: normal OS partition Are my guesses right?If i install new windows (delete all partitions and install there the new OS) will there be a problem?Also, idk a lot about UEFI in win 10 as my old laptop was working with the old system and bios. I guess everything will be sorted out automatically when i fresh install windows?Is there any reason to create an exact image of this system b4 formating? (warranty issues maybe, i dont have files i m afraid of losing)

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I bought this PC after a clean wipe by the seller upgrading. I purchased the USB win 10 Home . I inserted win 10 Mem stick, turned unit on, hear 2 beeps and nothing else happens....

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Hi, I want to clean/erase my xp hard drive. followed the tutorial on this forum and got to cmd - diskpart - select disk - clean all - exit but it weon't do anything. I put clean ), O clean, cean all O, etc and it just says Im not doing it right and so nothing happens. I can't find any similar instructions searching XP except for reformat and I want to clean totally not reformat. thanks!

A:clean XP hard drive using win 7 clean commands?

Quote: Originally Posted by msongs

Hi, I want to clean/erase my xp hard drive. followed the tutorial on this forum and got to cmd - diskpart - select disk - clean all - exit but it weon't do anything. I put clean ), O clean, cean all O, etc and it just says Im not doing it right and so nothing happens. I can't find any similar instructions searching XP except for reformat and I want to clean totally not reformat. thanks!


Whats the difference to you in terms of clean totally vs format. Format erases the entire drive as well.

Ken J

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I am about to upgrade another PC (about 4 months old) currently running Windows 7 64bit. The PC is set up so that although the PC has the OS and programs on the SSD (C drive), all other data and info is on the 2Tb hard drive. Their is only a single user with no password and the PC was setup (configured) so that the user profile knows to put that user info and data on the 2Tb hard drive.

I want to do a clean install and am happy to clear everything on the C drive (SSD) and the hard drive.
When installing Windows 8 from the ISO image on a DVD, how do I create the similar situation that I had for user profile when running Windows 7?

Also is it possible to be able to boot up straight in to the user without having to enter a password, as I can currently do on the Windows 7 boot?

I have just upgraded an older Windows Vista PC to Windows 8 Pro through a clean install and that went perfectly, but only had a single 1Tb hard drive (C drive).

Thanks for any a help and advice.


A:Clean install on existing Win 7 PC with SSD & hard drive

Hello Steve, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You will be able to do a clean install of Windows 8 on the SSD without losing anything on the other HDD. In Windows 8, you will have the option to create a "Microsoft account" (with email address) or a "local account" (same as in previous Windows) now. The tutorial below will give you more details about all of this though.
Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
When installation is complete, you could set Windows 8 up the same way you did in Windows 7.

The tutorial below can show you how to set Windows 8 to sign in to a user account of your choice automatically at startup.
Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup
Hope this helps,

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I forgot my password. My OS is Windows 2000 NT Prof. I have CD to reinstall, but I don't know how to do, because I can't get past the box that asks for password.

Please Help.


A:How 2 Format Hard Drive for Clean Install?

Sorry, but here at this site we are restricted from giving help with password issues- we have no way to verify what is going on, so I hope you understand. You should be able to find help with a search like Google, though.

I am Closing this thread as it is against TSG Rules to give help for this issue.

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I have download windows 7, backed up all my drivers and copied all my important info onto my external Hard drive and am about to try and clean install windows 7.

But do i have to partition the hard drive? My Dell laptop has a 110GB hard drive which came already partitioned. 10GB is called 'Recovery', do i need to do the same and make a larger partition and install Windows 7 or just leave it as it is?


A:Do i have to partition my hard drive for clean install?

Quote: Originally Posted by eldraw44

I have download windows 7, backed up all my drivers and copied all my important info onto my external Hard drive and am about to try and clean install windows 7.

But do i have to partition the hard drive? My Dell laptop has a 110GB hard drive which came already partitioned. 10GB is called 'Recovery', do i need to do the same and make a larger partition and install Windows 7 or just leave it as it is?


Hi by that do you mean you are attempting to dual boot with an older version of windows, and your asking if you need to make a recovery drive for wndows 7? IF this is the case you wont need to make a recovery drive but you will need to partition the 100gb hard drive as you cant install 7 on the recovery partition.

Or are you saying that you have a 10gb for recovery and the other 100gb clean and ready for install on the 100gb?

If the answer to the second one is yes, just install it. If you are installing it over windows, a new file called windows.old will be made, and you can extract all of your files from the previous windows if needed.

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Sadly, the hard drive inside my dell inspiron died I honestly can not get it to work. Windows is unbootable, and another computer can't recognize the drive.

So, I was wondering if it was possible to use a Windows 7 .iso to install windows 7 on the new drive. Will the product key on the back of my Dell work?

If not, what can I do?


A:Hard Drive Crashed. Clean Install Possible?

Yes, it will work. Get the ISO from mydigitallife.info. Download the version that matches your product key.

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I have 2000 and tried to revert to an old BACKUP but the pc is still corrupt. Can't get online as it can't find TCP or C drive. Don't know what caused this.('m on dads pc now. Bottom line is I need to wipe the hard drive and reinstall from scratch. I have important stuff on ZIP Disks so not worried about losing things. I get the CD to run Win2000 setup but it only lets me go over setup and won't allow me to run NEW INSTALL. HELP!! How can I do this?? I'm panicky to say the least! Thanks for any help!

A:HELP! Can't reformat hard drive -want Clean install!

when I try to boot from boot disk I get to disk 4 and it says fastfat.sys is corrupt-setup failed so I can't even do it from disk! HELP!!

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