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avi video color problem

Q: avi video color problem

I recently installed a Geforce 5700 LE into my pc and downloaded the latest drivers to it. But now there's a color problem going on with it. Although the avi video files play fine, for some reason, the hue is completely off. The same thing occurs for movie clips in games that may be avi. Can this be fixed?

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Preferred Solution: avi video color problem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I am having a heck of a time getting my color from 16 to 256 every time i change it as soon as i hit apply it goes back to 16 and a few of my programs wont run correctly HELP1111

A:video color problem


Did you try re-installing the video drivers? That could help. What OS are you using? Make/model of video card?

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I just set up a new machine, and windows is detecting 2 video cards.

Radeon 9800 Pro
Radeon 9800 Pro - Secondary
I only have one card installed.
Also, it's detecting 2 monitors, when I only have 1 installed.

Is this normal? There's not 2 set in the ATI control panel.

Also, my desktop, I have it set to a black backgound. It isnt 'black' but more of a dark, green tinted grey, until I open a window, like say display properties. When I do this, the color returns to normal. It's annoying to say the least. I've tried reinstalling both vid card drivers and monitor drivers. the monitor driver fixed it, until I watched a dvd movie on it, now it does the same thing.

My system is:
p4 3.0 ghz
1 Gig Corsair XMS Twin 3200 ram
Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 mb video
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Mobo
SB Audigy 2 Platinum EX Sound
2 WD 120 7,200 RPM hard drives
1 WD 36 gig Raptor SATA boot drive
Latest Asus Bios

A:Detecting 2 video cards? (and color problem)

Go into device manager and uninstall both monitors and both video cards. Reboot and load the drivers when prompted, and it should settle down and only have one of each. :)

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I have been experiencing distorted color while trying to watch certain videos online. For example if I want to watch a video on ESPN.com the thumb nail and video advertisements are in color, but the video content from this and other sites plays in black and white or only in very dull colors. Even more confusing is the fact that this only occurs while my laptop is connected to the AC adapter. If the computer is unplugged the color returns to normal then goes back to black and white when the charger is reconnected.

I have tried updating all my drivers but it hasn't had any effect. 

A:Video Streaming Color Problem While Charging

What specific laptop model?How long have you had the laptop before the issue started?Is the AC adapter plugged directly into the wall outlet?Is that the original AC adapter that shipped with the laptop?

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I'm having the exact same problem as http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3519/t/20004345 who reported: "I have been experiencing distorted color while trying to watch certain videos online. For example if I want to watch [a video] the thumb nail and video advertisements are in color, but the video content from this and other sites plays in black and white or only in very [washed out] colors. Even more confusing is the fact that this only occurs while my laptop is connected to the AC adapter. If the computer is unplugged the color returns to normal then goes back to black and white when the charger is reconnected."
I'm using the factory AC adapter, plugged into the wall. I've tried updating "AMD Radeon R5" video drivers to no avail.
The problem started the day after warranty expired - I kid you not :[

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I'm updating a friend's computer. It already came with Windows 8.1. It's an Asus Transformer T100.

I have this strange problem. Normally, the screen has the correct color and brightness. However, whenever I'm using Windows Mail (Windows 8 app), the screen will change to this yellowish/grayish hue or tint. I switch to another app or a desktop program and the screen returns to normal. Only with this app do I have this problem!

I went to color profiles and management to see if it was a setting. I'm not very familiar with color profiles so I didn't do anything. I did run the screen calibration utility. No fix.

I turned off adaptive brightness.

It's just Windows 8 Mail that has the problem!

A:Windows 8 Mail changes screen color.color profile problem?

I found out what's the problem is.

Asus has a utility called Asus Reading Mode or something like that. You can add apps to that list and any apps on that list will cause the screen to change color to make it more readable I suppose. You can disable the feature by flipping the toggle switch in the app. Then all the apps will maintain the correct screen color.

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hello ive had a problem recently when my husband deleted our user login and re put it back on there is two user log ins on this computer one is my father in laws one is ours well when he reset it i noticed the next day every website i go to the background is plain as a newspaper and i even went to my websites and my myspace profile and there is no color scrollbar and no background colors and i know its not a problem with those sites only because i went to every website possible on the net and checked and they are not the same. then another problem accured well my husband was on right after me and the computer froze up so he inproperly shut down then when it came back on there was no response to the computer the lights were on but no body was home in other words he recently put a new graphic card into the computer and the computer didnt know which one to load the old one that is built into the computer or the new one so he took out the old one and it started working again but before that happened and still afterwards no colors no colored scroll bars nothing so im asking what do i need to do someone told me it could be adobe flash player or something but we have that and we have javascript on our computer downloaded so i am at a lost SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

A:problem displaying websites color backgrounds and color scrollbars

Ok. First, what are your computer specs?
For example, mine is a

Dell Inspiron 530
WinXP Home SP2
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 ghz
320 Gig HD
1022 gig RAM
512 Nvidia Geforce 8300 GT video card

It helps to know what is being worked with. If not sure, you can go to "start", then to "Run" and type in "dxdiag" (without the quotations marks) This is your "DirectX Diagnostic Too" Copy the specs you see in "System" (CPU info) and in "Display" (Video/Graphics Card)

Secondly, I know your husband was trying to help but I hope he tells you next time what he intends doing. My own husband is older (60s) and is a bit leery of this "newfangled computer technology" He prefers leaving the computer work/"geekstuff" to me for our family business.

"Thinking you know" is not the same as "Knowing what you do know" (and if you are not sure.....knowing where to go to learn more


Well, when he reset it (password deletion/reinstalling) i noticed the next day every website i go to the background is plain as a newspaper
i even went to my websites and my myspace profile and there is no color scrollbar and no background colors....
and i know its not a problem with those sites only because i went to every website possible on the net
and checked and they are not the same.

Although your websites/MySpace are "plain", you mean t... Read more

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I have been trying to run Trend Micro House Call on my computer, but I always get the following error message "An error occured while trying to transfer data from the internet! Do you want Trend Micro HouseCall to try resending the required files?" I have two options "OK" and "Cancel". I have tryed "OK" several times, but after a minute the same message appears again. I am using an AVG firewall, could this be somehow affecting it?

Thank-you in advance for your help

A:[B][COLOR="Blue"]Trend Micro House Call Problem[/COLOR][/B]

You shouldnt remove it let a person with a gold badge on there username reply and help you

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all my videos are in black and white. why?

A:no color video

angelnstv said:

all my videos are in black and white. why?Click to expand...

Hello what program are you using to view them

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I need to delete this post.

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I recently purchased a Dell XPS 15 (6845slv).  Overall I have very happy with it...but have been getting frustrated with color management issues and was hoping to get some advice.
Intermittently, the display had been changing the color scheme (to a suboptimal scheme).  It lasted for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and then returned to the original (and more normal appearing) color settings.  It did not seem to happen while running any particular applications.  All drivers are up-to-date.
I turned off the dell application "True Color" which I thought may have been making automatic adjustments to the color scheme and since turning it off the issue hasn't happened again.  However now I'm concerned that by inactivating that software, that I may not be maximizing the potential of the high quality HD display.  And now--though maybe it's in my head--the colors seem to be a little flatter since turning off True Color.
Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the most out of the display? Has anyone had similar issues with True Color?  Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks for your help.

A:Dell XPS 15 Color Management Problem with "True Color"

I have a Dell XPS 15 9530 and I have the same problem, it looks like an automatic color adapting thing, when I put my hand over the webcam to block, after 5-10 seconds the screen turns into blueish colors, when I remove my hand it comes back warmer (very worm), then it settles back to a kind-of standard colors.
I couldn't find the place to disable this feature, and while I use my laptop mostly for video editing/color correction purposes this feature caused me to replace my 2400$ laptop with a 1000$ HP laptop without this smart-feature!
I wish I can find a way to fix this, but as I can see it has been over a month and no one has helped you too.

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One can keep "Video Settings" open at the bottom of the viewing window of WMP10, which is handy since so many video files, clips, etc. and DVDs will render people somewhat pink or green. A little click on the hue and color bars can quickly heal them of this video skin disease. Problem is:This works well playing video files from my hard drive or streaming but will not work at all while viewing a DVD in my DVD drive. Any one know why this is and is there a way to make it work???

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Hello everyone ^_^,

So, since I installed Windows 8.1 , there has been this very strange problem with Windows Media Player where it displays every video which is highly saturated or we can say that it appears very odd. Whereas in the case of VLC, it displays the video appropriately. I have attached the screenshots below. I checked every setting of the Windows Media Player and it is at it's default setting. Please help me on how to solve this problem ^_^.

A:Different Color on same video in different players

Could be codecs, VLC has it's own and WMP uses windows codecs .
Don't know about those Intel drivers but most other have setting for video to use Widows default settings or application settings. With AMD drivers it can make quite a difference.

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My Son Has A Video Now Color That We Are Having Trouble With. When You Put In A Cd, The Little Time Clock Shows Up On The Screen, And It Makes A "running" Sound, But Will Not Play The Video. I Tried Changing The Batteries, And Cleaning Off The Cd. I Also Tried Blowing Out Any Dust That May Have Been Over The "eye" Of The Player, But Still No Success. Is There Anything Else That I Can Do? Thanks For Any Help You May Be Able To Provide.

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Hi again everyone. This time im having trouble with video on anything played with windows media player. The video image is all bright yellow and blue but i tried the color options and cant get that to do much good. Other color/video works good--anything like desktop anything else is good I can even get other video like stupidvideos.com works just any video played through WMP. Is there any other video settings that would correct this? Any help will be appreciated!

The computer is a custom with a 1.2 duron, Windows XP, ECS L7VMM2 motherboard (using built in video), and the monitor is a Philips Brilliance 107mp.

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I was advised to start my own thread on this topic, and hopefully by the time ViLL logs in again we will have a resolution for it, so here it goes.

This is MY version.

Problem: When trying to play any sort of video file (mpeg, avi, etc..) no matter what player I use, EVEN if it's streaming from a website such as IGN.com, it is discolored. It is bright white with a pink hue, and shadows seem to turn metallic purple. I downloaded new videos to make sure it was something to do with the playback, and even new videos are effected. The only change that I think is significant between the last time video playback worked, and now, is that I got the New Nvidia drivers. I uninstalled those and installed a previous version that I know worked just fine, and that didn't fix the problem. So I am unsure as to what to try next. I dislike the idea of formatting for the 3rd time in a week. If I remember anything else important I'll add it. Thanks for any help you can give.


Asus A7N8X Deluxe
AMD XP 2800+
Evga Geforce 6800 GT
2 x 512 MB Corsair DDR PC 3200 (dual channel)
Creative SB Live! 5.1
WINDOWS XP PRO - fully patched (no SP2)
Updated to current drivers for all devices (no updated bios)

PRIMARY MASTER -- 120 GB Maxtor (OS)
2ndary Slave -- 120 GB Maxtor

more info if needed: http://www.techsupportforum.com/showthrea... Read more

A:Odd color during video playback

Try reinstalling DivX. It's possible something changed when you updated drivers.

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Hey, i recently started having problems with some of the videos i watch online:
Multiple people use this PC and i have no idea when specifically this started happening.

Sometimes i can get it to change back to normal, by changing resolution or going from small videos to medium or full screen.

This happens on other sites as well as youtube, but not in VLC/WMP and so on.

A:Video color layer misplaced?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling flash player.

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hi please help, i am having problem with my graphic when i watch any movie or film, the video color is mostly blue like red color fire colors are shown in blue i am using nvidia xfx 8400 graphic card and my pc is intel p4 d with 3ghz and 2gb RAM and 2 by 250 gb hard drive
please help me

A:Solved: Video Color is Blue

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About 6 months ago I was having operating system errors reinstalled os with recovery disk and fixed the problem. Then shortly after my display intermittently loses red it is not the monitor have tried different LCD than mine same problem new cable same problem have tried three different video cards of different architecture my computer will not recognize any of them. flashed bios with latest version set pcie as video first nothing. On board video works fine just no red??? anyone???

A:Video output displays no red color???

On the not recognizing video cards issue,

Go in the BIOS & make sure the video is set to P{CI-E or Peg/IGA or whatever the onboard is listed at.

If you are going to use a add-in video card it has to be set to be recogniozed in the BIOS.

On the color issue, Go to the manufacturers website & download the newest video driver & install it.
That may help.

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i have an xfx g-force2 card..i found a brand new copy of betrayel at antara that i would love to play but in 256 color mode which it requires the video is dim just like my desktop// there are no brightness adjustments in that mode for n-view.

is there a work around or a utility that helps?


A:dark video on 256 color mode

I had that problem but I'm not sure this applies to you

My video card when set to 256 colors puts out too high of a sync rate for my monitor by default, yet at 64k and 16.8mil it runs at the correct refresh rate and I have to manually set the refresh rate to 60hz to get the screen to be brighter when I set it to 256 colors.

Check your refresh rate and try lowering it when you set to 256colors and see if that helps

Good Luck

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I recently reformatted my hard drive and and can't seem to get color video. Ive tried vlc player, bs player, divx player, wmp, and winamp and none of them show color except for Power DVD. How do I fix this!! Thanks in advance.

A:Video isnt showing in color, except for in Power DVD.

download codecs ie klite or vista codecs

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All video's (youtube, facebook) movies (DVD, KODI) are playing in black and white. All advertisement of videos, pictures, and anything else is coming through fine with color. THis is driving me nuts. I've stoped the acceleration of my flash player.

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When I try to watch a video on MSN, the image is just a bunch of different colors. You can kind of tell what is being shown but it is all just different colors. I have high speed internet with Comcast and I use MSN. Everything works fine if I play a movie.

A:Blurry images in color watching video

Hello-oo-o-o-o-o-o-oo-o--is anyone out there?

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I have a website that has different colors displayed and has some pictures as well. When I look at this website on a friend's computer, the website looks fine - all the colors and pictures display as expected. But on my computer/monitor (Windows XP, Dell Dimension, Dell crt monitor), when I look at the website, the pictures do not show and some of the text colors are not what they shoud be (ex: black instead of purple). In MIcrosoft Word, when trying to set the page background color, the color template comes up fine and show different colors to choose from, but when I pick a color, the page background color stays white.

I'm not sure if this is a monitor driver issue or an issue with my video adapter or something else. When I check the monitor type in windows display properties, it shows default monitor as the monitor type. The color quality setting is at Highest(32 bit). Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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I have the 77.77 drivers(78.01 drivers supposedly don't add anything but Geforce 6500 support, so I haven't upgraded to the newest). I use my hdtv as my computer display, and I use the forceware color correction feature to get the best look. The problem I have, is whenever I restart my computer, my desktop color correct works perfectly fine, but the video overlay always seems to go to default, but as soon as I open the color correction menu, I switches back to the way I want it. I hate having to do that everytime I have a video to watch. Is there anyway to get the Overlay color correction to automatically enable at system startup, just like the desktop does?

A:Need Help with Nvidia Forceware Video Overlay Color Correction

Can anyone help?

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I just installed the Netflix app for Windows 10 because I was having an issue with the streaming web site. Whenever I viewed any Netflix content, when I closed the browser window (tried Chrome, Firefox, IE) the video was set to the old VGA 4 color mode (at least that's what it looked like - horrible colors, and only 4 of them). But the Windows 10 app does the same thing.

I have ensured that I have the latest drivers for my video.

I watch videos on other sites all the time and Netflix is the only one that causes this problem.

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The original Cyrix processor seemed to be a problem so I changed to AMD K6-350 and upgraded the hard drive and loaded Window's '98. My problem is that I only have a high choice of 16 colors. From reading other's questions regarding the same problem it seems that I need the drivers for the on board video for this computer. I had the 256 and other choices before I did the processor and hard drive upgrade. Device Mgr tells me that I have a Standard PCI Graphic's Adapter (VGA) which I don't have as the video is built on the Main Board.
Any info as how to get the drivers and installation will be greatly appreciated as 16 color, just don't get it.


A:{RESOLVED}Compaq Presario 2286 - 16 Color video

You can download the sis drivers for your compaq here

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In the ati ccc the avivo video settings have no effect on play back of files like avi. Adjusting color and brightness sliders have no effect on the video playback ? works fine if i play dvd's but any files like avi etc have no effect from color, contrast and brightness adjustments?
Do all ATI cards do this? It's abit irritating when video's are abit to dark or even to bright to watch. If these cards can't change basic video settings from playing avi and other formats it's a pretty big oversite when my onboard donkey like gpu could.

Any one else had or have this problem and is there a work around?

I have an ati sapphire 2600 pro.

A:In the ati ccc color and brightnes adjustments etc av no effect on video playback ?

Some downloaded avi files don't allow editing or video adjustments. divx files use the same decoder. you can try using a divx player.

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Greetings Bc,
I am having an issue, with the Slimjet x64 browser, while running it on Ubuntu 14.04. There is a real color issue, while viewing random images, and at times, even on the google home page. I have attempted to adjust various, random options in the settings menu, but still no luck. I have even tried to switch off hardware acceleration, with hopes of solving this issue. The only two adons, that I have installed, are new tab override, and adblock plus. Even after disabling these adons, and restarting the browser, I am still experiencing the color issues. I have tried to restore the browser to the default settings, and still no luck. While viewing images, it is kind of tricky, because it does not happen all of the time. Even if I don't restart the browser, or install any updates, I could come back to the same image, a few moments later, and it will look how it is intended to look. The way the images come across is similar to turning the contrast, and gamma settings all the way down, on your television set. Yellows turn out purple, blues turn out green, all while being plastered on a black background. 
While playing youtube videos, they will only play when they want to. I know that Slimjet no longer supports youtube playback, due to a limited budget, but if then why do some videos/clips, the same videos/clips have on days, and off days?  
I am really hoping that someone could please help me solve these issues. I turned to Slimjet after experiencing way to man... Read more

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Hi Gang,

I upgraded from an Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200 to a Nvidia EVGA Geforce 6200..

Everything's fine except for Clone View.

When I turn on Cloneview my TV set is in black and white. My Computer Colors are fine. I've tried uninstalling the old drivers and reloading the new drives, unplugging an plugging in the Svideo plug and updating the drivers from the Nvidia Website.

Actually I can see color on my TV set in everything until the welcome screen. Then it all switches to black and white. I can see the Energy Star logo in color, the Windows Flag with the loading bar in color, it just gets to the Windows Welcome screen and it all changes to Black and white.

Can anybody help me out?

A:Solved: New Video Card, Everything In Color in Clone View Until I See The Desktop

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CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz
GPU: Sapphire ATi 4670 1gb DDR3
RAM: 4GB total (2x2gb)

everytime i try and play certain games, my screen turns a certain color, and the audio that was playing at the time seems to loop repeatedly. i have never overclocked anything so everything is at stock clocks.

games it crashes while playing:

counter strike source
arma2 operation arrowhead

can anyone help me figure out whats wrong?

A:My computer crashes while playing video games (solid color, looping noise)

This is caused by a dying video card or a corrupt video card driver. Try going to AMD's support website and download and install the latest driver for your version of Windows. Pay attention to whether you have a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows

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Microsoft Word 2003 SP3
Windows XP SP2

Having issues with Microsoft Word.

When adding the Drawing toolbar, both the Line Color option and the Fill Color option have no colors to choose from.

You can click on the icon to choose what color, but everything is grayed out and inactive.

Any ideas?

Already ran a detect and repair. Renamed Normal.dot to create a fresh one. Uninstalled and Reinstalled Word. No success

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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So, when I am using the Windows lock screen, especially when I am not currently signed in, Windows tends to set my lock screen accent color to purple, much like my wife's account on the computer. She has chosen a purple accent color for her account, which is fine, except that mine is red. Now, this is not really a huge issue, as everything is normal once I have logged in, but the fact that everyone else's account is normal and it isn't assigning that color to any other accounts is extremely annoying. I've just been dealing with it for the past few months and I'm just tired of it.

Does anyone have any possible solutions to this? Or maybe an explanation as to why this would be happening? Thanks.

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I recently purchased a ThinkPad P51 laptop. Out of the box, the display shows a red color cast, and running the Pantone Color Calibrator doesn't correct them problem. Any suggestions?

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Hello my fellow techguy.org/helonthe.net member. Here is my dilemma; my Lexmark X1100 All In One Scanner/Printer appears to be malfunctioning. My color cartridge is at about 60%. When I try to print color images (requires that I disable “print color images in blk&wht&#8221 it doesn’t work. All I get is incomplete images in black and white? What is the problem? Do I need to replace the cartridge? I’ve tried changing printing configurations, physically removing and reinstalling the cartridge, even reinstalling the drivers. What is wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

A:Lexmark X1100 - Color Cartridge at 60%, but no Color Prints?

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I have an HP business inkjet 2300 & Windows XP desk top. My printer is only prining in black or this funky dark pink and light pink mode. (Grey Scale?) How do I remedy this. I know the ink is full because I just replaced all the colors thinking I was running out of the primary colors bet that didn't fix it. Any Ideas? Thanks!!!

A:color printer not printing in full spectrum color

The pink is usually a sign that the ink is about to run out. Check the printer settings in the Windows control panel for the printing mode. From there, you should be able to do some diagnostics. Try a print head alignment and print head cleaning, just try all of the different options and then try and re-print. If not, you could have some dud inks? Very unlikely, but if you bought them cheaply from a not so good brand or had them re-filled then it could be an issue.

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Excel usage / MsOffice 16Windows 10 OS The Color Fill and Color Font does not seem to work.I highlight a field and fill color say Yellow; the field does not show any effect/no change Please assist. 

A:In Excel the Color Fill and Color Fonts do not seem to work/...

Hi, Welcome to HP Support Forum. Excel is a product from Microsoft, please try the following discussions from other forums:     https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/824348-excel-2013-cell-fill-font-colors-wont-change.ht...    https://superuser.com/questions/437346/unable-to-change-excel-cell-font-or-shading-colors    https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_excel-mso_other/excel-will-not-let-me-ch...   Regards.

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In Appearance and Personalization > Personalization > Window Color and Appearance, I am unable to change the color of the Active Title Bar and of the Inactive Title Bar.

Whatever colors I choose, both the Active and Inactive Title Bars look like this.
I thought maybe a restart was necessary, but restarting has no effect.

Anybody got a cure?

A:Window Color and Appearance - Title Bar Color Can't Be Changed

Hello Beau,

You'll need to use the Windows Classic theme to be able to change the color of them. The color is not applied while using an Aero or Basic theme.

(Option Two)
Theme - Change or Save

(Option Two)
Window Color and Appearance - Change

Hope this helps,

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Hello all,
I am looking to modify the color of a Rainmeter skin that I have made, and want it to change based on the "average" color of the current wallpaper. I was thinking that the solution to this may be along the lines of how the Aero-glass used to work on Win7, or how the "automatic color picker" works now on Win8, where it changes the taskbar color based on the average color represented in your wallpaper.

Any suggestions as to where I might find code to get me started, or if any of you might be willing to help me do this? While this obviously isn't a task of utmost importance, I'm pretty sure we all love making things look the way we want them to.

Thanks in advance,


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One surprise in just upgrading from Win 8.1 to 10 is black taskbar and the seeming limit on adjusting colors. It's been a long time since I had to play with it, but with Win 8.1 and back I've had a transparent, semi-clear taskbar, with custom color settings (intensity, hue, saturation and brightness) that let the grey/blue of the bottom of the photo I used for the desktop come through. Is that kind of adjustment completely gone with Win 10? All the colors in Settings seem highly saturated. I came across a website that showed a lot more changes along the lines I am looking for, but its Win 10 settings layout doesn't seem current (Change the Color of Taskbar and Window Border in Windows 10). Thanks,

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How can I change background color of the document I am working on but not have that color print when I print the document?

A:wordperfect how to change screen color but not print color

Try going to File, Print and see if there is a setting there, it would be something like do not print background.
I don't use word perfect so I am going by what I have seen in other programs.

In Word I think it is listed under Tools, Options printing.

You will have to check the settings for background.

ALso try background in the help in the program or background printing under help.

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I am using a bulleted list in Word 2007. One of the lines has text in two colors, black and red. the end of the line is in red. When I add a bullet in front of the line, it only becomes a red bullet and I can't see a way to change the bullet color without changing the line colors. I want the bullet to be black regardless of what the rest of the line is and can't seem to do that.

A:Can't change bullet color independent from line color

It's been a while since I used Word 2007 (retired now) but I don't think what you want is possible (unless someone else know a workaround).

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Hey all,

I have a question regarding the font/background colors on the Windows 7 log screen. I just accepted a position with a school and a few computers have customized log screen font colors/backgrounds. The Windows 7 classic background is there, but the username and password boxes have been changed. For example, one computer has green text that sits on a black background for both username and password. Another has a different combination of colors. I've searched related topics but am having trouble finding a good, clear cut solution. I basically just want to reset the log screen back to the default white background with black text for each box.

Anyone advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


A:Windows 7 Log Screen Font Color/Background Color

Hello, try this below

Logon Screen - Change Text Color in Windows

Also, make sure you don't have your settings set to high contrast black/green theme
Theme - Change or Save

To change logon background
Log On Screen - Change

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Hello everyone.

I want to color calibrate my new Dell XPS 15z laptop, but before I do I'd like to back up the existing color profile in case I prefer it to the calibrated one ...

The only problem is, when I open Color Management, NO default color profile is listed, so I don't know what to go back to. I know there HAS to be a default color profile somewhere ... How do I find it?

Thanks for any and all help you can offer!

A:No Default Color Profile Listed in Color Management?

You don't need to backup the default color profile...so don't worry about that.
Anyways its probably using sRGB IEC61966-2.1 you can see it in the advance tab.

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i have hp 630 laptop . Laptop shows only red green color and display red green line also on screen . How to resolve this problem.  Please help me . 

A:screen color not show only red green color display

Hi.Welcome to the forumKumarTAM.Green Screen Display Quality IssuesThe problem you have may be the graphics card or the screen.Try connecting an external monitor or a TV to the laptop and check if it happens to you too or not. If this happens it also means that it is from the graphics card, so you will have to update it to its latest available version.If on the other hand it works well on the TV or external monitor it means that it is the laptop screen which should be replaced.Press the icon""to say thanks, Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem.  

Apart from participating in the forum of Hp in English and Portuguese, I am one of the main authors of solutions in the forum in Spanish.

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I have a desk top computer with 4 monitors. 3 are working normally but one has lost the red component. I tried swapping the monitors to no effect, all four are OK. I then tried swapping the two Nvidia graphics cards, it made no difference, monitor 2 is always missing red. I have tried adjusting them according to microsofts instructions. Start>Control Panel>Appearance>display and go through the proceedure for monitor 2 but when the sliders for the color come up the red one is black. any thoughts anyone

A:color problem

Have you tried a new signal cable from graphics card to monitor?

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